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    The Sanguinary Series : Games I

    After cancelling so many games and fanfictions, I've decided to finally make a Hunger Games I'll stick with.

    The Capitol presents to you The 148th Hunger Games. 

    Blood will spill.

    As the clock ticked, President Maylee paced back and forth in her quarters. "What am I going to do? I don't have any ideas for the twist and the Reapings are quickly approaching! Oh, what am I going to do? Snow would know. Damn you Katniss Everdeen." She tugged at her head, her golden locks becoming stressed at the roots. A smile approached her face. "That's it!"


    "As the 148th Hunger Games approach, we take time to think about how lucky we are to be living in this great nation in Panem. To appreciate this sup…

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    The 78th Hunger Games!

    September 22, 2013 by Equestria Gurl

    These are kind of a sequel to my 77th Hunger Games, but they're still going on so I can't exactly say that. But anyways, submit your tributes!

    • Up to 5 tributes. This number may raise.
    • No tributes that were in my 77th Hunger Games.
    • I have the right to decline any tributes that are not up to my standards.
    • No Wikia Contributors.
    • No spamming.
    • No reservations.
    • Say "Boots on hooves, bikinis on top" or your tributes won't be accepted.
    • That rule applies to everyone unless I really like their tributes.
    • No profiles. Links are fine, however.
    • If you don't like my writing, you can
    Tell me something to improve on
    Or be mean and let me kill of your tributes for being evil. ^.^



    District: (0-14 and the Capitol {0 is astrology, 14 is muttations})


    Weapon: (1…

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    Welcome to the 77th Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor!

    • If you are reading this, you must join.
    • There is no limit to the number of tributes you can submit as long as you don't submit like half.
    • If you are reading this, write "Pie flavored Cheesecake" in your comment.
    • If you don't do that rule, your tributes won't be accepted unless I went on your talk and asked you to submit tributes.
    • Cheer on your tributes!
    • No reservations unless you have a reason. You may post in the comments something like "I'm putting up a three female" but that's just for the other users to see when you make them. If you don't have the tribute up in six hours then I know you just wanted to make a crappy tribute or something and just make sure nobody takes it. lo…

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    In Panem, the Dark Days happened long before this. The Hunger Games were started. The Hunger Games were ended by Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. The Capitol then executed Katniss and her family, and started the Hunger Games again.

    1. 8 is the limit to number of tributes
    2. Capitol through 13
    3. I will go on profiles
    4. Reservations last three days
    5. One Career per person
    6. If you are reading this you must submit a tribute




    Weapon (2):


    Strengths: (2)

    Weaknesses: (1)

    Appearance: (Typed or Lunaii)

    OPTIONAL- your tribute may survive longer.


    Tribute Token:

    Training Strategy:

    Interview Strategy:

    Bloodbath Strategy:

    Games Strategy:

    District Name Age Weapon User Name Age Weapon User
    C Kayleigh Leslie
    Throwing Knives, Bows MissRandomStuff Icec…

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    Based on movie events

    I rise up on my plate and see the bow and arrows. I can run that far. Suddenly the gong goes off. The first one I see is the girl from 6. She is poking around in a crate, so vulnerable. I run and grab her hair. I pull her to the ground when she starts to pull my hair. I grab a knife and stab her in the head. I rush into the Cornucopia after Thresh comes out. Then I am pushed to the ground. The boy from 6, Jason, is holding a small sword to my chest. "Cato! Marvel! Help me!" Marvel I think was killing that 7 girl, because Cato came. He stabbed Jason and killed him. Then, as the fighting calms down, Clove yells to me, "In the back!" I run back there with a sharp knife and find the girl from 9. I stab her long after she h…

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