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Family and Friends

Reaped or Vollunteered?

I will probably make 5 or 6 Point Of veiws everyday..? Sry i don't have much time to write like 20 everyday like SparrowHazelthorn.... :D

District Female Tribute Male Tribute UserName
One Sparkle Hinsy Balcony Frocket TotalDramaRox97
Two Justina Flaber Wayne Manna HungerGamesFanGirl
Three Wiress Mealy Elong Young Wiki Contrib.
Four Teal Hagle Rod Gallaway Wiki Contrib.
Five Luna Araw Levi Aslan SparrowHazelthorn
Six Kagu Spring Kurow Breeze Anon...
Seven Tree Summer Rowan Winter Anon...
Eight Sedra Alsypse Stronton Melich Julian Espinoza
Nine Artemis Sheen Granier Woodluff SparrowHazelthorn
Ten Kipcha Pryor Khaz Syde FireCatcher3
Eleven Clemintine Bardown Hoof Parlan SparrowHazelthorn
Twelve Ephedra Charles Liam Warrick Me :3

District 1 Reapings :

Sparkle Hinsy, POV of Shimmer , her little sister.

I wish i could just twirl my " magic wand " and make the Hunger Games DISSAPEAR! All they do is aggrivate me .. but at least i haven't been reaped yet. I make my way to the reaping with my sister Sparkle . She look sooo pretty in her silver dress! I look stupid in my all black gown. I look like a burnt piece of toast! Wait , where did Sparkle go? I try to find her shimmering through the crowd of sad faces, but i find nothing. Ughhh, I hate Effie's voice ! It's just to sqeaky and high pitched! It hurts my ears just thinking about it. I am distracted by her voice almoast enough to hear the Tributes name . Shimmer Hinsy. Wait ! THATS ME! I just stand there in silence and shock , i start to make my way up to the stage then i hear " I VOLLUNTEER! " . Who would vollunteer for me?! No one even knows me! Then i find that shimmery silver dress , walking up to the stage. " Sparkle..? NO! Please don't Sparkle!!" . " I'm doing this for you , you wouldnt last a second in the arena! ... I love you , Shimmer. " . Then I realize there is nothing i can do . I try to hold my tears back but i just can't. I can't watch Sparkle get killed on Tv. Its just unbearable.

Balcony Frocket , POV of Jewels Hazel.

Just thinking about the reapings makes me wanna vomit , but .. Pretty girls don't vomit. I don't even eat breakfast today , i have no appetite. All that is going through my mind is if someone I love gets picked. Chances are I'll never see them again. But me and Velvet walk to the reapings . Velvet has got to be the most nervous person in this whole entire universe. All i hear on the way to the sqaure , is " What if i get picked?!! What if you get picked?!" . Then finally i sceam " STOP TALKING LIKE THAT! " . Then , its silent . Good! It worked . He's quiet the rest of the way there , until we get to the crowd , then he starts babbling on about the mom , what does she have to do with anything?! Shes 47! She won't get picked ! God. Then i hear Effie . Hmm, her wig was blue last year. Pink is better for her ! Wait what am i saying?! Aww. I feel really bad for Shimmer , and .. What's her name..? Oh! Sparkle. All the weights lifted of my shoulder , then it feels like bricks dropped on them from a hundred feet up . Velvet was reaped. He is almost at the stage till you hear a weak little voice " I Vollunteer.. " ... ? Then i see the man who vollunteered, we went to school together, till he dropped out . Its Balcony. Then I hear a whisper in my ear .. " I'm doing th is for you. "

District 2 Reapings :

Justina Flaber , POV, of herself.

" We're gonna be late for the reapings! " I yell . " Calm Down ! Its 'just' the reapings " . JUST the reaping!? What is he thinking?? It's not just the Reapings. It the worse moment of everyone's life here! " How can you say it's JUST the reapings..? " . " Well. People get picked to kill each other.. that's all it is. What SOO Important about that?" . Wow. " I hope you get reaped . Then when ur laying on the groud , with a knife in your back , you tell me how 'important' it is. " . I storm away from him with so much anger i have built up i could scream. But I'm not gonna be the fool of the reapings this year , having a hissy fit. I'll let him be the " outcast " this year. I run away and then find myself in the city sqaure . Then , I see his little sister , Charlotte, and walk up to her " Your brother is a jerk . " OWW! SHE HIT ME! Whats her problem . I see her mom ru n toward her with a really shocked look. " CHARLOTTE! You don't hit people! " . She didn't even reconize me . After spending 3 years at that jerks house , she doesn't even reconized me?! Then my worst nightmare comes true . "Justina Flaber ," Oh no.. Why was i reaped?! Why couldn't someone who is actually skilled be reaped . Then my dream comes true , " Wayne Manna ." is called . He's the first on my kill list .

( Sorry so much HungerGamesFangirl ... i changed a couple things in your comment. I hope you don't mind D:)

District 3 : POV of Key , Wiress's best friend.

" Time for the girls! " sqeaulls escort . I brace my self . As soon as the Ke leaves Effies mouth Wiress screams " I VOLLUNTEER!! " . " Can i finish the name " the escort says. " Fine." growls Wiress. " Keth Vanderhorse". Wait.. WHO?!!? I am so releived that it isn't my name . OH NO! Wiress thinks my name was called.. " I take the vollunteer back!! " . " I'm sorry , but once you vollunteer, you can't take it back . " She says . Wiress timidly walks up to the stage . I just lost my best friend to the capitol.

Male: POV of the Escort.

Elong Young...? That name sounds firmiliar .. Why does that name sound so familiar?! Oh my gosh.. He was reaped before . When he was reaped he tryed to take me out , he must have been high on morphine or something. Wait , if he was reaped before, that means he was a victor! HE WAS ONLY 15 WHEN HE WAS REAPED. But , nows he's 18 , and I'll make sure to put him through a hard time in the Arena. I call out his name , " Elong Young. " with a devilish smirk on my face. He must remember me because he gives me a dirty look making his way up to the stage . Then i feel a searing pain go through my back.I 've just been backstabbed, litterally. The last thing I see, before I go unconcios is the PeaceKeepers taking him away.

Dsitrict 4 : POV of Teal

Death row. Thats what i think of it as. When your name gets picked , all you can think about is how long you'll live , who will kill you , and what will happen. TRUST ME . I would know. I'm Teal Hagle , 14 years old , and has just been reaped to participate in the 37th Hunger Games. And I can tell I'm really loved. Me and my sister made a pact , if one of us gets reaped , we vollunteer . Yea, she really kept to that deal. You could hear a pin drop when my name was called . Dead silence. If i win the Hunger Games , I'm not letting my sister in my Victor house. Oh yes, I can hold a grudge

District 5 : POV of Luna herself

Why me? Why was my name reaped? My name went in ONCE.. Others went in 40 or 50 times.My must my slip get picked out of a thousand others. I promised my sister i will stay alive , for her. But thats not a reality , now is it? I'm going to die , and shes gonna have to watch the blood drain from my body. Its horrible . I'm going to defy the capitol like never before though . Because I , I have a plan . And its GOING to work, and its just for her .

Male for 5 : POV of Luna , too.

What's a Levi ? It sounds like a tool . I have to go through everything with him . Interviews, Chariot rides , and the ride to the Arena. Doesn't sound like much fun . He's just to perky! He seems happy to be reaped . Bouncin' on the stage , smiling at the crowd. I think he's just doing it for sponsors . He evened hugged me . I didn't hug him back though! It would make me look weak . I can tell he's gonna be one of the first to go in the arena.On the other hand It takes him a while to realize what happened.. Once he see's the glass bowl , he frowns? He's really confusing me and its kinda creeping me out! His brother rushes to the front of the crowd and yells at him , saying " i love you " , I'm gonna miss you " and all that jazz . The last words the escape his mouth are 5 words I would never expect to come from his mouth " Why aren't you vollunteering then?"

District 6 : POV of a Caterpiller :3

Meep? I want food . Food is good . Actually food is really good. Speaking of food - EEP! I'm being lifted into the air by this giant pink thing!! Help meeee- o. Awww , that feels good.. keep petting me! I wish i could lick you like a dog .. awww , thats the spot.. " I gotta go now buddy ." says the strange pink thing.. she walks into this big building . She calls it the justice building. I call it the big scary thing .. I follow her in and try to be very quiet but i think she can hear my lushios fur. * Thinks to himself - Dun duh . Duh duh .. duh duh , duh duh duh duh dah!!! Dumb da da * She comes out of a room crying.. With a shiny mirror. What's that? ...... ..... (Sorry Anon but me and Sparrow thought a caterpillar would be so adorable! )

District 7 POV Tree Summer

One slip. Thats all it takes to ruin a persons life. Its hard to beleive that one little piece of paper can kill someone.. Now I have lost my family , my friends , and my life all to the capitol. I timidly walk up to the stage , and take my spot. I give the escort a dirty look though. She just smiles back at me . Its like she's a robot. Shes paid to call peoples names out and smile.Boy i want that job ! I wait for the guys name to be called, and its not pretty! He's 17 years old but has the body of a 30 year old mocho man. He marched up to the stage with a mad look on his face. His hair flows over his face and he trip on the stairs, and I can't help but let out a giggle ! Then , when he gets up , the first thing his eyes spot is my smiling mouth ! He walks over to me and trys to " take me out " but i duck and his hand hits the podium that the escort is , and it breaks in half . Now my giggle has turned into a laugh. A peacekeeper sees him and stares at him . You can tell hes trying to say stop it. Then he heads over to his spot on stage and blows the hair out of his face. His knuckles are blood red, and i laugh even louder , just to agrivate him .

District 8 :POV of Sedra.

I slowly open my eyes, and see my mom looking down at me. " MOM ?!?! " . What a pleasent way to wake up in the morning!! I smell the breakfast she made me. Greasy bacon , and nice warm eggs. Wait , how did she get this. Its like impossible to get bacon in district 8! I take a bite into it and the flavors tingle my tastebuds , since i haven't had bacon in such a lng time. It taste sooo good! And before i know it, i've eaten the enitre plate of bacon . Onto the eggs . Their sooo buttery and salty. Almoast as good as the bacon . UGH! I forgot about the reapings. Thats why she made me this breakfast. I get out of bed and fumble to my sisters room. I brush my hand through her silky blonde hair. " Wake up , girly. ". She smiles as her eyes open. I don't wanna mention the reapings yet. This will be her first year . " Oh hey, Sedra.. " . " Want some breakfast? " i say softley. I give her my eggs . Thinking of the reapings made me lose my appetite. I head downstairs and find one piece of left over bacon. I rush it upto her , " Guess what i have... " I say. She gives me a weird look. " Bacon , silly. " . She lets out a big smile and grabs it from my hand . Shes nibbling on it . " .... did you forget about the reapings? . " Until now .... . I feel bad i told her and i say " Lets get you into your dress. " . Its silky and shiny . She looks so pretty in green.

We walk to the reapings with my mom and my older brother. God . The worst thought ever is Mel being reaped. Shes only 12 , and she couldnt survive. The girls are about to get called when Mel starts crying. She was trying to hold her tears in the whole way here , so i take her crouch down and say " Don't worry sweety. Your not gonna get reaped , your name went in once ." I wipe the tears from her face and get back up. The girl is called . Mel Alsypse. WAIT WHAT?!!? NOO!!! " I VOLLUNTEER!!" .. " NO! Don't Sedra!!! ". I kiss her on the cheek, and head up to the stage .My face is turning red and I must be holding back all the tears of a life time. Just , the thought of her name called , it gives me the chills. Shes crying and my mom is trying to comfort her. She looks at me and I mouth out the words I Love You.

Male : POV of his little brother

This can't be happening. My brothers gonna die, and i have to watch. This CANT be happening. What was i thinking , i should have vollunteered! This a nightmare. I dream about this happening , and run to fall asleep in his room , but i never would have thought it would happen. Then Stronton walks in " Oh... hi Stronton. "

District 9 , POV of Artemis. "MIZ SHEEN, WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?!?!" I hear a hearty woman's voice behind me. The apple I was stuffing into my bag drops to the floor and rolls to her feet. Mrs. Cantor. "I said, what are you doing?" Her voice is sharp and hostile, and I am busted. Busted. I wheel around, clutching my bag, and squeak out, "Nothing." Then, I drop my bag and run past her, shame filling my face. She caught me in the act. And now I will be punished, executed, in public. I've been stealing from her for years. And now, it's all over. I'll die in shame and by some horrible death, hanging or whipping or even firing squad.I've been her maid for years. And now, now that she's caught me, I'll be dead and my family will be the most shunned family in all of Nine. Oh, what have I done? I've gotten myself caught! I run, and run, out through doors till I reach the morning sunlight. I can imagine my execution now. It will be horrible. The first public execution of a teenager. A hard, stony feeling fills my gut, blooming into despair. At least I won't be the only one in despair. It's the Reaping day, and two other kids will be picked. And I won't be one of them.

My cheeks stay a consistent red throughout the day. I never tell my family. They'll know soon enough. But sooner than later. If Mrs. Cantor has already reported me, my execution could be today. I shudder at the thought, and almost miss my name. Artemis Sheen.I have been Reaped. At first, my initial feeling is horror. I've been Reaped. But then, a smile spreads across my face. I won't be executed. Not if I'm in The Hunger Games. And, if I can win, my crimes will be pardoned. I am so happy. I have been reaped. I walk up on stage with a huge smile across my face. I will win. And if I don't my family will never know of the crime. It's a win-win, whether I win or not.

District 10 , POV of Unknown.

Little did she know she'd be reaped. Her whole family is in the crowd crying right now... I feel so bad for them! Their little girl has just been reaped and no one vollunteered. What , rude people. Oh wait... I didn't vollunteer.... then 2 words escape my mouth . " I vollunteer " . What did i just do? I don't even know her family ... but beofre i can get on stage she runs to me and hugs me. " Thank you sooo much! I'll try to sponsor you! " She says. Yea Right. I'm gonna get sponsors? No way. No one knows me and my family can't afford sponsors. This isn't good at all.

Male : POV of Unknown.

Death row. Thats what i consider the reapings. I'd rather be executed then kill by mean , vishous humans. ANIMALS! Thats all they are. ESPECIALLY the Carreers. The strongest pack of the whole games. And their first target will be me , cause I am weak and little. I'm SKINNIER then a stick , and don't have any energy to fight. I'll just have to except the fact I'm gonna get killed. Like everyone else. Then I hear the 2 greatest words ever .... " I VOLLUNTEER! " . Someone vollunteered! Oh my gosh! YESSS! His name is Khaz Syde. Oh.. wait. That name sounds familliar....

District 11 : POV of Clemintine .

Might as well just kill me right now. Its not like I'm actually gonna live. District 11 BARELY ever wins!! In fact , NO ONE FROM DISTRICT 11 HAS WON YET, We obviously suck. But atleast i have Hoof..? He atully looks pretty tough. Well. So long District 11.

Distict 12 : POV of Liam !! <3!! ( Liam is the name of a kid in a comic me and Sparrow made.. :DDDD )

" Liam Warrick!! " screaches Effie. " Pfft. Stinks for this Liam kid. " I say to my sister. She gives me a weird look. " What? " I mumble. Oh ... WAIT. I walk up to the stage humbley. Looking like I'm ready to fight. But I'm definatly NOT. Now. my sister looks really sad. Shes only 12!! I feel like an idiot though, " Whos that Liam kid??" . Wow. I must be stupid. But then my stupidness , turns to hate for the capitol. " Ephedra Charles ." You can tell be the look in her eyes , that she has moe hate bulit up , then sadness. So. Why not dfy the capitol. When she walks up to the stage , I hug her. Not like I wouldnt hug her , anyway. " The Capitols hates effecton , right? " whisper in my sisters ear. Then i hear back " Then lets give em' effection. " . We both start to let a couple tears out. But its hard. You really wanna cry when you or your sister gets reaped. But eventually all of my tears come out. Now I look weak. But , at lest Ephdra doesnt .


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