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Hey guys hayyyyy. So I'm planning on hosting a series of games kind of like what Mysims did, I don't know a little bit of what he did. I plan on hosting 10 games, starting with this one, the 115th, and ending with the 125th, being an epic Quarter Quell and such.

So this is basically a standard games, there will be 24 tributes (because 120 was freaking hard) so yeah 12 districts, 24 tributes, and yeah stuff. So I will be taking requests and I ask that you only take 2 tributes (but if its taking too long I'll make it 3 per person annd then 4 and if it need to 24, lol jk I probably won't need to raise the limit that much) I will be taking stlists but if the designs take to long then I'm making it myself. And you are all responsible for sending your tributes stuff and mentoring them on your own, I won't be taking any sponsors or mentors out of the blue, yuo are responsible for your tribute.

I am not yet sure if Venus will be helping me with this project, so it may take a little while, I can only promise that I will comment on this games once a day, I cannot promise writing everyday, and I cannot promise being completly active everyday here, School just got a bit hard for me so I kind of have to work everything out, I'm almost positive it'll get better once the sports season is over (volleyball games and such) but I do have a couple half days this weeks so I may be able to kick the whole thing off then. SO thaks in advance and have fun. ;)

My Rules (PLEASE READ!!!)

1. 2 Tributes per person (for now), and 1 Stylist per person.

2. No bullying on this page, I won't stand for it and will automatically kill your tributes if you do say anything uncalled for.

3. Please don't be on my back for posting, I have a life outside of the Hunger Games Fandom and I'm sorry, I'll try to keep you posted but expect soem empty promises on hwne I'll be posting something. I'm sorry in advanced but I am rather busy now.

4. If you reserve a tribute I will not come chasing after you, you have until all of the other tributes positions are full (meaning if say the District 1 Female is the only reserved tributes and all the other 23 tributes are in, I'll give her away because it obviously mean yuo've taken too long) So if yuo're reserving a tribute you have until all the unreserved tributes are in, unless of course they're all in in a day then I'll tell yuo how much more time yuo have.

5. Please no "on my profiles" I expect these tributes to be new and never used before in my game or anyone elses. I will be checking and if the tribute has been used before it'll die in the bloodbath, I swear about hte checking part I actually check. Originality is important to me and I will srsly kill ur tribute. NO BLUFFF.

6. If you ask for a tribute that is already taken I'm not going to lie I'll be really hacked off at you. There are 24 tributes and I will try to activly put them on the chart, so please don't be like "hi this is my District 4 girl" when there already is one either in the comments before yours or on teh chart. I will not chase after and be all like "Sorry she's taken please pick another District" I'll just look over it and forget about it.

7. I may use a couple of curse words, nothing too bad, mostly like b**** and I'll star out the last 4 letters. I won't use it constantly.

8. There will be breif interviews, nothing like this thought "Caesar: _____________ Me: ________" It'll be in the tribute's POV and it'll short, okay?

9. DOn't ge tmad if one tribute has a longer paragraph than yours, It just means that person gave a better backstory than you did so blame yourself not me or the other person

10. Lol have fun and laugh because I spent like 20 minutes typing up the rules.

*le* Templates (Please use these it makes my life easier)






Reaped or Volunteered:



Weapon of Choice:




If an Alliance then with who?:



District they are styling for:

Chariot Outfits (male and female please)

Interview Outfits (male and female please)


Position Name User

District 1 Female

Vanessa Pallina Readwritelivenikki

District 1 Male

RESERVED Happyhannah1234

District 2 Female

RESERVED Therman77

District 2 Male

RESERVED Therman77

District 3 Female


District 3 Male


District 4 Female

Callie Wind Readwritelivenikki

District 4 Male


District 5 Female

District 5 Male

District 6 Female

District 6 Male

District 7 Female

District 7 Male

District 8 Female

RESERVED ErosDistrict1

District 8 Male

RESERVED ErosDistrict1

District 9 Female

District 9 Male

District 10 Female

District 10 Male

District 11 Female


District 11 Male

District 12 Female

RESERVED Happyhanna1234

District 12 Male


Alliance 1, The Careers - Vanessa Palline (1), Callie Wind (4)

Allaince 2 -

Alliance 3 -

Alliance 4 -



Chariot Rides

Training Sessions & Scores



Okay so these games are canceled for now because I don't have enough tributes and no one is really submitting any anymore, so these games are for now cancelled. I'll start them up again somtime soon, but i don't know when .Thanks for being interested you guys and sorry I have to cancel.


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