Now THESE are the Games that I was excited for.

This time, you're getting a full Games. That's right! Reapings, individual training, and interviews! (coughokaymaybenotcough)

Now, you may ask, why is it called the all-star Games?

Well, because the tributes are going to be tributes that died in any of my previous Games! Victors will not have the chance to compete.

Which also means....

I'm not accepting new tributes, but if a certain tribute's owner is a user that is inactive/has left the wiki, then you can volunteer to mentor them.

Picking The Revived Tributes

If you saw Cloveismywife's Vengeance Games, this is basically going to work the same way.

You copy and paste the entire list of tributes in a comment, and for each slot, you vote and de-vote one tribute. Put a tribute's name in bold to vote them, and in italics to de-vote them.


Capitol Male: Anthony Abernethy (150), Kaeden Humphrey (175), Nick Taylor (176), Carl Dixon (177)

Kaeden would have 1 vote, and Carl would have -1 votes.

Whoever has the most votes in each slot by MARCH 22ND will be revived for the Games!

You ARE allowed for vote for your own tribute.


Capitol Male: Anthony Abernethy (150), Kaeden Humphrey (175), Nick Taylor (176), Carl Dixon (177)

Capitol Female: Destiny Fireway (150), Cyra Torres (175), Serenity Bourne (176), Symphony Decibel (177)

D1 Male: Edric Almas (150), Roberth Williams (175), Andrew Prescott (176), Ryker Rhodes (177)

D1 Female: Terriana Transylvestia (150), Paris Jones (175), Lucy Sister (176), Eden Samoria (177)

D2 Male: Tomahawk Hawk (150), Bloodew Langergh (175), Rudy Orslin (176), Neron Sable (177)

D2 Female: Maime Dauntel (175), Lily Jurge (176), Anastacia Icecicle (177)

D3 Male: Kronice Hayes (150), Maxee Dinee (175), Noah Kiltova (176), Elec Sonic (177)

D3 Female: Carmine Everette (150), Naria Avenforth (175), Avelina Rose (177)

D4 Male: Fress Oceana (150), Jag Aqua (175), Julian Hemm (176), Waram Oceaver (177)

D4 Female: Marine Waterlily (150), Jaga Aqua (175), Cloud Dewdrops (176), Finnegan Cross (177)

D5 Male: Jan Nogros (150), Brett Ward (175), Buzzy Tee (176), Aiden Clifton (177)

D5 Female: Rosie Amundsen (150), Arena Dallow (175), Clara Sparks (176), Stylo McGrath (177)

D6 Male: Hadix Maven (150), Marko Steele (175), Jonah Castro (176)

D6 Female: Savannah Hewl (175), Lella Lombardi (176), Luna Fern (177)

D7 Male: Diego Dumora (150), Exolian Dynamite (175), Leif Wilde (176), Dorian Yaxley (177)

D7 Female: Sriani Froste (150), Camellia Cyrellia (176), Fall Eliana (177)

D8 Male: John Kirk (175), Dome Citadel (176), Tile Nites (177)

D8 Female: Pinea Nummit (150), Reba Malandra (175), Galina Kiltova (176), Quinberly Dane (177)

D9 Male: Brick Hein (150), Grant Denver (175), James Zwick (176), Skye Grey (177)

D9 Female: Talarie Neko (150), Chrysa Knight (175), Erin Blackwell (176), Trick Treat (177)

D10 Male: Fabian Gregs (150), Adam Mixle (175), Gambler Richardson (176), Youthon Evercowly (177)

D10 Female: Brianna Abberdeen (150), Christina Brunswick (175), Alyra Lyndonn (176), Ellis Blackberry (177)

D11 Male: Fletch Richards (150), Marthian Macuzzi (175), Suzuki Hickey (176), Wolf Fang (177)

D11 Female: Yuki Hickey (150), Taliona Macuzzi (175), Amy Goldeen (176), Addison Chowzhong (177)

D12 Male: Maris Oceani (150), Anthony Levero (175), Trevor Lloyd (176) Volcanic Activity (177)

D12 Female: Delalie Queimad (150), Katie Decker (175), Christa Burnstenn (176), Amala Breeze (177)

D13 Male: Mors Honora (150), Chris White (175), Jacen Ruthor (176), Ice Hunts (177)

D13 Female: Vienna Davenport (175), Willow Firethorn (176), Volorie Melinda (177)


That took me forever to write. 

ANYWAY, you may begin voting now. The tribute with the most votes in each slot will be revived and get to compete again!


The past victors are going to be the mentors.

Cassy McAliston: Capitol/D7 mentor

Kila Marinlie: D1/D2 mentor

Paola Fernand: D3/D9 mentor

Alina Concord: D4/D6 mentor

Tex Juana: D5/D8 mentor

Delilah Lexus: D10/D13 mentor

Alinn Phoenater: D11/D12 mentor

(I know Alinn is D6, but I wanted it to be even.)


District Gender Tribute Name Age Height Weapon User
Capitol Male Kaeden Humphrey 13 5'2 Trident Ninja~Toast
Capitol Female Symphony Decibel 17 5'7 Bow and arrow, Axe EHKnight
1 Male Roberth Williams 17 6'1 Sword, Axe ViniciusDeAssis1999
1 Female Lucy Sister 15 5'6 Throwing knives, Spear AxedFox
2 Male Tom "Tomahawk" Hawk 18 6'9 Tomahawk Midget in a bikini
2 Female Anastacia Icecicle 18 6'2 Bow and arrow, Sword EHKnight
3 Male Elec Sonic 18 6'5 Mace, Throwing knives HungerGamesFanatic21
3 Female Naria Avenforth 15 5'6 Throwing knives Fawkes and Dobby
4 Male Waram Oceaver 16 5'8 Trident, Throwing knives WiressFan21
4 Female Finnegan Cross 16 5'7 Trident District1 Obsessed
5 Male Buzzy Tee 12 5'2 Stong, Poop, Awl Midget in a bikini
5 Female Arena Dallow 18 5'7 Axe, Mace, Throwing knives Hyta100
6 Male Marko Steele 18 6'0 Sword Fawkes and Dobby
6 Female Savannah Hewl 17 5'8 Knife Hyta100
7 Male Exolian Dynamite 12 4'10 Axe HungerGamesFanatic21
7 Female Camellia Cyrellia 14 5'1 Axe, Snares Ninja~Toast
8 Male Dome Citadel 16 6'4 Hatchet, Icepick Hybrid Shadow
8 Female Pinea Nummit 15 5'6 Machete, Throwing knives ViniciusDeAssis1999
9 Male Grant Denver 17 5'9 Mace, Snares Ninja~Toast
9 Female Trick Treat 17 5'8 Sickle Hybrid Shadow
10 Male Adam Mixle 15 5'7 Axe, Throwing knives MyWorld
10 Female Ellis Blackberry 16 5'7 Throwing knives, Spear District1 Obsessed
11 Male Marthian Macuzzi 17 6'3 Mace, Knife HungerGamesFanatic21
11 Female Yuki Hickey 13 4'8 Throwing knives, Spear Midget in a bikini
12 Male Volcanic Activity "Vol" 17 6'0 Dagger, Sword District1 Obsessed
12 Female Amala Breeze 17 5'6 Knife BlueThunderPuppy
13 Male Jacen Ruthor 16 5'7 Shuriken, Scythe Commander jag
13 Female Willow Firethorn 17 5'8 Sword, Throwing axes District1 Obsessed



Lucy Sister (1), Tomahawk Hawk (2), Anastacia Icecicle (2), Elec Sonic (3), Waram Oceaver (4), Finnegan Cross (4)

Note: If a tribute from 1, 2, or 4 was not with the Careers in their previous Games, then I will assume they will not be with them again. If you want them in the Careers, let me know. If tributes from any other districts were with the Careers in their last Games, then I will put them in again. If you want them out of the Careers, let me know. 

If you want a tribute to be with the Careers, then let me know and they will "try out" during group training and will be voted on by the mentors of the Careers.

District 1 and 6 Alliance

Roberth Williams (1), Marko Steele (6), Savannah Hewl (6)

District 3 and 10 Alliance

Naria Avenforth (3), Adam Mixle (10)

District 5 and 7 Alliance

Buzzy Tee (5), Camellia Cyrellia (7)

District 7 and 11 Alliance

Exolian Dynamite (7), Marthian Macuzzi (11)

District 8, 11, and 13 Alliance

Dome Citadel (8), Yuki Hickey (11), Willow Firethorn (13)


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Sickle: $125

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125


Capitol- Cassy McAliston

I've made friends with the other victors during my time as a victor. We're all on one train, and the revived tributes will ride in it with us. I've been put in charge of mentoring the Capitol, along with District 7. I sit on a couch and talk with Paola (3). We're the same age now, so naturally we'd be friends. Kila (2) is chatting with Alina (6), and Tex (8) is talking with Delilah (13). Alinn (6) kind of stands around. I feel bad for him, so I go over to him. I'm about to start talking when the Head Gamemaker, Terria Nevlo, joins us in the car. She looks.....SOMEWHAT normal for a Capitol resident. Her skin is undyed, but her silver jewlery, curly pink hair, and yellow makeup make her weird looking."Hello, victors!" she says. "We're at the center of the Capitol, where the reaping will take place. Cassy, I understand that you will be mentoring them this year?" I nod. "Well then, let's get out there!"

We stand behind their reaping stage. We're announced, and the crowd bursts into applause. Their escort, Clarice Julius, looks worse then Terria with her lime green skin and her hair a mess of curls in all sorts of different colors. "Welcome! It is time to find out who our two lucky revived tributes are!" she says. I look down to the glass box in the first two rows of the audience. All the tributes are shackled to posts. In the front are the boys, and in the back are the girls. Cyra is staring daggers at me. What did I ever do to you? Someone hands Clarice an envelope, and she reads it. "Our revived male tribute is....Kaeden Humphrey from the 175th Hunger Games!" The crowd bursts into applause. I start clapping too. I liked Kaeden, back in my Games. Kaeden comes up to the stage. and looks at me. "So you were the victor of the 175th?" he asks. "Yes..." I reply. He nods and stands next to me. "And our revived female tribute is....Symphony Decibel from the 177th Hunger Games!" I vaguely remember her from last year. She comes up to the stage and stands with us. Cyra stares at Clarice with this insane looks of hatred. All of a sudden, the glass box fills with fire. The tributes that weren't revived start screaming. I don't want to be mean, but I'm kind of enjoying Cyra's pain. The rest of us are filed onto the train and we head for District 1.

District 1- Kila Marinlie

I'm on the train, talking with Alina (6). I get to mentor District 1, as well as District 2 this year. I'm not using the "Just go out and be a Career and kill everyone in sight" method because I don't really work that way. And I don't work that way because I could never afford to go to Career Academy back home, so I never had official training and had to train myself. And this is why I was always told as a kid that I could never win the Games. It's why I volunteered. It's why I am where I am today. Alina and I are talking about the anti-bullying campaign I made after I won and stopped making my bullies be my slaves. Cassy's (7) joined it, but only due to her lack of friends growing up. I see the lights of a District with people dressed in mostly pink filing in. We must be at District 1. Terria comes in right then. "Welcome to District 1! Victors. come with me, tributes stay on the train."

We stand behind the reaping stage and Terria announces us. The crowd cheers and whoops and whistles. Overexcited much? Their escort, Trisha Kiri, is mostly normal looking. Skin undyed, hair in it's natural brown, but wearing too much jewlery. "As you know, one male and female tribute from either the 150th, 175th, 176th, or 177th annual Hunger Games will be revived and get to compete again! Let's find out who the lucky two are!" The crowd bursts into applause again, shattering my eardrums. An envelope is handed to Trisha. "The revived male tribute is....Roberth Williams from the 175th Hunger Games!" The crowd cheers and Roberth makes his way up to the stage. He gives a slight smile to Cassy, who politely returns it. Trisha continues. "And our revived female tribute is... Lucy Sister from the 176th Hunger Games!" She walks up and stares at Paola (3), as if inspecting her. "How did YOU win the Games?" she asks. I want to scream at her. Bullying Paola. This is what I'm trying to prevent. But Paola stops me. "I just got lucky, I guess. Got quite a few kills on that last day..." Lucy scoffs and goes onto the train. The rest of us follow behind her as the people of District 1 cheer. Now we head for District 2. My home. 

District 2- Kila Marinlie

I remember Roberth (1) from Cassy's Games, and Lucy (1) is from Paola's. I try to talk with Roberth, as he seems a bit more approachable than Lucy. He keeps chatting about how once we get to District 13, he hopes Vienna will be revived. Vienna was a popular tribute to the best of my knowledge, and she placed second. I warn him about Willow from Paola's Games. She was popular too, and placed fourth. He looks at me like he wants me to stop crushing his dreams. I immediately turn away and go to chat with Alina again, when who should walk in but Terria. "We're coming up to District 2, guys! Kila, this is your home District, so you're the mentor here, correct?" I nod. "Well, get out there!"

We stand behind District 2's reaping stage, and the crowd is really riled up. The escort, Lillian Davona, goes on and anounces the victors, saving me for last with this being my home District. She's probably one of the uglier escorts. A yellow and gray afro and green makeup covering her face. I look at some of the girls that bullied me when I was younger. They're my age, with kids of their own. They stare hatefully at me. Because they told me I couldn't do it, and I proved them wrong. That felt really good. I shift to the glass box of tributes. I really do wonder who will be revived. Someone hands Lillian an envelope, and she reads it. "Our revived male tribute is...Tomahawk Hawk of the 150th Hunger Games!" Tomahawk? My district partner from my Games? He was revived? Yes! He comes up to me. "From District partner to mentor." he says. I laugh and nod. "And the revived female tribute is..." I turn my attention back over to Lillian. "Anastacia Icecicle from the 177th Hunger Games!" Anastacia. I mentored her last time, and I can do it again. She comes up and nods at us. "Our tributes!" Lillian announces. The crowd goes insane. I stare at my former bullies with an evil smirk on my face. We board the train and I go back to chat with Alina as we leave for District 3.

District 3- Paola Fernand

This is only my second year as a mentor. So far, only one person from my Games has been revived. And she insulted me. It was nice of Kila to want to defend me, but really, I can handle it. I go back over to talk with Cassy. She's invited Alinn over, since he looks lonely. I don't think he really feels like he's part of the victor's circle yet. I tell him that I felt the same way last year. It's also odd that Kila already has all of the tributes she's mentoring, while the rest of us, with the exception of Cassy, don't have any. Alinn is nervous. You can just see it. "I'm afraid I'll be a bad mentor..." he finally says. "Don't worry, Alinn." I say. "You'll be a gre-" "MENTORS!" Terria says. "Welcome to District 3. Paola will be mentoring here, I assume? Let's get going!"

Ah, District 3. My home. I look around from behind the stage. Yes, it's the same District 3 I had always loved. Their escort, Lacey Cullford, has azure blue hair. but everything else about her is pretty normal. "Welcome! It's time to revive a male and female tribute from a previous Hunger Games to compete again this year!" The crowd claps, but they don't have nearly as much enthusiasm as the first three places we went to. Lacey is handed an envelope. She opens it slowly and dramatically. When she finally finishes, she says "And the revived male tribute is....Elec Sonic from the 177th Hunger Games!" The crowd claps and Elec walks up to the stage. He goes over to Alinn. "Nice job, pipsqueak." he says without the slightest hint of sarcasm. "Thanks." Alinn says. Lacey is handed another envelope, but opens it faster this time. "And our revived female tribute is....Naria Avenforth of the 175th Hunger Games!" Cassy cheers, and the crowd cheers too. Naria comes onstage and stands by Cassy. The box catches fire, and the tributes inside are burned. We get on the train to go to District 4.

District 4- Alina Concord

And now we go to District 4. Why they asked me to mentor here, I have no idea. I wasn't particularly fond of the District 4 tributes from my Games. Neither of them made that big of an impression on me. The twins from Cassy's Games were okay, the tributes from Paola's Games made even less of an impression on me, and the tributes from last year were really popular with the crowd. I have a feeling they'll be the shoe-ins. Terria is over in the middle of the doorway, about to come in, and she has headphones on. She thinks she's lip-synching, but she's singing out loud. And badly. "I'M GONNA POP SOME TAGS, ONLY GOT 20 DOLLARS IN MY POCKET" she sings. Everyone stares at her. I go over to her, pull her headphones off, and say " know we can all hear you, right?" She turns blush red. "Oh. Um, look at the ocean! We're in District 4!" 

We stand behind District 4's reaping stage. I look around at the scenery District 4 has to offer. Definitely one of the prettier districts. I stare out at the ocean until we're announced. District 4's escort, Daisy Jay, is overweight and wears pink everywhere. She stumbles to the stage. "I know you're all as exicted as we in the Capitol are!" Gag. I'm not that excited. But District 4 cheers. "Time to revive one male and female tribute from any previous Games!" Someone hands Daisy an envelope, and she reads it. "The revived male tribute is..." she opens it. "Waram Oceaver of the 177th Hunger Games!" The crowd cheers as Waram makes his way up to the stage. I knew it would be him. Daisy is handed another envelope. "The revived female tribute is..." She has trouble opening it. Someone goes over to assist her and reads it for her. "Finnegan Cross of the 177th Hunger Games!" he says. Finnegan comes up and the crowd goes wild as the other tributes burn. To District 5 we go. And Terria, no more crappy singing, please.

District 5- Tex Juana

Delilah (13) and I have just been talking. I was given District 5 to mentor, along with District 8. I can't stop talking about Pinea and Brianna. I really want them to be revived. Especially Pinea. Delilah has District 10, along with 13, so she'll get Brianna if she's revived. As for District 5, in our Games they didn't really make an impression on me. A girl that exploded from not singing and a boy that wasn't really noticed by anyone. I have a feeling that Arena from Cassy's Games will be the revived girl, but as for the boys, I'm not sure. Delilah thinks that Clara will be the revived female tribute, so we make it a bet. Loser buys the winner pizza. Terria is trying to come in more unnoticed this time, but she trips on a bush on the floor and everyone stares at her and laughs. Trying not to show us her irritation, she says. "District 5. Mentors out. Tributes stay here." I leave as she picks herself up from the floor.

We wait behind the reaping stage and I get a peek at District 5's scary looking escort. She looks like a female devil. Her skin and hair are red, she's only wearing red, and she has DEVIL HORNS. She is offered a microphone, but rejects it. I don't understand why. Until I hear her voice. It's so loud and high pitched that my eardums wanted to commit suicide. "Welcome! I am Demona Deville, your escort. Time for the District 5 reaping! Past losers from various Games will be revived while the rest die again in a fire!" She sounded way too excited about that last one... She is handed an envelope and reads it. "The revived male tribute is..." she opens the envelope. "Buzzy Tee from the 176th Hunger Games!" Should have expected him. The half-mutt boy from Paola's Games. We was pretty popular, or at the very least, more popular than any other District 5 male. "And the revived female tribute is..." she opens the envelope. "Arena Dallow from the 175th Hunger Games!" Yes! "You owe me pizza!" I say to Delilah. "Wait." Arena says, catching what we just said. "Did you guys make a BET on who's gonna get revived?" I nod sheepishly. She smiles. "Awesome." "She thought it would be Clara, I thought it would be you." "You were right." Arena says. We all go to the train....except Demona and Arena. The box catches fire and the two of them laugh as the tributes burn. They've got some problems...

District 6- Alina Concord

Shocking, some of the tributes that were revived. Some of them, I didn't even know they were popular. I'm getting my next District to mentor, my home of District 6. For whatever reason, Alinn doesn't get to mentor it with me. Oh right. We have an OCD Gamemaker singing songs about thrift shops that wanted each of us to get two Districts. So I ended up getting 6 again, and they stuck Alinn with 11 and 12. I think the reason they gave me 6 over Alinn is because for the first time in 28 years, District 6 had a victor. Thanks to me. So I think they just want to see if I can bring home another victor. Which I hope I can do. Terria comes in, not doing anything stupid this time. "We're in District 6. Mentors out." We go out of the train.

Behind the reaping stage, I get a good look at District 6. My home. It's a dump, but it's MY dump....God, I hope that didn't sound weird. I look down into the box, with only three tributes of each gender, as District 6 has had one female and one male victor in the past. Half were standout tributes that were popular with the crowd and made it far. Marko, Savannah, and Lella. The other three died fairly quickly and didn't get much attention. That would be Hadix, Jonah, and Luna. District 6's escort, Siria Gothen, comes out. She has dark skin, with blue and purple hair. Other than that, she's fairly normal looking. "Greetings, District 6! Time to revive one female and one male tribute to compete again!" Someone hands her an envelope, and she reads it. "The revived male tribute is...Marko Steele from the 175th Hunger Games!" The crowd cheers. I knew it would be Marko. As for the girls, it's between Savannah and Lella. Marko comes up and hugs Cassy. Oh yeah. He, Cassy, and Savannah were allied during their Games. "And the revived female tribute is..." I turn my attention back to Siria. "Savannah Hewl of the 175th Hunger Games!" The crowd goes wild as Savannah walks to the stage. She kisses Marko, and the crowd awws. She then hugs Cassy. The crowd cheers, and we get on the train to go to District 7. 

District 7- Cassy McAliston

We're off to District 7 now. I'm going home. Did I really only win three years ago? It seems like ages. My sisters still envy me, but I don't care anymore. I never got any attention from my parents, but when I won, that all changed. They started ONLY paying attention to me. Normally, I'd ask that they still pay SOME attention to my sisters, but since they never asked that for me, why should I for them? Besides, my parents finally know me now. Before I was reaped, they didn't even know how old I was. In fact, after I won, I asked them how old I was. They said 15. I was 17 when I won my Games, and told them. But anyway, I really don't have much idea of who will be revived. I guess I'll kind of just accept whoever it is. Anyway, I go over to talk to Marko and Savannah. And just as the first word comes out of my mouth, who sbould emerge but Terria. "You know the drill." she says.

It feels nice to be back home. The beautiful forests, filled with trees. The escort emerges from behind the curtain. Homer Mangono. He has blonde hair with green tips and the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. He was my escort the year I won, and we've been pretty good friends ever since. "Hello, District 7! First and foremost, I'd like to introduce our victors! Our first one is District 7's own Cassy McAliston!" The crowd cheers as I walk out onto the stage. I see my sisters in the audience glaring, but I don't care. The rest of the victors are introduced, and I look down to the box of tributes. Two I don't recognize, probably from the 150th Games. The others I remember. Homer is then handed an envelope, and he slowly and dramatically reads it. "The revived male tribute is..." he pauses for so long, someone in the audience actually shouts "GET ON WITH IT!" "Exolian Dynamite of the 175th Hunger Games..." Homer says in a somewhat scared tone. Exolian. He was my District partner from my Games. He comes up to the stage and stares at me. "Cassy? You won?" he asks. I nod. Homer is handed another envelope. "The revived female tribute is...Camellia Cyrellia of the 176th Hunger Games!" The crowd cheers as Camellia walks to the stage. We go onto the train again, heading for District 8, while Terria continues to sing that stupid song about a thrift shop.

District 8- Tex Juana

District 8. My home, and my heart is pounding. I'll be DISTRAUGHT if Pinea isn't revived. If I remember correctly, Reba from Cassy's Games was quite popular, and the other two didn't get much attention. As for the boys, I don't really care about who gets revived, though I think it'll be either John from Cassy's Games or Dome from Paola's. I'm fine with mentoring either of them. I go back to thinking about Pinea. Yes, we were put on different teams when the team twist was announced, but we still had the chance to win together. When I saw her face in the sky at the end of the final day, I died inside. I want her to come back to me. I may be 43 now, and she may still be 15, but I don't care. I just want her back. Terria bursts in. "TRIBUTES!" she shouts. "WE'RE AT DISTRICT 8!" "Why are you shouting?" I ask. "BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE IT." she answers. We get out of the train.

I look around at the ugly factories dotting the District. I then look at my beautiful house in the Victor's Village. We then get announced by the escort, a woman with purple everything. Purple skin, purple hair, purple eyes, purple clothes, you name it, it was purple. "Hello, District 8!" she says. "My name is Purpura Purele, and I am delighted to be your escort for the 178th Hunger Games!" The crowd simply claps unexcitedly. I scope out the tributes in the box and see Pinea. She smiles at me, and I smile back. "And the revived male tribute is..." Purpura begins. "Dome Citadel of the 176th Hunger Games!" The crowd cheers for Dome as he smiles and makes his way to the stage. I cross my fingers that Pinea will be the one revived. "Please, please, please!" I whisper to myself. "And the revived female tribute is...Pinea Nummit of the 150th Hunger Games!" "YES!" I shout a bit too excitedly. And now everyone's staring. This is really awkward. Pinea just laughs and comes over to hug me. I hug back. The crowd awws as we get back onto the train. I have all my tributes now. To District 9 we go.

District 9- Paola Fernand

District 9. Not sure why it was given to me, but from what I know, Districts were assigned somewhat randomly. Somewhat. I'm not thinking too hard about who I'll have, as District 9 never really had any of the most popular tributes except maybe Trick from last year. To be honest, I'll be shocked if she's NOT revived; she was a hit with the crowd, but died kind of quickly. I continue my conversation with Cassy as some other tributes talk to victors and get to know them. Marko and Savannah have joined our conversation, and we just continue talking. "I wonder what Terria's gonna do this time..." Cassy says. "Do you really want to know?" I ask back. "...Good point." she replies. We all laugh, and as if on cue, Terria moonwalks in. "Practicing my dancing, guys. What do you think?" she asks us. She dances some more, and the mentors don't even hesitate to rush out the train door.

District 9. All I see are wheat fields. That's it. Nothing remotely interesting, but the color almost matches Alina's hair. I giggle a little bit at the thought of Alina hiding in a wheat field as camouflage. Imagine if she won her Games just by doing that? Although, knowing her, if the arena had a wheat field, that's probably what she would have done. We're introduced, and the escort, Kerati Dagger, comes onstage. She has had so much surgery that her body looks grotesque and misshapen. We all try to look away, but she continues. "Welcome, District 9! We're here to revive two all-stars from either the 150th, 175th, 176th, or 177th Hunger Games! Let's get to it!" No one cheers, but people clapout of politeness. Kerati is handed an envelope and reads the name. "The revived male tribute is...Grant Denver of the 175th Hunger Games!" Grant. Wasn't completely unexpected, as he was probably the most popular of the District 9 males. He stands on stage as Kerati is handed the girls' envelope. "The revived female tribute is...Trick Treat of the 177th Hunger Games!" Welp. Saw that coming a mile away. The crowd cheers as Trick walks to the stage and goes up to Alinn. "YOU won? How?" she asks. "Just outlasted, killed people..." He fails to mention that Amala sacrificed herself for him, but what she doesn't know won't hurt her. Trick nods in disgust as we board the train and head to District 10.

District 10- Delilah Lexus

Everyone has their tributes except me and Alinn. Well, since I have District 13, Alinn will be finished getting his before I'm finished getting mine. But I get to start earlier than him... ah, whatever. I thought I'd have to be the one to keep everyone entertained on this ride, but Terria seems to be covering that for me just fine. That girl is a walking train wreck. How she ever got to be in charge of the Games this year, I'll never know. As for the tributes, 10 has never had any major standouts except maybe Adam from Cassy's Games, Brianna from mine, and Ellis from Alinn's. Then again, most of the standouts seem to come from Cassy's Games. Huh. Well, it WAS the second most popular Quell in Panem's history, only to the 75th Games. Terria breaks me out of my thought process when she walks in holding some cats. "Aww! They're so cute!" I exclaim as I go to pet one. "KITTEN FIGHT!" Terria screams, throwing one at me. "Oh and mentors, we're at District 10."

I look around at District 10. Cows and manure as far as the eye can see. Lovely. We get introduced, and we see the escort. She's probably the most normal looking one I've ever seen. Her hair is straight, jet black, her skin is normal white, and she is simply just wearing a fitted purple dress. "Hello! My name is Alica Johnson, and I will be District 10's escort! Let us see which lucky tributes will be revived for another chance at life, hmm?" The crowd politely claps, out of not really knowing what else to do. Alica is handed an envelope and reads it. "The revived male tribute is... Adam Mixle of the 175th Hunger Games!" The crowd cheers and Adam makes his way to the stage. He looks at Cassy. "Nice job, Cass." He says. Cassy smiles and nods. "The revived female tribute is... Ellis Blackberry of the 177th Hunger Games!" Huh. I knew Ellis was popular, but I honestly thought it would be Brianna. The crowd cheers while Ellis walks to the stage. "Your revived tributes!" Alica shouts as we get on to the train to go to District 11. Naria sees Adam walk in the door, and immediately goes over to hug him. It was so sweet. Then Terria threw a cat at her.

District 11- Alinn Phoenater

This train ride has been....interesting, to say the least. Terria is annoying, yet entertaining. I still have none of my tributes yet, but I'm going to observe how everyone else mentors theirs. I know you have to kill to win, and to be honest, I don't know what got into me during those Games. My mentor constantly told me to kill. And I did. And I met the love of my life. Amala. At least we're only one year apart now if she's revived. I rack my brain for any District 12 female tributes from one of these Games that could pose a possible threat to her revival, but thankfully, I don't think any of them were as popular as Amala. As for District 11, I'll be okay with whoever I get. Terria walks in, her makeup changed from yellow to black. Creepy. "Naria...sorry about the incident with the cat." she says. Naria just coldly stares at her, with scratches on her face. "Well, we're at District 11."

District 11 is huge! Not that there's much to see though. Fields of fruits and vegetables, people with straw hats, and so on. They introduce the mentors, and I get announced as the mentor for the District 11 tributes. They're not thrilled, as I only won last year, so no one knows my mentoring style yet. The escort, Martha Cane, comes onstage. She has a rainbow afro and zebra stripes on her face. "Welcome! As you know, we'll be reviving two tributes today! So let's get to it!" She is handed an envelope, and recites the same introduction that we got from every other escort in every other District. "The revived male tribute is... Marthian Macuzzi of the 175th Hunger Games!" Marthian, huh? Guess I'll have Taliona too. I didn't know the Macuzzi family was popular. "The revived female tribute is... Yuki Hickey of the 150th Hunger Games!" Everyone in the crowd goes "Huh?" as if on cue. Two pairs of siblings, but only one from each? That's odd. Some of the other victors look a little confused too. They shrug and get back on the train. Marthian stands and stares as Taliona as she gets burned to death.

District 12- Alinn Phoenater

District 12. If Amala isnt revived, I'll be distraught. I've been half waiting for this and half dreading it. Right now, I really don't care about the males that get revived. I'm too focused on Amala to be focused on anything else. Because she was the love of my life, and I don't want to lose her. She told me herself that she's spoken to me more than she's ever spoken to anyone else. I got her to open up when no one else ever could. Obviously she must have liked me if it was so hard for everyone else. I try to get my mind off Amala by imagining the arena. I don't think it'll be a candy land this year, and I heard it was going to be some sort of *cannot say because of spoilers (OOC: Yes, I already know what the arena is)*. Terria comes in again, holding a cup of what I assume is coffee. She trips over the plant again, spilling coffee all over herself. "AHHH! MENTORS OUT! DISTRICT 12! BURNING HOT! DON'T LOOK AT ME!"

District 12. How do I put this nicely? It''s not a pretty place. But Amala has put up with living here her whole life. Well...she kind of HAD to put up with it, since she can't travel between Districts. We get introduced to the escort, Gothisia Leafah. Her name really sounds kind of stupif if you want me to be honest with you. Oh! Sorry! I'm supposed to be nice. I guess my Games sparked something in me. She's dressed in all black, and her voice is dreary and monotone. No wonder Anthony from Cassy's Games liked her. He was the same way. "District 12. Reaping. Let's get it overwith. Revived male is Volcanic Activity from the 177th Games." She didn't even pause for suspense, like every other mentor did. The crowd cheers as Vol comes onstage. He gives a friendly nod, and I return it. I then lock eyes with Amala. Please. Let her be revived. "The revived female is Amala Breeze also from the 177th Games." "YES!" I shout. Everyone stares, but I don't care. I finally have Amala back. She comes up and hugs me. "Amala, do me one favor?" I ask. "Win. And then come and be with me." She smiles and nods, planting a light kiss on my cheek as the crowd awws. We get on the train, and I sit with Amala, only being happy to have her back.

District 13- Delilah Lexus

This is it. The final District, then we're off to the Capitol. And this one's my home, too. I've mentored this District ever since I won. I'm pretty sure Jacen from Paola's Games is the shoe-in for the boys, none of the other boys have really stood out except for him. As for the girls, it'll be either Vienna from Cassy's Games or Willow, also from Paola's. My money's on Vienna. She placed second and had the most kills, but Cassy managed to beat her by dodging her arrows until she had none left. It was a smart move on Cassy's part, but I think Vienna wants revenge. If she's picked over Willow, who still has a pretty good chance of revival herself. The other girl from Alinn's Games, Volorie, died quickly and wasn't really a standout tribute. But then again, no one really stood out last year to me except Alinn, Amala, and Ellis, to an extent. Terria comes in with the elegance of a rhino and pushes me to the floor in the middle of my train of thought. "Final district before the Capitol! Make it count!"

My futuristic underground home. It's nice to be back. I look around and see my family in the audience smiling at me. They're still so proud of me after 28 years. We get introduced, with me getting introduced last as this is my home District. The escort, Austin Bade, comes onstage. He has long purple hair making him look like a girl. "Welcome!" he says with a high voice and slight lisp. "It's time for us to choose our revived tributes!" The crowd politely claps, and Austin gets handed an envelope. "The revived male tribute is...Jacen Ruthor of the 176th Hunger Games!" I knew it. The crowd claps for Jacen as the walks to the stage, glaring at Paola. Still mad that she beat him. "The revived female tribute is...Willow Firethorn of the 176th Hunger Games!" Willow? I knew she had a better chance than Volorie, but I was pretty sure it would be Vienna. Willow walks up to the stage and slightly acknowledges Paola. We all get on the train. "That's everyone!" Terria shouts. "To the Capitol we go!"

Individual Training

Capitol- Symphony Decibel

"Sym-pho-ny De-ci-bel" I hear over the computerized speaker. Kaeden (C) just went before me, so I get to go second. I don't totally know what to do, but I think I'll go for a score in the middle. 8 at most. 6 at least. I walk into the room. "Symphony Decibel, Capitol." I say. They nod and I immediately go for a bow and arrow. Not too good, not too good. I shoot close to the bullseye, but not exactly on it. Good. Two more. My second arrow is even further from the bullseye, and my third misses the target completely. That should do it. I bow and get dismissed. I think I got it right where I wanted it.

District 1- Lucy Sister

"Lu-cy Sis-ter" the loudspeaker says. I've been waiting in here for the past 45  minutes due to the three people who went before me. I finally get up and go in. I'm going to do amazing. I know it. I walk in, looking at the Gamemakers. Terria is up there with them, in the purple robe that designates the Head Gamemaker. "Lucy Sister, District 1." They nod and I immediately go to weapons. I grab some spears and throwing knives. I throw them all at different targets at lightning speed. But my last one MISSED! Crap! Now I won't get a good score! AHH! I stare at the Gamemakers, until they dismiss me. I leave, angry with myself.

District 2- Tomahawk Hawk

"Tom-a-hawk Hawk" I wave goodbye to Anastacia (2), and walk down the hallway into the room. I'm going to be vicious. Merciless. I WILL get the highest training score! "Tomahawk Hawk, District 2" I say as soon as I walk in the door. They nod and I grab two tomahawks, holding one in each hand. I go to the dummies and slice them up with moves so fast and astonishing that they're almost unexplainable. The Gamemakers jaws all drop, and the dummies are in pieces on the ground. You did good, Tomahawk. You did good. "You may go now." Terria says. I leave, confident that my score is good. Well, tomahawk chop IS my death blow...

District 3- Elec Sonic

"El-ec Son-ic" I leave the room, not even waving goodbye to Naria. I doubt she'd return it anyway. I have to get a high score. Prove I'm a true Career from District 4 that just ran away to District 3. I walk in and introduce myself. "Elec Sonic, District 3." The Gamemakers nod and I head to the weapons station. I grab a mace and a few throwing knives and get to work. I throw the knives at a dummy, hitting him in the head, heart, and stomach. I then grab amother mace for effect and swing the two maces at the dummy's head, decapitating it completely. Even then, I still continue to beat the dummy's head in with my maces. There's no kill like overkill. Finally, I stop. They dismiss me and I leave, pretty sure my score is good.

District 4- Finnegan Cross

"Finn-e-gan Cross". I get up and walk out, waving goodbye to Waram. We were also District partners last year, so it's nice to have someone I actually know. I need to get a good score. I HAVE to. Why am I even worrying? I'm going to do amazing. "Finnegan Cross, District 4." The Gamemakers nod while I immdiately pick up a beautiful golden trident. I wield it and pick up another. slashing them through the air and tearing dummies apart with them. Finally, I think I've done good enough for the score I'm aiming for. I stand in front of the Gamemakers to show them I've finished. They dismiss me, and I leave, confident in myself.

District 5- Arena Dallow

"A-re-na Dal-low" I get up from my seat. About time I'm called. Naria killed me three years ago, but I was told she died JUST after I did. Doesn't mean I'm not mad at her, though. I want to kill her. I want to make her sorry she killed me. "Arena Dallow, District 5." The Gamemakers nod and I grab all the knives and axes I can carry. I throw and slash up dummies with more speed than ever. I rip a dummy's head off with my teeth. I'll pretend it was Naria. Icontinue slashing them up. That should do it. I stand in front of the Gamemakers, and they seem impressed. "Thank you. You may go now, miss Dallow." I nod and leave. I did great.

District 6- Savannah Hewl

"Sa-van-nah Hewl" I stand up and go into the gym. Marko went in just before me. Roberth from our Games is also with us. I'm okay with him, he's not the typical "oh just kill everyone" Career. I realize I letmy mind wander and now I stand in the gym. "Savannah Hewl, District 6." I say. They nod and I quietly pick up a knife. You can't do too good, I remind myself. Weak, but not too weak. I throw the knife and hit the outskirts of the target. I pick up another and this one lands a bit closer. Too good, too good! I pick up a third knife and intentionally miss. There we go. "Thank you, miss Hewl. You may go now." I nod and leave. I think I got my score right where I want it.

Training Scores

District Tribute Score
Capitol Kaeden Humphrey 7
Capitol Symphony Decibel 6
1 Roberth Williams 9
1 Lucy Sister 9
2 Tomahawk Hawk 10
2 Anastacia Icecicle 10
3 Elec Sonic 9
3 Naria Avenforth 6
4 Waram Oceaver 9
4 Finnegan Cross 10
5 Buzzy Tee 5
5 Arena Dallow 11
6 Marko Steele 7
6 Savannah Hewl 6
7 Exolian Dynamite 4
7 Camellia Cyrellia 6
8 Dome Citadel 8
Pinea Nummit 6
9 Grant Denver 7
9 Trick Treat 9
10 Adam Mixle 6
10 Ellis Blackberry 8
11 Marthian Macuzzi 7
11 Yuki Hickey 8
12 Volcanic Activity 7
12 Amala Breeze 5
13 Jacen Ruthor 8
13 Willow Firethorn 8

Arena Map


If you've ever played the game "Psychonauts", this is basically the summer camp in the game. I just took it and added labels indicating the locations.

The cornucopia is on the patch of grass in the middle of the parking lot.

The 178th Annual Hunger Games!

Day 1 - "Don't even tell me." - Waram Oceaver

District 12- Amala Breeze

I wave goodbye to my stylist as the tubes begins to rise up. Hopefully we're in a more normal arena this year? I did as my mentor said, and didn't talk to anyone that wasn't Alinn. I want to win. I love him and I want him back. I sacrificed myself for him last year, but I won't do it again this year. I'm going to actually try. All the tubes have risen and I find my plate standing in...a parking lot? There are two tributes in each parking space, and I share mine with Marko (6). The Cornucopia is on a patch of grass in the middle of it. I look around and see a sign behind me. "Welcome to Whispering Rock, Psychic Summer Camp." Psychic? Are the mutts psychic, too? That can't be good. GONG! Ahh! I got so lost in thought that I wasn't paying attention to the countdown! I grab a small backpack from near my plate and head for a long dirt path. 

District 2- Anastacia Icecicle

I take my sword and stab it through the heart of Vol (12). He collapses to the ground and I smile and watch Elec (3) decapitate Symphony (C) with a mace. Trick (9) is trying to be sneaky, but Waram (4) sees her and shoves his trident right where in belongs. Into her skull. 

District 1- Roberth Williams

Marko, Savannah, and I each grab small backpacks and we head down the dirt path. Savannah's mentor told us to find the beach and take refuge there. We're up near the top of a hill, and we see the beach! Only problem is... the only path that takes you there is this bridge on the back porch of the lodge. Well, I doubt anyone's already been there, so why not? We go through the lodge, out the back door, and head down the bridge to the beach. We find a huge boathouse that even extends onto the water. Good call, Savannah's mentor! This place seems safe enough.


District 4- Waram Oceaver

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Don't even tell me. Only THREE? That's pathetic! And I tell the others that. "Calm down." Finnegan (4) tells me. "We're playing against people who have already been through this. Most of them have already survived a bloodbath before and they're capable of doing it again." That's true. "Sorry." I sigh. "It's okay." Anastacia (2) tells me. "We can always kill tomorrow, right?" "Right..."

Captiol- Kaeden Humphrey

Three cannons. That's all. I wasn't expecting too many, but now it just means the Games will last longer. I'm in the wilderness, and I see a figure, definitely a girl, heading for this oddly-shaped building. I decide not to follow her. Tomorrow, I'll get these mutts on my side. I get ready to go to sleep and I hear the anthem. I only see Symphony (C), Trick (9), and Vol (12). All from last year. The anthem stops and I go to sleep as planned.

Current Status

District Tribute Location Supplies Needs Allies
Capitol Kaeden Humphrey Wilderness Backpack, dried fruit, water Weapon No one
1 Roberth Williams Beach Backpack, bread, rope. Water, Weapon Marko, Savannah
1 Lucy Sister Parking Lot Spear, throwing knives (x6), dried fruit, water, bread, Instant Relief, burn cream Nothing Tomahawk, Anastacia, Elec, Waram, Finnegan
2 Tomahawk Hawk Parking Lot Tomahawk, Sword, soup, dried beef, water, Instant Relief, burn cream Nothing Lucy, Anastacia, Elec, Waram, Finnegan
2 Anastacia Icecicle Parking Lot

Bow, arrows (x12), Sword, dried fruit, soup, water, Instant Relief, burn cream

Nothing Lucy, Tomahawk, Elec, Waram, Finnegan
3 Elec Sonic Parking Lot Mace, throwing knives (x6), bread, dried fruit, water, Instant Relief, burn cream Nothing Lucy, Tomahawk, Anastacia, Waram, Finnegan
3 Naria Avenforth Cabin Area

Water, throwing knives (x3)

Food Adam
4 Waram Oceaver Parking Lot Trident, throwing knives (x6), soup, dried fruit, water, Instant Relief, burn cream Nothing Lucy, Tomahawk, Anastacia, Elec, Finnegan
4 Finnegan Cross Parking Lot Trident, bread, dried beef, water, Instant Relief, burn cream Nothing Lucy, Tomahawk, Anastacia, Elec, Waram
5 Buzzy Tee Reception Area Rope Food, Water, Weapon Camellia
5 Arena Dallow Wilderness Soup, water, throwing knives (x3) Nothing No one
6 Marko Steele Beach Backpack, dried fruit, water Weapon Roberth, Savannah
6 Savannah Hewl Beach Backpack, water, knife Food Roberth, Marko
7 Exolian Dynamite Cabin Area Water Food, Weapon Marthian
7 Camellia Cyrellia Reception Area Backpack, bread, water Weapon Buzzy
8 Dome Citadel Lodge Backpack, water Food, weapon Yuki, Willow
8 Pinea Nummit Reception Area Water, rope, bread Weapon No one
9 Grant Denver Cabin Area Rope, wire Food, water No one
10 Adam Mixle Cabin Area Backpack, Axe, dried beef Water Naria
10 Ellis Blackberry Main Grounds Spear, water Food No one
11 Marthian Macuzzi Cabin Area Bread Water, weapon Exolian
11 Yuki Hickey Lodge Water, soup Weapon Dome, Willow
12 Amala Breeze GPC Backpack, water, knife Food No one
13 Jacen Ruthor Main Grounds Shurikens (x5), dried beef, water Nothing No one
13 Willow Firethorn Lodge Sword, water, bread Nothing

Dome, Yuki

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed By How?
28th Volcanic Activity 1 Anastacia Icecicle Sword in heart
27th Symphony Decibel 1 Elec Sonic Decapitated by mace
26th Trick Treat 1 Waram Oceaver Trident in skull

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