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    March 7, 2014 by EverAfterHighFreak

    Judging by the title, this you can automatically probably tell is me leaving.. I think i've noticed a few others on this wikia are leaving, but yea... I'm another one of them.

    I havn't been here long, and I joined not exactly knowing what to expect. I was soon (Of course) stalked by my sister, and we both ended up on this wikia, and making really good friends. But of course, nothing ever lasts.

    I'm in year 10, and even now, thought its only the start of my senior year, i've been blooded with homework... And I can't get on this wikia much any more. Every time I see my sister with her music up bull sh#! loud, I just feel jelous that I don't have the time.. So... Bye...

    I don't want to list people to hurt their feelings. Of course, I have tribut…

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  • EverAfterHighFreak

    President Thomus De Necleer Thorn stands straight and proud at the podium as he looks over all the capitol, her gives them a chilling smile and a wave, before taking a breath and starting the speech "Fellow citizens, hello, good day, and maybe, farewell, today is the starting, of our annual event, the event every single one of you has been waiting for, it is time, for the 567th.... HUNGER GAMES!"


    1. Do not have a fit or fuss if your tribute dies, this is the Hunger Games, and there WILL be killing.

    2.There will be violence, so, don't come here if you thinks its gonna be all "la di da we won't kill anyone is safe peace", because, it won't be.

    3. No swearing, trolling, or fighting over so…

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