Hey everyone! This was actually a request from one of my awesome readers, everybody please thank or applaud Anna-Athena for this. So basically she asked me to write up a short story on Revelyn and Finnick's wedding. Okay lets get this started.

Version 1:

“ You look lovely,” said my mother as she felt my white, satin veil. “ I wish Aidan was here, he had such a major sister's complex. He would've loved to be at your wedding....”

“ You should've seen your mother at her own wedding.... she threw up,” Johanna said as she sat down with her v-glass cocktail. “ And it was Gale she threw up on too...”

“ It's called morning sickness,” my mother hissed as she sent death glares at Johanna then she turned to me. “ And I blame you for ruining my wedding, Revelyn.”

“ Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I said. “ It's not my fault that you decided to get knocked up before the wedding.”

“ Man, I love this kid,” Johanna exclaimed as she threw as arm over my shoulder.

Knock, Knock!

“ Come in,” Annie chimed after coming out of the change room.

The door opened and there was Cynthia, “ Come on ladies, the wedding's about to start.” She wore a metallic brown dress where it's tight at the top and very loose at the bottom for the baby bump. She seven months along the way and promised to name the baby boy after Aidan. “ My God, Lyni! Your gorgeous!”

I blush at the sudden outburst. I have to say that was beautiful. It was a long strapless, sparkling white and slightly translucent dress. It was a half mermaid and half Hollywood dress you can say. The dress hugged my figure very well and had a giant cut three quarters up my thigh. The trail was layered, soft and sort of frilly, there was a silver band under my breast. My hair has grown out, it was just above my waist now and was curled for the wedding. Silver eyeshadow, a matte coral pink lip stick, nude painted nails and dark eyes.

I enter the church to find Finnick at the alter, dressed in a white black dress shirt with the first two button unbuttoned, a white jacket and..... black skinny jeans. I giggle a bit when I saw him but, she looked great. There was some brown glitter in his hair and he too was baffled when he saw me. I turn to my father and take his arm as we walked up the mile long aisle.

When I got up there, the priest told me to say my wedding vows. I nod and start:

Dear Finnick. I promise to love and care for you with the strength in my heart.

Forever and ever. And never stop

I will be there with you, no matter what happens.

No matter who tries to come between us and our love, I will shut them away.

I will forever be faithful to you and never leave you.

I never give you up and am willing to give my life for you.

I love you. I love you. I love like crazy.

“ Finnick Odair, please state you vow of love,” said the priest. He nods then starts:

I've loved since forever.

Even though you never looked at me, I didn't care.

I will love you till the world ends... no.

I will love you far longer than forever.

I want our hearts to be one forever.

I will watch you forever and ever.

And love forever and ever.

I love you, my dearest Revelyn.

“ Finnick Richard Odair, do take Revelyn Rue Mellark as your dearest wife?,” the priest asked.

“ Hells yes,” he stated, the crowd giggles at bit.

“ Revelyn Rue Mellark, do you take Finnick Richard Odair and you beloved husband?,” the priest asked.

“ I do like crazy,” I said.

“ I pronounce you husband and wife,” said the priest. “ You may now kiss.”

Finnick opens his arms and I jump into them. Immediately, we close the distance between us and kiss until my Gale coughs. As we pull away, I gag a bit and grab my stomach and mouth.

“ Lyn?,” Finnick asked and I gag again.

“ Could she.....?,”my mother started with looking at my father.

“ Be by any chance....?,” said my father.

“ Be pregnant?,” Annie finished.

I turn to Finnick and ask, " Can I?"

Finnick just smiles and throws me into the air and holds me tight, " I guessing you are... And I'm so happy...."

My eyes water and grab onto Finnick's neck, " So am I...."

Johanna sighs then says, " I guess there's a lot of things that are hereditary in a family."


The doors burst open, we all turn back to find Ben at the door looking delirious with Beetee and Emily holding him back. My hand goes to my mouth, Finnick wraps his arms protectively around me and the priest runs away.

" LET ME GO!!," he commands as he throws Emily and Beetee off of him. Beetee gets thrown against the door and passes out while Emily was thrown down the short staircase as you step onto the aisle. Gale runs from his seat, pushing my mother out of the way and scoops Emily into his arms, then runs to the nearest chair to protect Emily with. I watch as ben staggers towards me and tilts his head as he gazes into my eyes.

" Finnick, I'm let me talk to him," I whisper as I got out of Finnick's grasp, I turn to Ben and ask, " Why you here? I thought Beetee and Emily watching you.... You let me go yourself..... Why?"

Ben wraps his arms around me and says in a soothing tone, " I'm back. I love you. I won't die without knowing that you're mine."

" Ben, let go of her," Finnick commanded as he took one step forward.

" Make me," Ben said, as he turned me around and pulled out a switchblade and holds it against my neck. " One more step and I'll KILL her before your eyes."

" Ben, she's my wife," Finnick stated.

" I don't care," Ben spat. " I still love her."

" Ben please...," I begged.

" Shut up! I'll kill everyone here if you talk or make a sound!," he yelled.

" Ben," said my father.

" Please," Annie pleaded.

" Don't hurt her," Emily said as she crawled over to me and got on her knees. " Ben, you're not that type of person that would hurt the person you love."

Ben stood there, silent. Then I said, " Ben.... Where are you? I don't this person holding me...."

" SHUT UP!!!," he yelled as he whipped his knife at Emily, right across her collarbone.

" Emily!!," Gale and I yell in unison.

I watch as she pushes Gales hand away and pulls herself up onto Ben and hugs him lovingly around his neck, " Ben, ever since I tried to bring you back to life, I really started to love you. You are just like a brother I've never had. I love you Ben. I remember the day you first called be big sister, I was so happy... Ben, I love you.... we all love you."

" Ben, I really did love you," I said while crying. " You were like a knight in shinining armor. When you died, I was devastated.... I wanted follow you! But, I remembered Finnick and how much more I loved him without knowing... I still Ben but, you're just a loving memory now...... Ben...."

" Ben, you're my brother and I love you too," said Finnick. " When I met you, I hated you. But when I got to know you better, you were like my own refelction, my brother."

We all stood there while Ben tried to collect himself, after a minute he drops the knife and falls to his knees while hugging me and crying. " I don't to lose you.... I'm so lonely without you, Lyn."

" It's alright Ben," Emily said as she hugged him tighter. " If you let her go for good, I want to adopt you as my brother..... that way you have a new life."

" Even if I marry Finnick, you can be my brother, my best friend, or just Ben," I said as I hugged him.

Finnick kneels down and holds his hand out, " Can I have my wife back now....... Lil'bro?"

Ben slowly opens his arms and Finnick pulls me back into his arms. " Thank you Ben."

Later that night.......

Emily's POV:

I walk out of the shower to find a piece of paper on her table and open it:

Dear Emily;

Even though I can't stay with you.

Even though I can't be your lil'bro.

I'll watch over you from the celestial heavens above

And pray for your happiness during my eternal, painless life.

Meeting you was a gift, a blessing

I'm sorry I couldn't be your blessing.

I'm sorry I became your eternal burden instead.

I love Em, I love you so much.

I wish you good luck, you'll be a great mother (and yes I noticed) and Gale will be the best father.

'Just don't forget this:'

'You are the wind.'

'I am the sand.'

'Wherever you blow, I will follow.'

'If you stop for the slightest second, I stop and stay with you.'

'If your wind dies, I will too.'

'Love, Ben.'

" Ben... ," I said as I cry. " Ben....." I immediately wipe my tears and page the entire building. " Everyone, drop all the worthless crap that you're working on and look for BEN! Find him.... Find him!!!" Then I fell to my knees and cried and cried until I noticed two things on the floor. I reach over to find a stapled booklet of Ben's poems and a necklace with a heart pendant made of a flat, shiny seashell and a black cord. " Ben....."

Revelyn's POV:

I heard the annoucement and ran out of my shower, wrapped a towel around me to find a piece of paper on the table, then I read it:

Dear Revelyn;

Sorry to bother you and your shower but, I thought you should be the last person i said bye too.

I really do love you, I love you.

I sorry I couldn't stay, I just couldn't watch you love Finnick, not anymore.

Then pain i feel it too much, I can't stand it anymore.

So I thought I should just let you enjoy life without me.

I know you will never forget me, and I thank you for that.

I love you, I love you, I love you.... I can go on for days really.

I wish you and Finnick the best of the best.


I thought I never find it again, true love that I had once before, You came into my life, more special then before, I was full of heart break. You helped me live again. You are my special soul mate that I have dedicated my life to. Because of you I know that I can love again.


I don't the last line but.... thank you.

Love, Ben

" Ben... You frickin idiot!!!," i yell as I punch the mirroir, causing it to crack and my fist to bleed, I fall to the ground and bawl my eyes out.

" Lyn?," Finnick yelled as he barged in. " Why are you crying?" I don't answer and throw myself onto the floor and cry. Finnick lies down facing me and holds me tighly against him. " Shh... Shh... It's okay..... I got a letter too..... It's okay......"

" But, he's gone....," I said.

" Here's an idea.... let him live inside you," said Finnick. " Name our baby after him and raise our baby just like him."

" Alright," I said as I pressed my face into Finnick's shirt.

Ben, I really did love you and I'm not going to let you die.... You will live on, in my child, I thought as I tried to relax. I wish you happiness too..... my first taste of love.....

Version 2:

I will be happy, I will be happy, I chanted in my head. I will be happy with Ben, loving Finnick was just an illiusion..... I really big illiuson from the games.

" Ben Fisher, do you take Revelyn Rue Mellark as your lawfully wedded wife?," the priest asked.

" I do," he immediately answered.

" Revelyn Rue Mellark, do you take Ben Fisher as your lawfully wedded husband?," the priest asked, before I could the answer, the door slammed opened. Finnick and Annie.

" Finnick, come back," Annie yelled as she pulled him away but, he just throws her off of him.

" I can here just to see my Lyni marry and be happy, not to crash anything," said Finnick.

" Then take a seat," Ben said harshly.

" I am, I am," Finnick said while sitting down, I giggle a bit then he falls down, shaking uncontrolably. His wounds started to bleed again and his face got discoloured.

" FINNICK!!!," me and Annie yell as we ran to him.

" Finnick, don't die!!! Don't leave me alone!!," Annie yelled as she started to lightly slap Finnick's face.

" Don't go.... Don't go!!!," I yell as I threw my face into his chest. Immediately I plug his nose and start to blow air into his mouth, I stop to check if his chest was rising or not and continued. I stopped and place both hands over his heart and started to pump some life back into it, but nothing." Finnick!!"

Wait.... I love Ben, this is my wedding.... what the hell am I doing?," I asked myself. Do I really love Finnick?

It hit me and I knew what I had to do, I ripped Ben's ring off my finger and pulled Finnick's ring back on. I've been wearing it as a necklace, I just couldn't bring myself to taking it off. I crawl over Finnick and try this method I learn during training. I place one finger on his neck and use my nails to pinch certain pressure points then place my forehead firmly on his and massage his shoulders.

" Um...," he mumbled.

" Finnick, come back to us," I said in a soothing tone,. " Come back....."

" I'm...... back?," he mumbled, then I rolled off of him.

" Dad, call for an ambulance!," I yelled as I stroked Finnick's cheek.

" I love you.... don't you know?," Finnick asked.

" Yeah, and I sorted out my feelings too," I said. " I love you too."

" That's...nice," he said as he pressed his lips against the soft skin on my hand.

I got up and fell on my knees in front of Ben, " I'm sorry Ben....."

" I'm sorry forcing you into marrying me.....," he said. " I just wanted you. The chemicals in my body were going to die out today anyways."

" I'm sorry," I said while tears flowling out of my eyes.

" Goodbye," Ben said as he pulls the microcgip out of his neck and falls down dead.

" Get her away!," my mother yelled as she pulled me away and threw me into Gale's arms. " She doesn't need to see this."

As we got out of the church, I turn to the door and place my bouquet there, Thank you Ben. I wish you happiness.... I want to cry but, I can't......

Epoilgue: 5 years later

As I got up from my bed, I walked over to my son's room. Ben, he was sound asleep. He had Finnick's brown hair and my mother's eyes. All this kid ever does now is fish, hunt and bake. He loves to spend time with my father in the bakery, I do too sometimes but, I'm usually too busy with Emily in the Capitol. Ben loves to play the flute, the bamboo flute to be more exact, he would either stand in front of the ocean, sit on the balcony's railing or on the roof and play his little heart out.

Next to Ben's room was Trillium's, my three year old daughter. She has my long hair and Finnick's mother's eyes. She was a little pearl in the house, our little princess. She works in the Capitol as a model and spends most of her time hunting with her granduncle (Gale's 28ish) and my mother. Occasionally she goes to Beetee's to play with Cynthia's son and learn from Johanna and Beetee.

In my uterus is our third child, Aidan. We will raise him to be exactly like my brother. I walk out of my balcony to find a light floating down to me.

" Hey... Lyn," said the light, I immediatly reconize the voice and Ben Fisher.

" Ben?," I ask.

" Yeah, how are you?," he asked.

" Great, I'm very happy," I said.

" I'm still not over you," he said, I roll my eyes at that. " But I found someone."

" Who might this be?," I ask in a spunky tone.

" Evelyn," he chimes.

" A coincidence much?," I ask with a smirk.

" New topic," he said. " Trillium and Aidan are happy, you don't need to worry about them."

" Thank you for telling me," I said.

" Bye for now," he said as the light went back into the sky. " I love you....." Then the light turns into a star.

" Bye Ben," I said as I leaned on the balcony to find a necklace with a shark tooth, I pick it up and start to examine it. " I'll give this to my little Ben tomorrow."

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