• EpicPeep

    Heeeeeey Imma gonna write how the 78th Hunger games should've gone. no rebellion, nothing awkward and FINNICK DOESNT DIE! (He was epic so I couldn't let him die.) it's from a new tributes point of view and she is: Naomi Walker

    Chapter 1, The Cards

    Effie picked up a card, fiddling to open it. Finally she spoke up, "The female tribute is... Naomi Walker!" Instantly all the children and teenagers alike looked at me. I cleared my throat and started making my to the stage. Katniss and Peeta were sitting on two chairs, Haymitch hanging on for his life on a stool a bottle of alcohol was being grasped in his hand.

    Only the wind volonteered to take my place. Effie shuffled over to the boy's bowl. She plucked a card out. "Damion Denali." The boy cring…

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