It's the year of the Dragon so why not?! (Oh sheez it's not going to be the year of the dragon by the time I finish these)

Each tribute with have to pair up with their District partner in the beginning. They will then have to tame their own dragon. The dragons will be their only weapons. I'll give more info later.

There are 12 different types of dragons:



Night vision Can vanish in a dark cloud

Can make you blind if you stare into its eyes!



Shoots lightning bolts

Can fly faster and higher than most dragons






Makes bubble shields

Very graceful

Easy to tame



Only dragon that can swim

Shoots water cannons Makes tidal waves



Can withstand the cold

When it bites you, you freeze



Impales rocks at you

Sharp wings Bullet proof



Breathes fire

Can withstand the heat

Very fast



Can turn invisible

Crystal shard breath




Has an acidic drool that can sizzle its way through anything except for the material that borders the arena




Creates clouds and wind storms

Powerful wind breath

Super fast



Strongest dragon

Spikes all over body, that will shoot out

Super intimidating

Stink bomb breath

District Boy Age Score Dragon Place Girl Age Score Dragon Place User
1 Ryan Hilford 16 Lightning Sparkle Rose 17 Lightning iluvgale
2 Wilden Criss 17 Acid Jadynette Olive 16 Acid QuinnQuinn
3 Ian Volt 14 Dark Shana Buzz 17 Dark Nate777
4 Will Pryor 14 Metal Allie Rose Evans 13 Metal Tris Prior

Lived Natas

18 Crystal Rise Atlas 15 Crystal Moviepopcorn123

Kida Hill

18 Water

Sierra Jade

16 Water Moon Beam
7 Jason "Jace" Grace 16 Snow Evelyn Grace 16 Snow Mikalmt
8 Matthew Little 16 Earth Cleo Jones 18 Earth Tacosalad1127
9 Gray Eagle 17 Wind Ice Eagle 16 Wind Clove1001
10 Kevin Potter 16 Butterfly Darlene Jobes 12 Butterfly ~ilovepeeta~
11 Max Summers 17 Fire Winter Grakineey 12 Fire Rockman117
12 Terrance Sagrada 17 Mutant Sarah Cole 16 Mutant KEAP

Wow, that filled up fast.

The Games Day One

As the tributes rise up through their tubes they can hear faint roars and growls. When the tributes' heads are in the open air and are able to see the arena, most of them skip a heartbeat because what they see is a huge beast in the distance. A dragon.

The announcer's voice booms through the arena and this makes the dragon growl.

"Don't worry tributes! At least not now... The dragons will not come after you until the sixty seconds are up!"

The tributes look even more worried now. Dragons? There are more?!

"Those who reside in the same district will have to work together to tame one dragon. They are your only weapon. Supplies and food are found in various parts of the arena and in the dragon's nests. If you and your partner are the two left standing alive, you will both be victor! There are 12 dragons all over the arena. Once you find a way to tame one they will be forever loyal to only you and your district partner. The dragons do not get along with each other so you cannot have two dragons. Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!"


The sixty seconds are already up and the tributes are caught off guard. Without any weapons and supplies in the cornucopia which would usually be there they don't know what do. Tributes join their district partner and run away from the first dragon, a dragon that looks like metal. One pair head towards the dragon only to find it has disappeared...

Will's P.O.V.:

"Where the heck did the dragon go?!" I tell Allie.

"I have no idea..." She replies.

"Come on. We need to find it and tame it so we will have a weapon. It couldn't have gone far."

"What the-"

I look in the direction Allie is looking in. There is a huge rock that didn't used to be there...

And then it moves.

"HOLY! That ain't a rock!" I shout.

It spreads its wings and lets out a loud "ROOOARR!!!"

I grab on to Allie's hand and tell her to run.

"I have an idea. Let's run around behind it." She says.

We do just that. Still hand in hand, we keep running in around it. The dragon is trying to face us as we run, but it's too slow and when we get directly behind it we both jump on its back. The dragon tries in wiggle us off but we hang on like a leech.

"Hang on I'm going to try something." I tell Allie. She lets go of my hand and I use my strength to climb up to the neck.

The dragon keeps roaring and wiggling, and I almost fall, feet dangling. I use my arms to swing my legs in and my feet land on a plate of metal a couple of feet away from my arms. I am in frog position. I  look down to see if Allie is alright. She gives me a nod so I turn my head back up and I see the dragon flick it's head back and raises its wings, ready to take flight which makes my hands slip. They can't hold on any longer so I jump, and as I jump I hear Allie scream.


My arms swing around the dragon's neck and immediately it stops its take off.

Allie is on the ground and all I can think about is rushing over to help her. I climb down the dragon without problem and reach Allie.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Look!!! There are fricken stairs in that thing!"

I turn to the dragon again. It's calm and quiet, and its back, which used to be metal scales have transformed into stairs.

The dragon turns its head to look at us and gives a soft roar.

It wants us to get on its back.

"Do you think we tamed it?" Asks Allie.

"I guess. I have no idea how though."

So we walk up the stairs and I hold on to its neck, Allie holding on to me. The dragon takes off and Ally gives a little squeal of joy.

"We're flying!"

Cleo's P.O.V.:

Matthew and I enter the forest that we found a few miles from the arena's entrance. We are tired and need to get some water. Thankfully there are many lakes in this arena. We head over to one and also find a backpack hidden in one of the logs, inside it is some iodine, two empty water bottles, a plastic bag of dried fruit, two blankets, and two flashlights.

(Rustling noise)

"W-what was that?" Asks Matthew.

"Shh... Follow me." I whisper as I lead him behind the log.

We crouch down and peer above, scanning the area. Nothing. Then I turn my head around and look behind us. Nothing. I crawl over behind the tree to our left and take a peek. Nothing.

"Uhhhh..." Matthew whimpers.

I turn to look at Matthew. He is trembling. And my eyes follow the path his finger is pointing at.

"Shit." I think.

The leaves on the tree to our right are shaking. I can see two beading red eyes staring at me. It opens its mouth revealing not-so-sharp teeth. This must mean it's an omnivore and it won't eat us. I am a little less nervous until it jumps down and scratches the ground with its enormous sharp claws.

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