Wowowowow. im never on anymore. Sorry guys. i think i must go, MY PEOPLE NEED ME.

Um....well my excuse?

1.) Cheerleading. TAKES UP ALL MY TIME. competition in 2 weeks, practices almost every day.

2.) Gymnastics. I hurt my foot doing a BHS. like REALLY BADLY

3.) 8th grade duties. I have to do all this stuff for 8th grade graduation

4.) Musical Theater in school. HAIRSPRAY TRYOUTS SOOON.

5.) Softball. Ermm...yea.

6.) School. Had a huge ass thing due last week. counted for 60% of my grade.

7.) Friends. I have drama and shit happening. i just was not on the computer.

8.) A Friend of mine died :( RIP Amy <3 may be on for a little now and then. but my games are CANCELLED :(

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