Hello I'm am very proud to say that this is Venus and my 4th Games here, we've made so many new friends and stuff. This games will be a little different, not just the 96 extra tributes, but the way I write it too. I will have 6 POV's. One point of view for a character that I will create. One POV for her love interest in the story (not creating him). Ome POV for her firend in the games that is a boy. me POV for her friend in the games that is a girl. One POV for her rival that is a girl. And lastly, one POV for her rival that is a guy.

So 6 POV's, 24 mentors ,12 escorts,24 stylists 120 tributes, 1 writer

EDIT: *cough cough* Ahem Aurora, but I think you made a typo there. Shouldn't it say, "So 6 POV's, 24 mentors ,12 escorts,24 stylists 120 tributes, 2 writers" I mean,I wrote Day 1 for you xDD -Spam Devil Venus

This should get pretty interesting!



  1. Okay rule 1. DON'T USE TRIBUTES THAT YOU'VE USED BEFORE. I'd like new tributes please. If you give me a used tribute I won't waste everyone's time and not except it it'll just die in the bloodbath and have no chance of winning WHATSOEVER. SO please NEW TRIBUTES, ALL YOURS.
  2. If you have say a Ditrict 1 girl don't ask for anotherDistrict 1 girl. Choose another district or maybe a District 1 guy. (So I don't want to see you posting 2 tributes that are the same gender adn some the same district)
  3. You may Submit up to 5 Tributes, 2 Escorts, 1 mentor, and 3 stylists.
  4. Be nice to one another and don't be mad if you die in the bloodbath! I'll be using for everything!
  6. It may not say how your tribute dies but I will say it in the death chart so don't ask in the comments.
  8. I won't take "on profiles" either, 1. because I'm not wasting my time looking on your profile. 2. All tributes should be new. 3. I would like all of the tributes in the comments so I could know what weapons and stuff they like so I can post it in the statistics if they need a wepon.
  9. Forgive my typoes because I have alot of them.

Templates (please use these!)

Tribute Template (8 per person please)





Reaped or Volunteered:



Weapon of Choice:




If an Alliance then with who?:

Mentor Template (4 per person please)





Games won:

Stylist Template (3 per person please)



Gender they are:

District they are styling for:

Gender they are styling for:

Escort Template (2 per person please)




District they are escorting:


Tribute Name User

'D'istrict 1 Female

Amaryllis Gold Epic Hobo

District 1 Female

Rainiette Veiena Rainfacestar

District 1 Female

Samantha Alipine Mysims

District 1 Female

Shimmer Grant HappyHannah1234

District 1 Female

Sabrina Varne Jsm13athorne

District 1 Male

Andy McAlipine Mysims

District 1 Male

Connor Anderson (District 9 Rules)

District 1 Male

Morgan Roders SkyTimeGirl

District 1 Male

Velvet Richter HappyHannah1234

District 1 Male

Shine Stonekeep CallamD97

District 2 Female

Daniela Mason Grayninja73

District 2 Female

Aurora Corteu Madgeical

District 2 Female

Stefani Arbecca aquastar4infinity

District 2 Female

Abigail Annamason Mysims

District 2 Female

Arianna Mae CatnipKatniss

District 2 Male

Rowan Dofi CadaverYourBig

District 2 Male

Xavier Pucket Tothedoom

District 2 Male

Draco Thomas Cloveismywife

District 2 Male

Amiro Dinar VarinEgo

District 2 Male

Zach Kauffer Readwritelivenikki

District 3 Female

Morgana Nelson Grayninja73

District 3 Female

Hera Lovegood Madgeical

District 3 Female

Paylee Taylor Happy Meadows

District 3 Female

Celiene Aster SkyTimeGirl

District 3 Female

Amythyst Daliha Readwritelivenikki

District 3 Male

Micheal Portal Jsm13athorne

District 3 Male

Jason Valdez Readwritelivenikki

District 3 Male

Ashton Liveston Tothedoom

District 3 Male

Grizz Barkley Zecallo

District 3 Male

Jago Ludovic Readwritelivenikki

District 4 Female

Nia Carron Happy Meadows

District 4 Female

Birchtree Fishline Aquastar4infinity

District 4 Female

Harmony Vowert HappyHannah1234

District 4 Female

Nelly Lowel Epic Hobo

District 4 Female

Swan Redsands Jsm13athorne

District 4 Male

Quinnstopher Tide Nate777

District 4 Male

Corbin Blanc 2legit2put

District 4 Male

Aegean Jackson CallamD97

District 4 Male

Paul Redsands Jsm13athorne

District 4 Male

Max Ryker MaxEsponja14

District 5 Female

Raine Anderson Madgeical

District 5 Female

Morri Parrish Happy Meadows

District 5 Female

Shania Cross Cloveismywife

District 5 Female

Demi Campbell 2legit2put

District 5 Female

Forma Montague Whatrbook

District 5 Male

Preston Skye Grayninja73

District 5 Male

Hunter Delaney CallamD97

District 5 Male

Evane Xalen Rainfacestar

District 5 Male

Julien Starshard VarinEgo

District 5 Male

Marble Grey Symscons

District 6 Female

Hannah Spayne Happy Meadows

District 6 Female

Poroi Anderson Madgeical

District 6 Female

Lena Garum Cloveismywife

District 6 Female

Melody Freeman Thena.airice14

District 6 Female

Jennifer Davario Ms.Finnickodair

District 6 Male

Evereno Gustapa Zecallo

District 6 Male

Jayson Machesky VarinEgo

District 6 Male

Dylan Chestfield Ms.Finnickodair

District 6 Male

Darren Camato Readwritelivenikki

District 6 Male

Shaun Shay Epic Hobo

District 7 Female

Bannar Craig Happy Meadows

District 7 Female

Carmela Hareen Cloveismywife

District 7 Female

Isabelle Leach Jsm13athorne

District 7 Female

Chandra Creaton HappyHannah1234

District 7 Female

Demy Stone Eleni12

District 7 Male

Devon McKellar Grayninja73

District 7 Male

Jacob Cadenson Jsm13athorne

District 7 Male

Naveyn Valete Rainfacestar

District 7 Male

Jason Stone Eleni12

District 7 Male

Calom Baxxtar Zecallo

District 8 Female

Lynna Khonze Nate777

District 8 Female

Macenzie Birch Aquastar4infinity

District 8 Female

Ekka Carrollwoode Happy Meadows

District 8 Female

Andrea Kolly Cloveismywife

District 8 Female

Kalay Sugarstone Symscons

District 8 Male

Grett Forbes Nate777

District 8 Male

Cloudy Yukio CadaverYourBig

District 8 Male

Channing Lo Pendillumna

District 8 Male

Maylark Flairhart Symscons

District 8 Male

Stich Reese Epic Hobo

District 9 Female

Violet Netter Jsm13athorne

District 9 Female

Summer Wilson Eleni12

District 9 Female

Ingrid Harvolte Happy Meadows

District 9 Female

Nova Star Dedejacob

District 9 Female

Nikita Folan Cloveismywife

District 9 Male

Robert Pendragon Mysims

District 9 Male

Christian Stoll (District 9 Rules)

District 9 Male

Bentley Harshdoop Symscons

District 9 Male

Joseph Raves Epic Hobo

District 9 Male

Alo Rage Epic Hobo

District 10 Female

Courtney Chetwynde Mysims

District 10 Female

Kyle Lacelynn Happy Meadows

District 10 Female

Allison Zenith Cloveismywife

District 10 Female

Murky Deedly Symscons

District 10 Female

Zoe Rosedain Glimmerandsparkle

District 10 Male

Aiden Greene Grayninja73

District 10 Male

Gunner Pann 2legit2put

District 10 Male

Dawnwood Frazz Symscons

District 10 Male

Ray Oranheather Glimmerandsparkle

District 10 Male

Jason McGreen Epic Hobo

District 11 Female

Ravena Hawkeye Madgeical

District 11 Female

Megan Krei Eleni12

District 11 Female

Valina Urdorne Cloveismywife

District 11 Female

Cylinder Baluha Aquastar4infinity

District 11 Female

Cimerella Devina Readwritelivenikki

District 11 Male

Abraham Beets Jsm13athorne

District 11 Male

Tristan Free Epic Hobo

District 11 Male

Eric Braverman Readwritelivenikki

District 11 Male

Mike Cress Epic Hobo

District 11 Male

Nathan Jay Epic Hobo

District 12 Female

Annie Goodman CadaverYouBig

District 12 Female

Sidney Lynsu Tothedoom

District 12 Female

Pollin Graffite VarinEgo

District 12 Female

Meebee Doone Symscons

District 12 Female

Darby Aqua Aquastar4infinity

District 12 Male

Kelvin Lynsu Tothedoom

District 12 Male

Cedar Clause Epic Hobo

District 12 Male

North Albinko Aquastar4infinity

District 12 Male

Justin Prince Readwritelivenikki

District 12 Male

Maa Moo Mysims
Mentor Name User

District 1 Female

Emma Dazzle Mysims

District 1 Male

Arran Harthorne Mysims

District 2 Female

Olive Chamberlain Jsm13athorne

District 2 Male

Harris Leap Jsm13athome

District 3 Female

Kimmy Kestyn Happy Meadows

District 3 Male

Reed Rower Jsm13athome

District 4 Female

Lily Crest Nate777

District 4 Male

Orland Septune Nate777

District 5 Female

Serenity Sharparrow Aquastar4infinity

District 5 Male

Hunter Nuke Nate777

District 6 Female

Kacey Anderson Madgeical

District 6 Male

Nathan Polman Ms.Finnickodair

District 7 Female

Jerri Heffur Nate777

District 7 Male

Steven Huddleston Jsm13athorne

District 8 Female

Clavina Dornato Rainfacestar

District 8 Male

Olivanda Io Pendillumna

District 9 Female

Allianna Whittle Mysims

District 9 Male

Elliot Motor Jsm13athorne

District 10 Female

Terri Rosedain Glimmerandsparkle

District 10 Male

David Towers Jsm13athome

District 11 Female

Serena Violin Aquastar4infinity

District 11 Male

James Stone Jsm13athome

District 12 Female

Spring De La Vega Aquastar4infinity

District 12 Male

Grubbs Black CadaverYourBig



Stylist Name User
District 1 Female Selena Arriety Readwritelivenikki
District 1 Male Mysims
District 2 Female Lacie Lane Epic Hobo
District 2 Male Polvor Free Epic Hobo
District 3 Female RESERVED Happy Meadows
District 3 Male
District 4 Female Samantha Hawthorn Readwritelivemikki
District 4 Male Alex Seaman Ms. Finnickodair
District 5 Female Daniel Scarf Jsm13athorne
District 5 Male
District 6 Female AnnaliseJohnson Madgeical
District 6 Male Gabriel Davis Madgeical
District 7 Female Rainfacestar
District 7 Male
District 8 Female Epic Hobo
District 8 Male Epic Hobo
District 9 Female Cindie Rosenst Nate777
District 9 Male Horron Fyster Nate777
District 10 Female Epic Hobo
District 10 Male Epic Hobo
District 11 Female Dennis Crabb Jsm13athorne
District 11 Male Alexis Link Jsm13athorne
District 12 Female Readwritelivenikki
District 12 Male


Escort Name/Gender User
District 1 Escort Ariella Lane (F) Grayninja73
District 2 Escort Chrysanthenum Flutterby (F) Madgeical
District 3 Escort Ravioli Reese (M) Jsm13athorne
District 4 Escort Cheesena Cakela (F) Rainfacestar
District 5 Escort Lillian Micharis (F) Ms.Finnickodair
District 6 Escort Angela Sapphire (F) Madgeical
District 7 Escort Jackson Flicker (M) Ms.Finnickodair
District 8 Escort Trillalini Bananasauce (F) Jsm13athorne
District 9 Escort Melanie Orlick (F) Cloveismywife
Dstrict 10 Escort Speely Doodly (M) Symscons
District 11 Escort Vanessa Tidwell (F) Cloveismywife
District 12 Escort Ingrid Bellnought (F) Symscons


POV Role Tribute User
Main Charaacter Amaryllis Gold Epic Hobo
Love Intrest Andy McAlipine Mysims
Best Friend (male) Quinnstopher Tide Nate777
Best Friend (female) Sabrina Varne Jsm13athorne
Rival (female) Aurora Corteu Madgeical
Rival (male) Drace Thomas Cloveismywife
Unallied Tribute (female) Amythyst Daliha Readwritelivenikki
Unallied Tribute (male) Evane Xalen Rainfacestar
Ally in another District (female) Jennifer Davario Ms.Finnickodair
Ally in another District (male) Aiden Greene Grayninja73


Tribute Uniform

Yeah I drew Amaryllis because idk...

The rena uniform is on the right ---------->

The arena will be shaped like a large oval in its side. There are 11 areas, 10 equal spaces, with the cornucopia area in the middle of them all.

  1. The cornucopia, a flat open field where most of the tributes will die.
  2. Waterfall Region, this is the flattest region due to the sudden drop of the Water fall.
  3. Footlakes Region, a slightly hily region but mostly it's flat and full of ponds, puddles, and small lakes.
  4. Beach Region, it's your average beach but the water stops suddenly around 3/4ths of the way through it.
  5. Desert Region, is a barren dessert, it's petty hilly, and the lascape changes every ten minutes due to sand storms.
  6. Rock Hills, the rocks hills lead to the t Volcano so it's a trecherous hike.
  7. Lave Region, its a volcano and it's tied for hte higest stop in the arena with the snowy mountains. You can see the whole arena from it but watch out for hte lava.
  8. Snowy Mountain Region is tied for the highest point in the arena, there are avalanches and way below freezing tempuartures, cold enough to freeze blood, but there's something hidden up there that could lead you to succes.
  9. Snowy Wasteland Region, a hilly snow area with hardly any plants, it's very windy and leads up to the snowy mountian.
  10. Open plains, what can i say, the name speaks for itself.
  11. Dam Region, there is a large stone wall about 100 feet tall , above it is the water, everything else in the region is small plants and animals.

Arena for the 250th Hunger Games

The Arena


ALLIANCE 1 - CAREER ALLIANCE ----- Amaryllis Gold, Quinnstopher Tide, Sabrina Varne, Aurora Corteu, Jennifer Davario, Andy McAlipine, Draco Thomas, Rainette Veiena,

ALLIANCE 2 ----- Amythyst Daliha, Nikita Folan, Cimerella Devina, Megan Krei, Calom Baxxtar, Shania Cross, Evane Xalen, Hannah Spane, Bentlley HArshdoop, andJason Stone

Alliance 3 - wiped out

ALLIANCE 4 ---- Max Ryker, Hera Lovegood, Lena Garum, and Valina Urdone

ALLIANCE 5 ---- Mukry Deedly, Grett Forbes, Forma Montague, Xavier Pucket, and Chandra Creaton


Amaryllis Gold (1)

Of course I frown and realize that it’s Reaping day. Here in District 1 the people are always so happy… or at least they seem to be. There’s always food… in the rich houses. No one is poor… when they live near the Capitol and do everything that they say.

But I’m not exactly like that.

I guess I’m just me, just plain old Amaryllis. No. I’m not going to listen to any words that come out of their mouth. The Capitol is insane. The Hunger Games, a brutal, vicious, evil, televised death sentences to 24 teenagers every year, but this year it’s worse. This year there are 120 tributes.

At least more than one of them can win. But you know there’s always a catch with that. More than 1 tribute can win if…. They have to cut of one of their legs, no… they have to eat a spider, no… they have to pledge their allegiance to the Capitol forever and side with them in every argument between the Districts and the Capitol for the rest of their lives or suffer the penalty of death…. Yeah that sounds more like it.

So you could guess that this is the Capitol’s offer. Most people would do it. I’d rather die than pledge my allegiance to them. Everything they say is wrong. They are phonies, they are hypocrites, they are liars. I’d rather die than pledge my allegiance to them.

Okay I don’t want to die, but you know I would seriously consider it.

The Hunger Games, the Capitol, Panem’s Government. What do they all have in common? They all aren’t fair.

In the Hunger Games, the Capitol, Panem’s lead in government, takes tributes, picks their favorites and then they win. Their favorites could honestly be anyone out of all the 24 tributes, or 120 in this year’s case. They could pick a little kid that they feel bad for or an 18 year old guy from District 7 who’s they like because his eyes sparkle.

Okay I shouldn’t talk like that though, the Hunger Games aren’t exactly like that. Don’t get me wrong no, they are jacked up and unfair, but the advantages are pretty good…. For tributes form my District.

My District is full of Careers. The Careers are tributes who normally find the games “awesome, and a great way to represent your district”. Which is great and all, but you know we slaughter more than half of the tributes each year. The Careers are Tributes that are trained for the games before they go to the Capitol. Districts 1, 2, and 4 but sometimes they add in others.

So yeah, unfair everything. But I guess I’m on the good end of it. I can’t really have any clue of what’s on the other end either, starving people and dozens of tessera per person. That sounds about right.

Another good thing that comes out of living in a District where the games is “good” is that there are usually a bunch of people ready to volunteer to go into the games so even if you get reaped, you don’t have to go. So that’s good for like all the little kids.

Eh, I guess I shouldn’t complain because I actually do have it pretty well. The thing that just bothers me is that they actually enjoy watching us all die, like what if it was their children, or their sister, or their best friend, then how would they feel?

Of course then they would get all freaked out and become as weak and powerless as we are compared to the people that run the games. Everyone would do anything they could to save their child from dying, but in the Hunger Games there’s only one winner, one winner or a huge catch.

So I think that you can tell by now that I’m against the Hunger Games.

I kissed mom and dad goodbye and waited with my little sister Alice in the line. She was 13, so she was used to the routine. Her name in there 2 times, mine in there 6, we’d be fine. I gave her a big hug and I could feel her squeeze back. I could tell she was nervous. Not nervous for her, nervous for me. She always had these gut feelings, these odd ideas about the future. She had them all the time and they usually didn’t come true, but she was pretty close. I mean she could say that our mom was going to forget about feeding our cat, and then our dad would forget to feed our cat and our mom would remember. It would be strange things like that and they were so close to happening.

She was a good looking kid too. A lot of the boys liked her, I just wished she was more like me sometimes. Rather than her blonde tangled hair and blue eyes, I wanted her to have wavy light brown hair and brown eyes, she was the moon and I was the sun. We may both have the same parents but wow were we different.

“Okay good luck okay?” I said to her, my hands on her shoulders.

She hugged me. “I don’t need luck, I’m not gonna get picked this year.”

“I know, but I promise that later I’ll go with you to the stream and we can throw stuff at other stuff.”

“Okay,” she didn’t look at me.

“Look at me,” I tilted her head up, “we’ll both be fine and we’ll be home before you know it, we’ll both be fine.” I sent her off into her roped of section and I walked into mine.

Our Escort, Ariella Lane stepped up and started our speech. “Welcome to the 8th Quarter Quell! Now since this is in fact a Quarter Quell, let us review the past Quell tricks! The 25th Hunger Games… to remind the citizens of Panem that they brought the Hunger Games upon themselves the citizens will vote for the tributes. The 50th Hunger Games… to remind the citizen of Panem that 1 Capitol citizen died for 2 of their citizens, twice as many tributes would be taken into the arena. The 75ht Hunger Games… to remind the citizens that even the strongest among them is still no match against the Capitol…” she rambled on for a while I zoned out until she got to the ending. “The 250th Games, to remind the citizens that in the 5 months the Dark Days War made up will not go forgotten, 5 girls and 5 boys from each District will be chosen to compete in these games as a reminder that no matter how long they fight, no matter how many people die, the Capitol stands on top.”

I rolled my eyes. Without us the Capitol would crash and burn. Without us, they would have no food, no luxury items…. Okay I do admit they probably could survive without the luxury items… but still. Without the Districts they would have nothing, and they know that. That’s why every President tries to make his/her Quarter Quell mean the most, send the biggest message. This one sucked, but whatever. It was a good idea, 5 times as many tributes, but the reason was pathetic, I personally just think they ran out of ideas.

“So we’ll start by reading the Treaty of Treason?” she said and the mayor stood up. He read out the Treaty of Treason, all of the Victors of District 1, whatever, yeah exciting, let’s just get on with it, I’m so bored.

“How about we start with the girls this year?” she said. No one answered, I think I was because no one cared. “I’ll just take all five and read them aloud at once.” She smiled. Again, no one said anything because no one cared.

She picked up five slips from the bowl and put them into her hand. She placed them on the rim of the bowl and smiled. “Alice Gold?”

My heart stopped. I was speechless. I raised my hand and opened my mouth but then I whipped around to hear someone yell. “I VOLUNTEER!” she eagerly walked up to the stage and the weight lifted off my shoulders.

“And what is your name?”

“Shimmer Grant,” she smiled.

“Fantastic! “ Ariella yelled out. “Now, Stella McCaw?”

“I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!” another girl walked eagerly up to the stage and spoke into the mic. “I’m Rainette Veiena.” She smiled.

“Alighty then!” Ariella said. “Samantha McAlipine?” she said. Everyone was silent as they watched a little girl about 12 years old walk up to the stage and stand between Shimmer and Rainette. “Sabrina Varne?” she said. I knew her. She walked excitedly up to the stage and stood there. I saw the other slip get blown away by the wind and Sabrina catch it under the heel of her shoe.

The camera zoomed up on the flying slip and I saw cursive handwriting… my handwriting… “Amaryllis Gold!” she yelled. My heart didn’t stop, I felt my stomach go in and I didn’t cry or do anything I just smiled. There was no point in waiting for volunteers, if any one was going to volunteer they would’ve already.

I walked up to the stage and stood in the middle of the 4. I looked into the crowd and smiled for the camera, Ariella yelled out. “Our female tributes form District 1, Shimmer Grant, Rainette Veiena, Samantha Alipine, Sabrina Varne, and Amaryllis Gold!”

There was no applause, no nothing. Then it hit me, that feeling that you get when you know something’s wrong. My whole life had just been ripped away and all I could think of is never being able to throw stuff at other stuff with Alice ever again.

I tried to spot her in the crowd but she was short so her head was way below the surface of other heads bobbing up and down. Ariella started with the boys and I didn’t really pay attention.

A the last of the boys were called. A volunteer with the same last name as Samantha, and he was cute. I couldn’t stop thinking of Alice though. Little Alice. Well I guess she’s going to be an only child once the games are done.

Andy McAlipine (1)

Ahh the Hunger Games.

Yeah I hate them.

Today is the Reaping for District 1, precisely at 5:30 p.m. in our District. Just enough time to do the reaping, get the volunteers, shuffle into the train and get to the Capitol to prepare for the tribute parade.

You know if you volunteer like an idiot, or unfortunately get picked.

But not me, I’m not going this year. You always see a bunch of people from my District getting excited over the Hunger Games and tributes that go in and compete and everything. I don’t see it though, I mean I guess it’s kind of exciting for people of the Districts to go into the Capitol and meet each other and stuff…. But you know the rule that 23 of them have to die isn’t that appealing.

The Hunger Games would be much nicer if everyone could win…. Well if no one would die. Yeah that’s a better way of saying it.

So it’s 5:15 and I’m heading home from Career Training early, Reaping Day a special occasion, we all get let out at 5:15 rather than 6:45. Ahh Career Training.

I picked up my sister from the 12 year old section and we walked home. “You excited?” I asked her.

“No….. not at all.” She admitted to me, we were pretty close I guess, I mean as close as a brother and sister could get without it getting creepy. Her hair was tangled up and all in her face, she must’ve lost her aliceband at school again.

“That’s okay, you know that there’s going to be a billion Volunteers ready to Volunteer for your slot if you do get picked.”

“I know that Andy.” She smiled at me. “You asked me if I was excited, you didn’t say anything about the reaping.”

“Oh so we’re getting technical again.” I laughed. “The last time we got technical, we didn’t talk for like a week. What’d you say to having a party after the reaping, you know going home with mom and dad and yeah, just celebrating.”

“I guess,” she said. I could tell that she was getting into the teenage ‘whatever’ phase. I didn’t like it. Not one bit.

Whatever.” I mimicked her and stuck my tongue out.

We walked into our house and got out of or delightful school uniforms and into our best clothes. Only the best clothes for the reaping. She walked out and I stopped. I know this is like a parent thing to say but she has really stopped looking like a little kid. It kind of bothered me a little bit.

I saw a couple of my friends walking out of their houses across the road. We ran up to catch them. My friend Slate had a little sister around Sam’s age. We all walked together. “Wow you’re sister got seriously tall, she’s like way taller than my sister.” He said.

“Yeah it’s scary. She might even get a,” I gulped, “boyfriend!”

“The day when our little sisters get boyfriends is the day that all of the boys their age in the country get murdered by us.” He said.

“So true it’s sad.” I said.

It didn’t take that long to get to the square and get in line and such. I was prepared so I got us there early, you know so there wasn’t a long line to get checked in.

I stood in my spot and soon enough the Reaping started. Of course since this was a Quarter Quell, she started a very long speech about it. Ah Ariella Lane, the weirdest escort in Panem’s History. “Welcome to the 8th Quarter Quell!” Ariella started. “Now since this is in fact a Quarter Quell, let us review the past Quell tricks! The 25th Hunger Games… to remind the citizens of Panem that they brought the Hunger Games upon themselves the citizens will vote for the tributes. The 50th Hunger Games… to remind the citizen of Panem that 1 Capitol citizen died for 2 of their citizens, twice as many tributes would be taken into the arena. The 75ht Hunger Games… to remind the citizens that even the strongest among them is still no match against the Capitol…” she rambled on for a while I zoned out until she got to the ending. “The 250th Games, to remind the citizens that in the 5 months the Dark Days War made up will not go forgotten, 5 girls and 5 boys from each District will be chosen to compete in these games as a reminder that no matter how long they fight, no matter how many people die, the Capitol stands on top.”

Yay, I’m listening to a speech about the Capitol, who I hate, talking about how much the Capitol rules over us. I seriously couldn’t be more steamed.

Then the mayor read the Treaty of Treason and stuff and then read the names of all 8 billion of our Victors and Ariella started with the girls.

She said I few other things that I didn’t catch but she started with a tribute. “Alice Gold!” she said and looked around. That little girl was 13, her older sister was in all of my honor classes at school and in my training level at training. Her sister was…. Awesome…..

I zoned out for a little bit but someone Volunteered, but it wasn’t Amaryllis. There was another Volunteer after that.

“Samantha McAlipine!” she yelled out and my heart skipped a beat of too and I felt a chill. I was a guy so of course I couldn’t volunteer.

I looked around in hope, waiting for my sister’s savior. I guess not this year.

Another girl was called and then the last name was picked out, it blew away and the last one caught it. “Amaryllis Gold?” I was read out. I guess it wasn’t their family’s luckiest year either.

She started with the boys but I was dead frozen. I wasn’t moving, hardly breathing, in capable of anything. They got to the last name but before they could finish it I yelled out four words that would change my life forever. “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE.”

Quinnstopher Tide (4)

I walked off the beach, sand in my hair, soaking wet, ready for the reaping. Of course my mom would kill me for looking like I’d just got out of the ocean (because I did) but I don’t really care.

I walked home and got changed into my reaping clothes. It wasn’t a very long walk but it was extermly boring walking alone.

Again I took a very boring walk from my house to the District Square. District 4 being one of the largest districts in Panem and me living right on the ocean, it’s a very long walk to the center of the District.

As annoying as it was I took my time because no one really wants to go to the reaping anyway. The only reason that I’m going is so that I can volunteer, that and that I have to go or else I’ll be executed. Yay execution, everybody loves that.

So of course there was a 20 minutes line to wait on and then we all shuffled into our roped off areas and then the reaping began.

“So of course we have the Treaty of Treason. The famous document that made our lovely Hunger Games come to be. The twists of course are also very important as well. This is the 10th Quarter Quell, so there have been 9 before this one. The 25th Hunger Games, where the Tributes to go into the Hunger Games were elected. The 50th Hunger Games, where there were double the tributes. The 75th Hunger Games, where the Tributes were chosen from the existing pool of Victors.” She talked about the 100th and the 125th but I wasn’t really paying attention. “The 150th Hunger Games, where there were 2 girls and 1 boy from each District. The 175th Hunger Games where the Tributes were only chosen from Districts 1, 2, and 4.” I sort of zoned out when she mentioned the 200th and the 225th but then she got to this one. “The 250th Hunger Games where there will be 5 times the tributes, 10 tributes from each District, 5 brave young men and 5 brave young women. Ah I think this will be one of Panem’s most interesting Hunger Games.” By most interesting she means most bloody and depressing. She’s got that right, 120 tributes, usually half the tributes (on average) die in the Cornucopia Bloodbath. If my math is right, half of 120 is 60. 60 bloody deaths (about) that will be some bloodbath. “So yes why don’t we start with the Reaping?” Of course Chessena, that would be great. I think that’s the only reason everyone is here, not to say that you’re not entertaining or anything, just that uhhhh…. no one cares.

Before she started the Reaping she announced that there would be six winners, 5 for 5 times the tributes and 1 for good luck ‘because everyone could use some good luck’. “So I guess we all just have to wait a week to see what lucky 6 tributes will be standing up on top.” Yay. No one cared. I am positive that in a few weeks or so that I’ll be standing on top with five others.

She started with the girls and there was a volunteer or two I wasn’t exactly paying attention as I should.

Chessena started with the boys and I started to listen. I waited until the last tribute was called before I volunteered. Everybody knows that the last tribute called is the one most people remember. I’d be that tribute.


“I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE.” I yelled out into the crowd and instantly walked up to the stage.

“And what’s your name dear?” Chessena smiled at me, her hair was brighter up close. It sort of hurt my eyes.

“I’m Quinnstopher Tide.” I said into the microphone and smiled at the camera. Here we go Hunger Games, get ready to meet your next Victor.

Sabrina Varne (1)

Ah, the Reaping. At this time of year teenager from across the country go to their district square and get picked to go to the Capitol to compete for the title of Victor. But sadly, there is only one girl and one boy from each District, so it’s a long shot to get picked. Luckily this year there are five girls and five boys from each district, so I have a better chance.

There is volunteering but I always think that brings too much attention, and I don’t like depriving one of my fellow citizens of their chance to be in the games. It’s an honor to compete in the games where I come from, it’s too bad that in other Districts it’s not treated the same way.

Ten people from each District this year, so the training period is extended from one week to two weeks. Or something like that. If I go in, I’ll have two weeks in the Capitol with all of the luxury and great food and all of the nice people. I personally cannot wait at all. Well, let’s just hope I get picked. I mean it’s not like it’s not likely. I’m old enough, I’m 17. That means I have my name in there six times. So I’m bound to get picked. Right? I mean how many other people’s names are in there…

I just hope I get picked.

So I walked to the Reaping, I’d gotten there a little bit earlier. I didn’t mind waiting if I didn’t have to stand in the line. They pricked my finger and I walked away standing in my roped off section. Playing with my hair, messing around with it, trying to stop from smiling. It took a while for everyone to arrive but once they did I was thrilled. Our lovely escort, Ariella, started talking all about the Treaty of Treason and how the Hunger Games started.

I’d heard it sixteen times before this but I didn’t really care. Then she let our mayor talk and he read out all of the names of our past victors. We had around seventy of them so the list was very long. We had the first Victor in all of Panem, she won the first Hunger Games. Impressive right?

He finished and then let Ariella talk about the Quarter Quells. “Welcome to the 8th Quarter Quell! Now since this is in fact a Quarter Quell, let us review the past Quell tricks! The 25th Hunger Games… to remind the citizens of Panem that they brought the Hunger Games upon themselves the citizens will vote for the tributes. The 50th Hunger Games… to remind the citizen of Panem that 1 Capitol citizen died for 2 of their citizens, twice as many tributes would be taken into the arena. The 75ht Hunger Games… to remind the citizens that even the strongest among them is still no match against the Capitol…” she mentioned some of the less important Quarter Quells and then she got up to this one. “The 250th Games, to remind the citizens that in the 5 months the Dark Days War made up will not go forgotten, 5 girls and 5 boys from each District will be chosen to compete in these games as a reminder that no matter how long they fight, no matter how many people die, the Capitol stands on top. Now I think we’ll start with the Reaping!”

So she did, she started with two Volunteers. Shimmer Grant and Rainette Veiena . “Samantha McAlipine?”

Three down, two to go, I’m not up there. I guess it’s not my year this year.

“Sabrina Varne?”

Well I guess I’ll wait till next year. Wait… that’s me….

I walked up to the stage with a smile on my face. I tried not to skip out of excitement. I stood up there with Shimmer, Rainette, and Samantha waiting for the last name.

The little slip blew out of Ariella’s hand but I stopped it with the heel of my shoe. I caught a glimpse at it before Ariella read it out loud. Amaryllis Gold I knew her from training and school. We were in the same groups. We were both smart and we look like we could be sisters or cousins or something.

She walked up to the stage briskly, with a small smile on her face. She walked up to the stage and I tried to talk to her, but I don’t think she was in the mood.

I smiled at her but she didn’t see. Ariella continued with the boys. The last one was the one that stood out the most. He was a volunteer, and he was also in me and Amaryllis’s class. His name was Andy McAlipine and he was the older brother of Samantha.

After that we were all ushered into the Justice Building to say goodbye to our families. I sat down and waited but I was just too excited. I was finally experiencing my dream. Going to the Capitol.

Aurora Corteu (2)

The reaping. The day where a couple teens form each District get sent to the Capitol to get killed by some Careers. This year will be different though. I think I’m personally going to win this year. I mean I have the power to win as long as I don’t lose focus and find a good ally, I’ll be fine.

The Hunger Games in my opinion is a bloody way of showing your District that you’re strong and the other Districts that you mean business. I would love to participate in the Hunger Games because it is an honor to even go into the Capitol and get to show off. It’s a chance to show the Capitol how awesome you’re District is.

People from my district usually are great in the games, a boy and a girl every year. But this year is special, there will be 10 of us, five girls and five boys. If I stand on top, over one hundred nineteen others than everyone will finally realize that District 2 is stronger than all other Districts, even the other Career Districts, 1 and 4. I'm my opinion, we are the strongest and deserve to be higher than 1 and 4.

So I just got out of highest level Career Training, yeah that’s right highest level, and I walked home to get changed.

My mom made me wear a girly dress and I shrugged I didn’t really care what I was wearing as long as I look strong volunteering for my district.

So I started walking to the City Square and stopped. My neighbor, Draco Thomas, was running to catch up with me.

“Hey.” I said. He was a year ahead of me in school and in Career Training. I was 17, he was 18.

“Hey.” He said. “You volunteering?”

“Yeah, you?”


“So we’ll be in the games together.” I said. “Best of luck to you.”

“Same to you.” He smiled.

“So what do you think about the Quell this year. I mean six winners, ten tributes from each District.”

“It’s different, but it’s a good different.” He said.

“That’s a good answer.” I smiled. My black hair almost glowed in the bright sunlight. “Do you think we’ll be two of the six?”

“I think we have a better chance than all the other loser tributes. There should be about 30 Careers, and let’s just make sure that we have our own little alliance, you know so we can stand on top. We can get another District 2 Tribute to come with us. We’ll win, we will dominate. If we can we should try to make all the of the Victors from District 2.”

“That’s the plan.” I said. “It’s about time we all really get what we deserve.”

“Yeah,” he said, “we work the hardest, we should get something for that.”

We waited in the reaping line for a little while and then got into our roped of sections. Our escort started blabbing on and on about the Quells and the Games and our District’s Victors and everything. No one really even cared, everyone was just so excited for the Quell, ten people from our District would go in, as many as six could come out victorious.

“Why don’t we start with the boys this year?” she said. She reached her pale arm into the large glass bowl and picked out a name from the very top. She picked it out very carefully and read the name out clearly. I was in the back and she was very quiet so I didn’t really catch who it was. That and that I wasn’t paying any attention to the name, only to Draco who was going to volunteer.

And I was right. Draco raised him arm up high and smiled. “I VOLUNTEER.” He shouted out and ran up to the stage smiling. We were very good friends, and maybe we could use that as our edge. If we won together it would be amazing. He was awesome and I was pretty awesome. It would work.

I knew he was exploding with excitement on the inside and so was I. We found each other’s eyes and just stayed like that looking at each other until Chrysanthemum, our escort, started with the girls.

I couldn’t stop smiling and I was so happy, so confident in myself. Chrysanthemum picked out another name and without thinking about it I yelled out. “I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!” I ran up eagerly to the stage, so excited for the time ahead of me. I’d finally gotten it. I looked at Draco and I knew we were thinking the same thing. All those other tributes better look out. District 2’s gonna dominate.

Draco Thomas (2)

Ah, the Reaping. The day I'm y beautiful District when two kids get chosen to become heroes to all of Panem. I for one am really excited to participate because I’ll Volunteer, go into the games, and win. I’m very confident in myself.

I walked out of the front door of my house and I saw the most beautiful girl in District 2, the one and only Aurora Corteu. Her jet black hair looking awesome as usual. I had to talk to her. I knew we’d both be volunteering this year, we’d be such an item for the sponsors. Imagine us winning and then getting married in the Capitol for the whole country to see. The District 2 Victors of the hardest games yet. Together and awesome.

I ran up to catch her and I succeeded, walking beside as we talked. She asked me if I was volunteering and I said I was, I was sort o distracted by the feeling of excitement in my gut. I couldn’t tell if she liked me too or if I was just acting like an idiot.

She started talking about the games and how it would be awesome if all the Victors were from District 2. She and I both agreed that our District should get more credit than it has. We are the best district and we work the hardest, we are most loyal to the Capitol and we have the best tributes. She had a plan.

“So yeah wouldn’t it be great if all of the Victors were from our District?” she asked me.

“Yeah.” I said nervously. I never knew how to respond to her without looking stupid.

“I mean we would finally get all the credit and power that we truly deserve, we would be higher than all the other districts, we would be on top. We may even be able to win every Hunger Games from now own! That would show all the other Districts! What if all the of Victors from this point on were from District 2, we would dominate and win and then the Capitol would know that our District means business, that we can’t be pushed around. We’d have more power than we ever dreamed of!” she sounded so excited for her plan. It would good though. “If all of the District 2 Tributes are in a secret alliance within the Career alliance we could defiantly win. There would be 10 of us against 110 other tributes, but then half of them would die in the bloodbath so that’s only 50. 20 of them are in the Careers too and we’d wipe them out in their sleep. So that’s like 40. Only 40 to kill, and then they’ll kill each other. So then that leaves like 20. We can each take two so that’s just us 10 left. We can pick of the District 2 tributes that we don’t like after that so then that leaves the 6 tributes that will become Victors. It would all work out perfectly!” she said.

“It would but then we’d have to kill some of our own.” I said.

“So what? If the last remaining 10 tributes were from our District, that would be even more amazing. If we killed four of them then it would show that we are tough and would do anything to win.”

“Yeah Aurora I get that, but what if there were 7 of us left, and they decided to kill you.”

“They wouldn’t, we would pick off the little ones. It’ll be fine.”

Yeah sure Aurora, it’ll all be fine. You know, if it worked.

It was a pretty risky plan and it had a lot of ‘ifs’ in it. But if all of the Victors were from District 2 then it would all be amazing and it could all work out. Distinct 2 would finally be recognize, it would finally be the best. We may even be worthy of not competing in the Games again.

So we got to the square and waited in the lines together. I was so excited about the games. The escort came out and read out the first name and I eagerly volunteered. I smiled and waved and waited for the rest.

Aurora volunteered first out of the girls and she ran up to the stage, her black hair sparkling in the sunlight. We could totally win this thing if we wanted to. We could go home and live in the Victor’s Village and be awesome. It would be perfect.

The rest of the reaping was fun. There were many volunteers, no surprise. But of course our escort could only pick one, the one that volunteered first. It was hard to determine who was picked first though, she just picked randomly I guess.

I looked at Aurora and she looked at me. I knew we were both thinking the exact same thing. Win, for our District, for each other.

Amythyst Daliha (3)

I walked carefully down the winding path from my house to the middle of town. The path was full of mud and dirt and it was hard to see through the thick fog of District 3. My light pink dress standing out as the only colorful color in a sea full of gray.

Step by step, over mud puddles and over the parts of grass that grew through the cracks in the one concrete road that we had. I gave my blood at the check in area for the reaping, wondering if I was going to get picked this year. Wondering if I would survive another Reaping.

I looked around me and most of the people had gotten there already. I stepped into the roped of section for my age group next to a girl with a blue bow in her hair.

Out escort eagerly stepped onto the stage and spoke into the microphone. “WELCOME, WELCOME!” he yelled. “This Hunger Games is unique indeed. For this games is a Quarter Quell! In this games there will be five times the amount of tributes. 5 girls and five boys per district. 6 out of 120 will come home VICTORIOUS!”

Yes, yes, Ravioli, but our District is so unprepared for the Games that none of them will be from District 3. They will all probably be from a Career district because they are bloodthirsty monsters.


“WE CAN START WITH THE BOYS!” Ravioli yelled.

Some names were called and up on the stage stood five different boys. Jago Ludovic, Grizz Barkley, Ashton Liveston, Jason Valdez, and Michael Portal. I can almost guarantee that at least two of them won’t make it out of the bloodbath. Poor guys, they were just starting their lives probably.

“NOW FOR THE GIRLS!” Ravioli yelled. His tendency to yell everything annoyed the crowd greatly.

I stood there for a little while while he called out the names of three girls. He picked up a slip out of the reaping bowl and called it out even louder than before. “AMYTHYST DALIHA!”

It was me. Instantly became tense and walked up to the stage, no one was going to Volunteer for me, no one cared. I stood up there pretty tense waiting for the last girl to be called. Katie was her name.

We all just stood up there and shook hands with each other. We all knew we where doomed, and I wasn’t exactly sure we knew what was going to happen/ We knew that the games would happen and that our death would come soon, but we didn’t know how and by who or what and how painful it would be.

You never really think about death until you know your only days to it.

Evane Xalen (5)

The sound of electrical wires can really chance a person. One second they click and then the next second they five off a spark. My life right now is a click and I’m still kinda waiting for my spark.

My collared skirt annoyed me greatly as I waited for the Reaping to begin. I stood their anxiously, an very peeved off that hardly anyone was even here. I mean it’s a penalty of death people, you can at least show up on time.

The last of the people arrived and I rolled my eyes as they hurried to get to their spots. If they were truly in a hurry to get here, they would’ve gotten here a long time ago.

This year was special though, so I did have to understand if there were nervous. This year was a quarter quell, this year ten tributes from each district would be taken into the arena. Five times the tributes, five times the deaths… minus one because there will be 6 Victors to make the games more fair.

Our escort started talking about it of course. All of the Quarter Quell and the trick and the reasons for it. “Oh then of course there is the 75th hunger Games when the tributes were all past Victors, to show everybody that even the strongest among them weren’t stronger that the lovely, lovely, Capitol.” She giggled a bit and I wanted to puke. “And then the 250th Games rolled around, the 10th Quarter Quell! 9 past tricks, and this, I dare say, is the best on yet! Five times the tributes, five times the action, five times the glory. 10 Tributes from each district, five boys and five girls, so make the citizen of Panem remember the horrible five months of the dark days. Five months, five girls, five boys, 120 tributes. What an exciting twist!”

“Oh yes, yes of course the Treaty of Treason, to recognize the reasons for starting the Hunger Games! To record the details and justify our dear Capitol, the Districts had rebelled against their mother, the Capitol, and therefore committed the act of treason. Going with a fair punishment, the Capitol had no choice but to execute the Hunger Games, two-hundred fifty years ago today.” She smiled, the corner of her lips turning upwards.

“We shall to the girls first this year.” She giggled and called out the names, no volunteers, no complaints, they all expected it anyway. Too much tessera in this District if you ask me. There really should be a limit to how much you can take. Some people have ten brothers and sister, so there you go, 13 extra slips each year. The mom, the dad, the kid, and his/her brothers and sisters.

I looked around at all of the guys. Everyone one of them was nervous but they all tried to look cool. It was pretty funny to see a bunch of guys biting their lips and shaking but standing tall and trying to look awesome as the girls were smiling because they didn’t get picked to die and because they were looking at the boys.

“So for the boys now!” she yelled out. “Who should I pick?” she reached her perfectly manicured hand down into the bowl and moved it around a while for effect, just making all of the boys’ skin crawl, torturing everyone using fear of death.

She finally yanked one out and smiled. She opened her mouth and let out two words. “Evane Xalen.”

Jennifer Davario (6)

I smoothed the crease in my dress and started playing with my fingers while I walked. I couldn’t help but feel really nervous for the Reaping.

I understand that my name is in there like 6 times and all, and there are like 10,000 other slips in there with my 6, but there are five shots to get my name, five shots and I’m not the luckiest person in Panem.

I waited in the line for a little while, my eyes hurting form the sunlight, it was always sunny in District 6, but no one ever had any time t play in the sun.

My wavy brown hair fell into my eyes as they pricked my finger and dabbed it on the paper. I hated it when they did that I could feel the broken skin getting scratched by the fibers of the paper. It felt like sand paper to me but I knew that I was being a wimp.

We all shuffled into the roped off sections our age groups, shoulder to shoulder, hardly room to breathe. We waited for our escort to show up but she was always late. Literally, every reaping that I have been alive for, she has been late to.

She scurried on the stage in her high heels. “Sorry I’m late everybody, important Capitol business.” Funny, she had important Capitol business last year too. “So why don’t we get on with the show, on with it right. Okay so this is the 10th Quarter Quell, the 250th Hunger Games! So of course there is a twist to these games, in this particular games there will be 10 tributes from each district, 5 boys, and 5 girls, to remind us of the terrible 5 months that the Dark Days occurred in. Then of course after those terrible months there was the treaty of treason, that lovely document that started these hunger games two and a half centuries ago.” She blabbed about the Treaty and our District’s Victors for a little while.

“So I think this year we should start with the boys, give them a turn this year.” She spoke. No one really cared what she did, she just picked the names and the boys walked up onto the stage. They stood there sulking until she called the girls names.

I held my breath as she picked four names out. Only one more. I thought to myself.

“Ah, and the last tribute from District 6, Jennifer Davario!” I stood there in horror as she grinned. I had no choise but to walk up and stand there. I shook the hands of my new oppenents. This games should be very interesting.

Aiden Greene (10)


He spoke some more about the Treaty of Treason and then our mayor read out the list of names of our 11 previous Victors. Our District never wins, like ever. One of our last Victors tied 100 years ago, Terri Rosedain, her and her family are actually notorious for being the biggest family to have tributes. Three of them won too, Terri, Aven, and Danica. I think that’s it.

Our escort kept gabbing on and on and wouldn’t draw the names, it seemed as if he was trying to avoid calling them out. “Ah wellm alas I have to pick the names. I’ll start with the girls this year. ZOE ROSEDAIN!”

Oh wow, I was just talking about the Rosedains, I hope I didn’t like jinx her or anything. That would suck.

He continued on with the reaping and he got to the third boy’s name. He pulled it out and shouted. “AIDEN GREENE!”

Chariot Rides

Amaryllis Gold (1)

I looked to my left and to my right and then directly at Andy. We were paired together for our chariot ride, we had matching color outfits and we just went together. “Here we go.” I said.

“Here goes nothing.” He smiled. “Don’t be nervous. If you get nervous just remember that I’m here too. And you know the other 8 people squeezed on the chariot as well.”

“Okay.” I puffed out a breath of air. “Listen, before we go out, there is something that I really have to tell you.” I leaned in towards him with my purple heels that made us almost the same height.

“Yeah, what?” he was playing with one of the gems on my skirt.

“Andy, I’ve always really liked you. For a while now.” I said.

“It’s really funny you mentioned that. I’ve always kinda liked you too.”

“Really?” I asked him.

“Really.” He nodded and stepped a little bit closer to me. He was gorgeous, honestly the hottest guy I’d ever stood next to. Or chariot jerked forward and we all started waving. I moved closer and closer to Andy. I looked him in the eyes. He leaned in and I did too, and I kissed him. I didn’t know what was happening everything was overwhelming. We stopped kissing and went back to waving, our hands held together.

“I think I love you.” I said.

“Good. Because I think I might love you too.

Andy McAlipine (1)

Amaryllis stepped onto the Chariot in her beautifully designed dress and her makeup freshly done. She looked at me and smiled. She looked rather gorgeous. I could tell that this whole thing was very overwhelming for her, it was for me too, but for some reason she mattered more to me.

I looked over at Sam, and she looked fine and happy to be where she was. I shrugged, she didn’t need me at the moment.

“Here goes nothing.” I said to Amaryllis.

She said something but all I got was “-I have to tell you.”

“Yeah what?” I said.

I was playing with the gems on her dress when she said. “Andy, I’ve always liked you. For a while now.”

“It’s funny you say that. I’ve always kinda liked you too.

She asked something I think she said really. So I said really back and our Chariot moved forward. Out with the noise and the crowd cheering and us smiling. I moved closer to her and she moved closer to me too. I caught her eye and we both leaned in.

It wasn’t intentional at all, it was the last thing that we should’ve done. We kissed in front of the whole country. We quickly realized what we were doing a pulled away, thankfully the chariot wasn’t fully out when we were kissing. “I think I love you.” She said to me while smiling.

“Good. Because I think I love you too.”

Quinnstopher Tide (4)

I stood on the Chariot next to Nia Carron. I had been paired with her for some reason, I guess on account that our costumes kind of went together.

She was dressed as a mermaid and I was the male equivalent. With tails and all we smiled and waved and our chariot hobbled over the road.

The crowd cheered and threw things at us, random things like flowers and sparkled and even a few hats and watches and ties. I just smiled and waited for it all to be over.

The only fun part of being in the Hunger Games was being in the Hunger Games if you know what I mean. I couldn’t really show off what I had while standing on a chariot and waving my hand around like an idiot dressed in a merman costumes.

I could just be myself in the games, and I would do well, so you get why I am so anxious to get into them. Fighting is one of my favorite things to do, so of course I want to do it.

We neared then end of the trail and our chariots ducked into their little cave things. I’m so glad that’s over and that I never have to do that ever again.

I looked out at the crowd who seemed to be disappointed that it was over. They didn’t have to worry though, it’s not over until the announce the winners.

===Sabrina Varne (1) ===

I looked over at Shimmer, she was glaring at me. It wasn’t exactly my fault that I was paired with her boyfriend. I looked down at me dress, my petty green dress. I couldn’t wait to see it in action, the light was supposed to hit the dress and reflect a firework pattern thing all around us, we were all different colors too, so it would be a colorful fireworks show.

Our Chariot jerked forward and everything started. The crowd cheered and screamed and threw glitter at us. I looked down at my dress and it suddenly lit up, the colors projected in front of us making beautiful colors. I saw pink, blue, green, and orange. There was no purple.

I looked over to my left and smiled, Amaryllis and Andy were pretty distracted by each other over there. I let it go and looked at Velvet, who was locked in Shimmer. I smiled at the crowd and wondered if the rest of the games would be. I wondered if Amaryllis and Andy would kiss the whole time while Shimmer and Velvet did the same thing as Samantha and Rainette kept to themselves as well as their partners did. If so, this would be a pretty lonely games for me.

Aurora Corteu (2)

I looked at the rock ring that was place on my left hand. Looking at my costume, a plan little dress nothing compared the ones that the District 1 Tributes were wearing. They always were the best.

Draco looked at me and said something but I didn’t catch it. I had my eyes locked in the girl from District 1, the girl dressed in purple.

Their chariot started and moved out and the purple girl leaned into the purple guy. “She better not do it.” I said to Draco.

The purple girl leaned in even more and started to kiss the guy. “What an idiot, it’s okay Aurora, just be happy that you’ll win without having to make-out with something in front of the whole country.”

“Well at least we know one thing.” I looked at Draco and smiled. “That ditz is gonna be my bet kill.” He smiled at me.

“I bet it. I’ve always bet that you’d be great.” He said.

“Thanks Draco, you’re the best friend a girl could ever have.”

“Thanks.” He said as we waved at the crowd, they seemed to love us as much as the District 1’s. I still looked at the purple girl though, not denying that she was tough, but I could beat her.

Draco Thomas (2)

I watch Aurora stare that the girl from 1. I think her name was Amaryllis or something, I didn’t really mind people from the other districts just as long as they didn’t get in my way.

“Aurora, they shouldn’t bother you.” I knew she didn’t like her. Something about pretty girls made other pretty girls angry. Maybe it wasn’t even that, but I noticed that the purple girl was getting friendly with the purple guy.

Their Chariot started and soon enough ours did too. Aurora turned out to be right, they both leaned into each other and she kissed him. I felt Aurora tense up. “What an idiot,” I said, “it’s okay Aurora, just be happy that you’ll win without having to make-out with something in front of the whole country.”

“Well at least we know one thing.” She looked at me sneering, “That ditz is gonna be my bet kill.”

“I bet it. I’ve always bet that you’d be great.” He said.

“Thanks Draco, you’re the best friend a girl could ever have.”

“Thanks,” my heart dropped, I guess I’ll just always be her friend.

Amythyst Daliha (3)

I watched as all of the people in the Chariots got lined up and ready to go and I looked at my reflection in the shiny silver Chariot. My long black dress was so shiny it almost looked like rubber.

Our Chariot took off and everyone cheered for us and threw glitter and things at us. I smiled and waved at them all. The Capitol was such a different place from back home. Back home was dreary and quiet with the exception of the factory noises. This place was loud, and colorful and crazy. I kind of liked it.

I was enjoying it and all but then I realized that it all lead up to death. Of course everything leads up to death but this, this was specifically scary. They were treating is fabulously, like we were famous, we were living like royalty, but in a few weeks most of us would be dead.

It was a sick thing that this country was doing, it’s not right, it’s not good and just hope that someone someday can put a stop to it. I hope that no one else ever has to suffer from this.

Unfortunately I don’t think that is going to happen any time soon.

Evane Xalen (5)

I looked around at the crowd as our chariot hobbled by. District 5’s chariot resembled a hospital where 8 of us were patients being treated after being electrocuted, thankfully I was one of the 2 who was dressed as a doctor.

I looked around at the crowd who seemed white fascinated on our float, they cheered for us and threw flowers and glitter at us. I looked around a pulled off a fake smile. I wasn’t that thrilled to be here.

I was nudged my one of the other tributes on the float to smile so I did, and I started to wave. Not to be really negative or anything but I wasn’t enjoying it and I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it ever.

I don’t think I even want to win really, surviving would be nice but I don’t think I would want to live like this every day for the rest of my life. I don’t know how the past Victors did it, living like this every day, fans and other Capitol people, coming here to mentor, it must be awful.

But then again there is the whole surviving factor….

===Jennifer Davario (6) ===

I looked around at the crowd form my spot up in the sky not daring to do any lower, just staying afloat up there. I looked around at all of them, screaming and cheering for us. Littering the ground with glitter and flowers and hats and everything.

They were all smiling, thrilled to be here. They were alone. I don’t think any of us tribute were thrilled to be here. We knew that it would lead to our death. We al knew we were going to die someday but no one really wants to die on live television in front of the whole country for sport. We all want to die painlessly and quietly without anyone watching us and without somebody murdering us.

I don’t think that’s really going to happen for most of us. Most of us are going to get brutally killed during the games with our mothers crying at home as they watched our blood spill everywhere on TV.

It was too bad that we would die, because being cheered on like this is rather nice. They all loved us, they all wanted to be us. If only they were us, if only the Capitol could be in our shoes. If only they all knew what was going through my mind right now. If they could all see what was happening maybe it would stop. Maybe.

Aiden Greene (10)

Looking at Zoe made me smile, she was very pretty in her chariot costumes, we were all dressed in completely leather, from head to toe. It was fun, he got to look tough while representing our District as well. Cows, leather.

Our chariot lurched forward sending us out into the open. The crowd yelled, screaming our names. Screaming ‘Aiden’ ‘Zoe’.

I looked at Zoe. “Having fun?” I asked her through a smile.

“Sure.” She said as she waved in the other direction.

“Come on I could get used to this?”

“Well feel free to buddy but it’s going to be over in about five minutes.” She said and I laughed.

“Well I think I will. “ I said. I kept waving around at everyone showing off my smile and everything else that I had.

Zoe was right though, it ended soon and we were back in the dark, getting out of our costumes and having it all end. Well it was nice while it lasted.


Training Scores

Amaryllis Gold


Rainiette Veiena


Samantha Alipine


Shimmer Grant


Sabrina Varne


Andy McAlipine


Connor Anderson


Morgan Roders


Velvet Richter


Shine Stonekeep


Daniela Mason


Aurora Corteu


Stefani Arbecca


Abigail Annamason


Arianna Mae


Rowan Dofi


Xavier Pucket


Draco Thomas


Amiro Dinar


Zach Kauffer


Morgana Nelson


Hera Lovegood


Paylee Taylor


Celiene Aster


Amythyst Daliha


Micheal Portal


Jason Valdez


Ashton Liveston


Grizz Barkley


Nia Carron


Birchtree Fishline


Harmony Vowert


Nelly Lowel


Swan Redsands


Quinnstopher Tide


Corbin Blanc


Aegean Jackson


Paul Redsands


Max Ryker


Raine Anderson


Morri Parrish


Shania Cross


Demi Campbell


Forma Montague


Preston Skye


Hunter Delaney


Evane Xalen


Julien Starshard


Marble Grey


Hannah Spayne


Poroi Anderson


Lena Garum


Melody Freeman


Jennifer Davario


Evereno Gustapa


Jayson Machesky


Dylan Chestfield


Darren Camato


Shaun Shay


Bannar Craig


Carmela Hareen


Isabelle Leach


Chandra Creaton


Demy Stone


Devon McKellar


Jacob Cadenson


Naveyn Valete


Jason Stone


Calom Baxxtar


Lynna Khonze


Macenzie Birch


Ekka Carrollwoode


Andrea Kolly


Kalay Sugarstone


Grett Forbes


Cloudy Yukio


Channing Lo


Maylark Flairhart


Stich Reese


Violet Netter


Summer Wilson


Ingrid Harvolte


Nova Star


Nikita Folan


Robert Pendragon


Christian Stoll


Bentley Harshdoop


Joseph Raves


Alo Rage


Courtney Chetwynde


Kyle Lacelynn


Allison Zenith


Murky Deedly


Zoe Rosedain


Aiden Greene


Gunner Pann


Dawnwood Frazz


Ray Oranheather


Jason McGreen


Ravena Hawkeye


Megan Krei


Valina Urdorne


Cylinder Baluha


Cimerella Devina


Abraham Beets


Tristan Free


Eric Braverman


Mike Cress


Nathan Jay


Annie Goodman


Sidney Lynsu


Pollin Graffite


Meebee Doone


Darby Aqua


Kelvin Lynsu


Cedar Clause


North Albinko


Justin Prince


Maa Moo



===Amaryllis Gold (1) ===

I looked nervously into the audience as I walked out. District 1 girls were always first, and I was the first out of them. I was first, I was to kick-off the whole interview show, I was first out of 120 tributes.

“So Amaryllis, your sister, Alice, was called at the Reaping as well. Right?”

“Yes,” I said smiling.

“What were you feeling at that moment.”

“Well of course I was terrified, I was going to volunteer but of course Shimmer Volunteered for her instead.” I smiled at Shimmer.

“Lovely, so Amaryllis we all we quite surprised a few days ago and the tribute parade, when you and Andrew McAlipine shared that spectacular kiss. Care to share more about that?”

“Many people may think that it was just heat of the moment kind of thing, but I think that everything that had ever happened to me was leading up to that moment. I mean, it wasn’t a new thing, I had known Andy before, and I have always kind of liked him and he had always kind of liked me and I guess everything just came out then.”

“How did it feel? For it to finally happen.”

“It felt amazing. I’d been dreaming for it for so long, and I finally happened. I had always thought that no one would ever like me, but I guess I was wrong. I love him and I’m just to happy that we are here together and I hope that we can go home together.”

===Andy McAlipine ===

“Andy, care to share about your sister?” The interviews, Flaire asked, her artificial silver wings fluttering as she spoke.

“Well Sam has always been the best and I love her with all of my heart, so of course when she was reaped and immediately thought that I should volunteer, I want Sam to win, I want her to succeed in life as anyone would wish for their little sister too.” I said.

“How sweet.” She paused. “So Andy, that was some kiss out there, tell us a little bit about that.” Flaire said.

“It was amazing, it was incredibly at the wrong time but it was amazing, I’ve known this girl since we were both 12, and I’ve always liked her that way, just kissing here, being here together, it was absolutely heart-stopping.”

“Well our hearts certainly stopped. Just watching you two kiss was like watching you get married, it may not have seemed like a ig deal to you guys but it was certainly a memorable moment for us.”

“Well then I’m glad that we all got to enjoy it.” I smiled at her. “IT was just a magical moment for us though, it was that moment when you finally realized that everything that you have wished for, for the past I don’t know five years, has finally come true. She is my dream come true, us being together is just amazing.”

“Well I’m glad you feel that way Andy, thank you so much for answering my questions.” She smiled in her silver lipstick and turned to Velvet and talked to him for a while then turned to Shine and then the others.

Quinnstopher Tide (4)

“So Quinn, may I call you Quinn?” the interviewer asked me, her blonde hair wisped behind her head.

“Yes of course.”

“So Quinn, your training score, a 10, that’s amazing! How did you do it?”

“Well I’m not exactly at liberty to say, but I can tell you that I take these games very seriously and I can almost guarantee that you will have me here on this stage in a couple of weeks after I win the games with five other people.”

“I hope to see you up here too, you are quite charming.” Flaire was young, around 30, she was very pretty and Capitol like and she was flirting with all of the male tributes so far, all of them but Andy, who has proved his point that he has a girlfriend. “So do you have a girlfriend?”

“No not at the moment but I’ll probably get one pretty soon, when I get home there are probably going to be some girls eager to see me.”

“Yeah, almost defiantly. So Quinn, you seem pretty confident.”

“My motto, why not be confident if you have an advantage?”

“I like that, but what is your advantage?”

“My advantage, well you guys will have to wait and see.” I smiled at her and then at the audience, the sponsors already lining up to sponsor me.

Sabrina Varne (1)

I sat next to Shimmer as Flaire talked to her about Velvet. Flare was done and them she started talking to me, her silvery makeup looking incredibly flaky up close. My green jewels sparkling in the lights.

“So Sabrina, how is the Capitol different from back home?”

“Well for starters the clothes, our fantastic stylists have given us amazing opportunities here, giving us extraordinary outfits and shoes and our Prep Team doing our makeup perfectly every time.”

“Anything else?”

“I think the environment, District 1 is very quiet and independent sort of. The Capitol is very welcoming and joyful, it’s a like a little party all the time over here!”

“That sounds about right, a party all the time. So Sabrina, we’ve heard from others that you and Amaryllis are pretty good friends, what’s it like being here with her?”

“It’s really nice being here with a friend, it just makes it a little bit more fun, I am really happy that I get this great opportunity that other tributes have never gotten to have, I got to bring 4 other girls with me to the Capitol, the more the merrier as people always say.”

“Exactly what I always say! Thank you Sabrina and thank you Amaryllis, Samantha, Rainette and Shimmer as well. DISTRICT 1 GIRLS EVERYBODY!” I looked at Amaryllis and smiled, this was going pretty well, so I’m happy.

Aurora Corteu (2)

I waited and waited and waited for Flaire to shut up as she introduced us all. I played with my dress which un an awkward shade of light pink. I was fine with the dress but I looked the most girly out of all of us just because I was in pink.

“So Aurora, a 9? Impressive.”

“Thanks Flaire, I wasn’t exactly sure how I managed to pull that off.”

“Well we were sure all impressed.”

“Oh I was too.” I smiled. All of that was fake, I knew that I wanted and I knew what was going to happen and how I was going to do. I just didn’t know how long it would take.

“So, back home, family, friends?”

“Yeah, my mom.” I smiled. I never really liked to talk about her, she and I always had a pretty awkward relationship.

“Any friends?”

“Yeah, but my best friend is here with me, Draco Thomas? From my District?”

“Oh, a boy, is he more than a friend perhaps?” she eyes, her eye brows raising and her eyes widening.

“I think so, I hadn’t ever thought about it until a couple nights ago, but I think he could be more than a friend to me.” I smiled, I hadn’t ever thought about it until the purple girl and the purple guy had kissed. If it could happen for her why couldn’t it happen for me?

Draco Thomas (2)

I couldn’t believe Aurora had said that about me, she smiled as she passed me as they girls exited. I walked out with a smiled on my face. Flaire introduced everyone and started talking to me. “So Draco, we all know you know Aurora, so what’s going on with you two?”

“I never really thought she knew I liked her, but I guess I was wrong. It’s quite a surprise for me, I’m just as surprised as you are, I didn’t find out till five minutes ago but yeah, I guess that since we are both here everything is changing. I kind of like it.”

“Oh how sweet,” she said, her golden dress shining so bright under the stage lights. “So Draco, a 10? Wow!”

“Yeah, I just showed the Gamemakers what I had, and there is more to come with that.” I smiled.

“Well that’s amazing, a 10!”


“So are you ready, you know for the games?”

“Yeah, yeah I am, all of the other tributes better watch out, because I am ready, and I think that I can win.”

“Well I think you have a pretty good chance.” She smiled at me, her silver lipstick cracking a bit. “Thank you Draco, and good luck to you in the games!”

Amythyst Daliha (3)

I walked out a bit nervously and took a seat next to the interviewer, Flaire. She smiled at all of us, she pretended that she was our friend, when really she was just here to get our secrets out.

She introduced us all and smiled again. She looked towards me. “So Amythyst, are you ready?”

“I think so.” I smiled to, my lipstick almost glowing under the strong lights. “I hope at least.”

Flaire laughed. “Well I think you’re ready. With that 7 of yours I wouldn’t be scared. You’ve built yourself up here in the Capitol miss, you’ve got hardly anything to worry about.”

“Well thank you.” I smiled again. Not really knowing what to say next I just kept smiling.

“We all expect a lot from all of you tributes in the games.” She went on to talk to the others and I felt so stupid. She moved along from me so fast, that must’ve been the shortest thing ever. I wasn’t going to get any sponsors, I wasn’t going to get anything in the games, and even if I made it out of the bloodbath and wasn’t attacked my any animals or tributes I would die of hunger. It is the Hunger Games after all.

I just played with my shiny dress and looked at the audience, it was Hunger Games.

Evane Xalen (5)

I looked around nervously, holding my hands in my lap as Flaire talked to the others.

I looked at her, her light blonde hair and she silvery wings. She was pretty, she would be prettier if she didn’t look insane.

She started talking to me now, her eyes blinking incredibly fast, and her long black eyelashes moving so fast that you couldn’t even see her eyes let alone look into them.

“So Evane, you have any family at home.”

“Uh yeah, but it’s nothing much ,just a mom and a dad, that’s it.”

“Well that sounds like a lovely family Evane, is there anything you miss right now?”

“Yeah… of course I miss them, but you know how there is this one thing that you are so used to hearing. Something that is around you so much that it just makes you feel at home. Well here, I miss the sound of electric circuitry sparking. It always reminds me of the spark in life. How there is always a spark in your life no matter what it is. I think that without it here, I’m encouraged to find mine. I think I’ll find it too, I think I have a chance of winning this thing.”

“Well you have as much of a chance as everyone else does and no less Evane, we all believe in you, you should go and find your spark, and don’t stop because we all know that you’ll find it.” She smiled at me and then went onto the next tribute.

Jennifer Davario (6)

I walked nervously out onto the stage, passing the District 5 boys as they exited. I slightly envied them, they had finished their interview when mine was just about to start.

I looked at Flaire, the new interviewer who had the job for I think only last year and this year. She smiled at us with her bright white teeth as her artificial fairy wings fluttering just as fast as her eyes blinked.

She had introduced all of us and then turned to me, smiling. “So Jennifer, a 7? That is pretty impressive. Can you tell us what you did?”

“I can’t tell you what I did, but I can tell you that I tried my hardest and showed the Gamemakers what I was made of. I wasn’t sure how they’d take it but I guess they took it well.”

“They certainly did, a 7 Is pretty impressive.”

“Why thank you.”

“No problem, so Jennifer, what are you most looking forward to in the games?”

“I think I’m most looking forward to the allies. You’ll make friends here that you’ll never forget. And I’m looking forward to making very good friends. I hope that I’ll get to keep them until the end, and I hope that I’ll make it to the end.” I really did, I really with a passion want to make it to the end and win, but even if I didn’t I would want my death to be meaningful, I don’t want to die like a weakling, I want to die a hero.

“And I’m sure we all want you to make it too the end too, thank you Jennifer.”

Aiden Greene (10)

I looked at the audience staring into all of their eyes, wanting them to sense my anger. I wasn’t going to be treated like a tribute, like something that had to be given up for a punishment, no, I wouldn’t be treated like that. I’d make it far into the games and show them that the District’s aren’t to be messed with that I am not to be messed with.

“So Aiden,” Flaire interrupted my deep thought, “so how was home, is there anything about it that is like here?”

“No not really, home is really different than here. At home there was dirt everywhere and everyone was working, here it’s a party all the time.” I smiled into the crowd.

“That’s part of what makes me love this place.” She smiled too. “So what did you do at home, did you have a job?”

“Yes, I branded the animals back home. It was a simple job but not many people know how to do it so they’d send their animals to me and I’d brand them for them. At home there are a lot of animals and I’ve probably seen all of them on one day or another.”

“I love animals, what was your favorite?”

“I like horses particularly, they are such amazing animals.” Notice the past tense in her questions, and my persistent attempts to change them to present tense. “They are beautiful and majestic. They always reminded me of freedom and freedom is something everybody wants right?”


Death Chart

Placing Tribute Killed By
120th Mike Cress (11) muttations, eaten alive
119th Joseph Raves (9) muttations, eaten alive
118th Shaun Shay (6) muttations, eaten alive
117th Alo Rage (9) muttations, eaten alive
116th Nathan Jay (11) muttations, eaten alive
115th Nelly Lowel (4) muttations, legs bitten off
114th Cedar Clause (12) muttations, trampled
113th Stich Reese (8) muttations, head ripped off
112th Maa Moo (12) muttations, trampled
111th Christian Stroll (9) Aurora Corteu, knife in the chest
110th Cylinder Baluha (11) muttations, trampled
109th Bannar Craig (7) Aurora Corteu, knife in the neck
108th Isabelle Leach (7) Amaryllis Gold, arrow in the back
107th Justin Prince (12) Andy McAlipine, decapitated
106th Ashton Liveston (3) Andy McAlipine, axe in the back
105th Darren Camato (6) Aurora Corteu, knife in the face
104th Julien Starshard (5) Amaryllis Gold, arrow in the throat
103rd Raine Anderson (5) Devon McKellar, sword through the chest
102nd Paul Redsands (4) Devon McKEllar, sword in the back
101st Corbin Blanc (4) DEvon McKellar, legs cut off
100th Devon McKellar (7) Amaryllis Gold, jammed in arrow into face repeatedly.f
99th Cloudy Yukio (8) Aurora Corteu, knife throgh the leg
98th Grizz Barkley (3) Draco Thomas, mace in the chest
97th Tristan Free (11) Dracon Thomas, maced into a mutt and then eaten
96th Velvet Richter (1) Aurora Corteu, knife in the back

Paylee Taylor (3)

muttation, trampled and then eaten
94th Channing Io (8) muttation, eaten alive
93th Lynna Khonze (8) Draco Thomas, axe to the face
92nd Naveyn Valete (7) Aurora Corteu, knife in the throat
91st Morgana Nelson (3) Amaryllis Gold, arrow in the neck
90th Macenzie Birch (8) Amaryllis Gold, sword in the chest
89th Morgan Roders (1) Aurora Cortue, knife in the back
88th Amiro Dinar (2) muttation, eaten alive
87th Dylan Chestfield (6) Draco Thomas, mace in the back
86th Hunter Delaney (5) Arianna Mae, knife in the skull
85th Pollin Graffite (12) Arianna Mae, knife in the chest
84th Arianna Mae (2) muttation, head bitten off
83rd Kalay Sugarstone (8) Amaryllis Gold, arrow in the back
82nd Annie Goodman (12) Sam McAlipine, sword in the chest
81st Andrea Kolly (8) Sam McAlipine, decapitated
80th Marble Grey (5) Shimmer Grant, mace in the neck
79th Sidney Lynsu (12) Shimmer Grant, knife in the face
78th Michael Portal (3) Shimmer Grant, mace in the back
77th Meebee Doone (12) Amythyst Daliha, knife in the back
76th Harmony Vowert (4) Amythyst Daliha, knife in the neck
75th Gunner Pann (10) Shine Stonekeep, axe in the chest
74th Stefani Arbecca (2) muttaion, eaten alive
73rd Jason McGreen (10) Aurora Corteu, knife in the throat
72nd Morri Parrish (5) muttation, head bitten off
71st Courtney Chetwynde (10) Aurora Cortue, knife in the back
70th Nova Star (9) Draco Thomas, sword in the face
69th Ravena Hawkeye (11) Amaryllis Gold, arrow in the chest
68th Jago Ludovic (3) Andy McAlipine, axe in the neck
67th Kyle Lacelynn (10) Amaryllis Gold, Arrow in the face
66th Poroi Anderson (6) Draco Thomas, sword through the chest
65th Melody Freeman (6) Zoe Rosedain, rock thrown at face
64th Dawnwood Frazz (10) Aurora Cortue, axe in the face
63rd Carmela Hareen (7) Shimmer Grant, mace in the face (rhymes!!)
62nd Preston Skye (5) Zoe Rosedain, axe in the chest
61st Ray Oranheather (10) Aiden Greene, stomped in his heart literally
60th Aiden Greene (10) Zoe Rosedain, stabbed repeatedly
59th Jacob Cadenson (7) Sam McAlipine, sword in the chest
58th Ingrid Harvolte (9) Jennifer Davario, knfie in the back
57th Nia Carron (4) Jennifer Davario, knife in the throat
56th Summer Wilson (9) Amaryllis Gold, arrow in the eye
55th Maylark Flairhart (8) scary moss
54th Kelvin Lynsu (12) scary moss
53rd Demi Campell (5) scary moss
52nd Birchtree Fishline (4) scary moss
51st Daniela Mason (2) scary moss
50th Shimmer Grant (1) scary moss
49th Evereno Gustapa (6) volcano
48th Jayson Machesty (6) volcano
47th Rowan Dofi (2) volcano
46th Aegean Jackson (4) volcano
45th Demy Stone (7) volcano
44th Connor Anderson (1) volcano
43rd Ekka Carrollwood (8) volcano
42nd Ceiline Aster (3) volcano
41st Allison Zenith (10) volcano
40th Jason Valdez (3) volcano
39th Darby Aqua (12) volcano
38th Abraham Beets (11) volcano
37th Swan Redsands (4) volcano
36th North Albinko (12) volcano
35th Zach Kaufer (2) Aurora Corteu, stabbed to death
34th Abigail Anamason (2) Amaryllis Gold, hit in the face with a sword
33rd Shine Stonekeep (1) Aurora Corteu, knife in the back
32nd Samantha McAlipine (1) Aurora Corteu, knife in the side
31st Violet Netter (9) Draco Thomas, slit throat
30th Robert Pendragon (9) Aurora Corteu, stabbed in the back
29th Forma Montague (5) Auroar & Draco, bomb
28th Zoe Rosedain (10) Aurora & Draco, bomb
27th Eric Braverman (11) Aurora & Draco, bomb
26th Lena Garum (6) Murky Deedle, stabbed in the stomach
25th Chanra Creaton (7) Valine Urdone, clipped in the throat
24th Valina Urdone (11) Grett Forbes, stabbed with a spear
23rd Xavier Pucket (2) Grett Forbes, sword through the stomach
22nd Grett Forbes (8) Xavier Pucket, stabbed in the back
21st Murky Deedle (10) Nightlock gas
20th Max Ryker (4) Nightlock gas
19th Hera Lovegood (3) Nightlock gas
18th Jason Stone (7) Rain Veien, stabbed in the heart
17th Jennifer Davario (6) Rain Veiena, sword
16th Bentley Harshdoop (9) Sabrina Varne, maced
15th Rainette Veiena (1) Aurora Corteu, stabbed
14th Hannah Spayne (6) Sabrine Varne, heart stepped on
13th Evane Xalen (5) Sabrina Varne, stabbed in the back
12th Shania Cross (5) Draco Thomas, stabbed
11th CAlom Baxxtar (7) Aurora Corteu, choked
10th Megan Krie Amaryllis Gold, unknown
9th Cimerella Devina (11) Aurora Corteu, throwing knife
8th Nikita Folan (9) Sabrina Varne, stabbed
7th Amythyst Daliha (3) Quinnstopher Tide, sword in the stomach
Victor Amaryllis Gold (1) -
Victor Sabrina Varne (1) -
Victor Andy McAlipine (1) -
Victor Aurora Corteu (2) -
Victor Draco Thomas (2) -
VIctor Quinn Tide (4) -

Day 1-The Bloodbath

**Not edited, though will be edited soon**

Day 1

Aurora Corteu’s POV

I winced under the sudden blinding light as I rose on my pedestal into the arena. When I could feel the strong light fade, I opened my eyes to see all 120 of us in a giant circle surrounding a silver cornucopia. The cornucopia was definitely farther away than it had been in previous games; though I guess in comparison having 24 tributes over 120 tributes would make different size circles.

My ready eyes examined the weapons around the cornucopia first. Then when I saw the perfect weapon, a pack of what looked like 12 throwing knives. I grinned and shifted my body to look at the surrounding tributes. A person could easily tell the noncareers from the careers; the careers had ready game faces on, while the noncareers, looked scared and confused. I spotted a few noncareers close to me, though I couldn’t remember their names. Not that I needed to know them, they’d be dead soon enough.

The 10-second count down caught my attention. My gaze flickered over to the huge countdown screen. I got ready to run for the throwing knives. Twelve knives should be enough, but I decided in those final seconds to go for the sword next to the knives too. I could feel my heart pounding-not from being nervous, but from being excited. My heart beat with the countdown.










I practically leaped off the pedestal and sprinted to my weapons. I glanced around to see I was one of the first to the cornucopia. I put the sword in the holster on my belt and snatched up the throwing knives. Half I put in my belt, the other half I gripped in my hands, ready. I spotted a noncareer running in and knew they were my first target. The knife left my hand instinctively and lodged itself into the tribute’s chest. He dropped in a second, already dead.

I saw a girl and threw one at her; the knife was in her neck before she could scream. That was two. I went hunting for another tribute, but something made me stop. About twenty mutts came running in. They all looked like wild dogs, except they had two, sharp, curved horns on their heads. I knew they could do some serious damage just by looking at them. I ran as fast as I could away from the mutts. Luckily none of them came at me, but they all went running at a tribute, as if they knew their target before they even came into the cornucopia area. Blood and dead bodies started to slowly decorate the arena. Screaming and crying echoed everywhere.

I ignored the mutts who were almost all dead, they turned out not to be as vicious as I expected, though at least 25 tributes must have died from them. A male tribute ran right past me, and I went after him. I killed him in seconds, smiling at my handiwork. “Three down, a whole lot more to go,” I said to myself.

Amythyst Daliha’s POV (Before the mutts attacked)

I stumbled out of the arena, I could barely see because blood decorated my eyesight. I had a weapon and a backpack, which was pretty good since I wasn’t a career. Luckily was injured, just one mutt had tried to go after me, but someone killed it before it could do more than graze it’s claws on my arm. Blood from the mutt splattered all over me, covering my face which I bet made me look like a half dead zombie.

I reached some trees and knew I was away from the cornucopia. I kept running though, not wanting to think about being caught by the careers. There were so many of them, I wouldn’t want to get caught near them. I suddenly heard barking and screaming coming from behind me, but it seemed too distant to be of danger to me. Looks like I got out of there just in time.

When I finally felt like I had run far enough, I stopped and looked around. My breathing was heavy and I was panting, but other than that I felt fine. I wiped the blood from my face and did my best to clean it off on my pants. I thought about rubbing it off in the grass, but if another tribute came by here, they’d known someone had been here recently. I wasn’t that stupid.

I took a minute to observe my surroundings. A few scattered ponds were in my view. Tall, green trees and rolling hills of all shapes and sizes surrounded me, but the air was humid and the ground was moist. The ground felt like some kind of moss under my feet, but when I stopped to feel it, I realized that it was wet. I didn’t understand how that worked, but I wasn’t about to start questioning the game makers.

I walked awhile more before my feet started to hurt. I slumped down against a tree, satisfied that I had gone far enough. I felt a wave of relief suddenly come over me. I had made it alive out of the cornucopia area and I was uninjured. Now that was something to be proud of. Maybe I could do this. Maybe I could win this whole thing.

Sabrina Varne’s POV (A few minutes after the mutt attack)

I jumped over yet another dead body lying in the grass. Most of the careers were being ruthless as expected, killing anyone who came too close. I was one of them, I’d know. But I was different. I wasn’t killing anyone who came too close. If a tribute attacked me, well, that would be a different thing. So far two tributes had attacked me, but having the training I had back in my district, I took them out easily. Neither one of them did any harm at all. By now, most of the noncareer tributes were gone or dead.

I just stood there, watching the tributes and constantly turning to make sure no one was sneaking up on me. In a few minutes after all of the noncareer tributes were gone, the careers all screamed in victory at their job well done. I join in on the victory screech, not wanting to stick out. The careers all started gathering up the remaining supplies scattered around and in the cornucopia. I again joined in. Not much was left, but by the time we were done, every last backpack, weapon, etc. was off the ground and in someone’s possession. I had grabbed a backpack, so now I had two weapons and a backpack.

One of the careers I didn’t recognize called us all together. He started speaking, “Wow, you guys are all killing machines! Half of the tributes must be gone! That’s pretty good I think. Now we need to talk game plan. I’m thinking we split up into groups of three. One group to stay here and guard the cornucopia, and two other groups to go out and hunt for tributes. There is probably about-,” He paused and looked around, “-thirty of us, so we can have three groups of ten. Yeah, that sounds good,”

No one argued, just nodded. It wasn’t a bad plan, but it wasn’t what I would’ve done if I was in charge. Not that I wanted to argue with him, that could most certainly mean my death. I held my tongue and nodded with the rest of the careers.

“Good, now let’s get to work,” The career who had crowned himself leader said.

Andy McAlipine (1)

I awoke to the sound of screaming in the distance and instantly grabbed the axe laying to my right. I looked for Sam, she was still sleeping. I looked for Amaryllis, who was nowhere in sight.

“Mer?” I called out to her. “Mer are you here?” I yelled.

“I’m right here.” She laughed, her luminous bow glittering as she walked in the moonlight. It was early in the morning on Day 2. VERY early in the morning. “What do you think that was?” she asked me.

“I don't know, but I’m not going to wait for it to kill me.” He said. “We have to go see what it is you know that right?”he said.

“Well duh.” She smiled and started running toward the repeating screams. We stood in a clearing not far from where we heard a screams. I saw the light of a fire flickers and many bodies moving.

“An alliance.” She whispered as screams echoed on. “I think they all are dying.” She said.

“What could kill all of them though?” I asked.

“Poison maybe? Anything here.” She said. She walked slowly up behind a tree and peeked her head through. I slowly followed putting my hands on her warm shoulder. I looked at the dozen tributes laying on the ground covered in green, buzzing, moss. I heard Amaryllis scream and instantly step back.

“It’s the moss!” she yelled. “It’s decomposing their bodies!” she yelled. I quickly waited for one of the tributes to turn their heads. Nothing. All I could see was the metallic number 11, twitching for a few short seconds before the moss covered it and soon ate away the fabric. The sight was utterly disgusting, at one moment they were human, and beautiful and warm beings, the next they were covered from head to toe in moss, the last, they were pink, raw-skinned, tiny, curled-up figures still screaming and waiting to die.

We made it back to our camp slowly horrified at the sight in front of us. Three girls in our Alliance, Birchtree, Shimmer and Daniela had touched the mysterious moss as well. They must’ve been asleep when they touched it, and all that was left of them now was their arena uniforms.

Day 3


I woke up to the startling noise of a loud boom. I didn’t know what it was but I ran. I turned left and right trying to see exactly what it was but I couldn’t see anything in the thick trees. I quickly moved away from the little dip in the arena, whatever it was I wouldn’t be safe in a crater in the middle of the place. I ran towards the river that I had seen earlier. And I walked from there to a large tree and slowly climbed it.

I looked at the large volcano at the opposite side of the arena. Just as I thought, that loud boom noise came from the volcano and red-hot lava started spewing out of it. I watched as the lava streamed down the sides and killed few tributes, their cannons being projected through the arena.

A few more.

One more.


A few more.

And then some really loud screams.

I put my hand over my stomach as the lava sunk into the ground and was absorbed by the grass around it. IT seemed that this arena trick only lasted a few minutes but killed many tributes. I guess I was safe. For now that is.


“AMARYLLIS!” I screamed as I finally woke her up, we were camping at the ground level near the volcano that had just started making odd gurgling noises.

“What!” she yelled.

“We have to go!” I screamed as she grabbed her backpack and followed Samantha and Draco.

“QUINN?” I yelled as I saw him running back.

“It should be safe that way, the farther the better.” He said as he ran after them.

I looked up as some lava dripped over the sides of the mouth of the volcano and streamed down quickly.

I started running after them, not caring about the rest of the people in our alliance, there were too many of us anyway, it would be better if there were less.

I heard various screams as I finally caught up to Amaryllis. She climbed to the top of a large tree and grabbed my hand as I climbed up too.

I held onto a hook-like branch on the tree trunk as the ground started to shake. Multiple cannons sounded through the arena, making the ground shake even more so. We had narrowly escaped that trap, and I wondered which would be the one to finally get us.the Games


I looked at the night sky on Day 4, it was probably around 4 or 5 in the morning when Amaryllis came out of the girls’ tent. “Hey.” I said. “Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” I asked.

“Sure,” she said, “but I’m not so yeah…” Her hair was tangled and she had a knife in her hand. She slowly skinned the bark off the tree to her left, using her left hand as she slowly worked.

We didn’t talk for a while, I just watched her cut at that random tree.

“Quinn,” she started.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“I can ask you a question right?” she asked.


“You… not that there’s anything wrong with it…. But you…. You didn’t kill anyone.” She said. “You barely even touched a weapon.” She said. “Why?”

I stopped for a second. “Because… it didn’t feel right.” He said. “there were 60 of them that died that they just by being here. IT’s not wrong to kill them to win, that’s what I came here to do, but I just didn’t want to kill them just to kill them then, when I kill somebody I want it to be because they are either threatening me or someone I love, not just to get ahead.” I said. “But they already threatened you. So for you it was okay. They threatened your sister. You’re gonna get back to her you know.” I said.

“What?” she asked.

“If any of us are getting back home, it’s going to be you.” He said.

“Sure.” She said. “Have fun once you get home.” She smiled at me. There was a part of me that wanted more than anything to go home, but another part that just wanted her to.\

Day 5


I was early in the morning when I woke up to the horrible scream of my little sister Sam. “YOU B****!” I heard Amaryllis yell.

I got up and ran to Sam, a knife in her side. “AURORA!” I yelled.

Amaryllis took a sword that was leaning on the tree beside her and launched it towards Aurora. She missed, but managed to hit Abigail Anamason.

It seemed that Aurora had gathered up the tributes from District 2, and had planned to kill the rest of us in our sleep.

“GET OVER HERE!” I heard Amaryllis yelled as she grabbed a knife and ran towards Aurora who started running away along with Draco, the only remaining District 2 tributes after Amaryllis killed Abigail and Zach was lying on the floor dead.

“Sam.” I whispered quietly. No one else was awake, we were basically alone.

“Andy?” she whispered, but then she went limp and her pulse was no more.

“Sam…” I said quietly.

Anger surged through me as I laid her down gently on the ground and took the knife out of her side.

“YOU KILLED MY SISTER!” I yelled as ran after then all.

I got over there to see Amaryllis on top of Aurora and Draco watching from ten feet away. Amaryllis had a knife to Aurora’s neck. “APOLOGIZE! APOLOGIZE NOW B****!” she screamed. “YOU’RE SO DEAD YOU B****! WHY THE FREAK DID YOU KILL HER! WE’RE IN A FREAKING ALLIANCE YOU B****. YOU’VE MADE YOURSELF A FREAKING EMENY AND REMEMBER THIS IF IT COMES DOWN TO ME AND YOU, YOU BETTER WATCH OUT BECAUSE YOU’VE MADE ME ANGRY.” She punched her in the face and walked away with bloody scratches all over her arms and her fist red with someone’s blood.

“I’m so sorry Andy.” She cried. “I’m so sorry we didn’t wake up in time.” Amaryllis whispered and hugged me.

“Me too.” I whispered as the sky became cloudy and it slowly began to rain.


It was probably around 11 in the morning on Day 5 when we finally found them. We were hunting them for hours…

Draco and I were looking for an alliance, an alliance that we would take out. There were like 20 of us left. So it would help us even more to get them out of the game

“Are you sure this is gonna work?” Draco asked me.

“I’m positive. I didn’t watch the losers from District 3 for hours during training for nothing.” I replied.

In the past couple hours we had received the sponsor gift of a timed bomb. IF I knew how to set it off right Draco and I would get away fine. If not… uh yeah.

I didn’t really know how to use it, but hopefully if we ran fast enough we wouldn’t die. I hope we wouldn’t though… we were the last ones from 2 left. If we died then it’d bring shame to our District, with 10 of us going in they would expect 5 to come out… but now they could have as little as 0 depending on how the rest of the games went.

“Okay.” He said. “So it looked like a couple are on watch, so we kill them and leave the bomb there to explode?”

“Yep.” I replied. “You get the girl and I’ll take the big guy over there.” I smirked.

I slowly crept up behind the boy from 9, quietly hiding in the bushes behind him with the bomb in my hand. I stuck my knife into his back as he fell over.

The girl was already dead, she was half asleep when Draco slit her throat. He gave me the thumbs up and started running away, a pressed the bomb onto the ground and pressed the large red button.



It counted out. I started running away as fast as I could from that stop, I tripped over the root of a tree and quickly jumped up.

I didn’t know if I was far enough away or not so I kept running.

I didn’t know how much time was left but then I ran into Draco.







The bomb exploded, and it turned out that we weren’t far enough away, fire lit all around us as Draco pushed us through thesmoke.

We ran for quite some time with the flames following us, we finally jumped into a stream and were safe.

5 down. Only like a dozen more to go.


I watched them closely from the trees, it seemed that two Alliances had met up, and weren’t that friendly towards each other.

They all stood there watching each other closely, waiting for the others to make the first move. I recognized one to me Lena Garum from District 6 on one side and Murky Deedly from District 10 on the other.

Lena stepped forward with a spear in her hand and lunged at Murky, but she was too fast. Murky tripped Lena and stabbed her in her stomach. IT was as if this was a little mini bloodbath.

Chandra Creaton from a District that I couldn’t remember was clipped in the throat by a girl named Valina, who was soon after that killed herself by Grett Forbs.

Grett Forbs managed to get into a sprawl with a boy from 2 who must’ve decided not to ally with the Careers. The rest of the living tributes ran away as Grett was stabbed in the back by Xavier.

But before Xavier had the chance to run away Grett grabbed his sword from the ground and stabbed Xavier through the stomach, leaving both of them slowly dying.

I decided to head back to my Alliance, the rest of the tributes bored me. Nothing was happening in the arena tonight and I guess that was a good thing.

I sat down next to the sleeping emembers of my Alliance and laid my head agains thte tree.


Day 4 Stats

The District 1 & 4 Alliance is doing well with only Amaryllis, Andy, Sabrina, Rainette, and Quinn left. They are really peeved off at Aurora and Draco but I think they'll get over it. Nope I'm pretty sure they want to murderously kill both Aurora and DRaco but hey we can loook at the bright side.

The District 2 Alliance of Draco and Aurora are okay now, they are pretty full of it now that they've wiped out 5 tributes in 5 minutes but they'll snap out of that once they go to the mandatory bloodbath tomorrow. 20 opponents seems like nothing compared to 118, but Katniss had to face 23 and she like almost died so this isn't really a walk in the park.

Alliance 3 has sadly been qiped out ;(

Alliance 4 only consists of Max Ryker and Hera Lovegood, but they did maintain some supplies from thier dead allies.

Alliance 5 is doing really badly with only Murky Deedly lviing to tell the tale of thier troubles, but Murky is doing alright personally seeing as she has the food of 5 people all to herself now. She's pretty scared about the bloodbath though, she doesn't think she;ll go. Boy is she in for a surprise!

That'll be all my little tributes, -President Aurora (hehehehehh)

Day 6


I woke up earlier then everyone in my alliance, luckily saying silent goodbyes without responses and taking my sword as I walked back to the Cornucopia. I made my way to the area near the large metal contraption and climbed the nearest tree up to the top, keeping a close watch on everyone that was coming. I knew not everyone would come, but I knew that the Careers certainly would.

I saw two figures emerging from the other side of the top of the hill. The cornucopia area was in a sort of pit, a little dip in the ground with trees on the steep areas and fluffy grass in the middle. IT was rather large so I didn’t recognize the figures until they were rather close.

It was a boy and a girl, from 2 according to their shirts. I knew the Careers would’ve split up at some point but I never thought that it’d be this soon in the game. Actually I never really thought that the game would go this fast. I mean 6 days so far and 101 tributes have already passed. I guess the games couldn’t be too long or else the audience would lose interest. Maybe it’s better this way anyway, this way we don’t have that vacuum feeling inside out guts. The feeling everyone gets when they’re nervous.

The boy and the girl from 2 sat down and waited for a while. Five more figures slowly ran down the hill, three girls and two boys. They walked closer and kept their distance from the tributes from 2, I then realized they were the remaining careers. There were 30 of them at the beginning, and only 7 of them now. If anything seemed like a very little amount, the number of Careers was certainly one of them.

There was a sort of empathy in the girls over in one alliance. For a moment I thought that the shortest one saw me, her light brown hair waving in the gentle breeze. What I personally didn’t understand is why they didn’t go at it right now. Why they didn’t attack at this moment. I guess it just cause more trouble, I guess they knew that if they dared to attack the fight would be just as awful as the bloodbath in the beginning.

The sun made its way across the sky and I high above my head. The last few people as I assumed made their way into the area. There were four male shapes and six female shapes keeping a good six yards away from each other. That made 18 of us. 18, and the other 3 would die. “TRIBUTES.” The same voice I heard last night spoke again. “STAY WHERE YOU ARE.” It spoke again. “THOSE OF YOU THAT HAVE CHOSEN TO FIGHT, STEP INTO THE MIDDLE, STAND AROUND THE CORNUCOPIA, AND PLACE ALL OF YOUR WEAPONS AND BELONGINGS IN THE CENTER. THOSE OF YOU WHO DECIDE NOT TO, WELL… WE HAVE WAYS TO DEAL WITH YOU IF YOU DO NOT CHOOSE TO COOPERATE.” Of course everyone did as was said as none of us really wanted to deal with being struck by artificial lightning out of nowhere but there was an empty feeling in all of us. The Careers were angry because they had lost the weapon that they’d had so many of. The rest of us were angry because we’d worked ever harder to get the weapons by risking our lives even further, but there was the satisfaction of starting over. This way everyone would have an ‘even’ chance. None of us would have any weapons, it’d be a fresh start.


Suddenly out of nowhere a glass dome dropped around us, trapping us inside. Or possibly trapping everyone outside…


We all instantly ran to the glass dome and pounded on it fiercely. We watched as a light purplish-blue colored gas poured into the sky outside of the dome. Quickly filling up the sky and basically everything all around the dome. I saw the shadows of two figures running towards the dome and pounding on the glass right in front of me.

Their movements suddenly got much softer and a heard a cannon. One dead tribute. The two figures that were still alive kept banging but slowly sank down into a pile on the ground. Two more cannons, two more dead tributes.

“What is that stuff!” I yelled to Rain.

“I don't know.” She said.

“It’s nightlock, converted into gas.” Quinn said. “Kills in less than a minute.”

“Those poor people…” I heard someone say. No one could experience swallowing nightlock and live to tell the tale, but some people say it’s painless, others say it’s a pretty good way to die. The berries taste sweet and creamy. IF they weren’t poisonous the Capitol would have a whole district supplying them. I’d hoped that is what the tributes just experienced, something really sweet and eve thought they were scared out of their minds for those 60 seconds they still could’ve possibly enjoyed dying…. Yeah I know it’s stupid but I still tried to make myself feel better.

Out of nowhere a gray steam started to come in through the top of the glass dome. “OKAY NOW WHAT THE FREAK IS THAT.” Amaryllis yelled but no one had time to answer. We all suddenly collapsed no the ground still breathing but our eyes closed in a deep hibernation.


I woke up, carefully going into a standing position. A Peacekeeper was standing at a doorway. I looked around to see that I was in the same dark, tribute launching room as I was in 5 days ago. “Get in.” The peacekeeper said. “You haven’t won yet, but you’ve made it this far.” He said, “30 seconds in countdown.” He said as the clear door to the tribute tube closed.




The pedestal started rising, I could see the light above me.



I looked at all of the tributes rising around me. They all looked confused, but ready to fight again.





I positioned myself as the clock boomed around us. I wasn’t ready. No one truly was.






Instantly everything went silent. I ran as fast as I could to the center of the arena. The Careers from 1 and 4 got there before me, one of the girls from 1 picking up a sword, her blonde hair shining in the faint sunlight. I glared at her for a second and she stopped.

“Bye.” I said.

“Bye.” She replied and swung her sword at my head as hard as she could.

I felt it hysterically throb as the girl stabbed a boy namede Jason through the heart. I looked into the sun, and everything turned white.


She had come so close, but yet she was so far.

She was doing fantastic Rain had killed two people already, and she was going at it hard.

She was currently on the ground, rolling with Aurora Corteu our future ally. She fought very hard, both of them did. But Aurora’s spirit was tougher, and it was crushing Rain. Aurora was viscious, she yanked at Rain’s hair and clawed at her face. Rain finally spit on Aurora, but Aurora had flipped Rain over and held her down on top of her.

I myself was currently fighting with a boy from District 9, he didn’t fight very well but he was surely strong enough. I was preoccupied with him, so I couldn’t help Rain.

She looked at me and smiled. She knew that we were proud of her, she knew that she was part of helping us get this far. She looked up and closed her eyes, letting Aurora hit her in the head, hard with the back of her knife. Aurora ran off and I finished the boy from 9, clubbing him with my mace. And ran over to her.

“Rain, I’m sure there’s something we can do!” I yelled.

“There isn’t.” she said “It’s alright.” She said. “I’m fine with this.” She said. “This is how I want to stay. I don’t want to win. It won’t be the same if I win. I don’t want to. Thanks for trying to help, now go and finish this.”

I did what she wanted, It wasn’t worth leaving her though, she could’ve stayed alive. But I guess that wasn’t what she wanted to do. I heard her cannon, and she was gone.

I instantly went on a rampage, trying to get Aurora, I knew it was usless and she’d get away, so I just trampled everybody I could. I clubbed a girl named Hanna in the chest with my mace and stomped on her heart angrily, and I took out a boy from 5 with a knife to his back. I couldn’t believe Rain was gone, I just couldn’t.

Draco Thomas (2)

Everything was going almost perfectly, I was about to make my first kill of the day. A girl named Shania, was coming at me with a knife, but I was faster. I took a dagger off a dead tribute and pounced on her. I stepped away, blood dripping out of her mouth, she was gone.

I ran over to Aurora who had just finished killing a boy named Calom, she had chocked him to death. “And now for the lovely couple.” She said. “That b**** had it coming to her the second she stepped onto that stage in District 1.”

“I’ll get him, and you get her?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She sneered. I knew Aurora’d enjoy this. I knew that she really would. And then there’d only be two more people left to kill, and then we’d go home, together.

I watched as Amaryllis stood up after finishing off a girl from 11. Aurora tackled her and they were spinning on the ground.

Aurora was winning, she was on top of Amaryllis, ready to stab her repeatedly in the face.

“AMARYLLIS!” I heard Quinnstopher yell. “She killed Rain.” He ran over and pushed Aurora away. “She killed Rain.” He whispered.

Of course Aurora was hacked off, she ran towards Amaryllis and pushed her down. They both kicked and screamed at each other until Amaryllis finally kicked Aurora off. Aurora launched her throwing knife towards Amaryllis, but missed, hitting the last girl from 11.

Two left.

Only 2 left.

“ONLY TWO LEFT!” I shouted at Aurora, and looked around for the boy from 1. He was no hwere in sight, I wonder where he was……

Just then I felt something come on top of me, it was so strong, and heavy. I shook it off of me as fast as I could, not wanting it to kill me. I turned around, the boy from 1.

Amaryllis and Aurora, and the guy from 1 and me were in a deathly battle. But suddenly 2 cannons rang out. And we all stopped.


They ganged up on Sab and I, Nikita and Amythyst, I guess they just thought that if they killed us that they’d win. They tried to kill us in those few seconds.

Sab didn’t even think about it, she just dove at Nikita and stabbed him in the stomach. But I reached a hand out to Amythyst. Who then a few seconds later took a swipe at it with her knife. So I gently picked her up, and threw her on the ground as hard as I could. “You didn’t show kindness to me.” I said. “So I won’t spare you.” I closed my eyes and slashed her in the stomach with my sword. I’d finished it. It’d finished it for all of us.

“Uh yeah this works too.” Aurora looked at Draco.


After the Games, the Victory Tour, Capitol.

The six champions walked hand in hand, up the many marble stairs, and into the president’s mansion. The girls wearing beautiful golden gowns to match their crowns, and the boys wearing night black suits. They held their heads high but spoke in low voices.

“Aurora.” Amaryllis whispered as the camera lights flashed, her dark eyelashes fluttering as she blinked. “We are now bonded for life, and I don’t want to spend the rest of my life hating you. I’m going to have to think of you every day and I only want to think good things.”

“Same here.” Aurora looked at the worn out red carpet. “We can’t go everyday still thinking about the arena. We’re different people in there. And we have to remember that.” She said.

Andy grabbed Amaryllis’s hand, and Draco took Aurora’s. Quinnstopher quietly grabbed Sabrina’s, holding hands behind their back so the cameras wouldn’t see.

“It’s all going to be different.” Quinn said.

“It is.” Sab nodded.

“But maybe different is good.” Andy said.

“Maybe it’s just what we need now.” Draco said.

“But you know what I want to do?” Amaryllis asked as they all walked into a private room together.

“I just wanna go and throw some stuff.” Aurora finished.

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