76th Hunger Games

    February 4, 2014 by

    Hey, sup welcome to the 76th Hunger Games! This arena is huge! Like Country Sized! Well, alright maybe not THAT big but you get the point right? Good.


    Bow and Arrow


    Throwing Knives (3)

    Throwing Axes (3)

    Throwing Spears (3)




    Double Sided Sword

    This Arena takes is inspiration from Canadaian and American Farms and Mountains, and this one is not as cold as it looks. Tributes will be entered in on a mountain top covered in snow, and as I said this place is not too cold, and the cornocopia will have weapons inside and materials spread all around the area. There are fifty mountains blocking you from something secret... also

    known as a lake leading into a river on the south side of the mountain, warning water may contain man …

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