Heeeeeey Imma gonna write how the 78th Hunger games should've gone. no rebellion, nothing awkward and FINNICK DOESNT DIE! (He was epic so I couldn't let him die.) it's from a new tributes point of view and she is: Naomi Walker

Chapter 1, The Cards

Effie picked up a card, fiddling to open it. Finally she spoke up, "The female tribute is... Naomi Walker!" Instantly all the children and teenagers alike looked at me. I cleared my throat and started making my to the stage. Katniss and Peeta were sitting on two chairs, Haymitch hanging on for his life on a stool a bottle of alcohol was being grasped in his hand.

Only the wind volonteered to take my place. Effie shuffled over to the boy's bowl. She plucked a card out. "Damion Denali." The boy cringed and lethargically climbed the steps and stood at Effie's side. "Here are the male and female tributes for the annual 78th Hunger games!" After waiting an hour or so we arrived at the train station. The goodbyes were painful, but Damion and I didn't cry. Not many are built to be weak. Not anymore.

Chapter 2, The capitols pets

We were dropped off at the beauty clinic, hours later we ended up eating in the plush flat that Damion and myself were going to live for several days. "So what are your strategies?" Peeta finally said. "Urm... I can use knifes and swords." I mumbled. "Naomi you're well better than just 'using' you can make them fly through the air then they land about 5 kilometres away!" Damion groaned. "You're something special too! Axes and spears alike you can use anything to chop through trees! Just imagine doing that to a human!" I growled. "I'm just pathetic though! What if we're stranded in a polar arena? Huh? I'll be a goner there!" "Pfft! As if!" Then Katniss butted in. "Well you're both good. But when you get into the training centre you need something different!" "Damion, why don't you try fire? And knots? Hand-to-hand combat is important too! Both of you spread yourselves out!" Haymitch suggested. That's what got me thinking. Allies....

Chapter 3, Training

I wore the basic outfit. Identical to Damion's. I didn't care too much about the twin clothes. I just couldn't wait to get into the Training Centre and get on with it. Being completely honest, I was nervous. Anxious. Petrified. Butterflies swam inside me. But I was going to have to do this sooner or later.

Rogue, a training instructor, told us that we shan't be fighting now and that we should be prepared for anything. Then she let us do whatever we wanted. I went to the food bit. I was lacking in knowledge if edible food. I learnt much about the other tributes as I learnt about berries. There were a striking brother and sister from District 4, a vicious killer from 3 which is surprising and a tiny boy from 9 who was stealing knives from Rhoda and Keane - District 4. Afterwards when I had just started archery we had lunch. The careers brung the tables together so I sat between girl from 6 and the boy from 11.

Damion was doing great. He was mingling with everybody, despite the fact that he was from 12 he was greeted with jokes and cheers. I wished why had he not spoken to me once since the train journey.

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