To celebrate the oncoming arrival of spring, I have decided to make a User RP games. Now, I am not trying to steal ideas. Credit to whomever the orignal maker of these are. IF you know please comment.


  • Don't rage if you die.
  • Godmodding 3 times will result in your death to mutts
  • Please limit cursing to a minium.


These games work similar to the others. I say if an attack misses, injures, or kills a target. I also decide if you survive traps or mutts. Examples!

Amy: She walks through a forest. A wolf mutt pack attacks her. (I then decide if she escapes or is eaten, if the second, then I will comment below the post saying) Amy was eaten by the mutts.

Brad: Throws an ax at Steven (I will comment below if it misses, injures, or kills steven. If option 2.) The ax hits Steven in the arm, but it is not enough to kill him.

The Fill out templates!



Appearance (optional):




Our beloved users

District Name Gender Weapon Age
1 Zach Male Bow and Arrow 16
1 Wikia C Female
2 Joan Male Throwing Ax, Net 14
2 Wikia C Female
3 Blake Male Traps, Kukri, Bolo 14
3 Chandni Female Bow and Arrow 14
4 Nick Male Maces, throwing knives 14
4 Liza Female Bow and Arrow 15
5 Eli Male Axe 13
5 Toast Female Garrote 14
6 Erlend Male Cleaver, Bowknife 15
6 Summer Female Morning star, throwing knives, sword 14
7 Kaeghan Male Throwing Axes/Knives 13
7 Wikia C Female
8 Wikia C Male
8 Andy Female Ax or throwing knives 15
9 Wikia C Male
9 Claudia Female Trident/Machete 15
10 Kyle Male Machete 14
10 Xia Female Throwing Sword 15
11 Wikia C Male
11 Wikia C Female
12 Wikia C Male
12 Wikia C Female


On the first few days it will be cold, but as time passes the arena will warm, as an effect of Winter changing to Spring. Cornucopia is on a lake that is frozen during the bloodbath but swimmable in during the warm days. There is a slum area to the south, a pine forest to the north, a lowland to the west, and a single towering peak to the east. The slum area contains shelter and some blankets.


Lol Face Meme (Image This big mutt lies in the deepest reaches of the forest, and eats any tributes walking by. If it is slain by tributes however, they are guranteed to be sponsored with a bountiful of items.

Snow Wolves mutts/Coyotes: During the winter days, it is a snow wolf but in the spring days, it is a coyote. These hunt in packs at night. (Images:


Item How Many Where at Who has one
Sword 3 Inside cornucopia Summer x1, Toast x1
Ax 3 Between cornucopia and tribute plates
Throwing Ax 7 Inside cornucopia Andy x1
Knife 2 Beside tribute plates
Dagger 4 Between cornucopia and tribute plates
Throwing Knives 9 Between cornucopia and tribute plates Summer x2, Toast x2
Bag of food and water 13 Between cornucopia and tribute plates Eli x1, Liza x1, Xia x2
Bag of shelter kit and matches 11 Between cornucopia and tribute plates Liza x1, Xia x1
Sleeping Bag 6 Between cornucopia and tribute plates Toast x1
Coat 24 Between cornucopia and tribute plates Eli x1, Xia x1
Snowshoes 48 Between cornucopia and tribute plates Liza x2, Xia x2
Bow/15 Arrows 2 Inside cornucopia Liza x2, Xia x2
Machete 1 Between cornucopia and tribute plates
Sickle 4 Between cornucopia and tribute plates
Sledgehammer 1 Inside cornucopia
Throwing Sword 1 Between cornucopia and tribute plates Xia x1
Kukri 3 Between cornucopia and tribute plates
Awl 7 Near tribute plates
Crossbow/15 Bolts 1 Inside cornucopia
Blowgun/15 Darts 3 Between cornucopia and tribute plates
Mace 2 Between cornucopia and tribute plates
Baton 1 Inside Cornucopia
Brass Knuckles 6 Between cornucopia and tribute plates
Trident 2 Inside Cornucopia
Spear 7 Between cornucopia and tribute plates


I will sponsor the people who's posts are interesting. IE long posts that keep me reading like:

Jill wonders through the forest. She sees a rabbit and chases it, trying to catch it. She throws a knife at it and misses. She finally corners the rabbit, but trips and falls off a waterfall. She lands in the water, not hitting any rocks. Lucky for her though, she killed the rabbit.

Death Chart

Placing Victim District Killer Method District During
24th Wikia C 11 Xia Throwing sword to chest 10 Bloodbath
23rd Wikia C 1 Liza Arrow to head 4 Bloodbath
22nd Wikia C 9 Andy Arm chopped off, bled out 8 Bloodbath
21st Wikia C 7 Summer Throwing knife in back 6 Bloodbath
20th Wikia C 12 Andy Beheaded with ax 8 Bloodbath
19th Wikia C 2 Summer Hit in head with knife 6 Bloodbath
18th Wikia C 11 Andy Knife in neck 8 Bloodbath
17th Wikia C 12 Summer Slit throat 6 Bloodbath
16th Wikia C 8 Lol face Meme Eaten N/A Day 1
15th Eli 5 Andy Throwing knife into head 8 Night 1
14th Blake 3 Rock Hit in head, fell to his death N/A Night 1
13th Kyle 10 Nick Mace to skull 4 Day 2
12th Nick 4 Summer Sword in back 6 Day 2
11th Joan 2 Summer Killed with sword 6 Night 2
10th Toast 5 Toast Stabbed self 5 Night 2
9th Chandni 3 Summer Hit in eyes with throwing knife 6 Day 3
8th Erlend 6 Summer Forehead slit open 6 Day 3
7th Claudia 9 Summer Stabbed in back 6 Day 3
6th Andy 8 Kaeghan Skull split 7 Day 3
5th Zach 1 Toast Stabbed during sleep, bled out 5 Day 3
4th Summer 6 Killer Cow Eaten 69 Night 3
3rd Liza 4 Herself Stabbed self with arrow 4 Night 3
2nd Xia 10 Kaeghan Mercy kill (ax to head) 7 Dawn of Day 4
Victor Kaeghan 7 N/A N/A N/a Dawn of Day 4

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