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Hunger Games Character Themes! From my popular vid on you tube!

It's is from a Hunger Games Character Theme Songs Part 1: First Movie/Book it's the video that I made and it's pretty popular. The most popular of all theme song videos.]


Song list:

Katnis- Boom Boom- Emmy

Peeta: Grenade- Bruno Mars

Gale: Misery-Maroon 5

Prim: Firework- Katy Perry

Haymitch: 21 Guns- Green day

Effie: One of those Girls- Avril Lavigne

Rue: If I die young- Band Perry

Thresh- Stronger Kanye West

Foxface: Poison- Nicole

Cato: One Step Closer- Linkin Park

Clove: Treat me like a lady- Manrose

Glimmer: P.G.R- Keri Hilson

Marvel: Morning after Dark- Timaland

Tributes: I don't wanna die- Hollywood Undead

Game Makers: Love Game- Lady GaGa

Have your own list? Post it in a comment

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