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The 74th Hunger Games- Glimmer's Eyes

Based on movie events

Day 1- Bloodbath

I rise up on my plate and see the bow and arrows. I can run that far. Suddenly the gong goes off. The first one I see is the girl from 6. She is poking around in a crate, so vulnerable. I run and grab her hair. I pull her to the ground when she starts to pull my hair. I grab a knife and stab her in the head. I rush into the Cornucopia after Thresh comes out. Then I am pushed to the ground. The boy from 6, Jason, is holding a small sword to my chest. "Cato! Marvel! Help me!" Marvel I think was killing that 7 girl, because Cato came. He stabbed Jason and killed him. Then, as the fighting calms down, Clove yells to me, "In the back!" I run back there with a sharp knife and find the girl from 9. I stab her long after she has died. 

Day 1- Later

We are walking through the forest at night when we see a blaze. We get there and find the little girl from 8. "Oh please, please!" Cato hands me the sword that is in his belt. I stick it in her head after her scream. Her gong rings out. We keep on, but I tell Cato that we should just kill Peeta right now but he says we'll have a better chance of finding her. Katniss Everdeen. 

Nothing really happened the next day, or the day after that.

Day 4

We wake up by the lake when it is surprisingly hot out here. "Fire! Fire!" Marvel calls. We dash further into the forest, at this for a long time. Then he sees her. "Oh!" Marvel calls. Katniss is a sitting duck in that pond, with a burn on her leg. I attach an arrow to the bowstring. We follow Katniss until she climbs into a tree. I hold up my loaded bow and I shoot her. It almost hits her head, but Katniss moves. "Maybe you should throw a knife up here," Katniss calls. However, Clove told me that she threw at her and now she has the knife. "Let's just wait her out," someone says. I turn around to see that it's Peeta. "I guess so." I say, angry that we can't just kill her now. I fall asleep on Cato's arm...

Day 5

I wake up, quickly. But I rest back on Cato when I see that Katniss is still there. I hear a sawing noise. I must be dreaming or Clove's up. Then there is a thud and all of the wasps come out. Cato locks hands with mine, and my other hand locks the bow. Then I trip. The bees swarm all over me. Cato looks at me then runs, and I know all hope is lost. I love you world, forever and always..... The world goes black.

Day 18

I wake up, but I can't see. I scream. But then I concentrate really hard. I can see, a wolf in a mirror. A mutt in a mirror. Another eye is put on, and I realize I'm seeing myself. Then I can feel that my body is on a cart, carried to a room. I am fed a cup of berries and the world goes black. I can still see through my mutt's eyes. I will call my mutt Shimmer. Anyways, Shimmer goes up and to the Cornucopia. Right when I am about to kill Peeta, I catch a glimpse of an arrow leaving a bow, and a sharp sensation happens in my throat. The world goes black for the final time.

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