In Panem, the Dark Days happened long before this. The Hunger Games were started. The Hunger Games were ended by Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. The Capitol then executed Katniss and her family, and started the Hunger Games again.


  1. 8 is the limit to number of tributes
  2. Capitol through 13
  3. I will go on profiles
  4. Reservations last three days
  5. One Career per person
  6. If you are reading this you must submit a tribute

Tribute Template




Weapon (2):


Strengths: (2)

Weaknesses: (1)

Appearance: (Typed or Lunaii)

OPTIONAL- your tribute may survive longer.


Tribute Token:

Training Strategy:

Interview Strategy:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Games Strategy:

District Name Age Weapon User Name Age Weapon User
C Kayleigh Leslie Throwing Knives, Bows MissRandomStuff Icecream Joe 12 Spear Kayleigh Ann
1 Carolyn Jersy 18 Bow, Swords MissRandomStuff Gold White 18 Sledge hammer Thresh Is Best
2 Annilique Johansen 13 Bow and Arrows Kayleigh Ann Michael Kaizer 18 Swords, Knives LeonKaizerWolff
3 Indigo Lily 17 Wire Kayleigh Ann
4 Christina Staline 17 Trident, Throwing Knives MissRandomStuff Apollo Elto 14 Trident, Net Rueflower
5 Moona Jet 15 Wire Kayleigh Ann
6 Mimic Slaughter 16 Spears, Knives Nightlock Kryptonite Zak Slaughter 16 Spears, Knives Nightlock Kryptonite
7 Hannah Von Shultz 15 Axe Kayleigh Ann Matthaws Vipointe 16 Axes ViniciusDeAssis1999
8 Lauren Carrie 18 Katana, Throwing Knives MissRandomStuff Max "X" Doring 13 Axe, Throwing Axes MissRandomStuff
9 Rye "Iota" Bark 13 Hooked Claws, Mace TheMysterious Geek Tabitha "Phi" Wheat 13 Holy water, Stakes TheMysterious Geek
10 Pig Lana 17 Sword Kayleigh Ann
11 June Weel 15 None Kayleigh Ann
12 Anna Cole 12 Knives Kayleigh Ann

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