The Sanguinary Series : Games I

After cancelling so many games and fanfictions, I've decided to finally make a Hunger Games I'll stick with.

The Capitol presents to you The 148th Hunger Games. 

Blood will spill.

Boring Things (that you still need to read)


As the clock ticked, President Maylee paced back and forth in her quarters. "What am I going to do? I don't have any ideas for the twist and the Reapings are quickly approaching! Oh, what am I going to do? Snow would know. Damn you Katniss Everdeen." She tugged at her head, her golden locks becoming stressed at the roots. A smile approached her face. "That's it!"


"As the 148th Hunger Games approach, we take time to think about how lucky we are to be living in this great nation in Panem. To appreciate this superstition of luck, if you believe it, each tribute will get an additional token.

"This token represents some symbol of luck or warding evil away. In times of need, a tribute can choose to take up its one use that will fit to their needs." Angry chatter arose from the Capitol crowd. "Now, now, this has a limited use. If they wish for a sword, they will instead get a knife. If they wish for purified water, they will get a half-full water canteen with murky water. If a tribute loses their luck, then the tribute that finds it gets their item. If the 'luck token' is destroyed, nobody gets it.

"These games will cause tributes to kill each other for their tokens. 

"Blood will spill."


  1. The first rule regards tributes. Up to three FIVE tributes per user. NO EXCEPTIONS! Also, only one Career per user. Careers are people who ally with the Careers or come from Districts 1, 2, 4, and 14. 
  2. To prove you're reading these, comment either a DW reference or a MLP:FIM reference and hide it somewhere in your comment. It only has to be in one comment, not all of them.
  3. But if you didn't read the rules that's fine but it'd be easier to do things if you did. 
  4. No reservations. The people who have reservations were in my previous games. Reserves are too gosh darn confusing! XP
  5. No wikia contributors. Honestly, it's really hard to look back at IP addresses for somebody lazy like me.
  6. Be active! Comment advice and encouragement daily or after every POV or so.
  7. NO LINKS. It's so much easier to keep everything here and in comments!
  8. Be nice. Failure to do so will cause immediate death of your tribute(s).
  9. Please tell me how you think my writing is.
  10. idgaf about templates as long as it's not too short. However, RL pics are required and must be uploaded here. I can make a Lunaii based on it. 
  11. Finished tributes are required. 
  12. If I don't like your tributes, I don't have to put them in.
  13. I'll make up other rules as I go XP



Sex/District Name Age Weapon Luck Token
C/F Aurora Grace 12 Trident Turtle Pin
C/M Emil Grace 16 Trident Coin Pin
0/F Alexandrite Bohamia 14 Bow Albatross Pin
0/M Favian Thread 15 Twin Swords Wishbone Pin
1/F Angelina Stotch 17 Shotgun Rainbow Pin
1/M Sebastian Glaze 17 Axe Bat Pin
2/F Orelia Vesilissa 18 Claw Clover Pin
3/F Seraphina Oaks 15 Sword Dolphin Pin
3/M Diamond Reaperson 17 Spear Elephant Pin
4/F Cynthia Sparkla 13 Bow Turtle Pin
4/M Tom Loleris 16 Throwing Knife Tiger Pin
5/F Camaria Timor 13 Knife Acorn Pin
5/M Matt Hamil 15 Sickle Pig Pin
6/F Missy Randos 16 Bow Shooting Star Pin
7/F Eva Fenrir 14 Curved Sword Ladybug Pin
7/M Orlando Johnson 15 Dagger Cricket Pin
8/F Aurora Avrett 18 Bow North Star Pin
8/M Casper Ware 17 Throwing Knife Frog Pin
9/F Harper Shaint 12 Curved Dagger Scarab Pin
10/F Fawn Talons 16 Scythe Pot of Gold Pin
10/M Henry Blaké 17 Sickle Circle Pin
11/F Jessica Woods 16 Sword Dream Catcher Pin
12/F Daenerys Kystrel 17 Bolo Knife Lantern Pin
13/F Aeralene Ekiert 18 Machete Ace Pin
13/M Athan Leventis 17 Unknown Horseshoe Pin
14/F Artemis Moonsliver 13 Bow Rabbit's Foot Pin


Always ask leaders of alliances before you can join them. This doesn't apply to Careers. Underlined tributes are presumed to be in that alliance. Bolded tributes are the leaders. Italicized tributes are back-up leaders.


Sebastian Glaze (1), Orelia Vesilissa (2), Tom Loleris (4), Daenerys Kystrel (12)


Alexandria Bohamia (0), Seraphina Oaks (3), Aurora Avrett (8), Artemis Moonsliver

Capitol, District 3, and District 7 Alliance

Aurora Grace (C), Emil Grace (C), Diamond Reaperson (3)Eva Fenrir (7)



Favian Thread (0), Angelina Stotch (1), Camaria Timor (5), Matt Hamil (5), Missy Randos (6) Harper Shaint (9), Fawn Talons (10), Henry Blaké (10), Aeralene Ekiert (13), Athan Leventis (13)



These will be told in the point of view of the escorts.

The Capitol : Belladonna Silverstorm

Potential tributes for the Capitol stream in through the marked entrances to the square, which is surrounded by all sorts of makeup, clothing, and hair salons which are all closed because of this one day; the Reapings! I'm the escort for this year. Well, I have been the escort for, what, five years? Time flies when you see people die. Hey, that rhymes!

"Ow!" I wince, glancing a look at my hairstylist through the mirror. "Don't pull too tight!"

"I'm sorry, Miss Belladonna," she sheepishly replies. I scoff, rolling my eyes. I continue looking back on the monitor to hear the two game announcer's voice give an overview of the exciting things that will happen this year.

"I've heard that the whole arena will be underwater! Can you believe that?" asks Typhoon Icestorm.

"It's crazy, isn't it? But I heard the arena will be completely pitch black," declares Jade Magnus.

"Well, whatever it is," the Gamemakers should have something exciting planned!" she exclaims. 

"I said, 'Don't. Pull. Too. Tight!'" I exclaim. "I'm definitely hiring a new crew today," I mumble.

"And done!" she says, stepping back. I stand up, and admire my beautiful outfit. My platinum blonde hair is braided into a bun, with numerous flowers stuck in it. My dress is red and flows down to my mid-thighs, with a sleeve made of flowers on my right shoulder. I stand in front of the doors to the outside of the Justice Building. After I hear the president make her address, the doors open and I step outside, receiving applause and cheers from the crowd. I wave to them and go stand behind the pedestal.

"Hello, Capitol!" another wave of cheers. "Today we think about our history and make another part of it."

I press the button on the stand, causing a small, blue screen to pop up on it. I simply read the words on it into the microphone.

"There were the dark days. Fathers buried sons, daughters, wives, and others were even left unburied. Thousands died. Whole patches of land went underwater. Then, when all hope was lost, a gleaming nation arose, known as Panem. Twelve districts ruled by a loving nation known as the Capitol. All was well until Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. They - Katniss in particular - started a war they couldn't end. During the process, District Thirteen was discovered to be one of the main places of action. After fighting the rebels for a long time, the Hunger Games restarted after everybody related to Katniss and Peeta were obliterated. Fifteen years ago, Districts Fourteen and Zero were discovered. They were to compete in the Hunger Games along with us." 

I press the button again and the words disappear. 

"Now, though, it is time to select this year's female tribute for the Hunger Games." I reach in the Reaping Bowl and pull out one of the white rectangle slips of paper. I open it up and read the name. "Amity Grace." I turn my head to the crowd to look for somebody sticking out like a sore thumb from the rest. 

"I VOLUNTEER!" screams a girl.

"Come on up, darling," I smile. It fades once I realize who it is. A weak twelve year old who's probably not going to last a day in the games. And I can't decline her volunteer. 

She walks onto the stone stage and stands by me.

"What's your name, sweetheart?" I ask her.

"Aurora Grace." she declares into the microphone.

"Now, for the male tribute." I pick up another slip. "Emil Grace." A boy looking like Aurora walks onto the stage. He swallows, and glances at Aurora.

"Well, Capitol, our tributes!" They shake hands and turn around into the Justice Building, applause echoing around the square.


…does not exist unless you get trivia questions right XP

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