Before I explain anything about these Games, let me just say real fast; if you signed up for my 94th Hunger Games, those are not cancelled! They're simply postponed, though not even for that long. The pre-Games are just really getting on my nerves and I felt inspired  to right a Hunger Games with just the Games only, that will last probably about a month. I'll get back to writing the 94th Hunger Games as soon as they're over. Please read the introduction and rules before submitting a tribute. Thanks! And may the odds be ever in your favor!


For the Quarter Quell twist this year, only the Head Gamemaker and the President know of the plans for the twist, and they plan to reveal not before but during the Games. The only hint that they supply the districts with is: "Never let go of your fears." What could that possibly mean? There is a hidden meaning to it that only the smartest tributes can figure out. Hearing this, they keep their fears drilled in place, inside of their mind. But is this really going to help them escape the arena alive?

What could the leaders of Panem possibly have in store for the 475th annual Hunger Games?


  • You may submit four tributes to these Games. If I don't get enough submitions, then I might increase the maximum, but for now, let's just stick with that.
  • You may reserve tributes, but if someone gets a tribute in before you, then it's only fair that they get the spot. Reservations last for two days.
  • Yes, I do swear in my Games. I personally think it fits with the concept of children trying to kill each other :P However, if this makes you uncomfortable, contact me and I'll see what I kind do to change it :)
  • Please don't get angry with me if I kill off your tribute. Remember, not everyone is going to win every Games.
  • Detailed tributes and tributes with advice are likely to have a higher chance of survival.
  • Please do not spam without my permission!! It's very annoying and it clogs up the commenting area.
  • Don't be rude to other users. This includes bothering them because their tribute killed off your tribute, saying you hate their tribute, etc. If you do this enough times then I'm afraid I'll have to remove your tribute from my Games.
  • I do not go to profiles, however I accept links.

Tribute Template

Please use this form or else your tribute will not be accepted.



District (0-13):




Appearance (provide a description or a lunaii; real life pictures AREN'T preferred):



Reaped or Volunteered:




Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:



Tribute Table

District Gender Name Age Weapons Fears User
0 Male Grant Dean 13 Spears His own death, love Misytmolla
0 Female Maia Pithra 13 Knives, spears Dying in the Hunger Games Wesolini
1 Male Alexi "Lex" Kattridge 18 Mace, axe, throwing knives Completely alone in the dark with weird noises, fire, torture Happy Meadows
1 Female Kadiah Sparling 13 Mace, poison Spiders, explosion sounds OBUSMD
2 Male Earl Zoranovic 18 Mostly everything; prefers spear Phobophobia Beetee19
2 Female Shermaine "Pain" Willson 17 Dual sword, martial arts Lightning, her temper getting the best of her Annamisasa
3 Male Cyber Bytes 17 Sword, mace Aquaphobia The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
3 Female Skye Silverguard 13 Bow and arrow, awl Her face being touched, arguments, being hit Annamisasa
4 Male Aiden Ryll "AR" Tilpin 18 Axe, sword, throwing tridents Dying, seeing a loved one pass, falling from tall heights Happy Meadows
4 Female Euax Obruo 14 Trident, net Parasitophobia The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
5 Male Veto Magnate 13 Nunchucks, metal pole Vertigo The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
5 Female Illuminate Sensorium 15 Qilinbian, bullwhip Aquaphobia The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo
6 Male Rider Ace 17 Brass knuckles, sledgehammers, war hammer -- Hybrid Shadow
6 Female Lillian Pierrot 17 Meteor hammers, knives Being spoken of behind her back, showing her true colors EHKnight
7 Male Cloud Lightning 16 Trident, spiked mace, katana Catagelophobia Hybrid Shadow
7 Female Wynneth Ebersnowe 16 Knives, axes, slingshot, blowgun, poison Being bound up, canines, large insects Happy Meadows
8 Male Emil Alterz 16 Swords, clubs Death, huge animals HungryTeen
8 Female Artemis Maymoon 18 Spears, axes, throwing axes Arsonphobia, insanity EHKnight
9 Male Furry Anderson 17 Throwing axe, throwing knives, mace, sword Tight spaces WeLoveKatniss
9 Female Jasmine Firethorn 13 Scythe, knife Losing someone close to her, ichthyophobia Beetee19
10 Male Russell Ferribe 16 Bow Letting his family down during the Games, blood Beetee19
10 Female Dawn Santori 14 Slingshot, blowgun People she doesn't know Wesolini
11 Male Ixil Estus 15 Poison-tipped darts, knives Achluophobia Wesolini
11 Female Altaria Ekkans 15 Grenades, maces Flying objects, excluding insects OBUSMD
12 Male Lucifer Bones 15 Kama, scythe Thanatophobia AxedFox
12 Female Noiri Blanche 15 Scimitar Ypositismosphobia Wesolini
13 Male Nucleari Mhoss 13 Scythes Cryophobia ViniciusDeAssis1999
13 Female Elisa Jelts 15 Hand-to-hand, spears Hydrophobia, insanity HungryTeen

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