District 1 - Jewel Shine Killed by Ryder

District 2 - Lily Wood Winner!

District 3 - Liaria Pine Killed by Lily

District 4 - Dawn Bliss Killed by Lily

District 5 - Tru Solo Killed by muttation

  • District 1-Jewel Shine
  • District 1-Slate Obsidian
  • District 2-Lily Wood
  • District 2- Mark Aega
  • District 3-Liaria Pine
  • District 3-Tate Golden
  • District 4-Dawn Bliss
  • District 4-Tristen Tropic
  • District 5-Tru Solo
  • District 5-Jake Ice
  • District 6-Rouge Rojo
  • District 6-Ryder Rojo
  • District 7-Aegia Smythe
  • District 7-Craig Stine
  • District 8-Tempest Beau
  • District 8-Alfie Reed
  • District 9-Ice Smalle
  • District 9-Todd Omack
  • District 10-Lynx Griffin
  • District 10-Skip Rotar
  • District 11-Barley
  • District 11-Quinoa
  • District 12-Tysa Padd
  • District 12-Eli Wagner

District 6 - Rouge Rojo Killed by Lily

District 7 - Aegia Smythe Killed by Careers

District 8 - Tempest Beau Ate poisonous berries

District 9 - Ice Smalle Killed by Jewel

District 10 - Lynx Griffin Killed by pirhannas

District 11 - Barley Commited suicide

District 12 - Tysa Padd Killed by Unknown


District 1 - Slate Obsidian Killed by Lily

District 2 - Mark Aega Killed by Jewel

District 3 - Tate Golden Killed by Careers

District 4 - Tristen Tropic Killed by Lily

District 5 - Jake Ice Killed by Unknown

District 6 - Ryder Rojo Commited suicide

District 7 - Craig Stine Killed by Careers

District 8 - Alfie Reed Killed by Lily

District 9 - Todd Omack Killed by Unknown

District 10 - Skip Rotar Killed by Careers

District 11 - Quinoa Killed by Lily

District 12 - Eli Wagner Killed by Lynx


Jewel came off as charismatic

Slate came off as strong

Lily came off as deceptive

Mark came off as annoying

Liaria came off as intelligent

Tate came off as weak

Dawn came off as starstruck

Tristen came off as cocky

Tru came off as irritating

Jake came off as wise

Rouge came off as quick

Ryder came off as mysterious

Aegia came off as innocent

Craig came off as weak

Tempest came off as quiet

Alfie came off as funny

Ice didn't really talk that much

Todd came off as conceited

Lynx came off as sweet

Skip came off as strange

Barley came off as ditzy

Quinoa came off as strong

Tysa came off as quick

Eli came off as annoying

Training Grades

Jewel- 9

Slate- 10

Lily- 9

Mark- 9

Liaria- 6

Tate- 4

Dawn- 10

Tristen- 8

Tru- 7

Jake- 6

Aegia- 7

Craig- 4

Tempest- 5

Alfie- 5

Ice- 4

Todd- 5

Lynx- 6

Skip- 4

Barley- 7

Quinoa- 8

Tysa- 6

Eli- 7


The arena is a swamp covered in marshland. It is loaded with quicksand and swamps. There are deadly mosquitoes that can kill you with a bite. There is a swamp filled with muttations and a swamp with man-eating crocodiles. A river runs through the arena filled with pirahnnas.

Day 1

10:00 am Jewel's POV

As I look at the Cornicopia and the other tributes I know me and the other careers are going to dominate. We took along that girl from 11 in exchange for her plant knowledge. I was against it but Lily and Slate insisted. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO. I race out to the cornicopia to meet up with the other careers and sadly Barley. I'll just kill her in her sleep tonight. I find a perfect knive to use and stab the girl from 9. Instant death. I'm so gonna win!

11:30 am Rouge's POV Me and my brother run away from the cornicopia since we both know that all we need to fight is our fists. We find a small river east of the cornicopia and drink from it. The water tasted alittle funny. Then started running south in hopes of finding some food, when we meet up with Tempest from District 8. It looks like she has a sword. "Alfie died" she said, "he was shot by Lily". She seemed really shaken up so we let her come with us. I just know one of us will win.

12:00 pm Lily's POV

The careers are so gonna win. We already killed District 3's male, District 7, District 8's male, District 9's female, and District 10's male. The night's still young and there is plenty of more time for deaths. Barley is really helping us out. She told us that nightclock is poisonous after we almost ate some. If she wasn't with us we all would've died. I think we made the right decision bringing her with us.

4:00 pm Barley's POV

God, are the careers dumb. They thought they had to bring me with them instead of going to the edible plants section at training. That's where I learned all this. You really think the mayor's daughter would be working in the orchards. I don't think so! Tonight I'm just going to leave and find Quinoa. See if they survive without me!

9:00 pm Lynx's POV

As a look into the sky from my tree I hear 8 cannons being fired. Next, I see the faces in the sky, District 3 Male, District 5 Male, District 7 Male and Female, District 8 Male, District 9 Female, District 10 Male, poor Skip, and District 12 Female. As the anthem plays I slowly fall asleep.

End of Day 1

Day 2

8:00 am Tempest's POV

Wow, Day 2, I didn't think I would make it. Rouge and Ryder are still sleeping so I shouldn't wake them up. Maybe I'll go out and look for food. Tempest goes to find food. These berries look nice. Tempest eats the berries. A cannon is fired.

8:30 am Ryder's POV

I'm so tired didn't get a lot of sleep last night. I look to my left and Rouge is there still sleeping. I look to my right and Tempest is missing. I frantically wake up Rouge who becomes just as worried as me. We hear the careers coming and have to run.

8:45 am Dawn's POV

Me and the other career just arrived at someones camp but we don't know who's. We're just just going to take all of there stuff and if we see them, they're dead. A cannon is fired. I wonder who's that was.

5:00 pm Tru's POV

There's no way I'm losing this. If I have to I'll go weaks without eating. A noise comes from the bushes. What was that? It's Liaria, the girl from District 3. "Please don't kill me, I'm desperate for an ally!" "Ok we'll become allies, I could use your brain." "Thank you so--" If you ever have one thought of doing something without my approval, your dead. Understand?" "Yeah, I understand, just don't kill me!" "Whatever."

9:00 pm Tristen's POV

Two faces are in the sky today. District 8 Girl and District 12 Boy. Tomorrow I might turn on the careers. Me and Dawn are probably going to run away together. I know we will be the final two. Once we get there I have no clue. The anthem plays and I fall asleep.

End of Day 2

Day 3

10:00 am Lynx's POV

I can't believe I did that yesterday! I killed someone! He snuck up behind be just because he wanted to allign and I stabbed him, and he died. I need some water. Lynx goes to the river. Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! A cannon is fired.

3:00 pm Mark's POV

The careers are dominating this game. The only thing that I fear is when we're the final 6. "Oh Lily, look I see District 3 and District 5. "Where?" In the bushes. "Oh, I got'em." Lily shoots the District 3 Female with an arrow. A cannon is fired. "We have to get the other one two! "Get her!" We all chase after her until she runs through a swamp. Dawn said "I'm not getting in that mud!" "Fine we'll get her next time."

4:00 pm Tru's POV

That was a close one. Poor, Liaria. I hear footsteps behind me. It's an 8 ft tall muttation. "Ahhhhhh!" A cannon is fired.

9:00 pm Barley's POV

I left the careers last night and now me and Quinoa can be together for the last of our days. We look into the sky and see Liaria, Tru, and Lynx. Poor guys.

End of Day 3

Day 4

8:00 am Quinoa's POV

Me and Barley came up with an ingenious idea. We're going to rally together some other tributes and all face the careers. We already decided on two, but we don't know if they'll say yes. We want to align with Rouge and Ryder. We're going to see if we can find them and ask them if they'd like to come with us. The guy from 9, Todd creeps me out alittle with his twitches.

10:00 am Barley's POV

We finally found Rouge and Ryder near the river and they said they would come with us. A cannon is fired. Well it's either a career or Todd and considering Todd doesn't have any weapons I'm guessing a career got him. Probably that stupid Lily with her arrows. Well I'm guessing we're gonna go now. Wish us luck!

1:00 pm Dawn's POV

Why would Tristen want to run away? He betrayed the career alliance. "Lily, why'd you have to shoot him!" "He was going to sell all of our secrets to those idiots!" "Still, he's my best friend, how'd you like it if I killed Mark! As a matter of fact I need to talk to him!" I ran away to kill Mark but Lily was a sharpshooter and got me. A cannon is fired.

Final Eight Family Interviews

Jewel's Family

Mostly talked about how proud they are of her for making it this far and how they now she'll come home

Lily's Family

Talked about how her ruthless agression will allow her to win

Mark's Family

Basically the same as Lily's family

Rouge & Ryder's Family

Were very upset since they know at least one of their children won't come home

Todd's Family

Seemed just as quirky as he is and talked a lot

Barley's Family

Had peacekeepers come to escort District 11's mayor to the Capitol. Seemed to be an only child to a single father

Quinoa's Family

Quinoa's grandmother came and talked about how sweet he is and showed his baby pictures.

End of Family Interviews

2:00 pm Lily's POV

That was long overdue. Dawn's been a thorn in my side since training. What was that? I look over in to the bushes with my arrow ready and I see Slate eating all of our food. As an instinct I stab him. Noooooooo! Why'd I do that! A cannon is fired. How am I gonna tell Jewel?! And then there she was, Jewel. "Oh, hi Jewel!" "What's up Lily?" "Nothin much." "K, do you know where Slate is I've been looking everywhere for him?" And then that's where it happened I didn't know why I said it but I did. "Mark killed him!" Jewel was furious, she said things I'm not gonna mention and then when she found Mark she killed him with her knife. A cannon is fired.

9:00 pm Rouge's POV

We're camping out in front of the careers camp. I was so surprised to see that Mark, Slate, Tristen, and Dawn all died today. Four out of the six careers. Tomorrow we're going to intiate project Take out Lily and Jewel.

End of Day 4

Day 5

10:00 am Quinoa's POV

We all just woke up and are almost ready to infilitrate the career's camp. With only 2 careers left it probably will be pretty easy.

11:00 am Ryder's POV

We all ran into the career's camp with our weapons drawn. Before we even get into the camp a cannon is fired, probably Todd. As we run into the camp Jewel instantly comes into view and I throw my spear at her. A cannon is fired. That's when I see Lily sink her arrow into Rouge. A cannon is fired. I couldn't deal with this so I plunged my spear into my chest. A cannon is fired.

11:30 am Barley's POV

Its now 1 against 2 either District 11 or District 2. Me and Quinoa are so goning to win this. Wait, me and Quinoa both can't win this. I need to let him win. He needs this more than me. That's when I did the unthinkable. I stabbed myself with my knife. A cannon is fired.

11:45 am Lily's POV

My against that tall and weird kid easy. I shoot my arrow at him. A cannon is fired. I win!

Congrats Lily Woods and District 2!

The 2nd Hunger Games is coming Soon!

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