I, Emily Nguyen(Don't try to pronounce that) am going to leave The Hunger Games Wiki on Febuary 5th 2012. I'm very sorry to say that but, I'll try my absolute best to finish both of my blogs; The Last Reaping and Don't Forget My Love And Heart. It's Forever Yours before that. Even though on that day when I leave, I will still be here to participate in and read your amazing Hunger Games inspired stories. Well, my reason for leaving is because on Febuary 24th, there is this scholarship test at this private school and i really want to take it but, your average there has to be 95% and over and mines just like 90% so, i will be studying like crazy from then on.

I've enjoyed every single one of your stories and every single moment here on The Hunger Games Wiki! I love you all.

-Emily Nguyen

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