Hey guys!! Been so long since... since forever :P Lifes been great for me :) I miss HGWIKIA though, and all of my advid readers ;) That's right I never forgot any of you like Nate777, iluvgale, QuinnQuinn, Bronny12and the others and especially my some of my number 1 fans; Anon...., Butterfly Angel, Clove1001(Love that girl;) and Anna Athena. So imma just write up a real quick poem for Katniss. Enjoy!


Help Me... No, Save Me...

This darkness enclosing on me,

it's nerve racking.

This feeling people call love,

it's shattering.

It hurts so much,

I could just crouch into a ball,

and then clutch...

Just clutch on those precious memories,

that are all lies...

Those beautiful lies he gave me,

gave me to hold onto...

I don't care if he tired to kill me.

I don't care if he hates me.

I love him, I love him so

I want to see him blue eyes, his beautiful eyes

and watch as they gaze upon me.

I want to feel his lips, those warm lips,

as they kiss my own.

I need him.

I need him now.

As I sank to the floor

and leaned my head against the door.

I open a small box,

with a beautiful gold lock.

As I opened it, those beautiful lies revived before my eyes.

Because of him, I love these beautiful lies

Out the window I saw something, something gold

Then I heard something...

That warm and deep voice....

It can't be...


He Saved Me


Sorry, it was kinda rough. But a certain someone in my heart inspired it :) I love him so much, he's my own Peeta Mellark ;) Comment with yours or your Katniss

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