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District Boy Training Score # of Sponsors So Far Place Girl Training Score # of Sponsors So Far Place User
1 Carpen Shim 10 2 ... Shimmer Goldstone 11 18 16th Rueflower
2 Oparnler Parker 7 10 ... Ellacey 7 11 ... QuinnQuinn
3 Joe Grenwism 5 15 15th Anna Grenwism 6 10 14th Rockman117
4 Adrian Christenson 1 7 24th Evelyn Dreamcatcher 7 16 ... Anna-athena
5 Alec Powers 3 3 22nd Addie Buzz 8 7 13th Necterine411
6 Akim Yakovliv 11 6 20th Linda Pierre 10 5 17th Foxface911
7 Canun Stream 10 2 23rd

Revelynn Tinder

5(but actually deserves an 11) 9 ... Clove1001
8 Hades Bringer 8 5 ... Amanda Hills 7 11 21st Mopping
9 River Rhodes 7 15 18th Sutton Yates 5 2 19th Wolverine1717
10 Blue Sky 6 10 ... Holly Honey 9 22 ... Moviepopcorn123
11 Raven (Archer) Frost 11 13 ... Ella Simmer 8 11 ... Firecatcher3
12 Venom Strike 11 14 ... Azura Mellark 11 15 ... Nate777

Crossed out = eliminated

Bolded = victor


District 1

Carpen's P.O.V.:

Today's the the of the reaping, and I can't to see which loser gets picked this year. :) If they don't pick me I'm going to volunteer anyways. I'm sure to win, I'm a natural born killing machine! Whoever gets in my way is a goner... So I enter the courtyard with tons of worried faces and think: "Ya! you better be scared if gonna be fighting me!" And I wait for them to call the girls name. It's that avox girl who was just released a little while ago, she's all showing off and lifting her diamond earings as she walks up the platform (which she thinks is some stage or something)... Then I hear my name. Guess I'm gonna have to kill her, it's a shame that such a pretty face is going in to this. Maybe I'll ally with her first though, she seems like a good fighter. But when the time comes... She's going down with the rest of em... :)

District 2:

Ellacey's P.O.V.:

I am pried off of Oparnler after we reach the courtyard, because it is required that girls are on one side and boys on the other. I hold on to my necklace tightly and hope I don't get picked this year. "Oh please oh please oh please!" I think. I shiver and start tearing at my hair. Oparnler stares at me from afar with an extremely worried look, "Oh please don't do that!" I think. My friends start patting my back and whispering: "Everything is going to be fine!" But I have a feeling it isn't...

What seems like hours later, the capital citizen starts greeting everyone and is now picking the names... "Ladies first!" She squeals. She reaches in to the bowl, lifts a peice of paper out, and verrrryyy slowly opens it. I can hear my heartbeat as loud as a thunderstorm, beating a million times a minute, and then I go frozen... because I hear my name.

I start crying as I walk... tumble to the platform, saying sorry to everyone I accidently push. And I hear Oparnler shout: "I volunteer for the the boy's position!" and he rushes up to hold me in his arms. I tell him he shouldn't have done that, volunteer, I am mad, sad, and kind of greatful and the same time though, because if he wasn't there for me on the first day... no, the train ride, I would die.

District 5:

Addie's P.O.V.:

Finally the day has come! The day I will begin the biggest adrenaline rush ever! The Hunger Games... DUN DUN DUNNNNN! As soon as they announce they will be drawing names I jump on the platform, pushing the peacekeepers on my way, and yell: "I volunteer!!!" with a big grin on my face. People stare at me like I'm crazy, which I am. :D Anyways, after they settled me down (which took quite a while) they call out the boy's name. A wimpy little kid's stunned face shows up on the screen and he doesn't budge, he's as stiff as a log. The peacekeepers are on their way to drag him up, but instead I bolt down the stage, throw him over my shoulder and prop him on the platform. The peacekeepers tried to stop me but I was too fast.. haha suckersss... I can totally take this guy down. He's first on my list.

District 6:

Akim's P.O.V.:

This is the worst possible thing that could ever happen... First the love of my life is picked in the reaping, and now me. I hate what these Games have done to my mom, and now I will be living them. What am I going to do? Win, and relive the awful things that are to happen? Die, and make the pain worse for my mother? What about Linda? I never even told her I loved her... this is just... horrible...

District 12:

Azura's P.O.V.:

My mom helps me into the dress she wore to her last reaping, and then pins the famous mockingjay pin over my heart. She has a blank look on her face, because she's good at hiding her emotions. I try to do the same, I hate making others feel bad, but instead my tears pour on my dad's shirt as we hug. "Don't worry" I tell myself, "I'm going to be fine, my name's only been in there a few times... but my aunt was picked, and she was only in their once... no, I'm gonna be fine."

Mom and dad head off early, because they are the mentors. I'm so glad they will be with me on the train if I get picked. And an hour later it's time for me and my brother to go. Effie is now greeting us all, but she no longer has that exitment in her voice. She is great friends with my parents, and when she draws the girls name, she shakes her head with a sad look on her face and yells: " Azura Mellark!? Please come up!..." So I shake Uncle--- Mr. Abernathy, and Mr. and Mrs. Mellark's hands, look into their eyes, and see tears building up.

Chariot Rides

District 1:

Shimmer's P.O.V.:
Shimmer's Outfit

Shimmer's Outfit

I am looking at my reflection in our glass chariot and think: "I look G-OR-G-OUS!!" What I see in the reflection is a goddess, a goddess with a shimmering blue knee length dress, under a silky white robe with saphire blue accents. My signiture chandelier diamond earings, saphire rhinestones in my luscious let down hair, and my favorite part, the knee high, high heeled, diamond encrusted boots. The guy beside me, whatever his name is, is practically invisible, as I am stealling the crowd away with my waving and blowing kisses. Then I think to myself: "Maybe I shouldn't bring all this attention to me if I don't want to be a target." ...Too late, because the guy is staring at me menacingly.

District 2:

Oparnler's P.O.V.:

Our outfits don't match us at all, but our stylist wants us to look fierce. I am wearing a black body armour suit with red accents and it's actually quite confortable. Ellacey looks totally different, but really good, black boots that go above her knees, white skinny jeans, black fingerless gloves, a black tank top with a black waist length leather jacket, silver curved knife earings, and a pony tail with a braided crown.

District 4:

Evelyn's P.O.V.:

I am in a blue and green scaley mermaid dress, with a see-through coral pink shawl, gold belt, black high heels, and too make it even more mermaid-like, starfish earings, and a shell hair clip. It sounds tackier than it looks, but I actually love it! I bet, I mean, I KNOW everyone is floored by my presence right now. :) I'm like a Siren, beautiful, yet extremely dangerous.

District 10

Blue's P.O.V:
Holly's Outfit

Holly's Outfit

Holly is crying... She loves animals and she has to wear cow's skin... a red top, denim mini skirt, and leather boots. She's starring at the boots with her wide watery eyes, and shoulders drooped. I've seen her trap animals before, but I guess she really likes cows... I guess. Despite the fact that she is crying, which is usually annoying, she is just adorable! This is great, she can steal all the attention away from me. :) But... I can't have her cry, I hate to see people sad. So I ask her to ally with me and she looks up with that, aw! Sweet little face of hers and hugs me. So much for staying away from attention.

District 11:

Ella's P.O.V.:
Ella's Dress

Ella's Dress

I was crying hestarically about losing my friends and family, until my stylist Layla, who is like the older sister I never had, so conforting and kind, showed me the butterfly dress I was going to be wearing. It is a knee length, A-line, pinky purple dress, with silver glitter sprayed all over. To complete the look, I have tiny little butterflies placed in my curly let down hair, a butterfly pendant on a silver lace, and the most beautiful violet butterfly wings! When I get in to the chariot and ride out into the crowd, I feel so cute and pretty! I do my friendship sign, as I know my friends are watching, and I feel so happy. :)


District 3:

Joe's P.O.V.:

Anna is about to exit the stage and I smile, she looked so happy talking about how much she loves technology and that she thinks I'm the best brother anyone could ever have. So when it's my turn, I pass Anna as I walk up the stage and hug her. "Aww how nice!" Says Ceaser Flickerman. I shake his hand and he tells me to take a seat. "Now, Joe, Anna already introduced you, that's all she talked about! I don't know what to ask you! :D Oh, I know! How's it like at home? You and Anna seem to be very close." "Well," I start. "My parents aren't reallly home that much, and we spend all our time together. Oh, and I got to say I'm proud of Anna for not yapping away about herself." I joke. "Oh really?" Says Ceaser. "I think she is very greatful that you volunteered to protect her." "Ya, well, there always has to be a reason." I joke again.

"Well that's all the time we have Joe, it was nice meeting you!"

"Ya, you too." I exit the stage and Anna shakes her head at me with a smile.

District 7:

Revelynn's P.O.V.:

I am a little startled with all the people around me making lots of noice. The stage is big and I feel vulnerable, but when the interviewer Ceaser Flickerman greets me, I feel much better. He is so friendly, and I don't feel as shy when I'm around him. He asks me a few questions because he knows that I'm a little scared. First he asks about my volunteering, and why I did it. "I just couldn't let that little girl get hurt when I could of done something about it". I answer. "I see, but what about you? You're only 13, that's very young." He says. I try to act as weak as possible so I can trick the other tributes to go easy on me. "Ya, well..." I fake cry. "I'm really scared! But what's done is done..." Ceaser has a concerned face and pats me on the back. "That was a brave thing you did, I know her and her parents must be very greatful of you." My buzzer goes off, and in my head I'm thinking: "I think I fooled em... :) I plan on winning this thing no matter what it takes!"

District 8:

Hades' P.O.V.:

I dread going up on that stage... What's the point of this? Make the tributes feel even more homesick? Tease them with questions like: "How's your life at home?" (Well your not going back!), "You look so beautiful!" (Uh... Not when your dead!) But I suck it up, shake Mr. Flickerman's hand, and plop right into the chair. He senses that I don't feel like talking and just asks me one question: "What is one thing you want to say to the Capitol?" I can't think of anything, and just blurt out: "Those stinkin mutts are creepy!!!" Wow, that was random...

District 9:

Sutton's P.O.V.:

"Another sad tale of two star-crossed lovers..." Sighs Ceaser shaking his head. I feel underestimated and angry. "No, what's sad is that you killed my sister! And River and I will surely make it out of these horrible games!!!" Wow, that came out of my mouth? "Ok, ok! Sorry... um, so, how did you cope with the death of your sister, so sorry about that... :(" Says Ceaser. I suddenly have a happy feeling rise up inside of me and I forget what I just blurted out. I doze into a daydream... "River!.... He's the answer! :) He makes all my anger go away, and replaces it with sunshine and rainbows! =)" ...................Then the buzzer goes off and interrups my happy time. =(

District 12:

Azura's P.O.V.:

I am wearing almost the same outfit my mother wore to her first interview, and I hate it. Why are they making me relive this? "Oh how beautiful you look Azura! A spitting image of both your mother and father!" Says Caesar. I cover my bitterness because I want sponsors. "Oh why thank-you Caesar! It IS very pretty!"

"So, Azura, such a pretty name! How do you feel about your training score? An 11! Just like your mother! My, my, this brings back memories!"

Why is he acting so weird? I think to myself, but play along. "Oh well you know, with my mother training me archery. :)"

"Do you feel pressured to win this thing? Having 2 Victor parents?"

"Why, everybody is being pressured to win! It's life and death!" I explain, and then I realize: Wow this guy has had A LOT of plastic surgery, and you can tell. I feel sorry for him, having to interview all these people who are going to be dead in a matter of time for so many years… I guess why that is why he is so happy to talk to me.

The Arena

Tributes first have to swim under or climb around the wall to get past the water fall, which is the entrance to the arena. Tributes have half an hour to get out of the waterfall, after that time is up, the tributes still in there will be trapped and drowned. The arena is very enchanting, yes! An enchanting forest! With gazebos, swings, bridges, benches, and lots of flowers, vines, and streams! But some of these trees are mutts and can attack you! There are animals too, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, bluebirds, and those cute little things. :) But there are also swans and unicorns, these are the ones that bite! The cornucopia is a few feet away after tributes exit the waterfall area.

The Games Day One: The Waterfall

Revelynn's P.O.V:

"Holy..." is the first thing that comes out of my mouth as soon as I can see the arena. Water. I hate water, and a huge body of water is what keeps me from escaping this crammed space with all the tributes.

"You will have exactly half an hour to get to the rest of the arena, behind the waterfall. If you fail... you will be trapped. And drowned."

This time I swear. "Holy sh**." I cover my mouth. I guess I'm going to be climbing the rocky ledge around the perimeter to get out. This will be hard, since everyone will want to do the same, and there will be pushing, and fighting to get out first... very dangerous. So is swimming across. You will have to be a very good swimmer to make it, and everyone will try and drown you... but there is no other choice, so I position myself to get ready and climb the wall. 10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... BOOM!!! I dart. Grab on to what ever I can for support and start climbing, shoving people off as I go.

Evelyn's P.O.V.:

Of course I decided to swim to the waterfall! If I didn't, that would be a disgrace to all of District 4! And besides, I am an exellent swimmer. So I dive in the water absolutly beautifully! And start swimming like a swan. Speaking of swans, that guy from district 7, is swimming like mad trying to get away from one. The swan is nipping away at him and just as he is only about a few feet from the waterfall, it does it. Nips him right in the butt! He swears bloody murder, swatting at the swan, but the swan flies off behind the waterfall, and he freezes. I mean literally freezes. Ice.

Now I am panicking, because there are more swans! ...and wait...OMG! One is right behind me! Being the great swimmer that I am, I quickly lose that little twit. And to my pleasure, I hear the sound of freezing: "Crack, crack, crack!" Dead. I look behind me just as I am reaching the waterfall and see poor... um... who is that? I think it's the District 5 boy. Poor district 5 boy... buh-bye!

Addie's P.O.V.:

"Hey!!!" I scream to the swan. "That was MY kill!!! And YOUR gonna pay!!!" I jump in the water, which is cold from all these icecube bodies (YES!), and land right on top of that huge fat old mutt swan, pull out its feathers and ring its neck! "Take that you!" The swan is ferious. It tries to bite me, but I quickly close its beak shut. I am very disappointed because I don't have a weapon to kill it, and if I let go, it will surely bite me. So I dunk it under the water... Some careers see this and say: "Hey, your strong and daring. Wanna join our pack?" I think for a bit. Ya, this way it will be easier for me to find them when I want to kill them in the end! "Sure." I say. I am swimming as I do this and remember I still have the swan, lift it's head to make sure it's dead, and when it is, I take it's beak, jam it into the girl swimming close to me, and watch her die.

Carpen's P.O.V:

I see that girl- that girl... Revelynn I think her name was. The one who acted all scared, hopeless and weak, rickashay off the wall, backflip, land like a cat behind the waterfall, and race to the Cornucopia like a fricken cheetah! Meanwhile, I was a few steps away from her, ready to push her to her death. But now I have new plans... Find her, make her join my alliance, and then DESTROY her!

Archer's P.O.V.:

I am so embarrased... I am drowing. I didn't think I would die this early in the games. I never told anyone this, and this is the worst thing with an arena like this. I can't swim. I'm flailing around, desperatly trying to keep myself above the water. And I am not stupid, I didn't decide to take a swim, that guy from 1 pushed me in as I was climbing! So as I flail around taking in gulps of icey water, I see an angel from above, soaring down with open arms. I'm dead. I think. Why else would there be an angel? Then I feel a splash of water beside me. Someone just dived in to save me! Because I feel small arms hug me and pull me to the shore (turns out I was only a few feet away, wow, I'm stupid)

"I couldn't let you drown, that is a horible way to die, and I know it is totally unfair for someone as talented as you to die right away. I saw you in training, and I need an ally. So how about it?" Says the angel.

"Huh?" I am squinting my eyes because I still have water in them. "Who are you?"

"Does it matter?" Replies the angel. "Well, no, you saved me, so I guess I owe you." I open my eyes after wiping them with my hand, and I see her. It's the little girl from my district, Ella.

Okay, now I feel more embarrased. A little 12 year old! And me, 17!

"Come on! We need to get some weapons!" Ella yells over the rush of the waterfall.

"Right! You stay here while I go get some. You like knifes right?"

"Ya... but I'm coming with! Don't underestimate me."

So we run to the Cornucopia.

I elbow someone beside me as I reach for some knifes. Then I look up and see Ella already at the center of the bloodbath. She swiftly grabs bow and arrows, ducks under arms that try and grab her, then signals me to run that-a-way. I do, and we meet up at a tree, then, we take off miles away.

Akim's P.O.V:

I am following Linda just a few steps behind her, making sure she doesn't fall. "Gosh she is so slow!" I think. I've seen her run, she's is a great runner, but rock climbing? No. I think it's because she's afraid of heights.

She continues to cautiously step by step across the wall and I panickly look at the hollowgraphic clock. 2 minutes!

She finally gets to the edge of the wall.

10... 9... 8... 7... 6...

I push her out into the arena. She stumbles, runs until she's fully out, then turns and looks at me questionly. "Huh?"

The wall is closing in.


I run.

2... 1...


I feel the wall crush me.

Linda desperatly tries and pull me out. But it's no use. "WHY DID YOU DO THAT!!!??? WHY WOULD YOU SAVE ME AND TAKE YOU LIFE!!!???" She's screaming and tearing up, she looks so angry. I think now's the time to tell her. "Linda." I choke out. "I was meaning to tell you this... Ever since I first met you... everytime I see you... you capture my heart." She is just starring at me now, so shocked. "I Lov-" She kisses me... and I live in this moment until I die.



Adrian Christenson - Stepped off his plate before the 60 seconds.

Canun Stream - Bitten in the butt by a mutt swan and froze to death.

Alec Powers - Bitten in the arm by a mutt swan and froze to death.

Amanda Hills - Jammed with a dead mutt swan's beak in the back by Addie Buzz, and froze to death.

Akim Yakovliv - Crushed by the closing rock wall, after saving Linda Pierre.

The Games Day Two: Strange Behavior

Hades' P.O.V.:

I go back to the cornucopia the next day, hoping that there will be some sort of weapon the tributes left behind. That beast, Carpen, was way to dangerous to encounter, so now I have to be a scavenger and pick what's left, adding to my bag and sheet of plastic. I examine the perimeter, and find nothing of use. So I wonder if there is something inside the cornucopia. On my way, I tumble upon... something. "What is this?" I whisper. It's a weird shaped object and it looks like it is absolutely useless, but I keep it in my hands for a while, because it's cool! I continue to head for the cornucopia. "AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Something wails as it is charging towards me! At first I think it's one of those mutt swans! I HATE mutts! And then realize it's the girl from 9, swinging an axe, while her swan necklace flies around. Still thinking she's a mutt, I faint. But just before I did, I felt a boom.

"SUTTON!!!" It's the boy from her district. "ARE YOU DEAD?!" No reply. "WHO DID THIS? WHERE ARE THEY? SHOW YOURSELF!" No one does. And then I realize, oh... I did it... With my thing-a-ma-bob... Wait... am I dead too? No I am not. How else can I hear? I open my eyes and see the boy looking around and sobbing his head off. But he is very angry too, so I play dead some more. Finally he just burries his face in to her, crying and crying, so now's my chance. I'm gonna use my thing-a-ma-bob. I very slowly get up, tippytoe towards him, and aim my thing-a-ma-bob straight at him. Wait! Where's the front of this thing? I smack myself for my idiocy, because he sees me, infuriated. "Uh oh."

Holly's P.O.V.:

"Wow..." I breath out. After running a few miles away from the Cornucopia. "It's beautiful!" There are glimmering trees, with sugar plums, and what looks like tinsel hanging from the branches. Streams than glisten in the sunlight, rainbow bridges, and gazebos! While I admire the scenery, I hear a rustle in the leaves by my feet. "Hello?" I say, a bit startled. But no one answers, of course. I am so scared that it might be a tribute, here to hunt me down. So I crouch down low, attempting to hide... and that's when I see it.

"Awwwww!!! It's just you, you little chipmunk! =)" I coo. I hold out some nuts that I collected while traveling here. "You want to be my friend?" I ask, hoping to gather an army of them. It hops on to my hands, eats some nuts, then climbs up to my shoulder, nestling in my hair. "I guess that's a yes."

Oparnler's P.O.V.:

"This is so gorgeous!" says Ellacey. "So romantic and just beautiful!"

"This is the Hunger Games Ellacey, it is the opposite of beautiful. It's horrid!"

"Gosh! I'm just trying to stay positive here..."

"There is no positive!"

"Well what about me? Aren't you happy spending time with me? Can you try and be less negative for me?" She says with a puppy dog face.

"But both of us being here means-" She cuts me off with another look.

"...aww, of course my Elleywelly!"

"And you are my little cookie basket!" She squeals back.

"Oh! Will. You. Two SHUT UP!" Screeches Addie. "I shouldn't have agreed to join your alliance if I have to listen to you two fighting and making up with all your stupid baby names all day!"

Woah, I forgot about her. And... Why did we ask her again? Oh ya, it was Ellacey's idea.

"So what are you going to do? Kill us?" I joke, but then feel regret immediatly after, because she builds up an evil smile.

"That just might do." She says, and swiftly steals my bow and arrows, aiming straight at Ellacy's heart. I block her path and take one in the shoulder, grab the little demon by the arms and throw her against a tree, which snaps the bow like a twig. "Ow. That hurt." She says unconvincingly. Then I am so extremely baffled at this girl because instead of taking off, as, anyone would know, I'm ready to rip her head off just about now, she comes up to me and says: "C'mon! Lets fight! Oh yeah! Hmmm... How 'bout a wrestling match?" WTF!???? She then grabs my leg and filps me upside down. "OUCH!" Now I gotta be the one running, because she broke my bow and arrows! Ellacey is hiding behind a tree, making tortured animal sounds. She tends to do that. She is such a drama queen... but I love her. "Ellacey! Help me out!" She looks around for a bit and then realizes she has bow and arrows herself. Smacks head. "Oh! Um... Take that!" She yells as she aims one at Addie. "OWWW! F***! Now that hurt! F********!!!" Addie finally takes her foot out of my gut and falls over. "Ellacey! Do it! Kill her now while you have the chance!"

"Uhhh!!!!!" She panicks and reaches for more arrows. "I ran out..." She calls over. Then I have a brilliant idea and reach for the arrow that just stabbed Addie in the thigh, but she snaches my hand and bites it. "OOOUCHHHH!!! You little!"

"Ooh... You taste good!" Addie says.

Now she's got the arrow in her hands and aims it like a dart at my face.

"Oh no you don't!" Says Ellacey while charging at Addie.

"Oh forget it Ella, lets just run away while she's down!"

So finally, we escape.

Blue's P.O.V.:

Azura's Necklace

Azura's Necklace

I am walking though deep in the forest, thinking things through... I escaped from the bloodbath and survived the first day. But without any supplies... I might not today. Need to find an alliance, need to find an alliance... wait, didn't I make one with Holly already? Ya, but I couldn't find her when I was busy running for my life. So... what am I to do...

Just then I hear the sound of water rippling. Water! I follow the sound and finally a small lake is visible, but so is another tribute! It's Azura Mellark, crouching by the lake. She just whipped her head around to see me, she doesn't seem to be scared, but I am. With this feeling of fear, I also feel something else, a magical feeling, but I can't quite put my finger on it. She turns back to the lake, filling her bottle up and says: "So, you want to be allies?"

What? How did she know that?

"You have no supplies, or weapons. And I think that's the only choice you have now."

Well... she's right. "Actually... I have... okay, you got me." I stutter.

"Well, I should kill you, but..." She turns to face me now, and I look into her glowing blue eyes." I won't. Because you're a good guy, you stuck up for me at training when the District 1 guy was getting on my nerves, which, by the way I could have handled. And, I think I owe you, after what you did back yesterday, at the waterfall. You... helped me, waited for me to climb the wall instead of pushing me off, blocking the guy behind you. Why did you do that again?"

... Why did I do that? Well I'm glad I did. "I... was being a gentleman."

She grins. "Well, that was a good decision." And she passes me some beef jerky. "You better enjoy this, it's probably the last bag I will ever have, I love beef jerky."

"Hey I do too! Thanks!" I say as I accept her offering. "And here's... one sec." I reach over to pick an exotic, yet beautiful... and crystalized? flower from near by. It matches her saphire eyes, and has silver pistols in the middle. Then, I somehow make it into a necklace with some vines and the tinsel from the trees.

"For you."

"Wow! Thanks! It's really pretty. But... why did you go though such a hassle to make me this?" She says, blushing.

I blush back. "I... I needed to top your beef jerky. :D"

She laughs, admiring the necklace, and says: "You know, you have an eye for beautiful things."

I watch her place the necklace around her neck and fiddle with it until it rests perfectly center... And I feel that same magical feeling shiver through my spine.

Shimmer's P.O.V.:

Well it took you long enough! is what I want to shout to my sponsors (my daddy, the head gamemaker =) and a million others). I scoop up the parachute. Woah! It's heavy! It holds quite a few things, a bag full of food, water and a sleeping bag, a beautiful bow, and golden arrows with diamond spear heads. Did they actually think I could lug all this stuff around?

Suddenly, I hear a scurry. I fling my pack up to my tree, and it hangs perfectlly in a branch. Then I stroke my bow, eye the squirrel, and fire at it, savouring the feathers touch as it slides through my fingers.


... O.o... Now what...

Imma go back to ma tree now.

So I do, bringing my bow and arrows along. I get myself comfy and lay my head back on a branch, ripping a bite out of my flavourless twisters, I like the texture. I am bored to tears... So I stare into the sky with dagger eyes. Nail polish drops down. Sparkly blue! My favorite! I am painting my nails... my bow... my pants... my... UGH! There's nothing left to paint! So instead I start carving some hearts into the tree bark... And, oh my gosh, the tree starts to move...

Anna's P.O.V.:

"Anna," Joe breathes. I turn my head towrds him, blank face, still a bit paralysed from the waterfall scene. All we got was a bag with a water bottle, iodine, and some crackers, and some wire, that's it. I hope our sponsors, if we have any, will send us a bit more food.

"We got to start making wire traps, and find a way to power it." Says Joe.

"Ok." is all I say, and start setting a contraption.

"What's wrong? Don't worry, we'll get some food. Next person to cross our trap might have some, or our sponsors are sending some right now." He says, trying to comfort me.

"It's not that...what I'm afraid of is that ... Only one of us,-if one us wins,... can live. I can't loose you, and you better not die for me... Or... or I' ll...kill you!...wait..."

"...You know I can't keep that promise Anna..."

I bawl my eyes out.

Just then, something floats down with a parachute.

"Look! A sponsor gift! It's bread!" Joe says in a cheery voice. Well, at least he is trying to.

"Are you sure that's bread?" I ask him, sniffling, trying to suck up my tears.


"It's not bread, it's some sort of charger, you blind?" I manage to laugh.

"Crap. I wanted food..." He says in a grumpy voice, but I can tell he was joking the whole time. Oh, he's such a great brother... always getting a laugh out of me when I'm down.

Now it's my turn. "Look! Bread!" I lie.


"Haha, gotcha!" I love when we tease eachother. =)

But, I really do wish we had bread...

We travel around, and then we encounter a lake.

"Hey, let's go fill up our water bottle!" He says to me.

"Hmmm..." I reach in and splash some water at his face."Haha! :)"

"Hey..." He says, then splashes back, me giggling.

"Oh look! A fish! Go get it!!!" I push him in.



Now we are sitting by the fire we made from using our charger and some tree branches. It is still day, so it won't attract anyone, its also a small fire, and the liitle amount of smoke it exausts is covered by the trees. We cook and eat our fish, tell eachother jokes and stories, and I forget that we are in The Hunger Games. I just feel like it's me and my brother, having a good time. :)

Hade's P.O.V.:

Ohhh gawsh....he's- he's chasing me... yep, that's what he's doing...uuuhhhh... guess I should run!

Hades: "AAHAHHHYUUGHHHH!! AHHHHHHHHYYYYYOOOOOOOOOO! Stay awaaaayyy!!! Aaahhhh!!!! Back off!!! EEEEEKKz!!!"

River: "Shut up! You killed my girlfriend!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!! CHARRRRRGGGGGGGE!!!!!!!!!"

Announcer: "River is chasing Hades. Hades runs up tree, backflips, and kicks River in the jaw, sending him fffllllyyinggg, and crashing hard on the gravel. He's down!!! River's knife is knocked out of his hands, but is only a few feet away. He reaches for it... Oh look! Hades is marching over!... along with a rock! He gets ready to bash River's head with it... But what's this? River kicks his balls! OOOOHHH!!! D: Hade's is groaning in pain, staggering back, holding his crouch, and bumps into a tree. Now River has the chance to get his knife back! He does!!! "Cheers from the audience" Finally, River is up! "ROAR!!!" River takes a throw with his knife at Hades--"

River: "Oh crud! I missed!... uh ohhh..."

Hades: "Hahaha!!!!"

Announcer: "Now Hades picks up the knife! He jumps and topples River to the ground again! They are rolling... I see Hades! ... Now River! Hades! River! Hades! Hades has the knife at Rivers' neck.... gasp! Oh! And look at that! River knees Hades in the guttttt! Hades is in pain, and falls over to the side, allowing River to squiggle squirm out of there! Squi-squj? Blehhh... whatever... wait... what happening here?????... Oh ya! River! Running! Hades! Getting back up! Running after River with the knife! River!... Running into a tree? Awww... that musta hurt... He's out! Out cold!"

Hades: "AhaHA! Now to finish you off!"

Announcer: "Hade's plunges the knife into River's Heart."




Sutton Yates - Shot by Hades' thing-a-ma-bob.

River Rhodes - Plunged in the heart with a knife by Hades.

The Games Day Three: Lightning

Carpen's P.O.V.:

What a bunch of loosers we are! We call ourselves a career group? UGH... we were supposed to DOMINATE the Cornucopia and kill half the tributes! But nnooo, we didn't kill ANYONE! We only managed to leave Linda a few cuts, as she was crying by the waterfall and didn't take off as fast ad the others. It was tough! Since we all came at different times, whereas in other years, tributes were to run to the cornucopia at once. Azura was the first one out, and she probably took as many supplies as she could carry, Evelyn was out second, then Revelynn, then me (C'mon! I could have done better! Loosing to a bunch of girls... ):<)Then I forced both of them (exept for Azura, who ran off) to join me, and of course they couldn't say no. >:) The District 2s came out along with the District 5 girl. They tricked us into saying they were going to ally, grabbed a bunch of stuff and then ran off. That made me SO mad! Then a whole bunch of people hearded out of the waterfall area, but most were too chicken and skipped the bloodbath... D:< Another sad thing is that when I was going through the supplies, a little girl sneaked right behind me an got bow and arrows! How did I miss that? Anyways, another member of the alliance is Venom Strike, he is from D12, but he is pretty talented! So ya... After failing at killing ANY tributes at the "Bloodbath" we packed up the rest of the supplies and travelled west. Now we are at a gazebo that is near a stream of water, and also has a lot of trees surrounding us.

After we eat, I am feeling a little bloodthirsty."Come on guys! Lets go hunt down some tributes!"

Shimmer's P.O.V.:

I awaken and I am still in my tree. "Yawns" Hmmm... I had a strange dream yesterday... I was in this tree, and then it started to move... HA! Yeah right! Then take a look at my snares. Ooh!! 10 fluffy rabbits! I'm gonna have a great feast today! Hey... that reminds me, WHERE'S MY FEAST??? I look up to the sky and point to my mouth.

I'm eating now... but, it don't taste like anything... =( Stupid tongueless mouth!!! Depressed, I take out my dagger and slash out the carveded hearts I had made earlier in the tree bark. Then I start hacking away at the branch. O.O What's that? The tree is shaking! My backpack falls down, my twisters!!! Now me! One of the only sounds I can make, comes out of my mouth. "AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" CRASSSSSHHHHH!!!

I'm on the ground, and I think I sat on my bow! "Looks under butt" Yep... I did. I gradually look up: I see a trunk, it's roots out of the ground... Branch arms, then,... OMG! You really need to brush your hair! I think at the tree. Then, ugly tree branch hair, oh wait! I missed the face! "Shifts eyeline a little lower" Ohhh gawwwdd... You seriously need to exfoliate! And... have some plastic surgery or something! You look awful! I think. Oh gawd I wish I could have said that outloud... Well anyways... I better get moving... I crawl away from the tree, but it thuds its way closer to me. A bow and some arrows fall from the sky!!! I smile evily >=) I'm gonna take this tree DDDOOOWWNNNN!!!

"CHHOOOOO!!! CHOO! CHOO!" Goes my arrows. They all hit the tree straight in his ugly face, but it just makes him angrier... D= He lifts his big a** ugly foot and crushes me.


Me: Okay, I know this next part looks long, but YOU BETTER READ THE WHOLE THING and follow the instuctions! =)

-Play: (open in new tab and make sure you read while you listen to the song to get full expirience =))

Ok... now play!

Linda's P.O.V.:

I... I still can't believe it... that he's gone. That he loved me, when I loved him. That we never told eachother until it was too late.

I think back to the waterfall...

-Now wait to read until the lyrics start...

Linda's P.O.V. (climbing the wall):

Heart beats fast

Colours and promises

How to be brave

How can I love when

I'm afraid to fall

Akim's P.O.V. (about to risk his life for Linda):

But watching you stand alone

All of my doubt suddenly goes away somehow

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you

Darling don't be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand years

I love you for a thousand more

Time stands still

Beauty in all she is

I will be brave

I will not let anything take away

What's standing in front of me

Every breath

Every hour has come to this

One step closer

(Akim jumps and is crushed by the wall)

Linda's P.O.V. (realizing she has always loved him and telling him that she has been waiting for him to say that he loves her for a long time):

I have died everyday waiting for you

Darling don't be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand years

I love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you

Time has brought your heart to me

I have loved you for a thousand years

I love you for a thousand more

Akim's P.O.V. (dying D= ):

One step closer

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you

Linda's P.O.V. (telling Akim that he shouldn't have been afraid to tell her, because she loved him too):

Darling don't be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand years

I love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed I would find you

Time has brought your heart to me

I have loved you for a thousand years

I love you for a thousand more

One step closer

One step closer

I have died everyday waiting for you

Darling don't be afraid I have loved you

For a thousand years

I love you for a thousand more

And all along

I believed I would find you

Time has brought your heart to me

I have loved you for a thousand years

I love you for a thousand more...


A lightning bolt is falling from the sky... towards me. I look up at it, and close my eyes.

I will now rise up to a place, a place where I can be with Akim forever.

Evelyn's P.O.V.:

Lightning bolts are everywhere! All the careers start panicking. "AHHH" What are we going to dooo!!!" Screams Revelyn.

"Stay low of course! Psh!" I say.

"How are we supposed to hunt down tributes and destroy them! Whyyyyy?!!!!" Whines Carpen.

"Oh quit your yapping people!" I scream.

"It's not fairrrr! My mentors don't care about me! They only care about Azura! They are giving all the sponsor money to herrr!" Whines Venom. "What about meeee???!!!"

Oh my lord... you should see them, they are all crouched in little balls and crying their heads off, I think I should leave…

Joe's P.O.V.:

"Anna... We better... stay low..." There are these MASSIVE lightning bolts crashing down all around us.

Anna looks up. "Oh my..."

I mean seriously. They are fricken HUGE.

Anna is frozen in place.

"ANNA! Get down!" I run over to her, but as I do, I trip on our wire.

THUD Scramble scramble. AHH! I am tangled in the wire!

Anna tries to help untangle me, but one of those nightmare lightning bolts hits the wire, sending an enormous shock up my scull. Luckily Anna jumps out of the way just in time...

Addie's P.O.V.:


I made sure Anna could hear me laughing, and she definatly did, because her face boils up like a hot stove, her tears evaperating from the heat. She wants to kill me. "AHHAHAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" I let out another laugh at the thought of her, trying to kill ME? "AHAHAHAHHAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"

She has nothing! Nothing to even leave a scratch on me! So I decide... I will give her a knife!

I walk up to her. "Hey, here's a knife. Now lets BATTLE!!!"

She rips the knife from my hands, giving me a little cut on my palms. "Ehhhyaaahh!!! That hurt! But I like!"

She is about to chuck the knife at me, but I whip out another knife and jab her in the gut, not killing her though.

She is moaning, and holding her gut, but her eyes are still locked on me, she looks as though a demon has pocessed her. Her eyes twitch, her mouth opens and starts to drool, she slowly shuffles towards me, but then gets faster and faster. Her free hand, the one with the knife, reaches out and she walks like a zombie, knife pointed at me. "What the dude! stop playing zombie town! Lets get to business and fight!" I say. She shuffles extremely fast now, kinfe aimed at my heart, and I decide to kick her shins. She topples over, giving a little wiggle as she falls. I am mad. "GET UP U LAZY BUM!!! FIGHT!!! I WANNA KILL YOU ALREADY!!! STOP MAKING IT SO EASY!!! I NEED SOME ADRENILINE!!! She looks like she took a nap... "UGH! FINE! I'll just kill you now, is that okay? O.k.

"okay, dadadaaa, let me get my knife... ok! I got it! now I'm going to kill you!" An arrow goes flying into her heart.


I look up and see Evelyn Dreamcatcher.

Evelyn's P.O.V.:

Oh gosh it's that annoying screamy mimi! I say in my head. Hey know what? I should say that outloud!

"Hey screamie mimi!"

"Imma kill you!" Screams Addie.

"No Imma kill you!" I scream back.

"Go ahead and try!" Says Addie

"Watch me shoot this bow in your a**!"

"Oh y-"

I shoot her throat.

"Try and scream now!"


Azura's P.O.V.:

It's dark, it's raining, and Blue and I find a place to stay after walking for miles. It's a little area surrounded by umbrella trees and there's a gazebo with vines and flowers all over. We sit in the gazebo and I go through my bag. The water bottle is empty so I walk over to where the rain falls and let it pour in. I stand there looking around me and I see a swing.


"Whoa!" I turn around to see Blue right behind me.

"Whoops! Sorry to scare you." He says with a smile. "But I was wondering do you want to go play on the swing? I'll push you?"

Really? Playing on the swings in the Hunger Games? "Eh sure why not."

"Haha, ok lets go!" He says.

I close the lid and zip it in my bag, then place the bag by the tree that supports the swing.

"The swing's wet, let me wipe it." He flips the seat over to dump the water and then mops it up with his sleeve.

"Thanks." I say. Then I take a seat.

Blue's P.O.V.:

Before she sits down she turns her head toward me and gives one of her rare, but beautiful teethy smiles. Then when she's in the seat I start gently pushing the swing. Even though I can't see her face I can still hear her voice that makes my ears sing as she says:

"So... Can I ask you some questions? I'm bored."

"Yes of course."

"Ok." She says. "Umm... What are your hobbies?"

"Umm... Well I like... eating, does that count? Oooh I like... no.. wait..."

"I like singing." She says. "You took too long!" She laughs.

"Sorry! Hey! I like dancing!"

"Good job! Hey, maybe I can sing while you dance!" Azura laughs.


She starts singing a random dance song and I start dancing like an idiot. Later she joins in and we start doing random moves and go crazy. We start laughing like crazy because we both clearly need some lessons. Then we laugh so hard that we roll on the floor. We are literally laughing for a few minutes when we start to settle down and just lay on the grass. It has stopped raining and the sky clears up, letting us see the stars above. Even a shooting star.

Azura whispers something.


She moves a little closer so that she is shoulder to shoulder with me.

"I said, I hope you made a wish." She tells me, smiling.

"Oh. Yes, I did, what about you?"

"I did, but I'm not telling you or it won't come true!"

"Same here."

We laugh. Then after a while of gazing at the night sky we turn on our sides to face eachother and talk. When she talks she looks deeply into my eyes and I look deeply in to hers, we feel so confortable around each other.

"It's crazy, after just spending a few days with you I feel so confortable and I feel like you get me." She says.

"Hey, that's what I was just thinking!" I say back.

"Well that just proves my point!" She laughs.

We stop talking and just smile and watch eachother. Our faces are really close and she puts her fore head against mine. I take a strand of her wet hair and put it behind her shoulder then slowly lean in to kiss her.

Azura's P.O.V.:

As soon as his lips touch mine I kiss him back. It's a slow, gentle, sweet kiss. He pulls back and sits up, so I sit up too.

"Why did you pull away?" I ask.

"Because I wasn't sure you wanted me to do that.."

"Well you're wrong." I say. He leans in again and we share a passionate kiss that takes my breath away. It's the best I ever felt in my life and I don't want it to end. I feel like we are the only two people in the world and I believe it until I hear something making the grass rustle! I immediatly go into defense mode and turn around to grab my bow that is near by. Unfortunally/fortunatly it was just a squirrel so I shoot it. I smile because we have a meal and because of the kiss, and when I turn around, Blue's smiling too.

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