Here we are, after the rebellion. One year later in District 12,Seam. Everything is how it's supposed to be especially for Peeta and me. Yes. Peeta and me. We're both turning nineteen this year,Gale's turning twenty-one, Mom's probably thirty something, Haymitch would be forty-seven this year and if Prim was still alive; she'd be fifteen. Here we are in a world with no Hunger Games and no President Snow, we never really knew what happened to him after but, people said he survived after being shot with my arrow. I'm not sure. But I think there could be a chance that he is still alive. I hope not.

I'm in a nightmare, I'm running, running away from mutts; the mutts of Cato, Glimmer and Marvel. I can't stop,if I do I'll be torn to bits like Finnick. I wanna die like him, not like that; I can't. No I'm not risking that, not now, not here, no anywhere I'm not going anywhere. Where ever those mutts run, blood trails behind them; the blood of Rue, Thresh, Finnick, Wiress and Prim, the more I see their blood the more I wanna kill them again. I decide to shot an arrow at Cato's mutt form but, when I did, he never died, he reincarnated another version of himself and this time; that new mutt is Clove. Clove, she runs faster, way faster than the rest of those mutts, if I stop; she'll rip my head off.

While I was running, I was thinking of words to describe the mutts, these were the that words pop into my head like lightning striking a tree during a thunder storm; the words, devilish,blood bathed, vicious, murders and my victims. I turn at a corner and there's was a metal staircase going up the side of the building,I decide run up them but the mutts are so fast that they're just a couple meters from me and I need to be careful, so of these steps are loose. One false step will plummet me to the ground, then I remember when Cato fell off the Cornucopia. Just thinking about that scares me. I quickly climb the last couple steps, when I finally reach the top and there were nine cedar wood poles. Pinned to each pole with a single arrow holding them up, dead, is Rue, Thresh, Wiress, Finnick, mom, Prim, Gale and Peeta. Peeta. I run up to him and I touch his face, he slightly opens his eyes and says in a croaky voice,” You traitor, you mutts, you left me... I hate'' you..,” then he slowly brings him hands up to my neck, and starts choking me. Hate; I never could imaging Peeta ever saying that word hate to me. One by one, everyone pulls out the arrow holding them up and they make their way to me. The they all start to choke me. I opened my eyes for a second and the mutts, Cato and Clove leap onto me with their jaws wide open to tear me apart.

Before they do, I see a light and I hear a song...a was so beautiful... it was dad singing the four stanzas of the Hanging Tree. I open my eyes hoping to see his face but, Marvel walks out from behind my father and pulls a knife out from his shirt. With his arm arched over his head, I scream,” DAD!!!”. But he doesn't hear me, my dad turns around; as his eyes widen the knife finds it's target in his heart.

Then I wake up,screaming ;I hear something faintly in the distance, it was a soothing melody from a mockingjay perched on the white window sill; as I carefully listen to it's melody, it slowly reminds me of Rue. As I carefully get up, I fell dizzy and hot so I checked my forehead for temperature. Before I can touch my forehead, I hear something drop on the dark brown wood floor; I carefully reach down to retrieve it, the familiar smoothness yet glossy feel, and the couple scratches on it gives me an idea of what it is. My mockingjay pin.

All of the sudden memories of the Hunger Games, the third Quarter Quell and what happened during the rebellion rush into my head like water from a tap. The names; Rue, Thresh, Wiress, Finnick, Mags and my dear sister Prim pop into my head all the sudden, with memories attached to each of them.

Rue, she died because that boy named Marvel from District 1 threw a spear into her stomach, and I couldn't do anything or be able to save her.

Thresh, Rue's district partner spared me because I was her ally, but I still couldn't be any help to him and he died in Cato's hands.

Finnick,he was the tribute from District 4; he was my ally,a trusted ally, my friend, and my friend Annie's husband; he died right before my eyes during the rebellion,president Snow killed him with his mutts. If only I reached out my hand to help him or even kill those mutts, Annie and her baby boy could see him again, poor baby Finnick,he never got to meet his father.

Mags,she was somehow related to Finnick but, I don't know how ;she died so we can save Peeta. And ourselves. Dying in a thick fog of poison; it must've been hell. Why couldn't I just force myself to carry her a bit longer? Even A bit longer could save her but if I did we'd all be either very endangered or dead.

Wiress, she was Beetee's sister and district partner,if only I went with Wiress when went to go clean Beetee's wire in the sea water, she wouldn't have been slit in the throat then killed by Cashmere,from District 1.

Then Prim, my dear sister,she was killed during the rebellion by Gale's bombs. Gale. Gale Hawthorne. My best friend. All of these deaths that I couldn't prevent means one thing. I'm useless.

As I snap back into reality,I put the pin in a blue box with a dark teal ribbon and I put it in the top drawer in my night stand by my bed. Concealing it from the world.

As I get out of bed, there was something on the corner of my bed, it was a simple, pine green V neck cami a pair of light blue short shorts and a pair of my favorite onyx black, lace up sandals from Cinna ; my mother probably laid it out for me. Then my fever strikes me hard.

“ Ah!!,” I scream in pain.

I then wobble over to my bathroom, when I got in I struggled to reach for the closet; as I open it, I look through a bunch of my medicine containers. I found Nightlock pills, sleeping pills and Morphling containers but no fever pills, then a clear white container catches my eye. I reach for it, then I read the label.

“ Tracker Jacker Insanity Calmer,” I read.

Wait, aren't these Peeta's? I think. What are they doing here?

I slide to the bathroom floor, I reach my hand to my side, feeling to cool marble floor between my finger tips and I close my eyes. Then I feel something drop from the sink's counter on my foot, I open my eyes and I use my foot to kick it over. I grab it and I turn it around my hands to see the label.

Then I read,” Fever pills”.

Without thinking,I literally rip the lid off of the container and I squeeze my hand into the container for one of the pills. I throw into my mouth and I swallow hard, then I feel it stuck in my throat. I start to choke on that small pill, I run over to the shower with my pajamas still on and I turn on the faucet then I stick my head under it , hoping the water will unclog my throat. After unclogging my throat, I finally notice that I'm still wearing my pajamas; I walk out in my bedroom and I peel off my over sized wet button up shirt. After throwing it into the laundry bin beside my door I put on the clothes ,y mother laid out for me, then I turn as if getting ready to head down stairs. I see my reflection ageist the mirror.

I walk up to it and I lay mt fingers on its surface, feeling to smoothness of its surface; glossy and smooth. I look up to see my reflection and then I notice that the scars from my face have disappeared like how the Hunger Games, Quarter's Quell and Rebellion did.

How many years has it been? I think.

As I slowly make my way down the staircase, I see my mother is taking out a box and putting it outside. I ran down the stair then out the door to retrieve the box,as I look inside the box. I find Prim's old clothes with some of her remaining belongings, as I look through them, so many emotions try to make their way through as tears. I storm back in the house with the box, I drop the box outside the kitchen and my mother turns my way.

“ Katniss, put that back outside please,” she say's annoyed.

“ Mom, these are Prim's clothes and belongings . Why are you throwing them out?!”, I snap.

“ Prim isn't here anymore!!! There's absolutely no reason to keep them anymore, and the more I see Prim's clothes and anything else that did belonged to her,the more I want to die!!! Can't you understand!? First dad leaves us now it's Prim, I can't stand this world!!!! ,” she yells, I see tears streaming from her eyes, but not headily.

“ Even if she isn't here anymore, we need to keep something to remind us of her; if not then take them to the Black Market!!!,” I yell.

“ I don't want some filthy person to touch any of this!!!You don't understand do you?! ,” she screams and now you can see she's truly crying.

“ Then pack them up and jack it somewhere!!!Jack it somewhere you'll never look in!!!,”I yell, now my heart crying and I know what it wants.

It wants Peeta. Suddenly her knees give in and she starts to slide down, with both of her hands by her side while she weeps.

“ Just let me be, please Katniss...,” she says tiredly with some sobbing.

“ Mom?,” I ask, I notice I'm shaking in my knees.

I stare at her, shocked at what I just did to her, I walk out and grab a red plaid blanket from the closet, then I quickly lay it over her shoulders. I kneel beside her with my right arm around her, she still doesn't move. So I get up, then something on the kitchen table catches my attention,on the table was a letter that was addressed to me, from Prim, as I take a closer look closer, it's was dated just after I got out of the Quarter Quell. The envelope was written in a beautiful calligraphic cursivey form, the envelope was a beautiful pink with primroses and rues sequined to it. I fold the letter into a half and put it in my pocket. I look over to my mother, I notice she's still out if it; so I gently lift her up and take her up to her bedroom. I She's a lot lighter than before, I gently put her down and pull up the sheets to her neck and I close the door. I slowly make my way down stairs and I grab a NY hat from the closet while leaving the house and I put it on my head, this hat is one of my favorites, it was a light blue top and at the edge that sticks out, was airbrushed red. It was a gift from one of my childhood friends, he was killed during the bombing. Killed like everyone else. Then something slipped out of the hat, it was a necklace with a converse as a pendant, this too was a gift from a friend, she also died during the bombing. Tyler and Katie, I should visit their graves sometime, I should return their gifts too.

I start walking down the side walk in Victor's Village and I notice three moving vans parked outside three of the Victor's houses, I decide to walk closer to see what's going on. I walk by the first two houses and there were just people bring furniture in them, then I walk on to the next house, I see a lady. She had a beautiful light blue sundress on with blue sequins that made the dress look like the ocean, for her shoes; she wore a pair of wedge high heels, but her hair, yes her hair gave away her identity the most. That beautiful chestnut brown hair with curls like a mermaid's,suddenly my feet take me away. It's Annie.

“ Annie!!!,” I call out.

“ Oh my god, Katniss!!!,”she yells, then we embrace.

“ What are you doing so far away from District 4?!,” I ask.

“ Well it's lonely... I'm all alone I the Victor's Village there, so I decided to move here. At least I'll have Haymitch,your mom,Peeta or you to talk to,” she says.

“ So this is your new place,” I say while admiring her new house.

“ MOMMY!!!,” cried a child.

I look over to the porch, I see a little three year old toddler trying to climb down the stairs. It had chestnut brown hair like Annie and Finnick's sea green eyes, he somehow looked like a mini version of Finnick; cute yet handsome for his age. The toddler just slipped on the stairs and is about a meter from the ground. Without hesitation I run over to catch him, and I do; the poor thing was crying from terror.

“ Finnick!!,” Annie cries in terror, I gently hand the toddler to Annie as the he cries mommy,I'm guess that that toddler is the final gift Finnick could ever give to Annie before he died. Annie's says in a soothing voice,” It's alright, mommy's here Finnick,”.

“ Where'd little Finnick go!!!,” yelled a familiar male's voice.

“ I don't know!!! I thought you had him!!!,” cried a familiar female voice. Both of them come charging out of the room and they both fell over the stairs with a loud thud.

“ He he he, auntie Dohanna and Uncla Beetie fell down like me mommy!,” little Finnick says happily. I run over to the mysterious couple and they turn over.

“ Johanna!!! Beetee!!! Oh my god, your all here!!!,” I exclaim, then I notice what each of them are wearing. Johanna's wearing a lovely pair of black Italian heels, a pair of short shorts similar to mine but only darker, a light orange strapless top, and her hair is still the same short brown only curly and sparkled; I can tell she like to use the money she got. As for Beetee; a pair of dark brown Italian loafers, a short sleeved button up black shirt with a collar, dark denim jeans and his hair is still black but with a metallic gold streak in his hair and for his glasses and Italian pair from Gucci. They both look so modern and themselves but, I feel like something's going on....

“ And in the flesh!,” Beetee jokes,the he gets a clonk in the head from Johanna, then his glasses fall off.

“ You're such an idiot!!,” Johanna yells, I pick up his glasses and hand them to him; he put's them on.

“ Then why did you go out me in the first place?,” he says. Then an explosion happens in my head and the word couple had something to do with in, I'm frozen in shock.

“ Ooooo!!! Mommy da cuple a fating( Ooooo!!! Mommy the couple's are fighting!!),” giggles Finnick. I turn to Annie and ask ,“ Couple?!,”

“ Yes, Beetee asked Johanna out right after the rebellion and they've been living together in District 7 too,” she answered but, she has a very sad expression on her face,I'm guessing she's thinking about Finnick. I should've helped him.

“ Ahhh...,” I answer.

“ Everyone, it's tea time!,” Annie calls out.

Johanna and Beetee stopped fighting, then Beetee helped Johanna up; you can really see their love for each other through their eyes. As we gathered in Annie's spectacular living room, I take a good look around; I can tell that everything in this house was imported from District 1 and I know that for sure. Then something catches my eye,it was Finnick and Annie's wedding photo, Finnick looks so handsome...then again, Finnick's always good looking but then Annie, Annie looked gorgeous in that gown I wore in District 5, it looked way better on her than me. Poor Annie,i feel so sorry for her, I don;t know what I would do if Peeta died but Annie already experienced the pain from Finnick's death.

“ Tea here!,” Annie chimes.

“ Mommy, I'm hungry,” Finnick says while rubbing his belly.

“ Here you go Finnick,” Beetee says while handing Finnick a chocolate chip cookie then he just shallows the entire cookie.

“ Nuder Uncla Beetie,” he giggles then Beetee just gives him the entire plate.

“ Okay everyone, how do you want your tea?,” Annie asks us.

“ Lot's of honey in mine please,” replies Johanna and Annie passes Johanna her tea.

“ Watch it Johanna, you'll get fat,” Beetee says but Johanna stomps on his foot hard in her heels, then she smirks and Finnick's just laughing his ass off.

“ Owwie... I'll just have two milks and one sugar cube in mine Annie,” Beetee says painfully, Annie just put's he tea on the table for him.

“ Katniss? How about you,dear?,” Annie asks gently. I don't actually have my tea a certain way but then, I remember the tea Peeta once made me, it was so good.

“ Um, three milks, a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of choco powder, no sugar please,” I reply and she hands me my tea.

I watch her make her tea, she's just dropping sugar cube after sugar cube in her tea then she tosses on in her mouth, she reminds me of Finnick.

“ Annie,your just like Finnick,” I giggle.

“ Huh?,” she says confusingly.

“ Oh, you means her and the sugar?,” Johanna asks.

“ Yeah, that's how I first met him,” I say.

“ Katniss, exactly how did you meet him?,”Annie continues,” You've never told me”.

“ the 3rd Quarter's Quell ceremony,he rode up to me on his horse and um..., he was wearing this outfit that you can almost call him naked. He offered me a sugar cube but I declined his offer, then he asked me about my secrets," I say slowly as I try to retrace my memories.

“ What did you say to him?,” Beetee asks.

“ I believe I said, I'm an open book, people seem to find out my secrets before I do,” I reply.

“ And him,what did he say?,” Johanna asks.

“ And he said sadly, I do believe that,” I answer.

“ That's so Finnick!,” says Annie.

“ So.. Katniss...I've been meaning to ask you this,” says Beetee.

“ What?,” I ask confusingly.

“ How are you and Peeta? How far have you gone?,”Beetee asks.

“ I've been meaning to ask that!,” Johanna says.

“ We're an official couple, we're really happy together and um... but what do you mean by how far have you gone?,” I reply while taking a sip of my tea.

“ Katniss, you know what she means,” said Annie. I start to choke on my tea and I spit it every where, then I start coughing.

“ *cough* What?! *cough* We're still eighteen!!! *cough*,”I yell, then Annie rushes over to me and pats my back while saying,” breath...breath...that's right...,”.I glance at the clock and I realized I over stayed my welcome, I need to make up an excuse.

“ Katniss, come on and get with it already, don't forget he's a boy,” Johanna continues,” I seriously admire his self control but eventually he will lose it”.

“ Oh no... I'm sorry Annie, I have to stop off at the bakery me and Peeta have a date,” I make up; then I get up but, something clutched onto my leg,I look down and it's little Finnick.

“ Auntie Katniss, pweez tay!!!(Auntie Katniss, please stay!!!),” cries little Finnick I can see his eyes watering up. I bend down and stroke his bronze colored hair then I give him a hug, then I look up at Annie.

“ Is it alright if Haymitch, Peeta and me come over for dinner later?,” I ask.

“ Of course Katniss!I'll see you later?,”said Annie.

“ Yah, see you,” I reply.

“ See you deary,” Johanna says.

“ Till evening,” Beetee says and Johanna stomps on his foot again ,I laugh; I leave the luxurious living room, walk down the granite stair case and out the door of cedar wood, marble and gold.

When I close the front door to Annie's house, I notice Peeta was standing there,back towards me with a worn-out cotton bag hanging on his left arm, I can smell freshly baked cheese buns from it, he was also muttering something, but it barely audible to me. He was wearing a pair of blackish, sliverish skinny jeans, a deep brown V neck T-shirt, around his neck was a muted orange and brown striped scarf and for his shoes; a dark brown pair of boots. I stand there watching his movements, his movements were so perfect and masculine; then after a minute or two I decide to go talk to him, I walk up to him and tap him gently on his shoulder. His sweater was so soft and warm,just like his arms when they embrace me. I've been craving for those arms to wrap around me since morning.

“ Oh! Katniss, there you are! I was just looking for you! ,” Peeta says cheerfully with his luminous smile; his luminous smile lights up the entire world, this dark world.

“ I just saw you standing there, by the way, shouldn't you be working at the bakery?,” I continue,” Did something happen?

“ Well, do you remember that bombing in here last year?,”Peeta asks,

“ Yeah,” I answer.

“ Well, it turns out my father survived the bombing here, though, he's hasn't exactly fully recovered yet; so he closed the bakery for two weeks or so and I decided to spend the break with you,” Peeta continues,” Is that alright with you?”.

“ Whoa,wait. Let me get this straight; your dad's alive and he's doing well right?,” I ask but, asking Peeta that question brings back the tragic accident at the mines six years ago, that accident killed both mine and Gale's father, this is a memory I want to forget; but I can't but ,I'm happy Mr.Mellark survived.

“ Yes, and the doctor say's he'll fully heal in two weeks or so,” Peeta answers with a hint of impatience.

“ Can I visit him?!,” I ask.

“ Yeah, In fact,I was planning to take you over there, because he wanted to talk to you about something,”he answered.

“ Really, I wonder what he wants to talk about; I hardly ever talk to him,” I confusingly answer.

“ I think I got an idea what he want's to talk about...,” Peeta says while sticking his hands in his pockets.

“ What?,“ I ask confusingly.

“ You know how we've been going out right?,”Peeta says.

“ Yeah,” I answer.

“ He asked about that and I said yes, then he asked me if I can bring you by later,” he says while sighing.

“ Okay then, what do you wanna do now,” I ask.

“ Can you teach me how to hunt?,” he asks enthusiastically.

“ Why?,” I ask.

“ Well, I though it could be a good way to spend the break. And if there's another Hunger games then I could...,” he trails off, realizing what he just said.

“ Alright then. What do you want to learn?,” I say

“ Archery and throwing knives,” he answers.

“ First we need to buy you a bow and arrow set and some knives,” I said.

“ Hey do you wanna go over to Haymitch's house first?,” he asks.

“ Yeah, we should; we need to check up on our drunkard,” I reply, we hold hands while we walk back a couple houses and when walked up to the door it was already opened.

“ Wow,he didn't lock up,” says Peeta.

“ One of these days someone's going to rob him of everything,” I say.

“ Yeah, but still. Isn't it Hazelle's job to lock up?,” Peeta asks.

“ I don't think so,” I say.

“ But where's Haymitch?,” Peeta asks.

“ Let me try calling him,” I continue,”Haymitch!!! ...HAYMITCH ABERNATHY!!!!!,”.

Then we hear a long and loud moan coming for the living room; then we hear something like glass break.

We both look at each other and say,” We found our drunken skunk”.

We see Haymitch wobble out of his living room, he isn't really steady with his feet today; he's clinging on to everything to help him walk towards us with a bottle of liquor in his right hand.

“ Sit,sit,” says Haymitch and we all find a place on the ground, I look around then think to myself; Hazelle does a good job looking after this place, usually you'd find a single glass liquor bottles everywhere.

“ Oh yes, I forgot,” I say

“ Forgot what,” Haymitch asks while he tips his bottle.

Peeta, Haymitch, Annie wanted to know if you wanted to come over for dinner at her place with Johanna and Beetee,” I say.

“ Sure, I don't mind,” Peeta continues,” It's been a while since I spoke to Johanna and Beetee anyways”.

“ Fine and, not like I have anything important to do anyways...,” Haymitch sighs .

“ And little Finnick's there,” I say.

“ You mean Annie really was pregnant!!,” Peeta exclaims.

“ Uh-huh,” I say.

“ I'm thinking of bringing some pastries over,” Peeta continues,” Do you know any of his favorites?”.

“ So far ,I think his favorite is chocolate chip cookies,” I continue,” You should've seen him shallow a whole cookie”.

“ I'll make five dozen then,” said Peeta, then we notice that Haymitch has been really quiet.

“ Something wrong?,” I ask.

“ I'm just wondering...,” says Haymitch.

“ Wondering what?,” Peeta asks.

“ I'm just wondering why everyone moves here all the sudden,” Haymitch answers.

“ Well I know why Annie moved here, but Johanna and Beetee... I don't know...,” I say.

“ Johanna and Beetee lived together in District 7 right?,” Haymitch asks.

“ Yeah,” I reply.

“ I think I may know something...,” says Haymitch.

He wobbles up and heads to his living room, by the way he's walking, I can tell he's unstable. I slowly get up to help him walk to his destination but, raises his left hand in a gesture meaning to stop me; then Peeta pulls me back down and we sit together waiting. Peeta tries to start a conversation.

“ Where do think is the best place to buy a bow and arrow set?,” Peeta asks.

“ I think the best place is the Black Market, after all; that's where, my dad, Gale's dad, Gale and I bought ours,” I reply

“ Is it still in good condition?,” Peeta asks.

“ Yeah,Gale and I had ours from about seven years,” I answer.

“ I still need to bring something to trade right?,” he asks.

“ I think you should, because if you pay for it with money the Black Market will rip you off,” I say.

“ Are we going to be hunting where Gale and you usually hunt?,” he asks.

“ Yeah, but you need to be very quiet,” I say.

“ How quiet?,” he asks.

“ Way more than you were during to Hunger Games, don't forget, you scared of every bunny in a two mile radius,” I sigh.

“ Fine...,” Peeta sighs with a smile, then Haymitch comes out.

“ Hey lovers, I got it,” Haymitch says while waving a newspaper in his hand. It's not just any newspaper, it's from the Capitol. Capitol newspaper. He hands it to me, then he sits down again and the floor.

“ How'd you get this?,” Peeta asks.

“ I'm a mentor, I can subscribe for things like this,” he answers while taking a gulp at his wine.

I look at the front page and I see in big, bold words; President Snow Lives! I continue to read on; it said he was found wandering in the District 7 forest. District 7! Then on the bottom it said : please tune in to night for an inter view with President Snow. I drop the newspaper, and I can feel my fever kicking in; hard.

“ Katniss...,”says Peeta.

“ I'm alright. I'm okay Peeta,” I say with a lot of pain in my mouth.

“ Peeta...,” I whisper in his ear.

“ Yes,” he says.

“ Snow's... alive...,” I whisper in his ear, then he clings onto me, protectively; then he turns to Haymitch.

“ Why didn't you tell us this?!,” Peeta yells, I look up and I see the expression on his face; I can tell he's furious.

Haymitch tips the bottle again and says,” Why should I?”.

“ We need to know about things like this !!!,” Peeta yells.

“ What else do you want to know!? What?! Like Coin's been murdered!!!,” Haymitch slaps him hand over his mouth and takes a gulp of his liquidor; Peeta slaps his hands over my ears.

“ Peeta let go, I wanna know what happened to Coin!,” I yell, he takes his hands off slowly.

“ I group of Snow's Peacekeeper's murdered her in her sleep then they set her house on fire, where she burned to ashes,” says Haymitch.

“ Oh no...,” I say.

“ I think you guys learnt a little too much today, I'll see you later then,” Haymitch bids.

Peeta holds onto my shoulders while we walk outside,when we were outside the gates of Victor's village I stop for a sec and I throw up.

“ Katniss!! Are you alright!?,” Peeta asks, as I look up I see Johanna and Beetee leaving Annie's house; they see me, then now they are running towards me.

“ Katniss!!!,” screams Johanna and Beetee.

“ Johanna...Beetee....,” I struggle to say.

“ What'd you do Peeta! Knock here up?!,” Johanna screams, I throw up again.

“ Um Johanna, Katniss's still a virgin. Remember?,” Beetee reminds.

“ Oh yeah, Peeta be a dear and carry her into our house,” Johanna nicely commands, for once.

“ Sure,” Peeta continues,” Come on Katniss”.

I let him pick me up without hesitating but, I really want to throw up again. I put in at my internal strength into holding it in, I try burrowing my head into his chest; his warmth calms me down. As we walk through the door, I notice that the house has many earthy toned colours that surround District 7 yet, the house is pretty tech-ed out like district 3; my complements to the interior designer. Johanna directs Peeta to a guest room, I notice that the room was filled with such luxuries that a normal citizen from District 12 wouldn't be able to afford in their lifetime.

“ Peeta, lay her here,” says Beetee.

“ Alright,” says Peeta.

“ Ohh... my head...,” I grumble.

“ Johanna, Beetee; you guys moved here because, president Snow was found wandering around District 7,right?,” asks Peeta, then Johanna and Beetee turn to look at each other confusingly.

“ Wait, What?!,” Johanna yells.

“ Peeta, Katniss; we moved here because Johanna’s pregnant,” Beetee explains.

“ Congratulation you guys!,” I congratulate.

Then Johanna pulls out a needle and injects it into her right arm while saying,” Ouch..”.

“ What's that?,” I ask.

“ Oh,this,” she says while holding up the needle, then she continues,” This helps with the pregnancy”.

“ It helps the fetus develop,” Beetee adds.

“ After all we want this baby to make it,” said Johanna, she smiles pleasantly while patting her belly.

“ It's from the Capitol, right?,” Peeta asks.

“ Yes, it was a gift from Coin, before she died in that fire,” says Beetee.

“ Now tell me about this story ,about Snow still alive,”says Johanna.

“ Apparently he's still alive,” says Peeta.

“ After being shot with that arrow?!,” says Beetee.

“ Yeah but, we don't have all the details though,” I sigh, then continue,” But their bringing him back to the Capitol to be interviewed tonight”.

“ Okay then, now I have a question for you Peeta,” says Johanna, I want to shove a knife down her throat when she just said that; I don't want to her what she has to say to him.

“ Sure,” says Peeta.

“ Okay, how long have you two been going out?,” Johanna asks.

“ Um...I think...about... two years or so?,” Peeta answers.

“ And you guys haven't have sex yet?!,” yells Johanna.

“ Johanna...,” sighs Beetee.

“ Yeah,something wrong?,” Peeta continues,” I don't want to force her into anything”.

Next thing you know my feet take off and I end up in the bathroom, throwing up in the toilet. I hear Peeta yell my name,then he bursts into the bathroom.

“ Katniss!,” he yells, his voice is filled with worry.

“ I'm ...alright... Peeta....,” I say.

“ Here, let me help,”he says; then he wipes my face and holds onto me while I wash my mouth out.

I walk over to the door, where there hangs to deep teal towels, after I finished wiping down my face; Peeta puts his left arm over me as if his arm was a bridge. Then I ask,” Why don't you ever force yourself on me?,”.

“ Because I love you and I don't want to force you into anything,” he answers, then he starts to lean his head in and I close my eyes; and before our lips could meet, “ they” bust in.

“ Peeta, you forgot your bag...oh...,” he says while barging in.

“ Well, well;look at this,” Johanna snickers.

“ Well, will you look at the time, I guess we better be leaving!,” says Peeta.

Then he picks me up and he jumps off the indoor balcony and starts sprinting out the door with me still in his arms.

We're about to leave the Victor Village gates then he asks,” Where to now my kidnapped princess?”.

“ Well first, put me down,” I command and he does.

“ And?,”he asks.

“ Let's go over to your house before it gets late,” I say.

“ Why my house?,” Peeta asks confusingly.

“ To see your dad,” I answer.

“ Oh, he's at the bakery now,” he says.

“ Shouldn't he be in bed?,” I say.

“ That's what I told him but he never listens,” Peeta says with a laugh.

“ Well, let's head over the bakery then,” I say.

We're walking with an even pace, our hands are close by each other but, we're not holding hands then Peeta gently reaches for my hand and I let him without hesitating but, I feel comfortable being with him either way. About twenty minutes later,we arrive in the town square and I take a eye full of the scenery; the scene was the usual scene but, this time there was some houses that either got burned , crushed and the whole town square was coated in a uneven,thin coat of ash or coal dust. Even though the the town is like this, everyone's happy and content,after all, there's no Hunger Games, it's nice to see everyone less paranoid or stressed. Here we, at the bakery, when I thought Mr.Mellark wanted to see me, I thought he in his bed, in Victor's Village, in the Mellark Estate not moving about. There he is, Mr.Mellark, baking bread and other pastries, I stand outside for a second, and take a sniff, I smell...cheese goat cheese tarts and apple cinnamon peach sherbert pie, then out of nowhere; my stomach growls.

“ Crap, I forgot I never had breakfast... ,” I grumble. Peeta laughs then says,” Come on, I'll get you something from the bakery”.

“ You really don't have too...” I say.

“ It's alright, it's on the house, and I'll make it myself too,” Peeta says gently with a smile, his luminous smile.

I think in my head” Smile again Peeta”, Peeta opens the door and I smile while saying thank you, I step in; Peeta steps in while closing the door behind him, I can hear the ring of the bell ageist the door. Now I start yelling at Mr.Mellark.

“ Mr.Mellark!!! Shouldn't you be in bed?! Your still recovering!!!,”I yell almost accusingly. Peeta's trying not laugh but does and Mr.Mellark walks over to me while wiping his hands on his worn out apron with a smile on his face.

“ Ms. Catnip Everdeen, I'm not that old or weak you know,” Mr.Mellark says with a laugh and I can see who Peeta got his laugh from now.

“ Katniss,” I correct then I continue,” Don't worry, you're not the first to get my name wrong”.

Then I think of Gale, he still won't stop calling me that.

“ Okay then Katniss,I'd like to talk to you about something,and I'm guess know something about it, I believe? ,”says Mr.Mellark.

“ I ,” I say but then my stomach growls again,” Oh my gosh, excuse me...,” I say embarrassingly.

“ Looks like someone skipped breakfeast, I go whip something up; wait here,” says Mr.Mellark.

He's acting like the people in Seam can afford to eat three full meals a day but, I don't say anything.

“ No Dad,I'll do it,you rest kay; after all do you need it,” Peeta says while seating Mr.Mellark in one of the chairs in the bakery, then Peeta leaves to bake something.

“ Now Katniss, about what we talking about, shall we start?,” Mr.Mellark asks.

“ Of course, “ I answer enthusiastically.

“ I know you and Peeta have been seeing each other, and I know you two love each other dearly. Is that true?,” says Mr.Mellark.

“Yes, we'd risk our lives for each other,” I answer confidently.

“Good, as you know Peeta's mother and he's younger brother, Peka have died, though he still has his older brother, Peda; by the way you two should visit him some time. I knew Peeta went through tracker jacker insanity, you took care of Peeta during that time,right?,” Mr.Mellark asks.

“ Yes,” I answer, it suddenly feels like I'm in trial.

“ And you know that I will always loved and will care for your mom in your late father's place just like I did when I first met her, right?,” Mr.Mellark continues,” I think you should know but, the feelings I had for her back then never changed”.

“ Okay then,” I say.

“ And I just wanted to say, take care of Peeta and please love him please he's very important to me, that child of mine is so helpless but, you been their for him all this time in my place. I also accept the fact that your seeing each other,” says Mr.Mellark.

“ Thank you,” I say.

“ I've notice, that ever since you two have been going out; Peeta's always has a smile on his face,” Mr.Mellark says happily.

“ He smiles a lot around me and each time he smiles, I feel like the whole world lights up,” I answer happily.

“ By the way, how rude of me,I forgot to ask ;how's that sister of yours, Prim?Is she well?,” Mr.Mellark asks.

I froze there,my mouth wouldn't move;I take a deep breath then answer,” Um... she died during the rebellion... she was blown to bits my a bomb...”.

“ Oh no.. I'm so sorry,” Mr.Mellark apologizes.

“ It's really alright,” I reply.

For a moment there's nothing but silence, Mr.Mellark asks,” Would you like some tea?,”

“ Oh, yes please,” I answer.

Mr.Mellark get's up and walks over to the kitchen to get us each a cup of English tea, I put three cups of milk I mine; while doing that, a plate of sugar cubes catches my attention. It instantly reminds me of Finnick, that day when I was on my horse during the Quarter Quell ceremony. Finnick rode up to me on his horse, he was wearing that outfit ;then he offered me sugar cubes and he wanted to know all my secrets. Finnick Odair, I'll never forget him.

While smiling I say,”Finnick...,”.

“ Huh? Did you say something?,” Mr.Mellark asks.

“ Oh, I was saying Finnick's name because Finnick loved to eat and always will love eating sugar cubes,” I answer trying hard to hold back my tears.

“ Dad!!!! We're out of sugar!!!,” Peeta yells from the kitchen.

“ Oh, it's getting late,” I continue,” Peeta, going home now. Are you coming?”.

“ Yeah, dad is it alright if we leave!?,” he yells again.

“ Yes, it's fine Peeta,” His dad answers.

Peeta quickly runs from the kitchen and rips off his apron, throws it on the counter, then out of nowhere my fever hits me really hard, and I collapse. All I remember is Mr.Mellark rushing into the kitchen, grabbing the phone and dialing the number to my house, and Peeta rush over to my house as if I was going to die.

While being knock out I have a nightmare, I'm walking through the woods in the arena; then out of nowhere, I hear screams. I first hear Rue's then Thresh's ,Wiress ,Finnick's and Prim's; I quickly start to sprint, while I was sprinting ,I start to run into branches that hang above my head like long claws. I was wearing the yellow dress I wore in District 11 for the Victory Tour, it was being torn, ripped and shredded while I was running through that forest. When I finally get to them, they were all bind to a tree, a tall red cedar tree; soaring over fifty feet. Standing five meters away from Rue was Marvel from District 1, getting ready to launch his spear into her stomach, and Cato getting ready to stab Thresh. Then in front of Wiress is Cashmere,with her knife ready to make her target and President Snow's standing there in front of Finnick, while holding onto a leash of five mutts, while getting ready to let go of them. Now Prim,dear Prim, has Gale standing in front of her, getting ready to throw the bomb at her. I freeze in terror, while watching everyone of them get killed, all over again; with all their blood dripping, flying and spraying everywhere, then I collapse from and arrow through my back. I touch the area where the arrow hit, the only person I know that can shot and arrow like this would be...Gale. I look up,then I see Gale holding out his bow, and his arrow already launched in my back then a mutts come out from behind him and just before the mutts land on me. That morphing from District 6, she throws her arms out like to embrace then just like how she did to save Peeta in the quarter Quell. I look at my body,it's been caked, covered and dyed in blood...then I died.

I wake up screaming, I look around;Peeta who was to my right,holding my hand jumps from my scream; I can hear Mr.Mellark and my mother talking down stairs, then out of nowhere the door flings open. Peeta looks up startled,I jump but, there at the door was Gale, he was panting heavily and he was sweating like he just sprinted for twenty miles,I watch him as he flings himself onto my bed to embrace me, I can feel him breathing on my neck, I fall back on my bed with Gale still embracing me.

“ Gale...I...can't...breathe...,” I say struggling to get him off me, he notices that my lips were turning blue and then he slowly let's go of me.

“ I'm so, so sorry Catnip,I thought you died there for a second,“says Gale while looking at his watch,” Crap...I gotta leave now or boss is gonna write my name into my back with a knife... well...I'll see you Sunday?”.

“ Sorry, but I booked for the next two weeks, I answer.

“ With what?!,” he asks.

“ I'm spending it with Peeta,” I answer while turn to Peeta, smiling and so does he.

“ Um... alright then...I'll come by and visit you later alright?,” Gale asks,” My mom's here too, please say hi to her... see you,”.

Then Gale leaves, he's never really there when you need him, Mr.Mellark moves aside so Gale can get out of my room then comes into my room and says,” I hope your feeling better, drop by the bakery anytime alright?”.

“ Of course,”I answer pleasantly.

“ Peeta, are your going to stay?,”Mr.Mellark asks while turning to him.

“Yeah, I asked Mrs. Everdeen if I could stay here the entire two weeks and she said, it's fine as long as you let me,”Peeta answers.

“ Fine by me then, bye Katniss,”Mr.Mellark says, then he leaves.

“ Aren't you gonna sleep?,”Peeta asks.

“ Nahhh....I'm scared that I might run into more nightmares,” I answer.

“ Want me to climb in with you?,” Peeta asks.

“ Okay,thanks,” I happily answer.

I hold out the blanket for him as takes off his shoes to climb in,just like during the Hunger Games; his left arm would be my pillow and his right arm would envelope me in his warmth,his heavenly warmth. I pull my arms down towards my jeans pockets,then I remember that Prim's letter's in there,I pull it out and look at it.

“ Do you want me to read it to you?,”Peeta asks.

“ Yes please,”I answer while handing him the letter.

I watch him rip the envelope, then I notice Prim perfumed it with the essence of a primrose,she wrote the letter on a pink piece of paper,embroidered with beautiful primroses, rues and flowering vines. Peeta begins to read the letter...

Dear Katniss,

How are you?I heard from mom and Mr. Mellark that you got a lot of injuries and that Peeta's going through trackerjacker insanity. I hope your doing okay,because it's paranoid back here,people are going crazy and we're being bombed by the Capitol. Right now,Me,mom,Lady and Buttercup have been rescued by Gale, and now,we're hiding in District 13 in this under ground place. Buttercup and Lady misses you very much,and guess what!? Lady's pregnant! We gave her to the Goat Man to watch for a week and some male goat knocked her up! If the baby goat's a girl then I probably name her, Rue if not a girl then I'll name him, Thresh; I wanted to name it either two names because I know how important the District 11 tributes are to you. I hope your happy with Peeta cuz Gale is going crazy here. He thought Peeta would have taken advantage of you(laugh). Gale said he's coming over to the Capitol soon so get ready for a lecture. But don't worry, after all he does care about you really much... more like he loves you. I hope the entire love triangle thing works out fine, But Peeta loves you dearly and I want him to take care of you in my place(BTW, please tell him that, I want to add pressure on him) Please come back safe and sound and I'm sorry if this gets to you late,the Post Office manager fled to the Capitol. Tell Peeta I said I hi!

The best wishes,

Primrose Everdeen '',”' Peeta finishes, tears are streaming out of my eyes right now, Prim ,Why couldn't you be more careful;why did you have to to walk into Gale's trap for the Capitol...just why. Prim, please take good care of yourself and dad, I hope your happy, well of course you are; you have dad. I start to sob then that sobbing turned into tears.

“'s alright,it's alright...go to sleep..... ,”Peeta whispers in a gentle,soothing voice while stroking my hair, then I fall asleep in his arms.

It's about six o'clock now ,and I just remembered again; I never had breakfeast,I try to get out of bed to get something to eat but then I fall,I just noticed that my mom numbed my legs. The noise of me falling on the hardwood floor wakes Peeta up,he put's on his shoes then he helps me up and then he quickly grabs my royal, deep blue bathrobe,my Matching slippers that go up to my ankles and one of my white button up pajama dresses, then he tells me to put it on.

“ Peeta,my mom numbed my legs, it you want me to get dressed;than your going have to help me,” I say with a serious face but my face feels so hot trying to say that.

“ Fine,” says Peeta.

He helps me take off my sweater, then he helps me out of my jeans; after he helps me put on my pajama dress on,then my robe and I put my slippers myself. My attempts to look at him straight in the face would make Peeta blush beet red and I would too. After changing, I tried to walk down the first three steps on the stair it was a disaster, then Peeta just scooped me up into his arms and carried down stairs. My mother comes out trying to direct Peeta to the living room to put me down but he didn't need them, after all the houses in Victors Village are all built the same. The walls of the living room was a deep, lush red color, the ceiling was about twenty meters high with tall book shelves leaning ageist them. There were two big,red couches, and two, red single couches surrounding a deep, dark brown coffee table. Peeta sits down while holding me ageist his chest; him holding me like this reminds me of the warmth he gave me while we were in that cave during the 74th Hunger Games; I like his warmth. My mom comes in with a warm cup of herbal tea,she gives it to Peeta so he can coax something into me, as I take a sip; my entire body warms up, I gesture to him to give me the cup but, he doesn't; he was scared that I might burn myself. Hazelle takes my mom up stairs to get some rest while,she makes dinner for all of us; just as she was about to leave the room to cook when I ask her,” Hazelle, is Gale coming over for dinner?,”.

“ Yes, but not just Gale; Haymitch, and Peeta's dad is too,” she pleasantly answer with a smile.

“ Oh, I promised Annie I'd have dinner at her house already...and Haymitch; he's going over there too..,” I said.

“ Oh...that's all right,” says Hazelle.

“ Let's hope Haymitch not too drunk to drag his lazy ass over there,” Peeta says, we all laugh then I get a sharp pain in my head.

“ Owww...,” I complain. Peeta looks down at me and asks,” Are you alright?,”

Before I could answer,Hazelle chimes“ Peeta,take care of Katniss, or Gale will take her away from you,” we both giggle then I look at Peeta; he looks back at me.

“ I'll kill him before he does,” Peeta answers with a grin while tightening his grasp on me,Hazelle laughs while she leaves the room.

“ Peeta,” I say.

“ Hum?,” he replies.

“ I'm sleepy. Can you take me up to my room?,” I ask tiredly.

“ Sure,” he answers.

He carries me back up stairs back up to my room, then he carefully sets me back on my bed.

“ Do you want me to sleep with you?,” he quietly asks.

“ Yeah... “I answer.

He wraps his arm protectively like before then I fall asleep in his arms and he falls asleep too. Then I had a dream that I saw Finnick and Annie with their baby in a meadow, just like the meadow described in the song “Mountains Air”. Finnick was smiling while spinning baby Finnick in his hands, he looked so happy; while Annie kept on repeating,” Be careful,Finnick,”. Finnick turns towards her, put baby Finnick in his little carriage and picks Annie up in his arms, then he spins here just like he did with baby Finnick. Annie looked so happy that she's tearing up, Finnick stops spinning Annie,she sets her feet on the grass to get her balance; then she throws her long slender arm around Finnick's neck and they both kiss. I stood about ten meters away from them, smiling and saying,” Finnick, why did you have to leave her... you would”ve been so happy...,”.Before I could finish my dream, Peeta rouses me up; it's about eight o'clock now, and the numbness in my legs are gone, I get up to stretch a bit.

“ Katniss, I have a question,”he asks while watching me.

“ What?,” I ask curiously.

“ You love me, real or not?” he asks while wrapping my arms around me.

“ Peeta,you ask me this everyday...and real, my answer will never change,” I answer with a sigh while trying to untangling his arms.

“ Prove it them,” he says,he put's one of his arm's around my back supporting me,the other brushing the side my hair and then it goes to supporting my back; just like his other arm. He gazes upon me, and I know what he wants so I close my eyes; then he leans in and our lips meet, I don't hesitate. Warmth, Love , and Immunity. That's what I feel each time we kiss, after five minutes or so, I lean ageist the wall and Peeta's arms are still around me; we're both panting and catching our breath like we ran miles on time. Both of our foreheads are presses ageist each other, I look up at his crystal blue eyes;I put my arms around his neck and I kiss his neck. Then he presses his soft lips on my forehead, I smile at him and his body pushes me ageist the wall as we continue. I drop my bathrobe, we stop for second. He picks me up and lays me on my bed,then he pulls off his scarf. He drops it on the exact same spot as my bathrobe, we continue. Now he has both of his arms on either side of my head, guarding it,as kiss in transcendent bliss, I hear a door open but I don't care.

After a while, it's eight thirty, we decide to stop, I lace my arms around his neck as he lifts me up from the bed, we both turn and our eyes meet up with Gale's gray ones. By the look on his face, I can tell he's been watching for a very long time, then he runs out he door, Hazelle comes out of the kitchen for a second to see what's going on,I turn to Peeta.

“ Aren't you going to run after him?,” Peeta answers.

“ Not this time, not anymore,” I say.

“ Fine,” he answers.

“ Shouldn't we be getting ready to go to Annie's house for dinner?,” I ask.

“ Yeah, I walk you over alright?,” I volunteers.

“ But first you should go home and change first,” I say.

“ Fine,see you ,” Peeta says while leaving.

I went up stairs to get changed, as I walk by my mom's room; a see her sitting on the chair by the tall glass door to the balcony. She has her light pink cardigan that Prim gave to her on her birthday year draped over her shoulders, she's also changed into a pure white, with gold and sliver sequins beautifully scattered all over the evening dress, that Cinna and Portia gave her during the Victory Tour. The balcony door was slightly opened, the layered translucent curtains were gentle blowing,and her long, blond, curly hair was flowing too,it was flowing very gracefully, she looked somewhat like that girl, Glimmer from District 1 in a moment like this.

I pass by Prim's room and I couldn't help myself but to take a glance in it; nothing's really changed in the room,surprisingly there aren't anything cob webs anywhere. Then I noticed a small pink box sequined with big translucent roses on them, I go into the room and I pick it up, in it was a necklace she handcrafted. It had a lovely glass and amethyst primrose, embroidered with sliver vines running into the middle of the pendant; and in the middle of the pendant was my name written with sliver in a calligraphy cursive style. I put it on.

I walk back into my room,then look through my closet, the first things that catches my eyes were, the yellow dress I wore during the victory tour in District 11, my light rolled up jeans and a pair of dark,plaid,red flats with a black,shiny buckle on it. I quickly grab those clothes and I really quickly put them on, then I ran down the stairs so fast I swear I was flying. As I walk out the door I see Peeta; he was outfitted in a green,button up, polo shirt, I pair of dark blue skinny jeans, a pair of black converse high tops and he's also wearing a choker with a cross on it. He reaches his hand as a gesture of come here and I accept,then I notice that there's a bag of cookies in Peeta's hand;then I say,” Are those for Little Finnick”.

“ Yeah,they were on rush order,” says Peeta, as we make our way to Annie's house, I see Haymitch apologizing to his bottle of liquidor as he empties it.

We quickly run by so he doesn't notice us but, he does.

“ Hey lovers, I have eyes in the back of my head you know,” says Haymitch.

“ Um,are you heading over now?,” I ask.

“ Yeah, I'll be over in a minute,” says Haymitch.

“ Haymitch,are you waiting for someone?,” I ask.

“ Sure, I guess so,” Haymitch shrugs.

“ Um, we're going to head over first,” says Peeta.

“ Fine,” says Haymitch.

We continue walking, then we arrive at Annie's front door but, before Peeta could ring the door bell; I hear someone call my name. I look up and I see little Finnick waving to me, and I wave back. Then little Finnick says,” Auntie, catch me!!!,”. Then little Finnick jumps off the balcony, I stand there in shock so then I stretch out my arms just seconds before little Finnick lands in my arms.

“ FINNICK!!!,” screams Annie as she flings open the door ripping little Finnick out of my arms.

Annie changed into a deep blue evening gown that shimmers different colours as she walks, she was wearing a matching pair of heels and she put her hair in a beautiful up-do with different flowers in it.

“ Luckily Katniss was standing there right Annie?,” says Beetee.

Johanna was outfitted in a simple green dress, with designs of greenery printed on the dress as it stayed over her knees with black Italian heels, while Beetee was wearing a black button up collar shirt with matching pants and his outfit was garnished with gold cuff links.

“ Yes,thank you Katniss,” says Annie.

“ Long time no see Annie,” says Peeta.

“ Oh my god... Peeta!!!!,” Annie squeals.

“ Katniss!!!,” yells a familiar voice.

I turn I there I see Effie, I yell,” EFFIE!!!”, then we embrace.

“ What are you doing so far away form the Capitol?!,” I ask.

“ Well, Annie invited me over for dinner with you guys,” says Effie.

“ Are you people going to go in or what,” Johanna continues,” We have a interview to watch”.

“ Interview?,” Annie says confusingly,then I grab Annie's shoulders and say slowly to her,” Annie...Snow's still alive...”.

“ What!?,” yells Annie.

“ And they're interviewing him tonight,” says Haymitch as he wobbles up the stairs to the front door.

“ Wait, how did you find out?!,” Effie asks.

“ Capitol newspapers,” says Peeta.” Haymitch orders them from the Capitol.

“ Mentors are the only outsiders that can have them,” says Beetee.

“ Then why are we all standing here then!,” Annie yells,” Come in, come in!!.

“ We are all seated according to couples, Haymitch gets the TV remote and turns it on to Capitol News. There we see President Snow outfitted in a black tux with sliver out lining, to his right is Ceaser outfitted in nothing but dark, royal green and leaves as his cuff links with a bit of sparkly green eyeliner. The scenery of the set was; royal blue curtains that drape to the ground, hard wood floors underneath their feet, three black leather couches in a arched form and behind them was, a giant glass window with a view of the Capitol.

“ Shall we start, President snow?,” Ceaser asks.

“ It's completely fine by me, Ceaser,”t Snow answers.

“ It amazes me how you survived after being shot by Katniss,” says Ceaser.

I can feel everyone's eyes staring at me and they were all really staring at me, I try to pay attention to the interview.

“ Oh,I never got shot, that was a dummy I hired,” says Snow.

“ I thought it was really you!,” says Ceaser.

“ I know,” says Snow.

“ Then where were you then?,” Ceaser asks.

“ I escaping the Capitol,” says Snow.

“ But how did you end up in District 7?,” Ceaser asks.

“ I stole a hovercraft and flew over there,” says Snow.

“ You also took your grand daughter with you too, right?,” Ceaser asks.

“ Yes, I did; she's here with me. Would you like her to come out and says hello?,” says Snow.

“ Yes thank you,” says Ceaser.

President Snow calls out for his grand daughter, from behind one of the curtains, a beautiful girl walks out from the behind and takes a seat beside Snow. She had beautiful wavy, blonde hair with a sparkly black bow in it, a black cocktail dress with random colours splashed all over the skirt and the shirt had a net like cover on top with a matching bow, then for her shoes, she had a lovely pair of Italian stilettos; I have to say, she looks incredibly sexy in that dress. I turn to Johanna, and she drooling just looking at the dress.

“ Hello dear, what's your name?,” says Ceaser.

“ Anita, Anita Snow,” she answers.

“ And how old are you?,” Ceaser asks.

“ I just turned fifteen,” she answers.

“ Do you have any certain survival or fighting skills?,” Ceaser asks.

“ No, I don't know anything,” she sighs.

“ That's a shame,” says Ceaser.

“ Ceaser, will you stop treating her like a tribute,” says Snow.

“ Alright. So what's it like being back in the Capitol?,” says Ceaser.

“ It's nice to come home,” says Snow.

“ And Anita?,” Ceaser asks.

“ It's great to be surrounded by people I know,” she says.

“ President Snow, I hear that the Capitol is willing to grant you one wish since you returned. Have you decided on it?,” says Ceaser.

“ Yes, yes I have,” says Snow.

“ What are you going to ask for?,” Ceaser asks.

“ Well, I've ask for one more Hunger Games,” says President Snow.

We all gasp, Anita gasps with her hands over her mouth and Ceaser calls for a commercial break. I think to myself, another Hunger Games!!!, I look to Peeta and he wraps his arms around me tightly. We can't have another Hunger Games, never.

Another Hunger Games?! No, that's not going to happen but here we are with another Hunger Games. I look over to Effie and Haymitch, Effie biting her nails as if her teeth were chain saws while Haymitch looks like he really needs his liquidor. Then Beetee and Johanna; Beetee's face is emotionless while Johanna's crying while holding onto her belly, she looks really scared for her baby. Then Annie's clutching onto little Finnick with her eyes wide open and alert, she's going hysterical again like she was before. After a three minutes or so the interview comes back on.

“ Another Hunger Games you say?,” says Ceaser.

“ Yes, but before that could pass, the Capitol asked me to give up two things,” says Snow.

“ What are you going to give up?,” Ceaser asks.

“ Who ever the winning tribute is, they get to behead me,” Snow,” And my Anita will be participating as a tribute”.

“ Grandpa!!! How could you do this?!,” she yells.

“ I'm sorry,” Snow apologizes.

“ Were you allowed to pick out the tributes?,”Ceaser asks.

“ Yes, yes I was,” says Snow.

“ Who are the tributes for District 1?,” Ceaser asks.

“ The tributes are; Corriander, Patriot and Shakespeare,” says Snow.

“ Aren't they all rich kids?,” Ceaser asks.

“ Rich kids with some decent killing skills,” says Snow, then they both laugh.

“ How about District 2?,” says Ceaser.

“ Arachnids, Athena and Cato's younger brother, Keniji,” says Snow.

“ District 3,” says Ceaser.

“ Beetee, his sister Electra and a young lad named Sparky,” says Snow.

I turn to Beetee, he's as shocked as ever, Johanna's crying in his arms as he tries to comfort her but to me, she doesn't need to be comforted, Beetee does.

“ District 4,” says Ceaser, then Annie suddenly wraps her arms really tight around little Finnick.

“ Annie, her sister Aquamarina and Julius,” says Snow.

“ AHHHH!!!,” Annie cries out in terror, tears are streaming out of her eyes.

“ District 5,” says Ceaser.

“ Caffeine, Malcolm and Montreal,” says Snow.

“ District 6,” says Ceaser.

“ Sleath, Taz and Geminar,” says Snow.

“ And for District 7,” says Ceaser, Johanna closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

“ Johanna, Cedar and Maple,” says Snow and Johanna passes out, then Beetee takes Johanna up to a guest bedroom.

“ District 8,” says Ceaser.

“ Hem,Taylor and Stitches,” says Snow.

“ District 9,” says Ceaser.

“ Mana, Gavin, and Shawn,” says Snow.

“ District 10,” says Ceaser.

“ Francis, Esther and Josephine,” says Snow.

“ District 11,” says Ceaser.

“ Rue's sister Orchard, Thresh's girlfriend; Deliahlia and a young lad named Tristan,” says Snow.

“ District 12,” says Ceaser, Peeta and I hold onto each other in fear.

“ Katniss,Peeta and Gale,” says Snow, now I'm froze in fear.

“ What about District 13?Are they participating?,” Ceaser asks.

“ Yes, the tributes are Twee, TNT and my granddaughter Anita,” says Snow, then Anita storms out of the set and goes into her dressing room.

“ Well,um, Thank you for having us Ceaser,” says Snow.

“ But, can I ask you one more question before we leave?,” says Ceaser.

“ Of course, what would you like to know?,” says Snow.

“ Well, when will this all take place?,” Ceaser asks.

“ I'm thinking a week from now,” says Snow.

“ And, does this hunger Games have a special name?,” Ceaser asks.

“ Yes, The Last Reaping,” says Snow.

“ How dramatic,” Ceaser continues,” Well, good bye then”.

“ Bye,” says Snow, then they both shake hands and Snow follows his grand daughter.

Haymitch turns off the TV and we all sit there, in shock and fear.

“ Well, um,everyone. Dinners ready,” says Annie

As she get's up I follow her to the kitchen to help her bring out the dishes, as I walk in; the entire counter is crowded with District 4 themed dishes. I walk over to Annie and say,” What are we going to do now Annie”.

“ Is something wrong with the food?,” she asks.

“ No, nothing's wrong,” I say.

“ Come on sit down,” says Annie and we do.

“ What are we going to do about the Hunger Games?,” I ask.

“ I don't know,” she says.

“ I don't want to kill any of you, you guys are like family to me,” I say.

“ I don't want to kill any of you too,” says Annie.

“ Should we all swear to an oath of allegiance?,” I ask.

“ Yeah, I think we should,” says Annie.

“ I want to win together with everyone, I don't want to win alone,” I sigh, tears are starting to stream out of my eyes.

“ Alright,” she says and we hug, now we really start crying but, then someone pushes us aside; it was Haymitch.

“ Move over ladies, your taking millenniums,” he says. Then Beetee and Peeta come from behind him; then they all literally scoop up everything. Then Peeta turns to me and says,” are you coming or not?”.

“ Coming,” I say, then I take my seat beside him. On the other side of Peeta was little Finnick, in front of little Finnick was Effie, then in front of Peeta was Beetee, in front of me was a conscious Johanna; then on either side of the table Haymitch and Annie. For the first course was a light seafood Paella, then onto main course was a giant lobster with sweet sauce coating it and for dessert is a beautiful iced cake from the Capitol.

“ Lovely icing,” says Peeta while he admires the cake.

“ Yes, but it's not as good as yours,” says Annie.

“ Are you kidding this is way better than my work,” says Peeta.

“ Hell no! Peeta give her the iced cookies,” I say.

“ Fine,” he says then he hands the cookies over to Annie.

Annie opens the bag and gasps,” Peeta, theses are gorgeous!!!”.

I agree with Annie, the cookies were iced so carefully and beautifully, with soft light colours like that, who can hate it? On the cookies were flowers, fish ,dolphin and a lovely sunsets; it was like looking at the real thing, it's like looking at District 4.

“ Who want's some cookies?,” Annie asks, and everyone raises their hand. I we each eat the cookies, I hear the front door slam open, I get up. Then Peeta says,” Wait”, and I do, and there at the door is Gale, tired and smelling like liquidor; then I gasp.

“ Can I borrow her for a second,” says Gale, while grabbing a hold of my hands; Annie looks at me and I nod in a gesture of yes.

He pulls me out of the dining, as we walk to the front hall I notice his hands were cut and bleeding a bit.

“ Gale,” I say but he doesn't answer, I say his name again,” Gale!!,” he still doesn't answer,” GALE!!!,” I says while pulling my hand out of his grasp then he turns.

“ What,” he says.

“ Where are you taking me?,” I ask.

“ Home,” he answers.

“ Why?,” I ask.

“ Just come,” he says.

“ Before that I need to tell you something,” I say as we sit down at the front steps.

“ What?,” he asks.

“ There's going to be one more Hunger Games,” I say.

“ What?!,” he asks.

“ And you're going to be a tribute this year,” I say.

“ What about Annie, Johanna, Beetee, Peeta and you?,” he asks.

“ We'll be participating again this year,” I say.

“ Are we going to be allies,” he asks.

“ Yeah,” I say.

“ Good,” he says.

He starts to lean in, both his hands are pushing my shoulders ageist the wall and I start to move my head back, then I try to get out of this position but it no use; he's too strong. Then he forcefully presses his lips ageist mine, I open my eyes and I grab a small vase beside me; I first apologize to Annie in my head then I drop it, breaking it into a million pieces.

“ Katniss?!,” Peeta calls out, then I stomp on the broken pieces as a response and he runs out of the kitchen.

He see Gale kissing me, then he literally rips Gale off me, then Peeta pulls me behind him, then Gale lands in the broken pieces of the the vase; about now, everyone has run out to see what happened. Then Beetee and Johanna put their arms around me protectively, then Haymitch runs into the kitchen to get something, when he came out, there were three knives in his hand, he tosses one to Peeta, then Gale.

“ What's this for?,” asks Peeta.

“ Fighting,” says Gale.

“ No,” says Haymitch.

“ Then what?,” says Peeta.

“ Katniss,” says Haymitch.

“ Yeah,” I say.

“ I bought the deed to the forest you hunt in, it's now your training arena,” says Haymitch.

“ And?,” I say.

“ Everyone, we are going to train till dawn today,” says Haymitch.

“ What are we going to do about little Finnick?,” Annie asks.

“ Effie can watch him,” says Beetee, then Annie turns to Effie.

“ It's alright, leave him to me,” says Effie.

“ Okay, everyone go home, change, wash up, and grab your necessary equipment. Then meet me at the gate in one hour, understand?,” says Haymitch. We all rush out of the house, Peeta and me rush into the house, then before we could press the door bell,the door opens; it was Mr.Mellark.

“ Oh, Katniss, Peeta. What are you doing here?,” Mr.Mellark asks.

“ Well, dad. We need to really leave and get ready now so,bye,” says Peeta while he tries to run into my house but, Mr. Mellark hand stops him.

“ Peeta, what's going on?,” Mr.Mellark asks.

“ Mr.Mellark, Peeta just needs a change of clothes that's all,” I say.

“ Oh, I brought a bag of clothes here,it's in the guest room,” says Mr.Mellark.

“ Thank you, we have a training day today,” I say.

“ With who?,” Mr.Mellark asks.

“ With the Hunger Games tributes,” I say.

“ Okay then, bye ,” says Mr.Mellark. We both rush up the stair to our rooms, I close the door and I strip myself of my clothes then I run into the shower almost slipping. I chose the medium cycle, then I take some soap and I start to lather myself in it's aroma. After showering I grab a new dark blue T-shirt, my shorts and my converse high top from this morning; then I grab my hunting jacket. I walk over to Peeta's room and I sit on his bed while I wait, I look up, then I notice my hair's down, I decide to put it in a high pony tail instead of my usual braid. Then Peeta comes out shirtless but, he was wearing the shorts from earlier from this morning with a towel on his shoulder.

“ Um, what are you doing here?,” he asks.

“ I'm waiting for you,” I reply, then he notices my hair.

“ You look cute with your hair like that,” he complements.

“ Thanks,” I say.

“ Hey, can you pass me that gray T-shirt beside you?,” he asks.

“ Sure,” I say while throwing it over to him.

I look at him, I've never looked at him like this before, he looks so strong and muscular from here but, he's still his normal self. I get off the bed, then I walk over to the front of him and I put my arms around him, he's so warm yet a little wet from the shower. Then he puts his arms around me, his face in my hair and he says ,” You smell nice,” then he tighten his grasp around me. I turn over to the clock and I notice we only have twenty minutes left until we meet up with the rest of the group.

“ Come on Peeta, put on your shirt,” I say while getting out of his grasp.

“ Fine,” Peeta sighs.

He puts on the shirt and we walk down the stairs without a sound, after all, I don't want to wake mom. I run into the kitchen to grab my extra set of bow and arrows from the closet.

“ Peeta, think fast,” I say while tossing the set to him.

“ What about you?,” he asks while feeling the texture of the end of the arrows.

“ Oh,it's fine. I have another set hidden in the forest,” I say.

“ Okay,” says Peeta.

“ We leave the house with a little skip in our step down the front porch, we run over to the gate where Johanna, Beetee, and Annie stand with little Finnick in her arms. Johanna changed into a camouflage patterned cami, a dark pine green pair of capris and for her shoes, a pair of Nike sneaker's. Annie was wearing a sea green noodle strap tank top, a pair of short shorts similar to mine and a pair of dark brown lace up hunting boots. Beetee was wearing a dark brown T-shirt, black shorts and a pair of Adidas sneakers. As for little Finnick, a cute dark blue T-shirt, jeans shorts and neon sneaker did him.

“ Oh, Peeta ans Katniss are here, Beetee says while pointing at us.

“ What weapons did you bring?,” I ask them.

“ I brought some of my tridents and knives,” says Annie.

“ You throw trident?,” I ask.

“ Yes, when Finnick was still alive, he'd take me out in the morning and evening to practice throwing tridents,” says Annie. She reaches down for a bag, then she gives it to me, I open it; then I see three beautifully polished trident's, I take a closer look at one of then and I see the initials F.O.

“ Where theses Finnick's?,” I ask.

“ Yes, he gave them to me after then Quarter's Quell,” says Annie, while I give them back to her.

“ I brought my axes and knives,” says Johanna.

“ Um Johanna, exactly where are they?,” I ask.

“ Oh, Beetee's holding them, he told me not to strain myself. After all I am knock up,” says Johanna.

I look over to Beetee and I see him struggling to hold them up then I ask Johanna,” Exactly how many did you bring?,”

“ My five most heaviest and dangerous ones,” Johanna says proudly, then Beetee drops them and sit down panting.

“ You guy are early,” says Haymitch, I see Effie trailing behind him. Haymitch didn't really change at all, he looks like he just jumped into the shower then step out, as for Effie: she's in a pink T-shirt with a pastel yellow cardigan over, for her bottoms, she wearing a matching pink shirt that goes up to her knees and pink sandals.

“ Hello Finnick,” says Effie, then Annie hands Finnick over to Effie, then Annie throws the bag of tridents over her shoulder.

“ Where that boy, Gale?,” Haymitch asks.

“ He's probably already waiting for us in the forest,” I say.

“ Let's go,” says Haymitch.

As we walk, five minutes, ten minutes then twenty minutes pass; I feel like Haymitch has no clue where we are, I turn to Haymitch and say,” You have no clue where we're going right”.

“ Nope, I got no clue,” he says, now I feel like banging my head of a wall.

“ Fine follow me then, I know a short cut,” say.

Then less than a minute, we're at the fence; I turn to Haymitch and I pull tongue out, then I crawl under the fence. I start heading towards the tree where I hide me bow and arrow, I rip it off the tree, then I start to walk towards to Gale, who's just sitting there waiting for us.

I sit down beside him and say,” Are you ready for this?”.

“ What, the training or the Hunger Games?,” he asks.

“ Hunger Games,” I say.

“ Then I've been ready for a long time,” he says.

“ Good,” I say.

“ Oh, we almost forgot,” he says.

“ What?,” I ask.

“ May the odds,” he says.

“ Oh that,” I continue,” Be ever in your favor!”, then we laugh.

“ Why didn't I volunteer as tribute last year,” he says.

“ Why are you saying that?,”I ask.

“ Then I could of protected you of course,” he says.

“ But you didn't need to,” I continue,” I had Peeta”.

“ I guess you never understood what I said two years ago,” he sighs while stretching his arms and legs.

“ You mean what you told me when I asked you to run away from the district with me,” I ask.

“ Yeah, I really meant what I said,” he says.

“ Then you really did...,” I trail off.

“ That I really did love you?,” he continues,” Yeah, that's true”, I sit in a moment of silence then I say.

“ Looks like Peeta has a rival,” I say as I get up.

“ Yeah, looks like it,” he says while standing up.

“ You should tell Peeta,” I say.

“ Nah, I have another idea,” he continues,” You'll find out during the interview”.

Then he leaves, I stand there in confusion; what did he mean by “ you'll find out during the interview”,

The Peeta walks over and strokes my hair while asking,” Is something wrong?”.

“ Yeah but, it's not really important,” I say.

“ Look over there Katniss,” says Peeta.

“ Look at what?,” I ask.

“ Over there, in the horizon,” he continues,” It's a sunset,”.

“ Oh, I see it; it's so beautiful,” I say while taking in all of the elaborate colours that shine as the sun goes down; it's really beautiful then I lean my head on his shoulder.

“ But it's not as beautiful as the one we saw in the Capitol though,” he says.

“ Hey love birds!!! We're starting!!,” Haymitch yells.

“ Come on,” says Peeta, and we head towards to others.

“ Okay everyone, I need you to choose three areas to work in,” says Haymitch.

“ You guys have four areas to choose from,” says Effie.

“ The first area is archery,” says Haymitch.

“ The second area is throwing weapons,” says Effie.

“ The third area is sword fighting,” says Haymitch.

“ And the last area is wrestling and hand to hand combat,” says Effie.

“ If one person doesn't have the necessary equipment then someone's going to have to lend that person something alright?,” says Haymitch.

“ Tell us what would you like to do?,” Effie asks.

“ Sign me up for throwing weapons, sword fighting; wrestling and hand to hand combat,” says Johanna as she starts to crack her knuckles.

“ I'll be following Johanna,” says Beetee.

“ Um, archery, throwing weapon; wrestling and hand to hand combat please,” says Annie.

“ I going to follow Annie,” I say.

“ I guess archery, sword fighting, wrestling and hand to hand combat,” says Peeta

“ Wait, in wrestling and hand to hand combat you get to verse the people in it right?,” Gale asks.

“ Um, sure,” says Effie.

“ Alright! I'm definitely be following Peeta then,” says Gale.

Both me and Gale zip through archery like it was a breeze but, I still sat there to wait for Peeta, Annie's doing fine though she did miss a target or two and Peeta's doing great, he's hitting every target he gets; looks like I got a new hunting partner. During weapon throwing, Annie and Johanna literally owned the station, as they both impale every target they gets with their trident or axe; Beetee's doing pretty good, not until he almost tripped Johanna with his axe; I did better than last year but, I still not that good. Then Beetee walks over and says,” Looks like Finnick did a good job teaching you”.

“ Yeah, he did,” I say.

“ Here,” he says while throwing me a drink, I catch and I read the label.

“ Water,” I read.

“ Yes, an element that's necessary for life,” he says while taking a gulp of his drink.

“ Back in the arena, I almost died without it,” I say.

“ Almost all of us did,” he continues,” But we did find it in the end; all we had to do was to think”.

“ Yeah,” I say.

“ That's our next course,” he says while getting up.

“ Huh?,” I ask.

“ We're going to work on finding water tomorrow,” he says.

“ Oh,” I say.

“ And to power us up, we won't be allowed to drink any water till we complete the course,” he says.

“ Thanks for the heads up,” I say.

“ Beetee!!! we're starting sword fighting now!!,” Johanna yells.

“ Coming!!,” he continues,” Katniss can you pass me my sword?”.

“ Here,” I say as I hand his sword.

“ Thanks,” he says while feeling the blade of his sword,” I'll see you in wrestling then”.

“ Yeah,” I say.

Then sword fighting begins, I got to rest up a bit because I didn't sign up for it but I have to say, Beetee is amazing with his sword. It's like he can sense the presence of his target anywhere and then pin them down with his sword in one blow, amazing. Then wrestling's up, where Johanna and me wrestle each other down, first it looked like we're rolling around and around but, Johanna did that was just to tire me out, then she shove me into the ground, hard. We get up then we shake hands, then the next match is Peeta and Gale; this should be good I think in my head. They really start fighting and they fought so hard that I swear I saw some blood on the ground; after a long ten minute fight then Peeta is crowned the winner, then they both shake hands. Now it's my turn, my turn to fight Peeta, I'm a little nervous but, I can do this; I slowly move around the rim of the circle, I jumps on to him and after two seconds; Peeta just pins me in one blow.

He looks up and I say,” Told you I'd get jumped”. Then he laughs and drops his body on me, I try hard to move his off of me but it no use, he's too heavy.

The Gale comes over and tells Peeta in a threat like voice,” Get off her before I...”.

Before Gale could finish his sentence, Haymitch comes over and clonks his head with his fist.

“ Ow, man you have a hard head,” Haymitch continues,” It's twelve AM now, go home and take a break; we're going to meet up here at seven thirty”, then he leaves.

“ Peeta please get off me,” I say.

“ Fine,” he says.

“ Hurry up,” says Gale.

“ You should really go home Gale,” I say.

“ Nope, the boss has given a break until after the Hunger Games,” Gale continues,” I'm going to be spending the whole week with both of you”.

“ Peeta?,” I say.

“ I don't mind; the more the merrier,” Peeta says with a smile.

Joy,I think. Oh what transcedant bliss...

I then hear a little melody coming out of nowhere, it sounded like it belonged to a bird, I look a Gale, he shrugs in response, I turn to Peeta, then he makes a confused expression, then he snaps his fingers.

He reaches into his pocket and says," Sorry, I forgot to tell you. A couple weeks ago, I asked Beetee to make a cellphone."

" Who called you?," Gale asks.

" Um, let me check," says Peeta. " It's from Annie. She said that for District two, the girl Arachids isn't participating anymoore. It's Enobaria now."

" Looks like we have a new instructer for throwing knives," I say.

" And for riping people apart with your teeth," says Gale. We laugh.

" I think I'll pass on that," says Peeta.

" Peeta, when did Annie say she's going to come here?," I ask.

" Oh, she here now," says Peeta.

" What do you want to do now?," Gale asks.

" Hunting," says Peeta.

" You're serious right?," says Gale.

" He is I say,"I say.

" But he doesn't have a bow and arrow or knives," says Gale. " How can he go without weapons?"

" I lent him a bow and some arrows," I say." And i have a secret stash of knives in the forest."

" Fine. Whatever," says Gale as he walks away.

" Let's go Peeta," I say.

" Alright," he says." Here have some." He holds up the bag of cheese buns he had from this morning.

" Thank you," I say as I take a bun from the bag and take a bit of the bread, pericing its crust as the texture of the melting cheese slowly melting my mouth." It's tastes good."

The three of us start walking up north a bit into the forest, where me a Gale usually hunt but, instead we head over to the lake. Gale sets himself on a boulder by the lake and sets his bows and arrows on the ground beside him. Peeta sits on the boulder to the oppisite of Gale and asks both of us," We haven't had breakfast yet. Do you guys what to eat a cheese bun?."

Gale looks up and asks," Do you have any plain buns on you?."

Peeta starts to rummage through his bag and replies," Yeah, two I think."

" There's a bee hive just two mintues away,"says Gale. " I'm going to get a honey comb. And maybe some berries."

" There's a berry bush on the other side of the lake. I going to grab some," says Peeta then he looks to me. " And no. They're not nightlock berries."

As Peeta makes his way toward the berries, I suddenly remember something. " Peeta! Be careful! There's-." Then I hear a thud, he tripped over the rocks. " Some really slippery rocks over there," I finish slowly. Then I dash over to him.

" What did you trip over?," I ask as I help him up.

" This bag...," Peeta says as he opens it. " Full of spiles..."

Then Gale walks over with a honey comb in his hand. The he says," Isn't that the bag of spiles that belonged to your dad?."

" I think so....," I say.

Then I hear Peeta's ringtone again. He pulls his phone out and reads the message," Come back to Victor's village, Haymitch."

" What's wrong with him? He said to meet up with the rest of the group seven-thirty," says Gale.

" I guess we should go," I say.

" Fine," says Gale.

" Wait," says Peeta, he has this horrified experssion on his face.

" What?," says Gale and I.

" Katniss. Do you remember what happened at seven-thirty when we got reaped for the seventy-fourth games?," Peeta asks.

" We were on the train, heading to the Capitol," I say.

" Peeta, ask haymitch if there's gong to to be a reaping ceremony," says Gale.

" I am, wait," says Peeta and we hear his ringtone again. " He says no, the reason that he said to meet him in the woods again is." Then his ring tone rings again. " Wait, we're not meeting up in the woods anymore...we meeting up at the Victor Village gate."

" So," I say.

" There is no reaping, we're going back to the capitol to night," says Peeta.

" Then back into the arena," Gale says right after Peeta with a horrified expression on his face.

" Back to the blood bath," I say. Then I black out.

Where am I? Where's Peeta and Gale? Uh, my god.... I seriously need to get some medince for myself.... Ow, someone's slapping my face.... and I hear train tracks. No, this can't be train to the Capitol...

I slowly open my eyes, I look up, Enobaria's starting shake me to wake me up. " Woahh... Stop!," I yell at her.

" Peeta! Haymitch! She's back!," Enobaria yells.

" Oh thank God!," Peeta says as he runs to wards me and pulls me into his arms. I press my head against his chest and listen to his heart beat. That's better.

" Peeta," I say.

" Yes?," he says.

" Tell Haymitch to grab me some of that Capitol medince for my fever," I say. Then Haymitch walks over to my bathroom and tosses a container to Peeta.

" Give her some after she sleeps," says Haymitch. Then he walks back out my room.

" Katniss, go get some sleep," Peeta whispers in my ear.

Peeta lays me down on the bed, I grab a hold of his shirt, when I do, one of his buttons unbutton itself. " Come in," I say.

" Okay," he says. I lift the blanket for him, then he gets on the bed and places my head on his arm, we lay there just like how we did in the 74th Games. I snuggle up to his chest. Then Effie barges in with a happy experssion on her face, so happy she's crying.

" Sorry to barge in but....," says Effie. " Cinna and Portia are still alive!!!"

" What?," I say.

" Omigosh, thank God! I was wondering what was going to happen for the costumes," says Peeta.

" Get up! Get up!," says Effie.

" Why?," I ask.

" Because they're here! why else?," says Effie.

" They're here?!," I say.

" Yes, move! Wait, Peeta, just pick her up and carry her out," says Effie as she leaves.

I look at Peeta, he looks at me then holds his hands out, I take them unhestiateingly and wrap my skinny arms around his neck.

We walk to the living room and Peeta sets me on the couch. I look at Portia, she seems skinnier but, prettier. Her hair's now waist length and curled, she's wearing green contacts now and her eyes are rimmed with emerald eyeliner. As for her outfit, she wears a deep green dress with V-neck and a belt, the belt's buckle is a mockingjay. Cinna dyed his hair black, he looks even more flawless now, and his eyes still are tipped with silver eyeliner as for his clothes, they're still black as always.

" Hello Katniss," says Cinna.

I sit there, I throw myself into his open arms as he swings me around, as for Portia nd Peeta, they just give each other a warm hug.

" When have you guys been?!," I ask when Cinna put me down.

" Back and forth from District 6 and 12," says Portia.

" Who found you guys?," Peeta asks.

" You're going to have to thank Gale for that," says Cinna.Suddeny my legs give in, I fall but, luckily Cinna caught me. " Katniss are you alright, you're in no shape for the Hunger Games at all."

" WHat symptoms have you been having?," Portia asks while seating me beside her with peeta beside me.

" Um... I have been losing weight... alot of mood swings yesterday.... I've been really tired.... And I had a a bit of nausea yesterday," I say.

" How your period?," Portia asks.

" Oh yeah, I've forgotten all about it.....," I says while trailing off because I just realized want I said as I placed my hand on my stomache area.

" When was the last time youhad your period?," Portia asks with a serious tone in her voice.

" Last year?," I say.

" Katniss I think your pergnant," says Portia.

" But, I don't have a bump," I say.

" There have been cases where pergnant women don't get a bump," says Portia.

" But I don't remember...," says Katniss.

" Katniss, don't you remember... last year?," Peeta asks.

" Oh yeah.... Peeta I'm pergnant for real this time," I say.

Then Peetta throws his arma around my and says, " That's great Katniss. So great!"

" But," says Cinna.

" But what?," says Peeta.

" I have a feeling she's going to give birth in the arena, so keep for eyes peeled open for her," says Cinna.

(Time skippy)

I crawl into bed with Peeta, and snuggle into his chest while holding onto my stomach. Then Peeta turns to me, " Hey Katniss."

" Hum?," I say.

" What do you want to name the baby?," he asks while stroking my cheek. I blush at that question. " I'm thinking, if it's a girl, I'd like the name Elm, Maple or Trillium because you and Prim were named afer plants."

" That's nice, and what if it was a boy?," I ask with a smirk.

" How does this sound," says Peeta. " Thresh, Cedar, Finnick and..... er..... Copper?"

" I don't about Copper but, I do like the others," I say while falling asleep. Lets just hope all of us can make it out of the arena.....

(Morning in the Capitol)

The light shines through the curtains, I sit up and scratch my head. Knock, Knock!

Come in,” I mutter.

The door opens, and I see a girl about thirteen. She has shoulder length, curly, chestnut brown hair and big, bright aquamarine eyes. She looks really cute and pretty, her smile is something simple, not over done.

Hello,” she greets in a angelic voice.

Hi..?,” I greet.

She looks around my room a bit, then asks, “ Um, where's Annie Cresta?”

Annie? I repeat. This year for the games, we're supposed to have three people in a room. Our room is like a condo, if you open the door, there's a small hallway with three doors, mine's the first door, Annie's is second and Johanna's last. “ One door down.”

Can I ask you a question?,” she as while hoping onto my bed and sitting with her legs crossed, giving her absolute attention to me.

Um, sure?,” I reply.

Do Annie ever talk about me?,” she asks while tilting her head to the side a bit.

No, I don't even know who you are,” I reply plainly while getting up to stretch.

My name is Aquamarina, Aquamarina Cresta that is,” she says while looking down. “ I'm her sister.”

I turn back and say, “ Oh.”

There's a long awkward pause, then she speaks again,” Does she hate me?”

I don't know, if you really want to know, go ask her yourself,” I reply plainly while walking out.

It's all my fault..............,” she mutters.

How?,” I ask while walking back in and sitting beside her.

I'm the reason Finnick Odair, the real Finnick died,” she says while spilling out tears.

“ WHAT?!,” I yell while shaking her.

“ I'm the reason Finnick died!!!!!,” she yells. “ But... that doesn't matter. Annie's always hated me from the start.”

“ Explain to me how Finnick died,” I command in a very demanding voice.

She sniffles a bit, looks down and starts, “ During the rebellion, Annie and Finnick kept in touch through out the entire thing. So, at home would update the entire family on what's happening..... well, except me. Each time she would talk about it, she would drive me out of the house. But, I've always ended up eavesdropping either way.”

“ And?,” I urge.

“ One day, I was walking around the town, it was raining like crazy and Snow and a Capitol guard kidnapped me. He dragged me into this room, with only one table, two chairs and a mattress. He kept on threatening me if I don't answer his questions correctly, he'd get the Capitol guard to rape me. Of course I was terrified, in the end when the guard was stripping my clothes off I broke down and told Snow EVERYTHING,” Aquamarina explained. “ I told them about your whereabouts, the state you're all in, what you were all trying to accomplish and much more.... Why am I this dirty......?”

“ It's because of your dirty heart,” says a voice, we both look up to see Annie. She was standing there in a pair of knee high boots, dark skinnies and a murky green blouse that showed her belly button. Her hair was in a high pony tail, we watch as she walks into the room. “ You're so filthy, don't you know. A dirty filthy traitor.

Aquamarina shoots up and looks at Annie with tears dripping off her face, “ What did you want me to do? GET RAPED?!” Then she runs out of the room, and out of out suite.

“ What was that?,” Johanna asks as she walks into the room. She pulled her bangs back, wearing a pair of short shorts, a black tank and combat boots.

“ Annie, do you hate Aquamarina?,” I ask while seating her down.

“ Yes,” she replies plainly, I've never seen Annie like this before.

“ How can you hate your own sister?,” Johanna asks.

Annie sighs, then says,” Ever since we were little, I was always compared to her. She perfection in District 4, she had the looks, brains, talent, she was good at everything she did. As for me, I was the girl who would get whipped or hit because of my imperfections... Aquamarina was in love with Finnick since forever. She jealous of me. She wanted me dead because she knew Finnick loved me.”

“ That's all?,” Johanna asks, annoyed.

“ For the reaping for the 70th Hunger Games, that year District 4 had no eligible girls, there was only three girls, me and this other girl. The major decided to throw in a girl that wasn't close to being eligible, so he threw in Aquamarina. It was Aquamarina who was sent into the arena but, she took the microphone and said this: I'm not worth it. I know I won't win, my death won't benefit District 4. If District 4 lost a girl like me, smart, pretty and talented, wouldn't District 4 be robbed of everything? Let's send a girl that'll benefit District 4 with her death. My sister Annie Cresta,” says Annie. “ She hated me. So I was reaped. But...”

“ But what?,” I ask.

“ But, when Aquamarina said that, Finnick pushed everyone out of his way, got onto stage and slapped her. He said: What kind of human are you? You're dirty and filthy. You don't deserve to be alive. Then he walked towards me and said: Good luck Annie. I'm rooting for you and I'll be supporting through the entire thing. Supporting as a human, a sponsor and as a person who loves you. Then he walked off the stage,” says Annie.

“ Wow, that Aquamarina looks like a total angel but really, she's total bitch,” Johanna says as she crosses her legs.

“ ANNIE!!!KATNISS!!!JOHANNA!!!,” I voice yells, a voice that belongs to Enobaria.

“ What?,” Johanna asks as Enobaria runs into our room.

“ Peeta...,” Enobaria sighs tiredly.

“ What Peeta?,” I ask.

“ He's in the surgery room,” says Enobaria.

“ Why's he in there?!,” I ask while grabbing the collar of her shirt.

“ He's getting his leg back.......,” Enobaria sighs while sitting down.

He's getting his leg back?!, I thought

“Down the hall, Room 73....,” Enobaria voice echoed through my head as I dash down the hall and fling the door open, then I see Beetee. He's standing there with a blue, plastic gloves with blood stained on it while adjusting his glasses.

Then he looks up, “ Oh Katniss, how can I help you?”

“ Peeta.... leg...., “ I reply while panting.

“ Ah, so you heard,” he says, then gestures me to follow him.

As we walk through the room, I see countless hospital beds, life support machines and blood smeared against the floor but, what really catches my attention is Peeta's old leg.

“ That's his leg isn't it?,” I ask.

“ I see you have a very sharp eye, there were many of the same copies here but, you could single out which one was Peeta's,” Beetee says as he kicks the leg aside.

“ How did you do it?,” I ask.

“ Replenish Peeta's limb?, “ says Beetee. “ Well it was very simple with the advanced technology here. All we needed to do was duplicate Peeta's muscle tissues/cells, his blood cells, bone tissue, nerve tissue and lots more.”

“ Is he alright?,” I ask as Beetee was about to turn the door knob.

“ He's alright, he's just really tired and lost a lot of blood, nothing big,” Beetee replies as he opened the door and left.

I walk over to the bed, pull a stool over and sit on it while gazing at Peeta's face. Then I brush Peeta's bangs off of his sweaty forehead, just by looking at his state, I can tell he went through a lot of pain. Well, we've both went through a lot, he's covered in scars but, his smile just hides everything but, I'm covered in scars too and, I can't hide them like Peeta, I look like a freak compared to him. What did he see in this freak?

“ Katniss.....?,” he croaks.

“ Hey.... how are you feeling?,” I ask while taking his hands into mine and put them against my cheek.

“ Great...,” he answers as he caresses my cheek. “ Happy Birthday.”

“ What?,” I protest. “ My birthday's in 5 months.”

“ I know, Happy Early Birthday Katniss,” he corrects.

“ What do you mean by that?,” I ask.

“ Me getting my leg back is your present,” he says with a smile. “ Go take a look at it but, be careful.”

I nod as he slowly sits up and pulls the blanket off of him, the slowly and cautiously rolls his pant leg up. His leg is normal, no stitches, no nothing.

Then I look back at him and ask,” How come there's not scar nor stitches?”

“ I had a choice between that or a different choice,” he says. “ The other choice was to inject a substance into my leg that with force my cells to connect. It really.”

“ I”m so happy... You can walk gain... You can run again.....,” I say while trying my best to smile through my tears. Peeta reaches his hand out and grabs my cheek, “ Katniss, by 9 PM, I can leave the hospital room. Then two days after today, The Last Reaping will begin. Are you ready?”

I sit there and think, it is true, The last Reaping does start in two days. This year they only gave us five days to prepare and train. I've wasted two days being sick in bed, a day watching over Peeta and what about my last two days to spend? Will I spend it with Peeta and the other Victors? Or will I be training till everyone one of my bones and muscles ache? Or just preparing for the interviews.....?

“ I've forgotten that the interviews every existed.........,” I say while taking Peeta hand off of my cheek.

Then the door slams open, Cinna and Portia are at the door. I know what this means.

(Time Skippy)

We wait in out seats for the moment for us to get on stage with “him”, that asshole Ceaser Flickerman......

Peeta's outfitted in a pair of dark jeans, a dress shirt,a black vest and, a pair of combat boots with a chemical to create an effect that looks like fire on the threads of the boots. Portia and Cinna wanted us to look timeless today so the only things that were used to accessorize Peeta was a illuminating tie that resembled burning coal, some gold eyeliner and sparkling gold hair gel that changed colours from a blazing fire to burning coal.

As for me, a strapless and simple gold dress that was made of translucent material, the dress hem reached the floor. The dress sparkled and shined, the skirt of the dress was made of layers of see through, silk-like material called Precision, this material made the dress well like air and float. My hair was just curled, half up, half down with a gold flower in half up area, as for the half down area, Cinna used the same gel as Peeta. My makeup...... was interesting. Long, dramatic eyelashes, gold eyeliner.... Cinna extended the eyeliner past my eye by four centimeters then added circular onyx gems and diamonds to it to make it look even more dramatic. Portia then took some liquid, gold eyeliner and drew golden vines, flowers and flames onto my hand, then after, she stuck on rubies, diamonds, onyx gems and tourmalines.

We both looked dynamic.

I'm worried and nervous. I know this is my third interview since a year or two ago but, I still have that feeling I had since the 74

th game’s interviews. I reach hand onto my stomach and grasp onto it. I know the consequences of giving birth in the arena. One would be in-santiation, the other would be disease and mutts or even other tributes attacking it, after all, the baby's going to be Peeta's and my weakness. Well, I just have to deal with it, I'm not the only one with this problem, Johanna has this problem too. I just hope that we don't have to give birth near the end or during the start of the games, these times are the most dangerous. Then I remembered a unpleasant memory.

“ Peeta...,” I say while reaching over to shake his leg, I hesitated for a moment because for a split second I thought his fake leg was still there but, when I came back to reality, I started to shake his leg.

“ Hm?,” he asks when looking at me straight in the eye, that sent shivers down my back, I find it really uncomfortable when people look me into the eye with a lot of feeling, so uncomfortable it sends shivers down my back.

“ Remember what Ceaser asked you at the end of the 74th games?,” I ask.

I watch as he makes confused/thinking expression, then he answers immediately, “ No, I don't remember.... Wait, it had something to do with my leg, right?”

“ Do you think he's going to ask you again?,” I ask with a smirk on his face.

Then Peeta reaches over to face and straightens out my smirk to my usual “what-do-you-what?” expression, “ You shouldn't smirk Katniss. It's not like you... But, I do have a really weird feeling he will ask that question again.”

“ District 12” a sign flashes. Peeta, Gale and I got up and sat down at our seats by, Ceaser, that Ceaser.... I hate that guy as much as I hated Cato.

“ Welcome back Peeta, Katniss. And greetings to you Gale Hawthorne,” Ceaser greets.

Gale was outfitted in combat boots, a pair of dark jeans with a lot of belts, and a black dress shirt -unbutton a bit. His hair was tousled and covered in onyx dust. After preparations he immediately rolled up his sleeves and put on some string/twine bracelets. Trust me, Gale HATES makeovers, and he hated the very fact that Portia put silver eyeliner on him. But, he does look more kind and gentle with all that on, I'm guessing Haymitch has a special strategy planned for us.

This year Ceaser had spiky green hair, sparkling green eyeliner and pale green to highlight his cheek bones. His face is very pale this year, pale as a ghost and to makes things worst, he wore a pair of neon green contacts. Gale, Peeta and I winced in disgust at his appearance.

“ What? A man can't dress up?,” he asks innocently, so innocently I wanted to shove my chair down his throat. The entire audience laughed at that pathetic comment, as for us District 12 tributes, we just laughed in a very sarcastic/bored manner with a English twist.

“ So hows the “new leg” Peeta,” Ceaser asks while elbowing Peeta in the most corniest manner and voice in the world.

“ It's nice to have my leg back. I can run. I can climb. And I can survive now,” says Peeta, I have this weird feeling in my stomach that line Peeta just uttered will go on the “Top Quotes Of All Time” list. “ Survive with Katniss.” I can tell that the look in his eyes also wants to adds the baby but, I can clearly see that he doesn't want to put me into dangerous because of it.

“ Gale, anything to add or say?,” Ceaser asks.

“ Yes,” Gale replied, then he got up. “ Get this straight people. Even though Katniss and Peeta are in love. Even if she is engaged. Or even pregnant. I'm never leave or abandon her side. My love for her that still lingers in my heart and I will prove it when we set foot in the arena.” Then he sits down. “ And one more thing. Peeta said to me before, if he died in the arena, I would get Katniss. Don't forget that.”

“ Yes, yes, yes. Now lets get down to the important parts.......Katniss is PREGNANT?!,” Ceaser yells while leaning closer to me and Peeta, I roll my eyes in disgust.

“ Yes,” Peeta beams.

Then Ceaser started to pat Peeta in the back while repeating, “ Congrats my friend, congrats.”

“ Thank you,” Peeta beams again.

“ Anything to add Gale?,” Ceaser asks, Gale doesn't answer. “ I'll take that as a no..... So what are you going to name it?”

“ Don't you dare call my child it!,” I yell, the entire crowd goes silent and I turn to Peeta for help.

“ Sorry, sorry,” Ceaser says. “ Well, Peeta?”

“ If it's a girl, Revelyn and if it's a boy, Aidan,” Peeta replies with his trademark smile.


“ Well, that's it for District 12,” Ceaser says while pressing a button. “ On to District 13.”


Tall 50 feet trees. Small, clean rivers. Rocks, shrubs and other planet life. This where I'm at. Gale is carefully following river and Peeta's just examining some berries we gathered an hour ago, then that just leaves Annie sharping her knife. Annie's starting to scare me, I've never seen her so serious with a dangerous look in her eye, the very moment I met her again in Victor's Village and the very moment we were reaped on TV she changed.

“ I wonder where Beetee and Johanna are....,” Peeta mutters as he ponders off into thought. I have to say, there's still one thing that never changed; Peeta's feet.

“ They have to be somewhere in this arena,” I say while whipping my head back and forth.

“ Hm... This arena sure is interesting, so far we went through two areas....,” says Annie. “ The first area was a labyrinth with wheat and corn walls while the second section looked somewhat like a murky, ashy, coal dusted town....”

“ Interesting,” Gale adds. “ But, what could it mean?”

Then I stopped. That melody...., I thought. Sounds just like Rue.... The strength of this wind... Thresh

“ RUE!!! RUE!!!, “ I yell while turning back and forth quickly. “ WHERE YOU?! THRESH!!!”

“ Katniss! Katniss! Calm down,” Peeta begged while holding onto me.

Then Gale runs over and wraps his arms tightly around me so I don't thrash about, then whispers, “ Katniss. Katniss. Calm down...... I'm here. I'm here for you...”

“ NO!!,” I yell while pushing him away. “Rue and Thresh are here! I CAN FEEL IT!!”

Immediately Annie grabs my shoulders and slaps me in the face in one swift and fast move. I stubble back a bit, then fall down, she slapped me so hard I could see stars and blurred sparks of colour. Then she yells, “ Calm down!! They're not....”

That very moment I heard Finnick's voice, both of the Finnicks, Annie immediately started running. I know what this is... this happened to Finnick and me in the 75th games....

“ Jabberjays...,” I let out.

“ Annie! Come back!!,” Peeta yells while running after her, Gale immediately follows but as I tried to follow I stumbled a bit then fell. This sharp pain cut through my body, as I slowly try to get up, I clutched onto my belly. I then turn around for one moment see if anyone, as in other tributes or Johanna and Beetee were. I saw something alright. It was any of the other tributes, nor Johanna, nor Beetee, not even Aquamarina. I saw a... mutated tiger preparing to throw itself at me.

I sat there in shock. I didn’t know what to do. I slowly got up and start to dash towards the direction everyone went towards, the last thing I expected was to trip over a rock but, NO!!! I had to to trip over a log.


I fell face first, The baby!!!! I immediately clutch onto my stomach, got up and sprinted away. I was too late. By the time I got up the tiger jumped onto me.

“ AGGRRHH!!!,” I yell. “ PEETA!!! GALE!!!! ANNIE!!! ANYBODY!!!!”

I close my eyes and try to push the tiger off but, it's too strong. I suddenly feel this icky, warm liquid on my collar bone, I'm guessing it's the tiger's saliva. I don't know what happened but, the tiger just fell splat on me, I see a faint shadow throw the tiger off of me, then pick me up. I open my eyes to see Gale.

“ Thank you,” I say.

“ No problem,” says Gale. “ Peeta couldn't come because some mutt bit him and Annie's trying to climb up the edge of this mountain, don't worry, she's getting nowhere.”

“ Put me down,” I command, immediately he puts me down then I see something..... “ I trail of blood......”

“ Where Catnip?,” he asks.

“ Th-there,” I say while pointing to the left. The ground was in a long, twisted blood trail that lead towards the a 5 foot cliff, then I hear someone scream. This wasn't any normal scream, it was a shriek of pain.

I start to limp over to see was going and when I got to the cliff, I peered over the edge. There on the ground was Johanna, in a rolled up shape and clutching onto her stomach as blood leaked out of her. Beetee was nowhere in sight.

“ Ah...Ah...AHH!!!,” Johanna shrieked.

“ Gale, go get Annie and Peeta, right now,” I commanded, Gale understood and sprinted away to look for them, when he was nowhere in sight, I turned back to Johanna. “ Johanna?”

“ He... he.... no, s-s-s-av-ve m-my b-b-baby.......,” she managed to say while crying. “ I-it h-h-hurts s-s-o b-b-bad-d......”

“ Hold on Johanna!!,” I plead I leaped over that 5 foot cliff and grasped onto her hand.

“ Johanna... Where's Beetee?,” I ask, as I felt her stomach. I know what's happening, she about to give birth. If I don't hurry now, this could turn into a miscarriage, I'm pretty sure she doesn't want that to happen.

“ H-h-he..... AHHH!!!,” she tries to say then start to scream from the pain and clutch onto her stomach. I immediately rip off a long strip of fabric from my shirt, leaving only enough to cover my breast. I then roll the strip of fabric into a roll and shove it into her mouth, then I reach for her backpack and found a roll of bandages.

Prefect, I thought as I look up to find to strong trees. I pulled out a switch blade and hacked two deep slots into the trees trunk. Then I took two pieces of the bandages that were roughly two meters each and secure them into the tree's trunk. After that, I pull the ends of the bandages down towards Johanna and instruct her, “ Pull onto these if you feel any sort of pain.” She nods.

“ Katniss, we found Beetee!!!,” Annie yells as she runs to my side. “ You found Johanna.” Then she notices the mess in front of us. “ Oh my God.....” She immediately gets up and walks over to Peeta, Gale and Beetee and asks, “ Hello boys, can get up for a sec?”

“ Um, sure,” Gale says as they all get up.

Annie looks up and down at them, the kicks them all back, causing them all to fall down the slope of the cliff opposite to us women. “ Don't you dare look. And if you do, I'll scar all of your pretty faces,” Annie says as she playfully uses a knife to outline their faces.

“ Okay, Johanna, push,” Annie commands as she sits patiently in front of Johanna (A/N: Y'know... Johanna's pants are off, birth canal and stuff)

“ AHH....!!!,” Johanna yells, I watch as her grip around the bandages increase and the way she furiously bits into the fabric roll. She looks like she in a lot of pain, then I look down at my stomach. I don't know why but I'm scared.

(Time Skippy..... 5 hrs later)

“ Come Johanna!! You can do we can see its head!!!,” I urge. Johanna is exhausted, she sweating like crazy, then I pull out more bandages and start to wipe her sweat away with it.

“ PUSH!!!,” Annie commands.

“ AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!,” she yells.

“ WAHHH!!! WAHHH!!,” the baby cries, then Johanna's breathing slows down and she closes her eyes.

“ Congratulations Johanna, Beetee. It's a girl,” Annie says with a pleasant smile as she takes the baby into her arms. I then grab my switch blade out again and cut the umbilical cord off.

The baby's skin was all red and warm, silky smooth too. I reach into my bag and pull out my thin, cotton blanket and rip it into two. I took one half and covered Johanna's lower area with it, the used the other half to wrap the baby in.

“ C-can I hold it?,” Beetee nervously asks pushing his glasses up, I then gently hand the baby over to its father.

“ What are you going to name it?,” Peeta asks as his head pops up.

“ How about Caffine or Aquamarina?,” Gale suggests, immediately the area goes silent.

“ I would never allow them to name their baby after such a slutty traitor,” Annie replies.

“ Cynthia, how about Cynthia?,” Peeta suggests.

“ Cynthia....,” Beetee repeats slowly as if to taste every letter.

“ Cynthia Dobbs,” Johanna mummers in her sleep.

“ I think she likes Cynthia Dobbs,” I say.

“ Then you shall be Cynthia Dobbs,” Beetee says with a smile as he gazes at his and Johanna creation.

“ ANNNIIEE!!!,” I voice shrieks, this voice.... Aquamarina!” ANNIIEE!!! ANNIIEE!!!” I look at Annie, she expression is ice cold without a sight shard of emotion, then I turned back to the direction Aquamarina's voice sounded so.... forlorn.

“ Annie...,” I say.

“ You should go Anne,” Gale suggests.

“ Annie, Aquamarina's calling for you..... you should...,” says Beetee.

“ Never,” she replies in a cold, solid manner.

“ Annie, you have to go,” Peeta pleads as he looks at Annie with pain full eyes. “ I was never there for my brother when they died.... Peda and Peka....., you need to go to her.”

“ How can I go to that traitor?!,” Annie yells. “ It's all her fault!! Because of her, we lost Finnick!!! How that not disturb you!?.”

Her eyes are full of tears, I watch as each droplet falls to the ground, her hair's a mess right now. It's down, still wavy but, when it covered her face, it made her look like a child. Then I notice that her hands were in fists, I gently take her hand as she sobs, and open them. Her grip was so strong, that anger made her grip so strong that her nails pierced her palms. Peeta hands me two pieces of the bandages, I take it and carefully bandage her hands.

I took up, back at her again, “ Annie, I don't know what you're talking about. You're just a beautiful as Aquamarina, you're hunting skills are amazing. Now I finally understand why Finnick feel for you, it's not because of your looks nor your skills. He loved every piece of you.... FROM THE BOTTOM OF HIS HEART!!!!” Now, it's my turn to cry. “ What would Finnick, Annie?! What would he do?!”

That moment she understood, she immediately got up and sprinted to Aquamarina's side, Peeta takes me into his arms as I cry. I turn to Beetee and Gale, they're both crying too, then I turn to Johanna, a very thin stream of tears are flowing out of her eyes.

I look up into the sky.... Finnick.... we all love you.....

Annie's POV:

I sprint through the forest, following the faint call of my name... It sounds like it's coming from over the hill up ahead... I leaped over the hill and landed on the ground without a sound, and in front of me was Aquamarina. She was only a meter away, I hesitated for a moment but, then forced myself to walk over to her and fall onto my knees.

I stared at her, taking in every inch of her... She was floating in a pool of blood, her face was painted in blood as she tried to breathe. Her hair was undone, her clothes were tattered, and her shorts were ripped.

“ What happened?,” I ask as I stare at the arrow through her chest.

“ A-Annie.... S-someone raped me...,” she sighs. “ I-i....i-its l-l-looks l-like I...”

“ Who did it?,” I demand.

“ P-P-Patriot... D-district 1,” she says, the she coughed up blood. “ A-a wolf k-killed him after-r.”

“ A wolf,” I repeat, then I smile. “ It was probably Finnick.”

“ N-n-no....,” she explains. “ It was... looking-g f-f-for lunch-h.”

Well that explains the pool of blood, I thought.

“ I'm sorry,” she says. “ I'm sorry for everything, especially Finnick..... huh... t-that took q-quite a bit...of.... strength to s....say...” “ I'll never forgive you,” I reply.

“ E-expected,” she says, I watch as she looks up to the sky. “ I really... love.... Finnick.”

“ I know, so do I,” I reply.

She smiles at me, then coughed up another batch of blood. “ Sis..... You and Finnick were destiny!.......”

“ Thank you....,” I answer.

“ I love... you Annie......,” she repeats. “ I'm sorry..... I'm so.... so... sorry.....” I watch as her hand fell to the ground..... and the canon fired.

“ AQUA!!!,” I cry while resting my head on her head. “ WAKE UP!!! WAKE UP!!! OPEN YOUR EYES...!! DON'T DIE.....!!!!!”

I'm sorry... I'm so, so, sorry.... Aqua... forgive this horrible excuse of a sister....!!! AQUA!!! I'm horrible....., I cried.

“ Annie..... don't worry.... we'll meet again.... my beloved sister,” the wind whispers.

Aquamarina's POV:

I lay there on the sandy sea shore. I can hear the waves crash against the shore. My hairs down with white flowers in it, my clothes are replaced by a long and elegant, shimmering white dress. The sun light is bright, a blinding but, beautiful bright. I see a man with bronze coloured hair in white, shimmering clothes walking towards me, then helping me up. His eyes were beautiful....

Welcome home... my beloved sister-in-law,” the man smiles.

F-Finnick!!,” I exclaim while hugging him, after a second or two, he sets me down on the sand.

How's Annie and Finnick?,” he asks.

Finnick's well, Annie's radiant... she forgave me.....,” I rely while falling to my knees and crying. “ I know you can't forgive me!!!”

I've forgiven you long like ago... Aquamarina,” he replies while standing by the oceans tide.

I smile through my tears..... he forgave me.... he forgave me........

Aquamarina... go start a new life.... go on,” he says while turning his head to a boy. His hair was shaggy and golden, and so were his eyes. He was beautiful...... He is probably everything I could've never imagined.

His name's Keith, go,” Finnicks says as he disappears.

The boy holds out his hand, and I take it, “ My name's Keith, I from District 4.... I died at birth.”

My name's Aquamarina, I'm from District 4.... died in the Hunger Games," I say. " So you died at birth... no wonder why I never met you."

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