Kay, since my last Games was a complete FAIL and I didn't get a SINGLE signup, I'm gonna try again.

It is a quell and I hope more people join this one.

Things you should know

  • District 13 and the Capitol are also included.
  • It is NOT first come, first serve. I will take the higher quality tributes.
  • You have one week to submit tributes. (October 12 is when I will put up the tributes that made it)
  • I don't like when people say "take it from my profile" because no offense, I find it extremely lazy. So please don't say "take it from my profile", your tribute will not be accepted if you do.
  • I also won't be reserving spots because as I said before it is NOT first come, first serve.
  • Your tribute has a higher chance of getting picked if they are brand new. If your tribute has been in many other Games, they are less likely to be picked.
  • I am picking the tributes that I like more/that interest me the most. So if your tribute is not picked, it may be for one of the following reasons:
    1. Your tribute wasn't interesting enough.
    2. The personality/backstory wasn't long enough or didn't have enough detail.
    3. Your tribute is already in lots of Games.
  • Don't get mad if your tribute dies. I'll probably love all the tributes I pick at one point or another, but we know only one can win.
  • I also tend not to curse a lot. The worst word I ever say is crap. So, I hope you'll be okay with it.

Quell Twist

As a reminder to the rebels that they got weaker and weaker during the rebellion, a part of the arena will break off every time a death occurs until the final two tributes and the Cornucopia are all that's left.

Tribute Template


Districts: (List three, in order of preference)






Appearance: (Lunaii is preferred)

Weapon: (List 1 or 2)

Strengths: (besides weapon) (List 2)

Weaknesses: (List 2)

Fears: (List 1)

Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Token: (optional)

Alliance: (can be filled out later)


District Gender Tribute Name Age Height Weapon User
Capitol Male Kaeden Humphrey 13 5'2 Trident Ninja~Toast
Capitol Female Cyra Torres 15 5'5 Axe BlueThunderPuppy
1 Male Roberth Williams 17 6'1 Sword, Axe ViniciusDeAssis1999
1 Female Paris Jones 16 5'6 Knife Wikia Contributor A
2 Male Bloodew Langergh 18 6'5 Sword, brute strength Wikia Contributor B
2 Female Maime Dauntel 18 6'1 Throwing stars, blowgun, poison Wikia Contributor B
3 Male Maxee Dinee 17 5'7 Machines, technology Macnin
3 Female Naria Avenforth 15 5'6

Throwing knives

Fawkes and Dobby
4 Male Jag Aqua 15 6'0 Trident, net, harpoon gun Theman77
4 Female Jaga Aqua 15 5'9 Trident, net, harpoon gun Theman77
5 Male Brett Ward 15 5'5 Sickle, Scythe, Sword Hyta100
5 Female Arena Dallow 18 5'7 Axe, Mace, Throwing knives Hyta100
6 Male Marko Steele 18 6'0 Hammer, sharp metal, Sword Fawkes and Dobby
6 Female Savannah Hewl 17 5'8 Knife Hyta100
7 Male Exolian Dynamite 12 4'10 Axe HungerGamesFanatic21
7 Female Cassy McAliston 17 5'6 Bow and Arrow, Throwing knives Ougi-kun
8 Male John Kirk 18 6'1 Spear, knives Ougi-kun
8 Female Reba Malandra 17 5'7 Bow, Dagger Ninja~Toast
9 Male Grant Denver 17 5'9 Mace, Snares Ninja~Toast
9 Female Chrysa Knight 16 ? Bow and arrow, knives Readwritelivenikki
10 Male Adam Mixle 15 5'7 Axe, throwing knives Cato'sSon
10 Female Christina Brunswick 15 5'5 Knife, Slingshot ~PopTart~
11 Male Marthian Macuzzi 17 6'3 Mace, Knife HungerGamesFanatic21
11 Female Taliona Macuzzi 17 5'7 Sword, Knife HungerGamesFanatic21
12 Male Anthony Levero 13 5'3 Dagger, blowgun BlueThunderPuppy
12 Female Katie Decker 17 5'6 Slingshot, Axe, Knife lily1997
13 Male Chris White 17 6'3 Gun, Sword Readwritelivenikki
13 Female Vienna Davenport 17 5'8 Bow and Arrow Cloveismywife

Tribute Gallery



Bloodew Langergh (2), Maime Dauntel (2), Jag Aqua (4), Jaga Aqua (4)

District 3 and 10 Alliance

Naria Avenforth (3), Adam Mixle (10)

District 1, 6, 10, 11, and 13 Alliance

Roberth Williams (1), Marko Steele (6), Christina Brunswick (10), Taliona Macuzzi (11), Vienna Davenport (13)

District 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12 Alliance

Savannah Hewl (6), Cassy McAliston (7), Reba Malandra (8), Chrysa Knight (9), Katie Decker (12)

District 5 and 8 Alliance

Brett Ward (5), John Kirk (8)

District 7 and 11 Alliance

Exolian Dynamite (7), Marthian Macuzzi (11)


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125


Capitol- Kaeden Humphrey

I wake up surrounded by trees with a deer sleeping at my side. Riight. I fell asleep in the forest last night. I say goodbye to my animal friends, and hurry into the fence surrounding the Capitol. I go home and get in my bed so my parents won't know I was in the forest all night. They come up a few minutes later to wake me for the Reaping. Crap. I forgot it was reaping day. They give me some nice clothes to wear. I ask my pet tracker jacker if he likes the clothes, and he gives a buzz of approval. My parents make me eat breakfast, but I'm so nervous that I might get reaped even though I have two entries. My parents attempt to calm me, but nothing they do is working. After I finish eating, we drive to the Reaping area. I get my blood taken and go to my designated section. Our escort walks on stage. She has lime green skin with extremely curly hair that's an array of random colors. "Welcome, welcome!" She says. "I am Clarice Julius. As you know, we are having our Capitol reaping. You all know the twist, part of the arena breaks off whenever a tribute dies. How fun!" Fun? Fun sounds like the opposite of that. "Ladies first!" she sings. She walks over to the reaping bowl and pulls out a name. "Cyra Torres!" she says. A girl with blue skin and pink and green hair walks up to the stage. Cyra Torres....I know her. She's really mean and everyone hates her. No wonder no one volunteered for her. I know I wouldn't have. Clarice walks over to the boy's bowl and pulls a name. Please not me....Please not me. "Kaeden Humphrey!" She says. Crap. I walk up to the stage, looking hopefully at other boys and hoping someone, anyone will volunteer for me. No such luck. I get onto the train and sit as far away from Cyra as possible as she nags about how much she hates the Games. I don't want to listen to her nag, so I go show my pet tracker jacker to Clarice, who seems fascinated. Sigh. I hope I can do this.

District 1- Roberth Williams

I wake up and fall out of my bed. Yep, great way to start the day. I head to go train for the Games. I'm volunteering this year, but I don't want to be with the Careers. I never liked the idea of the stronger tributes picking on the weaker ones. I definitely won't be with them. I take a sword and slash up a dummy with it, then use an axe to behead it. I definitely could have a chance. I train until it's time to get ready for the reaping. My parents have laid out a nice shirt and pants for me to wear, and I put them on without complaint. I eat breakfast and head to the reaping area by myself. I get my blood zapped and go to stand with the other 17-year old boys. Our escort comes on stage, and she actually looks kind of normal with her skin undyed and hair in it's natural brown. The only thing about her that screams Capitol is her jewelery. "Hello! I am Trisha Kiri, and I am here to do your reaping! May the odds be ever in your favor!" she says. She walks over to the girls bowl and unfolds a name. I'm shocked no one's volunteered yet. "Paris Jones". she says. A girl with red and black hair walks onstage, and I can't help thinking she's kind of attractive. She goes over to the boy's bowl and I get ready to volunteer. As she unfolds the name, me and about 7 other boys shout "I volunteer!" I hold my hand up, hoping she picks me. Trisha looks around and says,"You, in the back with the black hair.". I know she means me, and I walk up to the stage. "What's your name?" she asks. "Roberth Williams" I reply. She claps for me and the other boys who volunteered are giving me dirty looks. We get on the train and Paris and I begin talking with Trisha. I tell her that it's nice to have a Capitol escort that doesn't look like a freak, and she smiles at me. I look into Paris's eyes and find she's looking into mine. Maybe she thinks I'm attractive too.

District 2- Maime Dauntel

I'm at the Career Academy, learning my last lesson there. I'm intently listening to every word the instructor says. I plan to volunteer tdoay. I've been training for so long and feel it's finally my time. Our instructor is showing us which berries are poisonous and which aren't, which I need to learn since this isn't my strongest area. We are told not to eat the berries, whether they are poisonous or not. One kid isn't listening and stuffs a poisonous berry right in his mouth. The instructors and I try to stop him but it's no use, he's dead. "You moron!" I shout at his corpse. I don't want to see anything dead until I'm in that arena. Our instructor dismisses us and I go home to get ready for the reaping. I go find a dress. It's not too fluffy or girly, it's a simple green dress with a gold ribbon around the waist. I put on the dress and head to the reaping. I go there and get my blood zapped. I stand with the other 18-year-old girls as our escort comes onto the stage. She has a yellow and gray afro and all her makeup is green. She's hideous, and I'd tell her that to her face. "Welcome, welcome!" she announces. "My name is Lillian Davona, and welcome to the reaping for the 175th Hunger Games!". The crowd goes crazy as she walks to the girls' bowl and I get ready to volunteer. I know I won't be the only one volunteering, but I'm 18 so this is my last chance. She unfolds the name and me with about 20 other girls shout "I VOLUNTEER!". I'm hoping she picks me. Lillian looks around and points to me. Yes! I confidently walk up to the stage and she asks my name. "Maime Dauntel", I tell her. She claps and walks over the the boy's bowl. She unfolds the paper and about 25 boys shout "I VOLUNTEER!". She picks an older boy with dark skin and brown hair. "Bloodew Langergh" he says into the microphone. The crowd cheers and we're escorted onto the train. Bloodew and I begin to talk about how confident we are while Lillian changes her makeup from green to purple. This will definitely be interesting.

District 3- Naria Avenforth

I'm making myself some breakfast as I do every morning since my mom isn't here. She's almost never here. She's an undercover agent for District 3, and since she's gone all the time, I've learned to take care of myself. I eat the food I made, which is still good even though it's slightly overcooked. After I eat, I put on the dress my mom left out for me. It's all black with long sleeves. Perfect for me. I put on the dress and since I have some time to kill before the reaping, I take a little walk. I worry about the possibility of getting reaped, and I know I don't want it to happen. I try not to think about it, but before I know it, it's time for the reaping. I go to the town square and get my blood zapped. I'm one of the last to arrive, which is fine by me. I go stand in the 15-year-old section and our escort comes on stage. Her hair is azure blue, and she's wearing normal makeup. She's not even that ugly. "Hello, District 3! I am Lacey Cullford, and I will be your escort!" Lacey Cullford....that's not even that ugly a name. Lacey walks over to the girls' bowl and pulls a name out. As she unfolds the paper, I'm muttering "Don't be me, don't be me don't be me!". "Naria Avenforth!" Lacey announces. Crap. I stay where I am, hoping she won't find me and reap someone else. "Naria Avenforth, where are you?" Lacey asks. Every girl in my section knows me and is looking at me. It's no use. I walk up to the stage, ready to accept my fate. As I try to hold back tears, Lacey goes to the boys' bowl and picks a name. Some boy in the back shouts "I VOLUNTEER!". Why would you want to volunteer to be killed? Do you hate your life that much? He comes up to the stage and Lacey asks his name. "Maxee Dinee", he says. Maxee, you're an idiot for volunteering. We get escorted onto the train, and I wait until no one can see my face before I start crying. Surely my mom saw the reaping at work and is devastated. But I have to win for her.

District 4- Jaga Aqua

I wake up on the beach with my brother at my side, and we both reek of fish. I shake him to try to wake him up. "Jag, it's reaping day. We're volunteering today, remember?"I remind him. That immediately wakes him up. "Haha, you didn't think I'd forget, did you?" he asks me. We laugh and wash off in the lake. As we wash off, we begin discussing our Games tactics. We've been training since we were young, and we'll have an advantage over most of the other tributes since we're good with water. We spear some fish for breakfast and get in the clothes we picked for ourselves. Mine is an aquamarine dress and Jag's is a blue collared shirt with gold jeans. We go to the reaping and we tell how we HAVE to be the first ones to volunteer. We get our blood zapped and I stand with the girls while Jag stand with the guys. After a few minutes, our escort comes onstage. She's an overweight woman wearing pink everywhere, but her hair is surprisingly normal in its natural auburn color. She walks-err, staggers onstage and begins talking. "Hello District 4! My name is Daisy Jay, and I am thrilled to escort District 4." she says. I have to be first to volunteer, I have to be first, I HAVE to be first! As Daisy walks over to the girls' bowl, just as she's about to put her hand in, I scream "I VOLUNTEER!". I go up to the stage and Daisy asks my name. "Jaga Aqua", I tell her. I notice Jag in the boys' section giving me the thumbs-up sign. Daisy squeals and walks to the boys' bowl. Just as she's putting her hand in, I hear Jag shout "I VOLUNTEER!" and run up to the stage. "Huh, you two look very similar. What's your name?" Daisy asks. "Jag Aqua." Jag replies. Daisy widens her eyes in shock. "So, you two are siblings?". We both nod, and let Daisy escort us onto the train. She tries to sit down, but she can't fit in the seat and instead stands. "Hey, Daisy?" I ask. "Why did you look so concerned back there?" Jag nods in agreement with my question. "Oh, it's just that you're siblings know either one or none of you will win, right?" Jag and I exchange worried glances. We'd completely forgotten that.

District 5- Arena Dallow

I wake up coldly on the floor with a pool of blood next to me. Right. I slaughtered a deer that came into my house and forgot to clean it up. I go to clean up the blood, and eat some of the deer meat for breakfast while I ponder over whether I should volunteer or not. Well, I'm 18, it's my last chance, and I don't like my life that much. When I try to think of reasons why I shouldn't, I come up with nothing. So I've made up my mind and I'm volunteering. I put on the blood red dress I bought from some guy in the square that I intimidated into giving it to me for free and go to the reaping. I'm one of the first to arrive, so I'm going to have to wait a while. I get my blood zapped and I'm the first girl in the 18-year-old section. After about 20 minutes, the reaping area's full and our escort comes onstage. She's got red skin, red hair, a red dress, and to top it all off, she's wearing devil horns. "Hello, District 5!" she says so loudly she doesn't even need the microphone. "My name is Demona Deville, and I will be your escort!" Huh....nice way to incorporate both demon and devil into your name. I wonder if that's her real name or if she changed it. I forget my question as she walks to the girls' bowl. As she unfolds the paper, I scream at the top of my lungs, "I VOLUNTEER!" and run to the stage. "What's your name?" Demona hisses at me. "Arena. Arena Dallow." I tell her. The crowd goes silent except for a few claps here and there. She walks over to the boys' bowl and draws a name. "Brett Ward." she says. A boy with blonde-ish hair walks up to the stage. He's younger than me but he doesn't look too young. Somewhere between 14 and 16, I'd guess. We're escorted onto the train and we kinda say nothing to each other. After a while, I break the silence with the question that'd been on my mind ever since Demona announced herself. "So, Demona." I ask. "Is that really your name?". "Yes." Demona says. "My mom's name was Angel and my dad's name was Devil, so they named me Demona." While the story doesn't really make much sense, I'm at least happy to get an answer.

District 6- Marko Steele

Exhaust fumes get into my lungs as I fix the car. This is just everyday life for me. After what seems like ages of fumes, I finally see all the loose bolts in the car. I take my wrench and tighten them all and make sure the car works again. It does, and I give it back to its owner. I'm closing early today for reapings, so I close up shop for today. I go up and get changed into my reaping outfit. I've already lasted 5 years without being reaped, so hopefully I'll last another and then never have to worry about being in the Games ever again. My reaping outfit is just a nice red shirt with black pants. I go to the reaping area and get my blood zapped. I stand in the 18-year-old section, and our escort takes about 5 minutes to come onstage. When she finally does, I realize she's not too ugly. She has natural dark skin, and her hair is purple and blue, but it actually looks kind of pretty. "Hello, I am Siria Gothen, District 6's escort, blahblahblah, let's get this overwith.". Well then. She's clearly not a fan of the Games and I immediately like her. She speedwalks over to the girls' bowl and draws a name. "Savannah Hewl." She says. A girl with braided light brown hair walks up to the stage. She's adorable, and I don't mean it in a crushy way. Siria speedwalks over to the boys' bowl and reads, "Marko Steele." Crap. That's me. I walk up to the stage, trying to hide the fear on my face. Savannah is tearing up but makes no attempt to hide it. We're escorted onto the train and Savannah just starts bawling. A few tears escape my eyes too, and Siria sees us. "I wanted to get it overwith cause I hate the Games. They aren't fair. Seeing one of you die will be so hard." she says. Not helping. Savannah keeps bawling and hugs me, and I hug her back, tears welling in my eyes, but trying to stay strong.

District 7- Cassy McAliston

I woke up and my bedsheets were a mess. I was probably tossing and turning in my sleep. I was so scared last night. I can't help it, it's reaping day, of course I'm nervous! My parents and sisters are still asleep, so I quietly go downstairs and try to cook breakfast for them. Just as a nice gesture. I'm putting together the last plate when they come down. "Hey, mom, hey dad." I say. "I cooked you breakfast.". Mom nods and sits. She takes a bite and spits it out. "This is disgusting! Where did you learn to cook, District 12?". So much for trying to be nice. Dad takes a bite and says "It's not that bad, just a little overcooked.". Simple mistake. I don't even bother trying to fix things. I get into my reaping dress, a simple maroon dress with a brown collar. I walk around the square looking for my friends when I remember something. I don't have any. I sigh and walk around until reaping time. I get my blood zapped and stand in my section. Our escort comes onstage. It's a guy this year and he's somewhat handsome with his blonde hair with green tips and striking blue eyes. "Hello! I am Homer Mangono, District 7's escort." He walks over to the girls' bowl and draws a name. "Cassy McAliston!" he shouts. WHAT? ME?! I don't even have to take tessarae. My chances of getting picked were so slim yet I spent the night worried sick about it. My heart is beating endlessly as I walk to the stage and stand next to Homer. He walks over to the boys' bowl and draws another name. "Exolian Dynamite!" he says. A young boy bursts into tears and my heart breaks for him. Two peacekeepers guide him to the stage and we get escorted onto the train. I talk to him and tell him it'll be okay. I do my best to comfort him and he continues crying. I'm scared too, but I'm crying on the inside. Maybe if I keep comforting him, I'll have my first friend.

District 8- Reba Malandra

I wake up on my bed in the orphanage. Reaping day. I had another one of my dreams where I'm running from something with that necklace, stopping at the end of a street and hearing my mother's cry for help. I leave my necklace on my bed. I want to sell as many rugs as I can with my friend Griselda and her mother before the reaping. I get in my reaping clothes anyway so I can go straight to the reaping after the shop closes. I get in a beautiful blue dress that was my mother's. When I get to the shop, Griselda greets me with a hug. We sell a few more rugs than usual today, since they're always half off on reaping day. A few minutes before the reaping, Griselda's mother says, "Why don't you girls head to the reaping while I close up? I'll meet you there in a few minutes.". We nod and head to the reaping. We get our blood zapped as I go to the 17-year old section and Griselda goes to the section in front of me. Our escort comes onstage, and she's purple everywhere. Purple skin, purple makeup, purple clothes, purple jewelery, purple EVERYTHING. "Hello! I am Purpura Purele, District 8's escort! You know the twist, part of the arena will break off every time there'a death. So let's get to it!". Purpura walks over to the girls' bowl and draws a name. "Reba Malandra!" I stand there in shock. Me? ME?! How? I walk up to the stage as if I'm in a trance. I see Griselda in the audience and she looks heartbroken. Purpura goes to the boys' bowl and draws a name. "John Kirk!" An older boy with brown hair in a ponytail and a scarf comes onstage. Maybe that's his tribute token. Token. TOKEN! "WAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTT!" I shout. "I NEED TO GET SOMETHING BEFORE WE GO!" "Well, make it fast, then! We don't have all day!" Purpura says to me. I run to the orphanage as quick as I can, retrieve the necklace from my bed, and run back to the reaping stage. We are escorted onto the train and I talk with John. He asks why I went to go get the necklace. I didn't want to tell him the real meaning so I told him I just wanted a token to bring with me.

District 9- Chrysa Knight

I rolll off my bed and land on the floor. Reaping day. My friend is still asleep in her room, so I decide to go into the woods and hunt. I could bring home some game today, since they'll have no food if I just so happen to get reaped. I go into the woods with my bow and arrows. I see a deer. That'll last them a while. I shoot it and take it down with just one arrow. Perfect. I drag it back to their house and get ready for the reaping. I've been left a beautiful white dress and put it on. I take my locket with a grain from the first wheat stalk I've ever harvested in it to take as my token if I'm reaped. My friend is in a pretty lavender dress. I compliment her dress and she just smiles. We eat breakfast and go to the reaping. Our blood gets zapped and we stand in our section. Our escort comes onstage after some time, and she's had so much surgery her body looks distorted and misfigured. I'm about to puke as she announces herself. "Hello! I will be District 9's escort, and my name is Kerati Dagger. You all know the quell twist, so I won't bore you with that. Let's get to it!" She walks over to the girls' bowl and picks a name. She unfolds the paper, but she's having trouble pronouncing the name. "Chrysamumugh-Chrys-Chrysalis-Chrsyiug, um, can I get some help here?" A peacekeeper comes over and reads the name for her. "Chrysanthemum Knight!" Crap. That's me. My name is Chrysanthemum, but I go by Chrysa since it's easier to pronounce, spell, etc. I walk up to the stage and she walks to the boys' bowl. "Grant Denver!" she says. A boy I kind of know walks up to the stage. It'll be hard to kill him. We're escorted onto the train and Grant greets me with "Hey, Chrysa." "Oh. Hi Grant." I say back. "You two know each other?" Kerati asks We nod. Before she can leave the room, I tell her, "By the way, you can just call me Chrysa."

District 10- Adam Mixle

It's early in the morning and I'm just feeding the chickens. After I finish feeding them, I wake up my 2 little sisters and tell them it's reaping day. They get up while I do more farm work. by the time I'm done, they look really pretty. The older one is in a sky blue dress and the younger one is in a light pink dress. I tell them they look pretty and they smile. I go to get ready myself. I wash up and put on a nice shirt and pants. My sisters have gone by the time I'm done, so I assume they're already at the reaping. I go to the reaping and get my blood zapped. I stand in my section and our escort comes onstage. She looks like a completely normal person. Her hair is jet black, her skin undyed, and wearing a simple fitted purple dress. "Hello! My name is Alica Johnson, and I will be District 10's escort! Let's begin our reaping!" Her voice even sounds normal. She pulls out a name and unfolds the paper, and I'm praying it won't be one of my sisters. "Christina Brunswick!" Alica says. Phew. A girl with light brown hair and freckles walks up to the stage, and she looks scared. She puts her hand into the boys' bowl and shouts, "Adam Mixle!". No! I NEVER wanted to be reaped! How will they take care of the farm? Who's going to take care of my sisters since my parents are gone all the time? How will my family live without me? All these thoughts run through my head as I walk to the stage. Alica escorts me and Christina onto the train. We exchange an awkward smile now and then, but it's clear we're both scared to death. Alica is crying on the chair across from us, and admits she hates the Games and never wanted to be an escort, but they made her. She always get attached to the tributes she escorts and hates to see them die. I knew I made the right choice when I decided I liked Alica.

District 11- Marthian Macuzzi

I wake up and my sister Taliona is still asleep in the bed to my right. I decide not to wake her up. I know tension will be high in my family today since it's reaping day, so I deicde to ease the tension by making everyone breakfast. We're kind of poor and we don't have much to work with, but I'll figure something out. I go outside and pick some berries. I use some of our tessera grain to try and make bread. I've never made bread myself before but I've seen my mom do it plenty of times, and I can figure it out. I mash up the berries and mix it into the bread. I hear Taliona walking into the kitchen and she helps me since I kinda have no idea what I'm doing. We have a respectable dough for the bread, and when it's done, it's a reddish-purple color thanks to the berries. We serve it to our family and they love it and tell us to get ready for the reaping. Taliona puts on a red dress and I put on a green shirt and jeans. We walk to the reaping area and get our blood zapped. I guess our bread-making party took up some time, cause we're one of the last to arrive. Our escort walks onstage, and she's got a rainbow afro and zebra stripes on her face. "Hello! I am Martha Cane, your escort from the Capitol! I will be escorting District 11 this year, so let's get to it!". Martha walks over to the girls bowl and shouts "Taliona Macuzzi!". No! I can't volunteer for her, but I pray someone else will. No luck. Taliona walks up to the stage, and I'm just wishing there was anything I could do to protect her from this. Martha goes to the boys' bowl and shouts, "Marthian Macuzzi!" The crowd gasps. They all know we're siblings. They heard we have the same last name. Taliona and I are shell shocked as I walk to the stage. Martha is trying to clear the awkward tension, but nothing works and we're put on the train together. Taliona starts to cry and hugs me. Martha expresses sympathy, but she does tell us this. "You're not the only pair of siblings in this year's Games. There's a brother and sister from 4 that volunteered together." It still means one or both of us will die, and one or both of them will too.

District 12- Anthony Levero

I wake up on the cold, hard floor. If only we could afford a bed or food. But nope, I just had to have the life I do. I would try to make breakfast, but we have no food. I go to do my favorite pastime, sitting and sulking. As I sit and sulk, I decide something that only very few people in District 12 have ever done. That's right. I'm going to volunteer. Living in District 12 is about as great as being dead, so I don't know which is worse. If I die, I won't care. If I win, I'll have a better life. I see that it's almost reaping time. I just throw on a black shirt and pants and walk to the reaping. I'm one of the first to arrive, but since I'm used to being bored, this is no change of pace for me. After about 10 minutes, people finally start arriving. I wait about 20 more minutes when our escort comes onstage. She looks really scary. It even freaked ME out a little. She was all black. Black hair, black clothes, black lipstick, which I didn't even know existed. I like black and all, but I don't go all out like that. She seems dreary and says "Welcome to the District 12 reaping, I'm Gothisia Leafah, yadda yadda yadda, I don't care let's get this overwith." Finally. An escort that feels exactly how I do about most things. She walks to the girls' bowl and says "Katie Decker". A pretty blonde girl walks up to the stage nerously. She's at least a few years older than me but she's hot anyway. I notice that Gothisia is walking toward the boys' bowl and I shout "I VOLUNTEER!" The entire District looks at me like I've lost my mind. "We have a volunteer. Yay." she says unenthusiastically. "What's your name?" She asks me. "Anthony Levero" I reply. We get escorted onto the train and I keep staring at Katie. I can tell that Gothisia is freaking her out cause of her looks, and I'm freaking her out cause I keep staring at her coldly. I still think she's hot. I just hardly ever smile.

District 13- Vienna Davenport

I wake up and it's reaping day. I hope I'm not reaped. I go put my hand in the machine, and see my schedule saying that I have 15 minutes to get ready for the reaping after breakfast. I go down to the cafeteria and I see my friends. I grab my breakfast and go to sit with them. "Hey guys did you hear about Kurt's new hair it's soo cute and this oatmeal tastes amazing don't you agree?" I ask. They nod slowly and awkwardly. "What? Do you guys think I talk too much I mean come on guys you're my friends you can tell me the truth do I talk too much just tell me be honest please." I say. "Yes" they all reply simultaneously. "Sorry I'll try to talk less" I say and stuff a huge spoonful of oatmeal in my mouth. After breakfast, I go to my compartment and get ready for the reaping. I put on a forest green dress and do my hair as nice as I can get it to look. I take the elevator to the reaping and I'm one of the middle people to arrive. I wait about 10 minutes and by that time everyone's here and our escort comes onstage. It's a guy escort but he looks like a girl. His hair is long and purple and green and he's wearing earrings. "Welcome to your reaping, District 13! My name is Austin Bade, and I will be your escort. Ladies first!" he says. He walks over to the girls bowl and my gosh I cannot tell you how nervous I am right now I mean I reealy don't want to get picked so please not me please not me. "Vienna Davenport!" he says. Nooo! I walk up to the stage and some people seem relieved. I knew it. I DO talk too much. Austin goes to the boys' bowl and picks a name. "Chris White!" he says. A handsome guy walks up to the stage and I flirt with him a little. Although his vibes tell me he isn't interested. Yeah, I'm known for talking too much but I'll try to get someone to help me work on it. "Hey, do you want some makeup?" I ask Austin. Austin seems offended, but I thought guys in the Capitol wore makeup. I guess not all of them do.

Training Scores

District Tribute Score Odds
Capitol Kaeden Humphrey 6 24-1
Capitol Cyra Torres 3 49-1
1 Roberth Williams 9 6-1
1 Paris Jones 7 16-1
2 Bloodew Langergh 10 3-1
2 Maime Dauntel 10 4-1
3 Maxee Dinee 6 19-1
3 Naria Avenforth 6 18-1
4 Jag Aqua 9 5-1
4 Jaga Aqua 9 6-1
5 Brett Ward 5 27-1
5 Arena Dallow 8 12-1
6 Marko Steele 6 22-1
6 Savannah Hewl 4 41-1
7 Exolian Dynamite 3 47-1
7 Cassy McAliston 5 32-1
8 John Kirk 6 28-1
8 Reba Malandra 6 28-1
9 Grant Denver 6 27-1
9 Chrysa Knight 8 18-1
10 Adam Mixle 5 29-1
10 Christina Brunswick 5 30-1
11 Marthian Macuzzi 6 26-1
11 Taliona Macuzzi 5 33-1
12 Anthony Levero 4 37-1
12 Katie Decker 5 33-1
13 Chris White 5 32-1
13 Vienna Davenport 6 29-1


Hosted by Cameron Flickerman

Capitol- Cyra Torres

Cameron: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome from our very own Capitol, Cyra Torres!

Cyra: Hi Cameron.

Cameron: Hello Cyra. So how do you feel about working with all these district people? It definitely must be different.

Cyra: Well, I mean, it's their own fault for not having what we have. I want nothing to do with any of them because they disgust me.

  • audience boos*

Cyra: Shut up, will you? Anyway I wanted to ally with Kaeden but he said no cause he thinks I'm too mean.

Cameron: Well, you kinda are...

Cyra: I mean he's from the Capitol, best place in Panem. We have everything. And the district losers have nothing.

Cameron: Well Cyra, it seems you feel very strongly about this

Cyra: I do. They dug their own grave


District 1- Paris Jones

Cameron: From District 1, please welcome the lovely Paris Jones!

Paris: Hi!

Cameron: So Paris, we hear you have DID, or Multiple Personality Disorder. Do you think it could cause your downfall in the arena?

Paris: It might...BUT BET ON ME AND GIVE ME YOUR MONEY IF I WIN.........Ohh and those sexy boys, Mmm.

Cameron: .......uh huh.

Paris: I'm sorry, I can't control when it happens.

Cameron: Understandable. So, how do you feel about your odds in the arena?

Paris: Well, I scored a 7, not too bad. My odds are about average, I'd say.

Cameron: I see. Anyone special you have your eye on right now?

Paris: I didn't wanna say this cause he's not into me, but Roberth.


District 2- Bloodew Langergh

Cameron: Please welcome Bloodew Langergh, from District 2!

Bloodew: Hey Cameron.

Cameron: Hi Bloodew. So, you're a four-person Career alliance? Do you think you could be at a bigger disadvantage?

Bloodew: We've got some strong fighters, I'd assume no.

Cameron: I see. Well, from what I'm hearing you've got a special girl in these Games?

Bloodew: I do. Maime has been all over me since the reaping.

Cameron: Are you used to this?

Bloodew: Yeah. Back home, the ladies were all over me, but now Maime's the only one I've got my eye on.

Cameron: How sweet. It's too bad only one of you can win

Bloodew: Stop reminding me!


District 3- Maxee Dinee

Cameron: From District 3, please welcome Maxee Dinee!

Maxee: Hi Cameron.

Cameron: So Maxee, we hear you aren't too great with many weapons. Do you think you have a talent you can incorporate into the Games?

Maxee: Well, I can probably work with a wire. You can't really build in the arena. But I'm also not easy to trick.

Cameron: That could definitely help you.

Maxee: It will. All the other tributes are so stupid, so winning wouldn't be hard, and if I die then I can have some peace.

Cameron: Wow. So you don't really care if you win or lose?

Maxee: Not too much, no.

Cameron: And what makes you think most other tributes are stupid?

Maxee: They just need to think more.


District 4- Jag Aqua

Cameron: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Jag Aqua from District 4!

Jag: Hey.

Cameron: So Jag, you and your sister both volunteered. From what I've heard, you both didn't think it through that only one of you can live?

Jag: Yeah. We didn't think it through. I agree with what Maxee said before, about needing to think more.

Cameron: Yeah. Well, is there any distinct advantage you'll have over the other tributes?

Jag: Jaga and I are great with water, which is usually a weakness for most other tributes.

Cameron: Nice. That will definitely help you two. Do you think the Careers will be at a disadvantage considering there are only 4 of you?

Jag: Nah. As Bloodew said, we've got some strong fighters.

Cameron: One more question. What if you and your sister end up as the final 2?

Jag: I'm trying not to think about it.


District 5- Brett Ward

Cameron: From District 5, please welcome Brett Ward!

Brett: Hi Cameron.

Cameron: Hi Brett. So, what do you think about your odds and chance in the arena?

Brett: My odds aren't great, but I'll work through it.

Cameron: Does the fact that parts of the arena will break off excite you or scare you?

Brett: A little of both. But what if a tribute is on the part of the arena as it's breaking off? Will they die and will another part break off?

Cameron: I can't tell you that, I'm sorry. You'll just have to wait and see.

Brett: Dang.

Cameron: Anyway, Brett, you have a lady or you single?

Brett: Haha, I'm single. Why do you ask?


District 6- Savannah Hewl

Cameron: Please welcome District 6's Savannah Hewl!

Savannah: H-Hi...

Cameron: So, Savannah, are you excited for the Games?

Savannah: *shakes head really fast*

Cameron: Aww, looks like someone's nervous. *holds Savannah's hand* How did you feel when you were reaped?

Savannah: I, um, I cried. I cried a lot and Marko hugged me. He was there to comfort me.

  • crowd awws*

Cameron: How adorable. Do you think you might be getting into a relationship with him?

Savannah: M-Maybe. I-I've never really been in love before.

Cameron: Aww. Well, I hope things will work out with you two.

Savannah: Thank you...


District 7- Exolian Dynamite

Cameron: Please welcome from District 7, Exolian Dynamite!

Exolian: Hi.

Cameron: So Exolian, you're a stronger fighter than you look?

Exolian: Yeah. I might seem small and...weak, but I can win.

Cameron: Interesting considering your low training score.

Exolian: Okay, maybe I'm not the best but I'm okay.

Cameron: I see. And you're going with no allies?

Exolian: *nods*

Cameron: Interesting. Do the Careers scare you?

Exolian: Bloodew and Maime, yes. Jag and Jaga seem nicer.


District 8- John Kirk

Cameron: Please welcome, from District 8, John Kirk!

John: Hey Cam.

Cameron: Hello John. So, is there anything you'd like to share with us?

John: Actually, there is. My parents were killed by Peacekeepers when I was younger. The Peacekeepers are doing nothing to help our district.

Cameron: Okay, have you been doing anything about it?

John: I've been providing for the poor and suffering. I'd love to win just so I can do something to help.

Cameron: So, Peacekeepers are doing nothing to help you?

John: Not a thing.

Cameron: Well, is there anything else you'd like to say?

John: I have something to say to Cyra. The reason we don't have as much as you do is because the Capitol demands all these things from us, and what we get in return is a big heaping bowl of NOTHING.

  • crowd gasps*


District 9- Grant Denver

Cameron: From District 9, please welcome Grant Denver!

Grant: Hi Cameron. Hi Capitol people

  • audience laughs*

Cameron: Haha. So Grant, We hear you and Chrysa are good friends.

Grant: We've known each other for a while. Same math class one year.

Cameron: I see. Do you know each other a lot or a little?

Grant: We're just friends, Chrysa and I.

Cameron: Okay. Well, how do you feel about your odds and chance in the Games?

Grant: My odds aren't fantastic, but I'll see what I can do.

Cameron: One more question. Are you excited or scared of the quell twist?

Grant: Scared.


District 10- Christina Brunswick

Cameron: From District 10, please welcome the lovely Christina Brunswick!

Christina: Hi!

Cameron: So, are you ready for the Games?

Christina: Not that much, no.

Cameron: Well, I wish good luck to you.

Christina: Thank you.

Cameron: Do you have any allies?

Christina: Yes. I'm with Roberth, Marko, Taliona, and Vienna.

Cameron: Do you think they might increase your chances in the arena?

Chrstina: Let's hope so.


District 11- Taliona Macuzzi

Cameron: Please welcome, from District 11, Taliona Macuzzi!

Taliona: Hello!

Cameron: Hello Taliona. So, is it going to be hard considering both you AND your brother were reaped?

Taliona: It's going to be impossible. What if we end up as the final 2?

Cameron: I think you shouldn't think about it.

Taliona: .....Okay.

Cameron: So anyway, how are you liking the Capitol?

Taliona: It's VERY different from District 11. But it's definitely a nice change of scenery.

Cameron: Last question. Do you think Marthian would have volunteered for you if he could?

Taliona: I'm positive he would have.


District 12- Katie Decker

Cameron: From District 12, please welcome the beautiful Katie Decker!

Katie: Thank you for the compliment!

Cameron: So Katie, do you have anything that could give you an advantage over the other tributes?

Katie: Well, I'm smart. I'm also stronger than I look.

Cameron: You think that will help you?

Katie: It might.

Cameron: Do you like the Capitol?

Katie: It's so glamourous compared to District 12. I inhale coal dust every day.

  • audience laughs*

Cameron: Do the Careers scare you?

Katie: A little bit.


District 13- Chris White

Cameron: Last but not least, we have Chris White from District 13!

Chris: Hi.

Cameron: So Chris, are you prepared for the Games?

Chris: Yes.

Cameron: Are you only going to use one word answers?

Chris: Maybe.

Cameron: Well, from what I hear you train for the Games often.

Chris: I do. I'm ready to get out there and kill.

Cameron: And you're going with no allies?

Chris: Yes.


The Games


District 13- Vienna Davenport

I say goodbye to my stylist as my tube closes. I feel my plate rising up. I look around and I see the Cornucopia on a field of grass. Around it I see mostly forest and a small lake. I look over and see Taliona (11). I point to the outskirts of the Cornucopia and she nods. 45, 44, 43...

Capitol- Kaeden Humphrey

27, 26, 25. I look to the forest and I know that there are bound to be animals in there. Perfect. There's a tiny backpack about the size of a water bottle right in front of me. I'll grab it and run to find shelter in the woods. I decide my plan is perfect. 13, 12, 11...

District 2- Maime Dauntel

3, 2, 1, GONG! I sprint off my platform and find Bloodew (2), Jag (4), and Jaga (4). We each pick up supplies and are out to kill anyone. I see Cyra (C) standing on her platform, unsure what to do. I laugh at how pathetic she is. She decides to come get supplies, and I take my blowgun, dip my darts into some poison, and kill her. Haha! I got the first kill. I'm so proud of myself.

District 11- Taliona Macuzzi

Vienna (13) and I both went for small backpacks. We retreat to the woods and wait for our allies. They all come quickly and we find a place to camp out. Marthian (11) escapes the bloodbath, but we see Bloodew (2) slitting Exolian's (7) neck with a sword. He was so young, but this is no time to cry.

District 4- Jag Aqua

I'm not sure about the Career alliance, but hopefully we can do okay. There's only been one death so far. I think we might still have other tributes to kill when Arena (5) throws one of her knives into my back and my world goes dark.

District 12- Katie Decker

My allies and I run off into the woods. When we get there, we realize we're missing Chrysa (9). We run back only to find her on the ground, dead. We see Paris (1) running away and we immediately go after Paris (1). Cassy (7) shoots her with her bow and arrow and Paris (1) falls dead to the ground.



District 6- Marko Steele

Only five tributes dead? That's a low number. I'm really hoping Savannah's (6) okay though. She's so fragile and I hope one of those cannons wasn't hers. I sit with my allies and we talk about the arena.

District 5- Arena Dallow

I hear the anthem begin to play and in the sky I see Cyra (C), Paris (1), Jag (4), Exolian (7), and Chrysa (9) in the sky. Not bad. Two threats are gone. I'm right outside the Cornucopia, spying on the Careers.

The arena begins to shake, and I hear loud cracking. They must be the parts that are breaking off. I hear five crashes, but no cannons.

Day 2

District 3- Naria Avenforth

Adam (10) wakes me up and tells me we have to leave because another alliance is nearby. We're just about to get moving when two parachutes fall where we are. Mine has water inside and Adam's (10) has an axe.

District 12- Anthony Levero

A parachute floats down to where I am and I open it. There is soup and water inside. I thank whoever sent it to me. I eat a bit of soup and drink a bit of waater. Now I just want to kill. I see Maxee (3) wth a wire down by the lake. That idiot! I sneak up behind Maxee and push him in. He gets electrocuted to death and I laugh and run away. BOOM!

District 8- John Kirk

We hear a cannon and the arena begins to shake. The arena cracks right in between where Brett and I are sitting. I grab Brett's hand as the part of the arena falls, but my hands are still slippery from the water I just drank. Brett begins slipping, until he slips out of my grasp completely and falls to his death. BOOM!

District 10- Christina Brunswick

The arena shakes again, and i get the feeling it's close to where my allies and I are, so we immediately move. We bump into the alliance with Savannah (6), Cassy (7), Reba (8), and Katie (12). We decide to make a temporary truce.

District 2- Bloodew Langergh

On the bright side, none of us have died today. On the other side, we haven't made any kills today. We hear the anthem begin to play and look to the sky. First we see Maxee (3), followed by Brett (5). Only two deaths? Boring.

Day 3

District 1- Roberth Williams

I look at my crush as she sleeps. She's so cute. I quickly awaken all the people and tell them about my mentor's plan. After I explain it, we agree to try it. BOOM! The arena shakes, and we wonder who could have possibly died.

District 3- Naria Avenforth

The boom of the cannon wakes me, but somehow doesn't wake Adam (10). However, the arena shaking like an earthquake wakes him. We quickly move away from where we were. Man, I HATE this twist. As the arena gets smaller, it brings the tributes closer together. We run toward the lake, but we make sure to stay concealed underneath the bushes nearby, and we see a hovercraft picking up a body near the Cornucopia.

District 4- Jaga Aqua

The hovercraft comes to pick up Maime (2). We're not even sure how she died. An arrow just came out of nowhere and hit her in the skull. We have no idea who shot it. Out of nowhere, another arrow comes by and hit Bloodew (2) in the heart. I run to the lake and stay hidden under the water there. I can't believe I'm the only Career left.

District 6- Marko Steele

With Bloodew (2) and Maime (2) dead and Jaga (4) the only surviving Career, our alliance easily takes over the Cornucopia since Jaga ran to the lake. I congratulate Vienna (13) and Reba (8) for shooting them. We are able to pick up so much supplies. We're talking and laughing when out of nowhere a trident stabs Katie (12) in the back. It's Jaga. We try to go after her, but we fail.

District 5- Arena Dallow

They took out 2 Careers in one day, and I admire it. I get the courage to walk over to them, and they're immediately intimidated. "Relax, I'm not gonna hurt you." I say. I sit down with them and they offer me some supplies. I accept their offer and congratulate them on killing Bloodew (2) and Maime (2).

Capitol- Kaeden Humphrey

I just got a trident from a sponsor, and I'm really grateful for it. There are some pretty vicious mutts I've tamed. They can attack whenever I command them to, which will be useful. As I'm getting ready to go to sleep for the night, I hear the anthem begin to play and I look to the sky. First I see Maime (2), followed by Bloodew (2), then Katie (12). Wow. Two Careers gone in one day. Maybe I can win this.

Day 4

District 6- Savannah Hewl

I wake up and Marko (6) is sitting up, keeping watch. The one thing I notice is that he's positioned as if to protect ME. He's so sweet. Since we're the only two awake, I decide now's my only chance to tell him how I feel. I slightly tap on his shoulder. "Hey, Savannah." he says with a smile. "Hi. Um, there's something I want to tell you." I begin as Marko nods. "Ever since you hugged me on that train ride, I felt something. Something real. A natural connection between us. And....I love you, but I don't know if you feel the same." Marko takes a second to take all of it in, and finally responds, "Savannah...I feel the same way about you." He plants a kiss on my cheek and we watch the sunrise. Together, alone.

District 10- Adam Mixle

Naria (3) and I are still in the bushes near the lake where Jaga (4) is. We don't want to leave until she does, unless we find a way to make it out alive. There in the bushes, Naria keeps looking like she has something to say, and I wait for her to say it, but she never does. Finally, I can't stand the silence anymore and I ask her "What's wrong? You look like you have something on your mind. It's okay, you can tell me.". Naria doesn't say anything, but grabs me by the shoulders and kisses me on the lips. Her lips are warm and soft, and she is a surprisingly good kisser. After the kiss, she admits she's in love with me, and that I can be honest with her if I don't feel the same. I amaze her when I say, "But Naria, I DO feel the same."

District 11- Marthian Macuzzi

Thirsty. I am so thirsty. I wait for water to come, and it never does. I feel myself getting dizzy from dehydration. I want to keep living, I really want to, but know that I'm done. My dying wish is for Taliona (11) to win. I keel over as my life leaves my body. BOOM!

District 8- Reba Malandra

We're still keeping watch in shifts, and right now it's my turn to guard, along with Cassy (7), Savannah (6), and Vienna (13). Since the others have nothing else to do, they're asleep in the Cornucopia. The four of us being girls, since we have nothing better to do, we talk. About any topic. Savannah admitting her love to Marko (6), although everyone was asleep for that except them. Jaga being the only surviving Career, and how we have to get her. We talk until the others wake up, and Grant (9) comes over.

District 9- Grant Denver

I'm at the Cornucopia as part of my plan. "Hey girls." I say. "Can I join you for a while, too? I can guard alone so the four of you can sleep." "I-I'm not so sure." Savannah (6) says. "Why not?" asks Cassy. "I'm really tired, we should all rest a little." They finally agree with her and fall asleep inside the Cornucopia. I take my match, get some wood, and light the Cornucopia on fire. I run away laughing and watching the tributes burn inside. Most of them make it out, but Christina (10) isn't so lucky. She gets burned to death and I run to the confines of the forest. BOOM!

District 13- Vienna Davenport

We just lost Christina (10), and we're upset, but not too much. We should have known not to trust Grant (9). Since most of us have burn cream, we're able to treat the wounds immediately. The Cornucopia is scorched black. No seriously, it's the same color as my hair. We relax and the anthem begins to play. We look up to the sky and we see Christina, but we also see someone we didn't expect to see. Marthian (11). He must have been the one that died this morning. When Taliona (11) sees Marthian, she bursts into tears. We do our best to comfort her, but nothing works. Taliona volunteers to guard by herself, and I know it's because she wants to mourn Marthian. We allow her that.

Day 5

District 4- Jaga Aqua

Naria (3) and Adam (10) are still asleep by my lake. I'm almost positive they know I'm here. I move to a secluded area of the forest and get some rest in.

District 1- Roberth Williams

Taliona (11) is still asleep, keeping guard. She's looking kind of rabid, and I'm starting to think it isn't safe to have her around anymore. I know everyone else admitted their love yesterday, so I waited a bit to express my feelings to Vienna (13). She's beside me, looking like she JUST woke up, so I take her behind the Cornucopia with me and say "Vienna, I really like you. A lot. And Taliona looks like she could rampage any minute. We should ditch." Vienna nods her head in agreement and we run to the lake. When we get there, a parachute comes down for me, and it's a blanket. I wrap it around both me and Vienna and we watch the sunrise together.

District 12- Anthony Levero

I'm walking around the forest trying to find some kills when I see a pack of mutts heading my way. I try to run away, and I remember I have a dagger with me. I kill some of them, and I see Kaeden (C). He commands his mutts to attack me, but I use my dagger to keep them away. The last thing I see is Kaeden throwing his trident towards me. BOOM!

District 8- John Kirk

The arena begins to shake again, and I run away. On my way, I bump into Chris (13). I debate whether or not to kill him, but I finally decide that it would mean less competition. I grab my spear when he isn't looking and stab him through the heart. BOOM! My first kill. The arena shakes, and with every death I'm closer to all the other tributes. Which means if I'm in the final 2, I'll have nowhere to hide.

District 11- Taliona Macuzzi

I already miss Marthian (11). He was almost like my best friend. I know I must win to avenge him. We've already had two deaths today, and I leave the Cornucopia. As I'm leaving, Arena (5) stops me and tells me she's coming along. We work out a plan that Arena will take the west side of the arena, and I'll take the east side. We high five and split up.

District 3- Naria Avenforth

This morning, Roberth (1) and Vienna (13) moved to the lake. We won't ty to kill them, but we'll continue to stay hidden. I'm not sure why they retreated to the lake instead of the forest since the lake can be easily seen from the Cornucopia, but hey, not my problem. The anthem plays and we look up through the bushes. In the sky we see Anthony (12) followed by Chris (13). Two deaths. Could be worse.

Day 6

District 9- Grant Denver

It's early in the morning and I'm wandering the forest. I try to think about what I can do next. Taliona (11) appears straight ahead of me. I try to run, but her knife enters my skull. BOOM!

District 10- Adam Mixle

We're still in the bushes by the lake. Roberth (1) and Vienna (13) are still here too. They just woke up. I tell Naria (3) that maybe it's time we escape, and she agrees. We try to leave, but Roberth and Vienna see us. Crap. Naria throws one of her knives and it hits Roberth in the heart. BOOM! Vienna is raging and screams to Naria, "You killed my love, now I'm gonna kill yours!" She gets out her bow, takes an arrow from her quiver, and aims it at me. I try to run away, but her arrow hits me in the back. Naria tries to stop and help me, but I can't let her. "Naria, just go on without me!" I shout. "I'm going to die any second, don't even bother fighting with her!" Naria cries, but she listens and runs away. I curl up on the ground, counting the seconds until I die. BOOM!

District 7- Cassy McAliston

Three people have already died today, and it's not even noon. I go to the lake to collect more water, and Reba keeps watch at the Cornucopia. As I'm collecting the water, I hear a cannon. BOOM! I look behind me and see that Reba was killed. Arena (5) is running back out to the forest. Arena killed Reba. Great. Now our alliance is even smaller. After I finish collecting water, I go back to the Cornucopia. I know they already know Reba is dead. "So, Marko, since all your allies seem to be gone, want to join our alliance?" I ask. Savannah (6) looks at him hopefully. "I have nowhere else to go. Why not?" Marko says. Savannah smiles and kisses Marko's cheek.

District 4- Jaga Aqua

I'm still in the forest. I just wanted to get some rest. I walk around the forest a bit. I'm not at all familiar with forests. We didn't have any back in District 4. I stumble along the trees. I feel something on top of me, and it's Taliona. "Finally. I found you." She says. "And now, you're gonna die." I push her off of me, take my trident, and stab her. BOOM!

Capitol- Kaeden Humphrey

It's apparently been eventful today. Five tributes have died. As I lay down to go to sleep, I hear the anthem play. I look into the sky and I see Roberth (1), Reba (8), Grant (9), Adam (10), and Taliona (11). The arena has got to be small by now. I'm just about to fall asleep when I hear trumpets playing. I hear a voice that says:

"Attention tributes! Tomorrow there will be a feast at the Cornucopia! There is a backpack for each individual tribute. It will be marked with your initials. Will you risk it all to get yours, or will you survive without it? Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

A feast? When 5 tributes have died today? I'm not sure if I'll go. I'll decide tomorrow.

Day 7- The Feast

District 6- Savannah Hewl

Marko (6), Cassy (7), and I are still in the Cornucopia. We're all awake, ready to just grab our bags and run. About 10 minutes after we all wake up, the table comes and clicks into place. The three of us go for our backpacks immediately. I grab the one labeled SH, Marko grabs the one labeled MS, and Cassy grabs the one labeled CM. I look inside mine and I find protective armor. I'm happy to see that Marko and Cassy got the same. Now, no one will be able to hit us unless we take it off or someone shoots one of us in the head.

Capitol- Kaeden Humphrey

I'm in the bushes, and I can see that Savannah (6), Marko (6), and Cassy (7) have already gotten their bags. They were in the Cornucopia anyway, so I expected them to be able to get their bags. I see John (8) running to get his bag, and I command half of my mutts to attack. They rip John to pieces. BOOM! The arena shakes, and I decide to go out with my mutts protecting me when I see an arrow flying towards me and I black out. BOOM!

District 13- Vienna Davenport

I just killed Kaeden (C), and I'm up in a tree. His mutts stare at his corpse until Arena (5) and Naria (3) come out and the mutts immediately go to try and kill them. I hear Arena and Naria screaming, and I let out a small giggle. Naria throws her knife into Arena's chest and Arena dies. BOOM! I decide to let the mutts take care of Naria. She'll be dead any minute. My prediction turns out to be correct when I hear a cannon go off and I know Naria has died. 

District 6- Marko Steele

We just watched mutts rip John and Naria to shreds. They begin to wander back out into the forest, and I see one carrying Kaeden's corpse on its back. The girls are trying their best not to throw up at the sight of it. I finally decide to tell them that I think we should leave the Cornucopia. They both agree as we run off into the forest.

District 4- Jaga Aqua

I decided not to go to the feast today. I didn't want to risk my life for something I probably won't even need. I bump into Marko, Savannah, and Cassy, and Marko just gives a friendly nod and walks by. Huh. That's weird. A few footsteps later, I feel something sharp in my back and I realize Marko stabbed me with his sword. My world slowly fades to black. BOOM!

District 7- Cassy McAliston

It's been an eventful day. Quite a few tributes have died. As the three of us settle down for the night, we hear the enthem playing and in the sky we see Kaeden (C), Naria (3), Jaga (4), Arena (5), and John (8). Five tributes in one day. That leaves the three of us and Vienna (13). Who knows where she could be.

Day 8- A Victor Is Crowned

District 6- Marko Steele

I wake the girls up so I can break my news to them. "Girls, I'm leaving the alliance.". I was dreading admitting this to them. Savannah stars to tear up. "Look Savannah, I know this is hard for you. It's hard for me too, but in the end, I don't want to be the one that kills you, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to do the same to me." Savannah nods as if she understands. We share a goodbye kiss and I go to the lake.

District 7- Cassy McAliston

Savannah insisted on following Marko to the lake without him knowing, so I'm going along with her. We're camped at the other side of the lake. I kind of hope we don't kill Vienna yet, because then it'll be down to the three of us, and we've already established that we don't want to kill each other. 

District 13- Vienna Davenport

I'm still in this tree, and the three stooges just camped by the lake. This tree is right next to the lake. I sneak up behind Marko, and shoot an arrow at him. BOOM! It hits him right in the temple. Cassy wasn't paying attention, but Savannah was, and she starts bawling. After she finishes her crying fit, she locks her eyes on me. She grabs her knife and runs over to me, but I shoot her with another arrow before she can make it to me. BOOM! It hits her in the temple too. The lake begins to shake, and Cassy and I run to the Cornucopia, which is now the only part of the arena left.

District 7- Cassy McAliston

It's down to me and Vienna now, and she's pretty tough. I'm not so sure I can beat her, but I have to try. Vienna shoots an arrow at me, and I dodge it. She only has one arrow left in her quiver, so if I dodge this, she's screwed and I may have a chance. I prepare as she puts her next arrow in the bow, and when she shoots it, I dodge this one too. Vienna looks desperately in her quiver trying to find another arrow, but she doesn't have any more. As she scrambles on the ground, freaking out, I get one of my arrows ready. When she isn't looking, I shoot her through the heart. BOOM! I hear the trumpets blowing, announcing my victory. Holy crap. I can't believe it. I just won the Hunger Games.

Post-Games Interview

Cameron: Please welcome your victor, District 7's Cassy McAliston!

Cassy: Thank you Cameron!

Cameron: So Cassy, how did you like your allies?

Cassy: I grew really close to them. It was so hard to see them die, especially Savannah.

Cameron: When you were first reaped, did you think you had a chance?

Cassy: To tell you the truth, not really. I thought I'd die early on. I never imagined I'd win.

Cameron: I see. Are you still happy you won though?

Cassy: Of course I am! Now my parents will actually appreciate me.

Cameron: Well, that's all for tonight. Enjoy your life in the Victor's Village!

Cassy: Oh, I will!


Cassy's parents were actually proud of her for the first time. She began making a lot of friends, and her parents began to favor her over her sisters, which her sisters weren't too happy about. All of her sisters eventually volunteered to try to win so they would take the limelight away from Cassy, but they all ended up dying, which made Cassy's parents pay even MORE attention to her. Eventually, Cassy got married to a previous District 7 victor. They had a son and a daughter, which Cassy named Marko and Savannah, in honor of them being her best friends in the arena.

Current Status 

District Tribute Place
7 Cassy McAliston VICTOR

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed by How?
28th Cyra Torres 1 Maime Dauntel Dart in neck
27th Exolian Dynamite 1 Bloodew Langergh Slit throat
26th Jag Aqua 1 Arena Dallow Knife in back
25th Chrysa Knight 1 Paris Jones Stabbed by knife
24th Paris Jones 1 Cassy McAliston Shot with arrow
23rd Maxee Dinee 2 Anthony Levero Electrocuted by wire
22nd Brett Ward 2 The arena Falling off of arena
21st Maime Dauntel 3 Vienna Davenport Arrow in skull
20th Bloodew Langergh 3 Reba Malandra Arrow in heart
19th Katie Decker 3 Jaga Aqua Stabbed by trident
18th Marthian Macuzzi 4 Dehydration Dehydration
17th Christina Brunswick 4 Grant Denver Burned to death
16th Anthony Levero 5 Kaeden Humphrey Stabbed by trident
15th Chris White 5 John Kirk Spear in heart
14th Grant Denver 6 Taliona Macuzzi

Knife in skull

13th Roberth Williams 6 Naria Avenforth Knife in heart
12th Adam Mixle 6 Vienna Davenport Arrow in back
11th Reba Malandra 6 Arena Dallow Knife in heart
10th Taliona Macuzzi 6 Jaga Aqua Stabbed by trident
9th John Kirk Mutts Mauled by mutts
8th Kaeden Humphrey Vienna Davenport Arrow in skull
7th Arena Dallow Naria Avenforth  Knife in heart 
6th Naria Avenforth 7 Mutts  Mauled by mutts 
5th Jaga Aqua Marko Steele  Sword in back 
4th Marko Steele 8 Vienna Davenport  Arrow in temple 
3rd Savannah Hewl  Vienna Davenport Arrow in temple 
2nd Vienna Davenport  Cassy McAliston  Arrow in heart 
Victor Cassy McAliston ------ ------------------------  --------------------------- 

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