Welcome to the 77th Hunger Games! May the odds be ever in your favor!


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  1. The Capitol found about District Fourteen and Zero, so they are forcing them into the games and are demanding twice as many tributes from each district as punishment for not telling anybody about the two districts.
  2. Once half of the tributes from each district are killed, the remaining tributes go to another arena.


Mandatory things are in bold, the normal things are optional. However, the more you put the longer your tribute will live.



District: (0-14 and the Capitol {0 is astrology, 14 is muttations})


Weapon: (1-3)

Strengths: (2-4)

Weaknesses: (1+, the only weakness may not be a personality flaw.)

Physical Appearance: (Real life, Description, or Lunaii, please.)

Reaped or Volunteered:



Fears: (1+)


Group Training Strategy:

Individual Training Strategy:

Interview Angle:

BB Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Feast Strategy:

Final Battle Strategy:

The Tributes!

District Name Gender Age Weapon User
0 Scorpio Strauss M 15 Spear, Staff ChrisoZuniga
0 Gamzee Makara M 17 Clubs, Bow, Sledgehammer Mistfire333
0 Duskus Sinrood F 16 Throwing Knives Mistfire333
0 Luna Jem F 14 Axes, Throwing Axes Anna Black
1 Specter Dante M 18 Swords, Axes, Spears ChrisoZuniga
1 Rebel Groots M 17 Hooks, Traps, Sickles Mistfire333
1 Marilyn Excendria F 15 Axe, Throwing Knives Andy1854
1 Liliana Patterson F 18 Bow, Throwing Knives, Poison MissRandomStuff
2 Yuki Kokyu M 18 Spiked club, Brass Knuckles Mistfire333
2 Michael Kaizer M 18 Swords, Knives, Fists LeonKaizerWolff
2 Teresa Silver F 18 Throwing Knives, Sword MissRandomStuff
2 Era Cassi F 16 Knives, Swords Anna Black
3 Lane Nashh M 14 Machetes, Scythes, Knives Tehblakdeath
3 Skye Hepher M 18 Sword Tehblakdeath
3 Luna Glitchturn F 17 Traps, Knives, Daggers MissRandomStuff
3 Arizona Bakers F 15 Traps, Spears Anna Black
4 Kodai Hitogoroshi M 17 Whip, Spiked Rod, Teeth Mistfire333
4 Jeffery Killheart M 14 Knife, Martial Arts, Stealth Mistfire333
4 Aquaria Nieto F 16 Bow, Tomahawk, Knife ChrisoZuniga
4 Rhine Ellery F 16 Knives, Sword, Crossbow ArleneLove'sTHG
5 Frade Spectrus M 15 Dagger, Crossbow, Traps Mistfire333
5 Bayley Thompson M 15 Throwing Knives, Blowgun Jrussell01
5 Sorcera Spectrus F 17 Dagger, Crossbow, Poison Mistfire333
5 Maude Frevalune F 18 Sickle, Scythe, Pickaxe Andy1854
6 Ferris "Double F" Ferr M 15 Club, Dagger WiressFan21
6 Rich Simmerson M 18 Sword, Mace .Cinderflight
6 Carmen Odalis F 14 Knives, Small Swords ChrisoZuniga
6 Colinda Frankelshka F 13 Axe, Bow, Throwing Knives Andy1854
7 Mist Scorchil M 14 Axe, Dagger, Hidden Blade Mistfire333
7 Shade Spectrus M 16 Dagger, Crossbow, Traps Mistfire333
7 Kalian Ash F 16 Bow Anna Black
7 Lolita Lunarlight F 15 Stealth, knife Madgeical
8 Zak Myers M 15 Throwing Knives Wikia Contributor
8 River Green M 16 Bow, Daggers Sapphire Lad
8 Avalea Thorn F 17 Ranged Weapons ChrisoZuniga
8 Belle Amie F 17 Dagger, Seduction Madgeical
9 Mordecai Darah M 18 Scimitar XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
9 Millet Glasscos M 17 Machete, Spears WiressFan21
9 Cari Coalburner F 14 Scythe Madgeical
9 Oatty Spelltie F 14 Poison, Axe WiressFan21
10 Wolf Silverhorn M 18 Sickle, Curved Sword ChrisoZuniga
10 Herb Bivore M 12 Slingshot, Knives WiressFan21
10 Huntress Scape F 18 Bow, Dagger, Poison MissRandomStuff
10 Jesse Guinea F 16 Whip, Club WiressFan21
11 Dicot Avo M 15 Crossbow, Scythes WiressFan21
11 Trent Korey M 18 Spear, Trident MissRandomStuff
11 Wayde Umbra F 13 Bow Madgeical
11 Sofia Williams F 15 Throwing Axes Jrussell01
12 Charce Firre M 17 Fire, Scythe WiressFan21
12 Hatch "Fright" Scright M 16 Hatchet, Spear, Sword


12 Janu Wong F 12 Dagger XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
12 Pandora Raven F 16 Whip, Trident XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
13 Flippy Twinmind M 17 Dagger, Explosives Mistfire333
13 Acheron Bane M 16 Knife, Throwing Knives Hybrid Shadow
13 Hazel Carlile F 16 Bow, Scythe Madgeical
13 Pixie Nuke F 17 Camoflauge, Traps WiressFan21
14 Marty Gree M 18 Sword, Spear Wikia Contributor
14 Blade Spectrus M 18 Sword, Spear Tehblakdeath
14 Torran Smiterson F 16 Blowgun, Throwing Knives ChrisoZuniga
14 Madoka Artemisia F 16 Eyes, Dagger XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX
Capitol Kohle Gamma M 15 Knives, Spears Tehblakdeath
Capitol Austin Short M 18 Sword, Dagger, Spear Jrussell01
Capitol Sarafine Swifter F 14 Sword, Daggers Youtuber4ever
Capitol Caitlyn Bridges F 14 Bow, Throwing Knives .Cinderflight


If an alliance says [OPEN/PRIVATE], that means tributes must pass initiation to join. If an alliance says [OPEN] then anybody can join. If an alliance says [PRIVATE], that means nobody can join unless the user(s) says so. Italicized tributes must pass initiation and underlined tributes are leaders. Bolded tributes are in the second arena.

CAREERS [OPEN/PRIVATE]: Specter Dante (1), Liliana Patterson (1), Teresa Silver (2), Era Cassi (2), Lane Nashh (3), Frade Spectrus (5) Colinda Frankelshka (6), Belle Amie (7), Dicot Avo (11), Trent Korey (11), Hatch "Fright" Scright (12), Madoka Artemisian (14), Kohle Gamma (C)

ANTI-CAREERS [OPEN]: Gamzee Makara (0), Duskus Sinrood (0), Yuki Kokyu (2), Skye Hepher (3) Kodai Hitogoroshi (4), Sorcera Spectrus (5), Ferris "Double F" Ferr (6), Mist Scorchil (7), Shade Spectrus (7), Mordecai Darrah (9), Cari Coalburner (9), Huntress Scape (10), Wayde Umbra (11), Charce Firre (12), Hazel Carlile (13), Pixie Nuke (13)

DISTRICT TEN ALLIANCE [PRIVATE]: Herb Bivore (10), Jesse Guinea (10)

DISTRICT THREE AND NINE ALLIANCE [PRIVATE]: Luna Glitchturn (3), Millet Glasscos (9), Oatty Spelltie (9)

ALONE: Rebel Groots (1), Michael Kaizer (2), Arizona Bakers (3), Jeffery Killheart (4), Rhine Ellery (4), Bayley Thompson (5), Carmen Odalis (6), Lolita Lunarlight (8), Avalea Thorn (8), Janu Wong (12), Pandora Raven (12), Flippy Twinmind (13), Acheron Bane (13), Marty Gree (14), Sarafine Swifter (C)


  1. Jeffery (4) will be trucing with the Careers, however he is alone.
  2. Sorcera (5) and Kodai (4) are together in the Anti-Careers.
  3. Yuki (2) is both a Career and an Anti-Career, but mostly an Anti.
  4. Skye (3) and Lane (3) are truced.

The Training Scores!

Name District Score
Scorpio Strauss 0 8
Gamzee Makara 0 9
Duskus Sinrood 0 6
Luna Jem 0 7
Specter Dante 1 10
Rebel Groots 1 9
Marilyn Excendria 1 8
Liliana Patterson 1 10
Yuki Kokyu 2 9
Michael Kaizer 2 11
Teresa Silver 2 10
Era Cassi 2 9
Lane Nashh 3 8
Skye Hepher 3 8
Luna Glitchturn 3 9
Arizona Bakers 3 5
Kodai Hitogoroshi 4 10
Jeffery Killheart 4 10
Aquaria Nieto 4 8
Rhine Ellery 4 7
Frade Spectrus 5 10
Bayley Thompson 5 6
Sorcera Spectrus 5 8
Maude Frevalune 5 6
Ferris "Double F" Ferr 6 7
Rich Simmerson 6 7
Carmen Odalis 6 3
Colinda Frankelshka 6 4
Mist Scorchil 7 9
Shade Spectrus 7 9
Kalian Ash 7 6
Lolita Lunarlight 7 7
Zak Myers 8 1
River Green 8 4
Avalea Thorn 8 7
Belle Amie 8 9
Mordecai Darah 9 9
Millet Glasscos 9 8
Cari Coalburner 9 7
Oatty Spelltie 9 10
Wolf Silverhorn 10 5
Herb Bivore 10 5
Huntress Scape 10 3
Jesse Guinea 10 7
Dicot Avo 11 10
Trent Korey 11 10
Wayde Umbra 11 7
Sofia Williams 11 8
Charce Firre 12 6
Hatch "Fright" Scright 12 11
Janu Wong 12 6
Pandora Raven 12 8
Flippy Twinmind 13 9
Acheron Bane 13 8
Hazel "Cheryl" Carlile 13 7
Pixie Nuke 13 7
Marty Gree 14 8
Blade Spectrus 14 8
Torran Smiterson 14 5
Madoka Artemisian 14 7
Kohle Gamma C 8
Austin Short C 6
Sarafine Swifter C 3
Caitlyn Bridges C


The 77th Hunger Games

Day One

Oatty Spelltie- District 9

"Millet, Oatty," says our mentor while Cari (9) and Mordecai (9) are in another room, "During the bloodbath, just grab anything you can. Oatty, grab an axe along with a vial of poison, but put your sights on a bag. Millet, you need to get a spear. In fact, if you want to live longer, have Luna get your stuff. Make her get supplies and weapons. Once she gives you the things, kill her. Shove a spear through her stomach or a machete through her forehead. If she doesn't bring you the weapons, split her head into two with a knife or an axe or whatever you have. After that, just flee. If you have the chance to kill Cari or Mordecai, do it." I nod at the plan. Luna (3) was sweet, but she can't live forever. If I'm going to make it out alive, she has to be delivered home in a wooden box.

Soon, I am rising into the arena. I swallow and am immediately blinded by the change in the light. I smell a smoky fragrance. Not like fire, but more like a barbecue. I feel wind, but the sun's warmth envelopes me and I can't help but smile. My vision returns and I look to my left, where Austin (C) stands. On my right, Luna (3) is poised to dash to the nearest bag. Kohle (C) is ready to leap into the masacre to grab a spear, and I perceive Huntress (10) eyeing a bow and a quiver.

I hear a rumble to the left, and see Maude (5) fall off her plate. Not like I cared for her or anything, but what an excrutiating death! An arm falls on Sofia's (11) podium and she shrieks in disgust.

As the countdown gets down to the single digits, I look to my right and get ready to get Luna (3) and coax her into her death. The gong buzzes and I go up to the navy-haired girl. "Luna, you're faster than me and Millet; could you get us a machete or a spear?" I say, pretending to pant. I find Millet (9) and I tell him I sent Luna (3) to get the weapons. I hide and watch as Luna (3) trips, a knife in her stomach and a red liquid splattering the ground. Her eyes close. "Dang it!" I mutter. Millet (9) and I grab supplies and weapons and head off into the forest, ready for whatever challenges face us.

Marilyn Excendria- District 1

I jump off of my plate and dash into the silver mouth of the Cornucopia. I pick up a compound bow and a quiver of ten arrows, and quickly knock one of the clear-feathered projectiles. I see Zak (8) running away. Pathetic. I aim in his direction and let go of the bowstring. The arrow soars through the air and blood spurts out from the wound in his back. He collapses and tries to crawl away, but another missile hits him in the eye. As to my knowledge, I have the first kill of the games.

I turn around to go ack to the Cornucopia but I see Sorcera (5) shaking her butt as she picks up a sword. I go up to her with my arc and knock another arrow. She turns around. Crap.

She kicks me to the ground and I let go of the string. She winces in pain and I see an arrow in her foot. She cries, but bites her lip before tears can spill out, and she attempts to stab me. I move my head in the opposite direction she's aiming for, and I don't get hit. She picks up a small bottle from the ground and pushes it against my lips. "Drink it! Drink it!" I resist, but then she puts her pale hand over my nose, which forces me to inhale through my mouth.

Tears spill out of my eyes as I give in to the near-asphyxiation and breath in, swallowing the poison. I can feel fire in my arms, my legs, and my neck. My vision starts to turn white, but I see a sword sticking out of Sorcera's (5) leg and I know she can't get far without medicine.

Third Person

Mist (7) scrambles off of his plate and to a bottle of camoflauge paint by Luna (3). He looks at her body and sees her eyes meet his. Mist (7) could've stabbed the girl, but they both don't seem like they want to kill. Mist (7) lies down after painting the liquid to look like a neck wound. He pretends to gag and falls down.

Away from all of the fighting, loner tributes and groups of two are making off like bandits. Huntress (10) flees the scene with a lot of supplies; she almost can't carry the load. Her items contain important things, such as the bow and quiver of arrows on her back. Inside the quiver she has placed a small vial of poison and a dagger. The poison is very hard to trace, as it's almost clear and has a small odor. She has a large purple backpack as well that matches her hair color.

Pixie (13) grips a knife and heads over to Ferris (6), who has just finished applying paint to his chest. Pixie (13) pretends to stab him, and Double F (6) falls to the ground. His eyes are closed, but he slightly opens them to look at the massacre. His district partner, Rich (6) is stabbed in the stomach by Michael (2) who runs away with a silver blade and two huge bags. He looks around at the bodies. Zak (8) and Marilyn's look lifeless, but Luna's (3) trembles. Ferris (6) picks up a knife, about to discreetly throw it at her, but then Luna (3) gives a frightened look at him and Double F (6) decides to let her live. Instead, he throws the knife towards Caitlyn (C). It hits her in the back and she falls down, her life over.

River (8) tries to find her way to a nearby pack. He lays down after finding one and acts as if he was just a dead body. However, Frade (5) sees him tremble in fear and shoots hjm in the head with a crossbow. His body goes limp and Frade (5) smirks.

Gamzee (0) picks up a sharp rock and a branch from the ground, and smirks while tying the items together with several pieces of grass. He then looks for Duskus (0), his district partner, and he finds her with Austin's (C) dagger about to slide across her neck. Gamzee (0) throws the makeshift spear and it hits its target of his chest. Then, he grabs his partner's hand and runs toward the area the Anti-Careers were headed, grabbing food and a bow on his way.

Acheron (13) gathers supplies away from the fighting like Huntress (10) did. He picks up a scythe and holds it in his hands, the sharp blade reflecting the sunlight. He gets distracted, but then realizes that this is real. He grabs a vest of throwing knives and puts it on, strapping one to the backpack he filled supplies with. You see, he'd picked up a backpack but went around the area collecting supplies. He now possesses poison, which is important, and something valuable. He also recieved trap-making supplies. He runs away, but bumps into Sofia (11) on his way out. He flips her over, and she lands on a knife which pierces her back.

Luna (0) and Scorpio (0) are looking for each other when they bump into each other. They stab each other in fear on accident, leading to their deaths. Killed by an ally! Luna (0) thinks to herself. She closes her eyes and her heart ceases to pump blood to her body any more, partly because there's a knife in it.

As some of the tributes start to clear out. Kohle (C) throws a spear into Torran's (14) head, killing her. Charce (12) picks up some matches and ignites a flame. He puts it on a wooden shield and it spreads. Liliana (1) knocks an arrow and sends it towards the male from twelve's direction, but he grabs Kalian (7) and uses her as a shield as he runs off with a knife. An arrow hits the young girl's head though, and her cannon goes off. The Careers attempt to put out the flame. They end up doing it, but some food is burnt and some wooden shields are.

The Bloodbath has ended.

Herb Bivore- District 10

I whisper to Jesse (10), "So what are we doing again?"

"Killing him. Then we'll find Huntress. She did absolutely terribly in training; even though we didn't get the highest scores we did better than her... Right?"

I shrug and I grab my knife and sit down on a bench in a village house. I open my dark red bag and look through the supplies. A water skin is the first thing I see. There is also iodine and bandages, as well as a little bread and dried fruit. A delightful surprize that I couldn't get anywhere else in the games.

"Wolf, go get us some bread from that building," says Jesse (10), pointing to a brick house. Wolf (10) hurries off and Jesse (10) grabs a whip from her bag. When Wolf (10) comes back, he plops the loaves of baguette down on the table. Jesse (10) says, "Let's eat. Get our energy up for moving around."

He shrugs and sits down on an old-looking bench and eats some of the crunchy bread. Jesse (10) and I look at each other. I don't know if I can do this, I mouth to her.

If you want to survive, you have to, she replies. Then, she pounces. Her whip hits him in the neck, and he grabs his throat and falls. I close my eyes and stab him in the throat.


The first non-Bloodbath death in the arena. I open my eyes. My hands are stained red with his blood. I almost scream as I run to the river to sluice my murderous hands and knife. A cannon scares me and I almost fall back, almost striking my cranium on the keen stones.


Scared, I run back to Jesse (10). "It's alright. Huntress'll be an easy kill."

Luna Glitchturn- District 3

I watch as Mist (7) looks at me in fear. We're both in these games, and we're both taking a risk by playing dead. I'm by bags however, so I'm fine.

We're near each other, only maybe two yards apart.

I see Yuki (2) notice something in the woods, then walks around to the tail of the Cornucopia. "Help!" he yells, "They're holding me hostage! Frade! It's your brother!" I see Frade (5) smirk and lead the Careers to the tail. I can see evrything from where I am, so I just watch.

"Surprize!" yells Shade (7), his crossbow pointed at Frade's (5) chest. Frade (5) swings his dagger at Shade's (7) hand. It hits him and he drops the crossbow on the ground. "DAMN YOU!" He yells, probably alerting all of the tributes in a two-kilometer radius. Frade (5) pushes Shade (7) on the ground and is about to stab him when an arrow flies through the air and hits him in the arm. He winces and curses in the direction of the firer, Huntress (10). She got a two; how does she even know how to hold the bow correctly?

The Careers charge at her, but the girl from ten holds out her dagger and Colinda (6) is impaled on it.


I take that moment that they're fighting to look at Mist (7) and ask, "Truce?"

He nods and I grab two very heavy bags from the mouth of the Cornucopia before dashing in the direction of the village. But as I'm leaving, I see Sorcera (5) poisoning some of their food supply. I smile. Those bitches will be done in no time.

Belle Amie- District 7

I rush through the fighting and find Shade (7), whom I need to kill so I can live. I'll seduce him into the Cornucopia then stab him.

I intentionally fall and make him fall underneath me, so I'm on top of him. "Oh hi, Shade," I say in my most seductive voice.

"Let me get to my dagger so I can kill you!" He exclaims. I pin him down and I french kiss him, making him shut up. He kisses back, then I forcefully pull him to the Cornucopia. We make out for a while. He actually drags me to a village house, where the real fun begins.

He pushes me on a bed and takes the ponytail holder out of my hair, letting it flow. Then, he takes off my shirt and his own. Even though we're supposed to be enemies, I can't help that Shade's (7) really sexy.

Just then, a knife comes flying out of nowhere and almost hits me. Shade (7) grabs my hand and finds the attacker, Avalea (8). We can't kill her due to the twist, but she can kill one of us. Shade (7) throws her off the balcony where she was standing, and onto the ground. She screams and grabs her arm before running away. Shade (7) and I run into the forest, probably to never see our alliance again.

Jeffery Killheart- District 4

I wander through the forest, looking for loners to kill, particularly Rhine (4) or Aquaria (4). The sun is slowly setting. The night will give me an advantage when I hunt for tributes. I hear a noise behind me.

I spin around to see Aquaria (4) in a tree, eating a piece of chicken that she got from the Cornucopia. I take out my knife and stealthily climb up another tree, then jump to the tree she's on. She somehow hears me and screams. I push her off of the high tree, and I hear a sickening crack when she lands on the ground.

I climb down the tree and see blood everywhere. She landed on a stone with some kind of peak, which her head was impaled on. Her head has a huge hole in it, and I can even see her brain. The only way you can recognize her is by the "4" on her uniform. I take her supplies and walk deeper into the forest.

I hear another noise and see Flippy (13). I was told to ally with him. "Flippy." I say. He turns around. "Jeff."

We shake hands and silently look for our prey.

Pandora Raven- District 12

I slide my knife across my arm, cutting it. I sigh, but I hear voices.

"That bitch is dead and we didn't get our weapons, Millet! We're wandering in the forest at night with an axe and a knife. We don't have the best odds, as you can tell!" That sounds like Oatty (9). "Let's just sit here, Millet, and go through our supplies."

I look down from my tree. Yep. It's them. They're sitting ducks right now. I could jump down and dig my knife into their delicate flesh, torturing them until their cannons sound... But I won't. Not until later on. They can still kill me, too, since my whole district is alive.

I hear the anthem start up and look into the sky, ready to see who's dead.

First is two kids from 0. They stabbed each other in the Bloodbath. Stupid. The beautiful girl from one is dead, as well as Aquaria from 4. She looked really dumb anyways. The other tributes I didn't care for at all, except for Rich. How did he get into these games? The gamemakers were really stupid for letting him compete.

Should I ally with them? They look up at me, and yell, "ALLIES?" I nod, gripping my whip, and swiftly descend from the oak. I shake hands with them and I invite them into the tree. Millet (9) shakes his head, a large, infected cut on his hand. I don't have medicine to heal it, but time is wondrous. The sponsors may be generous enough to give something.

Avalea Thorn- DIstrict 8

I carry my bow and put my hand on my head. It hurts so much. I rub my fingers against my knee, which has a large scar on it. I hate Shade (7) and Belle (7) so much. Suddenly, I see a hovercraft reach down somewhere and pick up something. Hey... that looks like Carmen (6)! I guess her district partners died, which means I've escaped this arena!

I run towards the hovercraft to pick me up, and it does. I place my supplies in a special compartment, and I find myself in a room with Lolita (8), Carmen (6), Ferris (6), Sarafine (C), Kohle (C), Gamzee (0) and Duskus (0). We sit in silence until the hovercraft comes to a stop. We are asked to fill up a large backpack with items.

The items are survival supplies. Why do we need these? I fill mine up with food, water, extra clothes, and survival stuff, and strap a dagger, a bunch of throwing knives, and a bow and quiver on as well.

We are transported to the ground, a forest, and the hovercraft flies away.

"Where are we?" I ask.

"I don't know," says Duskus (0), "but we'll have to work together. Who got stuff for traps?"

Day Two

Era Cassi- District 2- First Arena

I stealthily walk towards a sound in the tall, green bushes by the tail of the Cornucopia. I hope it's either Yuki (2) or Michael (2). They would be dead if it was them. Even though they're stronger than me, they wouldn't see me coming.

I can't see through the thick leaves, but I think that I see a light brown, like our boots. Or a deer's fur. But I'm hoping for a tribute. I look above the bushes, and I am disheartened when all I see is a deer. I quickly stab it in the head as it tries to run away from me. I bring it back to the Cornucopia, and Teresa (2) starts to clean it.

Why don't I kill her now? It'd be one step closer to the second arena, to home. But I won't. She's strong, or at least stronger than me, and she'd be helpful in when I stab Yuki (2) or Michael (2).

I hear another rustling sound, but this time it's in the woods and louder. It has to be a tribute. I walk towards it, my sword drawn. I see a flash of blue hair. Luna (3)?

I'm wondering what she was doing when a sharpened stick punctures the area in between my eyes.

Charce Firre- District 12


Somebody's cannon just went off, and I'm hoping that it was Janu (12), Pandora (12), or Fright (12). It would be a lot better if they were gone. I could be home already.

I want to make sure my dad will know exactly what my name is. He didn't even recognize me when I was reaped. I wasn't even wearing makeup! I want to be the victor.

But I'll have to kill.

The Anti-Careers are walking so slowly. We need to kill Huntress (10). I want to help Jesse (10) and Herb (10). They're so helpless, and Huntress (10) can fend on her own really well. I see a flash of red in a tree. Could that be her? I should see. I draw a match and light it. I pick up a twig and transfer the fire. I douse the match with my foot. I chuck the twig in the direction of the tribute.

"Yes!" I exclaim. The tribute turns around to see me, but the flaming stick hits her in the eye. She screams as loud as she can. Her eye must have been damaged by the stick, and having it on fire doesn't help either. But the tribute's not Huntress (10). It's Rhine (4).

The flame gradually engulfs her entire face, and she drops down from her tree and grabs my container. She pours it on herself.

"It's gasoline," I say, smirking.

She lets out a bloodcurling scream and suddenly just falls. Her hands are still twitching. Reminds me of Glimmer.


Third Person

Herb (10) and Jesse (10) walk through the forest with their supplies. They are looking for their biggest obstacle, Huntress (10). Since she is alive, they can't make it to the next arena to get closer to winning.

"I'm thirsty and hungry," Herb (10) says, panting. Jesse (10) and him sit down on a rock and look for a water in their bags. Herb (10) pulls out his water skin and Jesse (10) pulls out her canteen.

From the trees behind them, a silent tribute poisons the tip of an arrow with a clear poison that they had recieved in the Bloodbath.

"Look, there's a turkey!" whispers Jesse (10), pointing to a bird twenty yards away from them. Herb (10) puts a knife in place of a rock in his slingshot and aims.

So does the tribute in the trees. But she doesn't want food. She wants to kill somebody from her home district.

Jesse (10) turns around and sees a pair of eyes in the trees. Huntress's (10) eyes.

"Herb run!" Jesse (10) shouts. Right after, an arrow enters the cowgirl's stomach. Huntress (10) gathers her bags and runs away.

Pain is all that Jesse (10) can feel. She should have known not to let her guard down. She should have ran. But then, would it have hit Herb (10)?


Two hovercrafts come into view. One picks up Jesse's body, and another picks up Herb (10) and Huntress (10) so they can gather their supplies before traveling to the next arena.


Death Chart

Place Name District Killer District Method
64th Maude Frevalune 5 Explosion -- Exploded
63rd Zak Myers 8 Marilyn Excendria 1 Arrow to eye
62nd Marilyn Excendria 1 Sorcera Spectrus 5 Forced to drink poison
61st Rich Simmerson 6 Michael Kaizer 2 Sword to stomach
60th Caitlyn Bridges C Ferris "Double F" Ferr 6 Throwing Knife to back
59th River Green 8 Frade Spectrus 5 Arrow to head
58th Austin Short C Gamzee Makara 0 Spear to chest
57th Sofia Williams 11 Acheron Bane 13 Knife to back
56th Luna Jem 0 Scorpio Strauss 0 Knife to stomach
55th Scorpio Strauss 0 Luna Jem 0 Knife to stomach
54th Torran Smiterson 14 Kohle Gamma C Spear to head
53rd Kalian Ash 7 Lilliana Patterson 1 Arrow to head
52nd Wolf Silverhorn 10 Herb Bivore 10 Knife to throat
51st Colinda Frankelshka 6 Huntress Scape 10 Impaled by dagger
50th Aquaria Nieto 4 Jeffery Killheart 4 Pushed off of tree
49th Era Cassi 2 Luna Glitchturn 3 Trap
48th Rhine Ellery 4 Charce Firre 12 Burnt to death
47th Jesse Guinea 10 Huntress Scape 10 Arrow to stomach

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