Welcome to The Victor's Hunger Games, this year we're going to include the victor's childern who a eligible and other childern in their Districts who are eligible but, this games is going to be a little different. you are to provide four tributes; two boys, two girls. I'm only going to reserve a District for you for three days, no more. You need to provide the following infomation: District, Name, Age, Appearance (I'm making pictures for the tributes),Skills, History, Token and feel free to add any additional infomation

The Tributes:

District 1 - Purplexmuffin:

  1. 4. Iris Bloodworthy, 16
  1. 6. Azura Blue, 16

Skyer Greengrass, 17

#5. Phoenix Way, 17

District 2- TotalDramaRox97:

Molinda Juba, 17

  1. 3.Classique Minker, 18

#.1 ->Finum Minker, 18<- WINNER!!!

Juto Gohan, 16

District 3- Anon...:

Lucy Dawn, 18

Belle Taylor, 18 1/2

Digit Starr, 17

Peter Mage, 18 3/4

District 4- Panter12:

Sydney Foam, 15

  1. 2. Jacqueline Culvers,17

Ben Fisher, 17

Finnick Odair,17 (Finnick's and Annie's Son) DISQUALIFIED

District 5 -Panter12:

Everest Frost, 16

Molly Bechin, 16

Cedar Lark, 16

Jake Tucker, 17

District 6- Fidofiderson:

Lucy Steiner, 14

LucyWonder, 17


Harry Morphling, 15

District 7- Mockingjay5

Dawn Woods, 15

Snow Timber, 16

Marko Flame, 16

Blade Shadows, 16

District 8- Hungergames fan girl:


Kati Jean, 14

Josh Frencea, 15

Rufus Mendal, 17

District 9- Purplexmuffin:

Sapphire Rolland, 16

Katherine Storm, 17

Gabe Millen, 17

Echo Stone, 17

District 10- Leshawna333:

Lisa Splendor, 16

Salandra Delt, 17

Michael Holly, 13

Bradley Wallace, 18

District 11- Pather12:

Ellie Rye, 13

Olivia Circuit, 13

Michael Day, 14

Ryan Fielder, 16

District 12- Emily Nguyen:

Trillium Hawthorne, 13

Revelyn Rue Mellark, 17 ( Katniss's and Peeta's Daughter) DISQUALIFIED

Aidan Gale Mellark, 14 (Katniss's and Peeta's Son)

Adrian Gray, 18

The Arena

The arena are two island; a mainland and a smaller island in a short swimming distance from the mainland, under the mainland, on the smaller island, and between the two islands is a giant underground maze. On the surface of the island is a jungle/forest, there are mutts, jabberjays, a few mechanical animals, and tons of leopards and other carnivous animals. Undergorund there are giant spider, snakes, carnivous snakes, and a deadly surprise at every hour. The only way you can go underground is going through waterfalls, going underwater to search for a airpouch or at the bottom of quicksand but, there's still much gates to be unlocked. Still, even thought the entire island is this deadly, there's still clean water ( somewhere...I don't know, find it yourself) and some edible foods. This island is deadly, I hope you enjoy it.

Chariot Rides:

Chariot Rides-District 1

As the chariot come out, the crowd screams in excitement. The chariot was coated with a million diamonds that illuminate and shimmer, it's kind of blinding, on the sides are two giant wings, glued onto the sides, on the front is a giant, golden one to represent their district. As the chariot starts to make a turn, fireworks burst from the rims of the chariot, bursting millions of sparkling and shimmering gems, then two beautiful, white wings slowly open from the side of the chariot. A great start for ceremony, it's breathe taking really.

Iris has her hair in a lovely side braid going over her left shoulder, the lights of the fireworks make her eyes sparkle like emeralds in a fire. She is outfitted in a beautiful, sparkling, white, evening dress, that seems to illuminate like the chariot. Azura has her hair in a similar hairstyle as Iris, only her goings over her right shoulder, it looks like her stylist added some sparkling powder in her blue streaks, to make them shimmer. Her dress in a strappless, mermaid fitted dress that illuminates and sparkles like Iris. Somewhere in the crowd, someone throws Azura a beauitful, sparkling, white rose, she looks at it and smiles and she throws a kiss in that direction.

Skyler's in a shimmering, greek inspired, white, gladiator tunic with a golden knife attached to his onyx black belt. His eyes are tipped with a bit of sliver eyeliner, and the stylist put a shimmering, gold powder in his hair to make it look like a star. Phoenix is wearing a similiar outfit as Skyler, only his has to belts, a sliver belt and a set of bows and arrows over his back. His hair has black, shimmering powder but, no eyeliner. If you look really close at his face, you can tell he's really pissed and disgusted by the outfit, he then jumps off the chariot and walks quickly to his destination, he looks up to the crowd and shares a very scary glare that make the crowds go silent.

Chariot Rides- District 2

Then the chariot for district two comes got, the crowds screams in excitement then it goes silent. The crowd went silent beacuse the chariot looked so dangerous and scary. The entire chariot was made of giant blades and at the rim of the chariot had some chain saw like design, it looked like it if you touch it with your finger, it would slice it into a million pieces. Even though it looked dangerous, it was stunning, the way the put it together was so amazing and the way the chariot shined, the crowd started cheering again.

Molinda has her hair slick had in a sleek ponytail, her make- up made her look as dangerous as she really is, on her arms are knife tattoos that looked like it would jump off of her arms and stab you. Her was dressed in a black, tight fitting body suit, she had a cape of a million different blades of knives and on she had knives on her knuckles. Casslique had her hair like Molinda but she had a flower made of knives in her hair, her make-up made her look metallic, she had a black strappless dress with blades scattered over it. They both look dangerous and untouchable, Casslique looked like she didn't like her oufit, after all it doesn't really suit her.

Juto had his hair tousled and shimmered, the stylist put a earing on him, the earing is a knife, very suiting for his district. He wore a medieval inspired, amour for knights but, this amour is a little different, his amour was black and had blades at every angle. Finum wore the exact outfit but, he shimmering black cape with blades like Molinda's at the edges at the fabric. Finum puts his arm around his sister's waist protectively and glared at the crowd. Then he thought in his head, If any of you Capitol people hurt a single hair on my sister, I'll...!

Chariot Rides- District 3

( Failed to prove tributes, I got more than enough tributes anyways)

Chariot Rides- District 4

As the chariot comes out, crowd gets confused. All they see is giantic seashell, it doesn't shine, shimmer, glow nor illuminate and no tributes. Then light starts to shine from the rim of the seashell as it slowly opens. There sitting on the edge is Sydney and Jacueline playing on their mininature, seashell encrusted harps, Finnick and Ben slowly get up, then they let out their most beautiful smiles and most of the Capitol girls in the stand faint. Then the pearl in the middle starts to let out light but, no just any light. The light was sparkly, bueish , greenish and if you look where the light bounce off, you can see dolphins, sharks and much more sea creatures.

Sydney has her hair down and curled with bits of seashells and seaweed in it, she's wearing a lovely, tight fitting, mermaid inspire, scaly green evening dress. Jacqueline is wearing a very similiar dress as Sydney, only hers has emerald powder covering it and it's a strappless. Her hair is in a loose side braid, with bits of red streaks braided into it and sparkled with ruby powder. Then they both put down their harps, the they start to wave and throw kisses to the crowd.

Finnick and Ben are outfitted in identical outfits, they are wearing an egyptain inspired, wrap arounde their lower waist, that's edged in gold.l Around their necks are egyptain inspired gold neckalces and around their wrist are gloden egyptain cuffs. Other than their wrap they're shirtless, and more than half the Capitol girls faint again. Looks like we found our top boys loved by the Capitol girls.

Chariot Rides- District 5

District 5's chariot is acutually very different than the other, the crowd stays in their seats and carefully examines the chariot. The chariot is a giant table with four different elixir tubes taht's filled half way with a glowing liquid with no tributes. Then the crowd quiets down and gets bored, then the liquid in each tube starts to fizz and bubble, then it explodes like science project you would make, then the rest of the liquid burst, leaving your four tributes; Everest Frost, Molly Brechin, Cedar Lark and Jake Tucker.

Everest wears a clear-like dress with a type of green liquid that seems to crawl up the dress then falls, her hair is in a bun with bit of glittery eye shadow on her face. Molly wears a similiar dress as Everest only her has a red liquid and if has a type of a tube-like string that wrap around her entire body, and glows. Molly's hair is curled and is put in a pony tail, the stylist glowing gel in her hair, so it can glow it match her outfit.

Cedar and Kae are put in a scientist's white lab coat and a tuxedo underneath, their tie glows and sparkles, so does their hair but, the boys have lost interest in the chariot rides and sit down. There's nothing very intresting about this chariot, the crowd get boreder and they start to wait for the nest chariot.

Chariot Rides- District 6

The crowd has lost interest in the chariots, then they hear a siren of a ambulance, the crowd turns to that direction. I was Lucy Steiner who used a siren mimicer, the tributes in the chariot turn to look at Lucy with an expression reading," Really?. Lucy shruggs, their chariot was the only chariot that was acutally a chariot, Their chariot was painted with a shimmering white with a red cross going down the middle of the chariot, after all, they are the district that produces medicine.

Both Lucys are wearing a long white evening dress that shimmers like the whit of the chariot, with a giant red cross going down the middle of the dress, They both have a cloth that covers the lower part of the arm that's whit and finishes in a tip when it meets the fingers, they have a nurse hat on their head too. Both of they're hair in down and curled. theyboth wave to the crowd with a smile, the crowd thought it was refreshing.

Astharoth and Harry are wearing lab coats like District 5, with a white tux underneath, they both had a pair of black, square rimed glasses and a sethoscope around their necks. The crowd thought is was acutally refreshing, it nice, simple and concise. The crowd applauses and they tributes humbly bow.

Chariot Rides- District 7

The crowd oh and ah as the chariot comes out, District 7's chariot is a giantic twent-four foot tree, that's looks very authentic. The tributes are sitting on some of the branches, waving to the crowd, Blaze elbows the tree. Then the leaves starts to sparkle and change to the colours of the leaves when it changes seasons, then the tree starts to shimmer and glow. The crowd watches it, amazed, some thought the chariot was so beautiful, they cried.

Snow wears a short, sparkling, brown and white dress that had a design that looked like a tree during winter, then the dress starts to snow. Like literally, snow was falling from the dress! Snow had a crown of branches with a bit of white here and there, it sparkled so beauitfully, it went perfectly with Snow's sparkly blonde hair. Her hair was in a loose bun, her stylists carefully scattered the sparkles on her head. She sit on a branch, bare footed, and smiling smiling at the crowd. She represented winter. Dawn wore a beautiful evening dress that was coated in leaves looked like it can from autumn, the leaves sparkled and illuminated. That dress was spectacular! Dawn had a crown of autumn leaves to match her dress. Her hair was down and curled with bits of amber sparkles and leaves in her hair. She sits there on a swing connected to the tree, waving to the crowd.She reprensent autumn.

Marko wears a brown and green pair of palid shorts, he's shirtless and is wearing a cape, made of williow leaves and vines, the leaves sparkle in a beautiful way and illuminates in a beautiful pattern. His hair is slick back with water, to make it look more natural, his eyes are tipped a bit with a metallic and sparkling eyeliner.He sits in a owls nest, in front of the nest is a vine, he jumps, grabs the vine and waves to the crowd. He represents summer. Blaze wears a pair of light, worn out jeans, his jeans have some mud stains on them and he wears a pair of hunting boots. He has a brown vest on with, flowers sticking out of the pocket. His hair is dripping wet because he's standing under a bucket of water, he has no make-up on but, he still looks flawless. The bucket refills and drops again, the crowd laughs, he bends down and plucks a flower fromthe ground and throws it in direction. the girls fight over the flower as he climbs up the tree and sit on the branch, oppiste to snow. he represents spring.

Chariot Rides- District 8

As District 7's chariot leaves, the crowd turns to face the next chariot, District 8's. The chariot comes out, the crowd straightens their backs to get a better look but, all they see is one of thoses pruple circus tents.Even though it was just a tent, the way the purple glowed and swirled on the tent started the ohs and ahs, this meant hope for District 8, then the roof of the tent caves in. The entire crowd gets up to see what's happening, the a platform rises up, soaring 20 ft,the rest of the tent becomes a skirt for the platform, the skirt of the platform, sways, spins and twirls by itself. Beautifully amazing with all the colours of skirt glowing, swirling, sparkling and shining. Then four tube-like fabric come out of the platform, then it drops, leaving our four tributes; Kati, Amelia, Rufus and Josh. They're all wearing a purple cloak with a hood that matches the skirt of the platform.

Kati and Amelia take off their hoods, they both are wearing theses beautiful short dresses that match their cloak, at the edge of their dresses are fifteen centemeter pieces of sparkling thread, and dangling at end of each thread is sewing needle, that sparkles. Both of the girls have their hair hair down and curled, in their hair, there is a flower, made of the same string from the dress and it has the needle at the end too. Each of the girls have a bit of sparkling purple liner. then the girls pull the string connected to their hoods, and wings form, they both jump from the platform and fly towards the crowd, then they both start to shake hands with the people in the crowd. The crowd loves them.

Rufus and Josh pull a string connected to their hoods, then their cloak becomes theses beautiful wings that flap by themselves. The boys have a similiar wrap as the boys from District 4 wear, only theirs are black and purple, and that mimic the skirt of the platform. then they boys follow the girls and jump off the platform and fly towards the crowd of people. The some toddler runs over to the front of the platform and stares at amazment, little does that child know he was about to get hit by the chariot. Before the chariot could hit the toddler, Rufus makes a dare devil dive, scoops the toddler into his arms and fly back up. Then Rufus turns back, flies back down to the crowd and return the toddler to its mother. Then the mother whispers to Rufus," You've got yourself a sponsor." Then Rufus flies into the sky, he does a summersult and lands perfectly on the platform, then everyone flies back to the platform. The crowd cheers.

Chariot Rides- District 9

The crowd turns to face District 9's chariot, the crowd looked at it confusingly, the chariot had nothing to do with District 9, not at all. They are in a sleek black chariot that had a golden 9 on the front, all the tributes are in a shimmering black cloak. Then Sapphire claps her hands together as she remembers something, then she bends over to a lever, she tries to pull it down but, it doesn't work, she starts to jump on the lever but, it still won't bugde.They she taps Gabe's shoulder, he turns, she starts to gesture to him to that she can't get it down. he comes over and taps his finger on it and the lever goes down, he turns to Sapphire and mouths," Seriously?. And she mouths," I didn't know!. Then two huge black wings sprout from the chariot making it fly high into the sky.

Katherine and Sapphire take off their hoods to show, the crowd their faces. Their make up was a dark, black smoky eyes and a pale pink lip stick, they look flawlessly gorgeous. Katherine's hair is down and curled with a gray flower in her hair, while Sapphire's hair was tied into two loose pony tails with black and gray ribbons and her stylist carefully sparkled pale, gold powder into her hair to inhance the golded shine of it. Their dresses have a ballroom design to it, the entire dress was black, and in the coreset area is a rose design in silver. They both stand their with one hand on the chariot and the other hand waving to the crowd.

Both of the boys are wearing a black dress shirt, with a motorcycle jacket with lots of belts on it, a pair of fingerless motorcycle gloves, and a pair of dark washed jeans. Then they both put both of their hands on rim of the chariot and then their cloak becomes two black, dragon-like wings. Echo kicks the lever up and the chariot fall to the ground, both the boys crawl onto the edge of the chariot, they each grab one of the screaming girls and take off into the sky. When the chariot feel to the ground without a scatch, the boys slowly float back the ground, Echo lands first with with Sapphire in his arms then Gabe with Katerine in his, the crowd applauses as they fly towards their desination.

Chariot Rides- District 10

As District 9 left, they crowd is till watching them, Michael decided to try to get their attention by yelling something random," YEEHAHHH!!!! The crowd turns their direction with a scared expressioned on their face. Opps..maybe that was a bad idea...," Michael thought. Their District didn't have a chariot, instead they rode on horses, the crowd was very happy by its originality.

Lisa's wearing a short, strappless dress with the design of a cow's hide and a brown buckle under her chest, and a pair of cowboy boots. Her stylist gave her dramatic curls to make feel westerny, for her make-up she had a brown smoky eye and a clear lip gloss. Salandra wore a green plaid shirt tied under her chest, a pair of light, blue short shorts and a pair of cowboy boot. Her hair was curled like Lisa's but, her was put under a cowboy hat, the only make-up she wore was a brown smoky eyes and a mutted cream lip stick. They both wave to the crowd.

The two boys wore the exact same outfits; a light blue, plaid shirt,that's tucked in, a pair of light washed jeans, and a pair of brown cowboy boots. Michael had his hair done so his bangs would look wavy at the front, his hair style was topped off with a cowboy hat while Bradley kept his hair the same, he still wore a cowboy hat like Michael but, he got to wear a red bandana around his neck. The crowd still has the freaked out expression on their face but, they love the tributes.

Chariot Rides- District 11

A sparkling ligh catches the crowd's attention, the sparkling light looked so pure and invicible, it looked like the evil's of the Capitol could never consume it. This light belongs to District 11. The chariot is coated with spakling/illuminating cotton buds, sparkling leaves, shimmering berries (nightlock), and a giant, gold, metallic 11 on the front of the chariot. As the chariot moves, it sparkles so beauitfully, it's like looking at heaven.

Ellie has her hair curled and in a nice, loose, side braid with small, sparkling, white flowers weaved into her hair. Her dress was long and flowy, made of the exact material the chariot coatted in. Her make-up was neutral and clean, nothing to heavy or bold, just soft and heavenly like the chariot. Olivia has her hair up in a pony with the her bangs and tail curled, with bits of onyx dust scattered over her head. Her dress is exactlt like Ellie's except, Olivia's is shorter and she has a pair of illuminating, sparkling, shimmering, black and white butterfly wings. The only make-up she's wearing is a bit of charcoal eyeliner and a sheer coral lip gloss, simple yet refreshing. The crowd screams in pleasure.

Ryan wears a sparkling, white dress shirt, pants, and dress shoes, the two top buttons of his shirt are unbutton and pulled apart. His hair is blown and styled to the right, his stylist sprayed onyx and sliver dust into h is soft raven black hair. In his left hand is a sliver scythe that shimmers and sparkles like light, while his other hands grips tightly onto the chariot. He looks so flawless it's like a dream. Michael wears an identical outfit to Ryan except Michael's outfit was "ulterated", the changes were h is pants, they got ripped a bit, he loosen his sliver tie and he took out his diamond cuff links and used one as an earing for his right ear. He stands there admiring the workmanship of his sliver sickle that he holds onto in his right hand, he was so engrossed with the sickle, he didn't notice the crowd. The crowd applauses as District 11 passes.

Chariot Rides- District 12

The crowd starts to bicker in excitement, after all, this is Katniss's and Peeta's childern district, the childern are the expected winners of this Hunger Games, well...not Aidan, he's too much like the nice side of his father, the Capitol's talking about Revelyn, she's got more of her mother's blood. The chariot has two levels, the top level has to thrones made of illuminating coals, while the entire chariot is a sheer, onyx black with a 12 on the front that illuminates like lava, while the rest oft the chariot is either made of illuminating flames or is blanketed in it.

Revelyn is sitting on the throne in a gorgeous, strappless, sparkling dress made of illuminating flames, her mother's signature look that she inherited. Her prep team (same prep team as her mother) did her make-up exactly like her mother's dramatic make-up during the Third Quarter Quell, her hair was streaked with illuminating and sparkling streaks that looks like fire. She wore a crown made of illuminating/sparkling flames and sparkling ambers, in her left hand is a black rose. Here is your girl on fire, back, reborn and as dangerous as ever, watch out Capitol, your rebellious girl on fire is back, welcome back. Trillium wears an identical/ shorter version of Revelyn's dress, on her back is a pair of shimmering, black, feathered wings. Her hair was crimped and put in a very loose bun that somehow stayed together, the stylist stuck three of the same roses in Revelyn's hand into Trillium's Seam, black, hair. She looks like a cute, deadly princess. The crowd screams in pleasure and they start to chant Revelyn's name, if you look closer to face (don't acuttally do that, she'll kill you) , she's really annoyed.

Aidan's sitting to the right of is sister, he's wearing a black body suit that has crack that illuminates like lava, on his back is a cape made of illuminating flames, he has a crown of flames like Revelyn on his head. The stylist streaked his hair like Revelyn, then they tousled to create a....falme blown affect. He holds a onyx, black trident in his hands, he pionts it to the crowd, they duck, because they thought the trident could shot falmes or something, truth is, it can't, Aidan laughs. Adrian's dressed excatly like Aidan but, his shoes and hands are on fire (not legit on fire but, illuminating flames on fire I mean), his hair is done exactly like Aidan and his make-up illuminates like flames and acts like a mask. The boys look dangerous and born from hell, tasty.

Then someone yells," Revelyn Rue Mellark, the forever Hunger Games Victor!!!." Revelyn whips her head in that direction and yells," Don you think I want to be here?! Do you think I want to win?! The answers all no!!! I don't like killing!!! I don't want to win!!! I don't belong here like my mother does!!!! I belong in Seam, hunting with Mr. Hawthore, my mom and Trillium!!! I don't belong here!!!." She takes a breath and continues," If I were to win, I'd become a drunkard like Haymitch! Why wouls I want ot become that?!," The crowd turns to Haymitch. He says," I have to agree with her as her mentor, the child's got a point." Then Reveltn says," See!!! Even he agrees!! I don't want anything to do with this stupid Hu-." Then aidan slaps his hand over her mouth and keeps it like that through out the chariot rides, if you look closer, she's tearing up...wait no...she's crying from fustration. The Capitol stilll screams in pleasure, I'm amazed.

The Training Scores

District 1:

Iris: 5

Azura: 6

Skyler: 8

Phoenix: 10

District 2:

Molinda: 8

Casslique: 7

Juto: 6


District 3:

District 4:

Sydney: 10

Jacqueline: 10

Finnick: 11

Ben: 11

District 5:

Everest: 6

Molly: 8

Cedar: 11


District 6:

Lucy.S: 10

Lucy.W: 1

Astharoth: 9

Harry: 7

District 7:

Snow: 11

Dawn: 4

Marko: 5


District 8:

Kati: 8

Amelia: 7

Rufus: 11

Josh: 6

District 9:

Katherine: 10

Sapphire: 2

Gabe: 10

Echo: 2

District 10:

Lisa: 12

Salandra: 5

Michael: 6

Bradley: 10

District 11:

Ellie: 5

Olivia: 8

Ryan: 4

Michael: 10

District 12:

Trillium: 10

Revelyn: 12

Aidan: 9

Adrian: 9

The Banquet (L.C story):

( This part is for he L.C tributes, the rest of the tributes sre still there but, they're not mentioned unless they're in the L.C, I'm only doing three stories, I'll tell you the rest of the stories during the games)

Ben Fisher Part of the Story:

I walk over to the cocktail table, my hand passes by dozens of colourful Capitol cocktails, then my hand finds itself reaching over to grab a nice sparkling apple cider. I turn to around to bump into someone, but not just anyone; Revelyn.

" I'm so sorry. Are you alright?," I ask.

" What did you just spill on my dress?," she asks.

" Oh. Um. Sparkling apple cider," I studder.

" Oh good. It won't stain. Um, Ben Fisher right?," she says.

" Uh, yah. And your Revelyn Rue Mellark," I say.

" Yah. Can I ask you a question? Did I cause a big scene during the ceremony?," she asks.

" You sure did," I say.

" Crap, my mentors are going to give me the talk. Hey, can you pass me that match will you?," she asks.

" Where?," I says as I whip my head around looking for a match.

" Flaming cherries," she says.

Flaming cherries?, I think, then I see the plate of flamming cherries, Oh, over there.

" One sec okay," I say.

" Sure," she says as smiles. It looked so luminous. She seems so different in person, I guess first impressions don't last long, first you meet a rebellious girl next thing you know she's this sweet and pretty girl with a hint of sacasm and spunk. It's a cute combination.

Revelyn sits down on a chair as she waits for me to get the match, I pass by two tables and the group of Careers, when no one was looking I grabbed a spare match on the table. I walk back to her and I toss her the match, then she catches it in a split second.

" Thanks," she says.

" What are you going to do with that?," I ask.

" Oh, it's a technique that my mom and dad's friend taught me, his name's Beetee Dobbs, you might have heard of his. He's incharge of the weapons for the Games." Then she swipes the match against the table and holds it against the shirt of her dress." You see, small amounts of heat and light evaporates the liquid in a cloth. In this case my skirt and your sparkling apple cider."

" Wow, I didn't know that," I say.

Then she gets up and asks as she twirls like her mom did," How do I look now?."

I look at her dress from top to botttom, the strappless dress was a sparkling, translucent silver that flows so gracefully as she twirls. The dress was layered three times, even though, you can still see her legs through it, down the middle of the skirt was this long slit that she can stick her leg through. Her hair was down, gently curled and sparkled with bits of silver, her make -up was light and clean. Nothing too bold, or too noticiable, just plain and flawlessy beautiful. But her beauty isn't as beautiful as her personality, her personality is far more beautiful than her looks.

Then I felt this in me, I don't know what it was. Could I have feelings for her? But, I already swore I would never fall in love. Then memories of the girl with brain cancer used to love, the moment she died while I held her hand. Would I be able to do the same for Revelyn if she died in the arena? Then the girl flashed back into my head and just smile and nod as in go ahead, love her, be happy. I will, thank you, I'll protect her all I can. But, what if she doesn't return my love? That doesn't matter, I want her alive, I want her to surive this.

" You look utterly beautiful," I say as I try to pick the right words for that complement.

" Thank you. Wait, what's that?," she asks as she points to my token, as in my mini notebook and pencil.

" Oh, that's my district token," I say.

" What's in it?," she asks. I gesture her to sit down, and she does, she moves in closer to see what's in it, I blush for the closeness of her.

" You see, I like to write stories and poems, I brought along with me so I can write in during the games," I say.

" Oh...," she says.

" Is that mockingjay pin your district token?," I ask.

" Oh, you mean this? Oh no, the Capitol asked me to wear this in memory of the rebllion. My district token is a little scetch pad and pencil. You see, I love to draw," she says, as she says that her eyes get bigger and more beautiful.

" Can I see a picture?," I ask.

" Sure but, you're going to have to read me one of your poems first," she says.

" Fine," I say. I flip through the pages to find one of my favorite poems I wrote, I stopped at a poem called: Finding Love Again. " Okay, I'm starting now, the poems called Finding Love Again.

" And I'm all ears," she says.

" I thought I'd never find it again, true love that I had once before,

you came into my life, more special than before,

I was full of heart break.

You helped me live again.

You are my special soul mate that I have dedicated my love to.

Because of you I know I can love again ," I read.

" Oh my gosh, that was so beautiful," she says with another of her smiles.

" Thank you, it was a pleasure reading to you. Now about that picture," I say.

" What picture?," she chimes.

" Oh, just show me it," I say.

" Fine here. It's horrible," she says as she hands her notebook over and puts both hands over her face. I touch the cover of the notebook, it was a hard, compressed cover. I take a look at the first page, it was a delicatly drawn picture of a forest, the next picture is the ocean and the next was a shed by a tree in the forest. This was I amazing, I guess she also has her father's blood.

" Wow, can I have that picture of the ocean you drew," I ask.

" Sure," she says.

" Here, in exchange for the picture," I say as I hand her the poem, Finding True Love.

Her face lit up and she says," Thank you so much!."

" Lyni!!!," says a voice I turn to face the voice, it was Finnick Odair, I guess since their parents are friends, they should be some close friends. I'm guessing Lyni is her nickname he gave her." There you are! I was looking everywhere for you!."

" Okay, I guess I'll see you later Ben," she says.

" Okay, see you," I say.

" Bye," she says. As she walks away, Finnick puts his arm around her waist, she pushes it away. Then she falls, I take a step to go to help than I stop, Finnick already helped her up and now they're laughing. Together. I hold the picture of the ocean she gave me against my heart and I take a deep breath. The my TTP rings (Tribute Tracker Phone), there on the screen is a message for Revelyn, it read:

You're a good guy. I just want to know if you want to start an alliance. Even if you say no, I won't kill you. Your're my friend, I can't do that to you.

- Revelyn...and PLEASE don't call me Lyni.

I take my phone and picture I press it against my chest, then I answer her back:

Okay, I can't kill you either. It'll hurt me.

She answers fast, her message reads:

Same. You know where the direction the Corncucopia's tail points? Me and the others will be waiting there for you, kay?

I answer:

Okay. Thanks again.

Thank you for this gift you gave me ,I think. thank you for this gift of love.

Phoenix Way's Part of the Story

I sit there ored and tired as ever, I think I'm going to text someone to get rid of this boredom, then I type:

Hey whoever this is, I'm bored come entertain me.

Then I look down at the screen to see who I texted, I eyes get bigger and my lower jaw drops, I texted Azura. That girl doesn't leave you alone until you tell her what wrong, joy.

She rushes over in to me and crouches down and says," You texted me?'

" Nope I didn't," I say.

" Come on tell me why you texted me," she says.

Oh Lord...time to use some of the charism, I think. The gift I was born with.

I reach over to her skirt and I pull her in close, and I whisper in her ear," Does that answer your question?' Then she slaps me and she pushes me away.

" Do you think I'm that easy to minipulate? Am I a joke to you? Did you get how I felt when you text... never mind what I said," she says. " I'm leaving, see yah."

" Wait-," I say. I stop, I don't mean stop as in I stop by myself but, she stopped me herself. At that exact moment, her voliet eyes and black/blue started to sparkle. It was like time stopped for a moment, just because both of us. What is this girl to me? What does she mean? I'm confused now...

" What?," she says.

" Oh, um, uh, do you want to start an alliance?," I ask.

" Why would you want me as your ally?," she asks as her arms cross over her chest.

" I don't know... I guess I feel like I can trust you," I say while scratching my head.

What do I do? Why can't I be mean to her?, I think.

" Alright but, you need to prove to me your alligance," she says.

" How?! What do you want me to do?!," I yell.

" You'll find out and don't worry. I don't judge people," she says.

" What do you mean by that?," I yell.

Them a waiter sprints from the kitchen with a kitchen knife in his hand, he jumps over tables, he then stops grabs behind Azura and slaps his hand over her mouth, and her starts to drag her away, I stand there shocked.

" Ha ha funny joke Azura, come back," I say but, she doesn't.

" Azura!!," I yell, no response.

" Azura!!!," I cry as I run in the direction they left.

I dash out of the Banquet Hall, by the time I almost reached the exit, my mentor sticks her hand out, stopping me. Then she asks," Where do you think your going? It's almost time for the interviews...your tie's crooked..."

" Get out of my way!!!," I roar in rage. I then shoves her out of my way, as I dash out, she falls into the flaming cherries. She screams but, I don't turn around.

I sprint pass rooms after rooms, looking through every room I pass and every level I climb. then I give up, I walk over to the wall, I crouch down beside it. I bend my head back in fustration and then I start to take deep breaths.

" Azura...," I moan.

Where are you? Wait. Why does it matter to me if she got kiddnapped? She got kiddnapped, her problem not mine. Well, she is the first girl that had the guts to talk to me. And the first to slap me. ouch, my cheek still hurts. I wonder how hard she can punch, wait, I don't even want to experince that.

The way her eyes flashed at me that moment, the way her eyes looked like an amethyst with the sun's rays shine right through it. They were pretty, stunning really. The the way her face looked as her eyes flash, it wasn't just her eyes. She is beautiful in total.

" PHOENIX!!!!," someone shrieks.

Azura, I think.

I litterally jump from my spot.

" PHOENIX!!! HELP ME!!!!," I hear again.

Up stairs... Ohh! The garden!," I think.

I start to sprint in that direction, I start to dash up the stairs. Is she alright? What is that waiter doing to her? Those were the only things that were scrolling up and down my brain. As I reach for the last bit of railing, I grab it and I launch myself into the sky, landing in a kneeling postion. I look up, seeing the waiter hold booth of azura's hands behind her back while, she's standing on the edge of the roof with him holding his knife behind her. I leap and clobber him. I start to repeatedly punch him in a painful pattern for him. I get up I hold him by his collar over the edge as he begs me not to let go.

" Phoenix!, Azura cries with tears in her eyes. " Please don't hurt him! Please!"

She's still standing on the edge, crying her eyes out, I then slowly place him back on the ground but, that was a stupid choice. He then grabs Azura by her hips and leaps over the edge with her in his arms.

" AZURA!!!," I yell as I stand over the edge. Then I hear a shocking sound.

She's dead Phoenix. She's gone, I think. Then I hear a thud.

I turn around to face whatever that has tried to face him. Azura. She lies there on the ground coughing. I dash over to her and then I scoop her into my arms.

" Phoenix...," she says.

" Are you alright?," I ask as I embrace her.

" Phoenix," she says.

" I asked. Are you alright?!," I yell.

" Yes but," she says.

" Did he do anything to you?," I ask.

" No he didn't. But can I say something now?," she asks.

" Sure," I say.

" You passed," she says.

" Passed?," I say.

" You passed as and ally," she says, as she gets out of my grasp. " I was going to ask if you would save me if I was in danger but, before I could. that waiter kiddnappped me."

" Let's get back to the Banquet Hall," I say as I get up. Then I hold out my hand.

" Okay," she says. Then we walk back.

Trillium Hawthorne Part of the Story

Should I tell him now? Or should I wait for the games to start? Ughhh! I've loved for too long, it's driving me nuts!!! If we can win the games together like his parents...No! It isn't like that! It'll never be like that! Does he like me or not? I love him like crazy, ever since he took the Peacekeeper's punishment in my place... He's just so kind.

I get off the bathroom floor and turn to the full length mirror, to fix my self up. My dress is a sparkling layered gray dress. Then I notice one of my straps slid off my shoulders, I pull it up and fix my bangs a bit. Ughh.. these heels are so annoying! Why couldn't I wear flats? I walk out of the bathroom and then my right twists and the heel of that shoe snaps. I fall on the floor.

This is so embarassing..., I think.

" Trillium?," someone asks. I look up. Aidan.

" Are you alright?," he asks as he crouches down.

" Um, I think so," I say. " But my foot..."

He picks my right foot up gently and says," It looks fine." Then he looks at my shoe. " You shouldn't be wearing such I heels you know."

" Yeah I know but, the stylist...," I say.

" Here give me them," he says. He pulls a pocket out of his pocket and cuts off the heels off both of the shoes, leaving only a bit of the heel on the shoe. " Here, put them on and tell me if they're only or not."

" Okay...," I say I put on the shoe, he helps me up and helps me walk in them. " They're just fine thank you."

" Need help walking," he asks.

" Um, I don't think so...," I say then I fall again.

" My grandmother said you need help to walk around when you twist your ankle or it'll get worst or something," he says.

As we walk towards the Banquet Hall, I gather my guts and ask him," Aidan, what do look in a girl?."

Yes, I did it!, I think.

" In a girl?," he says.

" Yes," I say.

" Um, I guess honesty, brave, courageous, kind, sympathic and I'm not into those glamorous girls. I like normal girls," he says.

" Okay," I say.

" There you are!," says someone. I look up and I see Haymitch, my mentor. " Where have you two been?."

" Doing what you asked me to do. Looking for her. What else?," says Aidan.

" Well hurry up, everyone's taking their seat for the interviews," says Haymitch. " What's wrong with her?."

" I, um, sprained my ankle...," I studder.

" Aidan, I want you to carry her onto stage when it's District 12's turn. Alright?," says Haymitch.

" Okay," says Aidan.

" Just carry her for now," says Haymitch.

Thank you Haymitch, I owe you big time, I think.

Then Aidan picks me up into his arms and walks over to the seating area, the Revelyn runs over and says," Trill, are you alright?."

" Um, I think so...Aidan you can put me down now," I say.

" Okay," he says as he places me on the set. And the buzzer rings, it's time for the interviews. Aidan grabs the seat beside me. The seats are so close, I canm feel his arms and hearts beat. Slow and steady.

God, let me have this moment for life...please, I think.


District One :

Hello everyone, welcome to the interviews," says Ceasar. The tributes all wave to the crowd, except Phoenix, he just sits there and glares at the crowd.

" So how are you?," Ceasar asks.

" I'm really excited, this is the first time I've ever been in the Capitol," says Iris.

" It's really nice here, though, I miss District 1," says Azura.

" The Capitol's pretty cool. But, I'm with Azura, I'm feeling a little homesick," says Skyler.

" I don't what worst; being the Capitol or looking at your face," Phoenix says sarcasticly. The crowd goes ouuu...., Azura looks at Phoenix, he doesn't do anything.

" Okay... What do you like the most in the Capitol?," Ceasar asks.

" The Capitol has so many beautiful bracelettes. I just recently bought one for my sister," says Iris."

" I think I really like those sparkling powders you have here," says Azura.

" I don't know, I can't really choose between anything. Everything's amazing here," says Skyler.

" Nothing," says Phoenix.

" Uh, Phoenix. Can you be a little more positive?," Ceasar asks.

" No," says Phoenix.

" Okay, next question. Can you tellme about your life a bit," Ceasar asks.

" I have a younger sister and brother," says Iris.

" Can I ask you a question?," Ceasar asks.

" Of course," says Iris.

" Who was that girl you volunteered for?," Ceasar asks.

" That was Sklyer's younger sister, Rose," says Iris.

" Oh, um. I have my mother, my younger brother, Hunter and my father is decreased," says Azura.

" My sister is my life," says Skyler.

" I was abandoned," Phoenix mumbles.

" Time for your random question.... What's your favorite colour," Ceasar asks. The crowd laughs.

" Crystal, just something clear," says Iris.

" Azura," says Azura.

" Green?," says Skyler.

" Don't have one," says Phoenix.


" Thank you District 1, I hope you do well during the Games," says Ceasar.

District 2 :

Hello District 2. How was your day?," Ceasar asks.

" I have this sudden urge to kill," says Molinda.

" Ah, I see," says Ceasar. " Casslique?."

" Fine really but.... I really miss home," says Casslique, her eyes start to water.

" Okay I guess," says Juto.

" It was enjoyable," says Finum as he puts his arm around his sister's shoulder.

" What do you like the most about the Capitol?," Ceasar asks.

" Your weapon selection. I love it," says Molinda.

" I don't have one. I don't know where to start," says Casslique.

" The fact that I have the chance to come here," says Juto.

" Everything really," says Finum.

" Tell me about your history," says Ceasar.

" I killed my mother. Her name is Enobaria," says Molinda. The crowd goes silent.

" Finum's my brother," says Casslique.

" I don't know how to explain this but, my father's really abusive and injuries from him are so bad...I get hospitalized...," says Juto.

" I'm very sorry to hear that Juto," says Ceasar.

" Casslique's my sister," says Finum.

" Time for a random question... What's your favorite weapon?," Ceasar asks.

" Knives...," Molinda says with a smile on her face.

" I guess bow and arrows," sasy Casslique.

" My spear," says Juto.

" My sword I guess," says Finum.


" Thank you District 2," says Ceasar.

District 4:

" Hello District 4, you all look lovely," says Ceasar. The tributs give their thanks and wave to the crowd with beautiful smiles.

" So, how was your day?," Ceasar asks.

" Lovely. I had a great time," says Sydney.

" Um, great. I enjoyed myself," says Jacqueline

" Amazing. Transcedantly amazing. Me and my friends just hung out," says Finnick.

" ....Best day of my life," Ben says with a smile and turns to Revelyn. Who is sitting and watching the interviews, she notices Ben staring and smiling at her, then she smiles back.

" Finnick, I believe you good friends with Revelyn and Aidan mellark, right?," Ceasar asks.

" Yes, the best. We've known each other since we were little," says Finnick.

" May I ask you this one little question that I've been dying to ask?," Ceasar asks.

" Um. Sure... Why not?," says Finnick.

" Do you have feelings for Revelyn?," Ceasar asks, then he starts to lean in to hear Finnick's answer better.

Finnick stops for a moment, then he looks over to Revelyn, who is looking at his with a curious look on her face. The he sasy while blushing bright pink," I've always had." The crowd whistles and the cameramen point their cameras at Revelyn. " She may act rebellious. She may act sarcastic and mean. But, she the most kind, smart, beautiful and daring girl i met in her life."

I wish I had your guts Finnick, Ben thinks.

" Do you think she has feelings for you," Ceasar asks.

" Probably not. But, I swear, I'll make her fall for me," says Finnick.

" Looks like we only have time for a very, very quick question," says Ceasar. " What's your favorite flower.

" Um..waterliles?," says Sydney.

" French roses," says Jacqueline.

" Uhh... I guess....Green rose. It's a rose from heaven, my father told me that in a dream," says Finnick.

" ....Definetly, white roses," says Ben.


" Thank you District 4," says Ceasar.

District 5:

" Welcome District 5, please take a seat," says Ceasar. They all take their seat and throw a kiss or two towards the crowd. " Now tell me about your evening."

" I loved wearing my dress so much. Isn't lovely?," says Everest. Then she gets up and twirls, the crowd give their ohh... and ahhh...

" I had a good time I guess," says Molly.

" Okay I guess," says Cedar.

" Awesome night. That's all I have to say," says Jake.

" What do you like the most about the Capitol?," Ceasar asks.

" Your dresses! They're so beautiful!," Everest exclaims. " It was a great experince... it's a great memory to have if I don't make it."

" The training center was so cool. There were so many cool technogies," says Molly.

" I was checking out your clinics. They're so amazing. I wish the other districts could have the technologies you have here," says Cedar.

" I don't know where to start," says Jake.

" Alright then. What are your hobbies," Ceasar asks.

" Climbling trees," says Everest. " My friends sometimes call me a monkey."

" Um, I don't ahve on really," says Molly.

" Medical Care," says Cedar. " Everest, you're not a monkey. And you do have more talents than that. don't under estimate yourself."

" Hunting," says Jake.

" Now. Who is your idol?," Ceasar asks.

" Johanna Mason, she was amazing," says Everest.

" Um, that girl Rue from the 74th annual Hunger Games," says Molly. " She was very kind and gentle. She didn't deserve to die like that."

" Peeta Mellark, he was kind and was trustworthy. And the way he protected Katniss, it proves that he's a good person and I want to be like him," says Cedar. Then Everest crosses his mind, he smiles and laughs and bit.

" Thresh, he was so powerful, so strong and yet, he was so kind to Katniss," says Jake.


" Thank you District 5," says Ceasar.

Distict 6 :

" Hello everyone, please take a seat," says Ceasar. everyone takes their seat but, before they took their seat the Lucys waved to the crowd and the boys bow.

" Okay, so how was your evening," Ceasar asks.

" It was alright, nothing too exciting but, I heard someone got kidnapped?," says Lucy Steiner. " I'm still wondering who it was?"

" My evening was expectional. And I believe it was that girl Azura from District 1 who got kidnapped," says Lucy Wonder.

" Ohhh....," says Lucy Steiner.

" Um... excuse me but, it kind of my turn," says Harry.

" Go ahead Harry," says Ceasar.

" I had a great time. The food was amazing and so were the decorations you used," says Harry.

" The evening was plain awesome! We don't have that kind of thing back home!," Astharoth exlcaims.

" I'm glad you enjoyed it Astharoth," sasy Ceasar.

" Um, I have a question for you to answer," says Harry.

" Sure, of course. What?," says Ceasar.

Then Harry's experssion changes to a very annoyed look. His eyebrows arch and he starts to glare at Ceasar. Ceasar then pulls on his collar a bit. Then Harry says," Actually.... this is for evryone in the Capitol too. If Katniss Everdeen started a rebellion and won, and ended the Game... Then why am I here?."

" Oh, um....," says Ceasar.

" Exactly! I started the rebellion to end the Games. You ended the Games for seventeen years. And you start the Games again?! With Victor's childern!? Is there something wrong with your stupid Capitol brains?!," Katniss Everdeen yells from the mentor seating area. " You promised! You promised! Yet you break it! Look around! There isn't a single tributes here that wants to be here!." Then Peeta stands up and puts his hands gently on Katniss's shoulder and carefully seat down.

" I guess that where Revelyn got her personality," Ceasar snorted sarcastically.

" Actually, I agree with Miss Everdeen," says Astharoth.

" And you haven't answered my question yet," says Harry.

" Oh um.... I don't know....go ask a another person....," says Ceasar then he turns to the camera men and gesture them to turn on the buzzer.


" Ahh, bye District 6," says Ceasar. As they leave, Ceasar gestures to the workers to hand his a bottle of water. Then Katniss takes the bottle of water from the worker, she unscrews the lid and pour it all over Ceasar's head and smirks at him.

District 7 :

" Hello District 7, please take a seat over there," says Ceasar.

" Hello," they all says at the same time.

" So, how was the banquet? Did you enjoy it?," Ceasar asks

" I expected more," says Snow. " I was expecting WAY more that a simple banquet. What happened? Did the Capitol suddenly become broke?"

" Hey that's rude...," says Dawn. " And my experince was breath takingly just like a dream."

" I didn't really care," saya Marko.

" I'm sorry but, I'm with Snow," says Blaze.

" Okay then but, I have to say, you girls look ravshing," says Ceasar.

" Thank you!," Dawn exclaims. Her dress was a long evening dress that illuminates like a sunset, as she spins a bit, the dress sparkles jewels.

" Thanks... I guess?," says Snow. Her dress was a pure white dress just like snow but, it sparkles so beautifully.

" And us men?," says Blaze.

" Drop dead handsome," says Ceasar.

" How's this year going to work?," Marko asks.

" I believe you arena going to be islands with a main land and an outcast island," says Ceasar.

" Hum, sounds intresting," says Marko.

" Hey, is there going to be a Corncucopia?," Dawn asks.

" Yes, just like every year but, this time, the weapons and supples are scattered all over the arena," says Ceasar.

" It saves us from the bloodbath," say Snow.

" I don't think so. Don't forget about competion for supples and weapons," says Ceasar.

" Anything else we should know about the arena?," Blaze asks.

" yes, under the arena, there's going to be a a underground maze, there's also a point where the mazes connects the islands," says Ceasar.


" Thank for the lovely chat District 7," says Ceasar. As the tributes leave, Ceasar slaps his face. He just spilt the secrets about the arena to the tributes.

" Man, thoses tributes are good...," Ceasar sighs.

District 8:

" Welcome District 8, take a seat please," says Ceasar. Then Kati goes up the camera a says," Hey daddy!...and brothers!" The crowd laughs.

" So how was you evening," Ceasar asks.

" Three letters; O.M.G," says Kati.

" It was enjoyable," says Amelia

" Great, that's all I have," says Rufus.

" If only there were more space to walk around. It was SO crowded, I could only stay in one stop!," Josh complains.

" So your District 8. what do you think of the material used to make your clothes and costumes," Ceasar asks.

" Oh my God, I would steal this fabric if it was just lying there on a bench," says Kati.

" To die for," says Amelia.

" I'm not a girl so I don't know so much about fabrics but I have to say. this fabric you use it absulutly stunning!," says Rufus.

" It's very flashy and it's very fresh, I like it," says Josh.

" Now, what's your favorite colour of fabric?," Ceasar asks.

" All the colours, I can't choose," says Kati.

" Emerald Green satin with sparkles," says Amelia.

" Chocolate brown? I don't know," says Rufus.

" Golden satin with sparkles," says Josh.

" I have to say this but. Did you know they had that fabric your wearing from your District?," Ceasar asks.

" No? This is amazing!," says Kati.

" District 8 pride," says Amelia.

" Man, we're skilled," says Rufus and Josh sits there in shock.


" Thank you District 8," says Ceasar.

District 9:

" Hello District 9!,"Ceasar welcomes with open arms. He gives all the tributes a hug and directs them to the chairs.

" So how was your evening?," Ceasar asks.

" Stormy, like stormingly awesome," says Katherine.

" It was alright, through... you should be careful where you place the flaming cherries next time," says Sapphire as she holds up a bit of her skirt. A bit of her skirt was burnt and disintergrating.

" You had like no cakes. What happened to the cakes?," says Gabe.

" Well actually... all the pastries chefs went missing and we decided to ask Peeta Mellark to make the cakes. But... we got a door slammed in our face for asking that...," Ceasar says while twiddling his tumbs.

" Eh-hum," Echo clears his throat.

" Oh sorry Echo... We almost forgot about you there," says Ceasar.

" It's alright, I had a good time," says Echo.

" Okay then, so what was the chariot rides like for you?," Ceasar asks.

" Frightening," Katherine says with a smile.

" Just like a dream... a scary fantesy-like dream," says Sapphire.

" That was so sick!," Gabe exclaims.

" A magical dream...," says Echo.

" And for your last question.... What would you do if someone you were in love with was in the games with you?," Ceasar asks.

" I'd ally up with him," says Katherine.

" Make every moment a precious memory," Sapphire says with a dazed look.

" Protect her?," says Gabe.

" Swear my oath of alligance to her. Protect from every harm. And make sure she lasts," says Echo. " It doesn't have to be me who wins but, she has to win."


" Thank you District 9," says Ceasar.

District 10 :

" Welcome, welcome. Please take a seat!," says Ceasar.

" So what it like? Being in the Capitol, being pampered, you know what I mean," says Ceasar.

" So relaxing! No cows, no manure," says Lisa

" Unstressful, no one telling me to milk cows and kill them," says Salandra.

" No more lugging heavy cows and horses around. I'm so happy," says Michael.

" Even though the capitol is amazing, I still miss home alot," says Bradley.

" Lisa, I believe you got a 12 for your training scores. How dod you do that?," says Ceasar.

" I not sure, I'm still shocked about it. But I'm not the only one with a 12, Revelyn got one too," says Lisa.

" But Revelyn's a Victor's child, your not," says Ceasar.

" All I did was throw a few knives," says Lisa.

" But, where did you throw it?," Ceasar asks.

" Um....well, I threw it at a Gamemaker, and... he's kind of in the hospital...," says Lisa.

" I see..., well. How was the crusine?," Ceasar asks.

" So good! I still want more," says Lisa.

" It was good but, there wasn't enough flavor in it," says Salandra.

" It was good," says Michael.

" Best in the world," says Bradley.

" Okay, for our last question.... If you and your ally were the final two tributes in the arena, what would you do? And you and ally are in a relationship," says Ceasar.

" Split up and hope that something else would kill you," says Lisa.

" Both of us commit suicde?," says Salandra.

" Kill myself?," says Michael.

" I don't know," says Bradley.


" Thank you District 10," says Ceasar.

District 11 :

" District 11! Welcome!," says Ceasar.

" Your question is, if you could bring something from the Capitol home. What would it be?," says Ceasar.

" The Capitol," says Ellie.

" Nothing, I love the way my life is," says Olivia. But, her experssion seems sad.

" I guess, some money. I have to admit, the entire Distrcit needs money," says Ryan.

" A life," says Michael.

" Do any of your have siblings?," Ceasar asks.

" Yes, my older sister named May," says Ellie.

" It's just me and my parents," says Olivia.

" I have four siblings, there names are; Sandra, Drew, Kate and Harry," says Ryan.

" I have nothing, I'm all alone," says Michael.

" And how will winning benefit you?," Ceasar asks.

" Well, my life will be a little easier," says Ellie.

" My parents will work less," says Olivia.

" It will benefit my siblings," says Ryan.

" I'll have a life," says Michael.


" Thank you District 11," says Ceasar.

District 12 :

" Welcome tributes of District 12, please take a seat!," says Ceasar. " Hello, Revelyn." She doesn't answer.

" Alright then! What your favorite dish for the Capitol?," Ceasar asks.

" Your mist cookies," says Trillium. " It was made of mist yet, it has the texture and flavor of a cookie."

" Well, I was planning to try some ceasar salad but, the word ceasar reminded me about you. So, I didn't eat it," Reveltn says sarcasticly.

" I don't know, too many to choose from," says Aidan.

" Apple tarts," says Adrian.

" Now Revelyn, you got a 12 I believe. How did you do it?," Ceasar asks.

" I killed a Gamemaker, with my bows and arrows," says Revelyn.

" I-I-I see," says Ceasar.

" Ceasar, she just playing you, she didn't kill anyone. She just endangered they're lives," says Trillium.

" I just tied a bunch of knives to a string and tied it onto the arrow's end and nearly killed them," Revelyn says with a smile.

" I have a question, people in the capitol kept on saying Revelyn would win. Do you think she will?," Ceasar asks.

" She's got a chance," says Trillium.

" My sis probably has a equal chance as the other tributes," says Aidan.

" I think she might," says Adrian.

" There's no way in hell I'm winning, I don't want to and I won't. I don't like killing and I don't like you," says Revelyn.

" Okay for your last question. Do you think you might fall in love with atribute in the arena?," Ceasar asks.

" I think so," says Trillium. She smiles and her heart beats faster as she thinks of Aidan.

" I might," says Revelyn. " But I'll try not, I don't want to be in the same situation my parents were in."

" I will, I belive I will," says Aidan.

" I don't know. I don't want to," says Aidrian.

" But Revelyn, what about Finnick?," says Ceasar.

" I don't know, I've always thought of him as my brother. I don't know what may happen," says Revelyn. " But, it's non of you business either way."


" Thank you District 12 and have a good night Capitol," says Ceasar. As the tributes leave Revelyn kicks Ceasar off his chair then she leaves.

Jacqueline Culvers's Part of The Story (A L.C Story)

Oh gosh, where am I? I've never been in the Capitol before. Where's my room? I start to walk up these stairs, while hoping it's my room, I get the roof top garden. I sigh, then I sit on the edge of the roof and think.

The Games are tomorrow. What am I going to do?, I think.

If I were to jump off this roof and get seriously injured. Will they disqualifiy from the games? I look down the edge, while I do that, shivers run down my spine. I don't want to be in the games. I take a deep breathe and place both of my legs over the edge, then I slowly start to slide my body off of the edge.

" STOP!," someone yells. I turn around, then my eyes meet up with Sklyer Greengrass's. Then I slip.

He dashes over to me and throws his body over to catch me by my waist, then he pulls me back over the edge to the floor of the garden.

" What do you think your doing? I come up here to look over my stratgey and I find someone trying to commit suicide!," says Skyler.

" I wasn't trying to-," but I get cut off hand making a stop gesture.

" I swear I wasn't-," I got cut off.

" Just be quiet will you?," he says.

" But! I-," I got cut off again but, not with his hand or voicew but, by Skyler's lips pressed against mine. I sit there in shock.

" Sorry, I just needed to shut you up," he says.

" O-O-O-h....," I studder.

I just sit there watching him do something with a map of the arena then I ask," Why did you save me?"

He stops and looks up then says," Because no one deserves to die. Even if you did something wrong, you don't need to die. You should only die when it's time for you."

" But, it is my time, there's no way I'll win the games!-," I say but I get cut off by his pinning me to the ground.

" Do you want to know why I saved you?," he asks. I nod.

Then he bends down to my ear and whispers," Because I wanted to to be my ally... wait no, there's still more but, I tell you the rest in the arena."

Then my heart starts to beat nonstop. What does he mean by that? My heart's starting to beat madly for him. What can I do now.

" Um, can you help me with something?," I ask.

" Sure what," he says.

" I'm lost, I need to get back to my room," I say.

He laughs then he says," Come on, get up. I'll take you back to your room."

Then takes me back, while we walk back we had a nice conversation. By the time we reach my room, be bids me good-bye. I gesture him to come closer, then I get on my tippy toes and plant a kiss on his lips.

" There, I just paid you back," I say. He laughs then says thank you. I close my door and slide to the floor while my heart beated non stop for him.

Let The Games Begin

Day One :

The tributes stand twenty meters away from the Croncucopia, and a two meters away from the each other. Then tributes get ready for the sixty seconds. 60...59...58...57...56...55...54...53..52...51...50...49...48...47... 46...45...44..43..42..41..40...39...38...37...36...36...35...34...33...32...31...30...29...28...27...26...25...24...23... 22...21...20...19...18...17...16...15...14...13...12...11...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1.

Then the tributes dash away from the Corncucopia, they run in different direction, trying to get away from each other. The Career group finds the first of the weapons in a tree, they dash towards a waterfall, Iris has a bow and arrow in her hand, she looks around and finds Salandra and Bradley running into the woods. She sets bow and arrow together, targeting Salandra, she lets go of the arrow, sending it straight inyo her back. The canon fires as iris runs back to the Careers, as Bradley falls to his knees beside Salandra and holds her hand stiffens. When he releases his grasp on her hand, he finds something in her hands, it was a pink stone with love engraved in gold on it. He takes it, places it into his pocket and kisses Salandra on her lips and runs away from her.

While Molinda runs, she find a knife hanging from a tree, she leaps to rip it off of the tree, then she climbs up a tree and waits for a target to come. Then she sees Dawn running in her direction, by the time dawn was under the area Molinda was. Molinda jumped from the tree while stabbing dawn constantly until she died but, before she died, Molinda used the knife to rip open her flesh. The canon fires. Then Molinda runs away from Dawn's bleeding body aas the hovercraft starts to come over to pick Dawn up. By now, all of the tributes have left the Corncucopia and are somewhere in this arena.

Adrian Gray:

God, where am I? I need to get out of here. Where are all the weapons? Oh God, there's no way I'm going to win like this. Where's the group? I keep on running, looking for my District group. Where did they go? Wait, where the tail of the Corncucopia points.... That's where they are! I I dash in the direction the tail points. I see them, the're just across the river. I start to run through the water but, I fall.

I open my eyes, guessing, I'm drowning. But I'm not. I'm in this tunnel underground. I start to walk backwards, then I trip over a pile of backpacks and weapons. I greedily grab to two backpacks, a bag of knives and a sword, then I start to run in this maze. Then I hear voice down the corner.

I'm not the only one who found the tunnels.., I think. Then I press my back against the wall of the tunnel earsdropping the movements of the person. I get my sword ready to attack, then I take a deep breath. I close my eyes and spin around and stab whoever it was to death. I then open my eyes to see who is is; Cedar Lark. I stumble back, shocked that I just killed a human, then the dirt underneath Cedar starts to suck him into the ground. In his hand was a bag, I rip it out of his hand before he gets sucked into the ground. The canon fires. I open the bag to see what it was, in the bag was a bunch of crackers and dried beef, I throw it into my bag and start my way down the path.

I start to hear a growl, I turn around, it was a mutt. Never seeing one before I run away from it but, there's a dead end. I keep on backing up until my back is pressed against the wall. I'm scared. I then poise my sword in front of my. Then the mutts eyes turn into a bright red, it's fur turns into a sleek black, the it pouces on to me, ripping my flesh out. The canon fires. I die.

Kati Jean:

I found this waterfall while I was running, I carefully crawl behind the water, I turn around finding a tunnel. I stare at it, wondering if I should go in or not. I decided to go in, I slip through the tunnel, landing on this sandy ground, infront of me is a pool of clean water. Beside me is a backpack with a knife, I reach over to those two things and hold them in my arms. I'm scared. I've never killed a single life in my life. I'm so scared. I lean against the wall, and breath in and out.

Then I hear foot steps outside. My eyes widen, crawl over to the corner and hold the knife, pointy side down, while shaking from the fright. Then i see a pair of male shoes coming down the tunnel, my grip around my bag tightens. then his whole body slips through. It's Ryan Fielder.

" Are you Kati Jean," he says. I nod. " Don't worry I won't kill you, I don't like killing. Nut, do you want to be my ally?"

" Can I trust you," I ask.

" Yes, I'll prove it," he says. Then he pulls a knife out of his pocket and holds it against his tender skin on his wrist and says," I swear my oath of aligance to Kati Jean. If I were to ever betray her, she has the right to kill me." Then he cut his skin.

" Okay, you have my trust, let me see your cut," I say. then I go looking through my bag and pull out a first aid kit. I open it and pull out a bandage. He gives his hand and I wrap it around his hand, then I tie a knot.

" Your good at making bandages, you'd be a good doctor," he says.

" Thank you," I say.

" Here, you look hungry, I found these in the woods," he says as he hands me bag of nuts.

" Are they safe?," I say.

" Can you trust me?," he says. Then I laugh, we both shared the bag of delicous nuts together.

Ben Fisher:

Tail of the Corncucopia. Tail of the Corncucopia... There! I wave to Revelyn, Finnick, Aidan and Trillium. Revelyn gives me a big smile and waves back, Finnick stares at me with a look that says why-the-hell-are-you-here, Aidan points to me like there-he-is and Trillium gives me a little smile. While looking for them I found a few tridents(someone literally rained them on my head, ouch) and a bag full of good stuff. Revelyn's armed with a bow and arrow, and there are some knives on her belt, Finnick has a trident, Aidan's got a sword and Trillium has bows and arrows.

" Ben, there you are," says Revelyn as she gives me a big hug, Finnick stands there in jealousy. then he walks over and pulls Revelyn away from me.

" Remember?," says Finnick.

" Oh, yes, that's right. Ben, we're looking for that out cast island," says Revelyn.

" Oh, I've seen it, it's in the northern east direction," I say while pointing to a piece of land in the distance.

" Told you," says Trillium.

" But, it's a really long swim," I say.

" I know, that's why we're looking for a underground tunnel that'll take us there," says Revelyn.

Aidan walks towards a boulder and sits on it, then the boulder sinks into the ground, showing a opening into the tunnels.

" AIDAN!," Trillium screams as she runs over to his side.

" I'm going in first," says Finnick.

" I'll come wi-," says Revelyn.

" Are you alright?," I ask her as I put my arms around her to help her walk. Her face goes completely pale.

" Revelyn!," Finnick yells as he runs to her side. He takes her hand, and puts her hand on her forehead. " are you alright?" She nods. " Ben, carry her. Trillium, can you help Aidan walk?" she nods.

" Revelyn, it's alright," I say as I jump into the hole.

" Finnick, can we start a camp here? She doesn't look very stable," I tell him. His experssion on his face goes to caring when he looks at her.

" Alright," says Finnick. " But, I want you to watch her." I nod.

While Finnick sealed off the entrance, I lay Revelyn carefully on her back. Some colour has come back to her face. Her beautiful face. Aidan lies down beside Trillium, and they both go to sleep.I then start to brush a bit of her bangs to the side. I get up, her hand tugs on my shirt. I smile and sit down beside her, I lay her down beside me and I lay down beside her. Then she dirfts off to sleep. She may act rebellious, mean and sarcastic but, she's so lonely and gentle on the inside. I need to protect her.

Phoenix Way:

I didn't join the Careers, all I have is Azura sleeping in my arms. I lean my head back against the tree. Man, It's cold, then I notice Azura's shivering in my arms.

" Hey, it would help is you could send us a blanket," I yell out to the black sky. Then a little parachute comes out of the sky. I rip it out and drap the blanket over us, then Azura suggles up to my chest. She's so cute. I blush. I tighten my grasp around Azura, I tighten my arms so much, Azura's face is pressed against my chest.

I sit there wondering how I can save her. How do I make her last? How can I make her win? it doesn't have to me me who wins with her but, she has to win. she has to. Then I slowly lay down with Azura in my arms, and I dift into sleep. I must save her. She has to win. No matter what happens. She has to. <- only thoughts in my head

Death Toll For Today : 4 Deaths

In honor of:

Salandra Delt

Dawn Woods

Cedar Lark

Adrian Gray

Day Two :

Jacqueline Culvers:

Skyler lied to me, he didn't want me as his ally. He just ditched me and ran off with the Careers. I'm so stupid for believeing him. But, why does my heart still what him? I stubble onto the beach and down myself on the silky sand, my hands start to play with the sand. There's no point trying to win, I know I won't. I stretch my legs infront of my and sigh. Then I see a giant shadow towering over me. Just kill me will you? I shudder. But, I'm scared I don't want to die. I slowly draw my knife from my pocket, I put both hands on the ground and I use my legs to do this flipping/kicking/tripping/wrestling move. I leap onto the person chest while holding my kife above him. I stop. Skyler.

" Hey Jacqueline, err... Can you get off me?," he asks.

" No! You betrayed me, you promised to be my ally. Yet, you run off with the Careers. You traitor!," I yell.

Then he takes my hand with the knife in it, he takes the knife out and presses my hand onto his lips. He takes his other hand and starts to brush my dark hair. Then he pulls me onto him, my head resting on his chest, while his arms are wrapped tightly around me. My heart is beating non stop. Does he hear it? This is so embarassing!

" I never forgot about you. I ran off with the Careers because I needed to tell them that I'm not with them," he says.

" That means their going to kill you right?," I say.

" Um, but I'm not the only ones. Phoenix and Azura left too. Now Iris is all by herself," he says while getting up. " Come on."

" Where? Where are you taking me?," I ask.

" My camp. I set up one underground," he says.

" Really?," I say.

" Um," he replies as he pulls me towards the water. " But, you have to hold your breath to get there."

We both jump into the water, he directs me towards the deeper end of the sea. And there I see a little cave-like place. He gestures me to follow him as he heads to the cave. It wasn't a cave, it was a tunnel. There were seaweed, shells and other things scattered all over the tunnel. Then I see the surface. Skyler comes out first and helps me out. There is a pile of backpacks, a fishing rod, a stack of swords and tridents. To the right was a sleeping bed. How did he do this?

Molinda Juba:

Woo-hooo! Time for another day of killing! I wonder which knife I should take with me today? I go through my knife bag to search for a good knife. Oooo... Fairbairn knife, how delicous. But, not what I'm looking for. How about this Ka-Bar knife? It looks durable. Then I look at the handle. What kind of knife it this?! The handle's so smooth it'll slip out of you hand and it's so light. What a crappy knife... Then I reach my hand to the very bottom and pull out this knife. The blade was clean and sharp, the handle's grip was great. Humm....a Ramba knife... and it's a good quality too...

" Perfect," I purr.

What's my limit today?.... four people should satify my cave, I think.

Then I hear leaves crunching against the forest/jungle floor, I quickly jump into a tree to see spy on who it was. Then I see sleek black hair, a tan and deep brown eyes.. Ryan Fielder, you done. Then I jump onto his back with my knife in my hand, he trying to throw me off his back.

Hummm, resisting huh?, I think.

Then I take the knife into both of my hands and target it directly above his back. Then I slash his back from his shoulder blade to down to his leg,while jumping off of him. I watch as his blood is leaking out of his body and him crying from agonizing pain. Should I just kill him so he can get over his pain? Heck no! I'm going to let him live the last few minutes of his life with this pain. That's what you get for being so cheerful at the ceremonies. Then I use the knife to cut the backpack off of him and run off but, then I stop.

Why didn't the canon fire?, I think.

Then I hear leaves rustling again, I turn. Then I see a blood bathed human-like figure struggling to crawl away and save itself. I stick my hand into my my bag to look for that knife, then I pull out that crappy Ka-bar knife. What the? wait, it's light so it's perfect for throwing. Then I stand there smiling at that crappy knife. Then I look up at Ryan, I target the knife directly at his head, then I send it flying through the forest, injecting itself into his head. The blood squirts out just like when you squeeze a toothpaste tube too much. Then the canon fires.

Who else shall I kill today?, I think.

Lucy Wonder:

&nbsp {C I walk around a waterfall. I start to wonder, where's Harry?I start to pace more and more. Then I stop. I'm making myself very easy to kill. I'm so stupid! Then I pull myself gently onto a tree and sit there, still waiting for Harry.

{C What that?, I think.&nbsp {C I see a blurry figure of a person running towards the water then, throwing itself into the water. I take a closer look at who it is, that soft blonde hair in a braid... Where did I see that before? Then a fastback of the Chariot Ceremonies cross my mind. I remember her! It's Sapphire Rolland. I take another look at her, she all muddy a bloody.

“ Ugh!,” I say.&nbsp {C Then she whips her head around, she probably heard me.

She pulls an arrow from behind her back, and starts to set up her bows and arrows. I pull a slip shot I found out and pull a knife from my pocket and start to set my sling shot up. But, then she sees me, I quickly let go of the rope of the sling shot, then the goes flying at her at the speed of light. It impales itself between her breast.

{C “ AHH!!!,” she screams in pain. “ ECHO!”

{C Crap, she's calling Echo. I have to leave, I think.

{C Echo comes running at the speed of light, then slides on his knees to Sapphire. They share their final words, and the canon fires. Echo slowly lets go of her hand, then he turns in my direction as he gets up, he knows I'm here. His facial expression looks possessed.

{C “ Well?! Kill me like you did with Sapphire!!!,” he roars. I sit there frozen. He pulls Sapphire's bow and arrow out and sets it up, facing me. But, he doesn't shot. I hear a canon instead. Echo falls to his knees, then to the ground. The blood is leaking quickly out of him, I look up. Harry.

“ Bout time,” I say.

“ I know. Sorry, I was too busy hunting this kid down,” Harry says as he walks over to Echo and kicks him. I jump down from the tree and take all of Sapphire supplies while harry does the same to Echo. We look at each other and smile while shaking our heads.

Finnick Odair:

Revelyn's state is getting worse and worse. Then I feel someone kick my leg, I look up to see Ben looking at me. He gestures me with his head to follow him. I get up and he carefully puts Revelyn down. We walk over to a dead end of a tunnel and we stop where we can see a pond above us.

“ Well?,” I say.

“ I think Revelyn's is sick,” he says.

“ Like I didn't know that,” I say.

“ I think she has lung cancer,” he says.

“ What?!,”I say.

“ But, I don't know for sure, if you want to know for sure, we need the diagnostic equipment,” he says.

“ Okay,” I say, then I look up at the pond and yell,” Yo Haymitch! If you aren't to drunken in your old geezer pants, send us some diagnostic equipment!” Then a parachute comes down above us, it goes through the water and lands in Ben's hands. “ There.”

We walk over to Revelyn, a put her in my arms and Ben starts to connect a tube to this machine, then he connects a needle to the tube. then gestures me to hold Revelyn's arm out a bit. As I do, Aidan and Trillium wake up, then they start to watch attentively. As Ben stuck the need into Revelyn's arm, I watch the blood go into the needle. Her blood was bright red, I look at Revelyn, she's still sleeping away.

Man, this girl's a power sleeper, I think.

Ben takes the needle out of Revelyn's arm and then he pushes some button on the machine, the blood in the tube suddenly goes into the machine. Then the result comes out, Ben reads it and his expression drops, I rip it out of his hand a read it. The letters were: LUNG CANCER. I drop it and Trillium and Aidan reads it, their expression drops too.

“ How is this possible?," I ask Ben.

“ District 12 has bad air. This explains everything,” he says.

When we were young, Revelyn begged her parents to mover to District 4. But, I said no, I wanted her to stay in the place she belongs. The air in District 4 was clean and fresh as ever while District 12's was suffocating and coal dusted. I was young and made a stupid mistake. This mistake is endangering her.

Rufus Mendal:

I sit there in my tree, playing with my knife. So far I had an easy day, I lean back against the tree's rough bark and sigh. I sit there dazed in thought then a slashes of wind starts to hit me, I fall out of my tree and land in a prickly bush, I stay low behind the bush and watch what was going on. Then a ray of sunlight shines directly in my eyes, I slap my hand on my eyes and bend down for a moment, then I look up again but, this time squinting.

I see a giant helicopter above me with four rope ladders, I watch cautiously as I see four people come out of the helicopter. I first see a boy with brownish reddish hair and glasses come out of the helicopter, he doesn't look that dangerous... then I see a bag of bombs strapped onto his back. Oops, he is dangerous.

He holds his hand out and a girl takes it and pulls herself down, she has gingery hair and bright blue eyes, and some pretty pale skin. She has a sword strapped to her belt, I'm guessing she's pretty skilled with a sword. Then I look at the boy again, the way the act towards another, I'm guessing their friends and going to be allies.

Two more people come out of the helicopter, the boy has radiant blonde hair and pale blue eyes, I thought he was one of those pretty boys at first till I saw his face. Nothing but scars, he has a bag over his shoulder and looks up to the next girl with caring eyes. The girl; he was looking at had axe strapped onto her back, she seems sweet but, in her eyes I see fear.

I pause for a moment, debating whether I should kill one of them or not, then I aim my knife up at the kid with brownish reddish hair and throw it, he falls down from the ladder and the cannon fires. I start to dash away as the ginger falls down and takes a look a the guy, she stands up and pulls a knife from her belt, she launches it at me in full speed. The knife impales me in the back and I fall, I open my eyes to watch the other boy and girl run away but, I see a familiar figure charging at the ginger, it looks like Molinda... she slashes a knife down the ginger's back and she falls down, on top of the dead guy dead.

Then Molinda walks over to me with sympathy in her eyes(which is highly usually and happens once every blue moon), she bends down a whispers in my ear, “ I will end your pain and stabs a knife in my back, then the cannon fires but, this time, the cannon was for me.

&nbsp {C Death Toll: 5

In honor of:

Ryan Fielder

Sapphire Rolland

Echo Stone

Digit Starr

Lucy Dawn

Day 3:

Olivia Circuit:

“Uh...,” I let out.

I look around, I have to say I got pretty far. All of that knife throwing and sprinting paid off, I'm on the arena's outcast island... It's nice here. I lay there on the jungle/forest floor, then I quickly sit up.

What the hell?! I'm in the arena for God's sake! Why am I laying around like this? No one safe in this arena, for God knows it!, I think.

Then my stomach growls at me, then I think, I guess I should do some hunting...

I get up and start to stroll around the forest, then I nearly stumble over something, a scythe. I pick up the scythe and look at it, the handle's tape in kinda messed up but, the blade's still sharp and there's a strap for me to pull it over my shoulders. This isn't one of the harvesting scythes you would use for harvesting, this one it made for fighting. I sling it onto my back and start to walk.

Then I hear leaves crumbling to someone or something's steps, I turn around and whip the scythe in front of me, then I see a tiger.

Oh my God..., I think.

It turns around and sees me, then it starts to charge at me with its claws out, it then leaps and pins me to the ground. Luckily, the scythe blocked it from tearing my head off. Then it collapses on me, I try to push it off my body but its too heavy. I put two finger carefully in front of its nose.

Its not breathing..., I think. Then I put my ear against its soft chest, then I think, there's heart beat either... what killed it?

Then I see a tanned arm reach for the tigers head, then the arm pulls the tiger off me. Michael Day.

“ Michael?,” I say but, his eyes, they aren't it's usual brown, instead, his eyes look delirious. Then he holds his sword out in front of me. He wants me to fight him. Then his arm catches my attention, it was covered with stings, tracker jacker stings. Does he have tracker jacker insanity?

I get up and poise my scythe in front of me, then he shoves his sword towards my head. I doge it and use my scythe to lock it and lure it away from me. Then he pulls his sword out of the lock and slashes it a cross my face, by doing that, he made a two centimeter slash across my left cheek. I put my hand on my cheek, then I take my hand off of it, my hand was covered it blood. I pin Michael down to the ground with scythe and pull my sleeve up to dab it.

Ah s***... it hurts so much..., I think, though I'm not the type to swear like that but, it hurts so much.

Then my pull my knife out and start to stab Michael repeatedly till I hear a cannon. BOOM, there's the cannon. I pull my knife out and look at his blood ridden chest. Then my arms starts to to tingle, this is the first time I've killed someone. Ha..ha..ha..

I get up and run away from the scene while feeling delirious also. The camera catches a view I never saw, I have three tracker stings right at the back for my neck, exactly where all y nerves connects... ha..ha...

Revelyn Mellark:

Ah... f***..., I think. My lungs are trying to kill me....

I wake between Finnick and Ben, I turn over to Finnick and brush his bangs gently, he's been with me till now, and he still hasn't left me... he's just like a brother to me, we're like siblings who can't be separated, I smile then frown. How can he love me? I'm not the prettiest of the girls. Nor the smartest... I'm just like my mom(no offense mom). Finnick... find a better girl to love...

I roll over to Ben and touch his hair, he's not a sibling to me, he's a stranger that's never left my side. I smile, though, he's the first friend I made without the help out my parents, Haymitch, Mrs. Odair or Mr. Hawthorne. My first friend... and first love... I sigh and snuggle into his chest.

I think back to the interviews, when they asked me if I could ever fall in love in the arena, I think, I guess I have...s***, my lungs again...

Then I feel a pebble hit my head, I look up to see Trillium gesturing me to get up and follow her. I slowly and painfully get up and slide myself away from the two most important guys in my life. I did stubble while getting up and wobble over to Trillium, she leads me to a dead end with the under view of a pond. Then she gestures me to sit do as she does herself. Trillium's always been a sister to me, she's very precious too.

“ What did you want?,” I say. “ S***, sorry, my lungs are trying to kill me.” Then I look at her facial expression, I see sympathy written all over her face, then it goes back to her normal self.

“ Well, um... I wanted to talk about Aidan,” she says.

“ Okay,” I say while clutching tightly onto my chest.

“ I love him and I want to be by his side,” she says. “ I want to know if you'll except that fact.”

“ Trillium, I can't,” I say while tearing up from the pain in my chest.

“ Why?,” she says shockingly.

“ Ah... f***... that hurts, sorry again,” I say with clutching on my chest even harder. Then I scoot myself in closer to her. “ Your like a sister to me, I don't want that to change.”

“ Bu-,” she says.

“ That's my final word,” I say. “ Let me remind you. My father and mother made Aidan. Mr. Hawthorne made you. I'm pretty sure my father won't accept the fact that you love him. And I don't my mother wants to have her son dating her best friend's daughter. And I will never accept that fact.”

“ Says the person's that going to die from lung cancer!!!,” she yells then runs away.

Lung cancer...?, I think. I have lung cancer? F***... my lungs again...

“Why didn't anyone tell me?,” I say. Then I pass out while fall to the floor while cluthing onto my chest. All I remember is Ben rushing about, trying to save my with herbs, Finnick yelling at sponsers, Aidan changing wet towels after wet towels on my forehead and Trillium crying in the corner. I don't know if she was crying because I'm like this now or because of what I said to her just moments ago. I close my eyes.

Azura Blue, Iris Bloodworthy and Phoenix Way:

Azura Blue's POV:

“ Phoenix... how much longer?,” I whine. “ We've been walking for a whole day...”

He gives me a playful knock in the head, smirks and continues walking. I look at him, he seems so much softer than the first time I've met him, I smile. He's super sweet once you get to know him. I really like him. I reach over to him arm and wrap my arm around his and lean my head against his arm.

Phoenix Way's POV:

Why is this girl so damn cute?! It's driving me nuts... I love the blue in her hair and her violet eyes, she's a gem in a vault in with a combination code on the outside. You need to crack the code to find her true beauty.

“ Phoenix..,” she says cautiously.

“ Huh?,” I say.

“ I sense someone coming our way,” she says slowly with her eyes widen open.

“ Where?,” I ask.

“ Behind us,” she says quickly. She pulls out her knife and gets ready to turn around as I pull my sword from its rope that connects to my belt. Azura lets go on my arm and turns around, then she stops.

I get back to back with her and asks, “ Who is it?”

“ Iris,” she says.

“ Iris?!,” I say as I turn around to see a girl with blood stained blood hair with a loose and messy pony tail. Eyes full of fright, and blood stained skin as she trembles towards Azura.

Azura Blue's POV:

I wrap my arms around Iris and ask, “ What happened?”

“ I'm scared, I can't believe I'm saying this,” she says. “ What the showed us when we trained back in District 1 was a lie. The arena's much worse... I'm scared.”

“ Do you have any wounds?,” I ask.

“ Yes, my right leg and my left arm, and around my collar bone a bit,” she says a my knees give in and she sinks towards the ground.

I carefully cut pant leg off and see blood, nothing but blood. There were normal slashes and some deep slashes all over her leg, I guessing something mutt-like attacked her. I pull her sleeve up to see little claw marks here and there.

“ The ones from my arms were from monkeys,” she says with tears in her eyes.

I pull the neckline of Iris's shirt down to she that her collar bones has a deep slash with blood oozing out of her.

Iris Bloodworthy's POV:

I can't believe this... I'm getting help from these two... not only that, I'm making myself look weak to them...Crap..., I think.

“ Hey wanna join our alliance?,” Phoenix asks plainly.

“ Um, sure...,” I say. “ You seem so different now...”

“ All thanks to me!,” says Azura.

“ Yeah, yeah,” says Phoenix. “ Get back to work.”

“ But, I don't know how to treat deep slashes...,” says Azura. “ Do you know how to, Phoenix?”

“ I know how to treat normal slashes but, I got no clue how to for deep slashes,” says Phoenix.

“ I know how to,” says a voice in the trees. We all look up to see a blood stained Finum Minker with a small cut on his cheek bone.

“ Then help us,” says Phoenix.

“ But, will you let join your alliance?,” he asks. Phoenix turns to Azura and she nods.

“ Fine,” Phoenix says while propping myself beside a rock.

“ Well first off,” he says. “ We need to treat the deep slashes first because, their pretty life threatening if you don't.”

“ I'll help,” says Azura.

“ Thank you,” says Finum. “ Phoenix, can you get me some odea moss?”

“ Sure what does it look like?,” Phoenix asks.

“ It's really deep green, and very shiny,” says Finum. “ You'll know you found it when you pick it up and it feels really slippery.”

“ Got it,” says Phoenix as he leaves.

“ AHHH!!!,” I yell from the pain, I feel like my leg throbbing like crazy, and the pain from it is so unbearable. Then Finum rips his pant leg off and rolls it into a roll and put it in my mouth. Then he bends down and whispers into my ear, “ If you want to scream bit the roll, if you scream again, you'll get us killed.” I nod and start to bit the roll of fabric hard.

“ Azura, hand me my bottle of water in my bag,” he instructs.

“ Here,” says Azura, then she hands it to Finum. I watch as he rights his other pant leg off and pour water to soak the cloth, then he starts to dab my right leg very gently as I bit the roll instead of yelling.

“ Yo, I got the moss,” says Phoenix as he throws the moss towards Finum as Phoenix walks over to Azura and sits beside her.

“ Iris, I'm sorry but this is going to hurt,” says Finum as he dips a bit of his finger into my slashes and dabs it into the moss, I bit the roll like crazy and start to cry as he puts the moss all over my leg. Then it starts to feel somewhat better. After all the surgeries, Finum sits back with his blood stained hands and asks Azura if she has anything to sew the wound up.

“ Yes, I have a bit of silk thread and a needle,” she says as she hands it to him, then he sews my wounds up, after awhile. He finishes.

“ I need a break,” he says while propping himself beside me.

“ Me and Azura will stay on guard I guess,” says Phoenix. I turn my head a bit over to Finum.

Why did you save me? I'm not worth saving...., I think. But... thank you... Then I drift off to sleep.

Back in the Capitol...

“ Nothing interesting has happened except some petty alliances,” says President Flake(new President). “ This is going to bore the Capitol.”

“ Excuse me but, lots of things has happened,” says Vice President Emily.

“ Like what?,” President Flake says while taking a sip out of his tea cup.

“ Romance is a big one. Friendship. Sorrow. Life time separations. Illness,” says Vice President Emily.

“ But, not many blood racing deaths,” says President Flake.

“ Does that really matter?!,” Vice President Emily yells.

Then the doors burst open, there at the door is Katniss, Peeta, Gale, Annie and a drunken Haymitch.

“ Well, well... it looks like we have some uninvited guests,” President Flake says slowly.

“ Let the Victor children go,” says Katniss.

“ Why?,” says President Flake.

“ Because if you don't my daughter will die in there,” says Peeta in a threat-like voice.

“ And I'm pretty sure lots of kids are going to die in the arena,” President Flake says sarcastically. Then Gale walks over and grabs President Flake by the collar of his shirt and prepares to punch the day lights out of Flake.

“ Gale,” says Haymitch, and Gale looks up. “ Do hurt him like that... let's have him experience every single injury that we have had endured during the Games.”

“ Lovely idea,” says Gale as he kicks President Flake onto the floor. Then Annie walks over with a demon-like aura(which is highly unlikely) and pulls a bat out of no where. The victor's step back, for Annie has scared them. She turns back and smirks, then she throws the bat behind her and pulls a trident from behind her.

“ This is for Finnick!!,” she says as she....

~To be continued~

Atharoth and Amelia Fencea:


(Night Time)It sucks being one of the youngest tributes here..., I think. Well, I guess I could use some of my powers...'

“ Ignis Bladeous... I summon you,” 'I whisper under my breathe. Then a blade of illuminating fire slowly appears in my hand, then I hear a branch snap. I quickly jolt and jump towards the direction with my sword ready to attack.

“ Crap...,” says the voice. I squint a bit because of the darkness, to see the other youngest tribute; Amelia.

Amelia Fencea:

'I lost Josh again... I shouldn't have left camp, now I'm lost..., I think. Then see a weird, illuminating light, it's night fall already so the light really 'noticeable.

It's that boy from the District 6 I think..., I think. What's his name again?...

“' Atharoth?,” I say.

“ Yes?,” he says when putting the sword down, I watch as the sword goes back into his hand.

“ What-,” I say, then I feel a hand tug on me, I turn around to face Josh. “ Oh Josh! Thank God you came!”

“ Yeah, if I didn't he would've slit you throat into cut up sausages,” says Josh as he pulls her away from Atharoth.

“ No, no... I was... um, asking if her wanted to join our alliance,” I say. ” Yeah. That's what I said, yeah.”

“ Well he doesn't want to, let's go,” says Josh as he forcefully pulls me away.

" Who said I didn't want to come with you guy," says Atharoth.


“ What?,” says Josh.

“ I want to be in your alliance,” I say while walking up to him.

“ See, see wants to join our alliance Josh,” says Amelia.

I watch as Josh walks up and stands there towering over me, “ How can we trust you?”

“ He has powers,” says Amelia. “ Super powers to be exact.”

“ Powers?,” says Josh.

In my head, I chant,' “ 'Ignis Bladeous... I summon you...”

“ Well I don't see anything, let's go,” says Josh as he starts to drag his sister away.

Then a flash of light burst from my hand and makes Josh turn back to see me holding my sword of fire and light.

“ Whoa...,” saysJosh as he lets go of Amelia.

“ See? I told you,” Amelia says with a smile.

Amelia Fencea:

“ Well, big bro?,” I say while crossing my arms together at my chest.

“ Let me go get out bags,” says Josh. “ Um... wait here with him.

I turn to Atharoth and give him a big smile, then I wink at him, then he gives in return a big smile, I look into him eyes, it's like his eyes are made of fire... how beautiful...

Juto Gohan and Molinda Juba :

Juto Gohan's POV:

I sit there on the slightly moist floor. I look around, all I see is deep, brown, darkness. So this is how dark, tunnels are under a somewhat large body of water(currently located under the large body of water between the main arena and the out cast arena). I sit there in the darkness wondering what I should do.... then I hear, “ Tch!! What the hell?! Get in!”

I slowly get up and pull out my handmade spear, I walk over to the edge of the corner and press my back very carefully against it, as I spy on that person.

“ If your trying to be silent, it's not working,” the voice whispers in my ear, which sends shiver down my spine.

I turn around to face Molinda whose repeatedly throwing a knife up and catching it, then she says, “ So you were spying on my... what shall your punishment be....” She takes the knife, slams me into the wall and poises the knife directly at my neck.

“ Wait.... alliance....,” I say as I try to lean back from the knife.

Molinda Juba's POV:

“ Alliance?...,” I purr. “ How can I trust you, you can be using me because of my skills.”

“ I- I promise,” he stutters.

“ Prove it,” I say as I start to out line the bridge of his nose with my knife.

“ Who do you want to kill?,” he says seriously with not a hint of fright.

I can use him..., I think. And after, I can dispose of him....

“ That girl from District 11, Ellie Rye,” I say with a smirk.

“ Got it,” he says as I let him go. “ Wait here.”

As he left I sat in a corner with bag, then I continue to try to fit all of my knives in my bag again, “ S***, can't you knives just stay in?!”

Juto Gohan's POV:

I remember I saw her around her somewhere..... but, where?, I think. She's a ginger I think....

Then I see a girl with deep ginger hair sleeping against the wall, I hold my spear directly above her, then she wakes up.

“ No, no, no, please!!!,” she yells as she tries to scrabble away from me, as I throw the through her body, blood spurts from her body and spills all over her and it landed on my face a bit too.

“ AHHHH!!!,” she screams... this scene reminds me of that girl Rue from the 74th games... “ Y-y-you.....”

“ I'm sorry,” I say as walk over to her and quickly pulling the spear out of her body as a second batch of blood spurts out from her bloody body. Then canon fires and I see Molinda walk over to me while clapping her hands together.

“ Bravo, bravo,” she says as she walks up to me. “ You could've been more vicious but, I guess you would do.”

“ Then tell me our strategy,” I say.

“ Take out District 11 and 9,” she says as she walks away, then I sigh and walk quickly to catch up with her.

Casslique Minker:

My stupid brother ditched me and ran off with the Careers... I'll show him, I'll win..., I think. But... where am I?

I'm here standing in a thick forest.... slash jungle. I can hear the birds chirps and I can smell the sea mist behind me.... I'm guessing the oceans behind me, I'll think I'll go there.

As I walk towards the ocean, I feel a slight sting on my right palm, I hold my hand up and take a glance at it, it looks like a sting... a tracker jacker sting. What do I do? I should've paid attention when my dad was talking about the Hunger Games before we got here in the Capitol.... if only Finum was here, he'd know what to do...

I start to hear voices as I walk closer to the ocean, I then slowly crawl over to a boulder at the border at the forest and eavesdrop on the conversation. It sounds like arguing...

“ I told you to tie the food bag higher than ten feet!!! Look at what you did, you tied is at four feet and some bear raided it!!,” yelled a boy, he sounds like Bradley Wallace.

“ Well, I'm so sorry! Why didn't you do it?! I'm a fisher not, some camping expert!!,” yelled a girl, she sounds like Sydney Foam...

I slowly climb up a tree and secure myself in it, I slowly set my bow and arrows up and aim it right through both of them. Luckily, they were standing in a single row, it looks like one of my arrows today would equal to kills. I let go of the arrow, it first pierces Bradley, it goes right through her body and it pins Bradley against Sydney . They both fall; down together, Bradley on top and Sydney at the bottom.

“ Five... four... three... two...,” I start, then I finish with a smirk. “ One.” The canon fires.

Yeah, for once I didn't have to depend on my brother..., I think while clapping my hands together.

Time to raid their backpacks, I go through Sydney's first, she had a extra knife, a handmade fishing rod and a pack of dried fruit. As for Bradley, he has a small bag of dried beef strips and a roll of bandages, and a map of the entire arena.

Score!, I think.

I happily slip everything in my bag and start my way back to my boulder, I lean against it abit to relax myself a bit and the boulder moves slightly back but, you can tell it did move back.

I get up and start to push the boulder even further back, I see a hole big enough for me to squeeze through. It looked pretty dark, and had a slight smell of dried blood. I sit there and stare at the hole.

Is this one of the tunnels that Ceaser was talking about, I think.

Then I slip myself through it, open my bag and pull out the map and start to explore the tunnels.

Lisa Splendor:

So far so good. I'm sitting in a nice tree, with presents from my dear and beloved sponsors. I stare out into the horizon. The day's gone by so quickly... time to see who died today. First I see I see the girl from District 4, I believe she's Sydney Foam. Then comes Ellie Rye from District 11, then one of her District partners; Michael Day. The last one flashes in front of me.

Bradley?!, I scream in my head with eyes full of tears, then I fall out of my tree, landing on my right arm. Who killed him?! I sit crying for Bradley, then I stop, I sniffle a bit and wipe my tears away with my sleeve. That's right. Bradley wouldn't be happy if he's sees me crying like this. I wanted to be just like Katniss and Peeta..... getting out of the arena with the one you love the most.... I sniffle a bit the lean against the tree. First off I need revenge... Who killed Bradley?

I quickly react to the sound of two canon fires, I quickly pull myself together and lean against the tree with my knife in my hand.

The canon fire sounded like it was 35 meters away... that's not very far away from me... about a 2 minute sprint from there to here. I should get ahead start now.

I start to quickly and swiftly run away without a single sound. I stop at the very edge of a cliff and look down, it looks pretty steep.... but, I can make it. I slowly and quickly pull myself over and start my way down, then something catches my attention. A nest of eggs! Sweet, scored a meal! I carefully pull myself on a sturdy ledge, open my bag and put the eggs in. Then I start to continue my way down but, then I stop again at a cave. I pier into it to find it empty, this could make a nice home. I carefully pull myself in and lean against it's wall, I turn to see a little basket with a brown parachute.

I reach over to it to find a set of darts and a slip of paper that's been folded it fours. I set the basket down and examine the paper. Odd, why would the sponsors send me a piece of paper? I carefully open the piece of paper to find a name. Classlique Minker. What could this name mean? Then it hit me, maybe Classlique Minker killed Bradley but, what if my sponsors are telling me to start an alliance with her? Then a another parachute floats down with a straw-like stick, I'm guessing it's for darts. And there was another piece of paper. I quickly reach over to the slip of paper and read. She killed Bradley, it says written on the paper.

Once again, I just have to thank my beloved sponsors. Now... I pretty good at acting. Why don't I look for her, start an alliance, then pretend to become friends with her. Then after I can kill her...... That's has to be the best plan I thought ever since I got into the arena. And it's the perfect way to avenge Bradley too.

Death Toll: 7

Michael Holly

Ellie Rye

Bradley Wallace

Sydney Foam

Harry Morphling

Lucy Wonder

Day 4:

Back In The Capitol (Cont)....

BAM! The bat goes smack in Flake's face. Then Annie drags the semi-concious President Flake over to the tall windows and shoves him against it, there she uses her foot to keep him still as she set the bat down. Then she kicks Flake, full speed in the stomache, making him spill blood out of his mouth... Not only that, the window broke.... There, poor Flake.... scratch that. There, blood ridden Flake goes head first down the 300 story building, falling, falling to his well deserved and worked for death. If you pier over the edge of broke glass, you can see a bloody mess on the ground.

" Too bad there's no canon," Gale sighs.

" Come, follow me," says Vice President Emily while fixing her glasses.

" Why?," Katniss asks.

" You want to locate the arena or what?," says Vice President Emily as she walks through the door.

Then Gale turns to Peeta, Peeta nods and gently guides Annie back to the rest of them as they walk out the door, following Vice President Emily. Haymitch tosses another bottle of liquor out as he sees a showcase of them. Katniss and Emily are talking about the downs of the arena as Annie walks insteadily with a faint smile on her lips.

" And the odds-....," Gale murmers under his breathe, Emily turns around and smiles.

" -Be ever in their favor!," Emily confidently.

Revelyn Mellark's Notebook:

:A Short Story:

The Huntress of the Winter Night:

I guess I should write a story, just in case if I die, it'll be sent to mother and father. And I'm so frick'in bored out of my damn wits, I think. My inspiration... the Hunger Games... my point of view; a wolf. {C I crawl out of my spot between Finnick and Ben, and crawl over to the tunnel's wall. I pull out my notebook from my bag and open my book, pull out a pencil, I look up from my book and smile at the sight of Finnick and Ben sleeping ever so silently.I grab ahold of my throbbing chest and start to write.....

  • STORY *

My legs take me deeper into the dark woods, as the snow falls over me, ever so gently. I feel the fluffiness of the snow between my paws, as I run away, for “him”, I boy from the Sky People.

His skin is as fair as cream. His eyebrows look dangerous as his pale blue eyes fire up from the adrenaline. His radiant, golden blonde hair is being whipped back as he sprints to kill me with a spear, a bow and three arrows. I think he's about fourteen. Too young to be going about, killing people, too young to be a murderer.

My name is Nevina. I'm a wolf with a smoky gray fur coat with sparkly black eyes. I'm twelve-ish you can say.

I'm a wolf kept as the protector of my native tribe. My tribe worshiped wolves for many centuries, and they embraced me as the daughter of their God.

I've failed them. The Sky People murdered everyone, I'm the only one living. I'm the only one alive. I'm the only survivor.

As I run, my paw prints grab my attention, every single paw print I make in the snow, has a bit of blood. I wrinkle my nose from disgust. Then I hear a shout.

“ Come on Kovu! Just kill it and skin it!!!,” a voice cries from the other side of the forest. So his name is Kovu, that's not a Sky People name....

Skin me?!, I think.

Then I remember the time when I used to be a little cub and when the tribe had raised me from a cub. To a full grown wolf. Especially their tribal princess, Kyda. She's just recently turned ten, yet, her big brown eyes can mystify anyone who looks at her.

I saw Kyda die, there was a tall, muscular, blonde name who was about to shove a long spear through her body as she begged him not to but, to let her live. But, did he listen?! NO! He just ignored her and shove that spear through her, nailing her to a tall cedar tree. As she died, her pure-like tears trickled down her blood stain tears. I know, her death wasn't pretty.

I blocked that memory out of my mind and continued to run. Then I stumbled a bit, I turn around to see Kovu about to throw another rock at me but, I couldn't dodge it. Instead, that rock made me fall down a very steep hill. As I fall, bits of bark and rocks, brutally cut my fur and skin up. I then weakly wobble away from the area, then I hear a thud. I turn around to see Kovu in a squatting position, I'm guessing he leaped from the very top of the hill to land a landing like that. I watch him as he throws his spear aside and start to chase after me again.

He then stops and crouches down, I run Until I was about ten meters away from him, he then sets his bow and arrows up and aims it at me. As I start to run away, he gets up and sends three arrows at the same time in my direction. Luckily, I dodged it in one swift move, then I turn to face him as he pull out a knife from his belt.

You killed my family, you destroyed my life... Well, Kovu, it's your turn now, I think.

He then throws his knife up and catches it with the knife's blade facing up, and he starts to charge at me. I start to charge at him, by the time the knife was in my area of reach, I snapped at the knife, ripping it out of his hand and throwing it aside.

Now it's a fair battle, I think.

I pin him down onto the snow and pull my right paw out because, my right paw has sharper and longer claws, then I stab it deep with in his chest as he screams in tremendous pain, then he dies. I slowly pull my paw out of his blood ridden chest. My paw reeks of his blood.

Eugh!, I think. Well, I did this to avenge my family... but, this isn't enough, yet...

“ Kovu?!,” that voice yells again.

Here I come..., I think with a smirk.

I turn to that direction the voice came from and I start to dash in that direction. Ready for another battle.

* END *

I close my book, shove the pencil down the book's spiral, crawl back to my warm spot between Finnick and Ben. I grab my throbbing chest as I force myself back to sleep with these painful stabs.

Aidan Mellark and Trillium Hawthorne:

Aidan Mellark's POV:

Okay, you can do it Aidan. Confess. Do it now or never, I think, then I shot up but, fall back down from my sudden loss of confidence. If I die in this arena, Ill never confess. It's now or never.

I immediately shot, grab Trillium's arm and drag her towards the end of the tunnel and pull her against the wall with my hands on her shoulder. I suddenly;y start to breathe heavily for those quick moves.

It's now or never Aidan, I think.

Trillium Hawthorne:

Aidan's acting weird...Is he alright?, I think.

“ Trillium,” he says while looking back up and straight into my eyes.

“ Y-y-yes?,” I stutter.

“ I like you,” he says calmly. “ Do you happen to have the same feelings for me?”

I stand there in shock. Am I happy? Happy to find out he likes me and we have the same feelings? Or and I disappointed in him? Disappointed that he had to confess in the arena, and not long time ago? Whatever my feelings are, I don't care.

“ Trillium... you don't do you...?,” he says as he takes his arms off my shoulders and start to walk away. “ I'm sorry for causing you trouble....”

“ Wait!,” I yell. “ I like you too!”

Aidan Mellark's POV:

I slowly turn around, “ You do?”

She nods as her tears start to flood her eyes, “ But, Revelyn won't accept us!”

“ I know,” I say. “ She told me the same thing when I told her I liked you years ago.” I stand there in a moment of silence. “ But, this is the Hunger Games, I know I'm not going to make it either way. I was planning to end my life after confessing to you so... win for me.” I turn to the wall as push the boulder above aside so I get through and die.

“ Wait! Don't go! Don't leave me here in this living hell!!!,” she screams. “ Take me with you, no one wants to die alone!!!”

“ Are you sure?,” I ask.

She nods and pulls herself onto the surface and walks towards me, then she wraps her arms around me and says, “ I'll never leave you.”

I feel tears flooding my eyes, then I wrap my arms tightly around her.

* Time Skippy *

They both stand there at the edge of the cliff. Trillium looks down the cliff, sending shiver sup and down her spine. Aidan takes her hand and asks one more time,” Are you sure?” She nods. “ Lets use this moment for our goodbyes, you first.”

Trillium takes a deep breathe, “ Dad, I truly love you the most. All our good times hunting for fresh game, whether there was game or not, you always showed me a good time. Mother, I hate and love you. You may whip me and hit me for not being lady-like or getting into constant trouble. Your my mother and I still love you. Sorry Uncle Haymitch, all that training to keep alive, now thrown away now. Mister and Misses Mellark, I'm sorry for taking Aidan away from you. Finnick, you're an awesome guy, I hope you'll live... I'm sorry Revelyn.”

“ Mother, your a strong women, I hope will forgive, Aidan Mellark, a burden in your heart. Father, since I was little I wanted to be like you but, that didn't work out. But, I found my true self and love, for that I thank you father. And father, after this help Haymitch stay off that liquor and mom too. Sorry Finnick, you've always been my big brother, and Revelyn; I know, I'm a shame and an idiot. But, I wish you happiness. Ben, take care of my sister, if not, I'll come back and haunt you,” says Aidan as he takes Trillium's hand.

Together they take a step off the edge, falling from 300 ft. into the ocean. Second after, their canon fires just in time for the island to know about their death.

Gabe Millen:

My first kill.... finished before sunrise, I'm feel safe...ish? I get up from my spot in my cave and walk over to the pool of water to clean off Blaze Shadow's blood. I guess teaming up with Katherine isn't a choice anymore, I got no clue where she is...

I walk back to my cave to grab my bows and arrows and my backpack, then stuff some mint leaves down my throat. I get everything together and start my hunting hours again. I walk by a cliff, the cliff was a bout twenty feet high. I decide leave because there wasn't any good reason to stay there untill I heard voices.... I get on my stomache and pier down.

There I see two Career's; Skyler Greenergrass and Jacqueline Culvers. I was a liitle intested in Jacqueline, she's really pretty but, I'm guessing her and Skyler have something going on.

I look up to see Everest Frost with a knife in her hand up in a tree, I've seen her during Training, she has killer aim, I watch as she sets her knife up to launch it at.... Jacqueline? Everest throws the knife luckily Skyler saw it.

" Jacqueline!!," he yells as he pushes her aside.

I set my bow and arrows up, and jump from the cliff while shooting the arrow at Everest. BOM! the canon fires as Everest falls to the ground, dead. I turn to Jacqueline and Skyler. I see the knife burrowed deep in his chest, I can also that the knife went right through his bady, not only that but, I can tell his injuries are beyond repair. BOM! The canon fires. Jacqueline sits there and bawls her eyes out while holding Sklyer.

About and hour later, I get up and pull her up myself and ask her, " Allicance?"

Back in the Capitol...

" This is the computer room," VP Emily says as she opens the door. Three huge computer screens, a huge keyboard of many colours in a room of darkness.

" What's the unlock code?," Gale asks as he feel the keyboard.

" That's the problem, I don't know what it is, only Flake does," VP Emily says with a sigh.

" Sorry I'm late!," someone yells. Beetee Dobbs.

" Took you long enough," Haymitch says when opening a bottle of wine and tipping the liquid in his mouth.

" Okay, everyone sit back, just let me and Vice President take care of this," says Beetee.

As VP Emily and Beetee work on the computer, after a few hours, Katniss and Peeta are asleep, Gale's still awake and observing VP Emily and Beetee while Annie is just staring at one of the screeans that's been divided into nines, she jsut stares at the one with Finnick on it.

Then Haymitch walks over and leans on a lever,,,

" HAYMITCH!!!," VP Emily and Beetee yell.

" What?!," Gale asks.

" That was the lever for...," says Beetee.

" Dropping a bomb into the area...Haymitch just dropped one," says VP Emily

We watch as Juto Gohan and Molinda Juba team up on Katherine Storm and Kati Jean with Molly Berchin staring in a tree above them. Juto and Molinda gets ready to kill both of them then.... the bomb drops on them.....( BOM, CRASH AND ALL THAT OTHER CRAP....) then we hear five canon fires.

" It's going to drop a bomb everyday...," says VP Emily

" HAYMITCH!!!!," everyone yells.

Death Toll: 8

Aidan Mellark

Trillium Hawthorne

Skyler Greengrass

Juto Gohan

Molinda Juba

Kati Jean

Katherine Storm

Molly Berchin

Day 5:

Belle Taylor:

Peter found us a nice hiding spot which I think no ones knows yet. Well basically we found a nice tall tree that looks sturdy enough to build a house on. And there's a roomy hole down the middle, perfect for us to live in till this is over. I sit there and polish my sword as Peter tries to crack a coconut open with his knife. So far Peter has a really bad burn from last night but, I don't know how he got it.

" Peter," I say.

He looks up and asks, " What?"

" Did you hear that bomb last night?," I ask with a voice full of fear and unsteady-ness.

" Um, yeah, it was pretty loud.....," he says, then asks. " Did it scare you."

" HELL NO!," I yell. Then peter throws himself onto my and covers my mouth with his hand.

" Shh.... You don't know what's lurking out there," he says quietly. " The Hunger Games... first Peeta's feet, now your mouth." Then he lets go of my mouth.

I sit there and look at him as he continues with that coconut, I look at his face. Scars are all over his face. I wonder what he went through to get those.... I crawl over to him and use the back of my hand to caress his scars. He looks up at me, then he looks back down.

I give out a sigh, " Well, I'm going to sleep." Then I rest my head on his thigh. then I hear i crack sound, I quickly react and grab my sword, ready to attack.

" What are you doing?," he asks.

" I heard a crack," I say quickly as I start to climb up the ladder we made, that lies against the tree's inner, that leads us up to the top.

" You mean this coconut I just cracked open?," he says while holding it up.

" Oh," I say as I climb back down, I look at the coconut again. " Where'd you get that coconut anyways?"

" Last night during the bombing, I found this coconut," he says. Then he looks down at his leg. " I dropped the coconut while running back here, it rolled into the area where the bombing was and the area was on fire."

" So that's how you got the burns on your leg," I say as he nods. " YOU RISKED YOUR LIFE FOR A COCONUT?!" Then I slap my hand against my mouth.

" You know how scarced food it around here," he says as he hands he half of the coconut.

I take the cocnut and start to chug it down, then I feel something plasticy against my mouth. I grab it and read its label: BURN MEDICINE. " Here, our sponsers sent you something." Then I throw it at him.


Day 10:

Our tributes have done well in the last four days. Lets just see what happens to the Victor children.

Revelyn Mellark and Finnick Odair:

Revelyn Mellark's POV:

Lately my lungs haven't been hurting much. Could this be good news? Could my cancer be gone? Well, other than the fact I've gotten alot weaker but, I can still walk and run....ish?

I slip myself away from my spot between Finnick and Ben but, this time, I'm going back to the surface for some fresh air. I grab amy sketch book and pencil, and take about twenty minutes to pull myself out of this hole. The area has changed alot, there's a patch or flat grassy land around the hole, just big enough Ben, Finnick and me to sleep on. The entire grassy area is fenced with thick and tall bushes, with tall oak trees.

Something doesn't seem right...., I think. Eh, I'm probably just going crazy. Because all of of the Hunger games s***.

Then a big white rose catches my attention. I, quickly as possible, crawl over to it and start to take really quick sketches.then I start to feel a ticklish feeling in my throat. I close my eyes, put my hand over my mouth and start to cough, when I opened my eyes again, there was blood all over my hands. I look at the rose and my sketch book, blood splatters everywhere. But what really catches my attention is, the leopard with my blood all over it's face right in front of me.

Finnick Odair's POV:

I pat my hand around the area where Revelyn would be, right between my and that Ben. I open my eyes and shoot up. Where'd she go, I look up to see the boulder that hid our hiding place moved over. And I hear a scream.

Revelyn, I think. That's been the only thought in my head lately.

I quickly grab my trident and start to climb the wall.

Ben wakes up and yells," Revelyn!" Then he shoots up and grabs a trident.

I quickly pull myself out of the hole to see Revelyn with a bloody hand, crawling on her back in a circle with a leopard, with a bloody mouth, slowly following her. I quickly act without thinking. I quickly sprint over and throw myself at the leopard, causing the leopard to fall and land in the bushes.

" Lyn, are you alright?!," I ask, as I pull her into my arms and bound my arms protectively around her.

" Y-y-yah...," she says slowly, then looks straight in the eye. " Can we do that again?"

Oh, my, God...., I think while sighing.

" FINNICK!!," Ben yells while pointing. I look at the direction he's pointing at and I see that leopard jumping at us. I quickly wrap my arms around Revelyn again, and basically, do the stop, duck and roll. By, the time we stop rolling, we end up in the famous, awkard position where I'm on top of her and she, under me. Then I felt sometjing go through my chest.

Revelyn Mellark's POV:

I look at Finnick's chest with my wide. All I see is a claw through Finnick's chest, the leopard's claw, then i watch as the leopard pulls its claw out of Finnick.

" FINNICK?! FINNICK!!," I yell while shaking him. I quickly pull out two fingers out and place it in front of Finnick's nose, I can feel a faint breath against my fingers. He's still alive.

Ben..., I think. I turn my head to look for Ben. I watch as he starts to wrestle with the leopard. I know's Ben's strong but... there's no way he can beat the leopard. I carefully pull Finnick off me and brush a bit of his bangs off his forehead.

Wait, I love Ben don't I? Or do I really love Finnick?, I think.

Then I hear Ben scream, my eyes widen again as I see the leopard bite Ben's shoulder. I quickly grab Finnick's trident and throw is, straight at the leopard's heart. The leopard falls, dead, beside Ben. I quickly scramble over to Ben and start to shake him.

" Revelyn....," he says weakly with a very faint smile while caressing my cheek.

" Ben, you can't die! Not now!," i yell.

" I'm sorry.... I really did love you, y'know....?," says Ben. I nod, my head.

" So did I ," I say while crying. " You were my first love."

" No, I'm your second love.... You really love Finnick.............," he says. " Just let me.... do two things... for you......before I die....."

" What?," I ask. Then he pulls my face down and plants a kiss on my cheek, then my hand goes to my cheek.

Then he recites the poem, Finding Love Again, "

I though I'd never find it again, true love that I once had before.

You came into my life more special than before.

I was full of heart break.

You helped me live again.

You are my special soulmate that I have dedicated my love to.

Because of you, I know I can love again........................." Then a canon fires. For Ben.

I then did what my mother did for Rue, I placed a kiss on his forehead and placed his trident beside him.

FINNICK!, I think.

" FInnick! Finnick! Are you alive?! Tell me!!!," i yell while shaking him.

" .........................................y-y-yes," he replies.

" Finnick!," I yell as I throw myself in him. I pull look back at him and place a tender kiss on his lips, which he quickly respones to. Then I pull away. " Did I really love you?"

" I'm.....not ....really sure....," he struggles to say.

" I'm sure I really did love you," I say while tears fall from my eyes.

" Reach... into my... pocket....," he says. I reach into his pocket and find a velvet blue blue box. "" I open it to find a silver ring with a aquamarine stone.

" Will.... you...marry me... then?," he asks.

" .... Yes....yes...," I say with tears falling out of my eyes.

Then I hovercraft appears above us, i see my father come out, crawls down the ladder and steps onto the ground, the Uncle Beetee. My father scoopes me up while Uncle Beetee picks Finnick up. When we get on the hovercraft, they imdeimently move Finnick to the surgury room, I then pier out the window of the hovercraft when Finnick was gone and look at Ben.

Thank you... Ben," I think.


The daily bomb drop off.... what are our 4 targets today? I spy with my little eyes a girl named Snow Timber.... target set above her. Time for the drop.... Ten seconds in counting.... 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0.....

BOOOMM!!!! The canon's sound collides with the sound of the impact of the bomb.

Who's in arena? It's you! Guess who's next... it's Lucy! BOOOMMM!!! There's our other bomb!

Lookie, lookie over here, it's a little duel.... how cute. If you look down, there's waterfall, with a stepping stones with the middle with a very large one in the middle. And on the large stone is Marko and our deliriously crazy and jacked Olivia. Marko, armed with a long spear and Olivia, coated in many shaeds of red, dried blood with a knife in her right hand. Who shall win? No one.

BOOOM!!! Bye bye, you two! Sayonara! That's it for our daily bombing, please tune in tomorrow. This is the Capitol speaking and may the odds be no one's favor!

The Victor's and Victor Children POV:

Katniss Everdeen's POV:

" Peeta...," I say.

" Yes Katniss?,"Peeta says and he sits down beside and puts a arm around my waist.

" Is this all my fault?," I ask. "I feel so guilty. Because of me, Revelyn has suffered far more than I had in the arena. Because of me, I lost our dear Aidan.... I'm a failure as a mother."

Peeta sighs," It's not only our fault. It's mine too. But, because of us, Revelyn and Aidan has finally found out the value of love. Aidan decided to die with Trillium because he didn't Trillium to die before him. And Trillium wanted to die with Aidan because she didn't want to live without him. That moment Aidan finally understood love." Then Peeta turns to me, I quickly try to hide my face. " As for Revelyn, her life revoled around her hunting acuracy and technique. When we met Finnick and Ben, that all melted away. She laughed for the first time around Finnick and cried for the first time around Ben. If it weren't for you she wouldn't have experinced any of that."

A smile crawls onto my face, " Aidan's like a grand piano, he knows when to be gentle and kind, and he knows when to be harsh and confident. Just like a piano, that can play harsh and soft pieces, thats his heart."

" As for Revelyn, she's just like a violin. Always focusing on acruacy and technique, and tends to plays harsh and complicated pieces, just like her words. But, the violin can always sound pleading, sad and soft, just like Revelyn's heart," Peeta says as he places a kiss on my forehead. " Lets go visit Revelyn."

" Okay," I say as I get up and walk down the hall with Peeta.

" You know, once I think about it now, we should've given the kids some music classes," says Peeta.

Gale Hawthorne's POV:

Trillium. It's been the only name that been in my head since Katniss's. My little Trillium's gone....

" Gale," says a voice. I know this voice, its my wife; Sterla.

" Yes, what can we do now.... I don't know what to do anymore.....," Sterla says. " Well, we can always make another, right?

" Go away," I say.

" Gale," she says.

" GO AWAY!," I yell. " I never loved you and needed you....."

" You used me to get over katniss didn't you?," she says as tears trail down her cheek.

" Your correct," I say. She stands there in shock, then runs away. Then I hear another set of foot steps.

" What did you do to Sterla, she just jumped out of the window killed herself," VP Emilys says as she sits down beside me.

" It's non of you business," I say.

" Uh yes it is," says Emily. " I bet you, you won't know what love was if it hit you in the face."

" Why would I give a damn?," I say. Then I impact of a rock crashes into my cheek. I open my eyes to see Emily's hand in a fist shape.

" What did you mean by that?," i ask while wiping some blood off my cheek.

Then she smirks at me, " You heartless piece of s***, you didn't understood meant by that..." Then she sits back down. She sighs then gestures me to sit down, then she reaches into my jacket to pull out a tube of medince, a bottle of alchol, cotton balls and a square shaped bandage. " This is going to sting a bit."

Then she drops a bit of alchol onto the cotton balls, then dabs into on bleeding area on the edge of my mouth. After she applies a bit of the medince on my cheek then puts the bandage on.

Revelyn Mellark's POV:

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

I open one of my eyes to find a white ceiling. I look around to find myslf hooked onto 25 different machines. I quickly tug off all the cords, needles, and restrants. I gently pull myself off and start to walk out of the room, then I feel a unusal heaviness in my pockt of my pants. I reach in to find a necklace with a heart pendant made of sea glass. I clutch onto the pendant furiously and let tears fall out of my eyes. My last gift from Ben. I open my eyes again to look at my hand. Drip.Drip.Drip. Goes he blood. I place the necklace back in my pocket and start to wobble down the hall to look for Finnick's room.

When I found the door, I open it to find Finnick hooked up to 15 machines, all bandaged up and sleeping. I look to the right to find Mrs.Odair in a rocking chair sleeping. Mrs.Odair.... it has a intresting ring to it. I walk over to Finnick's left and sit on the stool beside it and watch him sleep. I carefully brush his bangs off his forehead. Then I see Finnick's hand grab mine. I watch as his sea green eyes, correction, his father's sea green eyes sparkles at me. Then he smiles at me, I smile back.

" Hey...," he says.

" Hey," I say.

" You look cold, do you want to share the blanket with me?," he asks with a smile.

" Thanks, I say as I carefully slip myself under the cover.

" So, you're now the future Mrs.Odair, right?," he asks.

" Um," I say.

" I'm sorry about Ben, you had to watch him die," he says with pain in his voice.

" It's alright," I say.

" Is that blood?," he asks.

" Oh, um, yeah," I say.

" Here," he says as he pulls off a long cloth of the table. I give him my hand a he wraps it around and aroun and around my hand.

" Thank you....?," I say but, he drifted of to sleep then. I look at Finnick, he's covered in cuts and gashes, I hope they don't scar. Then I place a kiss on his cheek and I caregfully snuggle into his warmth and sleep.

Finum Minker and Iris Bloodworthy(L.C Story):

Iris Bloodworthy's POV:

I can't believe it. Not at all. I'm stuck in this, this Career group with two love birds and a freak. Nope, I still can't believe it.

I open my eyes and look at the deep blue coloured sky, it's about time for the big production. I close my eyes and open them again. The moon looks nice today, then the production starts.

First is Marko Flame, then Olivia Circuit.... she deserved to die, trust me. Up next is the last of our Lucy's, then our Snow. Last but, not least is Ben Fisher....

“ Ben Fisher....?,” I say in surprise. “ I'd he'd win.....” After all, he was with the Victor children, I expected him to win with Finnick and that Revelyn.

Then something bright flashes in the sky, it says in big, bold, red letters: DISQUALIFIED. Then the picture of Finnick and Revelyn come up. I'm guessing the Victor's saved them.

“ You seem to enjoy watching these,” says a voice from behind me, and I know that it's definitely Finum.

Finum Minker's POV:

“ Yes I do,” she replies. “ Do you have a problem with that?” She sounds annoyed. How cute.

“ No, it's just that I never had the chance to have a real conversation with you,” I say as I scoot closer to her.

“ Fine, spit it out,” she says plainly. “ Ah, why aren't you with your sister?”

“ Because of you,” I say as I lean in. She quickly lean back and pulls out a knife. Then I pull the leaf off of her head and hold it in front of her to see, then I fall back laughing. “ What did you think I was going to do, kiss you?”

“ No! I thought you were going to rape me!” she yells with flustered cheeks. “ But, seriously, why aren't you with your sister?”

I take a deep sigh while shaking my head, “ Do you have anyone you like?”

Iris Bloodworthy's POV:

“ Why are you asking me this?!?!,” I yell.

“ Just wondering,” he says very so sweetly.

It's you, you freak, I think.

“ Fine, I tell you,” I say annoyed. Then I lean in and plant a kiss on his lips, my whole body is shaking, am I doing this right? Then after thirty seconds, I quickly pull away and go to sleep with my face all flustered and throbbing.

Finum Minker's POV:

I sit there in shock, did she just kiss me? I look over to her, and smile, then I crawl over to her and plant a kiss on her forehead. Happy thoughts drift about in my head as I fall asleep beside her.

No one's POV:

Little did they know.... Classlique Minker saw everything. Her eyebrows arches a little more and her face is planted with this delirious look. Again with the deliriousness, her legs are covered with tracker jacker stings. Tsk, tsk.

Death Toll: 5

Snow Timber

Lucy Steiner

Olivia Circuit

Marko Flame

Ben Fisher

Day 11:

Atharoth and Amelia Fencea's POV:

Amelia Fencea's POV:

Josh left to do some hunting, hunting monkeys and other, remaining tributes. I sit here in our cave with Atharoth whos' currently gliding his fingers on his sword's blade. That day when we used his powers.. that moment when fire was around his and making some sort of wind current around.... that day... his eyes were so beautiful. (A/N: Sorry Fidofiderson, I HAD to change the way he looked, conpared to that "picture" youe sent me, He now has messing gingery gold hair, pale skin and smoky toqaz/gold eyes)

" Hey Atharoth...," I say while schooting closer to him.

" Yeah?," he replies while making eys contact with me, his eyes are like smoky toqaz right now... how... mystifying.

" Do you remember anything for you past life?," I ask. Imedimently his eyes widen and turn into a flame like colour. Did I just step on a landmine?

Atharoth's POV:

Wait... what's going on? I can't control my body. All I can do is see whats going on, I can't make a single movement. What's going on. I watch as my body pins Amelia in a "perverted" way. I can see that's she struggling to get away but, she can't somehow I'm using fifty percent of my power on her.

Then i suddenl;y stop in that position because a face flashes through my mind. the face is a young girls... around my age. With long curly brown hair and big, bright green eyes, a pale skin complex.... she looks familiar and ooks just like Amelia.... Anna?

" Anna?," I say while starting to regain my control and memories, then I slowly crawl off of her. Then I notice a necklace around her necklace, with two leaf pendants, one bronxze, the other green.

" Who's that?," she asks.

" You...," I say while leaning aginst the cave's wall.

Amelia(Anna) Fencea's POV:

" Me?....," I say. Then a bright light burst from the wall, and a girl about my age walks out from it, we look identical other than the fact her hair much longer than mine.

She walks over to me and commands, " Give me back my body."

" What?," I say.

" My body, give it back," she repeats. Then she walks over to Atharoth and taps her hand on his head.

" Your Amelia," he says to her, then turns to me. " And you're Anna."

" Alright, your princess of fire, I'm your protector, we switched bodies years ago to protect you, Atharoth came to this world to protect you. And I want my body back," she says. She wraps her arms around me and a bright light flashes again. We've switched bodies.

" Go home," she tells Atharoth. He nods then walks towards the portal.

" WAIT!!!," I yell while throwing myself at him, then he stops." Take me with you."

He turns to the now Amelia and says," She doesn't have the powers."

" I'll sacrafice my life to be her powers," says Amelia. " Anna." Then she walks over to me, taps my heart, then she disappers. Atharoth walks through the portal but, I hestitate about going in, then a hands comes out of the portal. I smile, then take the hand to return to my real home. Good bye Josh. Forgive me.

Lisa Splendor's and Classlique Minker's POV:

Lisa Splendor's POV:

This girl is so stupid... Falling for my little plan....Ha!, I thought as we walk through the woods, then sit done on a stone platform under a waterfall.

I smirk,” Hey, look over there! A banana tree, can you go grab some?”

“ Um sure?,” she says as she get up and stand in front of the tree. I smirk and pull a knife out of my jacket.

Classlique Minker's POV:

There's something fishy here........., I thought as I was trying to find a spot on the tree with some good grip. Then I start to play along with her, then I make a sudden turn around. To find a Lisa Splendor with a very delirious/shocked expression.

“ I know what you're trying to do...,” I say as I lean against the tree. “ Revenge, isn't it?”

“ GO DIE!!!!!,” she screams as she charges at me with a knife.

Lisa Splendor's POV: But... she quickly dodges it. I multiple times to try and stab her but, she keeps on dodging it.

“ Your pathetic y'know? Even if you kill me, how can you be with Bradley again?,” she asks as she pulls out a magnet from her bag, pull my knife out of my hand with it, toss it aside, then pin me down.

How can I be with Bradley again?, I thought.

“ If you want to avenge him so “badly”, then follow him,” I suggest.

Then she gets off of me and sticks her hand out in a shaking gesture, I look at her so a moment, then take her hand.

Classlique Minker's POV:

“ Bad move dearie,” I whisper in her ear as I pull out my extra knife and stab it in her side.

The canon fires as she fall down dead, I smirk, reach for her backpack and walk off.

BOMBS/Back in the Capitol:

Back in the Capitol, even though Flake is dead, there's still the counsel in charge.

" T, what are we going to do now?," P asked. " The games are getting out of control, and the tributes are just enjoying life right now."

" I know P, I'm trying my very best to finish these games for good, it's to tirimng and stressful," said T as he massaged his forehead.

" Did you guys know that the Victor's and their children are somehow making everyone in the Capitol rebel against us?!," J yelled. " This is turning into CHAOS!!!!"

" QUIET DOWN!!," T yelled while slamming his fist on the desk. " But, I have a solution."

" Solution?," J and P asked in unsion..

" The bombing, I just recently found out that you and set targets too," T explained as he put in the computer's password. " Pick your targets."

" The remaining people from District 3, the rest of their of district is gone, so just let them follow, their getting too laid back and anyways," P muttered as he put his feet on the table. J watched as T typied in the names, the ground first shook, then she heard two canon fires, she bits her lower lip.

" J?," T asked.

This is horrible, I'm only 16! T, my younger brother just 13, as for P, he's just a 7 year old......! How could this happen?, J thought.

" J," T repeated.

" Press the random button," J muttered. She and the Victor's made a plan, a plan that restore everything to it's fertile self, she just needed to fool T and get ride of some lives.

" It targets three, J, are you sure?," T asked, J could tell T was trembling, he never like killing but, nows he's forced to.

" Positive," said J.

She watches as T slowly lifts his finger over the ENTER button, then he pauses." I CAN'T DO THIS!!!!" Then he slams his face and both his fist on the table.

" I knew you couldn't," said J as she walked to her brother's side. "" But, can P do it?" Then she looks P straight in the eye, making perfect eye contact. " Can you P?"

" I-I-I...... SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!!!," he yells as he sprinted towards the computer and press ENTER.

Three bombs.

Three canon fires.

That's all it took to shatter P.


Lisa Splendor

Belle Taylor

Peter Mage

Jake Tucker

Josh Fencea

Gabe Millen


Iris Bloodworthy

Azura Blue

Phoenix Way

Jacqueline Culvers

Classique Minker

Finum Minker

FINAL DAY(12)!!!!!

Iris Bloodworthy, Azura Blue, Phoenix Way, Jacqueline Culvers, Finum and Classlique Minker:

Iris Bloodworthy, Azura Blue, Phoenix Way and Finum Minker's POV:

Azura Blue's POV:

“ Phoenix....?,” I ask as our Career pack moves.

“ Hum?,” he replies while putting his arm around my waist.

“ Something doesn't seem right... I have this really weird feeling something's going to happen today.... something horrible,” I mumble.

Phoenix Way's POV:

I pause for a moment at her statement, then she says, “ Just in case.... I love you.” Then she gets on her tippy toes and plants a kiss on my cheek, then grasps onto my shirt.

“ Then let me do this,” I say while pulling her up by her chin, then close the distance between us with a slow and lingering kiss. “ We'll always be together,” I whisper in her ear.

I look up at Finum and Iris, who are blushing like mad from the awkwardness, then I pull away from Azura and yell, “ Finum, just kiss your girlfriend will you?”

Finum Minker's POV:

I blush from Phoenix sudden command and turn to Iris who is looking down at the ground. I blush as I caress her cheek and pull her in too.

Iris Bloodworthy's POV:

Oh my gosh..... he's kissing me..... in public..... and when I mean public I mean in front of them and the whole world... but, that doesn't matter anymore because I really love him, I thought as we kissed.

“ AHEM!,” Phoenix interrupts, then we quickly pull away.

As we continued waling, Finum leans in and whispers in my ear, “ I love you.”

I reply in a whisper, “ I love you too.”

Then the ground suddenly shakes. Earthquake.

Classlique Minker and Jacqueline Culver's POV:

Classlique Minker's POV:

I know older brother is here. I've been with him since birth. I can even feel this faint breath(A/N: Stalker, I know)

My legs are a little unstable because of the earthquake occurring right now but, I'll manage by holding onto tree trunks.

“AHHH!,” I yell as I fall down.

My target is clear in my head, Iris Bloodworthy is my target and I won't let her get away.

Jacqueline Culver's POV:

“Skyler....!? Skyler...!? Skyler....!? Where are you?!,” I cry while being thrown around because of the earthquake. “ I miss you so much...!!!” Then I fall on the ground and thrown over a hill.

Azura Blue and Phoenix Way's POV:

Phoenix Way's POV:

Phoenix....! I'm so scared..... Is the Capitol trying to separate us?,” Azura asks while crying.

I grab onto her and say, “ Remember these words, alright?” She nods, and I continue. “ I love you. I love you so much. I love you so much I think I'm going crazy. I love till the world ends.... no, forever and ever.”

“ Phoenix....!!! Don't leave me!!!,” she cries.

“ I won't I won't ever,” I whisper back. But, something happens. The ground splits between us and separates us.

“ Phoenix!!!!,” she cries.

“ I'm sorry Azura!!!,” I yell while crying, then mumble. “ I'm sorry, I'm so, so ,so sorry Azura. I really love you. I really do.....” Then I look up.

Azura Blue's POV:

I slowly get up and walk to the very edge of the split earth that separates us, the Phoenix yells, “ AZURA!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?”

I smile and talk us loud enough for both of us to hear over the earthquake, I struggled to stand straight but, I can do it. “ Phoenix!!! I don't want to live in a world without you, I rather die.” Tears stream out of my eyes and drip off my cheek.

Phoenix Way's POV:

“ NO... NOOO!!!!,” I yell. I look at her face as a tears stream off of it, her beautiful face.

“ Phoenix....!! I LOVE YOU!!!,” she yells with a smile on her face then she steps over the edge, that moment I felt like my heart sank and without thinking I jump over to retrieve her.

Azura Blue's POV:

“ At least I don't have to live in a world without him,” I say while falling.

“ AZURA!!!,” I hear, my brain immediately register's that voice as Phoenix's voice, and I open my eyes. Phoenix.

Phoenix Way's POV:

I grab onto Azura and whisper,” I love you, I won't leave you, ever.”

“ Same,” she replies while crying and I plant a kiss on her forehead.

No One's POV:

Two canons. Whatever fate they will have in the future, rebirth, reincarnation, they'll always be together.

Iris Bloodworthy, Classlique Minker, Jacqueline Culvers and Finum Minker's POV:

Classlique Minker's POV:

I slowly get up again and set my arrow up, I aim it directly at Iris's heart. I let go of the arrow and watch it go whizzing across the sky and hit its target. I smile and slowly walk over to them.

Finum Minker's POV:

“ IRIS!!,” I yell as I catch her, then I saw the arrow in her, a handmade arrow and I know who made it. “ Iris, Iris please don't die!!! I beg of you!!!”

“ Shhh...,” she says. “ Quiet down.

“ I love you,” I tell her while crying. “ I LOVE YOU!!!”

“ Shush.... you're starting to sound like Phoenix,” she mumbles.

“ I really do,” I repeat.

“ So do I......,” she says as she trails off.

“ IRIS!!!,” I yell while shaking her.

Iris Bloodworthy's POV:

“ What....?,” I mumble.

“ Don't leave me....,” he begs as tears drip onto my face.

“ I'm sorry....,” I reply. “ But... do me one favor.......”

“ Anything,” he replies while grabbing both of my hands.

“ Every year..... on this day, plant.... a iris in memory of me.....,” I struggle to say. “ Those irises with represent our love...............”

I really love you, I thought.

Finum Minker's POV:

I heard a canon fire as Iris's hand drops out of mine, I bend down and give her a kiss on her somewhat warm lips then get up, “ CLASSLIQUE!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!? COME OUT NOW!!!”

Classlique Minker's POV:

“ You don't need to shout,” I reply to his beast call.

“ Go die,” he mutters under his death.

Then I walk closer and ask him,” What'd you say?”

“ GO DIE!!!!,” he roars.

I stumble back, he said those words, words of hate. The brother I knew and loved like crazy never said those words to me before.

“ Okay....,” I reply. “This is my fault, I'll repay you Finum. JUST DON”T HATE ME!!”

Then I step over the edge.

Finum Minker's POV:

“ I'm sorry Classlique, I'm a demon now...,” I mumble.

“ So it's just two of us now,” says a voice, Jacqueline Culvers.

Jacqueline Culvers's POV: “ What do you want?,” he asks with rage.

“ A game of rock, papers, scissors to determine who gets to die,” I say while walking closer to him.

“ You win, I lose, I die,” he mutters.

“ Tut-tut-tut-tut,” I say. “ Let's do a real game.”

“ Fine,” he mutters, then he sticks his hand out and says in unison with me. “ Rock, Paper, Scissors!” I got paper, he got scissors.

“ There, you win, I lose,” he says while walking towards the edge.

“ Wait,” I say.

Finum Minker's POV:

I watch as she takes a knife out of her pocket and slits her throat in front of me. BOOM!!! The canon fires, and I win?


Why did I win?, I ask myself. I'll never forget you Iris....

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