aka Bryan

  • I live in Texas
  • My occupation is Cow
  • I am Male
  • EstupidCow

    To celebrate the oncoming arrival of spring, I have decided to make a User RP games. Now, I am not trying to steal ideas. Credit to whomever the orignal maker of these are. IF you know please comment.

    • Don't rage if you die.
    • Godmodding 3 times will result in your death to mutts
    • Please limit cursing to a minium.

    These games work similar to the others. I say if an attack misses, injures, or kills a target. I also decide if you survive traps or mutts. Examples!

    Amy: She walks through a forest. A wolf mutt pack attacks her. (I then decide if she escapes or is eaten, if the second, then I will comment below the post saying) Amy was eaten by the mutts.

    Brad: Throws an ax at Steven (I will comment below if it misses, injures, or kills steven. If option …

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