Hi I've decided to make my first Hunger Games.After not being on for a while I've started to miss it here. So these games will be the first of a series (hopefully) These games will include the reapings, training, and the actual games. The POVs for the tributes will alternate male/female for each district.

The second rebellion is over, The Capitol has won. Districts remain hopeless, President Henderson Snow, ancestor of Cornelious Snow has began his rein. As his first decision, he decides to bring back the games that haven't happened for decades. But after watchng the tapes of the long-ago games. He wants the games bigger, bloodier, and full of fear. These games will be the worst Panem has seen for a long time, and the capitol will enjoy all the twists, surprises, and of course, deaths.

Tribute Template



District: (1-13)




Appearence: (Does not need to Lunaii, but would be sure appreciated)


Reaped or Volunteer:

Weapons/ Weapon of Choice:

Alliances: (These will be official later but you may make Pre-Game alliances)


Reservations may be made. Each user may have 1-2 tributes in these games:) I will also be using


Name District Gender Age
Odin Amarth 1 Male 18
Karly Vresent 1 Female 15
Nile Sebek 2 Male 17
Calypso Rune


Female 15
Orlando Johnson 3 Male 15
Mallory Percistance 3 Female 16
Harvey Free 4 Male 13
Sharlet Free 4 Female 13
Axel Vixen 5 Male 15
Aurora Starlight 5 Female 15
Logido Raptus 6 Male 17
Snowflake Pawpaw 6 Female 15
Galfus Toranda 7 Male 18
Bree Myers 7 Female 14
Textil Archeus 8 Male 15
Daenerys Kistrel 8 Female 17
Theo Black 9 Male 15
Jessica Woods 9 Female 16
Katta Wallace 10 Male 16
 Eliza Hathway 10 Female 13
Havin Famin 11 Male 15
Jacqueline Caron 11 Female 17
Kaua Catoose 12 Male 14
Edith Flametta 12 Female 15
Trenton Weltz 13 Male 16
Jasmine Anatha 13 Female 16


Sponsor Tribute 1 Tribute 2
Aerialchnook  Eliza Hathway Karley Vresent
Daria Bloom Bree Myers
Harvey The Hunter Harvey Free Sharlet Free
Icanhasnofriends Nile Sebek Odin Amarth
MyWorld Jessica Woods Orlando Johnson
Pippycat Calypso Rune Jacqueline Caron
Rayplayzlol70 Mallory Percistance Snowflake Pawpaw
Slice of Pizza Galfus Toranda Logido Raptus
SmilingTribute Axel Vixen Theo Black
Tehblakdeath Daenery Kistrel Textil Archeus
VinciusDeAssis1999 Edith Flametta Kaua Catoose
WeirdTributes Jasmine Anatha

Katta Wallace

Yoonie Haven Famin
YourFavoriteSalmon Aurora Starlight Trenton Weltz


District 1- Odin Amarth POV

I slowly put the spear back on the rack as I look at the clock, 10:03 AM. The Reapings were just a few hours away. My final time having my name in the bowl. Though that dosen't matter, as I'm going to volunteer.

I sneak back out of the training center since no one is allowed to practice before the reapings and walk back home. You could hear the excitement rumble throughout the district. Kids like me had ben waiting their whole life for this day. I look at my peers walking towards the town, where the Reapings will be held. I remember training with them and always exceling compared to them. I bet that I could beat any of them one on one.

I finally reach my house and swing the door open. It is not suprising tat my father isn't home, considering he's a peacekeeper. He is probably looking around the district, making sure that no one is trying to hide and avoid the reapings. I go running up the stairs to my bedroom, to change into some decent clothes for the reaping. I rummage through my closet and find a white shirt and some trousers. After I'm ready I look over at my mother's portrait, hanging on the wall. She would want me to volunteer, I think to myself. I look down at my golden ring, the shape of a lightning bolt.

I jump as i hear the bell from the clock. It was time to go. I'm going to be late! I race out the door, sprinting through the streets. My father would kill me if he knew I was late. I continue to sprint, I could just see everyone getting to their spots in front of the large stage where the reaping take place. I keep running and suddenly run into someone. I look down on the ground to see the girl I knocked over, into a pile of mud.

"Hey! Watch it!" she says angryily at me.

"Oh, I'm sorry," I reach out my hand to help her up, but she just ignores my offer.

"I'm going to be late you idiot!" I look at her, she looked very familiar. Wait, she is that one girl from training. I remember her being in a younger age group than me, always throwing knives and axes. She quickly gets up off the ground and starts brushing off her green dress. "Ugh, I look awful." I felt bad but I had to keep going. I kept running, I couldn't ruin my last chance to volunteer for the games. 

She yells something at me but I was to far to hear. I quickly approach the table. Thge peacekeeper pricks my finger and I hurry to the 18-year-olds section, only to be stopped by my father.

"Odin, you're late," he says sternly. I nod my head and look up at the stage as our escort from the Capitol stands in front of a microphone. My father goes and takes his position. I stand in my place.

"Welcome to the reapings of the 380th Hunger Games!" our way to perky escort, Swiss Arose, says. The District cheers, as we are all to excited the the games as always. "As always ladies first," Swiss goes over to the large bowl of names, she quickly grabs one. She begins to say the name but no one could comprehend it because of al the girls yelling 'I volunteer' A girl in a green dress steps out of the crowd, being the first one to volunteer. She takes the stage as I realize her as the girl I knocked over. She annouces her name to be Karly Vresent. Swiss exclaims how wonderful it is. Next she goes over to the other bowl, my name is in there seven times. She slowly pulls out the name. This is the moment I have been waiting for my whole life. She pulls out the name as I yell. "I volunteer!" This is it. Now I will win the games.

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