Hey, I have time to write today and felt like trying something new. Thank God it's the hoildays!!! It's like my write-a-thon. Basically some new news is that (sadly) I've lost all the inspiration I had for Element, it you want to know what I was planning to have happen, PM me. But, I somehow got like OBSESSED with ancient chinese astrolgy and mythology, and started something on it and loving it! (If you want a smaple chapter, tell me).

So basically this blog is about everyone's life, on FACEBOOK!! (I'm obsessed with Facebook, so this inspired everything. Let get started!


Katniss Everdeen: Why did I get myself into this mess....?

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Johanna Mason: Well, one is that I bombarded your house and threaten to kill you if you didn't get FB.

Annie Cresta Odair: Johanna, that isn't very nice.

Johanna Mason: Oh SHUT UP Annie and go tend your kid, I can hear him crying all the way over here

Annie Cresta Odair is offline.

Peeta Mellark: Johanna, I agree with Annie, that was pretty rude and I was icing your wedding cake in her house too.

Johanna Mason: You too Bread Boy!

Peeta Mellark: Yikes! I'm going.

Peeta Mellark is offline.

Katniss Everdeen: Johanna, why did you scare my boyfriend offline?

Gale Hawthorne: Um, I'm still online.

Katniss Everdeen: You're not my boyfriend.

Johanna Mason: Ouch, don't have to be so harsh on the boy.

Gale Hawthorne: Thank you Joey ;)

Johanna Mason: Get offline now before I kill you.

Katniss Everdeen: Gale, you made a big mistake.

Gale Hawthorne: Joey. Joey. Joey. Joey, Joey. Joey. Joey. Joey. Joey. Joey. Joey. Joey. Joey. Joey. Joey. Joey. Joey. JOEYYYY!!!

Johanna Mason: That's it kid, your dead.

Gale Hawthorne is offline.

Johanna Mason is offline.

Katniss Everdeen: Looks like I'm alone again.....

Katniss Everdeen is offline.

Peeta Mellark: Do you love me? Real or not?

Katniss Everdeen: Reals <3

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Gale Hawthorne: Not, definitly not.

Beetee Dobbs: Well actutally... Love, as in the noun means a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward a person, such a that arsing from kinship, recognition of attractive qualitlies or a sense of underlying oneness. A feeling of intense desire and attraction towards a person whom one is disposed to make a pair; the emotion of sex and romance. An instense attactment, one's instense feelings or deep affection or the urge to make someone yours. So my answer is no.

Peeta Mellark:.............................?

Katniss Everdeen:..........................................?

Gale Hawthorne: That was one heck of a long comment..........

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Johanna Mason: Tell me about it....

Haymitch Abernathy: I knew Beetee was a living dictionary

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Beetee Dobbs: Do you want some synonyms and a example of the love used as a verb?

Gale Hawthorne: NOOOOO!!!!!

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Haymitch Abernathy: Enjoying a drink with Katniss

Peeta Mellark: That's it, I'm coming over

Annie Cresta Odair: What about my portrait?

Peeta Mellark: Katniss is my top priority right now, sorry.

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Peeta Mellark is offline. Team Peeta: AWWWW!!!!! <3 <3 <3


Gale Hawthorne: Done and kidnapped Katniss. You'll never get her back Peeta!!!!!

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Team Gale: GO GALE!!!!!

Team Peeta: NOOOOOO!!!!

Katniss Everdeen is offline.

Gale Hawthorne is offline.

Gale Hawthorne changed his current city to ELSEWHERE


Beetee Dobbs: We know Johanna. But Katniss isn't exactly "captured", captured means to take captive; as in forced or craft; seize. Katniss isn't captured, she's just merely kidnapped by Gale.

Haymitch Abernathy:

On the 12th Day of Christmas my Facebook gave to me ...

12 nerds I'm blocking, 11 friends just watching, 10 notifications, 9 status updates, 8 friends complaining, 7 stalkers stalking, 6 invitations, Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive Photo taaaaggssss, 4 game requests, 3 silly comments, 2 inbox messages &, a creep who won't stop poking meeeeeee! (:

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Johanna Mason: Haymitch has lost it......

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Peeta Mellark: I LOST MY KITTY CAT.................!!!!!

Johanna Mason: So has Peeta....

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Katniss Everdeen: Where am I...............?

Peeta Mellark: MY KITTY CAT.................!!!!

Gale Hawthorne: Get off now....

Katniss Everdeen: LEAVE ME ALO-

Katniss Everdeen is offline.

Gale Hawthorne is offline.

Peeta Mellark: MY KITTY CAT!!!...................ouch, something................pinched me.....................

Johanna Mason: Good job Beetee.

Beetee Dobbs: It was abrilliant idea to sondense chloroform into a liquid to knock him out.

Johanna Mason is offline.

Beetee Dobbs: Hello?

Beetee Dobbs: Anyone here...........?

Haymitch Abernathy: Shall we.... carol?

Beetee Dobbs: See ya!

Beetee Dobbs is offline.

Haymitch Abernathy: Ruldolph the red nose reindeer had a very shiny nose................?

Haymitch Abernathy likes the following pages: Christmas caroling when high, drinking with the Mockinjay, living alone in a shunk hole and be alone on Facebook.

Haymitch Abernathy is offline.

Peeta Mellark took the following quiz " How miserable are you?". Result: 200% Dude, yer life sucks. Life ain't worth living for ya go die will you!

Peeta Mellark: I agree..... goodbye world......

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Beetee Dobbs: Wait! Just recieve some information about Katniss's location!

Peeta Mellark: WHERE!!!!!???????

Annie Cresta Odair: The clue is the heart of the District. The hell of the District. Where hell has come.

Peeta Mellark: What kind of clue is that...........?

Team Peeta: It means the destroyed mines!!!!!

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Peeta Mellark: Thanks guys! Love you! I heading towards the mines now.

Gale Hawthorne: Shit.....

Peeta Mellark is offline.

Gale Hawthorne: Shit again.

Johanna Mason: I love how Gale's making it so obvious......

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Gale Hawthorne: Shit, I need to get out of here....

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Gale is offline.


Peeta Mellark is online.

Gale Hawthorne is online.

Katniss Everdeen is online.

Johanna Mason is online.

Beetee Dobbs is online.

Haymitch Abernathy is online.

Peeta Mellark: Gale is... wait... the entrance is blocked....?

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Katniss Everdeen: Great..... I'm stuck in the mines with a moron......

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Gale Hawthorne: I'd like to give a shout to Beetee, who gave me a box of dynamites last night.

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Johanna Mason: Good job Beetee, would you like a dynamite down your throat now?

Beetee Dobbs: D3 is calling, good night everyone....

Johanna Mason: Stop right there.

Beetee Dobbs is offline.

Johanna Mason: That's it, I'm goin after him....

Johanna Mason is offline. Beetee Dobbs dislikes this(iPhone)

Peeta Mellark: Just ripped through the rumble with his bare hands ;)

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Katniss Everdeen: Took you long enough.

Gale Hawthorne: Note to self, don't leave an axe beside rumble.

Johanna Mason is online.

Katniss Everdeen: Bored. Peeta and gale are wrestling and forgot about me..... Looks like I'm keeping score....

Johanna Mason: Get on with it!

Katniss Everdeen: Peeta got pinned. Gale is thrown against the wall. Gale has a bleeding nose. Peeta is laughing. Gale chucks an mining helmet at Peeta. Peeta falls on.... a skull.....

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Johanna Mason: CONTINUE!!

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Katniss Everdeen: To lazy now... posting video instead......

Katniss Everdeen posted a video. Peeta Mellark and Gale Hawthorne are tagged in a video.

Johanna Mason: I'M DYING!!!!!! THIS IS TOO HILARIOUS LIKE @%%$#@&*@%*^&*&#%@%&$#^^@@##&*&**%$@!!!!!

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Peeta Mellark: Holy mother of french icing... I backed into a mother load of skeletons.......

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Peeta Mellark: Um, Gale behind you...............

Gale Hawthorne: Holy f****** s***!!! F***! F***! There's a mother f****** spider!!!!

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Johanna Mason: LMFAO!!!!

Katniss Everdeen: I'm dying......!!!

Haymitch Abernathy: Excuse me but....... BWHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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Gale Hawthorne: Oh man.... I wet my pants.......

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Haymitch Abernathy: Now that everyone is home.... and sanitized. What do you want for Christmas?

Johanna Mason: A new axe please<3

Peeta Mellark: Um.... a rolling pin? I broke mine while trying to kill Gale.

Katniss Everdeen: Hunting knives.

Gale Hawthorne: Concealer

Beetee Dobbs is online.

Annie Cresta Odair is online

Beetee Dobbs: Some new microchips.... some test tubes..... two new computers..... a new lab..... some copper.... and the humble space telescope

Haymitch Abernathy dislikes this.

Annie Cresta Odair: A ticket back to D4

Peeta Mellark as leveled up to level 87 on Bakery story.

Annie Cresta Odair played Fishville.

Beetee Dobbs has earned $300,000,000,000,000 dollars from his electrical plant on Millionaire City and leveled up to level 98!

Johanna Mason needs help building her barn on Farmville. Please send nails, wooden planks, and paint.

Haymitch Abernathy has leveled up to level 78 on Nightclub City and moved to a Tokyo bar.

Katniss Everdeen took the quiz: How old will you be when you marry? Result: Girl, yer marryin at the age of 19! Your boyfriend’s goin to propose soon!

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Gale Hawthorne took the quiz: Are you straight? Result: I'm very sorry to say but... your gay... bi whatever! You are not straight.

Johanna Mason and 50000000 other likes this.

Johanna Mason: OMFG!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!

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Johanna Mason took the quiz: Are you straight? Result: Man, I've never seen anything straighter than YOU!! You are even straighter than a ruler!!

Gale Hawthorne dislikes this.

Johanna Mason: Anything left to say tall, dark and handsome?

Beetee Dobbs dislikes this.

Beetee Dobbs: It's almost New Years, what your New Years revolution?

'Johanna Mason:' Yikes! So formal......

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'Gale Hawthorne:' Your's should be being mean and rude.

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'Johanna Mason:' And your's should be flirting and kidnapping a girl that's basically engaged.

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'Peeta Mellark:' Telling people your plans.......

Johanna Mason dislikes this

'Katniss Everdeen:' Stop hunting illegally

Greasy Sae and District 12 dislikes this.

'Annie Cresta Odair:' Dressing lil'Finnick up like our Finnick

'Haymitch Abernathy:' Nothing comes to mind.... Drinking I guess?

Johanna Mason: No, really?

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Gale Hawthorne: I challenge Johanna Mason to a competition!

'Johanna Mason:' What's it now tall, dark and handsome?

'Gale Hawthorne:' For an entire day, you have to be nice and I have to stop flirting with Katniss.

'Johanna Mason:' I love how he admits it..

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'Johanna Mason:' What does the winner get?

'Gale Hawthorne:' A slave for a week.

'Johanna Mason:' Yummy, I'm in this.

'Katniss Everdeen:-_-.......

Messages: To Peeta Mellark from Johanna Mason:

'Johanna Mason:' Psst, Peeta-Pie... I need you to get a big cocktail glass and fill it was icing and stuff. Please????

'Peeta Mellark:' Um... Okay? Pick it up by 2?

'Johanna Mason:' Thanks Peeta-Pie!

Messages: To Annie Cresta Odair from Johanna Mason:

'Johanna Mason': Operation kidnap Katniss

'Annie Cresta Odair:' Isn't that Gale's thing?

'Johanna Mason:' I need your help, I need him to lose.

'Annie Cresta Odair:' Fine, fine, where do I leave Finny?

'Johanna Mason:' Drop him off with Haymitch, Beetee and Gale. He can keep Gale busy.

'Annie Cresta Odair:' Okay?

Peeta Mellark is offline

Johanna Mason is offline.

Annie Cresta Odair is offline.

Katniss Everdeen is offline.

Messages: To Gale Hawthorne from Katniss Everdeen

'Katniss Everdeen:' HELP ME!!!

'Gale Hawthorne:' Where are you Catnip?!?!?!

'Katniss Everdeen:' Johanna's basement!

'Gale Hawthorne:' I'm coming!

'Johanna Mason posted a picture. Katniss Everdeen is tagged'.

'Peeta Mellark:' Why's Katniss in a black and red lingerie thingy? With make-up and her hair curled while sitting in my icing cup?

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'Johanna Mason:' No reason....

'Katniss Everdeen:' HELP ME PEETA!!! THIS GUYS GOING TO RAPE ME!!!!!

Katniss Everdeen is offline.

Peeta Mellark is offline.

'Johanna Mason:' I should hide...

Johanna Mason is offline.

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