180th Hunger Games

President Snow has died, so everyone was hoping that they would end the Hunger Games. However, the Hunger Games still live on.


District 1

Name: Sasha Fox

District: 1

Age: 14

Weapon: She is not good with knives or anything, but she uses her knowledge of leaves and berries to help her survive.

Weakness: As I said before, she is not good with a bow and arrow.

Appearance: She is a light-skinned girl, about 5'6, and she has short, straight dirty blonde hair.

Skills: Good with recgonizing leaves and such.

She is a career. She is ranked 6th, after being alone when Marilla stabs her back repeatedly.

Name: Jacob Fox

District: 1

Age: 17

Weapon: Anything pointy.

Weakness: He doesn't know anything about the leaves and berries.

Appearance: Light skinned, 6'0, and has blond hair.

Skills: Knife throwing.

He is a career. He places 3rd, after he is shot by one of the District 12 tributes by an arrow to the heart.

District 2

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District 3-11

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District 12

Name: Merilla Rainee

District: 12

Age: 16

Weapon: Bow and Arrow.

Weakness: She is deaf in one ear because she was almost killed in an explosion and the sound damaged her eardrum.

Appearance: Tan, Blue eyes, Brown hair, 5'8

Skills: Stabbing with a knife.

She becomes a victor after she finds that her other district partner is dead.

Name: Blackwell Morson

District: 12

Age: 16

Weapon: Spear

Weakness: He is very loud and is a promise breaker.

Appearance: 6'2, Beige skinned, Green eyes, reddish hair

He is ranked 2nd after a camera falls and lands on his head. He collapses and is not able to find food or yell for help. His death was completely accidental.

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