NOTE: THIS WRITING ISN'T MINE. It was written by a wiki contributor, who can't write a blog.

The waves crashed against the sandy beaches of District Four. Cecil couldn't sleep,it was the day of the reaping's and also nearly the year anniversary of his sisters death in the games."What are you doing here you kinda need to be getting ready for the reaping". "Go away Finnick" "Just come on" "Fine"

4 hours later: I am crowded into the 18 year old section,man I'm so bored. The District Four escort Jensen Cliffard takes a seat whilst the mayor rambles on about the trinity of peace and stuff. Then Jensen steps up he looks like a red haired version of Finnick. "As always,ladies first"he announces."Lana Shelley"Dam that's my girl!"And the male tribute ....Cecil Odair".

On the train :

I didn't have many people to say goodbye to,only mother and father.Finnick came with us he is the district mentor and obviously Jensen Cliffard came to.At dinner I didn't eat much I just eat some soup and a bit of bread.I met up with Lana in the back of the train and we just cuddled we slept there the whole night woke up and we were at the Capitol already.

In the Capitol: We met with the stylists and Rayne she is making the outfits.They waxed all of the hair off my body,I can barely walk it hurts so much.The chariot ride is coming up soon and I am so happy that Finnick and Lana are here or I would be going one hundred percent crazy.

The chariot ride : I love my outfit.I am wearing a green skirt mad of seaweed I have little fish painted around my body and I get to show off my muscles and six pack my hair is like normal my blonde locks are combed back and has a wet look to it ,beautiful. Lana looks stunning as a mermaid with her brown hair in a flourish down her back her fringe swept to the side.We get an amazing reaction and frankly I think we gave them an amazing one back and afterwards we get dirty looks shot at us as we go to our floor we were truly the best.

Training: After the speech from the trainer we head on to sections I start heading to the survival tasks with Lana but then the Careers start to laugh at me so I walk right over grab a trident and throw it at a dummy from across the room it strikes it in the head,neck and heart.They all nod approvingly and I walk back to the poisonous food section with Lana. At lunch the Careers ask me to join them,I was trained as a career anyway but I would only become a career if they let Lana join me which they did.

Private Session scores : Diamond D1m 9 Velvette D1f 10 Spartacus D2m 10 Slicer D2f 8 Novell D3m 5 Spillar D3f 6 Cecil D4m 11 and a half Lana D4f 9 D5m 7 D5f 6 D6m 6 D6f 5 D7m 8 D7f 6 D8m 7 D8f 8 D9m 2 D9f 4 D10m 6 D10f 8 D11m 10 D11f 7 D12m 5 D12f 3

The Arena: Their are three different places in the arena the Meadows,the Swamp and the ice mountain the cornucopia will be held in the meadows.

Day 1 : 3...2.....1 I run straight for the cornucopia and I'm the first one their I grab two swords and throw them to Spartacus then I grab three tridents whilst Lana and the others grab their weapons

Half of the pool died today 12 left and I got five Kills.

Day 3. Nothing happened yesterday but earlier today 4 tributes were killed by a tsunami diamond and slicer being some.

Day 4. Spillar died from being impaled by one of the district eleven guys spears.We heard him nearby so I went to get him , it was a hard fight but I eventually put a trident through him,the same way I did it to the dummy. I go back to the careers seeing were we will split up and I know have 1 trident but I took a spear. I see them torturing Lana and then BOOM she's gone sword through the heart I'm so angry I throw the Spear which goes right through Spartacus's head and into a tree. Velvette swings at me with her pace which caught my leg but then when she swings for my head when I dodge and stick my trident right into her stomach.I won but I also lost I lost Lana.

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