Welcome, welcome, to the 150th Hunger Games. As we all know every 25 yeras there is a special games and it is refered to as a Quarter Quell. This year the special twist to the games is that rather than a boy and a girl from each district, there will be two girls and one boy from each district so there are 36 tributes total. By the way, Venus may help write this or not, but she doesn't know about it yet.

Lil' Guildlines (Very little, Venus said that no one would read them if they were too long)

I'm just going to give you the templates for stuff. WE WILL NOT BE NEEDING MENTORS OR ESCORTS. We'll do that stuff ourselves. And there will only be one POV per District for everything, because we all really just want the games to get started.


2 stylists maximum






Reaped or Volunteered:


Bloodbath Plan:

Appearance: (if you could use lunaii that would be amazing, but if not I need a good description not just the word hot. AND I NEED THIER HEIGHT)

Weapon of Choice:

Skills and Weaknesses:

Interview Angle:




Chariot Rides:







There is 2 girls and 1 boy from each district, as this is a quarter quell. 36 tributes, rather than the normal 24.

Tributes (Tribute, Name, and User)

Tribute Name User

District 1 Female

Annagrace Coleman AshtonMoioLover

District 1 Female

Emma Dazzle Mysims
District 1 Male Aurum Livingstone CallamD97

District 2 Female

Lindsey Greene Ms.finnickodair

District 2 Female

Victoria Cannonsworth District3Tribute
District 2 Male Jarod Reynolds Shredder9000

District 3 Female

Marie Astethe Grayninja73

District 3 Female

Meredith Glockney District3Tribute
District 3 Male Daniel Max "Dax" Grace SethMorris95

District 4 Female

Aqua Waves Ms.finnickodair

District 4 Female

Nina Marian Rainfacestar
District 4 Male Eli James CallamD97

District 5 Female

Soledad Myleswine District3Tribute

District 5 Female

Brinley Feazelle AshtonMoioLover
District 5 Male Jake Swikofort FinnickForever

District 6 Female

Tamora Summers AshtonMoioLover

District 6 Female

Kacey Anderson Madgeical
District 6 Male Elias Cooper Jsm13athorn

District 7 Female

Kat McCoran Mysims

District 7 Female

Hermia Glycen Thena.airice14
District 7 Male Hunter Hummingbird MaxEsponja14

District 8 Female

Sophie Sage Aquastar4infinity

District 8 Female

Olivia Newman AnnieCresta4
District 8 Male Tarquinius (Tarq) Kherson Thena.airice14

District 9 Female

Cara McVough Mysims

District 9 Female

Serene "Fish" Viola Aquastar4infinity
District 9 Male Alex Donaque Mysims

District 10 Female

Aria Camelliston Katelyn.danita

District 10 Female

Terri Rosedain GlimmerandSparkle
District 10 Male Jason Macgreen A Wikia Contrib

District 11 Female

Bethany Wakeling Rue district 11

District 11 Female

Juliana Travis District3forever
District 11 Male Ollie Rhodes A Wikia Contrib
District 12 Female Lily Kane Tammydaisy
District 12 Female Kaylie Dotson Ashtonmoiolover
District 12 Male Joseph Raves A Wikia Contrib


Position Name User
Head Gamemaker Seirsa Lannaster EpicHobo
Co- Head Gamemaker Arabesque Lisbusten Mysims
Head of Mutts Clarissa Clearwater AshtonMoioLover
Head of Arena Tricks Lilyana Styneson AnnieCresta4
Head of Events Jade Lillian GlimmerandSparkle
Head of Training Mackenzie Ms.finnickodair

Chariot Rides

(POV of Aurora Gold, District 1 Victor,)

I looked over at hte paper on the table and sighed. I witnessed hte Reapings and everything, still thinking about my games. I picked up the paper and started reading.

Last night’s 0event of the Tribute Parade was surely an event to remember. More tributes means more fashion and more fun!. The crowd favorites were Districts 1, 6, 8, 9, the designs were just exquisite. The tributes from every district of course looked fantastic but there was something that made me like those Districts even more. I would have to say the highlight of the night was when the Tributes from 1 came out. The girls; dresses made the whole country stop and stare. Esorellia Snow, the designer of the District 1 outfits was highly awarded with a promotion, well not a promotion but a high raise in pay. All pother designs were magnificent including the design for District 4, the use of the sea theme was brilliant.

The tributes were also looking especial excited. This year, as a quarter quell there were an outrageous number of tributes. 36 tributes, 24 girls and one boy. IF I do dare say so myself I do believe that this year’s games will be very unique indeed. I’ve heard of a rule change. There can be more than one Victor as long as there is no one from the same District. Interesting rule change, maybe it’ll work out this year. Congratulations to all Tributes! Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Jessamine Crawley, Capitol Times

Those poor kids, it's good thing more tan one of them can win though. If they're smart they won't ally with anyone in thier District, make a team, hopefully then we can have a dozen Victors. It never works out like that though. I have a feeling this games will be one of hte bloodiest games yet.

Training Scores

Tribute Score
Annagrace Coleman 9
Emma Dazzle 11
Aurum Livingstone 11
Linsey Green 10
Victoria Cannonswortk 11
Jarod Reynolds 10
Marie Astethe 7
Meredith Glockney 7
Daniel Max Grace 6
Aqua Waves 7
Nina Marian 8
Eli James 10
Soledad Myleswin 8
Brinley Feazelle 7
Jake Swikofort 6
Tamora Summers 5
Kacey Anderson 9
Elias Cooper 7
Kat McCoran 6
Hermia Glycen 7
Hunter Hummingbird 7
Sophie Sage 6
Olivia Newman 8
Tarquinius Kherson 7
Cara McVough 5
Serene Viola 7
Alex Donaque 9
Aria Camelliston 7
Terri Rosedain 9
Jason Macgreen 3
Bethany Wakeling 5
Juliana Travis 4
Ollie Rhodes 2
Lily Kane 5
Kaylie Dotson 3
Jospeh Raves 2


(POV Aurora Gold, District 1 Victor)

I watched thei interivews last night listening to those poor children talk about thier familes that most of tehm would probably never see again. I frownwed and looked at the paper. I rolled my eyes and started to read the rather lengthy article on the interviews.

The interviews for the Hunger Games were absolutely fantastic. The interviewer, Caesar Flickerman and the old age of 115 was up on the stage talking up the crowd in a carrot orange color. This year they did it a little differently, rather than every tribute going alone the tributes form each district went together for a totally of 15 minute interview. So the event was 3 hours long. As usual the District 1 tributes went first, wearing another fabulous costume form their designer Esorellia Snow. They were charming and delightful and very tasteful. If I do say so myself the Tributes form District 1 weren’t an eye sore either! The District 2 Tributes came along next of course and they seemed very professional and very ready for the games. We may well see one of them shining in the spotlight in about two weeks! District 2 does have an amazing record of District with the most Victors. District 3 was next and they were a very shy group, they weren’t very loud but they determined to at least answer the questions which was very good indeed. I thought they were very sweet appearing and I looked forward to watching them in the games. The District 4 Tribute were next and we got to talk about Training scores with the scores, of 7 (Aqua Waves), 8 (Nina Marian), and a large score of 10 (Eli James). The scores we indeed very impressive but of course the Training Confidentiality was a pain because of course the whole country was curious on how they earned their scores. District 5 was next though and those tributes did have a special flare to them, almost like a spark of electricity that their District fuels. Their district’s tributes are usually very diverse and complex, very bright teen, you never exactly know what’s on their minds. District 6 of course with yet another amazing designs, so shiny, o sparkly, of course with that whole Capitol theme all over it. They were charming indeed and sort of represented their district with the ‘fast’ personality as the trains and cars that they make have. District 7 of course, no one could forget them. They also represented their district. They were strong, determined, but very modest as well I could possibly see one of them as the winner. District 8 is of course next and their tributes were very fashionable indeed, representing their district with their clothes. What an important job. They always seem to have very nice clothing don’t they? District 9 of course was after that and they were very shy indeed, very young as well, it seems that the youngsters in District 9 take many tessera servings for their family. District 9 after all is the country’s main grain export. District 10 though was very fascinating. Their tributes seemed to have a special flare that the tributes from that district don’t usually have. The tributes form 10 could easily be mistaken as tributes form District 1. Their training scores, their ambition, and they were also very easy on the eyes. I’m not sure if we will see one of them alive in a couple of days but let’s hope so. District 10 holds 3rd place for least amount of Victors after District 11, and the current leader District 9. But of course the famous District 11 was up now. Their tributes were very unique as well. All tribute were very different from one another making it such a joy to learn all of their stories and to figure out who you wanted to sponsor. Of course last, but no never the least was District 12! They were of course dressed beautifully and they all sat down very modestly and they all seemed very courageous. They put on braves faces and got out there even though the crowd certainly did tire after watching 2.75 hours of other tributes talking and talking until their time was up.

I do have to say that it is very hard to determine who the Victor will be this year. Best of luck to the Tributes and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Jessamine Crawley, Capitol Times

I threw hte paper on the floor not caring about it, thinking about the kids. The games will start tomorrow and a ltle less than half of them will probably be dead. Another year another bunch of kids to die, too bad it'll just continue.


Alliance 1 - (Careers) - Emma Dazzle (1), Annagrace Coleman (1) , Aurum Livingstone (1), Victoria Cannonsworth (2), Linsey Greene (2), Jarod Reynolds (2), Aqua Waves (4), Nina Marian (4), and Eli James (4)

Alliance 2 - Meredith Glockney (3), Daniel Max Grace (3), Soledad Myleswine (5), Elias Cooper (6), Hunter Hummingbird (7), Aria Camelliston (10), and Jason Macgreen (10)

Alliance 3 - Marie Astethe (3), Brinley Feazelle (5), Jake Swikofort (5),

Alliance 4 - Kacey Anderson (6), Tamora Summers (6,)Cara McVough (9), Alex Donaque (9)

Alliance 5 - Sophie Sage (8), Tarquinius Kherson (8), Terri Rosedain (10)

Aliance 6 - Bethany Wakeling (11), Juliana Travis (11), Ollie Rhodes (11), Lily Kane (12), Kaylie Dotson (12), Joseph Raves (12)


Kat McCoran (7)

Hermia Glycen (7)

Olivia Newman (8)

Serene Viola (9)

Death Chart

Name How Place
Jason Macgreen (10) Victoria Cannonsworth/throwing ace in the neck 36th
Ollie Rhodes (11) Victoria Cannonsworth/ throwing axe in the head 35th
Joseph Raves (12 Victoria Cannonsworth/ throwing axe in the face 34th
Hermia Glycen (7) Victoria Cannonsworth/knife in the neck 33th
Tamora Summers (6) Victoria Cannonsworth/throwing axe in the stomach 32nd
Hunter Hummingbird (7) Hunter Hummingbird/ lit on fire 31st
Bethany Wakeling (11) Hunter Hummingbird/ lit on fire 30th
Jake Swikofort (5) Hunter Hummingbird/ lit on fire 29th
Nina Marian (4) Terri Rosedain/ knife in the stomach 28th
Soledad Myleswine (5) Terri Rosedain/knife in the back 27th
Serene Viola (9) Terri Rosedain/ stabbed around the neck area 26th
Cara McVough (9) Marie Astethe/ crushed with a huge rock 25th
Marie Astethe (3) Alex Donaque/ crushed with a huge rock 24th
Danile Max Grace (3) Annagrace Coleman/triggered a mine 23rd
Juliana Travis (11) Annagrace Coleman/triggered a mine 22nd
Aqua Waves (4) Annagrace Coleman/triggered a mine 21st
Annagrace Coleman (1) Annagrace Coleman/triggered a mine 20th
Meredith Glockney (3) Meredith Glockney/ fell to her death off a mountain 19th
Taequinius Kheron (8) shark mutt/ eaten alive 18th
Lindsey Greene (2) bear/rabbit mutt/. legs bitten off 17th
Jarod Reynolds (2) Jarod Reynolds/ fell on sword 16th
Aurum Livingstone (1) Gamemakers/crushed by dome 15th
Kat McCoran (7) Gamemakers/crushed by dome 14th
Lily Kane (12) ?/? 13th
Victoria Cannonsworth (2) ?/? 12th
Emma Dazzle (1) ?/? 11th
Aria Camelliston (10) ?/? 10th
Brinley Feazelle (5) Gamemakers/blown up 9th
Sophie Sage (8) Gamemakers/blown up 8th
Alex Donaque (9) Gamemakers/blown up 7th
Kaylie Dotson (12) Terri Rosedain/ arrow in the stomach 6th
Eli James (4) Terri Rosedain/ arrow in the neck 5th
3rd (Victor)
2nd (Victor)
1st (VIctor)


Day 1

Eli James (4)

We rise out o the tubes and all look around. We’re in what seems to be a valley. I’m not exactly sure what the definition of valley is but there are steep mountains all around us closing this whole place in. I think that’s what a valley is. I can see something beyond the mountains, I’m not sure yet if it’s actual land, my imagination, or clouds or something.

They start the countdown. 60…59…58…57…

This is it, I could be dead in five minutes. I could be dead or I could be standing on top of the world. 52...51…50…

I look at the cornucopia, lots of weapons just looking at me, waiting for me to grab them. 47…46…45…44…

I look around for the others in the Career pack. Annagrace, Emma, Aurum, Lindsey, Victoria, Aqua, Nina, me. We’re all here. Great. We’re ready I don’t know about anyone else. 33…32…31…30…

I guess there’s no time for them to think either. I look at the cornucopia again. A sword. I can get it it’s right there. I could totally get it. I smile. I can do this thing.

4…3…2…1… BOOM

Victoria Cannonsworth (2)


The gong sounds and I take off immeadatly. I grabb half a dozen throwing axes and start launching them at people. I saw that one hit the District 10 boy in the neck and the boy from 11 grab it out of his neck with excitment. I threw one at his head too.


The District 12 boy was running around Emma and I rolled my eyes I launched one at his leg and he tripped over it. I walked up to him and stbbed him in the face with one.


I could hear someone coming up behind me and I sneered a little bit. It was that girl Hermia from 7. She jumped onto my back and I flipped her off. I got her in her neck with the knife that she had in her hand. It looked like I just slit her throat but someone tripped over her body and her head fell right off.


It was really gross, her and the 3 other guys that I killed were just laying there in a bloody pile of corpses. Her head was rolling on the ground until someone else tripped over it.

It was a girl from 6, Tamora I think was her name. I didn’t think twice about it was dropped a throwing axe right on her stomach. She hacked up blood on the other dead bodies.

I felt pretty satisfied with myself as I walked back to help Emma kill some people.

Nina Marian (4)

I had run to the cornucopia was in the middle of the battlefeid. I had just gotten into a fight with one of the girls form 11 and we were clawing at each other. I grabbed her hair and she kicked me in the chest.

“BETHANY!” I heard someone yell and she looked for a second. It was the boy from 7. He smiled and threw and explosive at us. I didn’t see much of what was happening but the explosive went off and rather than it going off and everybody just dying, fire came out. It lit me and Bethany on fire, along with the boy from 7 and the boy from 5.

The boy from 7 didn’t last long, we were all being burned alive. He was completely on fire and then he just fell to the ground. I stared at him for a few seconds and then I felt instant pain. I started screaming and I heard 3 cannons. It must’ve been the boy form 7’s, Bethany’s, and the boy form 5.

I took in a huge puff of air through my nose and I smelled burning flesh. I looked down and my arms and they were all burned. Someone had put me out because I was all wet. What? I turned around and realized that Terri Rosedain (10) had put me out and had just stabed me in the stomach.


Terri Rosedain (10)

I retrieved my knife from the dead body of Nina (4), one of the girls from 4. My first kill. But it wasn’t over yet.

I looked around and a fight was coming towards me. Soledad (5) and Serene (9) were spiraling towards me, and they were in combat as well.

I didn’t know what to do so I just had at it. I took my knife and slashed it around and one of them screamed. I stabbed Soledad in the back, literally.

She was dead I heard her cannon, and Serene just kept going. Again, I didn’t know what to do so I just held my knife out. She wasn’t looking so she just walked into it.


The girl from 3 was coming at me and I just panicked. I dropped my knife and then though wow I’m so dead now. Someone tackled her form the side It was a little girl with a huge rock.

I couldn’t help laughing so I did a little bit. A little girl tackling a full sized tribute. I figured out their names. Marie (3) and Cara (9). They were rolling on the ground fighting hysterically. Marie got up and charged at me but then another person tackled her.


That must’ve been Cara’s cannon, but then I saw Marie on the ground. What? I’m confused.

I looked over to see the boy from 9 walking away looking really depressed. He had a backpack and a bloody knife. He walked with the other girl from 6. I didn’t even bother trying to kill either of them. I just decided to leave myself. There was no point in wasting time her, risking my life even further. I grabbed a backpack that was there and walked away. I’ll meet up with my alliance later.

Annagrace Coleman (1)

I hated this. Blood seriously everywhere and people trying to kill me. This is awful. I looked over at Aqua (4). We’ve got stick together. I looked at her a smiled. “Okay I think we go for that girl form 11 and that guy from 3. Easy. We could do it.”

“We could.” She agreed. I looked over at them, they were all we really had to do was shoot them. They were over by one of the tribute pedestals. We ran over to them with our knives and were instantly pulled into the fight.

Punching, clawing, biting, hitting, kicking, everything. We rolled over just a little bit and I heard something click. The boy from 3 yelled “NO THE MINES!”


Day 1 Stats

Alliance 1 is doing very well like usual. They are lingering around the cornucopia trying to decide what to do next. There are 6 of them left after Annagrace (1), Nina (4), and Aqua (4) died in the bloodbath. Leaving them with Emma (1), Aurum (1), Victoria (2), Lindsey (2), Jarod (2), and Eli (4). They are in need of nothing.

Alliance 2 suffered greatly in the bloodbath with the 4 deaths od Daniel Max (3), Soledad (5), Hunter (7), and Jason (10). Leaving them with only Meredith (3), Elias (6), and Aria (10). They are currently scaling the mountains successfully and are eager to reach the other side. They could use some food by Day 3 if they don't find food on the fields on top of the mountains.

Alliance 3 is very empty with only Brinley (5) left. She was running in the forest when she bumbed into Olivia (8). They are now allying. They could use some weapons very soon because who knows what coud happen? Olivia is good with throwing knives and Brinley could use a regular knife.

Alliance 4 is very sad over the losses of Tamora (6) and Cara (9). Leaving them with Kacey (6) and Alex (9). They are in the trees and are spying on Brinley (5) and Olvia (8) hoping that they will lead them to some food. They are fine and do not need anything.

Alliance 5 is resting by the stream and are very proud of Terri. They could also use a weapon or two because Terri has her knife but the backpack only had food in it. They are resting by a stream with no animals in it. They could use a weapon per tribute. Terri likes blowguns with poison darts or perhaps a whip. Sophie likes blowguns as well and axes if not. Tarq likes spears.

Alliance 6 is ok with only Kaylie (12) and Lily (12) left they will be in need of food soon. They ran into Kat (7) in the meadow with the flowers and rather than fightiong to the death they allied with her. They will need some food as soon as possible.

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 19 REMAINING TRIBUTES!!!!! Emma (1), Aurum (1), Victoria (2), Lindsey (2), Jarod (2), Meredith (3), Eli (4), Brinley (5), Kacey (6), Elias (6), Kat (7), Sophie (8), Olivia (8), Tarq (8), Alex (9), Terri (10), Aria (10), Kaylie (12), and Lily (12)!!!!!!!!!

There were 17 deaths on day 1, Jason (10), Ollie (11), Joseph (12), Hermia (7), Tamora (6), Hunter (7), Bethany (11), Jake (5), Nina (4), Soledad (5), Serene (9), Cara (9), Marie (3), Daniel Max (3), Julianna (11), Aqua (4), and Annagrace (1)

Day 2

Aria Camelliston (10)

So fricking scared. Climbing a fricking mountain. Almost to the top. Holy sh*t. I made it this far which is pretty good. 17 down, 18 to go and then I win. Okay I’m doing pretty good.

Almost to the top of the mountain. Not looking down. Up in the front. Not looking down. “Hey Aria!” Meredith yelled.

“I’m not responding until we get to the top of the frigging mountain!” I yelled. I felt wet grass and then held my breath. So slippery, I dug my nails into the ground above and pulled myself up.

I ran away from the edge and hugged a tree and waited for Meredith and Elias to come up. “MEREDITH!” I heard Elias scream I was peered over the edge. She had slipped and started screaming.

“HELP!” she yelled and Elias tried to grab her but his hand slipped. I heard a huge thump at the bottom and then a cannon. Meredith fell to her death.

I helped Elias up and we looked around. “It’s the Hunger Games,” I started, “people have to die.”

“I know,” he said, “but we could’ve used her brain.”

“Yeah, but look!” I pointed all around us, we’re in a huge forest, we could have everything we need here, we have weapons and luckily all Meredith was carrying has her knife so that’s all we lost. We have our stuff and now there are animals all around us, the night might’ve been rough but it’s about noon now so we can go and hunt.”

Sophie Sage (8)

I looked around it was almost dusk. We’d almost made it o the end of Day 2. I looked at Terri and Tarq and smiled. We were sitting by the stream and I saw something swimming in it. “Uh guys. What’s that?” I pointed to a gray fin bobbing up and down in the water.

“Well I’m not from District 4 but I think that’s- I don’t know the word…” Tarq said.

“SHARK!” Terri yelled and she grabbed me and started running. I couldn’t see much fomr htetree that she pulled me into but I heard Tarq yell. He was tangled up in a net or something. That shark’s a mutt. The shark puked the net on him and is eating him alive.

I didn’t see much after that but the sun was setting and the shark happily floated away. I heard Tarq’s cannon.

We walked back to check if anything else was there. “We’d better get out of here.” Terri said. She stepped over the large pool of blood and remains of Tarq and grabbed up the backpack that we’d received. She grabbed the bow and arrow that we’d gotten and she looked ahead.

“Well maybe if I tried I could use this.” She said as we were walking, she grabbed an arrow out of the quiver and aimed at a bird sitting in a tree. She let go and it hit the bird in the lower chest. “Not exactly what I was aiming for but at least we can cook this.” She smiled. “Let’s go to the meadow. We should be safe there.”

Aurum Livingstone (1)

The sun was about to set for the night and Lindsey was playing with a bunny. “Lindsey, “ Jarod walked closer to her, “that could be a mutt don’t play with that.”

“How could thi cute thing be a mutt?” she asked.

“I don’t know a lot of things could be mutts.”

“5…4…3…2…1…” Emma counted down and the sun went completely out and the moon took its place. We suddenly heard Lindsey scream.

We watched the bunny morph into a fully fledged bear and we watched it bite both of her legs off. Jarod stepped up with a sword and tried to fight the bear. Wheterh he killed the bear or not it was about time that we leave this area. I saw Victoria grab Emma’s arm and run away. It was left with me, Jarod, Eli, and Lindsey who had just lost consciousness.

The bear roared and kicked over Jarod. Eli got scared and ran off with some stuff. I wasn’t going to back down, I helped Jarod up and this angered the bear reasonably. It pushed Jarod and me and down and I heard a cannon. I looked to my left and Jarod had landed on his sword. The bear looked like he was grinning I grabbed the sword from under Jaord and sliced off the bear’s head.

Now I was grinning as I picked up as much stuff as I could carry and ran off to meet Victoria, Emma, and Eli.

Day 2 Tribute Stats

Alliance 1 now has only 4 memeber, Emma (1), Aurum (1), Victoria (2), and Eli (4). They are good and don't need anything.

Alliance 2 is doing very well though they are suffereing over the death of Meredith (3). Leaving hem with Elias (6) and Aria (10). They have found food on top of the mountain and are fine

Alliance 3 is doing okay. They are still in the forest and could still use a weapon or two. Brinley (5) likes knives and Olivia (8) likes throwing knives.

Alliance 4 is doing fine. Kacey (6) and Alex (6) could use some food by Day 4.

Allaince 5 is okay. Tarq (8) was killed by the shark so only Sophie (8) and Terri (10) remain. They could still use weaons. Terri likes whips and blowguns. Sophie also likes blowguns as well as axes.

Aliance 6 is in desperate need of food They need food by Day 4 or else they will starve to death. No one was killed since hte bloodbath. It is still Kat (7), Kaylie (12) and Lily (12)

CONGRATS TO THE 15 REMAINING TRIBUTES! Emma (1), Aurum (1), Victoria (2), Eli (4), Brinley (5), Kacey (6), Elias (6), Kat (7), Olivia (8), Sophie (8), Alex (9), Terri (10), Aria (10), Kaylie (12), and Lily (12)

4 TRIBUTES DIED TODAY. Lindsey (2), Jarod (2), Meredith (3) and Tarq (8). ALL THE TRIBUTES FROM 3 and 11 are dead!

Day 3

Alex Donaque (9)


“What?” I asked her.

“We have to go so why question it?” she said.

It took us a little while to get to the cornucopia, we were the last ones there. I counted, yeah we were all here. They started the countdown from 30. No one dares to make a sound.

30…29…28…27…26…25…24…23…22…21…20…19…18…17…16…15… 14…13…12…11…10…9…8…7…6…4…3…2…BOOOOOOOOOOM!

I ran off as fast as I could to the middle I touched the base and suddenly a glass bowl landed upside down over us. It crushed Aurum (1), and Kat (7) completely leaving only me, Sophie (8), Brinley (5), Victoria (2), Emma (1), Lily (12), and Aria (10) inside.

It started getting really foggy in here. I saw Victoria (2), Emma (1), Aria (10), and Lily (12), all grab hands. I started getting really dizzy. Everything was spinning and the last thing I saw was the top of Aria’s (10) head and Brinley and Sophie screaming right next to me. It started getting really hot and I heard Victoria, Aria, Emma, and Lily crying out of joy. I didn’t get why.

I heard a ticking noise, and then a BOOM and then everything went black.


Kacey Anderson (6)

I looked at the horror in the globe thing. You couldn’t see anything on the inside because their flesh and remains were all melted onto the walls of the dome thing. I looked at Elias (6). Him and me were the only ones keeping us all form winning. I felt someone jerk me back. It was Terri (10). She pushed me and Olivia away. She started running with us. “Let’s hope I know how to use this thing.” She said and she took an arrow out of her quiver. She let go and we heard someone scream. It was a girl, it was Kaylie (12). Terri had shot her through the stomach. “Second time’s a charm?” she grabbed another arrow. “Which one is him?”

“I don’t know! One of the boys!”

“Who knows.” She let go of that arrow and it hit a boy in the neck. He fell to the ground. We waited for the announcer to say that we’d won. Then I realized that she shot Eli (4) not Elias (6).

“There’s no use Elias ran away.” Olivia said. “We should wait here still tomorrow. Then we can finish this thing. Don’t worry Kacey, we’re not gonna let him kill you.” I smiled.

“Thanks.” I said.

“We’re tributes we have to stick together to matter what, and he tried to kill you first.” She smiled.

Day 3 Stats

All of the tributes are dead except for Kacey (6), Elias (6), Olivia (8), and Terri (10)

Terri, Olivia, and Kacey made an alliance. They are fine and are resting near the conrucopia, waiting for the finale.

Elias is someone hiding waiing for his chance to kill Kacey, hoping he doesn't die first.

ALL TRIBUTES FROM 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 9, 11, AND 12 ARE DEAD.

Day 4

Elias Cooper (6)

It would be so much easier to win if Kacey (6) didn’t have any allies. I mean really. If Terri (10), and Olivia (8) hadn’t allies with her she’d be dead and I’d be in the Victor’s Village back at home. I wish that I was back home.

I decided to finish this thing and go back to the cornucopia, just go back and try to win. I’m ready to fight Terri, Olivia, and Kacey all at the same time if I have to. If I don’t the mutt’s will either eat me or Kacey, whichever dies first is the last one to die in these games until next year.

I got to the middle of the cornucopia area and I saw Terri. I had my arrow ready in the bow. I was ready to shoot. So was she. I dropped everything I had in my hands and put my hands up. She had an arrow from her quiver and had it loaded in her bow. I’d be dead if she didn’t miss.

She let go and it was like it was in slow motion. The arrow entered my leg. I tried to stay very quiet, I slowed my heart rate by not moving at all. I held my breath and heard my cannon.


Terri Rosedain (10)


I looked at Olivia and Kacey and smiled. “We did it.” I said.

“We did.” Olivia said.

“Thanks you guys, you know for not leaving me to die and stuff.” Kacey said.

“No problem.” I smiled and we laughed. “I think I’m going to keep this, we should all keep our weapons, there’s no rule against it.” I gestured to by bow and quiver. This was the first time I even bothered looking at it. It was a beautiful wooden bow and a leather quiver, it reminded me of home, you know the leather. I smiled as we saw the hovercraft coming.

I let Olivia and Kacey go up first, I wanted to say goodbye to this arena the right way… by spitting on it.

So you now I did and we screamed at the top of our lungs and hugged each other once we were all on board. “Looks like we’ll be friends forever. I mean this games bonds us forever.” I said.

“Yeah, the Hunger Games,”

“So glad we never have to compete in it ever again.” I said. And it was true, never having to go through the trauma of the Reapings, never having to worry about poverty, nothing, I’d be set for life. I smiled knowing that everything would be good from now on.

Thanks Hunger Games, this is the first good thing you’ve brought me so far, I can’t wait to see what you bring me in the future.

Elias Cooper (6)

I wasn’t sure what exactly happened but at least I’m not dead. I stood up and a felt a someth9ing pulling me under. I just let it happen and I found myself in a white room undernearth the arena.

“Elias come, we’ve got to hurry or they’ll have both of our necks.” I saw Aria (10) and she grabbed my arm.

“Where are we going?”

“To Albion.”

Day 4 Stats

All of the tributes are either dead, Victors, or on htier way to another country. Thanks so much guys for reading these games and please expect more inthe future. I hope you liked these!

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