I sit in my seat as we fly to District 4, my new home. During this time I've refused to take any medicine(Revelyn hates pills and needles), so my only other choice was to fight off my cancer with vitamins. It worked, I can hunt again and I didn't lose nay hair. Finnick's still in the recovery room, after all that leopard's claw went right through his chest and the claws did puncture and lung, liver and his heart. I'm worried.

“ Hey Little Lyn,” says a voice, my God-father― Gale Hawthorne.

“ I'm sorry,” I apologize.

“ Tell me, why are you apologizing?,” he asks while sitting down beside me.

“ Trillium? Death? Suicide? AIDAN!?,” I yell.

“ Oh, it's alright,” he replies.

First my eyebrows twitch to that answer, then I yell, “ IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOUR THICK HEAD?! YOU'RE THE DENSEST PERSON I'VE EVER MET!!!!”

“ Lyni, there was always something wrong with him from the start,” my mother hints as she walks by.

“ Calm down, calm down, let me explain,” Gale says while trying to calm me down.(Gale threatened to kill Revelyn when she was little if she didn't call him Gale; he was joking but, she still thinks he was serious.)

“ Explain. Give me the best explanation you got, Gale,” I say.

“ Trillium is my daughter but, my love for her mother was a fake. I tried my best to forget your mother by marrying her,” says Gale.

“ Thank God, I actually thought you loved that bitch,” I say while patting my chest. That women always put me down with sarcastic comments and hit me. There was this one time when she slapped me because it was her birthday but, Gale took me out hunting instead, man, that moment when she slapped me, I gave her back a major bitch slap. So ever since then, if you she hit me, I'd hit her back. Simple as that

“ Okay, so let me continue,” says Gale. “ So, I finally told her that and as you know, followed Trillium.”

“ You're horrible, don't you know Gale?,” I say while scooting away from him.

“ But, I finally found love,” Gale says as he pats my head.

“ Who? Who?,” I urge as I scoot closer.

He gestures me to lean closer, I do and he whispers, “ Who did you get your nosiness from?”

“ Come on!! Tell me!!!,” I yell while trying to kick him off the bench.

“ Fine, fine,” he says as he pulls my ear close. “ Ex-Vice President Emily.”

“ You guys are such a cute couple don't you know?,” I exclaim.

“ Yeah, yeah, shoo!!,” he says while gesturing me to leave.

I get up from my seat and stroll down the hall to look from Finnick..... then I felt a stab in my heart.

Ben...!!! Ben...!!!, I thought as I slipped my hand into my pocket and clutched on the heart shaped sea glass. Where are you....?! I still love you much...... Then I mentally slap myself. Snap out this Revelyn. You're enaged now. Forget about him.

Then I changed my mind and went ot bed, around 1 AM, I heard rustling out of my window. I rub my eyes a bit and drag my butt out of bed towards the window, I thought, How odd... there's a balcony on a hovercraft.... how... weird. It seems like it's taking forever to get to District 4...

I look up to face Uncle Beetee and Mrs. Odair.... with Mr. Odair?

M-m-m-mister Odair?,” I stutter, he doesn't answer. “ Mrs. Odair, Uncle Beetee, what's going on? Is that really Mr. Odair?”

Yes BUT,” says Uncle Beetee. “ He is not alive.”

That doesn't make logical sense!,” I yell.

Lyn, when Mr. Odair died we took his body and preserved it with a bunch of different chemicals but, every night you'll have to put him into this silver tank to keep his preserved. That's what we're doing no,” Mrs. Odair explains. “ And I think we have something you want to see.”

Come,” says Uncle Beetee.

We all walked down this dark hall I've never seen in the hovercraft and into this elevator, as Uncle Beetee punched it the code, I ask, “ How Auntie Johanna and Cynthia?”

Johanna's great, and Cynthia's engaged,” Beetee says with a smile plastered on his face.

Isn't she just seventeen?,” Mrs. Odair asks.

Yes she is BUT a problem occurred,” says Uncle Beetee.

She got knocked up, didn't she?,” I ask with a smirk on my face.

Correct and here's our stop,” Uncle Beetee says as the door opened and the first thing that caught my attention was. Ben.

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