Welcome, welcome to the 41st Hunger Games. This is Aurora Gold and Venus Gray, co-writers for the 41st Hunger Games (we share an account so we'll tag our names at the bottom so you know who wrote which parts). I ask that you please READ THE DIRECTIONS.

Thanks, -Aurora

Directions, rules, and all that good stuff:

1. Make your tributes realistic; they shouldn't be perfect since no one is.

2. Please create your own new Tribute, fresh in these games. Please make sure your tribute is 100% yours and you have never used it in any other games.

3. Please only submit 3 Tributes maximum, and 2 stylists maximum, so everyonecan be included on the fun.

4. Please use this template for your tribute:





Reaped or Volunteered:


Reaction to being in the games:

Bloodbath Plan

Appearance: (you could go to and make them insted of describing them)

Weapon of Choice:

Skills and Weaknesses:

Interview Angle:

Edge: (an edge as in a thing in the arena that makes them interesting, like a bond with another tribute that makes them different and make them have a better death if they do die.)

I seriously hope for your sake that you read these, - Aurora




District 1 Female Tribute

Zara Lancaster

District 1 Male Tribute

Arran Harthorn

District 2 Female Tribute

Seren Mayne

District 2 Male Tribute

Ares West

District 3 Female Tribute

Kimmi Kestyn

District 3 Male Tribute

Buxus Redcoat

District 4 Female Tribute

Drina Vox

District 4 Male Tribute

Troy Ventura

District 5 Female Tribute

Aurora Wilde

District 5 Male Tribute

Ike Herron

District 6 Female Tribute

Lynnie Handsows

District 6 Male Tribute

Joseph Anderson

District 7 Female Tribute

Lucy Heathers

District 7 Male Tribute

Rory Slank

District 8 Female Tribute

Demi Costa

District 8 Male Tribute

Akita Satan

District 9 Female Tribute

Cierna Staford

District 9 Male Tribute

Lucis White

District 10 Female Tribute

Theia Aganymis

District 10 Male Tribute

Jimmy John Butler

District 11 Female Tribute

Sophie Sage

District 11 Male Tribute

Lucias Wright

District 12 Female Tribute

Joanne Benton

District 12 Male Tribute

Ethan Stone

Stylists and tribute costumes:



Chariot Costumes

Interview Outfits

Zara Lancaster

Dimonty Shine

her skin is painted silver, and she wears gold clothes and a crown

a bouncy pink fluffy dress with ruffles and stuffing at the skirt like a tutu

Arran Harthorn

Dimonty Shine

his skin is painted gold, and he wear silver clothes and a crown

a black suit with a gold waistcoat and accents

Seren Mayne

Daisy Lane

a silver (skin tight) jumpsuit with little pebbles and tiny rhinstones stuck on them (rep. stone cutting)

a dark blue dress with diamonds on it, it sparkles very brightl when light hits it, very luminous

Ares West

Daisy Lane

same as Seren's

a black suit with a silver swirl tie and cuffs to math

Kimmi Kestyn

Alessandra Collens

a gray body suit covered in computer keys, a cape made of wires

a light green dress down to her knees, rhinstones on the top, and poofy at the bottom

Buxus Redcoat

Alessandra Collens

a gray body suit covered in computer keys, a cape made of wires

a gray suit with a white shirt and a black tie

Drina Vox

{C Corabelene Knox

a coconut bra and seaweed attaching the bra to a long grass skirt

a long blue and green dress with white shawl, white shoes, and wavy hair

Troy Ventura

Corabelene Knox

swim trunks made from seaweed

a blue tuxedo with a green jacket

Aurora Wilde

Remus Grapevine

a very colorful neon dress

a silvery dress with hot area that are dyed at the bottom to make it look like flower petals

Ike Herron

Remus Grapevine

a very colorful neon suit

a bright yellow suit wiith a purple tie (the colors not clashing but oddly complimenting each other)

Lynnie Handsows

Karmin Johnson

{C A black, metalic racing outfit that glows when the light hits it

a long, flowing yellow dress with a sparkly belt

Joseph Anderson

Karmin Johnson

{C A black, metalic racing outfit that glows when the light hits it.

a gold, sparkly tuxedo, his hair is slicked to the right.

Lucy Heathers

Lowel Ace

they are dressed as trees, she has a brown dress wiht designs to make it look like bark from far away and a hat completly made of leaves.

a flowing purple dress, down to the floor. Made out of silk

Rory Slank

Lowel Ace

the same as Lucy's but not a dress

a green tux with a tie made out of leaves

Demi Costa

Cathy Leventine

a beautiful, ivory, silk wrap dress, a barret that matches her district partner's barett, and high black leather heels

a spring green mermaid dress, and sparkles decorating her eyes that make them look as beautiful as the sunset

Akita Satan

Cathy Leventine

a dazzling white silk tuxedo, a white barett made of wool, a cape made from silver coton, and black leather shoes

a sky blue tuxedo with a white undershirt

Cierna Staford

Mia Malkov

a grain-colored dress that looks like real grain, sandals, and a grain tiara. Her hair is fluffed up and has grain woven into it

a light, grain-colored sleaveless dress

Lucis White

Mia Malkov

a grain-colored shirt and pants, sandals, and a grain tiara

a golden tuxedo, and a golden tie

{C Theia Aganymis

Jay Sonnet

a white leotard with cow splothes on it

a long black dress with silver swirls on it

Jimmy John Butler

Jay Sonnet

same as Theia's

a brown vest with fringe on the end like a cowboy's

Sophie Sage

Polly Savi

(dressed as a peach) is weaing a yellow/orange dress with pink/red spots on it, has a stem on top of her head

a short orange dress that has the same tones as sunset (orange at the top, but getting lighter as it goes down)

Lucias Wright

Polly Savi

same as Sophie, just not a dress

a light blue jacker with matching pants, wears a sunset bow tie

Joanne Benton

Cammie Jones

a black leotard with glittery fire designs all over it

a beautiful long sleaveless dress; from her waist up the dress is sparkly sliver, her waist down is a poofy black fabric like a long tu tu

Ethan Stone

Cammie Jones

same as Joanne's

a tuxedo with a red dress shirt and a black tie

Sponsor Gift Tribute(s) Recieving Gift
SethMorris95 N/A Alliance 2
Rainfacestar medicine Alliance 3

A Wikia contributor (creator of Akita)

sparks to light an electrution trap Kimmi
Mysims knife Arran
The Hunger Games Girl loaf of bread Cierna
Jsm13athorne bucket of blueberries Cierna
??(I think it's Mysims)?? medicine Drina
A Wikia contributor Electrution trap Kimmi


District 1

(POV Zara Lancaster)

I walked to the reaping and stepped into the roped spot. Sort of nervous, but excited, anxious I guess. I watched as our District’s escort, Ariella, walked up to the stage and started talking. No one ever listened to her. Everyone thought she was crazy, she was crazy but no one ever talked about it. “Why don’t we continue with the Reaping?” she questioned. No duh Ariella, we all want this to be over. “A-” she was about the finish the name.

“I volunteer!” he was a handsome boy. He was blonde hair that fell in the right spot on his head, dazzling green eyes that were very distracting. It was his year this year wasn’t it. I think I know who’s going to win this year.

“And what is your name?”

“Arran Harthorn.” He said. I recognized him, he was 17, just like me.

“And now I guess we should go on to the girls?” Ariella yelled out. She was crazy, and sort of dumb, we are supposed to do the girls right after. She pulled a name out of the glass ball. “Zara Lancaster?” Oh. My. Gosh. That’s me. I walked up to the stage and I saw my reflection in the glass ball. My long brown hair looked perfect and my teal eyes were watering. No crying though, I have to look strong because I’m ready, and I’m not going to let some 17 year old heart throb get In the way of my life.

District 2

(POV Ares West)

“I volunteer!” someone yelled. I looked over at the girl who had volunteered. She looked to be about 18, the usual age for volunteers. I also planned to volunteer. Looks like we have something in common, I thought to myself. Karly smiled and skipped over like a five year old to the bowl of boy names. I smirked, wondering if Karly knew how stupid she looked. Then she pulled a name out of the bowl and skipped back over to the microphone.

“Blake McEntire!” Karly screamed.

I sighed, and then casually said, “I volunteer as tribute.” Then I simply walked onto the stage and kept an expression on my face that made me look cool, calm, collected, and even a little excited for the games. Karly announced the end of the District 2 Reaping, and told the girl and I to hug. It was an awkward hug, because two strangers don’t just hug. “What’s your name?” I asked her.

“Seren. Seren Mayne,” she replied. Then Karly ushered us off the stage and away from the district and people that I might never see again.

District 3

(POV Kimmi Kestyn)

Our District’s escort, Vax, walked up to the stage and wasted no time at all. He hated our District, and everyone knew it. He just wanted to get promoted. He walked to the girls’ ball and pulled out a name. “Kimmi Kestyn!” he yelled. It was me.

A cold rush went through my spine. I’m going to die, there’s no way on earth that I’d ever win these games. Let’s just see who my competition is though. Maybe I’m not as doomed as I thought I was.

Someone pushed me because I forgot I had to walk to the stage. So I did, shaking so hard, so embarrassed that my hair kept falling in my eyes. “Great.” Vax rolled his eyes. He grabbed my arm and pulled me in front, just so the whole country could see me. He read out the boy’s name and I smiled. He was twelve. Then I stopped smiling and felt bad for him. He was twelve and had less of a chance than me.

“I VOLUNTEER “Someone yelled out. He walked to the stage.

“Oh a Volunteer!” Vax smiled. A Volunteer in District 3 was rare. “What is your name son?”

“Buxus Redcoat.” He said. His jet black hair falling into his blue eyes. We shook hands and I looked at the camera. Hi country of Panem, it sucks that I have to die for you. Oh wait, Buxus? Oh no… I used to date him.

I looked him in the eyes thinking that an alliance was a smart thing to do, but I don’t want one with him. He was my boyfriend, awkward much? An alliance is good, but should I take my chances and try to find one with someone else? I’m gonna take my chances I’m not letting out history effect my life. I’m not dying because of a stupid teenage romance that failed.

District 4

(POV Troy Ventura)

Someone nudged me to stopped roughhousing with my friends when the escort walked onto the stage. I brushed myself off, and looked calmly up at the stage. The escort, Lanie Lane, obnoxiously walked into the middle of the stage. “Welcome to District 4’s annual Reaping for the Hunger Games! We will start by watching an amazing clip about the history of the games, and then the tributes shall be picked!” Lanie said it like the Hunger Games were a good thing. Too bad they were the total opposite.

After the video, Lanie slowly walked over the girl’s tribute bowl. Slowly, but somehow loudly, she picked up a slip of paper and read it aloud. “Drina Vox!” The girl who must’ve been Drina walked onto the stage without saying a word. No one volunteered for her. They must’ve thought she was happy to be picked as tribute. But I knew she wasn’t, I knew she was scared. Whatever, I don’t care what happens to some girl I don’t even know. She looks poor anyway, not like anyone will actually miss her.

Lanie walked to the boy bowl and dramatically picked out a name. “Troy Ventura!” I froze. Me? Did she really mean me? No, it couldn’t be me. Everyone staring at me told me differently. Someone behind me shoved me into the aisle. Slowly I proceeded onto the stage and looked out at the people who hadn’t volunteered for me. No one did, thanks for the love guys. Whatever, I'll show them when I come home a Victor.

District 5

(POV Aurora Wilde)

I felt my heartbeat speed up as soon as I stepped into the group of other females, age 12. It was the first year I was eligible for the Hunger Games, and I was incredibly nervous. If I got picked, it wasn’t only me that might die. It was my father too. He was ill, and with my mother and brother dead, I was all he had. There was no one to take care of him if I left. “And now for our girl tribute,” Cherry Blossom, the escort, hollered.

I had missed the whole first part of my first Reaping thinking about my ill father. I focused on Cherry’s hand as it reached into the large bowl of girl names and prayed for myself. It won’t be you, it won’t be you, I thought repeatedly to myself. “Aurora Wilde!” No….. It was me. I froze, my body unable to move. This can’t be happening to me. I’m only 12! How did this happen? Someone nudged me, but I still didn’t move. Why me? Suddenly two large hands grabbed my arms. Peacekeepers! “Get off!” I screeched, “Please! My father will die! Someone volunteer! Please!” The Peacekeepers kept carrying me, no one volunteered. They finally set my down on the stage next to Cherry, who looked at me with pity.

“Now for our boy tribute!” Cherry continued. I stood there numb, still unable to process anything. I was going to die. My father was going to die. “Ike Herron!” Cherry yelled out the boy tribute. I still just stood there. Maybe I wouldn’t die. Maybe somehow, I would win. I felt the presence of a person standing next to me. He must be Ike. I glanced up at him, and felt a little more comfortable with my position in the games. Ike looked extremely, incredibly scared, just like me. I stood up straight, wiped the tears from my eyes, and smiled at my district. I would try to win this. And maybe, just maybe, my father and I would survive.

District 6

{C}(POV Joseph Anderson)

I waited for the escort of our District to stop his talking and get on with it. The Reaping, the sad time of year where two teens from my district are basically chosen to die. No one ever wins from here, but I think I’m going to change that.

He read the girl’s name out. “Lynnie Handsows!” I heard her crying. Then she walked up to the stage and dried her eyes quickly. Lynnie was really pretty; her long blonde hair, her blue eyes. She was perfect.

I had to get back to reality or I would miss my chance to volunteer. She was pretty though. He walked over to the boy’s ball and pulled out a name. ‘Jerr-”

“I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE.” I yelled out before he could finish and ran to the stage.

“And what’s your name?” he asked me.

“I’m Joseph Anderson.” I wasn’t looking at him when I said it, I was looking at Lynnie. She smiled and almost giggled. This game would be interesting.

“Now shake hands.” He forced our hands together, “Congratulations to the District 6 Tributes for this year’s Hunger Games!” he yelled out. In a couple of weeks, my District will finally have a Victor who isn’t high on Morphling. In a couple of weeks, I’m not just going to be some kid who makes cars. This country is going to know my name. I’m going to be Victor no matter what. District 6 is finally going to win for a change.

District 7

{C}(POV of Lucy Heathers)

I played with my hands nervously while the video of the history of the Hunger Games played on a huge screen. “Now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the tributes! Ladies first!” the District 7 escort said once the video was over. Sadly, the poor escort had the situation all wrong. It was the moment we all haven’t been waiting for. He went over to the bowl and reached his big hand in anyway. The escort cleared his throat, and said, “Lucy Heathers!” I shut my eyes for a few seconds, then marched up onto the stage so I wouldn’t look scared, when in reality I was terrified. I fought the tears, screams, and cries, knowing I needed to look strong.

“And now for our male tribute!” He patted my back once and went to pick a poor soul who would become a tribute. “Jack Mangroves!”

A tiny, scrawny boy started walking toward the stage. That was Jack? There was no way he would win! I’d bet half the money my family owns that he didn’t even make it out of the bloodbath! “I volunteer as tribute,” a confident voice spoke out from the crowd.

“Thank you,” Jack said to the male who volunteered.

“It’s ok, you didn’t deserve to go in.” The male stepped up onto the stage and stood next to me.

“And what’s your name?” The escort asked the guy who volunteered

“Rory Slank,” Rory look out to the crowd but didn’t smile or say anything else. He was just as scared to be in the games as everyone else was.

District 8

{C}(POV of Akita Satan)

I walked into the square, totally aware of what I’m going to do. Our District’s escort, Tilly, said some random things I don't think anyone cared about. “Why don’t we start with the boys this year?” she said. We always start with the boys so I don’t understand why she asked that. She picked out a name. “Sorrel Satan?” she questioned as if it was a question. It wasn’t a question, it was my brother. It was my twelve year old brother.

“I VOLUNTEER!” I yelled out and walked to the stage. “My name is Akita Satan.” I said, so she couldn't ask. I didn’t want her talking to me as if we were equals. Everyone from the Capitol is a low-life form of a human. They do nothing all day but fascinate themselves by taking an interest in the District people.

I stood in front of the whole country not moving at all, not smiling. I will never smile for them, ever. “Great!” our escort said. “Now for our girl!” she pulled out a name not wanting the camera to focus on me and my angry face. “Demi Costa!” a girl with long blond hair walked up to the stage basically shrugging with no emotion at all. She was smart, I could tell. She knew it was a possibility for her to get picked so she wasn’t shocked when she was in fact picked.

“Hi.” She whispered to me and I smiled. “That’s all I could think of saying, sorry.” Demi shook my hand.

“Congrats to the District 8 Tributes!” Tilly screamed.

District 9

{C}(POV of Cierna Staford)

{C “Lucis White!” the escort for District 9 yelled out. A twelve year old boy walked to the stage and frowned. No one volunteered for him, no one spoke. Not one sound came from anyone. How sad...

“Well your very small aren’t you?” our escort, Snowdrop said, trying to make it sound like a joke.

“I guess…” he said, not taking the comment at all like a joke.

“Well anyway, onto the girls!” she pulled out a name. “Wait how do you say that name? Is that a C?” I had to hold in my laughter, Snowdrop was an idiot.

I looked at Lucis though. He was so little, so small. He would never be able to win. I was only a year older than him, but it seemed as if he was a baby. So young, too young. Too young to be in these horrible games.

The mayor wet up to Snowdrop and told her the name. “Oh! Cierna Staford!” she yelled out and I froze. I knew no one would volunteer for me so I slowly walked up to the stage. We were both too young to be in this thing. Neither of us will win.

“Alliance,” he mouthed to me.

“Maybe,” I mouthed back. I still have to think about if I don’t just want to die in the beginning. I still have to think of what’s better for me; torturing myself by waiting out the whole games, trying my hardest just to have a painful death at the end, or throwing myself out of the game in the beginning just to end that pain right there. I’m going to die one way or another, I might as well choose the less painful way. Happy Hunger Games, I think I’m ready to die.

District 10

{C}(POV of Jimmy John Butler)

I stood in my spot while Herby, the District 10 escort, babbled on about the games. He was making a fool of himself, like always. “Now, I vill pick deh gurl tribvute!” Herby said. He could be extremely hard to understand, since he had a very heavy accent. Herby took a slip of paper out and read the name, “Teia Ahganmis,”

A Peacekeeper took the slip of paper from Herby and read the name, clearly. “The tribute is Theia Aganymis,” A slowly stepped forward, but I couldn’t really see what she looked like.

“Now, deh boy tribvute vill be phicked,” Herby continued. He took out a slip and tried to read the name, “Jimmeh Jowhn Butlur,” he said, though it was still unclear.

Again, a Peacekeeper came up to read the name. They really need to fire Herby; he was terrible. “Jimmy John Butler,” the Peacekeeper said. Wait.. I was Jimmy John Butler. Huh. I walked up onto the stage, and waved at the crowd. I shook Theia’s hand and continued to wave at my district.

District 11

{C}(POV or Lucias Wright)

Molly Mopet, the District 11 escort, walked onto the stage in with a huge smile on her face. The sad part was that she was the only person smiling. I walked into my section and stood anxiously next to the familiar and not so familiar faces. Molly tapped her microphone to make sure it was on, and then spoke into it. “It is time to pick one girl and one boy to have the honor of fighting for District 11 in the Hunger Games!” She smiled her fake smile, and walked over to the incredibly large bowl of names. Molly dramatically grabbed a name and walked back over to her microphone. She unfolded the slip of paper and everyone went quiet. “Sophie Sage!” she hollered. No one moved for almost a minute, but finally a girl stepped out and dragged her feet up onto the stage.

I felt bad for that girl, Sophie. The Hunger Games were so cruel, so unfair. Molly smiled at the girl, and then announced back out to the crowd, “Now, for our male tribute.” She strutted to the other side of the stage and reached her hand into the enormous bowl. Where could you even buy bowls that big? My mind drifted away from the reaping, but I faintly heard my name being called from somewhere. Once I snapped out of it, everyone was looking at me, their eyes full of worry and relief. Then I understood why. Molly was the one who said my name, I was going into the Hunger Games. My breaths started getting heavier, and I felt my hands getting sweaty. My brain wasn’t processing what was happening, but my legs moved me onto the stage anyway. Molly looked at me with pity, for she knew what I was feeling. I breathed in and out a huge breath, and looked out into the crowd while Molly announced the end of District 11’s Reaping.

District 12

{C}(POV of Ethan Stone)

Effie Trinket walked up to the stage and started her speech. “Ladies first!” she yelled aloud and took a name from the bowl. “Joanne Benton!” she screamed and Joanne walked up to the stage. A young girl around the age of 12 or 13, let’s just say 13, stood there, terrified. She had long red hair and brown eyes, an unusual appearance for a girl from District 12.

Me, with my black hair, my blue eyes, my tan skin, well, I’m clearly from the Seam. I looked at her and she met my eyes. I raised my eyebrows and made a stupid looking face. That calmed her and she didn’t look so worried anymore. You know, even though my funny face shouldn’t make her think that the Games won’t end her, they will. They’ll end us all someday.

“How about the boys?” Effie said and she reached into the ball. “Rory-”

“I volunteer as Tribute!” I yelled out. No clue why I yelled it out. Big mistake. Eh whatever, might as well get away from this place, this awful, awful place. At least I could eat food in the Capitol and then die quickly. I walked up to the stage. “My name is Ethan Stone.” I said. It was so tempting to say ‘I am Ethan Stone, and I wanna be your next President’, but you know, I would probably get arrested or something.

I looked at Joanne. Being a 17 year old, I towered over her. So I smiled at her, trying to make her smile again. If we were both going to die what was the use of being upset about it? I mean yeah, we were going to die, but it’s not like we have a choice or not. District 12 Tributes always lose, always, so there is no way on earth that we are going to win this time.

Chariot Rides

District 1

{C (POV of Arran Harthorn)

We were the first to come out into the light and we saw all of the people cheering, for us. We knew it was for us because no one else had come out yet. It looked like the District 2 Chariot was stuck for a minute so we were out there completely at a halt waving at the screaming Capitol citizens.

Everything starting running again and we were up to the District 5 Tributes coming out. I looked back at all of the Tributes again, and I saw the District 3 Tributes about to kiss. No. They weren’t going to take attention away from us. I grabbed Zara and kissed her. I could feel her tense but I didn’t let go, I had my eyes on the District 3 Tributes, they stopped and frowned. That ought to do it.

I stopped though. I think it was guilt that rushed through me. That wasn’t right, and Zara was mad, I could tell. At least we’d get sponsors, but would they? I looked ahead and Zara whispered to me. “What the heck?”

“Nothing, forget about it, I’ll tell you later. Just look though, they all loved it.” I gestured to the crowd. I hope they were happy because I knew the District 3 Tributes weren’t.

District 2

{C}(POV Seren Mayne)

I looked out from the lights, staring while trying to find the where the noise from the crowds was coming from. Of course, the crowd. My outfit sparkled and glittered but of course weighed me down heavily. I looked at Ares, and then turned around again. Nope, he’s just an ally nothing else than that, don’t complicate things. That is the number one thing of being a Career is that you don’t complicate things unless it’s for Sponsors.

The Chariot jerked forward, and I thought, so this is what it’s like every year for the Tributes of our district, for the tributes of every district, this feeling, the jerking of the chariot, the noise of the crowd. It’s been the same for the past 71 years. I felt something drop in my stomach.

The District 1 Chariot was moving on but it stopped. One of our horses had pulled us off track and walked straight into the poll. I guess horses are really stupid, I wouldn’t know though. I watched the District 1 tributes. I couldn’t be that easy though. Just smiling and waving, but I guess they are usually the favorites every year so it’s just easy for them.

Our chariot lurched forwards once again, and we reached outside making our first appearance to the sponsors. I guess it was easy, I waved and smiled and tried to look like the perfect tribute like everyone was trying. Like everyone has been trying to do since the beginning. Since the beginning of the Hunger Games.

District 3

{C (POV Buxus Redcoat)

I looked at Kimmi as we saw the lights of the street, the flashing of the camera. “Ready?” I asked her.

“Ready.” She smiled at me and we started waving. I know she hates my guts, but I think I still love her. She looked so beautiful. The keyboard keys on her body suit glittered as they caught the light, her wire cape flowing perfectly behind her. Her silver makeup was almost metalize it was so shiny. I don’t know how to tell her I’m still in love. Maybe I can show her.

I leaned over to her and kissed her in front of the whole audience. Okay, maybe not such a good idea. The people went crazy and I thought I was for us, but it wasn't. The cheers were for the District 1 Tributes who were kissing too. I guess we know who's the favorite so far.

District 4

(POV Drina Vox)

Thousands of lights flashed on us, blinding our eyes. I tried my best not to squint and cringe from the overwhelming fact that thousands of people were watching me right now. Troy looked over at me, and tried to get me to hold his hand to draw more attention to us. He knew I would never let him kiss me, but holding hands was a start. Some of the tributes were kissing, and they were successfully stealing the show, which I thought was pointless.

“Come on, just take my hand. It’s really not a big deal Drina,” Troy said to me. I really didn’t like him. No, I hated him. He thought we was so amazing, Mr. Superman. Too bad he had it all wrong.

“Troy, you need to get it into your head that I don’t like you, and I’m only in the same alliance with you because I think it will help me survive. Holding hands right now isn’t going to make much of a difference during the games, so just let it go,” I said, but I was already doubting my own words. More and more attention was been stolen from us and going to the more popular districts, and it was starting to bug me.

I sighed and said, “Fine Troy, just this once, because we really do need more attention on us. Not like it’s going to do much anyways.” I grabbed his hand and squeezed it as hard as I could. He winced, but didn’t bother to do anything back. We slowly raised our hands in sync above our heads, and the crowds started to scream. I just had to hope the screaming was for us.

District 5

(POV Ike Herron)

Aurora smiled at me like she was having a great time. Our chariot had just started moving, and she looked as excited as ever. “This is so cool!” She exclaimed, which just proved my idea she was excited and happy. Aurora was probably the only tribute who could put a positive twist on things.

“Yeah, great,” I said in a dull tone. All of the tributes were stupid if they thought they had a chance of winning. We were all going to die so why did it matter.

“I wonder how the Capitol likes our costume,” Aurora said. I had been thinking the same thing. As I looked around the crowds, most of the attention was on other districts.

“Doesn’t look like we’re one of the favorites,” I told her, though I wasn’t really paying much attention; the strange Capitol people had my attention.

“Well I guess that’s ok, I mean it’s not like this is the only thing that matters in getting sponsors,”

“Mhmm, yeah,”

Once the chariot finally stopped and the president started speaking, I thought about my odds of winning. There really were no odds, were there. Then and there, I decided I was going solo. Alliances were stupid, and they just tied you down. Besides, without other people, there was one less thing to worry about and get me killed over.

District 6

{C (POV Lynnie Handsows)

I looked over at Joseph, wondering what was on his mind. The parade probably, but you never know. “Joseph,” I started, the plastic, black, metallic material of my dress rubbed against his suit making an awkward noise.

“Yeah?” he rolled his eyes.

“Um, I was just wondering… uhhhh… why did you volunteer?”

“Lynnie, I’m not going to lie to you. You are going to die in these games, and usually both of the Tributes form our District die. I volunteered because I know I can win this thing. I’m gonna win this thing for our District.”

“What?” I looked at him and our Chariot started moving. We jerked a little bit backwards and he caught me.

“It’s just that, our district doesn’t usually win, and we aren’t exactly most likely to win if you know what I mean. But that’s exactly it, I know I can win, so I’ll win. Get it?”

“I guess,” I said. Our chariot finally got out of the tunnel. Our chariot a large, red, sports car, shone brilliantly in the light. I looked at him. “Are you sure you’re going to win?” I asked him. “Because I don’t think that you should be going around like this talking about it, because truthfully none of us are prepared. None of us stand a chance against the Gamemakers, you could be the first to die. You could be their first kill.” I looked him. “You never know Joseph, you seriously can’t know right now.” I waved and smiled at the crowd ignoring him.

District 7

{C}(POV of Rory Slank)

I smiled and waved at the crowds when we came out. Make an impression was my goal tonight. Lucy and I intertwined our hands, though I could tell both of us didn’t exactly like it. We both wanted to win more than anything though, so we would do anything to win. “Lucy, do you think one of us can actually win?” I know it wasn’t the right time or place to ask her, but I needed someone’s opinion now, and I knew if anyone Lucy would tell me the truth.

“I think anyone can win, no matter what they’re good at, or what they can’t do. It’s like a simple board game; anyone who plays has a chance of winning. Some people will think the game is complex, while others will find it the simplest thing ever. So maybe, yes, one of us can win. If one of us will win, well, that we’re just going to have to wait to find out,” Lucy said sincerely.

“I never thought about it that way before,” I said in awe. I found these games so confusing, but Lucy had just explained it to me in seconds better than someone could explain it in hours.

She started to blush, “It’s really not that hard to figure out, I bet you could’ve too,”

“I doubt it,” Lucy got me thinking, maybe I could win. Sure, it was a 1/24 chance, but that 1 could easily be me. The cheering and lights slowly died down as the parade came to an end. I grinned at Lucy and said, “We can do this.”

District 8

{C}(POV of Demi Costa)

They could call us a vision in white. We went out in our chariot, me in my ivory silk dress, my gorgeous heels and my hair done perfectly. Akita in his tux and cape. We were the perfect pair, we complemented each other perfectly.

The people cheered when they saw us in our chariot. We waved and smiled as everyone took hundreds of photos. I looked at the other tributes, and thankfully our costumes were some of the best from what I could see. We weren’t dressed like fools like past tributes from District 8, we were dressed like people from the Capitol. We looked absolutely amazing.

I looked at Akita. “You know that volunteering for your brother was the bravest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do.”

“That wasn’t bravery.” He said to me. “We aren’t like these people. We would do anything for family, they wouldn’t.”

District 9

(POV Lucis White)

}We stood in the chariot and I felt so small. They made me stand on a box so I could be seen over the chariot wall. We had grain in our hair and we were dressed in all one color, the color of grain. Everything about us was grain, our District almost never looked good. Well, we almost never were the hit of the parade.

We weren’t this time either. I looked ahead, the Tributes from districts 1 and 3 were owning it up by kissing. I’d never do that, I don’t care about sponsors, if you’re but in this game, it’s a death certificate no matter who you kiss.

I looked at Cierna and I smiled. “We’ve got to do well.” I said. “You know, get Sponsors.”

“I don’t care about sponsors.” she said. ‘All I want is to go home.”

“Trust me, I think that’s what everyone is thinking right now. Well everyone but the volunteers.”

“Yeah.” She smiled. “Everyone does.” I looked at her. It was true, even though we were all different ages, all different appearances, all different genders, all different districts, we all have one thing in common. No one truly wants to be here.

District 10

District 11

District 12

{C (POV Joanne Benton)

      I saw our chariot, a large black piece of coal. I rolled my eyes and climbed on with Ethan. Shaking a little bit when our chariot jerked us back when it started to move, holding onto the reins of the horses as hard as I possibly could. Then of course I remember to wave and smile, rather than look terrified and hold onto the chariot as hard as possible.

I managed to pull off a smile, but waving was impossible, I knew I would fall over if I let go to wave. “It’s alright.” Ethan said. “Here.” He grabbed my hand. His hand was warm and soft, like a hug. I started waving, the audience seemed to love it. I smiled out of triumph and the chariot ride was almost over.

“Thank you Ethan.” I was thinking of asking him for an alliance, but he wouldn’t want to ally with me, would he? I’m not sure. Maybe if the little kids stick together, I mean there were 3 of us, maybe we could last a couple of days, you know if we even make it past the first day.

He smiled in return and walked away. If only I had the nerve to ask him there and then. That was probably my biggest mistake so far. If only I had the nerve to be ready for these games. If only a lot of things were different than they are now. If only.

Chariot Costume Rankings

{C}1st... District 8 (Cathy Leventine)

2nd... District 9 (Mia Malkov)

3rd... District 1 (Dimonty Shine)

4th... District 2 (Daisy Lane)

5th... District 3 (Alessandra Collens)

6th... District 6 (Karmin Johnson)

7th... District 5 (Remus Grapevine)

8th... District 4 (Corabelene Knox)

9th... District 12 (Cammie Jones)

10th... District 7 (Lowel Ace)

11th... District 11 (Polly Savi)

12th... District 10 (Jay Sonnet)

Training/Training Scores

{C}Training, the time when the Tributes get to show the Gamemakers what they are worth. The time when Sponsors figure out who they want to sponsor. The time when Tributes finally figure out their competition. The time when everything falls into place. It’s all in their hands, they determine it all.





District 1 Female Tribute

Zara Lancaster


District 1 Male Tribute

Arran Harthorn


District 2 Female Tribute

Seren Mayne


District 2 Male Tribute

Ares West


District 3 Female Tribute

Kimmi Kestyn


District 3 Male Tribute

Buxus Redcoat


District 4 Female Tribute

Drina Vox


District 4 Male Tribute

Troy Ventura


District 5 Female Tribute

Aurora Wilde


District 5 Male Tribute

Ike Herron


District 6 Female Tribute

Lynnie Handsows


District 6 Male Tribute

Joseph Anderson


District 7 Female Tribute

Lucy Heathers


District 7 Male Tribute

Rory Slank


District 8 Female Tribute

Demi Costa


District 8 Male Tribute

Akita Satan


District 9 Female Tribute

Cierna Staford


District 9 Male Tribute

Lucis White


District 10 Female Tribute

Theia Aganymis


District 10 Male Tribute

Jimmy John Butler


District 11 Female Tribute

Sophie Sage


District 11 Male Tribute

Lucias Wright


District 12 Female Tribute

Joanne Benton


District 12 Male Tribute

Ethan Stone



District 1

Zara Lancaster

“And please welcome Zara Lancaster from District 1!” Caesar yelled. Of course. I'm up first. Out of all 24 Tributes they pick the District 1 girls to go first. Of course.

But no I can’t be nervous I just have to look forward and smile, and of course answer the questions. I looked forward at the audience. Around 1000 people. Them I could deal with, the thousands watching around the country? Heck no.

“So Zara,” he looked at me and it made me even more nervous. I didn’t know what to do, what to say, what even to look at. The camera? The audience? Caesar? Caesar. I think Caesar. He started going on about my dress. IT was bouncy and fluffy and light pink. IT was okay, but every time it walked it moved with me, making feel uncomfortable and shy. “What were your first thoughts when you were reaped?”

“Well of course I immediately thought, oh my God, this would be a good time to remember your name.” That got a huge laugh from the audience. Just keep working through it, just keep going and then It’ll be over. Just keep going and maybe you can win, just maybe this thing isn’t that stupid. Maybe I’m not a complete airhead. I’m not, I can do this, it’s kind of easy.

“I see,” he smiled, “how do you feel now?”

“I’m excited to represent my district in these games and I can’t wait to get into the arena to make everyone proud.”

“And we will be proud of you Zara, thank you, Zara Lancaster everyone!” All I could remember after that applause and cheers, then I walked off without a clue of what just happened. I guess that’s what it’s like to be in the spotlight.

Arran Harthorn

“Now, also from District 1, ARRAN HARTHORN!” Caesar boomed out. I walked out in my tux feeling the best. I was the favorite out of all the other guys, I was obvious, I was the most handsome, the toughest, the best out of all of them. I didn’t need to impress anyone tonight, I already had them all hooked.

It wouldn’t hurt to do well though…

“Now Arran,” Caesar said to me, “when you saw your training score pop up on that screen, what thoughts went through your mind?”

“I personally expected the score to be higher, but I guess I just didn’t show the Gamemakers my full potential. I think there are going to be some surprises in the arena, something that no one would ever expect from me. I can honestly say that when I walk out of there as a winner, it’ll be because of what I didn’t show the Gamemakers, not what I did show them.”

“Very confident isn’t he?” the crowd cheered. I couldn’t help thinking about that kiss though. It didn’t belong to me, it wasn’t real, and I knew Caesar was going to ask about it, I saw in on the flashcards backstage. It’s going to be the next question. The kiss wasn’t mine, but I can’t tell the whole country that I did it for selfish reasons, I can’t lose all my sponsors because I told the truth. No, I won’t. “So Arran, we all want to know. What’s up with you and Zara? DO we have a relationship here?”

“Oh no, no, I just think that up the heat of the moment, with the audience cheering I the stands, being the only Tributes that we could see, being no one in front of us, just focusing on Zara, the only girl that could possibly understand what I was going through. I guess I just kissed her, I don’t exactly know why but I did.”

“Well Arran that kiss won both of you all of our hearts.” He said. “Let’s hear it again for ARRAN HARTHORN!”

District 2

Seren Mayne

Ares West

District 3

Kimmi Kestyn

Interview. My goal. Get in. Get out without completely humiliating myself in front of the whole country. My other goal. Maybe, possibly, kind of, maybe, hopefully get some sponsors. Maybe.

I know Caesar is going to ask about the kiss, either the one between Buxus and me, or Arran and Zara . Probably Arran and Zara, District 1 is always favored over District 3. They always get more sponsors, they always get more attention, they always beat us in the Hunger Games.

We can’t let it bother us though, it’s all the usual, it’s always going to happen and there’s seriously nothing that I can do to stop it. It isn’t just the fact that they are Careers and we aren’t, it’s what their District manufactures versus what ours does. I mean they manufacture luxury items like diamond earrings and gold watches, we make stinking technology. Who would want batteries over a gold watch?


“Kimmi Kestyn!” Caesar said and I knew he could tell I wasn’t interested in being here. I smiled unenthusiastically and pulled off a stupid sounding giggle. “So Kimmi, your Training score, an 8? Impressive, up there with the Career Tributes!”

“Yes Caesar, I managed an 8, I think it was pretty impressive considering what some other District 3 Tributes have gotten in the past.”

“Indeed. So Kimmi, about you being a different tribute, why do you think that you could win the games?” Thank God, nothing about the kiss.

“Um,” I thought about it for a second, “I think that not everyone is what they seem and I may be one of those people. I think that you can never truly know who your competition is until you get into the arena, and I don’t think I should be underestimated.”

“Of course not, Kimmi Kestyn everyone!”

Buxus Redcoat

My palms were sweating like crazy. Just the thought about going out there, probably talking about Kimmi, how we used to date, how I still love her. I wouldn’t be able to take it, I couldn’t. I’d crash and burn and die, right there on the spot. Save everyone the trouble if killing me in the games, save everyone the trouble of hoping that I would win because deep down inside they all know I can’t. I know I can’t. I know I won’t.

“BUXUS REDCOAT!” Caesar yelled out into the crowd. The crowd of like one million people not to mention the millions watching in other places. The sound of my name terrified me, it made me want to walk out and leave right there, run away, never to return again. Just get out of there.

But you know I could because then I’d get arrested and forced into the games anyway.

“So Buxus, tell me, why did you volunteer back at home?”

“Well that’s a very good question. This year we have had MANY volunteers, but not all for the same reasons. When I saw that poor kid running to the stage, the look on his face, well the look on his face was sort of like the look on mine tonight. He was scared, terrified, all of the synonyms of scared because he knew that he wouldn’t win. He was too young to participate here, and that is why I volunteered to be in these games, to keep a kid from dying.”

“How touching. If there was one thing that you could say to him right now what would it be?”

“I think it would be,” I looked straight into the camera, “kid, may the odds be ever in your favor.”

District 4

District 5

District 6

Lynnie Handsows

I looked out of the curtains, peeking at the audience. Seeing how bad it was. Hey if ten tributes did it before me then why couldn’t I? I walked out when Caesar yelled out my name. “Lynnie Handsows!” he yelled. I walked out nervously and slightly tense, and I sat down in the chair. “So Lynnie, what do you think of your District partner, Joseph?”

“Oh gosh, I hope he’s not watching.” I blushed for the cameras and let out a giggle. “Joseph is nice.”

“Well yes, yes, we all know that, but what do you think of him.”

“Well, the first time I really saw Joseph was during the Chariot Rides and all that was going through my head at the time was, gosh, how nice would it have been if we could’ve gotten married. But of course that was one of those five minute teenage girl fantasies that changes every hour. But I have to admit I do like him a little bit. I mean who wouldn’t?” that got a laugh. “Overall, I just wish that we could end up together because what I feel for him is special. We just wish that neither of us would have to die so we could both live and then take our relationship forward.”

He asked me some other simple questions and then I nodded and smiled. I guess the hardest part was over. I wasn’t exactly sure of what I said about me and Joseph was true, I wasn’t sure if he felt the same way either. I guess I’m not sure about anything, oops. If I knew I wasn’t sure then I wouldn’t have said it then.

Deep down inside I still hoped that he felt the same way though. He still could…

Joseph Anderson

I looked out of the curtains like Lynnie did and saw everyone in the Capitol clapping for her She made it look extremely easy. I walked out and sat down next to Caesar. “So Joseph.” he started, he looked at me with his pearl white teeth, bright yellow hair and eyebrows, and even with all of that stupid makeup on his face, nothing could make me any less nervous. “What do you think about alliances so far? Is there any one in particular. Any girl in particular?”

I knew he was talking about Lynnie, God I wish I to her interview. “Yeah.” I stopped and started again. “Yeah there is. Lynnie Handsows, my district partner. Lynnie. There’s nothing really I could say about her to make her sound bad. She’s amazing, and she deserves to win this games. I would do anything to protect her, because I love her.”

“Well I don’t know about you, but I didn’t see that coming.” He looked at the audience. “Joseph, congratulations and your love. I can assure you she feels the same way about you. You two were clearly made for each other and don’t let anything break you two apart. You were both clearly meant to be in this games, together, there’s something that the both of you have to do.”

“I know.” I smiled.

“We know too.” He said.

District 7

District 8

Demi Costa

The whole Capitol glittered and shined and glittered again the night that the Tributes spoke out to the citizens of Panem about why they should win. I walked out onto the stage and sat next to Caesar. His bright yellow costume particularly blinding this year. “So Demi, Demi Costa, your Reaping was very interesting wasn’t it, yes. It is very unusual to have a tribute from a lower district be as calm as you were. Tell us, what was going through your mind?”

“Well Caesar,” I didn’t know that was coming, I guess there’s nothing to say but the truth now, “I knew my name was in the ball more than once, several times actually, I knew it was a possibility that I could get picked. I mean, I wasn’t shocked that I was picked so why would I over react? I didn’t want to be targeted as an easy threat.”

“Very interesting, no one has ever said that to me before.” Wow. I didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. I started shaking, my cheeks getting hot. “But all very well indeed Demi. Not to say that we were all shocked when you walked up there, strong and confident. It was just unexpected.”

“Trust me, I didn’t expect it either. I just prepared myself for if I got picked, not really thinking I would get picked. You never know though. You never know if someone is going to volunteer, if you’re going to get picked or not or anything.” It’s true, you can never tell whether that day is the day when you are sent to the Capitol to go and get killed by something.

Akita Satan

“Well, Akita, this is an interesting year for the District 8 Tributes, your Reaping was very unusal this year. You volunteered right?”

“Yes, yes I did. I said.”


“I volunteered for my brother, Sorrel, he’s twelve.”

“Oh, well Akita I bet he’s watching you right now.”

“Yeah, I know he’s watching back home. And I want him to know that I’ll do anything to get back home to him. I just want him to know that. And Sorrel, if I don’t, then just know that I’ll be watching you from somewhere, making sure your okay. I just want you to know that. If I don’t for some reason, I know you’ll be safe, I know that if I’m gone you’ll try your hardest too. Sorrel Satan,” I looked straight into the camera, “I know that It’ll be hard, I know that it’ll be different, but I know that someday, you can grow into the guy that I have wanted you to be .I know that you’ll grow up to be like dad, like me,”

District 9

Cierna Staford

           “So Cierna,” Caesar looked at me, “can you please express your feelings about being in these games?”

“I do have to admit than my District partner and I are a little bit young, but that doesn’t mean we’re not worth sponsoring, or that we won’t win. Age is nothing in these games, the only thing that matters is strategy.” Okay maybe that wasn’t true. I do have to admit that if it came down to me and an 18 year old Tribute that I would die right there on the spot.

“That’s a very good point Cierna.”

“Thanks.” I smile.

“But really Cirena are you scared?”

“Of course I’m scared. I think all of us are. I mean, in the arena, everyone changes, there are no laws, your mind is rewired for survival. In the arena, anything goes.” Anything as in, choking someone with a stick, stabbing someone in the eyes, eating dirt in order to live, and killing an alligator and eating its skin. Gross, but anything for survival. Anything to survive these games.

Lucis White

Caesar was asking Cirena about being one of the youngest in the games. I bet he’s going to ask me the same thing. At least she succeeded with answering the question. I’d probably fail, and it wouldn’t be a good fail.

I walked out nervously and sat down next to Caesar. “So Lucis,” he said to me, his yellow hair very distracting, “both of the Tributes from District 9 this year are on the younger side. Do you have anything to say about that?”

“I think it’s defiantly surprising, I mean the younger you are, the less times your name is put in, and I guess that rule prevents younger Tributes from going against tributes on the older side. I mean for both of the tributes in one district to be 12 and 13, I don’t know what the odds are for that but I think it’s defiantly pretty rare. I mean I don’t think this has ever happened, defiantly not in my lifetime, and defiantly not for District 9.”

“I do believe it has happened before, but a while ago, and yes, not for District 9.”

“But yeah, to have three people in this games under the age of 14 is a pretty scary thought. We probably won’t make it as long as the others.” It’s true, I wouldn’t be surprised if we (me, Cierna, and Joanne from 12) don’t make it past the bloodbath. I’d be surprised if we even lasted a day.

District 10

District 11

District 12

Joanne Benton

I looked at everyone in the audience. So many people, thousands. God, and everyone in the whole country watching. I’m going to fall, just watch me fall off the stage and die. Right there, die right there.

Caesar let go Lucias Wright, and he joyfully ran off the stage. That meant it was my turn to fail. I walked out and sat down. I crossed paths with Lucias, and he was easily three feet taller than me. “So Joanne. Cirena and Lucis and I were just talking about being the youngest one in the games. You, you actually are the youngest one is this games. How does that make you feel?”

“Uh… I think it-it’s pretty frightening ,uh… but I think that I can make it. Just because I’m the youngest doesn’t make me an easy target. It doesn’t make me any less likely to win, and it doesn’t mean that I’ll get killed. I may just win and come back to show you all. I mean, I may be young, and small, and quiet, but I think that I could win because I’m young, and small, and quiet. I think that I have everything all of the other tributes, but I’m way smaller than they are. I think I have more of an advantage.” That’s a lie. That’s a total huge lie. I’m going to die like first, watch it. Hey maybe I have a chance… maybe.

Ethan Stone

I rolled my eyes at the crowd. I didn’t want to be here, I wish I’d just ditched the interview all together. But you know, sponsors, blah, blah, blah.

“So Ethan, you volunteered?”

“Yes.” I said to Caesar.


“Because I wanted to get out of District 12, why else?”

“I don’t know, but Ethan, there are a lot of volunteers this era. Anything to say about that?”

I might as well talk now. I mean he gave me an easy topic. The crowd had died a little bit, well considering I’m the last tribute to go I don’t really expect anything more. “I think that this year is a very popular year for volunteering because, I’m not exactly sure though. I mean I guess there are usually a lot of volunteers in the lower number districts, especially 1, 2, and 4, those being the Career Districts. But it is surprising in 6 and 12. I guess we just thought that we stood a chance. I still think I stand a very good chance against the others. I mean even more so now that I’ve gotten to see the training scores. I am pretty confident in saying that I’m sure I’ll be seeing you real soon.”


Alliance 1 (Career Alliance) - Zara Lancaster (District 1), Arran Harthorn (District 1), Seren Mayne (District 2), Ares West (District 2), Drina Vox (District 4), and Troy Ventura (District 4)

Alliance 2 - Lynnie Handsows (District 6), Joseph Anderson (District 6), Cierna Staford (District 9), and Lucis White (District 9)

Alliance 3 - Kimmi Kestyn (District 3), Buxus Redcoat (District 3), Aurora Wilde (District 5), Demi Costa (District 8), Akita Satan (District 8), and Theia Aganymis (District 10)

Alliance 4 - Sophie Sage (Distric 11) and Lucias Wright (District 11)

Alliance 5 - Joanne Benton (District 12) and Ethan Stone (District 12)

Tributes remaining singular -

Ike Herron

(There can be more than 4 alliances I just didn't want to continue on putting Alliance 10... Alliance 11.... etc. etc.)


The arena is an air field. The pedestal where the Tribute come up are large towers. They look down below and the conrucopia is on another tower, but in the middle about 20 yards below (or 20 meters, I don't know where you are from). But how can they get thre without falling to thier deaths? We'll just have to see to find out.

(Hope you like it, Aurora and Venus, but mostly Aurora)

The Games


Arran Harthorn (D1)

I was let up out of the tube and I got to look around. We were all on our own large metal towers, around us was nothing but clouds. I looked down and I saw nothing but I long drop. The cornucopia was on a shorter tower in the middle of our 24 towers. But how on earth are we supposed to get there?

I looked at all of the glittering weapons, all too tempting. The girl from District 9 and I had the same idea. Jump.


Everyone was still but me and the District 9 girl. Cirena was her name. I might as well wait a minute to see if she splats on the ground, then maybe I could figure out what my plan could be.

She jumped.

Cirena Staford (D9)

The arena was up in the air. We would have to fly to get anywhere here. There is literally no point in moving forward if it’s going to be this hard to stay alive.


I might as well not even suffer through the whole games, I might as well die here. Happy Hunger Games, I am ready to die.

I jumped over the edge of my tower and everyone was watching to see what happened. I was on about level with the cornucopia when I bounced on a surface I didn’t expect.

It was a clear surface but when you stepped on it a blue circle appear around where your foot stepped on. I had the cornucopia full of weapons… all to myself.

I saw others starting to jump, all of them down, well because the only way you could go was down. I grabbed a backpack from the center, a decent size. Looks like I might make it after all.

I didn’t get greedy and I started running in the other direction, out of the bloodbath area, out of trouble.

Jimmy John Butler (D10)

I jumped and hit the clear floor with a bump. I ran to the bloodbath with my afro bobbing up an down. I grabbed a sword and started swinging it around.

No! I just missed the guy from 4, so close, and he was a Career, that would’ve been awesome. Uh oh, he’s pretty angry I almost killed him.

He grabbed the sword from my hand and slashed me in the stomach. I felt the warmness of my blood stain my shirt. I fell to the ground.


Troy Ventura (D4)

The boy form 10 tried to kill me, so I slashed him. I looked as all of the other Careers were killing people, I turned around to find the girl form 10 charging at me. She had a rick in her hand and she threw it with all of her might at my head.

I was surprised I didn’t hear my cannon yet, I could feel the blood going through my head as if it was a waterfall. I might as well take out two tributes before I die.

I stabbed her in the chest with my sword and her cannon sounded almost instantly.

I felt dizzy, really dizzy. I looked forward and everything was blurry. I feel to the ground.


Seren Mayne (D2)

I hit the clear ground hardly making a sound. The gray sky lighting the whole arena, but the clouds making it hard to see.

I ran to the cornucopia. Not paying any attention to the weapons, but the tributes that I wanted to kill.

I grabbed a sword out of a dead girl’s chest and started swinging it around. I triecd to target as many people as possible. The girl from 11, Sophie Sage, I looked at her and smiled. Just by the sight of me she stopped.

Right there, at that moment, I sliced her head clean off.

He District partner was angered by this. He ran towards me and picked me up off of the ground. But no, I kicked her in the face and he dropped me. His head was bleeding and I smiled. “You’ve got to think big guy.” I stabbed him in the chest.

I saw the guy from 7 running away with a huge backpack. For a few seconds I wondered how the others let that happen. I shut up and ran towards him.

For every step I took the ground made a little *ping* noise. It annoyed me. I got to the District 7 guy and sliced his legs with the sword. I left him there, face down and I took his backpack. I left him there to bleed to death.

Akita Satan (D8)

Head in the game, head in the game. I’ve got to win this for my brother. Get some stuff, survive with my alliance. I ran to the cornucopia trying to avoid the other tributes. I was about to pick up a weapon and start fighting but I felt a sharp pain in my head.

The girl from 1, Zara, had a blowgun in her hand. I felt my head, a dart was lodged into it. I saw the girl from 7 and the boy from 9 fighting over a backpack. I smiled at them, I pitied them, I, Akita Satan, was dying. I was finally free of every pain in the world. Happy Hunger Games indeed, I’m happy I lost.

I looked to the right of me, Zara shot another tribute too. She shot Ares West, wow, a Career too. She must not of meant it. Whatever, I guess he lucky with me.


Lucy Heathers (D7)

I kicked the boy form 9 and got his pack. I saw the girl from 5, Aurora coming up behind me in the reflection that the force field, floor thing gave off. I jabbed her with my knife that I got out of a dead tribute. She let out a scream and fell to the ground.

I saw the girl from 3 walking away slowly. An easy kill. I ran up behind her and I was about to stab her when someone attacked me. It was the boy from 3, Buxus Redcoat. No way I’m going to let I'm kill me.

I jabbed him in the face and he splattered blood all over my face. Ew. I pushed his body off of me and was sad to see that the girl from 3 got away with her backpack.

I sighed and waited for his cannon to sound.

Zara Lancaster (D1)

I loaded my blowgun and my darts into the empty pink pack that I got form the cornucopia. I just killed the guy form 8 and I was just getting started. I grabbed the bow and arrow and I loaded and arrow into it. I aimed for the only moving figure that was close enough. It was tiny, and it was a boy.

I let go of the arrow and instantly identified the body as Lucis White, District 9. He fell to the ground with a little thud. I knew someone out there was crying for him.

I took his stuff and looked around for other Tributes, none in sight. Great. Happy Hunger Games.

The bloodbath was over and I looked around at my allies, the wonderful Career Pack. “We may have lost Troy, but we’re still doing pretty well.” I looked at Seren. “Good job guys.”

“Yeah, too bad for Troy and Ares though,” Drina said, “whatever.”

“We might as well make it the best that we can, we are doing pretty well.” Seren said. It was true, we all were doing pretty well. I was just wondering about how the others were doing.


The Careers are doing pretty well, they are at the cornucopia with all of thier stuff, thinking about thier next move and semi-greving over Ares and Troy.

Lucy Heathers made it off pretty well and headed out of the cornucopia area with a backpack.

Alliance 2 suffered from the loss of Lucis, and it is unknown if they have met up.

Alliance 3 has lost most of thier tributes leaving Demi and Kimmi with only each other. It is unknown where they are or if they are togehter.

Allliance 4 no longer exists because both of the tributes are dead.

Alliance 5 is still intact, both of the tributes are alive but it is unknown where they are or what supplies they have.

Ike Herron is still alive but it is unknown where he is or what supplies he has.

Day 2

Demi Costa (D8)

“It sucks that we’re the only ones left.” I looked at her, her brown hair in a mess. We were walking on the force field wondering if it ever ended. The clouds were clearing up so I could finally see. We looked ahead.

“Yeah it does suck,” Kimmi said. “Oh my God look!” she yelled. She ran over and picked up a rock. “Look, I think it ends here.” She pushed the rock off of the edge and we counted how many seconds if took to hit the ground. 3 seconds, couldn’t be that far.

The clouds suddenly cleared. “What’s happening?” I turned to her.

“I’m not sure, but I think it’s to our advantage.” She smiled. The clouds cleared and we realized that in the sunlight the fake floor was make of clear rubbery metal that had a slight blue tint. We could see exactly where it ended.

“How do we get down?”

“They obviously want us to get down, so I don’t think that we should go right away.” She said. She was smart so I shrugged.

“What do you think is down there?”

“It might be a trap, are we exactly sure that it ends here? I mean it could just be a pit that we won’t be able to get out of. Maybe we should go though, this pack doesn’t have any food in it only healing stuff and climbing stuff. No water or food, and we can’t survive without that.”

Suddenly we felt a sort of vibration. The platform pixilated into a staircase. “Oh yeah,” I said, “they defiantly want us down there.”

Ethan Stone (D12)

“Joanne,” I looked at her, “look what I got.” I dropped it into her hand.

“A knife?””

“Yup, I waited till the Careers left last night, and I got what they left, they didn’t leave a lot, but I got two knives and some pipe thing. We can probably use that to our advantage.” We got down off of the weird clear floor. We were in the woods. A very calm area with hardly any noises except the rustling of the leaves. I was sure we were the only people there.

Oh darn, I just jinxed it didn’t I.

There was a suddenly rustling in the leaves, too loud to just be the wind.

“JOANNE!” I yelled. I didn’t know what it was, but whatever it was it wasn’t going to just walk away without trying to kill us. I grabbed her and shoved her up the tree.

She couldn’t get up high enough though, she sucked at climbing. I didn’t want her to die. I pushed her up higher and higher. I could hear whatever it was now. It was breathing heavily, panting like a dog. I don’t know what it is, but it’s an animal, not a friendly one.

Suddenly a huge bear jumped out from the bush and Joanne screamed. I wasn’t sure what to do so I just stood there. I would run down a hill but there were no hills in sight.

It clawed at my chest and I fell backwards. Joanne screamed again. The bear had me corned, my back to a tree, nowhere to run.

I closed my eyes to get ready for it, but nothing happened. I opened one of my eyes. “Am I dead?” I said out loud.

“Nope.” Joanne said. “But I might be soon.” I opened both of my eyes.

During the period of time that I closed my eyes, Joanne had thrown her knife into the bear’s face and jumped out of the tree. She had landed on her leg, so she couldn’t move. The bear scratched her left check and she was bleeding a lot.

A 12 year old girl saved my life.

Ike Herron (5)

I looked around. Trapped. Trapped between two rocks. Trapped between two rocks with mutts coming at you. How did I get in this spot?

I had just gotten off of the cornucopia level and onto real ground and I heard something, I started running as fast as I could with my knife in my hand. I tripped and my legs got caught between two rocks.

The mutts must’ve caught my scent because there were raccoons knowing at my face. It wouldn’t be long before I was dead.

Just then, the girl from 7, Lucy I think that was her name. She saw the raccoons biting me. She shot one of them with her bow and arrow, and she aimed for the next. It was too close to my face though, she shot me in the back.

I was in full agony. “Finish me off please!” I yelled at her and she laughed. She walked and stepped behind a tree. I heard a cannon. I must’ve been hers because I didn’t hear anything move. But how? What? No wait it was my cannon. I just then heard another cannon. It was for both of us. But neither of us were dead. I saw Lucy smile and disappear.

“Where did she go? She’s not dead.” That was the last thing that I said.


Career pack is doing fine, they have all of the suppies and food. They don't need anything.

Alliance 2 is presumably doing fine because they are all still alive except for Lucis They don't need anyhting.

Alliance 3 (now just Kimmi and Demi) are trying to decide if they want to walk don the staircase the gamemakers "convieniently" made for them. They just need to decide they don't need anything.

Allaince 5 is suffering, Ethan's chest has been scratched badly, but Joanne is worse, she is slowly bleeding to death from the scratches on her face. If only she had medicine...

Congrats to the 11 remaining Tributes! Zara, Arran, Seren, Kimmi, Drina, Lynnie, Joseph, Demi, Cierna, Joanne, and Ethan,

Day 3

Drina Vox (D4)

I looked at Zara. We were the only ones left awake. “So.” I said to her. “You expect to win?”

“What?” she asked me. I guess it was an unfair question.

“Never mind.” I said. We just got out of the cornucopia area and we’d moved north of there. It was this large hill with tons of trees in it. The trees were all short and the leaves were sticky but edible. We were doing well, probably better than any of the other tributes.

I took my knife out of my belt and I started carving stuff in a tree. Career’s Tree. “There,” I said, “now we’ll know if we’ve been here before.” I looked at her, trying to think of how I’ll win.

Maybe I can kill them when they’re sleeping, maybe they’ll all get eaten and I won’t, maybe I can leave. No, I’m better off with them at the moment.

I suddenly heard a scream. “What was that?” I looked at Zara.

“Not sure,” she said, “but whatever it is, it’s getting closer. We’d better wake the others up and get out of here then.”

Lynnie Handsows (D6)

I looked over at Joseph and smiled. We made It out of the bloodbath alive, we’d made to Day 3. I’d say things were going pretty well. We made it off of the cornucopia level and we were all in the top 11. We each had a weapon and we’d found a water source.

I woke up Cierna and we started moving into this region with these really short trees. I stepped on a crack and suddenly hundreds of tiny little spiders crawled out. They started getting bigger and bigger each step they took.

Some of them were crawling on my leg and I screamed and we all started running.

The spiders were chasing us, now the size of my fist. Cierna and Joseph were faster than me, there was no way I’d live through this if they were poisonous.

One bad thing led to another. We kept running and we ran straight into the Career camp. The good part was no one was expecting it at all and the spiders freaked them out.

We all started slashing weapons at them spiders and stepping on them. There were about seventy of them against seven of us. We each had to kill ten, but that wasn’t going to happen.

The spiders were now about the size of my head. One jumped on the girl from District 4 and she ran away screaming. I didn’t hear a cannon so I don’t think she died. The rest of the Careers ran after her and I turned my head to look at them.

Just then one of the spiders jumped on my back and bit me with its sharp teeth. I could feel the poison seeping into me. After it was sure that it would kill me it went with the rest of its pack back where they came from.

Joseph laid with me on the ground, waiting for the end. “Joseph, I love you so much.”

“I love you too Lynnie, I love you so much.” And I was so glad that those words were the last words I ever heard.


Kimmy Kestyn (D3)

“We’ve got to decide soon enough Demi.” I looked at her. “I think we should go. We need food.”

“Okay, we should go then.” She said. “I’ll lead.” She tiptoed down the staircase very slowly, I guess being careful not to wake any animals up.

We got to the bottom to find a huge pond. “Oh my gosh!” she yelled out. She walked towards the pond.

“No!” I yelled. She stepped into the pond and was instantly electrocuted. She stood there for a second, as if trying to say goodbye. For a minute she was still alive.

She wasn’t electrocuted because of the rubber boots she had on. I smiled the biggest smile possible. She stepped out of the pond and was about to say something but an arrow sunk itself into her side. “NO!” I looked to see where it came from. The Careers.

I grabbed my knife and threw it at Zara, the girl who killed Demi. It sunk deep into her face. I instantly heard two cannons. The other 3 Careers didn’t bother sticking around. They just shrugged and walked away. I turned to Demi. Her beautiful face had gone so pale, her blonde hair tangled. I closed her eyes and left her there. There was no use in crying, she wouldn’t have wanted me to.


The Career Pack has just lost Zara and are doing okay. Drina has sufferned from a spider bite and it is getting worse. Drina needs medicine (antivenom) for her spiderbite.

Alliance 2 has just suffered from the loss of Lynnie to the spiders. They are moving along slowly trying to get over Lynnie.

Alliance 3 (which is now just Kimmi) has lost their only knife in Zara's face, so Kimmi needs some sort of weapon. Kimmi needs a weapon as soon as possible.

Alliance 5 is still suffering. it won't be before long that they die fomr the bear scratches. Joanne's scratches are now infected and Ethan's are much worse. They need medicine for thier scratches.

Congrats to the remaining 8 Tributes!!! Arran, Seren, Kimmi, Drina, Joseph, Cierna, Joanne, and Ethan.

Day 4

Kimmi Kestyn (D3)

I woke up and the sunlight was shining on me. Something suddenly blocked the sun. There it was, a parachute. I grabbed it and smiled. I opened it. Inside there were pieces to make mines, explosives. My favorite weapon. You know after I lost my knife in Zara’s face I was kind of in need of a weapon.

Just then I heard a noise. I quickly assembled the explosives and held the two in my hands. “I don’t know Cierna,” a boy said. It was Joseph Anderson from District 6. I don’t care if they are tributes like me, it’s everyone for themselves.

I threw the mines in their direction and I heard something explode. I heard a cannon, but only one cannon.

Cierna Staford (D9)

I missed Lynnie and Lucis of course but I was kind of happy that I made it this far. Eight tribute left, only seven people I had to beat.

Joseph and I were walking through the forest and we were nearing a pond. I don’t think anyone was there but I saw a silver parachute coming down.

I decided to get closer before I asked Joseph. “Joseph, do you think anyone is there?” I whispered.

“I don’t know Cierna.” He said a bit louder than he should’ve. Almost instantly I saw two explosives coming towards us, I ran in the other direction. I blew up Joseph and there was nothing left of him. I was waiting for his cannon, but I didn’t hear it. He was dead. I snapped my fingers next to my ears.

Nothing, no sounds at all. The sound from the explosion had caused me to go deaf.

Joanne Benton (D12)

I looked over at Ethan and smiled. I silvery parachute came down and hit me in the face. I opened it. Inside was medicine, medicine for out scratches.

I frowned, it was only enough for one person.

“Take it,” Ethan said. He coughed and his chest was badly infected, “it’s too late for me, and you saved me from the bear you deserve it.”

“No!” I said to him. “There’s no way I’m doing that. You tried to save me form the bear and shoved me up the tree, and then I saved you so we’re even.”

“No that just means it’s my turn to save you.” I said.

“Even if I use it I won’t be able to breathe.” He said and coughed again. “Mine has gotten too bad.”


“Fine,” he said and took the medicine. He put it all on his fingers and rubbed it all on my face.

“ETHAN NO!” I yelled. MY face felt cool, and I could feel the infection easing. The throbbing stopped and my face wasn’t swollen anymore. “Ethan no. No, no, no, no, no.” I looked at him. He looked awful.

“Okay, Joanne, now you get to save me.” He grabbed a knife, “now you can stab me, and you go win.”

“What no?”

“You can do me this favor, I want you to.”

“No!” I yelled. How could he want me to do this?

“Fine then, bye Joanne, and may the odds be ever in your favor.” He grabbed the knife and stabbed himself in the chest.

“NO! ETHAN!” I yelled. There’s no way on earth that I’ll survive without him. I’ll starve. I grabbed the knife and stabbed myself in the stomach.




The Careers (Arran, Seren, Drina) are doing well, well except for Drina. Drina needs medicine before day 5 or else she'll die.

Kimmi is doing well, but since he exploded Joseph, she is once again, in need of a weapon. Kimmi needs a weapon as soon as possible

Cierna is all on her own now that Joseph is dead. She will probably starve to death unless seh gets some food by day 5. Cierna is starving to death, expand on that and see what you can buy her.

Congrats to the 5 remaining tributes! Arran, Seren, Kimmi, Drina, and Cierna! (The Victors will be announced tomorrow, Day 5)


Drina Vox (4)

Olay, time to do this then. Time to get out of this place. I thought.

I’d snuck away from the Career pack, now only Seren and Arran, and I was on my way to find Cierna.

I looked up at the sky and I saw two parachutes coming down. They were about to land about three yards away. I grabbed my sword and ran in that direction.

“Cierna?” I asked.

“Drina?” she asked with her mouth full of blueberries.

“Yeah, are you ready?”

“So ready, I was waiting for you and Joseph as gone so…”

“Yeah, okay, um, I guess we just stand here.” I said. I heard two cannons meant for us. We weren’t dead though, we were far from it. I smiled. “It’s working.”

“Yeah.” She smiled too. We were up against a tree in mud when it started to happen. We started sinking down into the ground. We both smiled. The Hunger Games, where you either die, pretend to die, or be crowned a Victor. Looks like we got the best end of the deal.

We were completely out of the arena, and in the catacombs under it. We were quickly rushed to a hovercraft where we saw Lucy. “God it took you guys long enough.”

“Shhhh!” one of the guys said. “If we’re caught, we’re all executed.” He closed the door of the hovercraft and it took off. Goodbye forever Panem, I’m never going to miss you.

Seren Mayne (2)

“I can’t believe she ditched us!” I yelled at Arran and kicked over a box of apples.

“It’s fine,” he said, “we’re better off without her. She was going to die anyway, now she’s going to die even sooner without us.”

“I guess you’re right, but still.” I heard two cannons blast.

“I guess that means only three of us are left. Together?” I put his hand on my shoulder.

“I guess, but only until we kill the only other one left.”

“Fine by me.”

We walked to a flat plain in the arena. I saw something hiding behind a tree. It came out. Kimmi Kestyn. District 3.

Kimmi Kestyn (3)

Two cannons that meant three were three of us left. Most likely me and two Careers. Great. I ran to the field that I’d past before. I knew they’d be there. I just want to die, I don’t want to fight them, I’d die more painfully then.

There they were, standing there, Seren and Arran.

“Well, well, well.” Seren said. “I’m glad you came.” She picked up her sword and walked towards me, but Arran didn’t move.

“I know you are.” I said. No clue what to say next. I looked at Arran. He had picked up a knife. He wasn’t looking at me though, he was looking at Seren. I didn’t know what he was going to do though, I looked at him and smiled.

“What are you smiling about?” Seren yelled and lunged towards me, but she was too late. Arran has already cut her neck. I heard her cannon and she fell to the ground.

“Why though?” I asked him. “Why?

Arran Harthorn (1)

“Why?” I started. “Because we win it every year but killing people brutally. We win all the time because of training, you would win this thing honestly if you won, we never win honestly. I think it’s time for a chance. I’m not going to kill you.”

“I’m not going to kill you either. I would want to win because I killed someone unwillingly, not because they let me kill them. No, I’m not killing you.”

“Well I’m not killing myself…” he said. “I know I don’t want to win but I don’t really want to kill myself. I am a little bit human, but not fully…”

I laughed. “Then why don’t we both win?” I asked him.

“I don’t see a reason that we couldn’t.” he said and I grabbed his hand. “WE ARE READY TO GET OUT OF HERE THANKS!” he yelled and I laughed again. The hovercraft came to take us away and I smiled.


Death Chart


How they died


Jimmy John Bulter (10) Troy Ventura/ slashed with sword


Theia Aganymis (10) Troy Ventura/ sword to the chest


Troy Ventura (4) Theia Aganymis/ rock to the head


Sophie Sage (11) Seren Mayne/ sword, decapitated


Lucias Wright (11) Seren Mayne/ sword to the chest


Rory Slank (7) Seren Mayne/ cut of his legs with sword


Ares West (2) Zara Lancaster/ poison dart in the head


Akita Satan Zara Lancaster/ poison dart to the head


Aurora Wilde (5) Lucy Heathers/ knife to the stomach


Buxus Redcoat (3) Lucy Heathers/ knife to the face


Lucis White (9) Zara Lancaster/ arrow in the back


Lucy Heathers (7) ?/?


Ike Herron (5) Lucy Heathers/ arrow in the back


Lynnie Handsows (6) spider mutts/ venomous bites


Demi Costa (8) Zara Lancaster/ arrow in the side


Zara Lancaster (1) Kimmi Kestyn/ knife to the face


Joseph Anderson (6) Kimmi Kestyn/blown up my bomb


Ethan Stone (12) Ethan Stone/ knife to the chest


Joanne Benton (12) Joanne Benton/ knife to the stomach


Drina Vox (4) ?/?


Cierna Staford (9) ?/?


Seren Mayne (2) Arran Harthorn/ slit neck


Kimmi Kestyn (3) Victor

1st (Winner)

Arran Harthorn (1) Victor

1st (Winner)

The winners....

Congratulations to the victors of the 41st Hugner Games, Kimmi Kestyn of District 3 and Arran Harthorn of District 1!!

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