Hey, sup welcome to the 76th Hunger Games! This arena is huge! Like Country Sized! Well, alright maybe not THAT big but you get the point right? Good.


Bow and Arrow


Throwing Knives (3)

Throwing Axes (3)

Throwing Spears (3)




Double Sided Sword

This Arena takes is inspiration from Canadaian and American Farms and Mountains, and this one is not as cold as it looks. Tributes will be entered in on a mountain top covered in snow, and as I said this place is not too cold, and the cornocopia will have weapons inside and materials spread all around the area. There are fifty mountains blocking you from something secret... also
Apple Trees

The Apple Grove

known as a lake leading into a river on the south side of the mountain, warning water may co
Mountain river

The River Mountains

ntain man eating pirranahs and tadpoles. If you head west you find yourself in the apple grove with apple trees appleanty! Although some trees may be poinsonous, just saying. Finally if you go east you can go to the fields run amok with mutts, wovles, and pigs [insert mental image of bacon here]! Although I warn you land mines happen to be in random places... well have fun! As much fun as killing kids can be...
Lake adn Mountains of the Arena

The Lake

You can only enter up to five tributes.

District and Gender                       Name                                   Age

District One Male

District One Female               Glow Decor                               16

District Two Male

District Two Female

District Three Male

District Three Female        Karla Flake                                    16

District Four Male

District Four Female

District Five Male

Distict Five Female

District Six Male                 Zak Slaughter                                16    

District Six Female             Mimick Slaughter                           16

District Seven Male

District Seven Female       Mia Reeme                                     14

District Eight Male

District Eight Female

District Nine Male

District Nine Female

District Ten Male                  Tenzen Ass-Tray                          17

District Ten Female

District Eleven Male

District Eleven Female         Lexi Greenway                             14

District Twelve Male

District Twelve Female

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