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  • Everdeen

    The Dragon Games

    January 24, 2012 by Everdeen

    It's the year of the Dragon so why not?! (Oh sheez it's not going to be the year of the dragon by the time I finish these)

    Each tribute with have to pair up with their District partner in the beginning. They will then have to tame their own dragon. The dragons will be their only weapons. I'll give more info later.

    There are 12 different types of dragons:


    Night vision Can vanish in a dark cloud

    Can make you blind if you stare into its eyes!


    Shoots lightning bolts

    Can fly faster and higher than most dragons




    Makes bubble shields

    Very graceful

    Easy to tame


    Only dragon that can swim

    Shoots water cannons Makes tidal waves


    Can withstand the cold

    When it bites you, you freeze


    Impales rocks at you

    Sharp w…

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  • Everdeen

    The Valentines Games

    January 20, 2012 by Everdeen

    ♥ The tributes will be scored on their chemistry instead of training scores

    ♥ Each couple will have their own lockets that will match eachother, but will be different from the other tributes. If they loose it, they die!

    ♥ I will not write the interviews or reapings

    ♥ The arena will have different sections:

    Section 1:

    • Red roses
    • Chocolate strawberry bushes
    • Chocolate fountians
    • The sky will be pink
    • Cupid mutts

    Section 2:

    • Golden sand
    • Will be almost all shallow water
    • It will be sunset all the time
    • Mermaid mutts (sirens)
    • Seashells, clams, fish

    Section 3:

    • Always a starry night
    • Glowing flowers
    • Ponds
    • Music playing
    • Fountians
    • Fairy mutts
    • Berries

    District/Gender Name Age Score Place User
    1 Male Ellacey Brown 18 TBA TBA QuinnQuinn
    1 Female Oparnler Parker 18 TBA TBA QuinnQuinn
    2 Male …

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  • Everdeen

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  • Everdeen


    December 20, 2011 by Everdeen

    You ccan claim these now! (Only if your name is on it though) Sorry I took so long, and I will make the others later.

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  • Everdeen

    Character - User

    December 20, 2011 by Everdeen

    I have an idea! Everyone can vote on who they think is the most like a Hunger Games character! Like: I think_____ is alot like _____ in The Hunger Games Series! (You can't vote for yourself though) Oh, and you can nominate a girl that you think is like a boy character, vice versa. You are only allowed to vote 1 user per character, but you are allowed to vote one user for several characters. Users with the most votes for a certain character get a userbox. Also, I might make a games or something with these users! :D

    Everdeen - 5 votes

    Clove1001 - 1 vote

    Anna-Athena - 1 vote

    LimaHeights - 1 vote

    Nate777 - 4 votes

    Jabberjay - 2 votes

    Rockman - 3 votes

    Everdeen - 1 vote

    Rueflower - 5 votes

    Clove1001 - 2 votes

    Mopping - 6 votes

    Bazett - 1 vote

    ~ilovepeeta~ -…

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