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  • I live in Panem, District 1 or 2, depends what kind of day it is.
  • My occupation is Aurora-Victor/Rebel/Lunatic Venus - Tribute/Rebel/Rainbow/Ninja Assassin/Unicorn
  • I am We are quite Female thank you
  • Epic Hobo

    115th Hunger Games

    October 14, 2012 by Epic Hobo

    Hey guys hayyyyy. So I'm planning on hosting a series of games kind of like what Mysims did, I don't know a little bit of what he did. I plan on hosting 10 games, starting with this one, the 115th, and ending with the 125th, being an epic Quarter Quell and such.

    So this is basically a standard games, there will be 24 tributes (because 120 was freaking hard) so yeah 12 districts, 24 tributes, and yeah stuff. So I will be taking requests and I ask that you only take 2 tributes (but if its taking too long I'll make it 3 per person annd then 4 and if it need to 24, lol jk I probably won't need to raise the limit that much) I will be taking stlists but if the designs take to long then I'm making it myself. And you are all responsible for sending…

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  • Epic Hobo

    Okay so I was wondering, who do you think would make up like the most bad-ass alliance?

    I was on instagram today looking up stuff and I saw a picture of Clove, Katniss, and Foxface and all the comments said that they'd make an bad-ass alliance. And I like smiled. but thenI wondered what you guys though so yeah :D.






    D8 Girl













    The Morphlings (counting them as one group)









    Clove, Katniss, and Foxface

    Glimmer, Clove, Foxface, Katniss, and Thresh

    Cashmere, Gloss, Finnick, and Johanna

    Mags, Cecelia, and Seeder

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  • Epic Hobo


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  • Epic Hobo

    Hello I'm am very proud to say that this is Venus and my 4th Games here, we've made so many new friends and stuff. This games will be a little different, not just the 96 extra tributes, but the way I write it too. I will have 6 POV's. One point of view for a character that I will create. One POV for her love interest in the story (not creating him). Ome POV for her firend in the games that is a boy. me POV for her friend in the games that is a girl. One POV for her rival that is a girl. And lastly, one POV for her rival that is a guy.

    So 6 POV's, 24 mentors ,12 escorts,24 stylists 120 tributes, 1 writer

    EDIT: *cough cough* Ahem Aurora, but I think you made a typo there. Shouldn't it say, "So 6 POV's, 24 mentors ,12 escorts,24 stylists 120 tr…

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  • Epic Hobo

    Okay so since I was bored I just decided to do this heheheheheehehehh and because I'm evil.

    RE: Hello Aurora. Thank you for spamming on your-games-that-you-let-me-take-over :D And I'm not deleting it cause I'm evil too. No stealing my evil-dictator-of-the-world name!


    {C}Okay this is our 3rd Hunger Games here. There will NOT be Reapings, Chariot Rides, Interviews or Training Scores . I think that with all of the tribteus being Careers that it will be a very bloody and interesting games. I won't be taking any mentors or escorts (I'll save that more my next games, next games we'll have everything)

    {C}Ms.finnickodair gave me this ideea from her Career Tribute Wiki. Thank you so much!!!!

    {C}Insted of tributes from the 12 district the tributes w…

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