Yeah... Bored 2 days before that holiday...

Happy Hunger Games!

This Hunger Games starts on Thanksgiving, and ends when it ends. This Cornucopia will be filled with food and bags. No weapons will be lying out in the open. There will still be crates. Districts 1-11 will compete, making 22 tributes. Our tributes are...

Name Age District Weapon User
Rose Meriter 13 1 Throwing Knife Equestria Gurl
Logan Trores 17 1 Sword Equestria Gurl
Rosalind Shimmer 15 2 Bow and Arrow ShimmeringFire
Byanaty Polar 18 2 Throwing Knives Nhtomahawks22
Winter Garceful 15 3 Whip a random person who likes hunger games
Joeseph Lomel 12 3 Mace Equestria Gurl
Callie Haymond 16 4 Axe Equestria Gurl
Noah Keisser 16 4 Axe TheDeadlyOne
Lindsay Tereen 13 5 Bow and Arrow Equestria Gurl
Jason Lewis 12 5 Hand Knife Equestria Gurl
Shelby Light 17 6 Bow and Arrow a random person who likes hunger games
Murray Frenach 12 6 Spear Equestria Gurl
Orchid 16 7 Throwing Axes District2Career
Oregano 16 7 Axes District2Career
Lily Wyatt 14 8 Spear Equestria Gurl
Peter Renix 16 8 Bow and Arrow Equestria Gurl
Jane Skye 15 9 Sword and Stealth ShimmeringFire
Alexander Lumoon 14 9 Stealth Equestria Gurl
Layla Stanton 18 10 Axe Equestria Gurl
Jasper Crsten 18 10 Sword a random person who likes hunger games
Katrina Edenor 17 11 Knives Shimmering Fire
Lohan Treas 14 11 Axe Equestria Gurl

Please add as many tributes as you want, but no more than 12. When this is filled I will write what you can buy for your tributes. I will have lots of tributes, but most will die at bloodbath.

Training Scores

Determined Randomly

Tribute Score
Rose Meriter(1) 12
Logan Trores(1) 8
Rosalind Shimmer(2) 9
Byanaty Polar(2) 12
Winter Garceful(3) 3
Joeseph Lomel(3) 6
Callie Haymond(4)* 5
Noah Keisser(4) 6

Lindsay Tereen(5)

Jason Lewis(5)* 2
Shelby Light(6)* 5
Murray Frenach(6) 3
Orchid(7) 11
Oregano(7) 9
Lily Wyatt(8)* 7
Peter Renix(8)* 11
Jane Skye(9) 6
Alexander Lumoon (9) 12
Layla Stanton*(10) 12
Jasper Crsten(10) 2
Katrina Edenor(11) 11
Lohan Treas(11) 5

Day 1

Layla Stanton's POV

I should be at home, enjoying lots of good food. Instead of that, I'm stuck, dying for amusement. Me and 20 others. Great. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GONG! I run to the Cornucopia when I trip over a piece of plastic. Joseph Lomel comes up with a mace. He sends the spiked ball right onto my face as I scream.

24th place-Layla Stanton, District 10

Callie Haymond

I dashed to the Cornucopia, grabbed a bag, and filled it with supplies from a crate. Orchid from District 7 throws a knife and it almost hits my head. As I look at it, she throws another one. I drop dead with a knife in my chest.

23rd place-Callie Haymond, District 4

Orchid- District 7

We trudge through the forest and we find a spot to rest. Finally, I think. Oregano (7) did not get a pack, just some plastic, a loaf of bread, and some axes. I look in my pack. A compact tent. Nuts, crackers, fruit, and meat. A couple throwing axes. We may live through this, if we can hunt and find water. We can raid the cornucopia tomorrow...


Every tribute has an automatic 1000 dollars that they can get things with. An extra kill gets $50.

Name Amount

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