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    Hello, and welcome to yet another Hunger Games created by me. Unlike my past Games, I have decided to host these on this wiki, in an attempt to make it more active than it currently is. Regardless, I do hope that you will join this, but make sure to read the rules first. Furthermore, I apologize for my previous Hunger Games being left in its incomplete status, and I assure you that the same will not happen to these Hunger Games. Well, without further ado, I present you: The 377th Hunger Games.

    1. These Games will not possess a normal submitting form. Instead, if you wish to partake, you have one week starting from today, November 22nd, to submit your characters. The amount of tributes allowed by person is two, but the limit may be raised if …

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  • Enraptured Misfit

    NOTE: THIS WRITING ISN'T MINE. It was written by a wiki contributor, who can't write a blog.

    The waves crashed against the sandy beaches of District Four. Cecil couldn't sleep,it was the day of the reaping's and also nearly the year anniversary of his sisters death in the games."What are you doing here you kinda need to be getting ready for the reaping". "Go away Finnick" "Just come on" "Fine"

    4 hours later: I am crowded into the 18 year old section,man I'm so bored. The District Four escort Jensen Cliffard takes a seat whilst the mayor rambles on about the trinity of peace and stuff. Then Jensen steps up he looks like a red haired version of Finnick. "As always,ladies first"he announces."Lana Shelley"Dam that's my girl!"And the male tribut…

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