This is my third attempt at a Hunger Games. Before I list the tributes, let me list what sponsors can buy for them.

Parachuted items

You have 1000 dollars to spend. The more valuable, the more cost. If you and the other person agrees, you can spend money together on something. On to the items!

Bow and Arrow- 345

1 pack of 5 knives- 50 ($10 per knife)

Slingshots- 30

All other weapons- 400

Trident- 500

^No more Weapons beyond this point^

v Food v

Full Meal(One roasted animal, fruit, vegetables, full water bottle)- 300

Dried fruit- 30

Dried meat- 30

Grossling Bait- 15

Other animal bait- 10

Bread- 30


Matches- (10 per pack)10

Water Bottle (Full) 20

Extra clothes- 20 per garment

Night Vision goggles- Free, but only 12 can be given out.

Medicine- 40

Rope- 30 per yard

Wire- Only found in feast bags and Cornucopia bags


Female Age District Weapon Male Age District Weapon
Callie Haymond 16 1 Axe Louis Haymond 16 1 Spears
2 2
Winter Graceful 15 3 Whip 3



16 4 Axe+ Bow and Arrow
5 5
Shelby Light 17 6 Climbing Trees 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
10 Jasper Crsten 18 10 sword
11 11
Lindsay Tereen 12 12 Bow and Arrow 12
  • Callie Haymond
  • Rosalind Shimmer
  • Winter Graceful
  • Noah Keisser
  • Jane Skye
  • Shelby Light
  • Jasper Crsten
  • Katrina Edenor

Feel free to comment below to add your tribute!! I will be using to find death orders and training scores, and odds. Thanks!!

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