Emily Nguyen

aka Emily Nguyen

  • I live in Earth
  • I was born on March 16
  • My occupation is Writer. 8th Grader.
  • I am Female.
  • Emily Nguyen

    Sorry Guys :(

    February 29, 2012 by Emily Nguyen

    Imma be leaving for a period of time until i find some empty time on my hands :P See You Guys!! I Luv You All!!

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  • Emily Nguyen

    Help Me, No... Save Me

    February 25, 2012 by Emily Nguyen

    Hey guys!! Been so long since... since forever :P Lifes been great for me :) I miss HGWIKIA though, and all of my advid readers ;) That's right I never forgot any of you like Nate777, iluvgale, QuinnQuinn, Bronny12and the others and especially my some of my number 1 fans; Anon...., Butterfly Angel, Clove1001(Love that girl;) and Anna Athena. So imma just write up a real quick poem for Katniss. Enjoy!


    Help Me... No, Save Me...

    This darkness enclosing on me,

    it's nerve racking.

    This feeling people call love,

    it's shattering.

    It hurts so much,

    I could just crouch into a ball,

    and then c…

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  • Emily Nguyen

    HG Facebook

    December 24, 2011 by Emily Nguyen

    Hey, I have time to write today and felt like trying something new. Thank God it's the hoildays!!! It's like my write-a-thon. Basically some new news is that (sadly) I've lost all the inspiration I had for Element, it you want to know what I was planning to have happen, PM me. But, I somehow got like OBSESSED with ancient chinese astrolgy and mythology, and started something on it and loving it! (If you want a smaple chapter, tell me).

    So basically this blog is about everyone's life, on FACEBOOK!! (I'm obsessed with Facebook, so this inspired everything. Let get started!


    Katniss Everdeen: Why did I get myself into this mess....?

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  • Emily Nguyen

    Hey everyone! This was actually a request from one of my awesome readers, everybody please thank or applaud Anna-Athena for this. So basically she asked me to write up a short story on Revelyn and Finnick's wedding. Okay lets get this started.

    Version 1:

    “ You look lovely,” said my mother as she felt my white, satin veil. “ I wish Aidan was here, he had such a major sister's complex. He would've loved to be at your wedding....”

    “ You should've seen your mother at her own wedding.... she threw up,” Johanna said as she sat down with her v-glass cocktail. “ And it was Gale she threw up on too...”

    “ It's called morning sickness,” my mother hissed as she sent death glares at Johanna then she turned to me. “ And I blame you for ruining my wedding, R…

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  • Emily Nguyen

    Farewell To All

    October 22, 2011 by Emily Nguyen

    I, Emily Nguyen(Don't try to pronounce that) am going to leave The Hunger Games Wiki on Febuary 5th 2012. I'm very sorry to say that but, I'll try my absolute best to finish both of my blogs; The Last Reaping and Don't Forget My Love And Heart. It's Forever Yours before that. Even though on that day when I leave, I will still be here to participate in and read your amazing Hunger Games inspired stories. Well, my reason for leaving is because on Febuary 24th, there is this scholarship test at this private school and i really want to take it but, your average there has to be 95% and over and mines just like 90% so, i will be studying like crazy from then on.

    I've enjoyed every single one of your stories and every single moment here on The Hun…

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