Well here we go :)

Okay so this may or may not have gome through your head but do you guys want to know what happened to them and why it happened to then and who helped them? Well then comment away and ask any questions, just let me get a feel of what you guys want to know andthen I'll tell you everything.



Okay so basically the tributes are taken to this place (called Albion) which is in Canada, well like in Canada right above were Maine is in the USA. So that's where it is geographically. So in Albion there are all of the tributes that make it out of the games (which are like 2-7 tributes a year) and people that escape from Panem (like the Axov girl tried to, in Venus and my book the Avox girl and her brother were trying to escape to Albion). The people that are there.... well they are little neighborhoods in them, one for each District in PAnem and then in the middle of Albion there's this huge glass building that's called "the Base". The Base is where all of the escaped Tributes and Escaped Victors live. So yeah, in Albion the people just try to fuel rebellion and stuff. Well not fuel rebellion, but they are trynig to think of ways that they can make Panem more fiar, and get rid of the Hunger Games. Now who broguht the Tributes there? The good gamemakers! GO PLUTARCH! Plutarch was hte head of the operation! That's how Finnick, Katniss, and Beetee escaped teh 75th Games, because Plutarch was Head Gamemaker! So yeah. The way that we wrote it in our book is that Plutarch decided to take Katniss to District 13 because he didn't want her to know about Albion. He thought that if she didn't know about it then it would make her think that the Capitol was bad, making everyone else in Panem (the people that live in the districts) believe that too.

Make sense?


there werent any questions yet

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