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{C}Okay this is our 3rd Hunger Games here. There will NOT be Reapings, Chariot Rides, Interviews or Training Scores . I think that with all of the tribteus being Careers that it will be a very bloody and interesting games. I won't be taking any mentors or escorts (I'll save that more my next games, next games we'll have everything)

Thank you Ms.FinnickOdair!!!

{C}Ms.finnickodair gave me this ideea from her Career Tribute Wiki. Thank you so much!!!!


{C}Insted of tributes from the 12 district the tributes will all be from Career districts. (4 girls and 4 boys from districts 1.,2, and 4)


Tribute Name User

District 1 Female

Lane Burbage District3Tribute

District 1 Female

Maysie Henshaw AshtonMoioLover

District 1 Female

Gemmeline "Gem" Ree Mysims

District 1 Female

Sparkle Loverine Madgeical

District 1 Male

Ross Greene Grayninja73

District 1 Male

Jupiter 'JJ' Jackson CallamD97

District 1 Male

James Henson AshtonMoioLover

District 1 Male

Creek Mooris CloveJohanna

District 2 Female

Caitlin Darcy Grayninja73

District 2 Female

Ryann Vega District3Tribute

District 2 Female

Malley Tan AshtonMoioLover

District 2 Female

Saffron Ventura Mysims

District 2 Male

Darren Williams Grayninja73

District 2 Male

Blur Rendon CloveJohanna

District 2 Male

Alex Hut Catnipkatniss

District 2 Male

Connor Blue Eleni12

District 4 Female

Misty Blue Nate777

District 4 Female

Magdalena Wattsbrooke District3Tribute

District 4 Female

Rose Bolt Eleni12

District 4 Female

Pearla Ceston RueButtercup

District 4 Male

Logan Blue Nate777

District 4 Male

Cameron Sands Grayninja73

District 4 Male

Tide Watercrest Mysims

District 4 Male

Quid Waterson Cbuscrew344


{C}(Can be more than the number of alliances listed below, I just don't want to write Alliance 1, Alliance 2, Alliance 3, etc. if there are only going to be 4 alliances.)

Alliance 1: Lane(1), Ryann(2), Magdalena(4), Rose

Alliance 2: Misty(4), Logan(4), Sparkle(1)

Alliance 3: Alex(2), Saffron(2), Jupiter(1), Gem(1), Tide(4)

Alliance 4: Creek(1), Daren(2)

Death Chart

Placing Tribute
24th Quid Waterson
23rd Magdalena Wattsbrooke
22nd Ross Greene
21st Gem Ree
20th Connor Blue
19th Darren Williams
18th Pearla Cesta
17th Malley Tan
16th James Henson
15th Cameron Sands
14th Creek Mooris
13th Rose Bolt
12th Jupiter Jackson
11th Ryann Vega
10th Maysie Henshaw
9th Lane Burbage
8th Caitlin Darcy
7th Saffron Ventura
1st (Victor)
1st (Victor)


Day 1

Gemmeline “Gem” Ree's POV

I momentarily cringed from the blazing light. It faded and I took in my surroundings. The sky was the first thing that caught my eye. It was an unnatural shade of bright blue; it had a crystal-like appearance to it. Giant clouds moved incredibly fast, much faster than any clouds I’ve ever witnessed before. My eyes drifted to the ground, but I wasn’t surprised by what I saw.

As far as I could see, fields of grass populated the arena. A few trees, ponds, rocks, and plants were also around, but I was honestly confused as why the gamemakers couldn’t come up with anything better. I mean, I know it’s the 175th games and all, but seriously? Grass? I shrugged to myself and noticed the time ticking away. The timer circled high in the sky right above the cornucopia. The cornucopia was a very simple, light brown cornucopia. A vast variety of weapons, food, and backpacks surrounded it. In the heart of the cornucopia, but on my side, was a beautiful gold bow and arrow. Oh yeah, I was going for that.


I noticed the timer flash


I’m ready


This would be easy,


All of these tributes are complete idiots


I’m the best here


And if I die, I die


But it’s not hard, really


All I need to do is get my bow and arrows


And I’ll be fine


“Go,” I whispered to myself as I took off full speed straight into the mouth of the cornucopia.

Creek Mooris’ POV

I ran as fast as I could to a trident lying on the ground. I knew the gamemakers put it there for me, they’d seen what I could do and they want a good show. And a show they were going to get. I grabbed it and turned to my right to see a tall male, I think his name was Quid. My arm instinctively pulled the trident back and launched it forward. Just as I had hoped, it lodged itself right into his neck. I ran over and yanked the trident out of his neck. Then my eyes scanned the arena for another victim. Another girl, Magdalena ran swiftly past me, but my trident flew through her back and out her stomach. She immediately dropped to the ground, her blood splashed everywhere and her eyes rolled around in her head.

A girl ran right past me and I turned and lunged at her. My weight knocked her over, and I could tell the fall had knocked the breath out of her too. She spit up in my face trying to distract me so she could try to escape. She almost did escape, though I had her pinned and she wasn’t getting away now. “Nice try girlie, but I’m going to kill you and there’s nothing you can do about it,” I said and smiled wickedly.

“The names Lane, not girlie,” she struggled beneath me. Then, I grabbed my trident which was on the ground next to me and aimed for her stomach. Right before I threw it, she brought her knee up and kneed me in my stomach. I shrieked in pain, but the pain wasn’t from the knee to the stomach. Someone had thrown a knife at me. Luckily, whoever threw it had bad aim, so it hit me in the foot. Lane took the chance to escape and leaped away from me. She ran off into the grass with a small backpack on her back. I cursed under my breath and pulled the knife from my bleeding foot.

Then, as quickly as I could, I grabbed a small backpack and stumbled in the opposite direction of Lane.

Pearla Ceston’s POV

So far no one had caused me any trouble and I already had my hands on an axe, which could cause a lot of damage if it needed to. Gem Ree had shot and arrow at me, but she missed and my axe had decapitated her before she could cause me any harm. I slipped past three tough looking tributes all wrapped up in a fist fight. Darren, Jupiter, and Connor were beating each other up, though I couldn’t tell who was winning.

I ran even faster not wanting to get caught in something like a fist fight. Suddenly, a dagger whizzed past my face, just missing it by inches. It was that girl, Caitlin. She was trying to kill me. The thought went through went through my mind as I felt something sharp hit me in the side of my head. The pain felt like millions of fireworks going off inside of me. I collapsed onto the floor and everything went black.

James Henson’s POV

The odds were in my favor as I had already taken out two tributes. One of them was Ross Green from 1, and the other was Malley Tan from 1. Malley had given me a pretty bad cut on my right arm, but the cut was nothing compared to the pain I had caused him. Ross had two daggers to the head, and Malley had a spear to the stomach.

I hunted around the cornucopia for more tributes as I was ready to spill more blood. However I didn’t notice the rustling in the bushes until it was too late. Cameron Sands from District 4 leaped out of the bush and knocked me over. Cameron got right to work as he pulled out a long, pointy knife. Part of me knew I wouldn’t make it out of this, but part of me wasn’t ready to die. I brought my hand up to Cameron’s face and did the only thing I could think of doing- digging his eye out with my thumb. When I thought about what I was doing, I was totally grossed out. But desperate times mean desperate measures, and I would do anything to stay alive.

Cameron screamed and I tried to get away. He punched me square in the face making my vision go hazy. I squirmed, kicked, screamed, spit, hit- anything to get him off of me. I managed to land a few blows, but not enough to get away. Before I could hit him again, I felt something stab me in the chest. His long, pointy knife was lodged in my chest. My head plopped down with a thud and I stopped fighting. Then, I left myself drift away after faintly hearing Cameron scream.

End of Day 1

Day 1 Deaths

Quid Waterson

Magdalena Wattsbrooke

Ross Greene

Gem Ree

Connor Blue

Darren Williams

Pearla Cesta

Malley Tan

James Henson

Cameron Sands

Surviving Tribute Stats

Lane Burbage(1) and Ryann Vega(2) are recovering from the loss of their ally, Magdalena Wattsbrooke. Lane has a few cuts and bruises from her fight with Creek Mooris, but they will heal without medicine. Rose Bolt(4) has allied with Lane and Ryann. The alliance is currently camping out in a small clearing a good distance away from the cornucopia.

Maysie Henshaw is making camp far from the cornucopia in a small tree. She has no alliance, but wants to make one if she comes across the opportunity to. Maysie is unharmed, but needs food because she didn’t grab a backpack back at the cornucopia.

Sparkle Loverine(1), Misty Blue (4), and Logan Blue(4) are all healthy and don’t need anything at the moment. They are traveling away from the cornucopia instead of making camp.

Creek Mooris(1) is traveling alone. His ally, Darren Williams was killed in a fist fight. Creek will need medicine and bandages for his foot by Day 3. However He is not fit to travel because of his foot, so if other tributes find him he will have a great disadvantage.Creek barely made it out of the cornucopia area, so he will need to be on the move as soon as possible.

Caitlin Darcy(2) is alone and making camp. She has a lot of supplies from a backpack she got, and she is pretty far away from other tributes.

Jupiter Jackson(1), Saffron Ventura(2), Alex Hut(2), and Tide Watercrest(4) have suffered the loss of Gem Ree(1) who was in their alliance. They dominated the bloodbath and are camping at the cornucopia. They seem to be the biggest threat and are acting as the true careers. Jupiter will need bandages and medicine by Day 3.The rest of the tributes in the alliance are ok.

Blur Rendon is currently traveling alone. He is making camp by a small pond. Blur does not currently need anything

Day 2

Alex Hut’s POV

I awoke to someone shouting. I jumped up and looked around for a weapon, thinking someone was attacking. I grabbed a spear and saw my allies laughing at me. “Chill out, we were just waking you up,” Tide told me.

I huffed, “Don’t come crying to me when someone sneaks up behind you and chops off your head,”

Tide looked like he wanted to argue back, but Saffron intervened. “I prefer we don’t start trying to kill each other. We’re not each other enemies,”

For now we aren’t, but soon one of us is going to crack. Without Saffron, Jupiter, Tide, and I might have killed each other by now because we really can’t stand each other.

Something landed beside us and we forgot what we had been talking about. “Hey, is that a parachute? I wonder who it’s for,” Jupiter said.

Jupiter went over and checked the label. He looked disappointed as he read, “It’s for you Alex,”

I grabbed the parachute and saw a sword. It was really sharp, could definitely chop someone in half if I wanted to. I smiled and said, “How about we go hunting for some victims?” They all agreed and we got ready to go. After a long, argument and a lot of betting, Jupiter had to stay at camp and Tide, Saffron, and I went to look for some tributes. Although Jupiter was injured, he assured us he could fight off anyone who came his way.

About a half hour into their hunt, they can across a figure and his camp. He was still sleeping, and he looked like he had an injury. Before Tide or Saffron could call dibs on killing him, I whispered, “Dibs, I’m killing him,”

Tide started to say something, but again Saffron intervened. “Ok fine, but Tide and I get next ones,”

I nodded and turned back toward the sleeping tribute. I thought it was Creek Mooris from 1, but I wasn’t sure. I crept closer to him and took out my new sword. As fast as I could, I slammed the sword’s tip into Creek’s arm. He instantly woke up and screamed out, his eyes full of fear and pain. He squirmed around, trying to get the sword out of his arm. I pulled it out and kicked him in the head, though not hard enough to kill him. I was going to have a little fun with this…

A few minutes later with Tide and Saffron’s assistance, Creek was gagged and tied up. Saffron smiled as Tide finished making a makeshift hanging station. It was my idea to hang him, though Tide was the one who knew how to make it work. I grabbed Creek, who was still squirming and trying to get away. I tied him into place and grabbed my sword again.

“Any last words?” I asked him as I took the gag off of him.

“I hope you die, all of you,” Creek said and spit at me. I sidestepped it and smirked. Then, I brought my sword back and swung at the rope. Creek instantly fell and died. Boom!

“Nice job,” Saffron patted me on the back and walked away.

“I try,” I told her and followed her and Tide further into the grass.

Maysie Henshaw’s POV

It felt to be almost noon outside judging from where the sun was, and I hadn’t seen any tributes. I had finished eating some bark from the tree and started packing up my few belongings. I was so hungry and was regretting not grabbing a backpack at the cornucopia. Next time I set up camp, I was going to do it on the ground. Sleeping in a tree probably wasn’t my best idea, though it did offer more protection. I shoved the last thing into my backpack and sipped it up when suddenly a loud rumbling noise happened. A few seconds later the ground started trembling, and the tree started to shake. The ground jolted upward and I fell out of the tree and landed on my back. “Ooof,” I groaned.

When I opened my eyes and sat up, I almost fell back over in shock. The whole arena had practically transformed! The grass was still there, but the landscape was different. Before there were a few trees, but now it was practically a forest! A small pond near the tree I camped in was now a river with quick currents.

This can’t be good…

Sparkle Loverine’s POV

The sudden change of scenery had caught me off guard, but I planned on using it to my advantage. Most of the other tributes were probably startled and confused, but not me. My allies, Misty and Logan agree with me. As an alliance, we had power over tributes surviving alone. If we ran into another alliance, we planned to run, but if we found tributes alone, we would attack. Three against one wasn’t fair, but let’s face it. These games aren’t fair.

It felt like we were walking for ages. I refused to get wet, so every time we reach a river we had to go a different way. No way I was getting wet, I hated it. We could find some tributes by avoiding it.

“There,” Misty whispered. She was pointing toward a large tree and I didn’t see what was so special.

“What?” I asked her, partially annoyed.

“Shhh, listen,”

I stayed quiet and listened. Sure enough, there were distant sounds of people talking. It was more than one person, so we quickly and quietly turned around and went in the opposite direction. Just as I thought we’d lost them, someone jumped out of a tree.

“Well, well, well. Who do we have here?” Lane asked. I stiffened, but didn’t see anyone with her so I started to relax a little.

Misty and Logan took out their weapons, so I did too. I stood confident and faced Lane. “There three of us Lane, and only one of you. No matter how good you may be, you are no match for three of us,” I said calmly.

“Well,” Lane said and tapped and chin as if she was deep in thought, “if you feel that way, I guess I can even the odds,”

As if on cue, her allies jumped out and stood behind her. Lane, Ryann, and Rose all had out their weapons, anticipating a fight.

“There,” she smiled wickedly, “Let’s have a little fun shall we? May the better careers win!” At that, Lane, Ryann, and Rose all lunged forward and took on one of us. Lane on Logan, Ryann on Misty, and Rose on me. Rose glared at me, and I swear if looks could kill, I was being chopped in half.

Rose was incredibly fast, and I thought for sure I would lose. She sung repeatedly at me with her axe, and I barely dodged them. I used my two daggers like two mini swords, attempting to slice, cut, and chop any part of Rose I could. I was getting tired and I knew I couldn’t keep it up much longer. In an act of desperation, and threw a dagger at her, though she dodged it gracefully. Before she could regain her balance, I threw the other dagger. It was stuck in her left shoulder, but she didn’t back down. Now weaponless against a somewhat injured but very angry Rose with an axe, I prepared for death. I shut my eyes and she got ready to launch her axe.

This was it. Ladies and gentlemen, I was going to die. But nothing happened. I waited for her axe to connect with my skin, but no pain came. Was I already dead? No, I wasn’t! I opened my eyes and almost passed out in relief. Rose was on the floor lying on her back. There was a spear in her back and by the way she didn’t move I could tell she was about to die.

“Lane and Ryann ran off, they’re not that hurt, but after they saw what happened to Rose they ran,” Logan told me through deep breathes.

BOOM!That was her cannon, she had died. I sighed in relief but then worry overcame me. Logan was pretty beat up; he had a few cuts and a black eye, along with a long knife scar with fresh blood trailing down his leg. Misty was even worse. I didn’t even know if she would make it through the night. Her shoulder was all bloody, her face had two knife scars on it, and she was very pale. I was confused at that until I saw her arm. Oh my god. She was missing most her arm! I started panicking, while Logan ran to our backpacks and grabbed the few bandages we had. But it wouldn’t be enough. I ran over to a bush, feeling vomit coming up. I don’t feel like going into the details; let’s just say I got sick.

I found the courage to go back over to Misty and Logan, seeing if I could help in any way. Misty was sitting down on a rock while Logan was desperately trying to help Misty. He used whatever bandages we had, but Misty would need some serious medicine if she was going to live.

Logan looked up at me, fear and worry written all over his face, “Let’s hope we have some sponsors,” All I could do was nod my head in agreement as he looked back at Misty in pain.

End of Day 2

Day 2 Deaths:

Creek Mooris

Rose Bolt

Day 2 Tribute Stats:

Lane Burbage(1) and Ryann Vega(2) have suffered the death of their ally, Rose Bolt(4). The both have a few bruises and cuts. Medicine would help them fully recover, but it is not needed.

Maysie Henshaw(1) is wandering around in the forest, trying to get used to the sudden change of scenery. She needs food soon; she hasn't eaten anyting on Day 2. {C}

Sparkle Loverine, Misty Blue, and Logan Blue have barely survived their fight with Lane, Ryann, and Rose. Sparkle has a few bruises, but nothing that can’t heal. Logan will need medicine by Day 5 for his knife wound in his leg. **Misty will need medicine and bandages for her lost left arm by Day 3.** They are currently camping by where they were attacked in a small clearing. {C}

Caitlin Darcy(2) is traveling through the woods. She does not need anything right now. {C}

Jupiter Jackson(1), Saffron Ventura(2), Alex Hut(2), and Tide Watercrest(4) are back at their camp at the cornucopia. **Jupiter will need medicine and bandages by Day 3.** No one else in the alliance needs anything. {C}

Blur Rendon(2) is camping in a group of bushes by a river. He doesn’t need anything right now.

Day 3


Blur Rendon’s POV


I heard a large thud and jumped up out of my sleeping bag. Something had landed beside me. A sponsor gift! I quickly thanked my sponsors, whoever they might be, and opened the parachute’s package. Inside the package was a huge broad sword, and four shiny silver spearheads. {C}

I got to work and took most of the morning making spears to put my new spearheads on. I felt like a weapon machine as I attached my knife I had from the cornucopia and my sword onto a belt I made from some nearby plant. The spears I placed in a convenient weapon holder on the outside of my backpack. I jumped and slipped through trees and bushes and I ran through the forest. I was running extremely fast; my excitement and my quick speed making me run even faster. I didn’t stop until I tripped over some vine that had been on the ground. I stood up and dusted myself off. It wasn’t until the thing was a few feet away that I saw it prowling closer to me. {C}

Instantly I jumped back as I launched at me. I took a second to admire it, though I couldn’t figure out why. It was ugly and deadly, though it mesmerized me. It had no eyes, but huge teeth with saliva dripping out of its mouth. It had black fur, powerful fore and hind legs, and what looked to be about a ten foot long tail. The mutt was structured like some kind of forest cat, but definitely deadlier; it was made to kill. I brought myself out of the trance and ran from it. I kept running and didn’t hear it following me. Maybe it was stupid or something. I shrugged and started walking after feeling a safe distance away. Just in case, I took my sword out of my belt and gripped it in my hand. {C}

Suddenly the mutt was in front of me. I jumped in shock, amazed and confused how I didn’t hear it coming. The mutt bared its teeth, foam coming out of its mouth. I took off running again. I glanced back after I had gone a good distance away from our last encounter, and I didn’t see it. Sure enough, it appeared in front of me again. I gasped and ran again. I ran, it wasn’t behind me, I stopped running, and it appeared in front of me. This process happen two more times before I needed to stop. I was tired beyond belief, and I couldn’t keep running for much longer. So I stopped running and waiting for it. The mutt appeared again, but this time I was ready for it. I slashed my sword at its head, hoping to kill it. I jumped back at the last second, and my sword hit its nose. {C}

Blood splayed everywhere and the mutt growled at me. It charged and knocked me over. Its huge claws clawed at my chest. Pain erupted from my chest and I felt like giving up. But I didn’t. I quickly slipped the knife out of my belt and stabbed it into the mutt’s stomach. It immediately stopped fighting and fell over howling in pain. Right before my eyes, the beast suddenly disintegrated. {C}

I half gasped; it hurt to breathe. I gathered my belongings which were scattered around me and started to dress my wounds with the bandages from my backpack. I had enough bandages, but I would still need medicine to help it heal and stay uninfected. {C}

I lay on my back with my wound wrapped in bandages hoping I had some sponsors. “I could really use some medicine, so if you don’t want me to die… I’d appreciate a gift,” I said to myself, though I could only hope all of Panem got to hear that.



Sparkle Loverine’s POV



Misty had barely made it through the night and Logan and I were getting worried about her. Her wound was getting infected and she was still very pale, though she has stopped bleeding. All night Logan and I had taken turns staying up with her, though she made no improvements. It was now late morning and we were hoping for a sponsor gift. {C}

“Hey! What’s that? Could it be…?” Logan said suddenly. {C}

“What?” I asked. {C}

“Look!” He got up and pointed, “a parachute!” {C}

“Thank the lords,” I shouted as he got up and ran over to the parachute, “and thank the sponsors!” I added. {C}

Logan opened the package attached to the parachute which revealed the medicine and bandages Misty so needed. He started applying the medicine. I ran over and helped him. After we applied the medicine, we wrapped the little nub that was left of her left arm in the new bandages. {C}

“Ahh, it feels better already,” Misty said. {C}

I smiled at her saying that. The sponsor gift brought new hope to our alliance. {C}

“Thank you,” I whispered.



Saffron Ventura’s POV


The arena had changed again today. Halfway through the day, around 12 pm, there was another earthquake. More rivers sprouted up out of the ground, and large hedges grew in seconds. It became harder and harder to get around, and we hadn’t had much luck in finding other tributes. Jupiter was still weak, but fit to travel because he had gotten medicine for his wounds from a sponsor in the morning. Occasionally he needed a break, but he was eager to find some tributes just like the rest of us.

So here we were, Tide, Jupiter, Alex, and I, all hunting around the arena with our weapons ready. We kept getting stuck, but it we managed to get around well enough. “Over there,” Jupiter suddenly whispered. {C}

I looked over and saw someone run. It was a tribute! “I think she saw us,” Alex said. {C}

“No duh Sherlock,” I retorted, “Comon’ let’s go. She’s can run, but she can’t hide,” {C}

We all took off running in her direction, not caring about the noise we were making. If she knew we were here, then it wouldn’t matter if we made noise. Tide, Alex, Jupiter, and I ran until we couldn’t run anymore. A few times we had caught sight of her, but she managed to stay away. I tripped and swore under my breath. “You okay?” Tide asked me. I knew he didn’t really care, but they weren’t cold hearted enough to leave me there. {C}

“Yeah, I’m fine, but I’m not chasing that stupid girl anymore. She isn’t work our time, we can catch her again,” {C}

They looked annoyed but agreed, we were all tired from running. “Alright, let’s go back to camp. I’m hungry,” Alex somewhat commanded. Our alliance trekked back to the cornucopia. {C}

“Hopefully tomorrow will be more successful, I haven’t heard any cannons all day,” I said. {C}

“Yeah, I’m sure the gamemakers have some surprise for us. But until we figure it out, I’m going to relax,” Jupiter said. {C}

I couldn’t have agreed more. We are the most prepared alliance, and whatever it is, if anyone can handle it, Tide, Jupiter, Alex, and I could handle it.


Caitlin Darcy’s POV



I ran back to my makeshift camp and stayed still. They weren’t coming, they weren’t still chasing me. The big group of careers had spotted me, I hadn’t been careful enough. Thankfully they stopped, the alliance had almost reached my camp! Just to be safe, I stayed still a few more minutes. After hearing nothing but the occasional rustling of trees or the rushing water, I decided I truly was safe. Not wanting to run into more tributes, I decided to stay where I was for the day. Time past by and carved designs into trees surrounding me. It was probably a stupid thing since other tributes would know someone was here, but I really didn’t care. {C}

The sky got darker earlier than I expected. The clouds were moving unusually fast, like they had been ever since I stepped into the arena, but my body could tell it wasn’t supposed to be night yet. I shrugged to myself and jumped when I heard a loud voice. {C}

“This message is for all remaining tributes. There will be a.. surprise during these games. After all, it is a Quarter Quell! There will be no killing or injuring other tributes from now until it is said you can. Any tribute who harms another will be eliminated. All tributes must be at the building that has just appeared by the cornucopia by 12:00 midnight, or you will also be eliminated. The surprise will be announced at 12:00 midnight. Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!” {C}

I froze, thinking over what just happened. There was going to be a surprise, most likely a bad one on my behalf. At least I couldn’t get killed for a few hours. I looked up in the sky to see a countdown counting down. It was a countdown to 12:00 midnight. Apparently it was 4 hours until midnight. I knew I wouldn’t be able to go to sleep, or I might sleep too long. {C}

Whatever was coming, whatever was going to happen, I could just hope and pray that I was ready. Happy Hunger Games…

Day 3 Deaths

No tributes have died on Day 3

Tribute Stats

All tributes are getting ready, or are heading to, the building near the cornucopia. No one is hurt except for the following:

Jupiter has a small limp from his leg wound

Misty is very weak and is trying to cope with having only one arm.

Blur has pretty bad chest wounds from the mutt that attacked him.

These are the only stats for Day 3. (Day 4 will start at 12:00 midnight.)

Day 4

Ryan Vega’s POV

I stood next to Lane as I tried to figure out what the ‘surprise’ would be. All of the remaining tributes were standing in the room, curious as to why we were here and annoyed we couldn’t kill each other- yet. I was worried the surprise would be for all of us to fight to the death in here which wouldn’t be good at all.

“Everyone is here,” I whispered to Lane, “I wonder when the ‘surprise’ is going to be announced,”

As if on cue, the announcer came on, “Welcome tributes, you have all made it to the Tribute Building on time,” What a creative name. I rolled my eyes at the low creativity of the gamemakers. I tuned back into the announcement, “Now for the surprise. The surprise is a surprise in itself, though I won’t be completely vague with you all. You are simply going back into the arena and must kill each other. Though there is a small catch. The catch you will find out for yourself. Now step onto a metal plate,”

We all stepped onto a metal plate that appeared behind us, “Good. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor,”

My world went black and then white a few seconds later. I heard a ringing nose and my ears hurt. I carefully rubbed my eyes and my vision cleared. Lane was standing next to me; she was also rubbing her eyes. I looked around and noticed we weren’t in the Tribute Building anymore. Were we… were we already back in the arena? Had we been teleported?

“Lane, I think we were teleported back into the arena!” I told her.

“Well yeah, what else would’ve happened!” She said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and let out a huff.

“Let’s get going then, we need to stay focused,” I said and looked around, “What the…” The arena wasn’t the same anymore. It was more complex. Large hedges were on either side of Lane and I, giving us a few feet to stand.

“It’s like a maze,” Lane said in shock.

“This is nothing I could have expected, nothing anymore could have expected. Kudos to you gamemakers,” I said, more to myself and the gamemakers than to Lane. We trekked along the only path there was, not noticing there was something watching us.

Tide Watercrest’s POV

My alliance hurtled through the trees, not caring how much noise we made. We would have cared more, but there was the small fact that some beast was chasing us. No, not chasing. More like teleporting. Right as we seemed to get a safe distance away from it, the mutt appeared right behind us. All of us has dropped our weapons somewhere along the way and were really wishing for them right now. Jupiter was now lagging with his limp. The mutt’s eyes were red with bloodlust.

“I… can’t… run… much.. .longer…” Jupiter said tiredly. He looked like he was about to collapse.

“We can’t stop Jupiter, we have to get away!” Saffron yelled back at him. She was leading the pack and didn’t look as tired as the rest of us.

“How long.. Saffron.. The mutt.. isn’t.. stopping… I can’t... I can’t…” Jupiter said and collapsed.

“Jupiter!” Saffron screamed. Alex lunged toward the mutt weaponless, but it was too late. The mutt was gnawing on Jupiter’s head, which was already off his body. BOOM! He was dead. Alex, Saffron, and I stood in shock and grief, not wanting to move. The mutt was content with his meal and teleported away with Jupiter’s head locked in its jaws.

I numbly walked over to Jupiter’s headless body and knelt down beside him. “We’re gonna miss you bro. I wish there was some way to reverse this, but unfortunately there isn’t. Life sucks a lot, doesn’t it,” I laughed halfheartedly. Jupiter was gone, and there was nothing any of us could do about it.

“Comon’, let’s get out of here before that thing comes back,” Alex said. We walked away from Jupiter’s body and kept trailing along the hedges.

Logan Blue’s POV

The sun was already setting in the maze, but it felt like we had only been back in the arena for a few hours. Sparkle had received a very nice shield, and much to my shock, gave it to me. She said that the note attached to the shield told her to give it to me, but I didn’t believe her. Misty was doing a lot better, but Sparkle and I still needed to protect her. Now, Sparkle has a bow and arrow and a knife, while I had a trident. Misty had a bow and arrow too, though I don’t think she’s in good enough condition to fight.

We were in good shape though and were ready to face other tributes. The sun kept setting and we decided to stop traveling for the night, though we were going to take turns staying up to guard. There was an eerie feeling, like something was watching us. I mean, of course all of Panem was watching us, but there was something else..

Sparkle fixed up the last of the food we had from the backpacks except for some jerky strips. We would need food in a couple of days, though I didn’t think these games would last that much longer. This was ending soon and I think everyone knew it.

“I’ll take first watch, you guys need some sleep,” Sparkle said after we had finished eating. The day had turned into night, and the sky was dark.

We had decided on letting Misty sleep through the night and not have to take watch. Sparkle and I could handle it, and I would do anything for my poor Misty. I hated the Capitol for forcing me, but more importantly her, into this. “Okay Sparkle, thanks. Wake me up whenever you get tired, okay?” I told her.

Misty look up at both of us and nodded in thanks. She wasn’t stupid and knew we wouldn’t let her keep watch. She laid down in one of the two sleeping bags we had. “Alright Logan,” Sparkle said.

I lay down in the other sleeping bag. Maybe we could do this. If one of us got home… was my last thought before I drifted off into unconsciousness for a few hours until Sparkle woke me up.

Day 4 Deaths

Jupiter Jackson

Day 4 Stats

No tributes need anything, though sponsor gifts are permitted; gifts of food, weapons, armor, etc.

Blur Rendon recieved body armor and medicine during Day 4, though it was not noted.

No tributes are hurt except the following:

Misty is still weak but much better than she was.

Blur has bad chest wounds, but they are healing due to medicine he recieved.

The exact whereabouts of the tributes are unknown, so these are the only stats for Day 4.

Day 5



Lane Burbage’s POV



All night I heard screams and howls, and that meant no sleep. After a few hours of restlessly lying on the ground, I finally gave up on the thought of getting sleep. So I relieved Ryann of keeping watch and let her sleep until the sun came up.

We ate the beef jerky strips we had and packed up our few belongings. Ryann and I were both eager to get a move on, the screams and howls had gotten louder in the last hour. We had made camp in a small clearing. There were two ways we could go, the way we came from or forward through the maze that seemed to never end. It was an easy choice though, as the screaming was coming from where we had come from last night. {C}

So we started walking onward through the maze, but we barely got anywhere before there was a rustling in the hedges behind us. What I saw shocked me to the bone. {C}

Maysie Henshaw was crawling through the maze, looking desperate, scared, and in pain. I knew I should go kill her, finish her off. It would be easy, I doubt she could get up if she wanted. But something inside me snapped, and I knew I wouldn’t kill her. Ryann stiffened, but didn’t move. {C}

“Please help me,” Maysie whispered. It was faint, but I knew she said it. I nodded, because I knew I would help her. This game was sick and there was no way I was killing another tribute in this condition. Sure, this would probably the most idiotic thing ever, and it would probably get me killed, but like I cared. {C}

Maysie looked up at us with something new in her eyes. She smiled weakly and I knew what the new emotion in her eyes was. {C}

It was hope. {C}


Maysie Henshaw’s POV


Lane nodded, and I felt instantly relieved. They were my only hope to live, and they saved me. Why they saved me, I didn’t know. But they did, and now I had a chance. Lane and Ryann shared the weight and picked me up. They placed me against a huge rock and handed me some strips of meat which I happily ate. We all sat and talked for awhile, mostly about what had happened to me and my whereabouts. {C}

A mutt had got me and nearly killed me, though suddenly it disappeared and I thought I would die right there. But I didn’t, something within my snapped and I forced myself to keep moving. Eventually I heard the noise of tributes and prayed they would help, though I didn’t hope much. Somehow I found Lane and Ryann though, and they saved me. Until the day I die which will no doubt be soon, I will try to help them in anyway because, let’s face it, they saved my life. {C}

So here I was, still living and getting better already. And I knew I was going to die, I had no sponsors and no one liked me. With so few people left, no one thought I stood and chance, so there we go, no sponsors for me. Besides, I had none from the beginning anyway. Helping either Ryann or Lane win will be my only peace when I die, let’s just hope one of them win. {C}

“Maysie, there’s something we should tell you,” Lane whispered to me as she got really close. I didn’t understand at first why she was being so secret, but when I saw the serious look on her face I knew it was important. {C}

I nodded for her to continue, and that’s just what she did, “Ryann and I, well, we’re getting out of here. Going to this place called Albion, where tributes can go if they faked their own death in the arena. I know this may seem crazy and impossible, but tributes do it every game and are never caught. So we’re going now, and we’ll let you come, but you have to be strong for a little. They have the medicine in Panem next to the Capitol, so you’ll live if you can make it out of here alive. So here’s what we’re going to do,” {C}

What she said shocked me to the bone. Not because of how crazy and impossible this seemed, but hey, I was living! I was going to survive the Hunger Games. Sure, no one would know I was still alive, but I was going to ‘die’ anyway. {C}

Lane drew a small diagram in the dirt and start to explain, “Ok, so we’re here, this is a lake. The lake has a lot of plants and foggy gross stuff in it, so it’s really dirty and hard to see in. That’s where we’re going to get out. As long as we make it there, we can live. Live Maysie, we can live!” {C}

I grinned and nodded, excited for what was about to happen. It was hard for me to get on my feet, but Ryann and Lane helped me. {C}

“You can do this,” Ryann whispered to me. I smiled in appreciation and started to walk in between them. They supported me while we walked through the maze. I had so many questions, like how were we going to ‘die’ randomly without anyone noticing us. But they seemed to have it all worked out and didn’t seem worried, just excited and happy. {C}

“Alright, we’re here. Ready, because this is the hardest part. You need to slip into the water and swim straight down. Follow Ryann, she knows the way and she’s a great swimmer. You need to do it on your own, because Ryann has to swim on her own and I have to make the distraction for us to get away. When you hear a scream, that’s when you get in the water and swim for your life. If you mess this up, you don’t go. If you make it, you live. Got it?” She paused and waited for my answer. I nodded and she smiled, “Great, get ready and wait for the signal,” {C}

Ryann sat down by the water, so I sat next to her. She smiled assumingly at me. Ryann and I sat in silence until suddenly we heard a sharp, high-pitched scream. She instantly slipped into the water and I ducked under the murky water into complete darkness. {C}


Ryann Vega’s POV {C}


This is it. I just had to get to the small white light at the bottom of the late. But it seemed so far, and I worried for Maysie with her injured; she might not make it. I glanced back for a second and saw her swimming down right behind me. I relaxed a little, she would make it if we both kept going like this. There was a small splash above us; that had to be Lane jumping in. Her distraction worked, I know it did, it was foolproof and just what the person in charge of these rescues said to do. {C}

I got closer to the light and glanced back again. Maysie was starting to struggle, but I believed in her. Lane was swimming a little behind us, but doing good and catching up fast. I pushed one last time and glided to the hidden opening under the white light. My foot hit something hard and I walked down the ladder. It looked like we were in some kind of sewer. My feet reached the bottom and I stepped onto safe grounds. Maysie struggled down the ladder and fell off on the last couple of steps. She landed with an ‘oof’ sound besides me and shakily got up. Lane quickly and gracefully stepped down the ladder and hugged Maysie and I. {C}

“We’re alive,” Lane whispered as fellow escapees came down the tunnel to greet us. Somehow, in some way, all three of us had lived. We each got a one in twenty-four and all three made it. No, it wasn’t the right way out. But it was the fair way. None of us tributes deserved to die, so why should we? {C}

“Oh yes we are,” I said. We were alive…. {C}


Caitlin Darcy’s POV



Two mutts cornered me. Their ugly snouts nudged me and their teeth were bared. There was no escaping, I was going to die. I whimpered as the both took a step closer, closing any space between us. The mutts’ eyes looked at me hungrily. Their breath surrounded me. {C}

Suddenly one of them jumped at me. I instinctively shut my eyes and waited for the pain. Sure enough, I felt sudden pain in my stomach. I screamed out, wanting to bed dead already. Why had I left my weapons back at my camp, I thought to myself. {C}

In an act of desperation, I swatted blindly at the mutts that started jumping on me. The second mutt knocked me over and the first jumped on me again. {C}

So this was what it felt like to die… to die in the Hunger Games. I re-opened my eyes but couldn’t see much. My vision was hazy, but I could make out my mangled body, two mutts feasting on me, and blood. Lots and lots of blood. {C}

When I couldn’t hold onto my already gone life, I left go and embraced the fact that I was dying. I drifted into unconsciousness and never came back.

Day 5 Deaths

  • Lane Burbage
  • Ryann Vega
  • Maysie Henshaw

Caitlin Darcy

Note: The people with a star next to their name did not really die, they went to Albion. I'll explain what Albion is in a comment.

Day 5 Stats

Blur's chest wounds are almost gone thanks to medicine and bandages; he recieved a few sponsor gifts.

Misty has made a full recovery and her alliance, Logan and Sparkle, are doing well.

Alex, Tide, and Saffron are doing fine and do not need anything.

The exact whereabouts of the tributes are unknown. All that is known is that they are somewhere in the maze.

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Day 6

(Finally got Day 6 up, writing Day 7 now)

Day 6

Blur Rendon’s POV

I packed up my backpack and slipped on my armor. I had been getting a bunch of sponsor gifts; I guess I was a favorite of the Capitol and Districts. My sword clanked against the armor making a lot of noise. But I anticipated an attack. It was time some more tributes got killed, and with the talents and supplies I had, I could take out any careers that crossed my path.

I trailed through the maze and came to a dead end. I turned back around and walked the opposite way and turned down another path. Eventually I came to another dead end. So I turned back around and kept walking down another clear path. Sure enough I got trapped in another dead end.

“This is odd,” I said to myself, “This arena has to be changing,”

I came to the conclusion of its shifting because in the last two days of being in the maze, I had only come to four dead ends. Now, in what only felt like 20 minutes, I had got stuck in three. I walked a little longer to test my theory that the gamemakers were making a bunch of dead ends.

I crossed paths with another dead end and kept walking the opposite way once again. It could only mean one thing. The gamemakers had us each on a specific course. A specific course that led us each to one another so we could fight to the death.

Alex Hut’s POV

Saffron, Tide and I stood as still as we could. Saffron had heard something, which we all hoped was a tribute. The three of us were the strongest alliance out of the remaining tributes; we had the best chance at survival. The only thing that seemed to be lurking right around the corner was the fact we’d have to kill each other. That’d be fun, though I can’t say I’m not worried. Tide is just as strong, and I can’t underestimate Saffron. That girl is deadly.

Tide huffed in annoyance as none of us heard anymore noises. Saffron rolled her eyes at him, “Tide, you’re probably the most impatient person I’ve ever met in my life,”

He grinned, “Yeah, I get that a lot,”

Saffron glared at him, and he started chuckling. I punched both of them in the arm, “If there is a tribute close, you idiots probably just blew our cover,” I snapped.

“Whatever, let’s just keep moving,” Tide said as he quickly walked away.

“That boy is going to get himself killed by walking around so carelessly like he is,” Saffron said to me and she followed him.

“I’m fine with that. Then that only leaves you and me,” I mumbled under my breath, quiet enough neither Saffron or Tide could hear.

Just as Tide rounded the corner, he jumped back in surprise. I ran a few steps to catch up to him to see what was wrong. By the time I got to Tide, Saffron had already drawn her weapon and began to fight the attacker. The attacker turned around and I saw who it was. It was Blur Rendon. If it was just me facing him, I’d be scared; he’s crazy fast. But three against him is a fight in our favor, even though he was heavily armored. I was jealous of his many rich sponsors.

Saffron was holding up well though, and Tide has gotten up. He was panting from being winded, though he was ready to fight. I drew my sword and jumped towards Blur. After multiple clashes of our swords, I could see I had underestimated Blur. He was holding up against Tide and I’s swords, as well as Saffron’s hand combat. I paused for a second, wondering where Saffron’s weapon went. That paused was a rookie move though. Blur, with incredibly fast agility, slipped between Tide and I and knocked me with the sharp point of his sword in my shoulder. I instantly dropped my sword and screamed the pain overwhelming.

Saffron left the dueling to Tide and came to my rescue. With quick, nimble fingers, she applied some old medicine and a wad of bandages. She smiled at me and ran to grab my sword on the dirt floor. Then she slit the part of Blur’s leg that wasn’t covered in armor. He stumbled but kept fighting like it hadn’t happened. Blur was getting clumsy though, and Tide slashed him pretty well in his left arm.

Mistake after mistake, Tide and Saffron slowly overpowered Blur. I sat where I was and watched as I knew Blur’s death was coming soon. Tide and Saffron looked at each other for a moment, and Tide frowned in defeat. Saffron was getting the kill. She smiled her signature smiled and raised her sword dramatically as Tide held Blur down.

Suddenly Saffron was gone, and a giant mutt was where she was. Blur half ran half hobbled off. I tried to get up and catch him, but by the time I had gotten off he had disappeared into the maze. Tide raised his sword and pointed it at the beast. It was the same mutt that had killed Jupiter. And it was back for its next victim. But its victim wasn’t Tide or I. It was Saffron.

The mutt lunged at Saffron and bit down on her hard. She screamed out in pain. “Saffron!” I screamed in horror.

“I’m coming Troy, I’m coming. We can finally be together, away from this all,” I heard her say faintly. I knew what she was talking about. She was talking about her brother that was forced into a games a few years ago. In the little time I had known Saffron, I learned that she and her brother were very close until he died. At least now she could be with him. I didn’t have to look at Saffron to know she was gone. The beast had teared her head off and was dragging her body away, leaving her bloody, mangled head on the ground. I shuddered and turned away.

Tide slowly walked over to stand next to me, “It was going to happen sooner or later. It was her or you,” he said, “Now I don’t know about you, but I’m making camp. We’ve had a long day, and tomorrow I’m hunting for Blur until I find him,”

I nodded and ate some bread from our packs. The sun had started to set and we were going to get some rest.

Blur Rendon's POV

I gasped as I took another step. It hurt to walk on my right leg; a sword had given me a bad gash and pretty deep cut. Besides my leg injuries, my left arm was pretty beat up and my shouler was bloody, though I hadn't stopped to see the real damage yet. Once I was positive by the fading growls and screaming that I was far away from Alex, Saffron, and Tide, I stopped and sat down behind a bush. This would have to do for the night.

I winced while I took off my damaged chest and shoulder armor. Without it I would probably be dead. I mentally thanked my sponsors again and took out some medicine I got early in the games. Blood drenched my clothes and made it hard for me to get medicine on all of my wounds, but eventually I got the job done.

Next was bandages, though as soon as I got them on, they became drenched in blood just like my clothes.I ate two pieces of bread and drank some water. Then I packed up my few belongings and drifted off into sleep.

Day 6 Stats

Alex and Tide are suffering from the loss of their ally, Saffron. Neither of them need anything. Alex had a hurt shoulder, though his alliance has enough bandages and medicine for now.

Blur is badly hurt, he will need more medicine and bandages.

Misty, Logan, and Sparkle are doing well. None of them are injured and they had no trouble on Day 6.

Day 7

Misty’s POV

A cool, morning breeze slipped across my face, causing me to wake up. I looked at the quick moving clouds above the long, winding hedges of the maze that surrounded us. I could tell by the eerie fog circling around the top of the hedges that today would be the last day. The final day when we found out who the victor was. I got up out of my sleeping bag and put my hand on Logan’s cheek. His face was cold and he looked uncomfortable. I nudged him slightly and he woke up. Seeing that it was me, he smiled and his face became softer. “I love you Misty, and whatever happens today… I just wanted to let you know that because we could die…”

A weak smile spread across my face, “I love you too, Logan.”

As I spoke those last words, I heard a loud noise.

Sparkle’s POV

“Wake up!” Logan shakes my shoulders, “Sparkle, WAKE UP!” He screams in fear.

I jolt up out of my sleeping bag and look around frantically. That’s when I notice why I need to get up. The walls of the maze are closing up- literally. Slowly but enough to make us run. I grabbed all of my belongings and start running after Misty and Logan who have already started running. I glance back while I run and notice that the walls aren’t slowing down- they’re speeding up.

“Guys, I have a theory, and it isn’t a good one,” I yelled to Misty and Logan, “I think the gamemakers are leading all of the remaining tributes to one another. Get ready for a fight!”

Tide’s POV

My legs were begging to fall and rest. But I couldn’t stop. The walls were gaining on Alex and I. It was like they were alive, but being controlled at the same time. I didn’t like the idea of the whole thing at all. Alex was a few feet ahead of me. “Tide! I can see an end!”

I almost sighed in relief, but there was no time for that. We sprinted the last few feet until the maze finally ended. What it brought made me almost want to go back into the maze. It was a small, flat area with three hedge entrances. A cliff surrounded the rest of the area, making it impossible to leave. Blur came running out of the middle hedges, and a few seconds later Sparkle, Misty, and Logan came running out the last hedge. The moving walls ended at the end of the three maze openings, blocking any way of escaping. The only way out of to jump of the cliff.

I knew what was happening. We were to fight to the death in this area. Six of us left. Only one comes out. This was literally a fight to the death.

Logan’s POV

We all looked at each other for a second or two before it finally all snapped. Then the fight began. I went after Tide right away. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sparkle running towards Blur and Misty going for Alex. My sword clashed with his again and again. We matched each other’s movements, both of us masters of the sword. A few times one of us slipped up and the other cut each other, but nothing serious happened. Suddenly something hit Alex in the neck. He dropped immediately and cannon went off. Alex was dead. 5 more of us were left.

I spun around at the sound of a scream. Misty was falling head first off the cliff with an arrow in her stomach. Falling to her death. “No!” I screeched as I ran toward her. It was too late. She was already gone. Sparkle’s grunt of frustration brought me back to the fight. Her weapon was gone and she was trying to fight Blur weaponless. Not a good idea. I didn’t even have to think before I preformed my next action. I threw my sword toward Sparkle and she caught it in her hand.

“What on Panem do you think you’re doing!?!?” She yelled at me as she starting fighting back with the sword.

“Saving your life and going after Misty!” I yell back.

She doesn’t question it. She understands. The last thing I see in a short nod from her before she goes back to fighting with Blur. The rest of my life is in slow motion. I take a breath and jump off the cliff after Misty. I can’t live without her. She completes me. “Misty,” I say faintly before everything goes black.

This is only Part 1! Part 2 will be out in a few hours!

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