Sup, people. So, as you all know, I am currently writing the 94th Hunger Games. However, I have writer's block right now so I won't be updating that for about a week or so. I decided to do these, because they're really easy and I'm just going to do a simple, real quick Games to pass the time. There will be no reapings or any of that stuff, just the training scores and Games.


  • Please be nice to one another! We're all wonderful <3
  • Don't get angry if your tribute dies, because only one is going to win, unless I'm feeling super generous and I make it more than one. But that's not that likely xD
  • Tributes with advice will have a higher chance of survival.
  • Don't spam without my permission.
  • I swear. If you don't like it, gtfo.
  • Just because you're my friend or I like you doesn't mean you're going to be the victor. I might make someone I've never even met before win, so don't get your hopes up. xD
  • Reservations last for 3 days because I'm just that nice. (;

Tribute Template

Bold = required

Name: (It doesn't have to be your real name, just whatever you like to go by on here)

Age: (Again, doesn't have to be your real age if you don't want it to be)





Strengths: (Be realistic! What are your strengths in real life?)

Weaknesses: (same as strengths)


Weapon(s): (Maximum 2)

Bloodbath Strategy:



District Gender Name District Gender Name
1 Male Junior Hererra 1 Female Jackie Terrain
2 Male Jason Hunter 2 Female Annabella Lovelace
3 Male Joan Triple 3 Female Katy Smith
4 Male Kai Pacific 4 Female Emma Wilkerson
5 Male Michael Lockwood 5 Female Sasa Parker
6 Male Wesley 6 Female Summer
7 Male Erlend Hallaren 7 Female Scottie Terrace
8 Male Vinny Ciuseo 8 Female Savanna
9 Male Colin Peart 9 Female Anna Willowshields
10 Male Batman Bin Superman 10 Female Rose Bolt
11 Male Floodplain Lickprivicks 11 Female Jessica Matthews
12 Male Casper 12 Female Claudia Niall

Death Chart

District Name Killer District How
11 Floodplain Lickprivicks N/A N/A Blown apart by mine
7 Scottie Terrace Kai Pacific 4 Cleaver in back
2 Jason Hunter Annabella Lovelace 2 Frying pan to head
12 Casper Gamemakers Capitol Fell through ground
3 Joan Triple Rose Bolt 10 Arrow in face
10 Rose Bolt Batman Bin Superman 10 Neck snapped

Day 1

Summer, District 6

I bid my stylist farewell and step into the glass tube that will take me up to the arena. I try to ignore the shivers that constantly run up and down my spine as the tube slowly starts to rise. I wrap my arms around my body, hugging myself, and I squeeze my eyes shut until I hear the glass doors open and sunlight floods the area around me. I open my eyes, squinting them so they can adjust to the light. I'm standing in a pretty big city, filled with nice, fancy buildings and cars zooming past on the open streets every once in a while. I glance up at the Cornucopia, but something other than that catches my eye, something miles away from the Cornucopia though I can still see it, as it is tall and grand and something that you can't just miss. It's the Eiffel Tower, which means me and 23 other tribues are going to be forced to kill each other in Paris, France... the city of love.

10, 9, 8...

Fear floods my body when I realize that we're only down to 10 seconds. I tear my gaze away from the Eiffel Tower and notice a crossbow placed not too far from my metal plate. I need to grab it.

5, 4, 3...

I drop into a running stance. Blood is roaring in my ears and adrenaline is pumping through me.

2, 1... "NOW!!!" A shrill, banshee-like scream pierces the air a half a second before the gong sounds. I glance to my right, eyes widening with horror as I realized what just happened. Floodplain Lickprivicks, the odd guy who thought he was a rainbow from District 11, accidentally stepped off his plate a millisecond too early. The mine below him detonated and he was blown apart instantly. Many people take a minute to register what just happened and begin moving as they stare at his bloody remains. I, however, am smart enough to simply shake my head in disgust and run towards the crossbow. I pick it up off the ground and start running, when the girl from 7 appears and shoves me against the ground. She puts the tip of her sword to my throat. I close my eyes, ready for the end, when the blade is suddenly knocked out of the girl's hand. I open my eyes and watch as she falls over, a cleaver sticking out of her back. Kai from District 4 yanks his weapon out of her back and extends his other hand towards me. I grab it and he helps me up. "Thank you," I say softly. Kai nods.

"Come on, let's get out of here," he tells me. I nod and we both start running. We eventually meet up with our allies, Jackie and Erlend. We run off into the depths of the city, leaving the sounds of fighting behind us.

Annabella Lovelace, District 2

I fly off my metal plate using my majestic pixie wings and over to the Cornucopia, gleefully clapping my hands when I spot a frying pan propped up against it's golden side. I grab it and swing it to the head of some random tribute trying to escape, who I realize happens to be my own district partner, Jason. Oh, whoops. He tries to stand up. I hit him with my weapon again, and this time I can hear his skull cracking as the metal pan comes in contact with the side of his head. I grin with satisfaction, before turning and fluttering over to where my allies, Wesley, Colin, and Emma, are waiting for me on the other side of the Cornucopia. Colin is eyeing my frying pan warily. "Whatever you do, don't hit me with that thing," he tells me. I laugh.

"Don't get on my bad side and we have a deal," I reply. I wink at him and he shakes his head in disgust before we all hurry away.

Vinny Ciuseo, District 8

I've allied with Anna from District 9 as well as my district partner, Savanna. Weapons seem to be slashing through the air all around me and I'm desperate to get out of here. However, Savanna is in the middle of fighting Casper, the ghost from District 12 that somehow hugged our ally Katy to death. Every time she tries to swing her sword at him, the blade goes right through him. It's not fair that he was allowed into the Games. He can't be killed, but he can kill the other tributes. Totally not fair.

The Gamemakers seem to have read my mind. The Head Gamemaker's voice can suddenly be heard on the loudspeaker. "Attention, tributes! I'm afraid one of these tributes has a terrible privilege in these Games and must be taken out." That's when the floor underneath Casper's feet shatters and he tumbles down into the earth. Savanna is close to following him, but I grab her arm and yank her away from the whole just in time.

"Th-Thanks," she says, obviously freaking out. I nod and take one last glance at the hole where Casper disappeared, before we run away from the Cornucopia.

Batman Bin Superman, District 10

I was lucky enough to be accepted as Career leader for these Hunger Games due to my awesomeness. I climb to the top of the Cornucopia and stare down at my allies, a proud look in my eyes. Like Simba on Pride Rock from the Lion King! They all glance up at me and roll their eyes. "What are you doing up there?" Junior calls up to me. "You might fall and break your neck."

I wave a finger at him. "Ah, Junior, but you've forgotten that I'm too awesome to die!" I laugh at my own joke that those stupid heads down there don't get. Oh well.

My alliance consists of the two tributes from 5 - because they're weaklings and they know I can protect them with my awesomeness, the girls from 11 and 12 - because they're pretty strong and talented, I guess, and Joan from District 3 - cause, well, he's like the only piece of Career material in this arena besides me. All of the people that should've been Careers have gone off with other allies, but that doesn't matter. We're going to be the best whether we're real Careers or not!

"Listen up!" I yell, and all of their attention is turned on me. "We are going to go hunting for tributes later. I'm sure some of you don't want to kill, and if that's the case then you need to stop being a bunch of dumbfucks and realize that only one person is going to come out alive." And that will be me, I add, silently to myself.

"Uh, Batman," Jessica says slowly, her eyes widening. I ignore her.

"We'll go hunting in about an hour," I tell them. "We need to see what supplies and weapons are in the Cornucopia."

"Batman!" Jessica says, louder this time. "Look behind you!" I turn around just in time to see the girl from 10 shoot an arrow. And it's aimed for me. I duck out of the way, nearly falling off the Cornucopia, but I hold on. I quickly climb down, just as the girl from 10 comes to the other side of the Cornucopia and shoots another arrow. This time, it hits someone, but not me, for I ducked just in time and it landed right in between Joan's eyes. Claudia and Jessica start screaming at the top of their lungs, and they run away with Junior coming in behind them. I start to run after them, but the girl from 10 tackles me to the ground. "Oh no you don't," I growl. I easily overpower her and slam her against the concrete, before wrapping my hands around her neck and snapping it. I stand up and kick the girl's corpse into the dust before looking around. My allies just abadoned me. Those bitches. Oh, but I'll get payback. And it will be when they least expect it.

Jackie Terrain, District 1, City

My allies and I arrive at some building. We go inside and collapse on the carpeted floors. I just then realize that I wasn't able to get any supplies. Just a pack of throwing knives. I take notice of the burning sensation in my throat and I scramble to my feet. My heart soars when I see a kitchen several feet away. Summer notices it to, and we both run up to the refrigerator. Just as we're about to open it, the cannons for the bloodbath victims fire. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Six deaths. Summer and I exchange glances, and I can see worry and fear shining in her eyes. I'm sure there's some in mine, too. So many people died, yet it seems that there will be much, much more deaths before the end of the Games. I can't even think about eventually having to kill my allies right now, or perhaps dying myself. I shake my head and open the refrigerator, because all I want right now is water.

And of course, it's empty.

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