Hey guys, I just finished my 150th Hunger Games where Kila Marinlie of District 2 (BlueThunderPuppy), Alina Concord of District 6 (Cloveismywife), Tex Juana of District 8 (HungerGamesFanatic21), and Delilah Lexus of District 13 (Ninja~Toast) were crowned victors. Since I've never done a regular Games before, I figure I'll do one now. 

Welcome to the 176th Hunger Games.

Like my 150th Games, I'll only do training scores and the Games.

Things you should know

  • District 13 and the Capitol are also included.
  • If you submit multiple tributes, they must all be from different districts. I don't want one person to have an entire district to themself.
  • I don't do profiles because I like new tributes, and tributes on profiles are more likely to be used.
  • I WILL do reservations. They will last for one day.
  • If two people submit a tribute to the same district, I will just pick the tribute I like better. If I like both tributes, I will ask one of the users if they would mind moving their tribute to another district.
    • Example: Arena Dallow in my 175th Games. None of the districts she wanted were available, but I really liked her, so her owner was okay with me putting her in the only female spot left, which was D5 female.
  • If you can't make a lunaii, you can give me a description and I will make it for you. If you use a picture of a real person, I will make it into a lunaii.
  • Don't get mad if your tribute dies. I'll probably love all the tributes I pick at one point or another, but we know only one can win.
  • I also tend not to curse a lot. The worst word I ever say is crap. So, I hope you'll be okay with it.
  • No wikia contributors, sorry. I'll only accept your tribute if you are a user here but forgot to log in or something.

Tribute Template

Name: Districts: (List three, in order of preference)






Appearance: (Lunaii is preferred)

Weapon: (List 1 or 2)

Strengths: (besides weapon) (List 2)

Weaknesses: (List 2)

Fears: (List 1)

Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Token: (optional)

Alliance: (can be filled out later)


District Gender Tribute Name Age Height Weapon User
Capitol Male Nick Taylor 12 5'4 Sword, Throwing Knives StarWarsFan9988
Capitol Female Serenity Bourne 15 5'4 Knife, Spear DrewlovesKuinn
1 Male Andrew Prescott 16 5'5 Mace DrewlovesKuinn
1 Female Lucy Sister 15 5'6 Throwing Knives, Spear AxedFox
2 Male Rudy Orslin 18 6'4 Mace, Sword Commander jag
2 Female Lily Jurge 18 5'6 Sword, Throwing Knives Ougi-kun
3 Male Noah Kiltova 14 5'1 None Andy1854
3 Female Paola Fernand 18 6'1 Club, Baton VDA1999
4 Male Julian Hemm 17 5'10 Spear Bolandcas
4 Female Cloud Dewdrops 16 5'6 Trident, sword Hybrid Shadow
5 Male Buzzy Tee 12 5'2 Sting, Poop, Awl Midget in a bikini
5 Female Clara Sparks 15 5'5 Wire BlueThunderPuppy
6 Male

Jonelle "Jonah" Castro

14 5'4 Tomahawk, Sai blades Wildcats11630
6 Female Lella Lombardi 14 5'5 Wire, Knife Ougi-kun
7 Male Leif Wilde 15 5'7 Axe, String Bolandcas
7 Female Camellia Cyrellia 14 5'1 Axe, Snares Ninja~Toast
8 Male Dome Citadel 16 6'4 Hatchet, Icepick Hybrid Shadow
8 Female Galina Kiltova 14 5'2 Bow and Arrow, Throwing Knives Andy1854
9 Male James Zwick 18 6'1 Club, fists Bolandcas
9 Female Erin Blackwell 12 4'8 Knife Cloveismywife
10 Male Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson 17 5'9 Spear, Axe District1 Obsessed
10 Female Alyra Lyndonn 16 5'5 Awl. Spear Annamisasa
11 Male Suzuki Hickey 16 5'8 Machete, Poison Midget in a bikini
11 Female Amy Goldeen 18 6'1 Spear, Crossbow Commander jag
12 Male Trevor Lloyd 13 5'3 Rape, Sword StarWarsFan9988
12 Female Christa Burnstenn 16 5'8 Scythe, Knife Midget in a bikini
13 Male Jacen Ruthor 16 5'7 Shuriken, Scythe Commander jag
13 Female Willow Firethorn 17 5'8 Sword, Throwing axes District1 Obsessed

Tribute Gallery



Andrew Prescott (1), Lucy Sister (1), Rudy Orslin (2), Lily Jurge (2), Julian Hemm (4), Cloud Dewdrops (4), Suzuki Hickey (11), Amy Goldeen (11)


District 8 and 13 Alliance 

Dome Citadel (8), Willow Firethorn (13)

District 3, 5 and 6 Alliance

Paola Fernand (3), Clara Sparks (5), Lella Lombardi (6)

District 5, 7 and 9 Alliance

Buzzy Tee (5), Camellia Cyrellia (7), Erin Blackwell (9)


(Taken from Cloveismywife)

Each user has $500 PER TRIBUTE. 

Awl: $100 

Axe: $150 

Blanket: $50 

Blowgun: $100 

Bow: $150 

Bread: $50 

Burn Cream: $125 

Canteen: $100 

Camouflage Paints: $100 

Dagger: $100 

Darts (12): $25 

Dried Meat: $75 

Dried Fruit: $50 

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400 

Knife: $75 

Mace: $125 

Matches: $75 

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150 

Net: $125 

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150 

Paddles: $50 

Painkiller: $75 

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150 

Poison: $75 

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150 

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25 

Raft: $250 

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25 

Rope: $25 

Sickle: $125 

Sleeping Bag: $75 

Slingshot: $125 

Snowshoes: $100 

Soup: $75 

Spear: $125 

Spile: $75 

Sword: $125 

Throwing Axes (3): $200 

Throwing Knives (3): $200 

Trident: $275 

Water: $100 

Wire: $75 

Wooden Club: $125

Training Scores

District Tribute Score
Capitol Nick Taylor 5
Capitol Serenity Bourne 5
1 Andrew Prescott 10
1 Lucy Sister 10
2 Rudy Orslin 11
2 Lily Jurge 10
3 Noah Kiltova 6
3 Paola Fernand 6
4 Julian Hemm 10
4 Cloud Dewdrops 9
5 Buzzy Tee 7
5 Clara Sparks 5
6 Jonah Castro 6
6 Lella Lombardi 6
7 Leif Wilde 6
7 Camellia Cyrellia 7
8 Dome Citadel 7
8 Galina Kiltova 8
9 James Zwick 6
9 Erin Blackwell 5
10 Gambler Richardson 6
10 Alyra Lyndonn 5
11 Suzuki Hickey 8
11 Amy Goldeen 8
12 Trevor Lloyd 4
12 Christa Burnstenn 5
13 Jacen Ruthor 7
13 Willow Firethorn 6

The 176th Hunger Games

Day 1 - "Holy crap." - Erin Blackwell

District 7- Camellia Cyrellia

I wave goodbye to my stylist and try to remember what Cassy told me. Cassy McAliston was my mentor, and last year's victor. This is her first time mentoring, so I hope she did a good job.

The countdown begins and I see the arena. It's an indoor arena. I see some escalators and some signs hanging from the ceiling. One of the signs reads:

"Beds ^ Kitchen > Bathroom < Food v"

I finally look at the arena itself, and I see couches, chairs, and all kinds of furniture. I notice some writing on the walls and read it.

"Welcome to IKEA."

District 5- Clara Sparks

45...44...43. I'm kind of relieved, actually. It's an indoor arena, so we won't have to worry about being cold or bad weather. 38...37...36. And since it's a furniture store, we can guarantee that we'll have a comfy place to sleep. 23...22...21. I don't think I'll mind this arena, actually. I look over in the direction of the arrow pointing to "Food", and I see a little counter stocked with food behind it. I look over to Paola (3) and Lella (6) and point to it. They nod. We have a plan ready.

District 2- Lily Jurge

GONG! I run off my platform to the Cornucopia and immediately grab a sword and a pack of throwing knives. I throw one at Leif (7) and another at James (9). "THIS IS YOUR PUNISHMENT THE LORD HAS GIVEN YOU FOR NOT VOLUNTEERING!" I shout. Amy (11) throws a spear at Alyra (10) and Lucy (1) throws a knife at Christa (12). Good. They deserve to be punished for not volunteering. 

District 12- Trevor Lloyd

I run from the bloodbath into the section labeled "beds". I see beds everywhere. I hide under one, hoping a girl will come by to I can rape her to death. It's a good thing that the beds are on the second floor of this IKEA place, and they're nowhere near the Cornucopia. The bad news is that for those two reasons, plus needing a place to sleep, a lot of tributes will retreat here as well.

District 13- Willow Firethorn

Dome (8) and I have run from the bloodbath completely. We run into a area full of room displays. Each display has a bed, a little desk, a closet, lights, and other accessories. These displays are small, but it's more than I ever had. I go to one of the display bookcases, ready to read something to pass the time. All the books are in another language. I don't know which. "Hey Dome!" I shout. "What language is this?". "Swedish." He replies. Why have books if they won't even be in English? It's like the Gamemakers saying "You wanna read? We know you wanna read, WELL TOO BAD, the books are in Swedish so you can't read!"

District 6- Lella Lombardi

Clara (5), Paola (3) and I are in the little food counter. We only got backpacks at the Corcnucopia, so we're going to fill them up with food and leave, because the Careers could come here at any moment. We all take some soup, bread, and apples. Paola and I also take dried beef, but Clara didn't. "Hey, Clara. Why didn't you take any dried beef?" I ask. "Oh, I'm a vegetarian." she replies. Paola and I shrug. We finish and flee into the section labeled "Kids". Kids? I look at all the kiddish furniture. Most of it's actually cool looking. There are these little chairs that you curl up in, pull this thing over yourself, and spin in it. Clara tried it, and she said it was fun, so I went next. And I'm not ashamed to say this, she was right.


District 11- Amy Goldeen

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Only four? THAT'S IT? We're horrible this year! I blame the other tributes. Most of them just fled, decreasing our ability to get kills. We angrily go to sit on the couches that surround the Cornucopia. The beds are off in another section, and from what I'm guessing, most of the other tributes have retreated there. We don't need beds. I discovered that these couches are pull-out couches. 

District 9- Erin Blackwell

Buzzy (5), Camellia (7), and I are in the "Beds" section, laying down on the beds. Camellia and Buzzy have all the supplies, and I kind of just fled. Someone comes up from underneath Camellia's bed, and he takes off her clothes. Holy crap. Camellia's getting raped. Buzzy and I spring into action. I tackle the rapist, and it's Trevor from 12. He flips me over and tries to rape me, too, but Buzzy comes and stings him with his stinger and he immediately dies. BOOM! Camellia seems traumatized, and Buzzy and I try to calm her down. Although, if Buzzy hadn't saved me in time, I'd be acting the same way. 

District 1- Lucy Sister

We hear the anthem and look up to the ceiling. We see Leif (7), James (9), Alyra (10), Trevor (12), and Christa (12). So five deaths today? Sigh. I volunteer to take the first watch, and they accept. I wait until they're all asleep, grab all the supplies I can, and run off into the "Beds" section. I see another alliance there, so I grab a blanket and pillow from a bed and sleep underneath it. I can't risk getting caught.

Day 2 - "Don't ask me how you're supposed to kill someone with a coffee maker." - Galina Kiltova

District 8- Galina Kiltova

Noah (3) and I wake up and read our mentor's plan. We have to steal supplies because he doesn't want to waste money yet. I wake up Noah and let him read it. "Why should we have to do that?" he asks. "Isn't there a food section here somewhere?" He's right. There is. But it will only get us food. We'll need water and weapons too. "There's a water fountain near the bathrooms, and since we're in the kitchen area, we'll make temporary weapons out of the kitchen supplies." I say. Noah nods and we go to work. I grab a pan and a butterknife, and he finds a coffee maker and multiple forks. Don't ask me how you're supposed to kill someone with a coffee maker.

District 13- Jacen Ruthor

The brother and sister from 3 and 8 come into the food counter, where I am. I have no weapons, so I can't do much about it. "Hey, can we have some food and then we'll be on our way?" the girl asks. I ponder this for a minute. What's the harm? "Sure, go ahead." I say. They don't seem to have anything. The boy has forks and a coffee maker, and the girl has a pan and a butterknife. I guess they just came from the kitchen area. 

District 5- Buzzy Tee

Camellia (7) reads her mentor's note, and tells us we need to relocate. We go into the back section of IKEA, labeled "Warehouse". The walls and floors are concrete gray, and there are piles of boxes filled with furniture. They go up to the ceiling. I fly up and get a good overview. Serenity from the Capitol and Jonah from 6 are here too. I fly down, tell Erin (9) and Camellia where they are, and they go after them. Camellia slices Serenity's chest open with her axe. BOOM! Erin digs her knife into the heart of Jonah. BOOM! The warehouse is cold and menacing, and very uncomfortable. We're staying.

District 10- Gambler Richardson

I'm in the "Rugs" section of this place. I quietly sneak into the "Living Room" section near the Cornucopia. I crawl underneath all the furniture, and luckily, I'm not seen. I see Nick (C) here too, and deicde it's the perfect chance to whittle down some competition. I scream from under the couch and the Careers spring into action. I stay hidden as the Careers go to find Nick. BOOM! Well, they found him. I snicker, a bit too loudly, and they stop. I don't move a muscle. They shrug it off and the Career in the back, Rudy (2), takes my spear to his ankle and his foot comes clean off.

District 1- Andrew Prescott

Rudy (2) falls over and we notice his right foot is gone. One of us has to carry him, and I offer to do it since I'm strong. "How did it even happen?" Lily (2) asks. "WAS IT FROM SOMEONE WHO DIDN'T VOLUNTEER? Ohh, the Lord will punish them for this!" I roll my eyes. Lily is insane. "Hey, guys?" Suzuki (11) asks. "Where's Lucy?" We immediately notice she isn't here. "THAT TRAITOR!" Lily shouts. "I'M GONNA GET HER FOR THIS!" Out of nowhere, a bunch of forks come and stab Lily in the heart. BOOM! I'm kind of happy about it. She was annoying with all her "The Lord will punish you" stuff.

District 3- Paola Fernand

Our mentors recommended we stay in the kid's area, so we do. My mentor sent me a mace and some water, and Lella's (6) sent her water and a knife. Clara (5) didn't get anything, but we'll share some of it with her. Besides, she's the one that walked out of the bloodbath with a weapon. Out of nowhere, Lucy (1) comes into this area. "Why aren't you with the Careers?" I ask. "I ditched." she says. She gets out a spear, and aims for Clara. Clara gets out her wire, but can't keep it together. She bursts into tears and even Lucy lowers her spear out of curiousity. "I can't hurt you! I can't hurt anyone!" Clara says through tears. "When I left my abusive parents, I made a promise to myself to never be mean to anyone ever again! I can't even SAY things are mean! Killing someone is the meanest thing I could possibly do! I can't break my promise. Go ahead. Do it." "Clara, don't!" I say. Lucy shrugs and sends her spear through Clara's heart. BOOM! She runs off, and we stare at Clara's dead body. She died in the most noble way possible. I applaud her for it.

District 3- Noah Kiltova

Galina and I are now in "Living Room" hiding under couches. We stare and the Careers and the Cornucopia. We hear the anthem begin to play and we see Nick (C), Serenity (C), Lily (2), Clara (5), and Jonah (6). One Career down, lots to go. Galina and I say good night and fall asleep under our beds.

Day 3 - "What was that for?!" - Cloud Dewdrops

District 4- Julian Hemm

We wake up and Rudy (2) isn't doing too well. The Instant Relief isn't helping. Instant Relief can't replace a lost foot. Rudy is losing blood fast, and there isn't much we can do about it. I decide to put him out of his misery and end him right here. I stab my spear through his heart. BOOM! The other Careers just stare at me. "WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" Cloud (4) screams at me. "Hey, he didn't have much longer to live anyway!" I retort. The other Careers look mad at me for making us a smaller team. Cloud grits her teeth and sends her sword through my head. BOOM!

District 11- Suzuki Hickey

We're down to four Careers now. Julian just killed Rudy, and Cloud just killed Julian. Now it's only me, Cloud, Andrew (1), and Amy (11). Jacen (13) walks over from behind the food counter. We prepare our weapons, ready to attack. But then he tells us he wants to join us. We could use another Career. Eventually we decide to give him a chance to show us what he can do, and then we'll see. Jacen picks up some shurikens, and throws them with so much force that they get lodged in the Cornucopia. The four of us huddle to discuss it. 

"I say we take him." Cloud says.

"Agreed." Amy replies.

"I'm not sure." Andrew says. 

"Come on, Andrew." I say. "We're already down four people. We could use another. I say yes."


We go over to Jacen. "You're in!" I shout. Jacen gives a small smile. We go back to sit on the couches.

District 7- Camellia Cyrellia

Erin (9), Buzzy (5), and I are still in the warehouse. No one has come by. Out of nowhere, one of the shelves starts to shake. The boxes on it begin to fall. One crushes Erin (9) and the other crushes Buzzy (5). BOOM! BOOM!

I just lost both of my allies. 

District 8- Dome Citadel

Willow (13) and I have been in the room display the entire time and Camellia (7) comes over to us. She asks if she can join our alliance, and we eventually decide to accept. 

"Hey, weren't you allied with that girl from 9 and that half-mutt boy?" Willow asks.

"They both died. Boxes crashed down on them at the same time in the warehouse." Camellia replies.

"Aw, that's too bad." I say.

And it gets even worse when the bed I'm sitting on folds in half and crushes me. BOOM!

District 13- Willow Firethorn

"Dome!" I shout. He was my only ally, until today at least. "I must have horrible luck." Camellia says. "First Erin and Buzzy, and now Dome? Do I just indirectly kill everyone wherever I go?!" "No!" I shout. "You don't. Don't be so hard on yourself, and at least feel happy and lucky you made it out alive. Face it, you'd have to ditch them eventually." "I guess you're right." she says. Out of nowhere, Lucy (1) comes by. We hide in closets, since there's nothing in there the Gamemakers could have activated. Lucy goes to sit on a bed, and her body is crushed. BOOM! 

District 6- Lella Lombardi

Paola (3) and I are still in the kid's section. We see a figure dart underneath all the furniture. Gambler (10). Paola and I don't hesitate to kill him. I stab him in the heart, and he holds his chest in pain. He gets up from under the couch and Paola finishes him off by decapitating him with her mace. BOOM! Wow. There were a LOT of deaths today. The feast can't be too far away now. We hear the anthem and look to the sky, where we see Lucy (1), Rudy (2), Julian (4), Buzzy (5), Dome (8), Erin (9), and Gambler (10). 7 deaths. That's even more than in the bloodbath. Suddenly trumpets begin to play and we listen to the announcer's voice.

"Attention tributes! You are dropping like flies, therefore we are having the feast early this year! There will be a bag labeled with your initials, and inside will be a gift from your sponsor! Will you risk going to the feast to get yours. or will you try to avoid danger by not going? The choice is yours, tributes. May the odds be ever in your favor!"

The feast. Will I go?

Feast rules:

  • Advice is VITAL to your tribute's survival. Please post advice for the feast!
  • You can't send your tribute multiple items. Only ONE item can be in their bag.
  • You will choose what is in your tribute's bag. It can be an item that isn't on the list, but it can't be too unreasonable (ex. a gun).
  • If you want to send your tribute an item on the list, you are welcome to do so.
  • If you do not specify what you are giving your tribute, they will recieve a bag full of air.

Day 4- The Feast

District 7- Camellia Cyrellia

Willow (13) and I wake up and read our mentor's notes. Willow has been sent some water. Good. We needed it. My mentor tells me NOT to grab my bag at the feast, to let someone else get it, because there will be an Instant Relief bottle filled with poison. Willow and I sneak down to the ground floor, where the Cornucopia is, and hide under couches. A table rises up from the floor and the Careers immediately go after it. From what I can see, Suzuki (11) has painkillers, Jacen (13) has a scythe, and Andrew's (1) bag is empty.

District 1- Andrew Prescott

My mentor didn't even bother to send me anything. I am so outraged, I grab the bag labeled CC for Camellia (7), and inside she has Instant Relief. Oh well. I take it, knowing she'll never get it now. Out of nowhere, Jacen (13) stabs me in the back with his scythe. I drink some of the Instant Relief, but it isn't doing anything. I drink a bit more and my vision slowly fades. Poison. BOOM!

District 11- Amy Goldeen

Whatever was in that bottle of Instant Relief was NOT Instant Relief. It must have been poisoned. Camellia must have a smart mentor. Camellia and Willow (13) come out from behind a couch, and Willow grabs the bag labeled WF. She got body armor. The bag labeled PF is moving. Something must be live inside. Paola (3) and Lella (6) come out and grab the bags saying PF and LL respectively. Paola has a cat in her bag, and Lella has a bottle of something. I look away for a split second to feel something painful on my head. The cat is scratching me. I try to get it off, but I trip over a jar that's on fire. Lella must have had gasoline in her bag. The flames burn me, and the cat scratches me until I just give in and let them kill me. BOOM!

District 11- Suzuki Hickey

Jacen (13) and I only have Cloud (4) left to kill. Cloud looks really mad at us, but Jacen uses his scythe and beheads her instantly. BOOM! Jacen and I nod to each other and run off to Food. We're basically allowing all the other tributes to be able to grab their bags, but at this point, I really don't give a crap. The only ones who haven't gotten their bags yet are Galina from 8 and Noah from 3. I point at them, and Jacen nods. He stabs Galina in the back, while I take care of Noah by stabbing my machete through his heart. BOOM! BOOM! We high five and run back to food. That's the end of the feast.

District 3- Paola Fernand

A lot of deaths happened at the feast today. I counted five cannons, so there are only 6 of us left. The last day of these Games will probably be tomorrow or the day after. Since I have a feeling it might be tomorrow, I tap Lella and say "Lella. I have a feeling tomorrow might be the last day. If I don't win..." I pause. "I want you to." "Same." she replies. "So if I die, win for me, okay?" "Of course." I reply. We hear the anthem and look to the ceiling. Today we see Andrew (1), Noah (3), Cloud (4), Galina (8), and Amy (11). Only six tributes left. And I'm one of those six.

Day 5- A Victor is Crowned

District 11- Suzuki Hickey

My mentor told me that this will most likely be the final day. Suddenly, we hear the announcer's voice booming through IKEA.

"Attention, tributes! You are all invitied to come to the Cornucopia! Attendance is MANDATORY. What will happen if you don't attend? I'd hate to ruin the fun by telling you. Get there as quick as you can, and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

Suddenly the whole wall of food catches on fire. I run, knowing I must win for Yuki. I run faster than Jacen (13) can, and he throws a shuriken at me. I fall to the ground, clutching my back in pain. The wall of fire continues to come closer, and the five other tributes are already at the Cornucopia. The rest of IKEA is on fire. The Cornucopia plate starts to rise up, and I know I'll never make it on in time. There's nothing I can do except whisper "I'm so sorry, Yuki." as the flames consume me. BOOM!

District 6- Lella Lombardi

The fire must have gotten Suzuki before he could get here in time. This was to ensure a gory fight. Willow (13) doesn't hesitate to throw an axe at me, and I fall to the ground crying in pain. Paola (3) immediately comes over to me, and I know I don't have much longer. "Paola." I say. "Push me off." "What?!" she screams. "Push me off this thing. And win for me.". She cries, obeys, and pushes me off. As I fall, my life flashes before my eyes. But I didn't have much longer anyway. I hit the ground and die on impact. BOOM! 

District 3- Paola Fernand

Willow. I am so mad at her. She forced me to kill my only ally. I know she has body armor, so I quickly sneak up behind her and decpitate her. BOOM! I want to go for Jacen (13) next, as he is a HUGE threat, but I decide against it. I decide to take out Camellia (7) first, as she is an easier target. Besides, District 7 had a female victor last year. District 3 hasn't had a victor in years, and I have a new determination to make sure that victor is me. I take my mace and bludgeon Camellia with it. BOOM! And now, it's just me and Jacen. We engage in a horrible battle. He tries to hack away at me with his scythe, while I try to bludgeon him with my mace. Eventually, we both fall over, wounded and looking horrible. For a moment, I start to think neither of us will make it. Then I remember Lella. Her final words. "Win for me". I know that's what I need to do. I gather all my strength, pick up my mace, and give Jacen his final blow. BOOM! The trumpets play, and I hear "Congratulations to Paola Fernand of District 3, victor of the 176th Annual Hunger Games! Please board the hovercraft that will escort you back to the Capitol." 

I can't believe it. I won. 

Post-Games Interview

Hosted by Cameron Flickerman

Cameron: Please welcome this year's victor, Paola Fernand of District 3!

Paola: Hello, Cameron!

Cameron: Hello Paola. So, how is it that you won?

Paola: I feel amazing.

Cameron: What did you like most about the Games?

Paola: Winning, of course! Also, the beds were pretty comfy.

  • crowd laughs*

Cameron: Haha. Well, what was the hardest thing for you?

Paola: When Lella told me to kill her. We had become such good friends over the course of the Games, it was so hard.

Cameron: What made you feel empowered to win?

Paola: As I was laying there, I heard Lella's last words to me. "Win for me", she said. and right there, I knew I needed to.

Cameron: Aw. Well, that's all the time we have for today. Enjoy your life in the Victor's Village!


Paola went back to District 3. She was able to bring home victors in some years, and she others, she wasn't able to. Eventually, she married one of the District 3 victors she mentored. They had a blonde daughter and a redheaded daughter. The blonde one they named Clara, and the redhead they named Lella.

Current Status

District Tribute Placement
3 Paola Fernand VICTOR

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed By How?
28th Leif Wilde 1 Lily Jurge Knife in skull
27th James Zwick 1 Lily Jurge Knife in skull
26th Alyra Lyndonn 1 Amy Goldeen Spear in heart
25th Christa Burnstenn 1 Lucy Sister Knife in skull
24th Trevor Lloyd 1 Buzzy Tee Stung to death
23rd Serenity Bourne 2 Camellia Cyrellia Axe in chest
22nd Jonah Castro 2 Erin Blackwell Knife in heart
21st Nick Taylor 2 Andrew Prescott Knife in skull
20th Lily Jurge 2 Noah Kiltova Forks in heart
19th Clara Sparks 2 Lucy Sister Spear in heart
18th Rudy Orslin 3 Julian Hemm Spear in heart
17th Julian Hemm 3 Cloud Dewdrops Sword in skull
16th Erin Blackwell 3 Box Crushed by box
15th Buzzy Tee 3 Box Crushed by box
14th Dome Citadel 3 Bed Crushed by bed
13th Lucy Sister 3 Bed Crushed by bed
12th Gambler Richardson 3 Paola Fernand Decapitated by mace
11th Andrew Prescott 4 Camellia Cyrellia Poisoned
10th Amy Goldeen 4 Paola Fernand, cat Scratched and burned
9th Cloud Dewdrops 4 Jacen Ruthor Decapitated by scythe
8th Galina Kiltova 4 Jacen Ruthor Scythe in back
7th Noah Kiltova 4 Suzuki Hickey Machete in heart
6th Suzuki Hickey 5 Fire Burned to death
5th Lella Lombardi 5 Paola Fernand Pushed off ledge
4th Willow Firethorn 5 Paola Fernand Decapitated by mace
3rd Camellia Cyrellia 5 Paola Fernand Bludgeoned by mace
2nd Jacen Ruthor 5 Paola Fernand Bludgeoned by mace
Victor Paola Fernand ------ ------------------------ ----------------------------

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