I really want to write amazing games like those of Cloveismywife. However my Hunger Games that have Users join fail because of little to no participation, so I am writing my own games with no entered tributes by other users. You can still sponsor and bet though. 


Remember, you can't enter tributes to this.

Name Gender District Age Weapon User
Callie Haymond F Capitol 17 Bow and Arrow Equestria Gurl
Louis Haymond M Capitol 17 Throwing Knives Equestria Gurl
Carolyn Harolyn F 1 18 Axe Equestria Gurl
Jacob Fox M 1 18 Anything pointy Equestria Gurl
Roxanne Samhuel F 2 17 Bow and Arrow Equestria Gurl
Harrison Davidson M 2 16 Throwing Knives Equestria Gurl
Rose Meriter F 3 18 Mines and stealth Equestria Gurl
Jacob Theradol M 3 18 Mines Equestria Gurl
Caroline Helavent F 4 17 Sword Equestria Gurl
Blackwell Morson M 4 18 Spear Equestria Gurl
Topaz Brilliant F 5 15 Bow and Arrow Equestria Gurl
Moon Ander M 5 14 Strength Equestria Gurl
Lillian Spary F 6 17 Hand Knife Equestria Gurl
Logan Trores M 6 12 Sword Equestria Gurl
Lindsay Lorat F 7 18 Spear Equestria Gurl
Joeseph Lome M 7 17 Stealth Equestria Gurl
Abbey Novora F 8 12 Slingshot Equestria Gurl
Jason Lewis M 8 14 Mace Equestria Gurl
Lily Wyatt F 9 14 Sword Equestria Gurl
Murray Frenach M 9 13 Mace Equestria Gurl
 Marianne Grace F 10 16 Spear Equestria Gurl
Peter Renix M 10 18 Bow and Arrow Equestria Gurl
Anastasia Howell F 11 17 Bow and Arrow Equestria Gurl
Alexander Lumoon M 11 16 Stealth Equestria Gurl
Lindsay Tereen F 12 16 Bow and Arrow Equestria Gurl
Glayshon Smithson M 12 14 Hypnotism Equestria Gurl
Layla Stanton F 13 13 Can control mutts Equestria Gurl
Lohan Treas M 13 12 Axe Equestria Gurl

Training Scores

District Female Score Male  Score
C Callie Haymond 7 Louis Haymond 7
1 Carolyn Harolyn 9 Jacob Fox 9
2 Roxanne Samhuel 11 Harrison Davidson 11
3 Rose Meriter 2 Jacob Theradol 10
4 Caroline Helavent 8 Blackwell Morson 9
5 Topaz Brilliant 1 Moon Ander 9
6 Lillian Spary 5 Logan Trores 6
7 Lindsay Lorat 7 Joeseph Lome 6
8 Abbey Novora 7 Jason Lewis 12
9 Lilly Wyatt 5 Murray Frenach 6
10 Marianne Grace 3 Peter Renix 9
11 Anastasia Howell 8 Alexander Lumoon 6
12 Lindsay Tereen 11 Glayshon Smithson 11
13 Layla Stanton 3 Lohan Treas 2


Capitol-Callie Haymond

I shoot at the target one last time. Bulls-eye. I hear crying. I walk out of my room and into my sister's. She is having her first reaping. I walk over and sit next to her on the bed. "Kathryn, calm down. You will not get picked. I hunt, and we live in the Capitol, so we don't need tesserae." 

"But my name's still in there!"

"Once," I say. My name is in there 6 times, so I have a better chance of being reaped. Not that I want to, anyway.

"I'm going to go get ready, okay?" I say. She nods and I go downstairs. My brother is there. "Happy reaping, sis!" He exclaims. He saud he's not volunteering though. "Lucy!" I call. My maid rushes over here.

"Will you fix me some pancakes?" I ask. Chocolate with whipped cream. Nice and fluffy." She nods. I go upstairs and change into a lovely white dress that shines with the colors of the rainbow faintly when in  sunlight. I do my hair up into three braids then braid those. I look lovely. I go to see my sister. She wears a black, glittery dress with a french braid. "You look lovely! Let's go downstairs."


I get my finger pricked and show Kathryn where the little kids go. 

"Hello, Capitol! My name is Ella Davis, the escort for this year's victor, or this year's victors even! Let's draw the name for the ladies, as regular. "

I pray that it isn't me. 

And it's not.

The tribute from the Capitol is...

"Kathryn Haymond!"

Capitol-Louis Haymond

It all happened so quickly. It doesn't feel that just this morning I was eating toast. But then Kathryn got called, Callie, hugging her, then volunteering, walking up to the stage. I have to protect her. 

"The boy tribute is Hen-"

"I VOLUNTEER!" I shout. 

"Well, I think I am the escort of the victors!" she says, as I walk up the stage.

"What's your name?"

"Louis Haymond," I smile.

We board the train for no apparent reason, as we are just going to come back to the Capitol anyways.

Carolyn Harolyn- District 1

I'm volunteering this year. Who doesn't want to win the Hunger Games?  Anyway, I walk to the square and get my finger pricked. I walk to the front, the 18 year old section. Zellaphone, the escort for District 1, calls the girl, Madison Mitchell. A 13 year old walks up to the stage with her head up high, but there are still tears and fear in her eyes. "I VOLUNTEER!" I say, along with 4 or 5 other girls. They're all too tall, too short, too fat, too skinny. She, of course, chooses the one with the blond hair with some blue in the front named Carolyn. Me. I did it. I'm in the Hunger Games. 

Jacob Fox- District 1

Carolyn, the hottest girl in Panem, just volunteered. I was gonna, anyway, but I will step on anyone eho gets in my way now. Zellaphone calls the male, Noah Smithson. He is a scrawny 12 year old, who I guess is living in the poor part of this rich district. I was the only volunteer that was 18. So, Zellaphone picks me. I go up there, and after shaking hands, I kiss her on the lips, and she kisses back. She blushes when I stop, and I kiss her on the cheek. This makes the adults go wild. I think the mentors/sponsors will shower us with gifts. 

Harrison Davidson- District 2

I am so volunteering this year. Sure, I should wait till I'm older, but I am going to impress people by letting a 15--I mean 16 year old win the games. Today's my birthday. 300 years ago, we would have won if it weren't for District 12. Those tributes from 12 this year will pay. In some way, I don't know how, I was related to either Cato or Clove. But still. I just wanna win 'cause I'm from a very powerful district. I walk to the square and get my finger pricked. They are getting ready to pick the names.

Roxanne Samhuel- District 2

I am volunteering this year, even though I have another year. I get my finger pricked and walk to the square. Korrin Dragone, our escort, shows us the film and draws the name for the girl. "The girl who will compete in the 374th Hunger Games is..." She reads the name. "Dina Slodersketch!" A 14 year old walks up to the stage. "Any volunteers?" She asks. "I VOLUNTEER!" I say. She picks me, of course. I get on the stage, and give a mischevious smile. She picks the boy's name. "Holt Clarkson!" A boy yells "I VOLUNTEER!". He gets picked. We shake hands and get on theh train. 

(To save time, I'll skip to the games and write the rest of the reapings later)


Day 1

Jacob Theradol (3)

60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55

Districts 3, 4, and 5 are in an alliance. I hope this works out and nobody dies today. I hope none of us have to die, especially since 4 tributes can win.

We came up with a plan that is to grab a backpack or two, a weapon, and run to shelter. 

This arena looks like a village with many different shops. 

I want to live. Then I see my weapon. A couple of stray, unactivated mines. They have my name written all over it. Well, not literally. 

3, 2, 1, GONG

I run to the Cornucopia and see that Rose(3) is there too. She gets three bags and a couple weapons then runs to safety in a bookstore, it looks like. I run there too and then I trip. Murray(9) has a mace. He coughs blood and then I am disgusted when it gets on my face. Topaz(5) has shot an arrow into his back. The entire alliance runs to the bookstore. 

Carolyn Harolyn (1)

Ugh, a dumb District 5 person got the first kill!! I'm so mad. I grab an ax from the inside of the Cornucopia. I am just so mad. Then I see him. The boy who outscored me. Glayshon (12). I start to walk towards him and he holds up a shield in front of his chest. I slit one of his legs, causing him to fall. Then I insert the ax in his head and he dies. I move his body, picking up the shield and a pack of throwing axes. Close enough to plain axes. I have amazing aim. 

Topaz Brilliant (5)

I got the first kill in these games. I feel so excited, even though I'm just 15. I see secret steps leading upstairs. Everyone walks up there and we find food, beds, and even medicine. There are no windows which is good. We make sure the food is not poisoned. We eat lunch, some ham and some fruits. We stuff food into our bags. I find a book that is titled: Is it OK to Eat? A book about poisonous plants and healing plants

I take that as well. None of us got our scores for intelligence. 

Abbey Novora (8)

I'm all alone, a 12 year old with a slingshot. I don't know where to go. I walk into a sort of restaurant. I see an ax coming at me. It goes into my chest and I am only wounded. I pretend to be dead. I see that it was Carolyn Harolyn (1). I had walked into the Career camp. I slump to the floor. There is a throbbing pain. If they don't realize soon, I'll bleed to death anyway. A couple minutes later, they still haven't noticed.

"Shouldn't a cannon have gone off by now?" Harrison (2) says. "We stuck it in pretty deep."

"Who cares?" Roxanne (2) says. "I'll finish her off." She takes the Axe out of my chest, sticks it back in, and I can feel it come out the other side. BOOM

Louis Haymond (C) 

Me and Callie (C) are hiding in a sport store. I am fine, since I have a blanket. But since it's night, it's freezing and Callie (C) is just there, sleeping and shivering on the cold, hard floor. Her bag didn't have a sleeping bag or anything. I decide that she is more important to me than I am to myself. I put the blanket over her, and then I am freezing. A large parachute comes down. It contains a big sleeping bag and another blanket. I gently wake Callie (C) up and tell her that there is a sleeping bag. She looks at me and she looks very pale. I touch her cheek and she is freezing. I tell Callie (C) to get into the sleeping bag. She does and starts to look a bit better. She sleeps again. I guess I take first watch. 

Caroline Helavent (4)

I feel so warm snuggled up with Blackwell (4) in a bed. His body is so warm and welcoming, his arms wrapped around me with a knife in his pocket if he has to protect me. Then I hear the cannons for the Bloodbath.


Wow, 20 left... I might win this yet.

Day 1 Aftermath

Lindsay Tereen (12)

I am so happy I didn't die. I have a huge cut on my arm though. I look through my bag. There is a first-aid kit and I open it. There is a cut medicine bottle. I take a leaf that is not poisonous and dab some on. Then I hear the anthem. I look up.

  • Logan Trores- District 6
  • Joseph Lome- District 7
  • Abbey Novara- District 8
  • Peter Renix- District 10
  • Anastasia Howell- District 11
  • Alexander Lumoon- District 11
  • Glayshon Smithson- District 12
  • Lohan Treas- District 13
None of them surprize me. Then I see it. Glayshon, my District partner, is dead. We were to ally and not go to the bloodbath, only a few supplies in front of us. I have 2 backpacks, a bow, and 2 sheaths of arrows. I'm not hungry right now, but I will hunt tomorrow. I climb into a tall tree and drift asleep...

Day 2

Jacob Fox- District 1

Me and Carolyn (1), sleeping on a tiny loveseat. We are streched out the length of it, and she is on top of me, head on my chest. I know that once we get back to the Capitol, I will propose. There will be four victors this year, and me and Carolyn (1) will be two of them. A cannon jolts her awake. "Don't worry, it wasn't one of us. Probably that girl from District three that got a 2. I think her name was like, Rosie or something." I say to her, trying to calm her down. "Jacob, you were supposed to wake me up," she scowls. "You've been awake too long!! At least ask Jason (8) or Roxanne (2)!" "Carolyn (1), you look so nice when you sleep though. And I wanted to watch you," I yawn. "Just go to sleep, Jacob (1)." She shakes her head. She leaves to go wake the others up. I close my eyes, but then I hear the scream. Carolyn's (1) scream.

Roxanne Samhuel- District 2

I just scared the heck out of Carolyn (1). She totally screamed her head off. Jacob (1) just ran into the room. "What the heck, Roxy!! I thought someone died!!" He exclaimed. I say, "That girl, Lilly Wyatt, tried to sneak in and take some food and kill us."  "The girl from 9 I think." Harrison (2) clarifies. "Anyway, I decapitated her. With her own sword. I kept her head, and when Carolyn came down, I threw the head on her." Carolyn (1) giggles. "She's right, it was funny, but freaked me out." We talked some more, and decide to move back to the Cornucopia. We walk there and relax.

Day 2 Aftermath 

Rose Meriter- District 3

There was only one death today. These games have been really slow. I think they'll have a feast or something to speed it up. I look up in the sky. Only one. The girl from 9.

  • Lilly Wyatt- District 9
Then I hear the trumpets. Ceaser Flickerman, the guy who they keep bringing alive for all the games, has something to say.

"Greetings, tributes! We are inviting you all to a feast. Much like the 74th Hunger Games, everyone needs something desperately. Come to the center of town tomorrow and a bag with your district number will be out there." I will go.

Day 3- The Feast

Layla Stanton- District 13

Today I'm going. It gets really hot in the day and I have almost no water. Maybe I'll get one of those misting fans! That would be great. I have a thick blanket so I'm good for those freezing nights. I wonder if someone needs a warm blanket. I grabbed a pack close to the Cornucopia so I have a lot of stuff, but not everything. I walk past a tree that has a nest of tracker jackers. I hum a small melody. They swarm around me and I ask them to protect me. In answer, one stings me. Then another. Another. I fall to the ground, grab my matches, and make a fire. The smoke drives them away. What happened? I can control them! I do it all the time in District 13. I guess they're different here. I dig out my tracker jacker leaves after pulling the stingers out. I apply them to the lumps and feel better instantly. I grab the knife I can shakily use and run by the Cornucopia. What? There's no bags! Then a table rises up.  I see the number 13 on a small bag and I run for it. 

Callie Haymond- Capitol

The girl from 13 just ran for her bag so I have to try.  I go for the bag that says C on it when I am tackled by Roxanne (2). "Aww, what a pretty little face. The Capitol would love to have your head, ALONE,  on display." She picks a knife from her pouch. "Now, the arrow's my weapon, but Harrison lent me some of his knives just for this. " She tilts my head from side to side. I feel like Katniss. Then, she decides to start by cutting off my ear so I can't wear fancy earrings. Okay? I think. Just then, A knife flies into her head. BOOM! Louis! He saved me!! I grab our pack and we run off to the sports store on the outskirts of town. I open the bag and I find some dried fruit and iodine. Great!! We might win!

Moon Ander- District 5

All of the guys that have tried have successfully gotten their bags. I run and right when I am getting the bag, I trip over a twig in the ground. I am met by a spear in the head and the last thing I see is Marianne (10) running off with two bags- One is hers. The other is mine. The world fades to black. BOOM!

Day 3 Aftermath

Lindsay Lorat- District 7

I am so happy I got my pack. There were two deaths today. The anthem plays and I look into the sky.

  • Roxanne Samhuel- District 2
  • Moon Ander- District 5

Wow, a Career! She was the scariest in my opinion. I open my pack and find a couple spearheads and some night-vision goggles. I take some twigs that I found in the trees in this village and stick them on with sap. A little rushed, but it'll kill. I have barely eaten, I just have a loaf of bread and 3 fish. I stuff them in my pack and then a parachute flies down. A warm broth, and some bread from the Capitol. I eat a little broth and a piece of my new bread then drift off to sleep.

Day 4

Rose Meriter- District 3

I am walking to the Cornucopia with Jacob (3). Me and Jacob have decided to break the alliance. Now it will be just the three pair. No more Topaz (5), no more Blackwell (4), no more Caroline (4). Caroline and him were way too close anyways. Always making out, sleeping together, and they said that when they get back to the Capitol, they'll marry and have a baby. If they get back. Now that we're not allied, we can kill them, no guilt. Topaz (5) was nice, she had a keen eye, and was a great shooter. But Jacob pleaded for her to stay and I had to agree. We took everything valuable from them and left them to die. Then a mutt comes out of nowhere.

Jacob Theradol- District 3

I recgonize these. I have watched the 74th Hunger Games, as it is required for everyone to watch and to tell them not to start another rebellion, because they executed Katniss and her family. Her children weren't even 10. Anyways, these are wolf mutts, straight from the Capitol. I try to climb onto the Cornucopia, and so does Rose (3). However, she loses her hold and falls. I try to catch her, but it's too late. BOOM! She has nothing to bury. But her token is still there. It is a silver locket, and I slowly open it. There is a picture of her, the only memory left of her. I pick it up and say to the sky, "Rose, I will win for you. I promise." I break down into tears then run into a sport store. 

Callie Haymond- Capitol

I hear the sobs first, then I see the face. The handsome boy from District 3. If I didn't like Jacob (1), then I'd like him. I see that he has something in his hand. A locket. The girl from 3. That must have been her cannon. He sees me with my loaded bow and says, "Just do it. If I can't live with her, I can't live at all." "No," I say to him. "You are far too kind to die yet. And don't kill yourself, either. I see the way you're looking at Louis' makeshift mace." My brother had taken a soccer ball and stuck knives in it and tied a rope to it. "Just ally with us for a little bit. You look smart. And when we get food, we can hunt and you can gather." He nods and he shakes hands with Louis (C) and I. 

Topaz Brilliant- District 5

Blackwell (4) is poking around in some bush. He holds out some nightlock berries. "These okay?" He asks Caroline (4). She thinks so. "Topaz," Caroline says, "look in that book." "You guys said it was useless. So I left it back at camp like you asked me to." Blackwell (4) says, "Well," he hands some berries to Caroline. "If Honey Bunches says they're fine, then they are. You want some?" Wow. They didn't even go to the berry station. At least I learned poisonous ones that would kill you instantly. "No," I say, "I had some bread for breakfast. You guys didn't want it, so I had it." They shrug and eat the berries. BOOM! BOOM! 15 down, 9 left. I smirk and take their packs. 

Harrison Davidson- District 2

"What the crap Jason?" I say. He says, "I was here, but then he gave me sleep syrup, and when I woke up our water supply was gone and so was he." Carolyn (1) is mad. She stomps over to Jason (8) and inserts the ax in his skull. BOOM! I'm scared that I'm the next Career to die.

Day 4 Aftermath

Marianne Grace- District 10

I sit alone, in the candy store. I have taken enough food, not enough that someone knows I'm here, but enough to keep me alive. I hear the anthem and look out into the sky. I heard 4 cannons. I hope that a Career is out. I hope it's Jacob (1). He's huge. Then I see the faces.

  • Rose Meriter- District 3
  • Caroline Helavent- District 4
  • Blackwell Morson- District 4
  • Jason Lewis- District 8
I see the girl from 3. I saw her death. I wanted to help, so much, but I have tried to stay low and not be seen. Both from 4. Wow, I guess that Topaz (5) girl went crazy. Then I see the boy from 8, Jason. He was a Career. He also got a 12 and his odds were 2-1. He could have won. But he didn't. The Capitol seal appears again and then dissapears.

Day 5

Layla Stanton- District 13

I always thought that I would die in the bloodbath, I'm so tiny, so slow. But I was able to get a pack, and my feast bag. There was a misting fan, what I hoped for. There was also some food, but they were small portions, and random items. Some were a small pepperoni pizza or a bunch of 3 bananas. I haven't been able to hunt, and I need meat. However, I tamed a wolf mutt. He can kill, making the competition easier. He can also hunt. He was snoozing and I hear a branch crack. I find the whistle I made from some grass and stuff and blow it. He dashes after whatever it is and brings back a deer. A deer! I'll have a feast. I'll save the pizza though. I give my mutt a portion of the meat and I eat mine. I hear a cough and I know that's not a mutt. It's the boy from 2, Harrison. I sent him out to kill him. He comes back with a couple of packs and some throwing knives. He is dead. The scariest people in the arena are gone. BOOM!

Jacob Theradol (3)

I can't take it. Callie (C) reminds me so much of my love, Rose (3). I can't tell her that though. Me and her are hunting. Louis (C) is back with the supplies. "So where should the mine go?" she asks. "Right there," I point. She starts to dig. She is just so pretty. I grab her and kiss her square on the lips. She blushes. I feel guilty. Then she kisses me. Just then, she says, "Watch out!" and she gets in front of me. A spear enters her heart, but there is no cannon. I throw one of my spears at Lindsay Lorat (7). A cannon goes off, and I desperately hope it's not the girl who is in my arms.

Callie Haymond- Capitol

I am swimming in a pool of tar. Roxanne (2) and Harrison (2) pull me under. I kick and I kick, but I can't come back up. I can't breathe, no oxygen... I black out. There is a faint tickling sensation inside my throat. I wake up, with no knife.


You have 2000 dollars to spend per tribute.

Louis Haymond~ Large Sleeping bag (500), Blanket (100) 1400 dollars left

Lindsay Lorat~ Broth (50), Capitol Bread (100) 1850 dollars left

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