• Ethan Ames

    1st Hunger Games

    January 3, 2011 by Ethan Ames

    Well guys I know nobody really knows me yet but thats ok. I want to start my own games so just comment your tributes. As soon as I get half of my tributes I will post the arena. After all the tributes are reaped, I will post training scores. You can post up to 4 tributes per person. I'm looking for Age, District, Appearance, Strategy, and Skills.

    • Each Tribute's Sponsor will be awarded 2,000$ for their Sponsor Items.
    • Interviews will be posted in the Top 5.
    • All reserved districts must have a tribute reaped in 2 days or their name will be removed from the list

    Iroh Ragnorok is the victor of these games.

    A "Giant" Forest. Everything is 10 times larger than real life. The streams are as big as lakes to the tributes and the trees are great hiding plac…

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