Well guys I know nobody really knows me yet but thats ok. I want to start my own games so just comment your tributes. As soon as I get half of my tributes I will post the arena. After all the tributes are reaped, I will post training scores. You can post up to 4 tributes per person. I'm looking for Age, District, Appearance, Strategy, and Skills.

  • Each Tribute's Sponsor will be awarded 2,000$ for their Sponsor Items.
  • Interviews will be posted in the Top 5.
  • All reserved districts must have a tribute reaped in 2 days or their name will be removed from the list

Bulletin Board

Iroh Ragnorok is the victor of these games.


A "Giant" Forest. Everything is 10 times larger than real life. The streams are as big as lakes to the tributes and the trees are great hiding places, but a bit harder to climb. There is LOTS of edible animals such as deer, squirrels, birds, and wild dogs and the stream isn't poisoned. The animals though are bigger than big, the gamemakers gynetically enhanced the animals so they are just as big as the forest. Half of the animals are real animals and half of them are mutts designed to look like real animals. The cornucopia is in the center of the forest underneath a giant mushroom. The land is rather flat there are no mountains in the middle of the arena except for the ones that outline it to form a boundary.


District 1:

M- Fire Burner/5/ 2,000$

F- Lucy Sister/2/ 2,000$

District 2:

M- Miky Gold/9/ 2,000$

F- Micy Gold/9/ 2,000$

District 3:

M- Adonitus Veta/5/ 2,000$

F- Adaquo Anima/7/ 2,000$

District 4:

M- Finn Sorygra/6/ 2,000$

F- Nyx Ryuu/7/ 2,000$

District 5:

M- Flare Thorne/4/ 2,000$

F- Fawn Sage/3/ 2,000$

District 6:

M- Xander Carrow/5/ 2,000$

F- Gemma Revlis/4/ 2,000$

District 7:

M- Blace McRath/7/ 1,750$

F- Cascade Rosebud/8/ 2,000$

District 8:

M- Carl Carlson/4/ 2,000$

F- Carla Carlson/4/ 2,000$

District 9:

M- Iroh Ragnorok/9/ 1,600$ - Winner

F- Florence Syren/5/ 1,900$

District 10:

M- Paul Dynamite/5/ 2,000$

F- Holly Honey/5/ 2,000$

District 11:

M- Ash Stone/6/ 2,000$

F- Fern Reeds/6/ 2,000$

District 12:

M- Jay Mou/4/ 2,000$

F- Ali Gupi/7/ 2,000$

Family Interviews

District 2 - Micy's parents and sister showed up. Her dad said you better win or we will be disgraced forever. His mom and sister just cried.

District 5 - Fawn's brother showed up crying. He said Fawn, I know its really hard to watch and kill so many people. I know how hard it is on you, I love you, please come back.

District 6 - Nobody showed up but the camera showed the peacekeepers killing her black wolf.

District 7 - Blace's dad showed up and said if Blace didn't come back he was going to kill Blace's little sister.

District 9 - No one showed up. There was no news for him.

Note for Tribute-50$


Sleeping Bag-100$



Poison to Kill Others- 50$

Poison Antidote-150$


Sword- 150$

Spear- 150$

Bow and Arrows- 150$

Trident- 300$

Axe- 250$


Net- 50$

Food Pack (Filled with everything you would get at a feast)- 500$


Carla Carlson - Stabbed in the neck with a knife by Lucy Sister

Flare Thorne - Decapitated by Iroh Ragnorok

Adaquo Anima - Took an arrow to the head by Blace McRath

Ash Stone - Blew up by a bomb Fire Burner threw

Adonitus Veta - Throat was slit by Cascade Rosebud

Cascade Rosebud - Took 3 knives, that Jay threw, to the skull

Paul Dynamite - Trampled by a deer in a stampede

Lucy Sister - Bombarded with Xander and Gemma's arrows

Finn Sorygra - Bombarded with Xander and Gemma's arrows

Ali Gupi - Died from toxic fog with Jay

Jay Mou - Died from toxic fog with Ali

Fern Reeds - Sliced in half by Fawn while she was sleepwalking

Holly Honey - Impaled on Cascade's altered fingernails

Carl Carlson - Stomped in the heart by Fawn

Fire Burner - Head ripped off by Iroh

Nyx Sorygra - Neck accidently stepped on by Xander

Xander Carrow - Neck broken by Florence

Florence Syren - Neck slit by Gemma

Miky Gold - Bled to death by a bite in the neck from Fawn

Gemma Revlis - Took an arrow to the head from Fawn

Micy Gold - Poisoned by Fawn

Fawn Sage - Face melted by Blace's acid water

Blace McRath - Brutally injured by Iroh but killed himself by stabbing two knife's into his temples

Day 1- Bloodbath

The tributes are all being raised on their platforms. Their eyes and heads instantly bolt upwards to gather in the arena. Its unlike anything they have seen, its enormous! Claudius Templesmith's voice booms through the sky, "Let the 1st Hunger Games.... BEGIN!" Iroh, Miky and Micy instantly dash to the cornucopia while the others are still dazed by the arena. The rest of the tributes start their dash to the cornucopia just as Miky and Micy were leaving, "Allies for now?" Miky asked Micy. She answered with a quick nod before sprinting into the forest with him. Carl and Carla Carlson reached the cornucopia first they were scavenging through the stuff and they didn't notice that the other tributes were finally there. One canon went off before Carla could even turn around. Carl sprinted off into the forest thinking, "Goodbye Sister." The death canon booms. Iroh was hiding behind the cornucopia waiting for anyone to come closer, he has a sword. He hears a noise to his left and slices his blade right through it. Flare Thorne falls to the ground, decapitated. Another canon. Iroh ran into the forest once he saw the careers forming. The careers consisted of Fire, Lucy, Finn, Nyx, Blace, Cascade, Ash and Fern. The careers form a circle around the cornucopia and start shooting arrows at anyone else they see. Adaquo dropped a water pack on the edge of the forest and went to pick it up when Blace had seen her. The last thing she saw was Blace's face twist up in despise. A canon booms. That wasn't the only thing happening in the clearing. Ash and Fern ran to the forest away from the careers because they knew they would be killed there. As they were running, Fire threw a burning bomb he made at Ash. It blew up on contact. Sending limbs flying. His canon went off. Cascade had been chasing down Adonitus and Fawn. Cascade jumped and landed on Adonitus' back snapping his backbone, paralyzing him. Then she slit his throat, his canon went off. Cascade had almost caught up with Fawn when Ali and Jay came bursting through the tree line. Jay threw 5 knifes at Cascade, three of them lodging in her skull. Jay quickly grabbed Fawn's hand and ran into the forest with Ali as Cascade's canon boomed. The careers set out into the forest to track down Miky and Micy. Every other tribute alive has hidden somewhere in the forest.

Day 1- Afternoon

The tributes are on the run. All of them. I, the Gamemaker, have had the giant animals stampede through the forest away from an ever-growing wildfire. Right when the stampede first started Ali, Fawn, and Jay stopped. Ali went to work, digging in the ground and a little while after she had a hole for them to hide in. One of the other tributes wasn't so lucky. Paul was poking around Cascade's body looking for hidden weapons when he heard the stampede. He started to run but the colossal deer caught up to him trampling him to bits. The rest of the tributes managed to get away, and are resting. Xander and Gemma were hunting where Gemma said she heard something. They looked to their left and they saw them, the Careers, they got down as quick as they could and prepared to ambush. They had their weapons loaded when they heard another noise, Carl Carlson. He jumped out of the trees above Xander and Gemma and started to attack the Careers. He went for Lucy first to avenge his sister. Xander watched as Carl was about to die. Slowly Xander stood up and started shooting arrows into the midst of the fight. Gemma joined him slowly after. They saw bodies drop but they didn't stop shooting until they saw Carl retreating. He came running toward Xander and Gemma motioning them to follow him. Gemma looked back to see Lucy and Finn, arrows shot into everywhere in their bodies. Two canons went off. Florence was there the whole time, watching from the trees. Parachutes descended from the sky, one landed by Florence, it was a knife and another landed by Iroh, it was another sword.

Day 2

Everyone wakes up at the sound of Claudius Templesmith's voice. "Tributes, there will be a feast exactly two days from today. We will have food water and even showers available for use. Also, there is one condition, nobody can kill eachother while at this feast or we will immediately kill you. Thank you." The speech is interrupted when a parachute lands near Blace. "It's an axe!" He says in surprise and hides a grin. Revenge is coming. "Ok kids," Blace says, "Today is the day we find Miky and Micy." He says as he gets up and packs his things. The careers set out into the forest, but little did they know that Miky and Micy had just heard the careers whole conversation, they started to follow the careers. Blace and the crew had stopped at one of the giant streams to take a break when it happened, the branch in the tree that Miky was standing on cracked and he fell to the ground. Everyone had their weapons up in a second. "We don't want trouble, in fact we have a question." He said to Micy who was perched on a tree branch with her bow loaded. "We would like to uh, form an alliance. We know how good you both are with weapons and we want to know if you both will consider joining the careers..." He trailed off. Micy jumped off the branch and landed about two inches from Blace. "Took you long enough! Now let's go there is a tribute about a mile into the forest from here. She is camping out." Micy explained. "I think her name is Holly? She's is from District 10 right? Well I have a plan..." She said and they all huddled up. The careers were off, running through the forest now. They all knew the plan and hoped to watch it unfold because, it was definately a good one that will get them noticed by the capitol. They cornered in on Holly, she was camouflaged with the grass around her and seemed to be eating. Blace was on the ground with an axe. Miky and Micy, both in the same tree had bow and arrows loaded. Both Nyx and Fire had a sword and knife each. The careers didn't know how dangerous this girl was but they knew they could easily take her out. Blace gave the signal to attack and they jumped into the clearing that Holly was hiding in, only to find more trouble. To their left their was movement on the ground and in the trees. Before they knew it Holly was getting to her feet and starting to run away, she saw what was in the trees and was scared. Then it happened, Finn, Lucy, and Cascade jumped from the trees. Following them was Carla, Flare, Adaquo, Ash Adonitus, and Paul. Blace's face went white, just as all the other career's faces did. Blace muttered, "How the..." Before a knife was thrown right to the left of his head. "RUN!" He exclaimed and the careers sprinted as fast as they could with the band of, suposively dead tributes, right on their tails. The dead tributes split into 3 groups and stopped chasing the tributes. The day ending with no deaths.

Day 3

"Ali, where did you put the arrows?" Fawn asked while wandering around their camp. "They are in a hole under the tree next to the bush with the rough berries." She replied. Fawn went to get them when she smelt something. She knew the smell but she didn't know from where. She looked behind the tree and she saw it. There was a thick fog that was creeping towards their camp. She squeeled and went over in her head, should she warn them and help them get away? Or should she say she's going hunting and let them die alone. She chose choice number one. "ALI, JAY, WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE NOWWW!" She yelled. They were both wondering why as she grabbed all their stuff. "I know this gas! The capitol used it to kill my neighbors! If you walk into it or even breath it, it melts your skin all the way to the bone!" She replied to their questions. They all started running in the opposite direction, they came to a stream that trapped them, they saw the fog coming in over the stream too. "Come on! We need to follow the stream either left or right to escape this fog!" Fawn yelled. They decided to go left. They ran a couple hundred yards when they saw the fog coming at them on all sides again. They knew someone was about to die. "Get in the water!" Fawn ordered Jay and Ali. "And don't come out till I tell you too!" Jay approached Fawn. "Fawn, I want to do everything to protect Ali, is there any way we can disperse the fog? To make it go away?" He asked. "You would have to breath it in." Fawn replied with a grim look on her face. "I understand what you want to do and I will get Ali and keep her safe." Fawn said with tears starting to come out. Fawn ran to Ali and put her hand on her shoulder. "Ali I love you!" Jay said and Ali replied, "I love you too Jay...what's happening?" Ali pulled her into the water as the fog started coming towards them. Jay ran into the fog and took the deepest breaths he could take. Ali and Fawn could hear his screams, Ali was starting to sob, she ascended from the water and said, "If my love dies, I shall die with him so we may live forever in death." She ran into the fog and held hands with Jay as Fawn watched from the water. They both took a couple more deep breaths before falling to the ground, dead. The fog went away just as their life did, too fast. Ali came out of the water and started crying she looked at their bodies. And couldn't resist sobbing. They looked so perfect together, she promised herself just then, that she WOULD win these games. She grabbed their weapons and food and head off to the cornucopia for the feast, not looking back. That night the faces of her friends and allies went up in the sky, she turned away. Everyone is at the cornucopia the night before the feast.

Day 4

"Good morning everyone, today is the day of the feast," Cladius' voice booms. "Let the feast begin." All the tributes make their way into the cornucopia's clearing. They make it to the middle and they start to notice people standing in the forest line. Closer observation shows the dead tributes standing there with maces and bows. The tributes in the clearing know how they will die if they decide to kill anyone. Everyone starts to walk around taking in their choices. They can wither eat, take a shower, or take a nap in provided beds. Each of the tributes kind of divide themselves up. Fawn and a couple people slept while the careers took over the dining table. Most of the others took showers. Fawn was dreaming about how Ali and Jay died when she did it. She didn't know she did. She was sleep walking. It all happened so suddenly. She walked over to the showers and stopped next to the one with Fern in it. Fawn drew her sword from its holder and swung it into the middle of the shower. Everyone heard a sickening splat and turned to the showers. Fern was on the shower floor, her body cut completely in half. "I DIDN'T MEAN TOO! OH MY GOD! I DIDN'T MEAN TOO!" Fawn sobbed and fell to her knees crying. The others didn't care about alliances now. They cared about all of them getting out alive. The dead tributes were closing in now, Blace started swiping his sword at Cascade and everyone else started fighting someone. A lot of the dead tributes fell to the ground but Cascade had made her way bast Blace, she ran towards Fawn and readied her hands. Her hands had been altered to have long claws, she was going to stab Fawn in the heart. "NO!" Holly yelled and jumped in front of Fawn. "You can't kill her!" But it was too late. Cascade had impaled Holly on her claws. Fawn backed away. Holly's last words were, "You win these games, you have a life to go back to, I don't. My family hates me." And she died just like that. Fawn ran into the forest as Fire blew up Cascade's body. All the tributes went back into their groups and ran into the forest, needing a break from death. Holly's picture showed up in the sky.

Day 5

All the tributes are a little shaken from the recent feast. Most of the tributes are in hiding but they soon won't be. Hovercrafts are descending from the perimeter of the arena and are making their way to the cornucopia taking everything from the tributes. Fawn was in her tree when a hovercraft stopped in front of the tree, she tried to run but it took every last one of her weapons. And it forced her towards the cornucopia. The same happened to all the tributes, Iroh was washing his face when his stuff was taken, he fled to the cornucopia. Florence was walking when it happened to her. She tried her best to run but it took her stuff as soon as she reached the cornucopia. Once all the tributes were there they noticed a big glass container coming down cutting them off from leaving the cornucopia clearing. Then Claudius Templesmith's voice sounded, "Morning tributes. I hope my hovercrafts have scared you enough. Haha. Well I have a little, task for all of you. You WILL NOT leave this tank until five people die. If there are not five people dead by the end of this day, we will flood this whole container to the top and drown you all. If the deaths do occur, the remaining six will get their weapons back. Thank you bye." His voice went quiet. And everyone went crazy. Miky and Micy retreated to the edge of the container while Blace, Fire, and Nyx are chasing people to kill. Fawn was chasing Gemma when she saw Carl run towards her. She changed course and tackled him to the ground and punched him in the throat and stomped his heart just to finish the job. A canon sounded. Gemma and Xander went after Fawn but the careers stopped them and started chasing them. Iroh and Florence were just waiting to kill some careers and now was the perfect chance. Iroh ran towards Fire and Florence ran to Nyx, they started fighting hand-to-hand. Iroh easily overtook Fire by tripping him and breaking both of his legs so he couldn't escape. He then twisted his head off. Canon sounds. Florence was having trouble on the other hand. Nyx had her in a headlock and was just about to break her neck when Iroh kicked Nyx in the stomach and knocker her out.Iroh and Florence ran away. Xander and Gemma were still being chased by Blace and they weren't watching where they were running. Xander trampled over Nyx stomping on her neck on accident, instantly killing her. Her canon goes off just as Blace catches Gemma, Xander yells, "GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!" And he kicks Blace in the balls making him curl up into a ball. Florence met Xander with a punch in the gut, a kick in the balls, and broke his neck. His canon went off. Gemma came after Florence hoping to get revenge. Gemma threw a rock at Florence's head causing her to fall, Gemma slit Florence's neck with another rock, there goes her canon. Fawn was running when she was cornered by Miky and Micy. Miky said, "I'm really sorry but we must do this, we have to win these games!" Micy grabbed Fawn and restrained her. Miky grabbed for Fawn's neck when she got looses and bit into Miky's neck really deep and tore out a chunk. She tore his jugular vein, he was not going to survive, his canon went off. Everybody was sobbing and on their knees. Claudius' voice filled the glass container. "I see you have completed my task young ones, so I have awarded you each with a pack of food, a bow and arrow and a trident. The items should appear next to you soon," He said as the glass dome rose, "Grab those items and get ready. There is a mutt coming after ya'll and it's not happy. Hint Hint, the mutt is a combination of everyone you just killed. Good luck. Bye." And his voice was gone but all the remaining tributes freaked out as they saw the monster coming out of them, it seemed to have a body part of every tribute they just killed, and it was coming at!

Day 6

Iroh's running was stopped by a parachute falling from the sky. A spear was attached along with a secret note from his district. MAKE SURE YOU KILL EVERYONE IROH, it said in all caps. Iroh changed then, it was like he just realized that he had to kill people to win. He sprinted further into the forest looking for the other tributes. The day before, the capitol had sent a giant mutt of six dead tributes after the remaining tributes. Blace had teamed up with Micy yo just get out of there. Fawn had ran into the forest and climbed a tree, waiting to ambush the mutt. Gemma is crying inside of a tree, she and Xander had gotten really close. The mutt was coming near Gemma and Fawn. Gemma started lashing out at the mutt, stabbing it with her trident. She was doing pretty well but she didn't see Fawn until it was too late, "I'm sorry but, I'm GOING to win these games." Fawn said with a smile. Then she planted an arrow deep into Gemma's head. Her canon went off and Fawn used that distraction to plant a couple poison arrows into the mutt's body and ran off. Fawn had a plan, she tracked Blace and Micy and waited for Blace to leave Micy alone and she did it. Fawn cut herself in the stomach and she was bleeding bad. "HELP! HELP! I NEED HELP!" Fawn yelled. Micy came running towards the noise and saw Fawn in a pretty rough shape. Micy quickly brought her to her camp and stitched her up. "Thank you oh my gosh thank you so much! That mutt got me an cut me open. It hurt so bad!" Fawn explained. "The least I can do for you helping me is give you some of my food." Fawn said while going through her pack. Fawn grabbed some berries and a piece of cake and gave them to Micy. Fawn said she had to go, she forgot her bow and arrow in the forest and Micy nodded and ate some berries. As soon as Fawn reached the forest line she heard gasping and gagging, Fawn continued on and Micy's canon went off. Blace heard the canon and ran to he and Micy's camp to find Micy dead with berries in her hands. Just two more to go, Blace thought to himself. He set out into the forest along with everyone now when they heard Claudius' voice ring out once more. "Hello tributes and good job for making it this far, we have supplied you well so we know you do not need and supplies. But we need more entertainment, So we are just warning you that we have divided the arena into six land pieces. Each of the land pieces has a different mystery or challenge. Every two hours we will put a glass dome in the arena, separating the six pieces while you deal with the challenge. Those two hours!" And the arena went quiet. All the tributes looked up and saw a glass dome closing on them, wondering what would become of them in the first two hours. Fawn was trapped in piece 4, Iroh was in piece 5 and Blace was in piece 1. The tributes readied themselves for the fight of their lives.

Day 7

The tributes all managed to fight off their challenge in the previous night Blace received water, a medical kit, another axe, bow and arrows and a knife. He also received a note saying to use his water wisely. Iroh's challenge was to escape a flood that was filling up to the top of his land piece. Fawn's was to escape a bunch of jungle cats. Blace's was to escape a fire. Claudius' voice came out of the blue, "I am happy to see you have all made it through the night. I have decided to make the arena smaller. I will shrink the arena to where it is one hundred times smaller than real life. Good luck hiding." The glass domes rose and we could all see eachother and the arena boundaries. We were all about fifty feet apart. "Let the games begin!" Fawn yelled and rushed at Blace. He fought her to the ground giving her small injuries to the arms and legs with his knife. While on top of her he took out his water and threw it on her face, turns out it was acid and it ate away her face, her canon booms. Blace turned to Iroh sobbing and said, "I have to win." And they charged at each other. Iroh took out his sword and cut Blace's right arm off, it started gushing blood. Blace got revenge for that and chopped Iroh's arm off too. Blace was desperately loosing so he took out his medical kit and slammed it against Iroh's head, knocking him out cold, or so he thought. Blace leaned down to make sure Iroh was really unconsious when it happened. Iroh grabbed Blace's axe and chopped desperately at Blace. He cut Blace's other arm off and Blace's legs. It was over for Blace he knew it was, so he took two knifes, looked at Iroh and said, "Good luck." Blace smiled at Iroh and then plunged both of the knifes into his temples, killing himself on impact, the last canon sounded. Iroh looked around wondering what was going to happen. Claudius' voice boomed, "Congratulations Iroh Ragnorok of District 9, you have won the 1st Hunger Games. We are sending a hovercraft to pick you up at this very moment to return you to your district." Iroh looked to the sky and saw the ladder, he grabbed it and was instantly locked on he was ascended into the sky remembering every death, every alliance, and every person he saw in the games. These games definately changed his life forever.

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