These are kind of a sequel to my 77th Hunger Games, but they're still going on so I can't exactly say that. But anyways, submit your tributes!


  • Up to 5 tributes. This number may raise.
  • No tributes that were in my 77th Hunger Games.
  • I have the right to decline any tributes that are not up to my standards.
  • No Wikia Contributors.
  • No spamming.
  • No reservations.
  • Say "Boots on hooves, bikinis on top" or your tributes won't be accepted.
  • That rule applies to everyone unless I really like their tributes.
  • No profiles. Links are fine, however.
  • If you don't like my writing, you can
Tell me something to improve on
Or be mean and let me kill of your tributes for being evil. ^.^




District: (0-14 and the Capitol {0 is astrology, 14 is muttations})


Weapon: (1-3)


Strengths: (2-4)

Weaknesses: (1+, the only weakness may not be a personality flaw.)

Physical Appearance: (Real life, Description, or Lunaii, please.)

Reaped or Volunteered and Reaction:



Fears: (1+)


Group Training Strategy: *

Individual Training Strategy:*

Interview Angle:

BB Strategy:

Games Strategy:

Feast Strategy:

Final Battle Strategy:

  • I want you to tell me EXACTLY what your tribute will do. Well, just an idea. Don't just write "stay low" that would mean your tribute just sits there and does nothing. Write "go to the swords and sct weak for day one, for day two go to the archery and act strong, and on day three go to survival skills".


District Gender Name Age Weapon User
0 M
0 F
1 M King "KC" Chrome 17 Spear, Traps, Axe KronosTheTitanKing
1 F Mistina Seabreeze 14 Knives

XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX

2 M Julius Paris 18 Mace, Spear Hybrid Shadow
2 F Ella Massey 17 Dagger, Poison, Throwing Knives MissRandomStuff
3 M Akali Watt 17 Traps, Explosives Hybrid Shadow
3 F Annabeth March 16 Bow, Sickles WiressFan21
4 M Percy Grace 16 Trident, Mace, Nets WiressFan21
4 F Zia Grace 18 Trident, Spear, Bow WiressFan21
5 M
5 F
6 M Jarrod Echo 15 Cat Claws, Crossbows Tehblakdeath
6 F Indiana Danger 15 Nails, Sword, Torture ~glitterday~
7 M Hibernius Rashid 18  Knives, Scythes WiressFan21
7 F Hazel Underwood 12 Throwing Knives, Crossbow WiressFan21
8 M
8 F Chakra Fatalis 18 Dagger, Scythe District3
9 M
9 F
10 M
10 F
11 M
11 F Jackie Dana Rosefeld 15 Mace Madgeical
12 M
12 F
13 M
13 F Missy Teagle 14 Throwing Knives Madgeical
14 M
14 F
C F Elsa Lovegrove 18 Blowgun, Poison, Mace Madgeical

Strengths/ Weaknesses

District Name Strengths Weaknesses
1 King "KC" Chrome Speed, Killer Mentality Hunger, Climbing
1 Mistina Seabreeze Swimming, Strength, Speed, Used to pain Weak bones, Climbing, her history
2 Julius Paris Strength, Swimming, Strategic, Combat Running, Climbing, Trusting, Killing
2 Ella Massey Aim, Stealth, Speed, Climbing, Lying, Making things look like accidents Strength, Swimming
3 Akali Watt Intelligence, Strategic, Strength, Analyzing Swimming, Climbing, Survival, Suspicious
3 Annabeth March Smart, Speed, Strength, Aim, Adapting Swimming, Climbing, Clingy, Making alliances
4 Percy Grace Aim, Strength, Stealth, Speed, Swimming Plants, Careers, Climbing, Guilt
4 Zia Grace Aim, Speed, Strength, Thinking fast, Swimming Stealth, Climbing, Survival, Plants
6 Jarrod Echo Strong, Fit Climbing, Swimming
6 Indiana Danger Plant & Insect Identification, Swimming, Making Shelter Aim
7 Hibernius Rashid Fast, Unpredictable, Strong, Stealthy Swimming, Lying, Climbing
7 Hazel Underwood Stealth, Speed, Climbing, Aim Strength, Small, Breathing problems
8 Chakra Fatalis Combat, Strength, Stamina, Climbing Speed, Swimming, Survival
11 Jackie Dana Rosefeld Plants, Agility, Swimming Strength, Depression, Being Abandoned
13 Missy Teagle Intelligence, Climbing, Stealth, Camoflauge Strength, Allies, Combat
C Elsa Lovegrove Agility, Stealth, Going w/o food Strength, Climbing



CAREERS: King "KC" Chrome (1), Mistina Seabreeze (1), Julius Paris (2), Zia Grace (4), Indiana Danger (6)


PERABETH: Annabeth March (3), Percy Grace (4)

DISTRICT 3/7/11 ALLIANCE: Akali Watt (3), Hibernius Rashid (7), Hazel Underwood (7), Jackie Rosefeld (11)

ALONE: Ella Massey (2), Jarrod Echo (6), Chakra Fatalis (8), Missy Teagle (13)

UNDECIDED:  Elsa Lovegrove (C)


District Zero

District One - King "KC" Chrome

District Two - Ella Massey

"Cheers," I say to myself, knocking the wine bottle against a glass. The wine bottle is something very important to me. It helped me kill my mother.

I remember exactly how it went. "Ella, Daddy might leave forever. Mkai?" My mother asked me five years ago. I concluded that my mother would murder my dad somehow. I tracked down her traps and turned one against her. Stupid. Her boyfriend, Jason, was even dumber. I loved killing them and want do do it over and over again. Over, and over...

I dress in a cute outfit and head to the square for the Reapings. It's my cousin's first and my fourth. I head to my section and the escort stands on the stage to welcome us.

"District Two! Your tributes are Sofia Williams and Jackson Samson! Now, for the volunteers!"

Sofia Williams. My cousin! She couldn't last five seconds. Like literally, she'd probably jump off her plate. Don't I want kill again, anyways? "I volunteer!" I shout. I announce my name into the microphone. "Ella Massey," I say.

"I volunteer!" shouts another person. He's so dreamy. I see him at the academy, but I don't see him everyday because I prefer ranged weapons and he likes maces. His brown hair sweeps onto one side of his face and he's so muscular. However, he shooes us girls away when we try to flirt. His name is

"Julius Paris."

"That concludes the Reapings! We'll see you later!" says the escort.

District Three - Akali Watt

District Four - Zia Grace

I am so freaking excited. I get to volunteer today! I slip into my favorite outfit and put on a coat of makeup. I check my hair and bound to the square, where I see Psuedon and Percy.

"Alright, Four, the female is Lauren O'Neil."

"I volunteer!" I shout among with a bunch of other hopeful tributes. The escort picks me, obviously, and I walk up to the stage then announce my name into a microphone. "Zia Grace." I wink at a camera, knowing I'll get sponsors that way.

"The male is Psuedon Grace."

My brother?! He's a good fighter and all, but he's just twelve and not strong at all. Oh no...

I hear footsteps to the right of me and a yell, then I turn and see my brother. Percy.

After he announces his name, we shake hands and go into the Justice Building.

I'll have fun finishing Percy (4) off.

District Seven - Hibernius Rashid

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