Hello, all you people.

I just finished my 176th Hunger Games, where Paola Fernand of District 3, created by VDA, was crowned victor

It is time once again for Emily to create a Games. 

I will only do training scores and the Games.

Things you should know

  • District 13 and the Capitol are also included.
    • If you submit three tributes, keep in mind that one of them is likely to die in the bloodbath to even it out.
  • If you submit multiple tributes, they must all be from different districts. I don't want one person to have an entire district to themself.
  • I don't do profiles because I like new tributes, and tributes on profiles are more likely to be used.
  • I WILL do reservations. They will last for one day.
  • If two people submit a tribute to the same district, I will just pick the tribute I like better. If I like both tributes, I will ask one of the users if they would mind moving their tribute to another district.
    • Example: Arena Dallow in my 175th Games. None of the districts she wanted were available, but I really liked her, so her owner was okay with me putting her in the only female spot left, which was D5 female.
  • If you can't make a lunaii, you can give me a description and I will make it for you. If you use a picture of a real person, I will make it into a lunaii.
  • Don't get mad if your tribute dies. I'll probably love all the tributes I pick at one point or another, but we know only one can win.
  • I also tend not to curse a lot. The worst word I ever say is crap. So, I hope you'll be okay with it.
  • No wikia contributors, sorry. I'll only accept your tribute if you are a user here but forgot to log in or something.
  • If your tribute is low quality, I will not put them in.

Tribute Template








Appearance: (Lunaii is preferred)

Weapon: (List 1 or 2)

Strengths: (besides weapon) (List 2)

Weaknesses: (List 2)

Fears: (List 1)

Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Token: (optional)

Alliance: (can be filled out later)


The arena will be a candy land. Candy cane and lollipop forests, carnivorous gummy worm and gummy bear mutts, a lake made of chocolate syrup, and by the time these Games end, the victor will never want to see candy ever again. The tributes will get sick if they fill up on too much candy, and many of them may have sugar rushes.

Credit to FrostSnake for coming up with the idea.


District Gender Tribute Name Age Height Weapon User
Capitol Male Carl Dixon 18 6'2 Sword, Poison darts Gurule2012
Capitol Female Symphony Decibel 17 5'7 Bow and arrow, Axe EHKnight
1 Male Ryker Rhodes 18 6'3 Sword, Throwing knives ViniciusDeAssis1999
1 Female Eden Samoria 16 5'8 Sword, Bow and arrow FrostSnake
2 Male Neron Sable 14 5'4 Sword, Bow and Arrow St.Berry4evers
2 Female Anastacia Icecicle 18 6'2 Bow and arrow, Sword, Trowing knives EHKnight
3 Male Elec Sonic 18 6'5 Mace, Throwing Knives HungerGamesFanatic21
3 Female Avelina Rose 15 5'5 Whip Beautiful Mistake
4 Male Waram Oceaver 16 5'8 Trident,  Throwing knives WiressFan21
4 Female Finnegan Cross 16 5'7 Trident District1 Obsessed
5 Male Aiden Clifton 17 5'11 Hand to hand combat Junior ll
5 Female Stylo McGrath 12 4'3 Teeth, Knife Midget in a bikini
6 Male Alinn Phoenater 15 5'9 Spear, Awl Hyta100
6 Female Luna Fern 13 4'8 Electric Traps Misytmolla
7 Male Dorian Yaxley 18 6'0 Throwing axes, Katana Edlivla
7 Female Fall Eliana 16 5'6 Axe. Knives FrostSnake
8 Male Tile Nites 12 4'11 Throwing knives, Throwing axes WiressFan21
8 Female Quinberly Dane 15 5'7 Spear, knives Midget in a bikini
9 Male Skye Grey 18 6'0 Sword, Throwing axes Ougi-kun
9 Female Trick Treat 17 5'8 Sickle Hybrid Shadow
10 Male Youthon Evercowly 17 5'9 Throwing knives, Bow and arrow HungerGamesFanatic21
10 Female Amaryllis "Ellis" Blackberry 16 5'7 Throwing knives, Spear District1 Obsessed
11 Male Wolf Fang 15 5'9 Dagger, Slingshot Hybrid Shadow
11 Female Addison Chowzhong 17 6'0 Dagger, Blowgun Hyta100
12 Male Volcanic Activity "Vol" 17 6'0 Dagger, Sword District1 Obsessed
12 Female Amala Breeze 17 5'6 Knife BlueThunderPuppy
13 Male Ice Hunts 17 6'3 Sickle, Scythe, Crossbow Hybrid Shadow
13 Female Volorie Melinda 17 5'9 Harpoon, Spear Midget in a bikini

Training Scores

District Tribute Score
Capitol Carl Dixon 6
Capitol Symphony Decibel 5
1 Ryker Rhodes 10
1 Eden Samoria 9
2 Neron Sable 10
2 Anastacia Icecicle 9
3 Elec Sonic 9
3 Avelina Rose 6
4 Waram Oceaver 9
4 Finnegan Cross 9
5 Aiden Clifton 6
5 Stylo McGrath 4
6 Alinn Phoenater 5
6 Luna Fern 4
7 Dorian Yaxley 6
7 Fall Eliana 7
8 Tile Nites 6
8 Quinberly Dane 8
9 Skye Grey 6
9 Trick Treat 8
10 Youthon Evercowly 5
10 Ellis Blackberry 7
11 Wolf Fang 7
11 Addison Chowzhong 6
12 Volcanic Activity 6
12 Amala Breeze 5
13 Ice Hunts 7
13 Volorie Melinda 6

The 177th Annual Hunger Games

Day 1- "Ew." - Eden Samoria

District 12- Amala Breeze

I wave goodbye to my stylist as the tube rises up. We are in a candy land arena. The ground and sky are rosy pink hues. The countdown begins and I begin to look around. I am in front of the mouth of the Cornucopia. To my left, I see a forest of candy canes and red-and-white lollipops. Behind the Cornucopia, there are buildings made of gumdrops. I take a quick glance behind me, and see a chocolate waterfall with a small lake in front of it. And to my right, cakes and cupcakes. My mentor advised me to grab healthy foods in case the sugar starts nauseating me. GONG! I run in, grab water and a few apples, and sprint to a giant chocolate cupcake with purple frosting. I dig inside and hide in there. I take a few bites. It's pretty good, but I make sure not to eat too much.

District 1- Eden Samoria

Me and the other Careers have our hands full of weapons and begin to kill. I take my sword and stab Stylo (5) with it until she crumples to the ground. Elec (3) takes a mace, decapitating Carl (C) with it. Waram (4) stabs Skye (9) with a trident while Finnegan uses her trident to take care of Youthon (10). Anastacia (2) throws a knife at Avelina (3), and Ryker (1) stabs Dorian (7) with his sword. Neron (2) stabs Addison (11) with his sword. The girl from 10, Ellis, spears Aiden (5) through the heart. All of a sudden, Trick (9) takes a sickle and kills Neron (2). She has a small jar and collects his blood in it. She takes one of the lollipops she found and pours the blood all over it. Ew.


District 8- Quinberly Dane


9 deaths. 9. That's more than in a lot of years. I found a little cavern behind the chocolate waterfall, and that's where I'm currently hiding. The candy is so good, but I can't live off of it completely. 

District 6- Alinn Phoenater

I had no time to make allies during training, but I really wish I did. I find a giant chocolate cupcake with purple frosting and climb inside it. Apparently, I'm not alone. I see Amala (12) is in here too, writing something. I remember her as not being very talkative. "Hi. I'm Alinn from 6. You're Amala, right?" I ask. She smiles and nods. Her hair blends in with the cupcake so well, but I ask her the one question on my mind. "Alliance?" I ask. She looks up at me slowly, before finally nodding. Yes! My first ally! She hands me an apple. "Just in start to feel sick." she says in a quiet voice. I think that's the first time she's spoken since she got here. I accept the apple and we sit in silence. 

District 11- Wolf Fang

I've hidden in that candy cane and lollipop forest. I hear the anthem begin to play and I look up to the sky. I see Carl (C), Neron (2), Avelina (3), Stylo (5), Aiden (5), Dorian (7), Skye (9), Youthon (10), and Addison (11). Wow. Nine gone in one day. I might have a chance. I go to sleep and wait for tomorrow.

Day 2 - "Five is enough" - Waram Oceaver

Capitol- Symphony Decibel

I'm hidden in the confines of the candy cane forest. I slip past the gumdrop buildings and bump into someone. Volorie (13). I have no weapons, so I grab a giant jawbreaker and bang it against her head until she dies. BOOM! I run into cakes, find a vanilla cake with blue/green frosting, and climb inside.

District 1- Ryker Rhodes

The other Careers and I are sitting around, waiting for a victim. "You know what?" Anastacia (2) says. "Let's split up and cover more ground." Why not? "There are six of us, so I'll go to the cakes, Waram, you check by the waterfall, Finnegan in the candy cane forest, and Elec in the gumdrop buildings. Ryker and Eden, stay here and guard." Okay. The other four set off to kill their victims while Eden (1) and I sit. We've been bonding over the course of the Games. I think she likes me, and this is the perfect opportunity...

District 4- Waram Oceaver

I don't find anyone by the waterfall, so I head to the cakes. Anastacia stabs Fall (7) with her sword and I stab Vol (12) with my trident. BOOM! BOOM! She looks at me puzzledly. "Why are you here?" she asks. "No one by the waterfall." I reply. I hear a BOOM! BOOM! and know two more have died. A final BOOM! confirms someone else has died. "Five is enough." I say. Anastacia nods and we go back to camp.

District 12- Amala Breeze

Alinn (6) has really gotten me to talk. Already I've told him more about me than I've told most people. I think I may be in love with him. Sure, he's two years younger than me, but in 10 years, that won't matter anymore. He has set up darts and spears in our cupcake, so that anyone trying to dig through will be killed on impact. 

District 10- Ellis Blackberry

These Games are unpopular. I can tell already. I'm behind the gumdrop buildings, looking at the sky. I heard six cannons today. The anthem begins to play and I see the faces of Luna (6), Fall (7), Tile (8), Wolf (11), Vol (12), and Volorie (13). I lay down behind the building, with candy wrappers as blankets. I go to sleep, thinking about tomorrow.

Day 3- The Final Day? Already?

District 13- Ice Hunts

My mentor told me that today is the final day. I see some giant mutt forming in the candy cane forest. It's candy red and doesn't look very menacing, although it probably is. Upon closer inspection, I see that it's a giant gummy bear. I hear screams and a BOOM! BOOM! That mutt just killed two people. It seems satisfied and shrinks again.

District 3- Elec Sonic

I've been told it's the last day. I rouse Waram (4) and we put our mentor's plans into action. Waram stabs Eden (1) in her sleep, while I knife Anastacia's (2) head in her sleep. BOOM! BOOM! The cannons wake Ryker (1), who sees Eden dead on the ground. "WHICH ONE OF YOU KILLED HER?!" He's raging mad. I point to Waram and flee. I hear a BOOM! and know that Ryker probably killed Waram. I look back for a second and confirm that my suspicions are correct.

District 1- Ryker Rhodes

I killed Waram and avenged my Eden. The worst part is... I never got the chance to tell her how I feel. All of a sudden, there are trumpets blaring and I hear the voice of the Head Gamemaker. 

"Attention tributes! We're testing out a new mutt! Want to be safe? Head to the Cornucopia!" 

I'm already here, but I see the mutt begin to form. OUT OF THE ARENA ITSELF. The candy canes, gumdrops, chocolate, and cakes all bond together, forming a monsterous creature. I see lots of tributes running to where I am.   Once we're all here, we're raised above the arena with the mutt trying to jump and reach us. Nothing happens until I stab Symphony (C) with my sword, hear a BOOM! and then, total chaos ensues. Alinn (6) and Amala (12) immediately pounce on me, and Alinn sends his spear through my heart. BOOM! 

District 10- Ellis Blackberry

I take my spear, and send it through Ice's skull. BOOM! I know he probably had friends and stuff back home, but so did I, and I really want this. Amala takes a speare knife from the Cornucopia, and stabs Elec in the heart with it.  BOOM! I kind of laugh, seeing how he's almost a foot taller than her. Amala immediately rushes back to Alinn. They're going to be an unstoppable duo. I hope Quinberly (8) is able to realize that we need to team up against them. Nope. Instead, she locks her eyes on me and is about to send her spear through my heart when I sidestep her. I pounce on top of her, sending my spear through her heart. BOOM! I look at Amala and Alinn. I know they're going for me next. And they do, when Alinn spears my head. BOOM! 

District 6- Alinn Phoenater

And now, it's just me and Amala. This isn't a quell, so they're only allowing one victor. The mutt is still coming at us. It's getting bigger and closer now, so Amala breaks down. "Alinn. I want you to win. You have so much more back home than I do." "Amala, no." I say. "You kill me." She shakes her head. "It's what I want, Alinn." She kisses me, and throws herself into the mouth of the mutt. BOOM! I hear the trumpets. I can't believe it. I won. I won. I really won. 

Post-Games Interview

Hosted by Cameron Flickerman

Cameron: Please welcome this year's victor, Alinn Phoenater of District 6!

Alinn: Thank you, Cameron!

Cameron: So Alinn, you're the first male victor we've had in a while. How does that make you feel.

Alinn: Nothing against girls, but pretty good. 

Cameron: Would you have stopped Amala from jumping into the muttation's mouth?

Alinn: I tried to stop her, but she wouldn't let me. 

Cameron: Prior to the Games, Amala hardly ever talked. How did you get her to open up to you so easily?

Alinn: Maybe because I was nice to her. 

Cameron: Maybe. Well, enjoy your life in the Victor's Village!

Alinn: I will!


Alinn went back to District 6, where he continued his club that encourages kindness. He never forgot Amala though. He never married, as he never loved anyone as much as he loved Amala. Eventually, he adopted a baby girl that looked just like Amala. What did he name her? I think you can figure that one out yourself. 

Current Status

District Tribute Place
6 Alinn Phoenater VICTOR

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed By How?
28th Stylo McGrath 1 Eden Samoria Sword in heart
27th Carl Dixon 1 Elec Sonic Decapitated by mace
26th Skye Grey 1 Waram Oceaver Stabbed by trident
25th Youthon Evercowly 1 Finnegan Cross Stabbed by trident
24th Avelina Rose 1 Anastacia Icecicle Knife in back
23rd Dorian Yaxley 1 Ryker Rhodes Sword in heart
22nd Addison Chowzhong 1 Neron Sable Sword in head
21st Aiden Clifton 1 Ellis Blackberry Spear in heart
20th Neron Sable 1 Trick Treat Sickle in back
19th Volorie Melinda 2 Symphony Decibel Dent in head from jawbreaker
18th Fall Eliana 2 Anastacia Icecicle Sword in heart
17th Volcanic Activity 2 Waram Oceaver Stabbed by trident
16th Luna Fern 2 Elec Sonic Knife in heart
15th Tile Nites 2 Elec Sonic Knife in skull
14th Wolf Fang 2 Finnegan Cross Stabbed by trident
13th Finnegan Cross 3 Gummy Bear Mutt Trampled by mutt
12th Trick Treat 3 Gummy Bear Mutt Trampled by mutt
11th Eden Samoria 3 Waram Oceaver Stabbed by trident
10th Anastacia Icecicle 3 Elec Sonic Knife in skull
9th Waram Oceaver 3 Ryker Rhodes Sword in heart
8th Symphony Decibel 3 Ryker Rhodes Sword in heart
7th Ryker Rhodes 3 Alinn Phoenater Spear in heart
6th Ice Hunts 3 Ellis Blackberry Spear in skull
5th Elec Sonic 3 Amala Breeze Knife in heart
4th Quinberly Dane 3 Ellis Blackberry Spear in heart
3rd Ellis Blackberry 3 Alinn Phoenater Spear in skull
2nd Amala Breeze 3 Mutt Eaten by mutt
Victor Alinn Phoenater ------ --------------------- ---------------------------------

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